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Volume 16, Issue 1

February 1, 2011

Jon Smith the latest addition to administration team Jency James Co-Editor-in-Chief Jon Smith is a man of many titles and faces. At lunch, students see him don a walkie talkie and supervise the campus as part of administration. During second period, a roomful of juniors and seniors listen to him explaining the effects of descriptive writing in AP Language. On Wednesday mornings, high-achieving students interact with him as the National Honor Society advisor. But Smith’s ambition sprouted with his cultural upbringing. “I grew up in the Midwest and there’s a work ethic in the Midwest that’s not in some places,” he said. “I was taught that if I set my mind to something, I could do it.” From a young age, Smith was active in his community. He attended Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he ran track from 6th grade through high school. The highlight of his early running career was running a 5:11 mile his freshman year. Smith was even busier in college. Before transferring to Long Beach State, he attended Palomar Community College where he earned his Associate degree in Liberal Arts. Smith decided to major in Broadcast Journalism at Long Beach and worked on the school newspaper, did NPR radio spots and anchored on the school news show. He was also part of the Theta Chi Fraternity (the same fraternity Steven Spielberg was a brother of previously) and he studied abroad in London where he met the secret to his juggling act: his wife, Susie Smith. In

Nick Nguyen Online Editor Amidst the Bowling, Badminton, and Asian Clubs of the school, there lie a few obscure clubs, lesser known and unrecognized to the general public of the student body: the “JAMM Club” or the Japanese Animation, Manga, and Mahjong Club, is one such undiscovered niche. “Our goal is to expand awareness of anime and manga to those interested in the art,” said club president and founder Kevin Serrano. “By providing a place for interested members to freely talk and inquire about topics regarding anime and manga, we hope to achieve this.” The club focuses heavily on Eastern Animation, known better as Anime; a medium known for covering areas in action, suspense, drama, tragedy, unrestrained by special effects of actors

2 Wolf Pack Press

18 years of marriage, the two have had two daughters, Lexie and Zoe, keep him grounded in his busy life. Smith’s devotion to family prompted his switch from journalism to teaching. “Family is the most important thing to me and I just didn’t see myself with my kids in journalism,” Smith said. “I love to write and to read and thought to myself, what’s a better job than teaching?” Throughout his ten years of teaching on campus, Smith has taken on a plethora of responsibilities that go far beyond teaching. Smith’s ambition stemmed from his responsibilities to move up the academic ladder. “Mr. Borjon is an incredible mentor of anyone trying to move through the branches of education and I talked to him and Ms. Schlaman about being involved with administration,” he said. Smith has been the NHS adviser for the past four years with Assistant Principal Heather Schlaman, and this past year he has been a faculty adviser for Site Council and has spearheaded the WASC accreditation. His NHS responsibilities include leading and helping students plan and fundraise for philanthropic efforts and his AP Language class keeps him busy with many essays, but his most timeintensive job this year has proved to be planning WASC. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is a process that involves the state examining the school’s efficiency in education and concludes with them accreditating the school. “I’ve facilitated student meetings (that help) decide what Woodcreek High School can be, led parent groups that

determine our school’s collective commitments and gathered evidence that illustrates our assessments,” Smith said. Smith is also part of the administrative team this term. While administrator Rebecca Rood is on maternity leave, Smith handles her tasks. Although he wanders through unfamiliar waters, Smith credits his success to the entire administrative team. “I was rePHOTO BY JESSICA ROBERTS ally honored, ECCENTRIC: Jon Smith’s quirky humor and family keep him grounded. excited and nervous but His students and co-workers agree they’ve transitioned me nicely,” he that Smith’s compassionate nature said. makes him a positive leader. Throughout Smith’s juggling act on “He has always brought a positive campus, he credits his personal life for tone to whatever group he’s working his sanity. with,” Schlaman said. “One of my strengths is being able AP Language student Joy Marie to prioritize and organize and along Gerould, senior, said, “He is very willing with that, I have an amazing family,” to help you anytime you need it.” he said. “My wife picks up the slack Quality is preferred over quantity, where I can’t- without her I couldn’t but it appears Smith has mastered do it all.” both.

or actresses. cross between poker and gin rummy. But students don’t have to be huge “Four players sit at a square table, fans of the subject to join the club. where they are each dealt either 13 “We accept those of varying knowl- or 16 tiles, depending on the agreed edge of interest, rules. There are ranging from the three basic suits diehard fan to among the tiles: the casual occastones, sticks, sional watcher, and characters, as our members each numbered already reprefrom one to sent,” Serrano nine. The game said. “However, progresses by we just ask that players drawthey have an ing, discarding, open mind to new and calling on titles is all if they tiles, all in orshould join.” der to achieve The club’s the winning PHOTO BY NICK NGUYEN secondary focus hand,” Serrano is Mahjong, a CULTURED: Members of the JAMM Club meet said. “The goal game that is, in weekly to play games such as Mahjong. is to be the first simpler terms, a to create a hand

that is comprised of four to five tile triplets (which can be made with successive [111] or ascending [123] tiles of the same suit) and one tile pair.” The game’s mechanics are fairly straightforward to learn and difficult to master, however club members and officers often help teach new and inexperienced players. “We meet every Thursday after school to around 4 PM in room 422, and we hold no obligations for members other than to just enjoy themselves. We try to have quite a relaxed club atmosphere,” Serrano said. “Also, our club may have future plans to fund trips to local conventions or San Francisco’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, for those who may be interested.” While the club is still in the early stages with nine members, JAMM Club is slowly emerging as a growing club on campus.

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jency James


February 1, 2011

of Honor Volunteerism flourishes city-wide Den reward extended One editor shares her experience of community service Dani Butterfield OTQ Editor Students have become familiar with community service opportunities in Roseville thanks to the Government and Economic classes on campus, there are a plethora of volunteer opportunities found both on campus and off. Although it is arguable whether one type of service is better than another, one thing that can be trusted is finding a service that fits your own personality and interests. For example if you’re a chef, good with people, or have a heart for the poor, there are several weekly opportunities to serve the homeless of our community. Two that I know of are Roseville’s The Gathering Inn and The Salvation Army. The Gathering Inn is a homeless shelter that utilizes nearby churches to provide shelter and a meal for 60 to 70 homeless people every night. They treat their “guests”, as they call them, to hospitaility and encourage a clean rehabilitating lifestyle for them. The Salvation Army provides many

a new coffee shop that plans to send all their proceeds to battle human trafficking. Instead of hiring staff, they plan to have the community volunteer instead. There are many different types of volunteering opportunities in our community, between taking care of animals at the SPCA, playing with kids at Adventure Club or educating the community on the importance of sustainability at the Utility Exploration Center. You could sort garage sale type treasures at Habitat for Humanity, or if your involved in a church try helping our with some of the service projects they have planned. There are also several community service clubs on campus such as KEY Club, Makea-Wish club, the National Honor society and many others. The Career Center has volunteer information as well. Whatever your interests may be, there are opportunities available for PHOTO COURTESY OF SCOTT BELLACERA finding a service INVOLVED: KEY Club members volunteer at a K-kids event. that benefits the community.

services for the community’s homeless, the most accessible means of volunteering is by helping prepare and serve breakfast on Saturday mornings. I have been volunteering at the Gathering Inn and The Salvation Army once a month for the past three years. Every time, I truly enjoy working with people to help meet a need in others. I’m not exactly a chef, so I don’t do the cooking. I focus on talking with the guests, helping serve and helping clean up. It may not sound appealing to others, but that’s why there are so many different types of volunteer opportunities. Another volunteer opportunity that will open soon is at Origins. Origins is

Site Council strides toward school efficiency Megan Barnett OTQ Editor On the second Monday of each month the Site Council meets in the library here on campus. From 6-8 PM students, teachers, administrators, and parents discuss finances for the school and its programs. This year’s Student Site Council includes seniors, Kathryn Lewis, Kaitlyn May, Brittney Tubbs, Joy Marie Gerould and Tiffany Sala. To be a member, students must run and get voted in by their peers. Those interested in becoming a member can run in the 2011/2012 school year. But there are still opportunities to get involved now. Assistant Principal Heather Schlaman, who is the principal’s designee, or facilitator, of Site Council said, “Students can always come to meetings.” Site Council welcomes any individuals who are interested and want to participate and those who want to discuss potential ideas can bring them up at the meeting or to Schlaman beforehand. The main purpose of Site Council is to distribute grants received as they see fit. “Site Council manages a budget that consists of different funds that

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jency James

have to be managed by parents, students, and staff,” Schlaman said. Current Assistant Principal and AP Language and Composition teacher, Jon Smith is a spokesperson for WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) on Site Council. “Site Council pays for things we wouldn’t normally be able to pay for,” Smith said. This includes materials such as computers, cameras, and projectors. Every year, Site Council gives out money to different clubs and organizations on campus. The group decides which programs receive money and how much they receive. To a t t a i n this money, applicants make an official, typed funding request that includes how much money is needed, what it will be used for and how it will benefit the school and its students. Request acceptance increases when there is a larger impact on the students for a longer period of time. “We have approved a lot of things

such as money for AP Test Scholarships and we are working on updating the Den of Honor Program,” Site Council Secretary Lewis said. Since this year is a WASC year for our school, Site Council also focuses on putting together the WASC report. The WASC report, if accepted, gives the school another six years of accreditation. To receive accreditation a school must, “be worthy of the trust placed in them to provide high-quality learning opportunities and clearly demonstrate continual self-improvement.”* Site Council works to better budget the school and supply funds for its programs. It also is a way many people can further get involved with the school. “It is a way for our parents to have their voice heard,” Smith said. Each year Site Council also develops and approves the Single Plan for Student Achievement that must be reported every year to the State. It includes reviews of data, progress of the passing year, and sets new goals for the coming year. Through each project Site Council works on, they hope to make a lasting contribution to the school. *

Kaitlyn May Co-Editor-in-Chief What started as an average school site council meeting gave way to something long lasting: a new tradition to honor exceptional students. Traditionally, students are selected on a monthly basis by their teachers for the Den of Honor program. Awardees are chosen based on their strengths: academic excellence, hard work, improvement, positive attitude and helpfulness to others. This program was designed to highlight positive role models within the school and make the students feel good about their work within the classroom. Den of Honor students first receive a congratulatory letter alerting them of their award. On the selected date both students and teachers gather in the Timber Rock Café to be waited on, served, and cooked for by teacher Susie McGuire’s culinary classes. Awardees discover which teacher nominated them and they listen to a small speech about their and other’s successes. At the end, students get to take a picture with their teacher and are given a certificate of recognition to take home. “The current Den of Honor system is really great,” said senior student Site Council member Brittany Tubbs. “It makes us, the students, feel important and rewarded for our actions. However, once the meal is eaten and that half hour is over, that feeling of importance fades because the reward is gone.” The new change to the Den of Honor program looks to improve. In October 2010 parent council member Larry Bellucci first raised the notion of a more noticeable award system. Originally a Roseville High School parent, Bellucci gave the council insight on how to improve the program. At Roseville High School, students receive a Pride Pin. Perks of the pin include the right to wear it at graduation on their gowns. “By adding these pins, the student being honored receives a continual feeling of significance because a part of the reward remains present,” said Tubbs. “The pins recognize character where our other awards only recognize academic achievement,” said Site Council administrator and Assistant Principal Heather Schlaman. “They highlight the students living out values we uphold as a school.” The new pins will be given to all Den of Honor recipients for this school year; both to those who have already received their awards and to those who have yet to receive them. The design features the Timberwolf logo with a banner above reading Woodcreek and a banner below reading Den of Honor. “The Den of Honor program has always been an important part of the school,” Schlaman said. “The pins help to make it concrete and draw the attention the program and students receiving the awards deserve.”

Wolf Pack Press 3

Volume 16, Issue 1

February 1, 2011

Bandwagon political talk ineffective Evan Carbone Staff Member


Saturday October 22, 2011 Woke up. Had a bowl of cereal. Jeez, Misha Collins is dreamy. Oh, and the world ended yesterday. We had some sort of ‘judgment day’ around May 21 and I guess the big guy in the sky was pretty ticked with the way things were going, or he was having a bad day or something. So he acted out 2012 for us yesterday. Diary, I’m sure you’re wondering how I survived, because you crave a play-by-play of my life. My daily overconsumption of cynicism might have helped some. So I’m left with all the other brooding cynics who refuse to believe in any supernatural higher calling nonsense. The lines at Disneyland have to be killer. I think I’ll get my driver’s license today depending on how the DMV looks. Hopefully the emotionally vacant desk clerks there had a little faith in the higher power and thus perished in his epic smiting of the entire human race. It’s funny how only those who fretted over the entire ordeal were wiped out. I was pretty sure He was going to wait until 2012 to end the world, but I guess he got a little restless. He couldn’t have been very busy up there, what with the majority of our population’s idols in rehab or jail. He jumped the gun a little bit. I didn’t think things were that bad…I guess I was wrong. I think we were supposed to learn some sort of lesson from this end of the world nonsense (aside from don’t mess with Hollywood). And at the risk of making this column sound like a preachy attempt to tell everyone to change…I maintain that you make your destiny. If you worry about being obliterated by a supernatural force of nature that will end the world as we know it…maybe you won’t be obliterated by that, but serious anxiety issues might start to knock off a few years on your expected lifespan. And you’re going to make yourself look like a little bit of a fool in the process. I’m having a very good, long laugh at the expense of everyone else…I’ll laugh myself all the way to 2012. There’s irony there somewhere. Because we all know 2012 is the real end of the world. Hollywood said so.

4 Wolf Pack Press

Perhaps more now than ever political divisions define our society. The “big” issues have been shoved to the forefront, thrown in our faces constantly, along with the slew of legal and ethical questions surrounding them. In the endless barrage of political commentary and various influences it seems as if everyone has formed an opinion on everything. Political opinion in and of itself isn’t a problem, in fact our political system thrives on differing opinions. The problems arise from the fact

that many people, (specifically from our age group) don’t fully comprehend the opinions they form. All too often I’ve had to sit through class debates where people have ignorantly argued positions they don’t understand. It’s not that the positions people take are necessarily wrong, but their lack of understanding renders their arguments ineffective. Case in point: as a junior in psychology, I had to do a survey, so I chose to do a survey of people’s political position in relation to their parents. The survey asked what a person considered them-

selves politically, then it asked what position they took on several issues (taxes, abortion, gay marriage, and immigration). I was appalled to see how many “Republicans” were for higher taxes, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and proamnesty and how many “Democrats” were for lower taxes, pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and pro-deportation. If you’re currently confused as to what’s wrong with those results, then you are part of the problem. What scares me most about this is that many of these students are juniors and seniors. That means in a few years they will be voting, potentially on issues that they don’t fully comprehend. I’m terrified at the prospect of negative policies being enacted simply because people voted on them without being informed. My point is this: I have no problem with political opinion and difference, but understand what you stand for. Ignorance is a problem, a problem that can and should be solved, especially before someone decides to get into a debate. Get informed before forming an opinion, or don’t have an opinion at all.

The budget issue: programs versus property Megan Adams Staff Member Right before we left for winter break ‘Santa’ visited Woodcreek high and gave us new trash cans. Lingering whispers throughout the halls questioned the reason for the new trash cans when rumors spread just a few days earlier of possible cuts to our performing arts programs. In high school, rumors are part of your everyday life and you learn how to tell which ones are true and which are not. This rumor of our performing arts program being cut is absolutely false. “We’re thriving and growing. We have healthy budgets and we fundraise to keep things going,” said Adrienne Mars, Choir teacher. Numerous more staff on cam-

pus such as the drama teacher Tom Fearon and our school principal Jess Borjon all have confirmed these rumors to be false. When I asked Borjon about this rumor he replied with a strong tone. “Not even close. Haven’t touched it, wont touch it. It’s as safe as safe can be.” Borjon said our budget plans are at a limbo and as of right now we are sitting ducks. Though our school district is not going to be as bad off as neighboring districts due to our $7 million surplus, more than expected last fall. Fearon stated on how crucial our performings arts are to a school; “Performing arts are not only vital, but they are essential. They are what makes us human,” he said. As far as trash cans go, the reason we got new ones is because in the last six months three trash cans have been broken. The old trash cans were cement

and if you had the muscle to push them over the pieces would shatter into these huge pieces. Since these trash cans weighed so much when they got knocked over, the broken pieces were found to be dangerous. When word got out that you could tip these extremely heavy trash cans over and they would break, a few people decided that it would be a good idea to use these broken pieces to vandalize school property. The pieces of cement were projected into glass on our campus. To fix them would have cost us money that we don’t have and cannot afford right now; this would ultimately would not be cost effective. It may have even made it worse on multiple accounts. Fixing the old trash cans would have told the vandals it is okay to continue to vandalize school property. Not only would this have not helped fix the problem, but it would have turned into a potential insurance liability. If someone accidentally got hurt vandalizing the school (or worse if someone got hurt during school hours) by the broken egdes the results would have been ugly. We had to do something effective. It could have possibly turned this silly broken trash can ordeal into a lot more. Now with these new metal trash cans you can’t break them and use the pieces like you’re in a jail yard.

Opinions Editor Brooke Benson


February 1, 2011

West Side (of Roseville) Story is here Mars takes on a show of colour in suburbia Evan Carbone Staff Member With the beginning of the semester, the Musical Theater class has begun work on this year’s musical production. “West Side Story” will be coming to the Woodcreek stage at the beginning of April, but this present’s one, rather notable, problem to those familiar with “West Side Story”: Woodcreek’s student body is predominantly white. How does a school of Caucasians plan to do justice to a story where half the cast is Puerto Rican? Actually, it’s quite simple to Adrianne Mars, the Musical Theater teacher and director. According to Mars the play is more about the concept of a group of insiders and a group of outsiders. Although this production of “West Side Story” will still have Puerto Ricans (more on that later), Mars firmly stands by the idea that this story could happen between

any ethnic group of new immigrants and the pre-existing group, citing the recent influx of Russians to the area as one possible way that the story could be done differently. “You take the concept of a story and make it suit your needs,” Mars said in an interview. Mars plans on highlighting one other poignant element of the script aside from the previously mentioned “Them vs. Us” centerpiece. By casting several teachers and other administrators in adult roles such as Doc, Mars plans to accentuate the underlying theme of adults not understanding youth and the anger young people have at being misunderstood. By focusing on those two major themes, the task of doing West Side

Story justice becomes decidedly easier, except for the fact that Mars insists that she will keep the cast as half white, half Puerto Rican. Despite the high white population at Woodcreek and the decided lack of diversity in the Musical Theater class, Mars has managed to cast the play as it was originally written. With 15 boys in the Musical theater class, Mars was lucky enough to get 7 with dark enough features to at least resemble Puerto Ricans. M a r s doesn’t even plan to brown the actors cast as Puerto Ricans, but she remains confident that the idea and themes of the story will

show through and touch the audience. If last year’s production of “Grease” was any indicator, “West Side Story” will be a popular show that will likely sell out multiple nights. I for one am looking forward to seeing the production come together over the next few months and am anticipating an interesting performance. Aside from the issue of the actors being racially challenged, West Side Story faced one other rather large problem. West Side Story features a number of racial slurs, mainly referring to Latinos, which, while integral to the script and themes, are still a bit risky to have said on a high school stage. In an age of political correctness, using such touchy language becomes a tricky proposition; but Mars assured me that she not only got the okay to go forward with the show completely intact and uncensored (in terms of the slurs anyways), but got administrative blessing as well. Only time will tell if Mars’ belief that the core themes will carry the show is true; but I’m confident that if nothing else, the show will be immensely entertaining.

Teen Idols: Teaching teens what not to do Brooke Benson Opinions Editor Miley Cyrus smokes from a bong. Lindsay Lohan looks like Gollem from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Britney Spears has had so many mental break downs a majority of her songs now involve flaunting digits at the paparazzi and the general male populus while she disguises it as female empowerment. Hint, Britney—taking out your frustrations on innocent minivans with golf-clubs does not constitute female empowerment. Get over it. These are the people we used to idolize. Even for guys, idolizing sports heroes has become something of a tricky business. Tiger Woods…Here I should insert inappropriate golf innuendo. I’ll leave it to your imaginations. Michael Vick? Kobe Bryant? The most inspiring of sports figures also happen to be the most disappointing of human beings. Vick, what could have possibly possessed you to come under the impression that publically stating you want to own a dog is alright? Whatever it was you’re smoking with, Miley, you might want to knock it off. Kobe’s ego probably weighs more than the entire Staples Center itself. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a figure in the public eye who won’t lead you astray. Should they really be idols? People are people, famous or not, vulnerable to the same temptations and perhaps amplified by their availability. How we expect them to cope any better because they’re alleg-

Opinions Editor Brooke Benson

edly obligated to do so is beyond me. So Miley’s behavior is less excusable because of her age? Teenagers make mistakes (even if we’ll never admit it). This is not me defending her—I can attack her some other day for her atrocious music or lack of acting abilities—this is me, pointing out that celebrities are humans. Humans make mistakes, and fall victim to all the basic temptations: those aren’t robots on screen, people. Putting our faith in child idols is perhaps the most ridiculous of concepts. Idolizing Disney princesses or other cartoon characters—while silly—is much more harmless. It’s less detrimental to our growth, because disappointment is inevitable otherwise. Do me a favor: dig through piles of old VHS’s and look for one successful child star who hasn’t fallen under the public eye for some controversial melodramatic happening. Celebrities have available to them the means to completely ruin their own lives. With great power comes great responsibility (yeah, I definitely just worked that in effectively). They should be expected to merely man-

age their own lives without completely destroying themselves. That’s all we can expect from anyone. What is disappointing: through all the controversy, not once have I heard Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus pipe up and draw a line. Have you ever heard of Miley Cyrus getting grounded on the cover of People? No you have not. “No international tour for you, Miley, you need to keep your clothes on when posing for magazine covers. Go to your room.” Somebody try to Google that quote and see if anything comes up. The lack of responsibility from their parents is more troubling than the lack of responsibility from the stars themselves. I can’t say that even I would handle the privileges of wealth and success well as a small child. Irresponsible child star parents are perhaps worse than raging Momagers and Dadagers, which says something about Miley’s future. Maybe Lindsay may have a buddy to go rehab clinic-hopping with in a few years. Perhaps we, by that time, will stop being so shocked at the imperfection of our child idols. While disappointing, it certainly can’t be unexpected. GRAPHICS BY BROOKE BENSON

“I’m so cute. Look, I have a southern accent. I can sing!”

“It’s cool guys it’s like...medical. Who needs clothes? It’s just a magazine cover...Pssh...” Wolf Pack Press 5

Special Section

Orrey Severet Staff Reporter I’m sitting in a cold, vast building, which breathes a fresh aire of reconstruction after disaster. People wander around - some with purpose and some without. I have placed myself in the Roseville Galleria to conduct an "experiment,” if you will. Though I’m not here to observe a new fashion or to tell you the success of Abercrombie, I am here to observe the patrons of the day. I want to witness, in the plethora of people, how dependent we are on social media and technology. A couple walks past me. They are holding hands and in each of their empty hands, as if glued there, is an iPhone. They both walk more than 100 steps, staring at their phones as if the other didn't exist. Charles Peguy once said, "A word is different to everyone; one tears it from his guts whereas another pulls it out of his overcoat pocket." I tell you this because I can’t find a word to explain how I feel about technology and how, I guess a word could be, sickening it is to see verbal and face-to-face communication going out the window. I'm sure to see those types of conversations with our friends in the obituary section soon. I think it's time to stop and think about how we communicate. I think it's time to see your friends; Skype doesn't count. And I think it's time to put down your phone or step away from the computer and view the real world. We can gain bright minded individuals with something to verbally communicate to the world. The information we can gather from these medias are beneficial, but at what point do we start letting

February 1, 2011

them control us? The popularity lies within being connected, but I truly think we’ve taken it too far. The real solution would be to find a balance between the two and I’m not sure how we could all come to the balance. Why would I though? No one would be willing to own up and let themselves separate from this technological connection.


I recently spoke with an executive at Fox Media (they are the major “backing” of Myspace) and asked him about the "behind-the-scenes" of Myspace. “My job was to train the sales organization on how to maintain their customer information and over maintaining and keeping long term relationships,” he said. “This meant complete understanding of the sales cycle from when a sales person meets a customer for the first time, ‘pitches’ the sale (commonly known as the ‘Opportunity’), presents the return on investments and tying that all together to develop a standard process.” Who knew maintaining success at a social network site could be so much work and this was only part of the operation. He said, "An employee [at Myspace] with an established track record and rate of success had about 200 new profiles per day." That means that after a month, one employee could bring in 6000 new people. That's a lot of user

names. The best way to reach your customer and to suck them into the social media empire, according to my source, is "knowing your customer, how they shop, what they like, how they live and what they consider an excellent return on their investment." In current events, following the shootings in Arizona, Facebook executives announced that this tragedy brought an extreme spike in profile hits. It seems as if people these days, instead of cracking open a newspaper, log on to Facebook to hear about what's happening in the world. Obviously your friend's page isn't as credible as a journalist with experience, and probably a degree, and maybe someday you'll figure that out. The other thing that always bothered me was privacy with Facebook and Myspace. For someone with a profile on either one of these sites, or both, what is a secret about you that I couldn’t find out via your page? It seems odd that anyone, anywhere, could find what you look like, what your name is, how old you are, where you live, who your friends are, etc. I find it so weird how people will literally give away all this information about themselves and I’m willing to bet they didn’t put any thought into the main point of this paragraph: Privacy.

what is social networking to you, the high school student? It means that with the click of a mouse, you can immediately be updated on the life of any one of your friends. You instantly can know everything that is going on in your social circle. Any question you could possibly have about your friends can be answered with a glance at their profile. How old are they? Where do they work? What is their birthday? Who are they dating? Social networking sites are filled with answers. It has taken the act of stalking into the modern age. You can stalk the cute boy or girl in your math

class, your latest crush or even your favorite celebrity. Most people refer to this act as “Facebook Stalking,” a pretty self-explanatory expression. Facebook stalking is done daily. It can be a great distraction from everyday responsibilities. Without social networking where would we be? We would be unable to express all our emotions in one simple status update. Where else would we be able to brag about how amazing our boyfriend or girlfriend is, post pictures of how cute we are and tell our friends how much we love them? Would we be walking around the quad holding up

signs that says “I love my boyfriend!” or shouting out for the whole school to hear, “Hanging out with my best friend tonight, it’s been a while?” The simple question, “What’s on your mind?” gives us the opportunity to express our feelings via the Internet, so we don’t look like crazy people shouting random things around school. With the tools networking sites provide, you can promote your band, your business; you could even promote yourself if you really wanted too. Social networking is full of opportunities and based on the millions of people who use it, I would say it’s bigger than ever.

Facebook and Myspace

Another network that has been gaining the attention of social savvy people is Twitter. Within seconds of something happening, be it comical or not, you can post it and share it with anyone who thinks you're worthy enough to "follow". Twitter is even becoming a source of news. We saw examples of this following such events as Haiti. There were tweets saying things like, “people are needing medical supplies,” “people are being taken away by stretchers,” and even “…people still screaming but the noise is dying as the darkness sets.” Twitter has become a way to post things faster. It seems that’s all people care about these days: speed. On the other hand, Twitter is also a medium to post things that are funny or clever; people think we care about their humor. We don’t.

Phone Apps

Even technology companies, such as Apple, are buying into social media by creating apps that make the simple even simpler. I could pull out my iPhone and within seconds be on my Myspace, Facebook or Twitter. Apple’s slogan states, “There’s an app for that.” Let me tell you something. Sometimes it’s okay to not have an app for that. We do not always need a device to help us. I’m curious if this "ease of access" is a good or bad thing, and if you seriously want to find an answer to that question, I'm sure "there's an app for that." So here I sit. In the mall watching as people let technology rule what they do, how they act, and where their attention goes. Of course it is also interesting to see how many times I check my texts and my Facebook during this period of observation. Final score: Texts-30 Facebook-23

Social media gives users an opportunity to share Casandra Canthal Special Section Co-editor Social media. Or better yet, social networking. We are all a part of it. We all feed into it, making it more powerful than ever. Every day millions of people log onto sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. What exactly is social networking? The definition reads “the use of a website to connect with people who share personal or professional interests, place of origin, education at a particular school, etc.” Forget all that professional talk,

6 Wolf Pack Press

Special Section Co-Editors, Justien Matsueda and Casandra Canthal

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February 1, 2011

Nick Nguyen Online Editor The idea that “you can make a good movie out of anything” is what keeps the hope of innovative movies alive; but for every innovative, truly original intellectual property that comes out terrible, there is always a Social Network; a movie with a fantastically boring premise that turns out to be awesome. The film takes place during the Facebook lawsuits, following Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Esienberg (Zombieland) as he is sued by former friend Eduardo Saverin, (played by Adrew Garfield and known for the upcoming Spiderman reboot) and fellow students and co-workers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, both played by Arnie Hammer. The suits reflect the real world conflict of how Facebook was created, and the problems that arose in its rise to fame. Did Zuckerberg steal the idea of Facebook from the Winklevosses? Did he commit massive fraud and cheat his friend out of money?

These well-known tweeps may not be Twitterati yet, but they sure can Twoosh with the best of them. Q. Why do you use Twitter? Allison Poehling, 12: It’s really simple, it’s pretty much Facebook without opinions from other people. Dominic Shepard, 12: I’m really narcissistic, so I love posting my thoughts. It’s also the most effective way to connect to the world. Q. What is your favorite part of Twitter? A: Twitpic. And the fact that you are only allowed 140 characters. D: Re-tweeting. You can re-tweet a post that you like onto your page so more people can appreciate it. Q. Who do you follow? A&D: My friends, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Palin, Seth McFarland, My friends, Pimp Bill Clinton, Jesus M Christ, Lord Voldemort, the City of Roseville. Q. What do most people Tweet about? A: When people first join, they tweet about what they eat, what they are doing and what they just bought. When they get used to Twitter, they realize they can tweet about different things. D: Really stupid things, funny moments, thoughts.

David Fincher deserves a lot of credit for filming The Social Network, directed outside his usual element of dark thrillers. He does a superb job of keeping the film engaging and entertaining. Simple scenes that consist of nothing more than nerds sitting around writing code are made stylish and exciting with clever cinematography. Esienberg has come a long way since Zombieland, maturing past the Michael Cera-esque role of an awkward loner and evolving into a frantic, socially inept genius, with Garfield and Timberlake creating a solid back-up of supporting actors. Timberlake in particular shows drastic improvement since Alpha Dog. With a solid story, solid directing and

Q. What is the difference between Twitter and other social networking sites? A: It’s simpler and you can only use 140 characters. D: Facebook and Myspace are more interactive with other people. On Twitter I can post whatever I want with no one commenting on it. Q. What is the most memorable tweet you have seen? A&D: Sarah Palin talked about being able to see Russia from Alaska. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was flying over Alaska, he made fun of Palin, took a picture of himself on the plane and said, “I can’t see Russia yet, will let you know when I do.” Q. If you could have anyone follow you on Twitter, who would it be and why? A: Obama because I would be able to influence him with my tweets. D: Adam Lazzara because I would feel so amazing. Q. Who should Woodcreek students follow? A: Politicians because it’s educational and you can learn a lot about politics. You have to have an open mind when using Twitter. D: Me and Allie.

Justien Matsueda and Casandra Canthal, Special Section Co-Editors

more than solid acting, the film is only held back by its soundtrack. With a film with such a large budget and immersive story, one would expect at least a decent effort for a soundtrack, even Twilight has one original song. Filled with re-used songs, or songs “heavily inspired” by older ones, the soundtrack is a disappointment, especially considering all the awards it is receiving. Does the soundtrack stop the film from being great? No, even great movies have spots that could be re-touched, errors that could be fixed, etc. But with every other element in the film so outstanding, it would be a shame to not see it. The Social Network is a great film, one that explores the mindset behind the elusive Mr. Zuckerberg. Just listen to the dialogue, not the music,and you’ll appreciate it that much more.

In a WHS poll of 61 people, 26 reported spending 0-30 minutes a day on Facebook, 23 people reported 1-3 hours, and 12 reported 4 or more hours a day.

Nick Franze Staff Reporter Who is more popular? What’s so great about a book made of faces? Why do I need my own space? Questions answered here. June 2006. Myspace is the most popular social network site in the United States. April 2008. Facebook internationally overtook Myspace because of its easy accessibility and the ability to connect with friends in different countries, states, provinces or continents. Myspace generally appealed to friends in a certain area, but the overall easiness of Facebook was appealing to most. Myspace requires pressing multiple different toolbars and sections just to find your friends list or pictures. This is why many non-techno savvy parents are able to use Facebook and easily whiz through friend requests, notifications and pictures. The overwhelming perspective on the battle between Facebook and Myspace is mostly pro-Facebook. Sophomore Blake Sayles says, “It’s way faster and more Longboard companies advertise and have pages there.” Stevie Roth prefers it because “More people use it.’” But then there is the occasional point of view such as the one by sophomore Michael Holm who says, “One day Myspace will come back!” That according to shows that, this is a less than possible chance. Sophomore George Corpe stated, “Myspace blows sideways!” Myspace had 57 million users in 2009, while Facebook boasts over 400 million users, data taken on Feb. 5, 2010. This shows an obvious increase in the Facebooker’s interest over Myspace users. ‘Top Friends’ was another feature of Myspace that caused anger and feuds between friends, best friends and couples. Sophomore Kristina Ballestero says, “People can get mad if you’re not on their tops.” Justyne Beck-Dewilde states, “It causes so much drama, unbelievable.’ Drama over top friends is nonexistent on Facebook. Even though there can be some drama on Facebook, it is nowhere near the point of that on Myspace. The stats and opinions of the people show, that Facebook is the preferred social site over Myspace, well at WHS.

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February 1, 2011

What to believe about all Food Fight!! Win Football Championship World’s Largest Ravioli Win Basketball Section Championship Have a flash mob at Graduation Have every performing arts show sell out Beat Granite Bay’s API score Have an awesome senior prank

Advocated regularly by those on “Family Radio,” this end of the world theory is said to come from the Bible. They believe scripture reveals that Judgment Day, the day in the Bible where Jesus returns to earth and judges everyone, will happen on May 21, 2011. All who are deemed believers return to Heaven with Jesus and the rest are left for five months to endure Hell on earth. Therefore they believe that October 21, 2011 will mark the end of the world. They believe that the date when God told Noah they have seven days left to get into the ark was 4990 B.C. and those seven days represent the 7,000 years that everyone has left till the end of the world. To get the year 2011 they took 7000 minus 4990 and got 2010 but they added one because there is no year zero. That is how they calculate the end of the world to be 2011. However there is no evidence in the Bible about this. In fact it says, “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” Matthew 24:42 and 44. So, these theorists have no reference to back them up on their predictions. If you are interested in learning more about the opinions of these theorists, go to these web sites listed below. *


W DISCLAIMER: WPP does not endorse this theory


ti f th

is w ere

Mario Magallanes, 9 If you could only talk to one more person before you die, who would it be and what would you say?

Lauren Bogel, 9 Hypothetically if this were your last year alive, what would you definitely want to do? “I would want to go around the world in 80 days.”

AJ Nist, 10 If you could live anywhere for your last year, where would it be and what would you live in?

“Chad Michael Murray. We would stare into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time.”

“Italy in a big house. I’ve always wanted to go there.”

if the world ended? ....

What if we die?...

8 Wolf Pack Press

Nicole Bechler, 10 If you could befriend a famous person for your last year, who would it be and what would you do?

What if all the mountains crumble? ..... What


“My cousin in the army. I love you.”

OTQ Editors, Megan Barnett and Dani Butterfield


if this is our last year? ... What if flaming fireballs fall from the sky? .... What if tsunamis crash every shore?

On The Quad

On The Quad

February 1, 2011

.. Run a marathon in 80’s workout clothes Roman Candle WARS!!! Race shopping carts across town while wearing NASCAR uniforms Have a tea party with the tallest man we know Deep sea dive in mermaid tails Paint an awesome mural on the Great Wall of China Be in four places at once Skydive wearing only a wing suit


From the Mayan Long Count Calendar comes the prediction of world wide disasters in 2012. Through studying astronomy the Mayans noticed the movement of the stars and discovered earth’s tilting rotation on its axis. They also discovered what they call a dark rift in the galaxy, better known as a black hole. They believe that this happened in August 11, 3114 B.C. which was a new beginning. They concluded that on December 21, 2012 this will happen again and a new cycle will occur. But to them this is not the end of the world, just an end to what we know and a start to something new. But this event they describe, an intersection of the dark rift with the Milky Way, can cause natural disasters. Modern scientists describe the event of earth passing through this massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, as what the Mayans described with the intersection. Because of the gravitational power of the black hole, they believe terrible events could take place on earth. But they never actually predicted the world to end; that is something that has been added on as years have passed. If you are interested in learning more about the opinions of these theorists, go to the web site listed below.

ast l r u o y


DISCLAIMER: WPP does not endorse this theory

Justin Nourth, 12 If you could only talk to one more person before you die, who would it be and what would you say?

Zoë Moran, 12 Samantha Gonzales, 11

Bryan Seigel, 11

If you could befriend a famous person for your last year, who would it be and what would you do?

If you could live anywhere for your last year, where would it be and what would you live in?

“Zach Efron, something that requires him to not have a shirt on, like swimming.”

“I’d live in a tree house in Georgia.”

Hypothetically if this were your last year alive, what is something you would definitely want to do? “Go to Ireland.”

if all the volcanoes erupt with fiery anger? .... What if the sky falls down?


OTQ Editors, Megan Barnett and Dani Butterfield


“My mom. I love you.”

What if Dani and Megan survive, but no one else does?..


... r a

What if nothing happens at all?

these theories of DOOM!

Wolf Pack Press 9

Volume 16, Issue 1

Nick Nguyen Online Editor Dreams and freaks, toys and wizards, Facebook and greed: all elements of the year past that dominated in the Box Office of 2010. Before the Academy sends out their awards, this is my take on the top movies of last year. 5.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - You might think it’s hard to make a movie about sympathetic people who are supposed to be more rich and powerful than you may ever be, and you’re probably right. But not only does Shia LaBeouf manage to continue his streak of credible acting, he also pulls off being a sympathetic character without being whiny or pretentious: Charlie Sheen (of original Wall Street) should take lessons. 4.) The Social Network - The real meat and potatoes of 2010: I didn’t go in thinking that the film would be great; lo and behold, it earns its #4 spot with some stunning acting, fantastic writing and truly great directing. “The Social Network” proves you can make a great movie about anything; even if it is just a bunch of college students sitting around coding and ultimately making Facebook. Justin Timberlake steals the show (and my heart) with a surprising performance and someone really needs to give David Fincher a pat on the back for making such a great movie. 3.) True Grit - With leads like Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges, you can’t possibly go wrong; can’t and won’t with “True Grit,” a callback to Eastwood era westerns done with some truly inspir-

February 1, 2011

ing cinematography. Following the tale of a vengeance-driven trio of Damon, Bridges, and newcomer Haliee Steinfield, “True Grit” has a straightforward story, gripping action, all-star cast, inspiring writing and some back-to-form directing by the Coen Brothers. 2.) Shutter Island - It was a great movie year for Leonardo DiCaprio and for suspense thrillers. “Shutter Island,” based off of the novel of the same name, follows the path of Edward Daniels as he investigates the disappearance of a patient on an island asylum. Full of twists and turns, Shutter Island’s thrilling nature could only be handled by a pro like Martin Scorsese. 1.) Inception- No surprises here. A thrilling combination of a heist film, action flick, suspense picture, drama piece and genuine thought-provoking art, “Inception” could only have been handled so artfully by a pro like Christopher Nolan. Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s roles are masterfully done. Even Ellen Page’s part is played surprisingly well. “Inception” is the closest any artsy film will come to being box-office smashingly popular. It deserves every bit of recognition and praise it receives.

Evan Carbone Financial Advisor and Writer Before I go into the details of my top five albums (which due to space restraints is regrettably shorter than I would have liked), I’d like to preface it by saying that 2010 wasn’t a good year for any one genre. It is impossible to say that 2010 was the year of metal or indie or rap or any other genre. It’s impossible to say

t h a t 2010 was a great year for music as a whole. There were so many fantastic albums released this year that I couldn’t possibly listen to and appreciate all of them, in part due to time, and in part due to… acquisitional ability (read: computer problems). That being said, these were my five personal favorite albums loosely ranked (with general public taste and mass appeal being another minor factor).

5. The Radio Dept. Clinging to a Scheme Indie pop with flair. The opposition of melancholy vocals and sugary sweet instrumentation will captivate anyone willing to listen. ‘Heaven’s on Fire’ is a definite highlight. 4. The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt The rebirth of folk continues with this, one of the newest additions to the rapidly growing genre. This is phenomenal acoustic folk that makes a deep emotional connection. 3. Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit Imagine walking through a dark forest, the boughs of all the trees pressing in on you while the frigid air slowly tears away at what remains of your paranoid sanity. Welcome to Agalloch. As expansive as it is poignant, as vicious as it is soothing. This is folk tinged black metal for the patient connoisseur. 2. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Despite his numerous character flaws, it’s hard to deny that Kanye can create a ‘Monster’ of an album. Guest appearances and poignant sampling bring Kanye’s beats and verses to the next level. Truly amazing. 1. Deftones Diamond Eyes Raging aggression masterfully meshes with calming gentility. Every song offers something unique, from the building fluxuations of fury in ‘Royal’ to the dreamy psychedelica of ‘Sextape’. No matter your musical tastes, Diamond Eyes has a track you’ll love.

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The results of the past People’s Choice Awards caught me by surprise. With mountains of respectable nominations, there was one series that somehow stole the most awards: Twilight. Okay, now stop groaning; I know that it’s cliché by now, but knowing the material, it shocks me that so many would vote for so offensive a series. Yes, offensive. Amidst all the fandom screams, what concerns me most is what girls are viewing as healthy, admirable role models by which to define their own lives. Now to be fair, as a freshman I read the first book. And liked it. Yes, I really did. Since then I have given the series a good try. I read the first three books and the first third of the fourth novel, at which point I could no longer go on. Trust me in this.

10 Wolf Pack Press

Enter issue one: the protagonist. Bella Swan has more issues than a magazine. She lacks any form of coping skills, she blithely ignores family in exchange for the men in her life, needs a relationship to define herself as a person, proves repeatedly that she rarely has anything intelligent to say, and her ideal man is one that breaks into her room and watches her while she sleeps. This girl is looked upon as the ideal heroine. What is this saying about girls my age? That misogyny is okay? That you aren’t worth anything as a woman unless you’re in a relationship - that suicide is an acceptable or reasonable means of dealing with a break-up? To think that this fictional girl is looked upon with envy by the girls of reality is downright concerning. What Bella Swan embodies is a disturbingly romanticized take on an abusive relationship. She places herself in emotional and mental peril in the name of love and doesn’t have the will or the backbone

to be her own person. Now I am by no means a feminist, but it worries me that some girls will want so much to find their ‘idealized sparkly boyfriend’ that they themselves will fall into being victims of abuse. Even the character one could most closely call her foil, Rosalee, is a horrendously unrealistic female role. Sure she is confident, powerful, and self-assured; but she is also horrendously shallow and... sultry, shall we say? She discloses that prior to her becoming a vamp that she acted like a little princess and envied those around her. She was ‘sexually attacked’, which led to her being turned.

As a vamp, she still acts like a princess, envies others with a passion and immediately started hitting on men again. The disgusting truth is that rape was used as a plot point in the work - a way to get from point A to point B - and makes light of a serious event. Rosalee’s character isn’t influenced in the slightest by it, and that’s more than a little bit offensive. And despite that, this remains the material of tweenage dreams? Now this isn’t even directly concerning Mrs. Meyer, but don’t we owe it to ourselves to find better role models? Shouldn’t we try to choose someone with more quality and integrity? After all, I’m pretty sure Nancy Drew is still her own woman.

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Kaitlyn


February 1, 2011

Megan Hoehenrieder Back Page Editor Heaven in the form of a dessert would be an understatement. Sweet, thick frosting piled on a moist cake that melts in your mouth. Located on Pacific Street in Rocklin, “Icing on the Cupcake” never fails to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. With a vast menu, this cupcake boutique is sure to please every sugarloving customer. Every day, they offer consistent crowd pleaser flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Pinkdelicious, Red Velvet and even Confetti Cake. In addition, they serve gourmet flavors that fluctuate according to the day of the week. Cookies-n-Cream, Chai, Carmel Apple, Chocolate Macaroon, PB&J, and Maple Bacon. All flavors are made fresh every day. When visiting this shop, you don’t have to limit yourself to eating

just one cupcake: for only $2.75 you can delight in eating a variety of flavors. Not only are the cupcakes made to perfection, but the store is absolutely darling. Every aspect of the decoration and delivery are top notch. Pink walls, tables set with fresh flowers and trendy hanging lights, all add a certain cute and fun atmosphere to savor your dessert in. Each individual cupcake is decorated with a flower, caramel drizzle, sprinkles, leaf or slice

of mint. These simple decorations take these cakes from charming to adorable. Their packaging for delivery cupcakes, t-shirts and even cupcake towers all exude loveliness. And when should I venture over to the cupcake store, you may ask? Well, cupcakes brighten a mood and add fun to any occasion. After eating dinner or going to the movies, end your date relaxing over dessert. Test each other to try some of the more unique flavors and munch away. On a girl’s night out, stop by the sweet store for a fun place to chat and enjoy

pure deliciousness. Turning another year older? Celebrate your birthday with a party in your mouth. “Icing on the Cupcake” hosts birthday parties with gift bags included. You can also order a decorated box of cupcakes with a personalized gift tag to bring to school for your friend’s birthday. To further enjoy these delectable desserts, try a new strategy to eat a cupcake. Throw out the plain, boring way of icing on top, cake on bottom. Tear the bottom of the cake in half and put it on top of the icing to create a unique icing sandwich! We all know the worst part of the cupcake is to have all cake after your have licked off the sweet icing. Now, your cupcake is not too cake heavy but has the perfect ratio of cake to icing. Open seven days a week from 10AM to 7PM, every day is a perfect occasion to treat yourself to a delectable and adorable cupcake.

her portrayal of that character is flawless. She does an effective job of leading Nina down the path to self-destruction with disarming smiles and alluring attitude. At the end of the darkening road lies the greatest performance of Nina’s life. Portman’s performance in any other movie preceding pales in comparison to that of Nina Sayers (yes, that does include Star Wars)—she becomes the character, rather than performing as that character. While her performance was astounding, the rest of the cast did just as well. Beth Macintyre (Winona Ryder) and Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) both actively work to break down Nina’s soft, vulnerable “White Swan” nature and succeed. The stage production within the movie follows the original choreography of the ballet: the dancing just as emotional and moving as the live performance. With the aid of fantastic technical effects such as intense makeup, dramatic stage lighting and intricate ballet costumes, the movie can only be described as captivating. Some would argue that Sayer’s steady decent into madness didn’t warrant such pervasive, controversial subject matter. While this is the only consistent critique I’ve heard, I would disagree. While it certainly isn’t a movie to go see with your grandmother (really don’t: I made that mistake and it quickly got awkward), the movie can be enjoyed when handled by a mature young adult.

Kaitlyn May Co-Editor-in-Chief

the very beginning of the film we see Kevin Flynn telling his young son Sam about his adventures on the world of the Grid and introducing his old friends Tron and Clu via action figures. While I found it surprising that neither the characters Sark nor the MCP (Master Control Program) were ever mentioned over the course of the film, as they were major characters within the original story, they were not important either, showing a rather surprising use of Chekov’s Gun. That in itself is a strength of this film: the plot is tight and compact with no loose strings and everything is mentioned for a specific reason. While I personally am none too hip on the idea of almost all movies debuting in a 3D version, I would strongly advise spending the extra bucks to see the enhanced version of this film. After viewing the movie in regular theatre format, I can imagine that 3D would only further immerse it’s audiences into the film and help to make the already multi-dimensional world of the Grid that much more real. If you are looking for a movie with more intensive dialogue or witty banter over flash and effects, I say rent it. You will still enjoy the workings of a complex world. But what TRON lacks in dialogue is made up for in crafty story-telling and visual aesthetics. If you are looking for a film that is engaging, fun and action-packed, then head to your local theatre and enjoy.

The Black Swan takes flight Brooke Benson Opinions Editor Natalie Portman takes on the role of her career in Darren Aronofsky’s new movie “Black Swan:” a fantastically sinister thriller delving into the world of theatre, specifically a renewed performance of the ballet Swan Lake. Knowing the plot of Swan Lake brings an entirely new element to the movie, as you watch Nina Sayers (Portman) battle her subconscious to gain control of both aspects of her character: the black and the white swan. The two are (clearly) polar opposites and in order to give the performance her director demands from her, she must learn to fully embody both. The movie follows her through her gradual shift from dedicated but harmless white swan perfectionist to an imperfect dark swan unhealthily obsessed with her performance. Nina’s internal struggle between the two manifests itself in her relationship with her understudy and friend Lily (Mila Kunis), and understanding her as the representation of the Black Swan becomes imperative to the understanding of the movie. For this reason it may be difficult for those who enjoy simplistic movies to follow along and escape with the full enjoyment. Kunis’ performance is truly captivating—the character provides a perfect foil to Portman’s equally captivating and complex (if not more so) role and

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Kaitlyn

Welcome to the Grid. After 28 years, a new generation is headed to the theatre to enjoy the return of identity discs, lightcycles and the Games in Disney’s new film, TRON: Legacy. A definite strength was within the superb casting. While I initially did not realize, both Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprised their roles from the original film respectively as Kevin Flynn/Clu and Alan Bradley/ Tron. I feel that this was an appropriate nod to the cult fanbase and served as a way to deepen the sense that this movie is indeed a much-awaited sequel rather than a flashier rehashing of the original script. Elements of the original Tron movie are brought to life like never before, thanks to today’s digital technology. The entire world of the Grid glows and shimmers in an eerily life-like way: characters interact with physics-defying plasma fighting cells, portable lightcycles and futuristic trains. Unlike other movies, the effects don’t detract or become overwhelming, they immerse the viewer in a digital world unlike any other. Admittedly the film lacks in the category of dialogue: it’s not what one would call ‘gripping’, but it isn’t noticeably bad or moronic either. I must give Disney props, however, for setting up the story the way that they did, automatically making this new film accessible to all audiences. Towards

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Abby Ledbetter Staff Reporter Whether you are a huge fan of William Shakespeare or only recognize his name because you were required to read “Romeo and Juliet” in ninth grade does not matter, you will love this play! “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged” written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield is a modern retelling of all of Shakespeare’s plays. The show includes true classics like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Hamlet” and “Macbeth” as well as others that are not so well known by the youth of today such as “The Merchant of Venice”, “Measure for Measure” and “Pericles”. This play is performed by the three truly talented actors: Junior Dominquez, Brian Cabana, and Nick Helmer who play the Slightly Smaller Shakespearean Students. It is directed by Tom Fearon, drama teacher, with the help of a production staff made up entirely of other students. These actors keep you on the edge of your seat as they perform abridged updated versions of each play, bringing them all to life. The way the script was written is done in a way that makes even one of Shakespeare’s most

February 1, 2011

depressing tragedies: “Romeo and Juliet” hilariously funny. It’s a play that everyone is sure to enjoy. “Shakespeare Abridged” is a show that has something for everyone. This play includes: a football game for the sports fans, a rap song for the people who rarely ever take their ear buds out of their ears and for comedic purposes and lack of any female parts written for actresses Cabana has to dress up like a girl several times. This play will hold your attention because of all the audience involvement written into the script. Within the first five minutes of the play, you have actors jumping on and offstage, someone being pulled at random up out of the audience to play one of the PHOTOS BY KYLE RAYL (TIMBERWOLF PHOTO) female parts, and the PARODY: Seniors Brian Cabana, Junior Dominguez and junior, Nick Helmer reduce the audiaudience split up into ence to hysterics with their parodies of Shakespeare’s classics such as “Romeo and Juliet.” sections and assigned different speaking roles. This play will keep you on your toes with all of the twists and turns that take place. With unexpected surprises every few minutes, this play can certainly be considered very unique. It’s a play unlike any other. This play is one that I believe everyone on campus should go see. It appeals to people of all ages. Whether you’re a huge theatre buff or just want a distraction from doing your homework, you shouldn’t go any more time without seeing it. I guarantee You will walk out of the theatre with a smile on your face because you will have just spent the last hour and a half laughing more than you ever have in one night before. “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged” is a play worth taking time out of your busy schedule to go and see.

Proud to be serving West Roseville and the surrounding areas since 2002


12 Wolf Pack Press

Photo Editor, Jessica Roberts


February 1, 2011

scores funds for Breast Cancer Jake Haakenson Staff Reporter

Girls varsity basketball raises $3900 in one night

Friday night, January 21, the Varsity Girls Basketball won their third league game against Granite Bay. However, the true impact of the game proved far greater than an impressive 44 point victory. Pre-game, the student-fans began to file into the gym wearing their pink with enthusiasm. As the crowd grew larger, the gym rang with anticipation and excitement. The student-fans took their place in the stands, forming the powerful Pink Mob. Finally, it was time for the game and it was a short one. A fter only the first quarter, our girls were up 17-1. They never turned back. A llowing an average of only 4 points a quarter, the girls played harder and with more passion than any game so far this season. They won every quarter by at least 8 points and had 9 girls score, two in double digits. Where did this explosion of passion come from? They say it was the Pink Mob. Captain and senior starting Point Guard Joleen Chanco said, “That’s what Woodcreek spirit is all about.” The spirit and support at the game provided our girls team with passion and energy that was neces-

sary for their explosion. But, it proved necessary for much more than that. The true impact of the game was found in the attendance and participation in raffles during the game. These components not only created a fun and enthusiastic environment for the game, but also gave to the fight against breast cancer. All the money raised went to the Placer Breast Cancer Endowment through the Kay Yow Foundation for breast cancer. This game raised $3900, combining for a total of $6100 in the last two years. The impact of this game will live in many breast cancer fighters, who are helped and supported by the donations of the Pink Mob. “The most exciting part about the game on Friday was all the people coming out to watch and support girls basketball as

well as the fight against breast cancer,” said Chanco, after scoring 11 points and leading her team to victory. The team was stoked to “raise a whole bunch of money,” said Chanco. The team and breast cancer survivors are very grateful and excited for the impact. Chanco says to the powerful Pink Mob, “Thank you! It all happened because of your support.” We a r e capable of far more than we even realize, Woodcreek. I challenge us to discover this potential capability and keep on supporting our teams. And let’s keep winning by 44!


1 Wolf Pack Press

Layout Editor, Orrey Severet

February 1, 2011

Volume 16, Issue 1



CHAOS: Woodcreek players embrace a #2 Michael Kurtz, crazy, hyperactive WHS Black Mob. Jennifer Judge, and Courtney Crosta re- #4 Cross Country ceive scholarships. makes state championships.

#3 Woodcreek Foot- #5 Woodcreek Basball’s 4-1 hot start to ketball destroys Rothe 2010 Season. seville High 75-33.

Varsity Boys Basketball does not move backwards. Although the program went through a complete transition with a new coach, a new starting 5, and a new collection of athletes, they are picking up right where they left off last year, thanks to their one constant, their foundation and most intimidating force, the Black Mob. Last year, the Varsity boys won the Sierra Foothill League and SacJoaquin Section championships, as well as captured the title of Northern California Division 2 Runner-Up. These feats, which had only been achieved once before in school history, excited the student body and allowed them to express their spirit and passion through a student-cheering section. This student-cheering section grew to be a power that energized the team as well as intimidated the opposition. They became the face of Woodcreek and the constant that has the potential to push this year’s basketball team over the top. However, they need involvement in order to succeed. That’s where you come in. Join the Black Mob, cover yourself in all black, engulf yourself in the passion, and come support your Timberwolves. Because if you do, they will give you an experience

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makes it to the NFL. Senior RB Justin Nourth has different thoughts crossing his mind as the clock quickly runs down. Nourth did not receive any scholarship offers following his senior year. He did get offers to play at Sierra and American River, but does not plan to take them up on their offers. Nourth is going to Yuba College in Marysville because they have a really good radiology program and plans to pursue his degree in radiology. When he was asked if he would be attending Yuba College with the intentions of playing college football or just for academic purposes, Nourth simply answered academics. After high school, senior TE Brandon WhiteBear had a few offers to play college football, but turned them down because he wants to stay home with his family. WhiteBear does not plan on going to college right away and, says he’s taking some time off. Instead his plans are to spend time with his family before he leaves for a two year mission overseas for religious purposes.

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#1 Woodcreek makes SFL Championship Game at Arco Arena.

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Morale high despite lack of scholarship recipents

you will never forget. This year, the Varsity Boys Basketball team started strong, once again. With a 14-3 record after a difficult preseason schedule, the team is excited and ready for a challenging regular season. During preseason, the Timberwolves beat highly ranked teams, behind senior captains Devin Murphy and James Geyer, such as eighteenth-ranked Del Oro, eleventh-ranked Oakmont, and fifth-ranked Jesuit. With impressive wins, the team developed a target on their back. Entering league play, however, they are focused and ready to brave the storm that is to come. Captain and starting senior Power Forward James Geyer said, “Every game matters now. One win or loss could be the difference between playoffs.” And with this building pressure, the team only asks one thing from their school. They simply need their intimidating power and secret weapon, you. Varsity Head Coach Paul Hayes said the most impactful thing students at Woodcreek can do to help this year’s team is to “show up and support us.” “They provide tremendous energy for the kids,” Hayes said. Of the Black Mob, Geyer said, “They help more than they think. The Black Mob is like an extra player. They get in the other teams’ heads and make

With just a few minutes left on the clock, time runs out quick and thoughts flash across your mind like lightning. What do you do? Throw a Hail Mary and hope for the best? For senior FS Dylan Zuverink these are his exact thoughts when it comes to college. As of right now, Zuverink is still standing in the end zone, hoping for the best. A few local schools are interested in him like Sierra, American River and Humboldt State. “I’m still talking to other schools to see if I can play there as well,” said Zuverink. Nothing official as of yet until February 2, which is signing day, but one thing is for sure and that is Zuverink will be playing college football. He won’t be giving up after that either. His plans are to transfer to a four year Division 1 school after getting his general education out of the way. This followed by working his way up the ladder until he

our jobs easier.” Geyer said, “We have another good chance to go to Arco this year and by joining the Mob the students can witness and be a part of something great.” This year ’s basketball team is prepared and focused to make another playoff run. They have the talent and drive to get back to the ultimate goal of Arco Arena. All they need is their secret weapon. They need you to support them. It’s up to you, Woodcreek. Will you join the Black Mob?

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ATTACK: Devin Murphy drives to the basket against Granite Bay.


Q. What is your favorite thing about playing baseball? A. “The atmosphere and being with the other guys on the team.” Q. What are your personal goals this season? A. “Hit over .400 and do all that I can to help the team win.” Q. What player or athlete do you admire? A. “Troy Tulowitzki of the Colo- rado Rockies.” Q. What is your greatest achievement in a game of baseball? A. “Getting a game winning hit.”

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February 1, 2011

From the minor leagues to English teacher Breana Zamudio Staff Reporter

Growing up in Woodland, California, new English 9 teacher Matt Long always had a love for baseball ever since he first stepped up to bat when he was five years old. “I always wanted to be a pitcher,” stated Long. Attending Woodland High School here in California, he was said to be a standout right-handed pitcher and first baseman. However, when asked about his playing experience in high school, Long shook his head and said, “I wasn’t very good in high school.” Predominantly a first baseman in high school, Long said he really grew in college. Attending UC Davis for his first two years out of high school, Long was cut from their baseball team. “My coach at Davis didn’t think I was good enough,” Long said. From UC Davis Long went to Cal State San Bernardino and here was where he really shined. Long would pitch every Friday night and said every time he pitched 5-6 major league scouts would be there to see him. “I never really got nervous.” Long stated.

The majority of the scouts Long would talk to were from the Tampa Bay Rays, whom Long most wanted to play for. Long graduated from college with a degree in teaching and soon after was in for quite the surprise. In the 34th round of the 2008 Amateur Entry Draft, pick 1013 was Matthew Long from Woodland, California, selected by the Tampa Bay Rays as a right handed pitcher. There are six levels before one hits the major leagues: rookie ball, short season A, low A, high A, AA and AAA. Long made it to high A ball in 2009 and unfortunately didn’t quite make it up to the AA ball level. Throughout Long’s minor league journey he met several professional players; but his most memorable was a former player by the name of Richard ‘Goose’ Gossage, who was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 9th round of the 1970 Amateur Draft. When asked about his idol in playing baseball Long said, “Nolan Ryan, he was the toughest pitcher and I wanted to be tough like him.” Rumors are floating around campus

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that Long might be coaching the WHS freshman Timberwolves baseball team this spring. In response to this rumor he stated, “I don’t know about that yet, but I plan on assisting.”

WoodcreekWrestling not phased by loss Megan Adams Staff Reporter The mats are set and mopped down, the wrestlers have been weighed, minds are clear, game faces are on and intensity is turned up. The only thing to do now is win. The other night our wrestlers went toe-to-toe with Del Oro. After a sigh, Head Coach Doug Mason commented with a long face. “It was a disappointing meet we should have won.” Mason continued by sharing some mistakes that cost them the meet. “We made one coaching error and a couple kids made some errors.” Del Oro brought their “A” game this cold Wednesday night and we just happened to be their cup of tea. Mason's words said it all; the meet was a disappointing. “We won the matches we thought we were going to win except for one and that was the one that cost us,” he said. Wrestling is an extremely mental game as all other sports are. You can’t let the opponent get inside your head or it can throw off your entire game plan and end up costing you. “When you react that other guy sets the tone, sets the pace, he sets the intensity and takes the entire match out of our hands and you have to react to him,” Mason said. Prior to this meet, at the Tim Brown Memorial Tournament Mason had seven out of the ten wrestlers make it to the second day. By the end of the day the level of optimism excelled when sophomore Peter Santos took third which ties the highest level of achievement and senior Quinn Walker took sixth.

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#1 San Francisco Giants win World Series. #2 Gallaraga’s “Almost Perfect” Game. #3 Saints win their first ever Superbowl. CELEBRATION: Giants Celebrate Victory By Storming the Pitchers Mound In Texas. #4 LeBron James’ #8 Metrodome roof “Decision”. collapses in Minne#5 Mets vs. Cardisota (12-12-10). nals 20 inning game (4-17-10). #9 USA National Bas#6 Tyreke Evans half ketball Team wins court game winner gold at FIBA World vs. Grizzlies (12-29- Championships. 10). #10 L.A Lakers win #7 Reggie Bush re- back to back championships. turns Heisman. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAUL HAYES

The first decal I will add to my lanyard is non other than the logo of the Miami Heat. But not as a fan portraying his favorite team. It would be more appropriate to put a big red “X” through it because I share no love for the “South Beach Superstars”. While I respect the names of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller and most of the Miami roster, I know for a fact that the city and franchise’s dream for a championship this season is false. This I can prove. When the original big three formed in Boston in 2007, people expected them to take the NBA by storm. They did. Now with LeBron’s “decision” to take his talents to South Beach, and Bosh’s signing before that, fans expected the same. Boston, of course, went on to win the championships that first year they were together, but Miami will have no such success. The main thing that Boston had that Miami lacks is experience. Miami will not be able to beat experience with all the talent in the world. It has been proved over and over again that even teams like the Michael Jordan led Bulls were unsuccessful against older, more experienced teams like the Larry Bird lead Celtics. Don’t get me wrong, Miami is a fantastic team; but their entire playoff and championship hopes rest upon one question. Four seconds left; Miami has the ball and a chance to win the game, who is taking the shot? LeBron would most likely be the one to shoot it, but how does Wade feel about that? This used to be HIS team, why shouldn’t he take it? What about Bosh? He was a god in Canada and now he is told to just grab rebounds? Why shouldn’t he get the shot? My point is that the Boston team has established who the leaders are and worked together to put their egos aside in order for the team to win. Will the Heat be able to do the same? I doubt it. Even though they may appear in sync with each other in the regular season, they have much more to prove for the playoffs. The playoffs are a completely different scenario for all teams and as we saw the last two seasons with the LeBron lead Cavaliers, you can have the best record in the regular season and crumble under the weight of the playoffs. Miami’s egos will get in the way and even if they somehow top Boston and make the NBA Finals, Phil Jackson and his Lakers will be waiting to send LeBron and his ego maniacs back to Miami with their tails between their legs.

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Volume 16, Issue 1  

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