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Hi everyone, well the riding season well and truly here, and we’ve had some beautiful weather over the past couple of weeks and like you, I’m very much looking forward to getting some riding, (or in my case pillion riding!) in. Welcome to the third online issue of Wolftales. In this edition, look out for a write up about Paignton I’d like to take this opportunity to launch 2 new competitions that are going to be run in the magazine. The first of these is a caption competition, every edition I’ll be putting in a funny photo for you guys to make up a caption for. The best caption will receive a prize (ooohhh I hear you cry in excitement!) To submit a photo for the competition or to submit a caption please email me at The second competition involves the chapter flags. We’re currently in the process of having some new Wolfruna flags made, and these will be available for anyone to take on a rally, ride out or biking adventure! There will be prizes for the best 3 photos, and by best we mean inventive, not the most exotic place! To enquire about getting hold of a flag please contact Mick King, and please email all flag photos to The winners of the competition will be decided at December’s chapter meeting, so that gives you plenty of time.

Well that’s enough from me. So it’s goodbye until next issue, but below is the second photo for the caption competition………… Take Care, Laura

Well first things first …. I would like to welcome Dave Kennedy as Stratstone Harley Davidson Wolverhampton’s New Dealer principle. I personally have known Dave for a long time as Dealer principle of Birmingham and also as a fine guitarist (we have both been each others customers over the years). Having already had several meetings I know that one of his main goals in his new role is to help us all to make the Wolfruna Chapter even more successful than it already is, and I know that with his support we can achieve this. I would also like to welcome Tony Burley (more affectionately known to you and me as Tona) on to the committee in the position as safety officer. He will be working closely along side J.B. ‘Wolfruna’s Head Road Captain’ to continue with the high standard of rideouts that we have already achieved in the first 6 months of this year. Having already got the quality in our rideouts we are now going to look at the frequency of them. With the idea of still maintaining the main chapter rideout once a month but also lots of smaller rideouts through out the year. This will hopefully culminate in at least one ride out a week by this time next year. Also after the success of the 10th birthday celebrations we have had a lot of chapter members asking ‘when are we going to do it again?’ well plans are afoot with suggestions for events in September and December, watch this space. Well it’s been a very busy and successful first six months….. Here’s to another. T.T.F.N. Mick.

Wolfruna News Wolverhampton Stratstone New Dealership Principle ‘Hello All. I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself to you all and give you a bit of background to me and my intentions for the shop and Chapter. Some of you will be familiar with me from Birmingham which I have now been in charge of - for the last 3 and a half years. In total I have had 22 years in the car and bike world and 13 years at Dealer Principal level, so I have had a ‘bit’ of experience! Birmingham was a challenge in the early days as some of you may be aware but has now gone on to be one of the most successful dealerships in the country. Harley often refer to the dealership as the ‘pinnacle of operation’ sending new dealers to view the site and grilling us for information and advice. As such, Wolverhampton has now come under my remit and I will endeavour to mirror the operation between both sites. All this will mean to you is a transparent operation with all costs and invoices clearly explained and a genuine warmth when you enter the dealership – let me know if someone isn’t smiling when you come in!! I believe in treating people how I would like to be treated myself and courtesy, consideration and good will are only the start. Birmingham Chapter has also gone through its changes over the years and I am proud to say is now an enthusiastic, modern and efficient riding club catering for all the differing riding styles giving opportunity to new as well as experienced group riders. I have had to make several changes to the Committee over the years to get the right people in place to take it forward and with Jason Garey in the Director slot, the Chapter has bowelled forward tripling its membership in as many months. With this experience under my belt I want to take a real interest in the Chapter to make sure you get every opportunity to get out on some interesting local rides and not all ‘European or weekend rides’ which many of you cannot attend due to family or work commitments. There are some great characters in Wolfruna; both Mick and Andy are personal friends of mine so I will give them 100% support in the decisions they make and I know you will get behind them to have a real good time. I would like to discuss discount in the shop to clear the air in this tricky subject. Being a Chapter member does not entitle you to discount in store. We will as time and business permits do special closed events for Chapter members where discount will be offered – but as an over the counter rule, no discount is offered. Bit controversial for my first bit of communication I know but I have found it better to offer attractive pricing to all and support the Chapter in other ways – towards events etc. I am aware of the servicing costs so am prepared to look after you in this respect. If you go to the ‘Shop Special Offers’ section of the web site there is a list of servicing pricing only available to you as members. I hope you can appreciate this decision as it is no secret that the dealership has lost money over the past 2 years and cannot continue this way. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and will attend the next possible club night. If you want 5 minutes chat with me at the shop, I am always there on a Thursday and half day on Monday, Friday and Saturday’s or alternatively you can contact me on Kind regards and very safe riding’

David Kennedy

Paignton 2009 Paighton Weekend Hi everyone, Thought I would make a contribution to the web magazine as I know there is a great need for new write ups of events you are all attending. Firstly, many thanks to Chris for all his hard work in making sure the Paighton weekend went off without any problems. The ride down there and back went well for most of the groups, unfortunately JCB had a slight mishap but no great harm done and he arrived safe and sound. Luckily the rain held off for most of the time. I believe we all clocked into the bar on arrival and the weekend started off in the right spirit. We had evening entertainment with the hog wags on the mike and Dude and Taff representing us blokes. Jackie also provided us gents with a lap dance – only complaint was that it was too short! We did not allow the rain on Saturday to dampen our mood. Two groups went on a ride out, one to Dartmouth and the other to Newquay with Gibbo even doing some surfing. However, I decided to take the dry option and go with Chris’ excursion on the Steam Train and Ferry to Dartmouth. Quite nostalgic.

On the Saturday evening entertainment was provided by Stevie G with whom we met up with last year (great night Stevie thanks) and also by the Hog dance team, Chips and Ray, doing the Hula. They were so good we are thinking of entering them for “Britain’s got talent” competition next year! I believe I speak for all who attended that it was a great weekend once again and it was also good to see Steve and family, together with Gerry and his brother Ray back once again. Finally, as the new ‘Safety Officer’ “keep both wheels on the road and ride safely Brothers”!

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