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==== ==== Inner Thigh Workouts for Women Review - A comprehensive and effective program for anybody who is looking to reduce the size of her lower body through proper exercise and diet. ==== ==== I have been going to gyms for over 37 years and I have met quite of casual casual acquaintances over that period. One day I was talking to a woman who was working out next to me who I had seen on several occasions on a stair master and she had this look of frustration. I casually asked her if she was ok. After a few seconds of dead silence she mutters I have been coming here for over 6 months and I have been trying to lose weight around my hips and thighs but all I seem to be doing is building muscle. I am more toned but almost as big as when I started She was genuinely frustrated and for some reason it struck a note with me. That evening I went online and starting researching information on workouts that focused on reducing the lower body fat for women. I came across quite a bit of information, some of it was suspect, but some looked quite promising. A few days later I had seen her again and told her that our little conversation we had struck a note with me and I found some information that may be helpful for her lower body. She initially seemed totally unenthused. She said she has tried just about everything you could imagine and nothing was working. Well I told her that she is still coming to the gym so obviously she hasnt given up so why not try something different? It doesnt make sense to keep doing something that isnt producing the results you are looking for. I told her I had a proposition for her. I would pay for the cost of the ebook The Ultimate Hip Butt and Thigh Makeover by Joey Atlas. if she would test it out for 8 weeks. I told her that although I am not an expert in health and fitness I am passionate about and on occasion test and create product reviews on the subject. Obviously I am not a woman so I cant personally test this program. Finally after some persuading she agreed and we exchanged emails. I bought the program and emailed to her. To my surprise she told some of her coworkers and 3 of them agreed to participate in the program with her. They ranged in ages from 33 to 56. 2 weeks after they started the program I got an email back from her stating that she could not believe the difference already. She had lost almost an inch around her thighs and was just elated. 2 out of 3 of her coworkers also had good results. The 3rd dropped out. About the 3rd week into the program I happened to bump into her at the gym where she proudly showed me how loose her pants had become. The look of pride on her face was priceless. When the 8 weeks were completed the results were just fabulous. She had lost 16lbs and 2 dress sizes , her 42 year old coworker lost 12 lbs and 1 dress size and the 3rd participant lost 9lbs and 1 dress size. They all said they felt much more toned and healthier than they had in years. Joey Atlas is national level trainer who works exclusively as a womans trainer and has degrees in the fields of physical health and nutrition. Why I picked this program was that it deals with the total being and not just the weight itself. I have learned myself that if a program does not offer life style change it may work in the short term but will not last long and I recommend you avoid any program that does not address the total picture. The women liked the program very much overall. There were some complaints about some of the more advanced exercises being done with chairs and stools being potentially dangerous if done with the wrong types of chairs. They recommended that you use chairs or stools with rubber no

slide bottoms However the positives far outweighed the negatives. The program could be worked at any fitness level but focused heavily on people who never done an exercise and diet program before. The ebook was full of picture illustrations for every exercise, and the material was concise and easy to follow. The work could be done at home, in a gym and there were even tips on how to work out when traveling or on a business trip. There are tons of articles and bonuses offered with the program as well as a nice support system There is also a huge focus on diet and what to eat and what to avoid, eating as much organic as possible. 80% of the process is about diet and avoiding the wrong foods. All in all the 3 women who tested the program thought it was great. My gym acquaintance looks and feels fabulous. I am forever grateful for the help she and her coworkers provided me for this review.

==== ==== Inner Thigh Workouts for Women Review - A comprehensive and effective program for anybody who is looking to reduce the size of her lower body through proper exercise and diet. ==== ====

Inner Thigh Workouts For Women - Review All too often the intent is more about shrinking your wallet rather than your waistline. If you are l...