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犺 Emptiness

Andy Warhol said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.� And we designers, in my opinion, are making plans for the changes. The main responsibility of designers is to enrich our experiences and deepen our thoughts through design practices, and share to people who are in needs of them.

Almost every designer has a big ambition, however, I call myself ambitionless. I do not have a concrete ambition on my personal career, but there is a natural motivation that drives me to keep thinking and going as a designer. My personal experience of poverty in my early ages makes the motivation of making designs that are meaningful and helpful to improve living condition of people ow in my blood.

A Family Bike Design

2010. 09 - 2011.01

Product Design Background: the project is for Integral Design Project from TU Delft. 5 students from different specialisations worked on the project with concerns of market, user and production. As an Integrated Product Design student, I took charge of concept and embodiment design. K2Go is a new step bicycle especially designed for families with children living in busy cities. The product was developed for the company Van Raam. The project aims to create a new market for the company, who is currently dependent on the Dutch market and on government subsidies. The bicycle can carry two children weighing a maximum of 18 kg (upto 6 years) and offers the flexibility to carry a baby carrier, shopping bags and attaching an additional child seat.

Flexible to use

Compare to bakfiets

Design Presentation

Redesign of an Autism Experience Tent

2010. 02 - 2010.07 Client: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme Group work with: Hengfeng Chi, Mey Deng, Jiebo Qiu, Gerjan van Geest Task: to redesign the autism experience tent that is currently used. Background: the assignment is for course Project Advanced Products, which has a focus on embodiment design phase.

Design Improvements Compare to the existing tent, the new prototype has achieved some improvements: A big curved screen: to produce a surrounding image. A light proof cover: to insulate distractions and light from outside. A wide angel projector: to project directly on the screen, instead of using a mirror as an inter media. A tripod system frame: to enhance the compactness for easy transportation. 5.1 surrounding sound system: to increase better hearing experience with surrounding sound.

Final Design Presentation



Mom’s Notebook

2009. 09 - 2009.12

Product Design Group user research & individual design Task: to design a new concept for the topic of wastemanagement in China from Philips. Background: the assignment is for course Project Domestic Appliance which has a focus on concept design phase. It’s a device help people manage daily cost of money, water, electricity; record the story of life and keep the meaningful moments in life. Two parts: a handset device & a water and an electricity meters data collector A metaphorof a notebook with real notes inside Condition lights to show the working conditions A name tip on the back of the handset device Connection cable: to charge and synchronize data One main button: to navigate and control A voice recorder: to make voice notes any where at any time

Sketch - Mock Up - Rendering

Nature Won Chair

2009. 09 - 2009.12

Product design Bong Design: started by three Dutch students from De Haagse Hogeschool. I joined the team in 2009. All the team members are students currently, and we only work on Bong projects during weekends. The Project is about designing a chair for relaxation started and led by Pieter van Weerdhuizen in our team. The prototype was shown at an art exhibition in Alphen a/d Rijn in September 2010.

Bio Dent Toothbrush

2010. 09 - 2010.10

bio dent TM

long life teeth, ling life brush...

Brought to you by Bong Design

Design Practice Bong Design: started by three Dutch students from De Haagse Hogeschool. I joined the team in 2009. All the team members are students currently, and we only work on Bong projects during weekends. The Idea is from a quick brainstorming of Bong members. Every Bong Day, we do a brainstorming to come up with some new ideas to design.

Bio Dent is a sustainable toothbrush design. Normally every one to three months, we need to change a toothbrush for hygiene. However, with normal toothbrush, the whole part will be tossed, which causes a big material waste. With Bio Dent, the only part need to be switched is the head part, which is made of PLA ( a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from lactic acid) by injection molding. The handle part is made of aluminium, which can be used for a longer period of time. And it’s easy to be recycled and re used. With PLA, good aethetics with gloss , clarity and multiple corlors can be achieved. The design is also in an elegant smooth curve that will definitely be appealing to the customers.

Qiushi Design Society

the Social Networking Service website

Qiushi Design Society is a non-profit platform for Chinese designers to communicate founded by me with three other friends.The platform includes a Social Networking Service website, an official blog and a micro blog in China. The organization has more than 110,000 followers on Weibo (the most popular microblog in China).

Micro Blog (117,000 + followers)

Official Blog (contents from young designers)

Design Book Library

Music Sensor Electric Piano 2009. 01 - 2009.07 Bachelor Graduation Project Main Design Feature: new interaction with Infrared sensors Music is communicated by sensation instead of reasoning. It can be felt naturally by people and make our life better. Most of the people like music but they are kept away from it just because of the complicated music theory and instruments playing skills. This product named Music Sensor changed the way we understand music and play the piano. It encourages people to touch and feel the music from deep inside. This can inspire the creation of people a lot and let the users get fun from the interaction experience. The shape design combines with traditional oriental elements and simple modern style to make it look elegant and special.

Colorful Cups

2009. 03 - 2009.04

Animation Design Practice Video: Design Description: It is a design of a series of cups for parties. It is very easy for different users to recognize their own cups. People can use them to keep different drinks in the party: whisky, wine, soft drinks, teas, water, etc. When doing a toast, by touching with each other, the cups will make di different sounds (keys), which makes a dramatic effect to delight people with more fun in the party Design Inspiration: Bamboo joints

Scenes of the Animation

Rendered: in Vray for 3ds Max Edited: in Adobe After Effects

Food Canister

2008. 10 - 2008.11

Product Design Backbround: the project is for the exchange program in The Hague University during my bachelor education.. 3 other Dutch students were in the same group. The assignment we got from the company Brabantia was to design a range of products for preserving food with an easy opening (one hand open) feature. The Design: 4 ideas were developed during the brainstorming session: squeezing, pressing, clicking and using the gravity (see sketches). All the ideas were evaluated with functional working mock ups. Eventually the squeezing idea was selected for futher development due to the easy and simple product interaction.

Design Sketches & Mock-ups

Poster & Cover Mouse Poetry Society is a student organization for publishing Chinese and English Poetry magazines. As the main graphic editer of mouse poetry society, I did some graphic designs including the covers, posters and illustrations, etc.

Logo Design These logos are some of my freelance works. Using a tiny logo composed of limited graphics and texts to represent corporate identities is never easy. I follow my design process and methodology to design every tiny logo.


Portfolio of Student Projects  

Projects before 2011

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