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Offering an unconventional depiction of beach towns, Photographer Paige Linden’s images are a portrayal of teenage rebellion in her coastal town of San Clemente, California. Her photos recollect her time spent with friends along the Pacific coastline. By Paige Linden, Staff Photographer

Beach towns are classic because up and down the coast they are all pretty much the same, culture wise, to say the least. A typical surf town is pretty laid back. You’re never by yourself; even if your bored, you’re always with a bunch of kids. ( Every endeavor is better and better and the more friends you make up and down the coast the better.


Ty Segall infuses lo-fi fuzz with garage rock and poppy melodies to refine his work in his latest album, Melted. By Ashley Woody, Staff Writer


Since frozen yogurt has become one of the leading frozen treats to enjoy during the sweltering heat of summer, other ice cold delicacies have been thrown by the wayside. Fortunately, Huntington Beach’s Gelato Paradiso has made the Italian treat cool again. By Martina Dorff, Life Editor


We recently had a chance to talk to Keith (vocals, guitar, keys) and Dan (guitar, vocals) of the indie folk trio, Good Old War. Here’s what they had to say about their fathers, tour memories, mowing the lawn, and achieving their goals. By Brie Roche-Lilliot, Staff Writer Ella Chalmers, Contributing Writer

When we show up somewhere with no expectations and there are people singing along and getting into it, we’re like “That was the best show we ever played!”

We want to go to Jamaica and have real reggae dudes be the band and interrupt our music how they want while we just sing. But real dudes you know? [laughs] I don’t know if they’d be into that…

My main goal isn’t to be a mega rock star. It’s just to sustain this lifestyle and create music as a living.


Because really, who needs the real world when there’s the cyberworld? By Connie Nguyen, Layout Manager


Subpop signed youngsters, Avi Buffalo, are on their way to greatness with their high school heartache love songs. By Monica Nguyen, Staff Writer


You know a guy’s really dedicated to his look when he wears a jacket in 100° weather. By Martina Dorff, Life Editor


Temperatures are slowly rising above 85 degrees and there is no better way to beat the heat than by indulging in an ice-cold glass of lemonade. To me, nothing screams summer more than lemons. This month, we have two recipes, a pasta and a simple strawberry lemonade recipe that feature the tart flavor of these yellow fruit. By Tong Yan, Staff Writer

Salinger is just a good way to start the summer.Â

Allison Krauss will destroy whatever you think you know about love.

I don’t care what the haters says about Coney Island, it is fabulous.

You can basically walk the entire island of Manhattan in one day.

We can’t believe each next thing. We work as hard as we can to make it bigger and better and to get in front of as many people as possible - to make it a livelihood. But for us it’s still like “Is this a fluke?” We’re still all dead broke, but it’s fun and all part of the experience.

I can never spend a bunch of quality time with people I care about. If I weren’t in a band with my brother, it would take way more to justify it.

I love clothes and my mom was always really fashionable. My interest in art started young.

I like to experiment with fabric, so I’ll burn parts of it and see how the fabric reacts, etc. i’ve also found that I usually gravitate towards lots of neutral colors as opposed to bright, neon colors.

I try to recreate naturalistic elements, such as the peeling of bark, etc, in an innovative manner.

Wolfram Magazine Issue No. 6  

The sixth issue of Wolfram Magazine which features a shrimp scampi recipe, an interview with Good Old War, a summer skirt DIY, and more!

Wolfram Magazine Issue No. 6  

The sixth issue of Wolfram Magazine which features a shrimp scampi recipe, an interview with Good Old War, a summer skirt DIY, and more!