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Green Coffee Beans Dr Oz

Does Green Coffee Extract Work?

What Does Dr Oz Say About Green Coffee Beans?

The hugely popular Dr Oz Show featured green coffee supplements as a diet aid a record breaking 3 times in 2012. Once in May, again on Sep 10th, and then repeated the Sep 10th show again on Dec 27th. It would seem that green coffee beans is a very big subject, don’t you think?

Dr Oz Performs His Own Study After the May episode, green coffee weight loss product sales really took off. Thousands of people found success with it as a diet aid, prompting Dr Oz to investigate it further. On September 10th, Dr Oz aired a groundbreaking show, revealing the study he and his team had done and the results. This was the largest study that had ever been carried out for the show. The results prove just how effective green coffee extract is for weight loss.

The Study Results After revealing which half of the audience had received the placebo, and which half had been taking the green coffee extract, it was time to present the results. The results were clear:

Those taking the green coffee supplements lost TWICE as much weight as those that didn’t...pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Beware The Copy Cats! Now that green coffee supplements are so popular, there are many companies putting out a product that is inferior. These products are full of fillers and don’t work as well as pure coffee bean extract. They might be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. This is where I get mine: Organic Green Coffee

Is Green Coffee Right For You? “There are no indications that green coffee beans has any harmful side effects” ~ Dr Oz “Green coffee bean extract has very little caffeine, much less than is in coffee” ~ Dr Oz “Not all green coffee is created equal” ~ Dr Oz

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Green Coffee Beans Dr Oz Show  

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