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Hi everyone, well the riding season is approaching fast, and we’ve had some beautiful weather over the past couple of weeks and like you, I’m very much looking forward to getting some riding, (or in my case pillion riding!) in. Welcome to the second online issue of Wolftales. In this edition, look out for a write up about the Easter Egg Run, the Stratstone Anniversary Party and JB’s article on staggered riding. I’d like to take this opportunity to launch 2 new competitions that are going to be run in the magazine. The first of these is a caption competition, every edition I’ll be putting in a funny photo for you guys to make up a caption for. The best caption will receive a prize (ooohhh I hear you cry in excitement!) To submit a photo for the competition or to submit a caption please email me at The second competition involves the chapter flags. We’re currently in the process of having some new Wolfruna flags made, and these will be available for anyone to take on a rally, ride out or biking adventure! There will be prizes for the best 3 photos, and by best we mean inventive, not the most exotic place! To enquire about getting hold of a flag please contact Mick King, and please email all flag photos to The winners of the competition will be decided at December’s chapter meeting, so that gives you plenty of time. Well that’s enough from me. So it’s goodbye until next issue, but below is the first photo for the caption competition………… Take Care, Laura

Now at 10am on a Saturday morning in Wolverhampton there is normally an air of peace and calmness, hey for most people it’s a day off work, it’s a lie in, it’s breakfast in bed, it’s………….madness, it’s Stratstone Harley Davidson Wolverhampton (SHDW) 10 th birthday and it seems that everybody has arrived at the same time. After half an hour things have calmed down, Joe Black’s Eight Ball Custom Paint Shop wagon has positioned itself centre stage and the Oxford stand is taking shape, Kitech Performance also have a stall showing off their Harley Davidson fuel injection systems and performance exhausts. Luckily all the stands are in place because, (follow me on this) there where Harleys starting to ride in for the ride out to Stratstone Harley Davidson Birmingham, for the ride in to SHDW. In the mean time there’s a team of people up the road at the West Side WMC getting everything ready for the nights entertainment. Tonight was going to be the first time that ‘The Screamin Eagles’ had played together for over two years and they wanted everything just right. Bob ‘cost plus vat’ Armstrong’ was back from Spain, Andy ‘David Van-Day’ Williams had come out of the jungle and Mick ‘more can go wrong than go right’ King had just come out . Martin Smith was making his first appearance with the band, being The Screamin Eagles third drummer. Only Spinal Tap having lost more drummers in mysterious circumstances. It’s now one thirty, and forty very wet and bedraggled Harley riders are arriving back at the dealership. Apparently fifteen or so of the Wolfruna chapter had left SHDW in blazing sunshine, had a great ride over Birmingham. Then at one o’clock had a ride back with the Birmingham Chapter in not ‘blazing’ but sunshine. And then five minutes before they could get to SHDW the heavens opened in a monsoon, the type of weather that seems to be peculiar to the Chapel Ash area of Wolverhampton.

This pattern of twenty five minutes of dry weather followed by a five minute downpour continued for the rest of the day. This didn’t seem to dampen anybody’s spirits with chapter members signing up for the free Stratstone Harley Davidson Wolverhampton 10th anniversary pin, which I thought was a nice touch on the part of the Dealer Principle Andy Kelly. Also the burger van was doing a roaring trade warming everybody with its food, teas and coffees. All the stalls seamed to be doing good trade in between the monsoons that were sending every body back into the dealership. At seven that evening the doors open at the West Side WMC and Chapter Members started arriving……..and arriving………and arriving. The buffet that we had arranged for sixty people was now going to have to become a finger buffet for the hundred and thirty that had arrived. The disco was only playing background music at this point, which allowed every body to reminisce over the days events. At eight thirty the Screamin Eagles hit the stage playing a selection of songs from the fifties and sixties and at times actually the same songs as each other. This culminates in Phil And Beth Hinton joining the band for the last two songs, with some storming guitar playing from the father and daughter duo, seeing this was there first (definitely not last) appearance live on stage. From there on in the disco took over, allowing every body to dance the night away. Over all a very successful day, punctuated by the ride in by the Birmingham and Wolfruna Chapters. Will they ride together again? …..yeah next weekend when they will be leading in six thousand bikes to RAF Cosford for the RAFA Easter Egg Appeal. TTFN Mick King.

Ladies of Harley Spring has sprung! I knew a should have been born a lad, I love tools and the smell of petrol and oily rags, I’ll happily spend hours polishing a Harley only to take it out the next day to get bug splatted or covered in dust from being at the back of the pack. (For all of those who think I drive Miss Daisy).Take me shopping and I’ll ask what I’ve done wrong. Anyway all is well again after a long hard winter break the motorcycle racing is back on, my bike looks gorgeous after a makeover from TCC unfortunately the same can’t be said for me as I bypassed the make up counter to go get some polish for my chrome, oh well!!. …..and we have the Cross-plane Crankshaft to talk about so I’m happy as. I promise I’ll update the page more often but I’ve been in a deep state of depression waiting for the Moto GP to start!! See ya, Helen. Ladies of Harley…

Easter Egg Run 2009 The Wolfruna Chapter had their annual Easter Egg run on Sunday the 12th April. This year's run was a great success, with 32 bikes in attendance and over 150 eggs donated.

The ride left Stratstone Wolverhampton at 10:30 on Sunday morning and went to a women and children's refuge in Walsall. All eggs were very gratefully received by the refuge and are going to be distributed between themselves and another refuge in the area. A couple of the women even had a ride on the back of one of the bikes!

A big thank you to everyone who donated eggs, and an especially big thanks to the RAC & Helen’s workplace who donated over 120 eggs between them. I’m sure you’ll all agree it was a very worthy cause.

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