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June 2, 2014 – revised at 3:30 p.m.

by Debbie Wolfe, USFSP Professor of Practice

Mid-term progress checklist for Multimedia Publishing, summer session A Focus: WordPress blog creation as a subdirectory of a custom URL hosted by GoDaddy using the Thesis premium theme, version 1.8.5 Point worth is 200 out of 1,000 or 20 percent of your semester grade. Deadline: This completed task list is due by 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Send an e-mail to: when you are ready for me to grade your mid-term progress checklist. Please leave your class blog running the Thesis theme through Monday, June 9 to 6 p.m. so I have time to check your work. When I am done grading your checklist, I will send you a private confirmation e-mail along with your score. If you make the June 7 deadline and IF you have missed points for any reason, you will have until Wednesday, June 11 at noon EDT to make up your work. Only a few of the items on the following list of 25 tasks/goals are new and I have highlighted them in yellow. These will be covered during class on Monday, June 2. The remaining items have already been covered in class or have been assigned as homework. Each item is worth 8 points. No partial credit will be awarded.

Item #

Specific Location: Description


POST: one unique post containing a still photo, position right


POST: one unique post containing a still photo, position center


POST: one unique post containing a still photo, position left


POST: a two-deck headline that splits at a specific point you determine by using a special piece of HTML code; use the following headline and split it as shown: This headline is two decks


POST: one video file in a blog post using the iFrame HTML code I provided in an e-mail; the video should appear in the post with the proper width and height – Note: you may need to adjust one or more measurements in the HTML code based on your blog column's size


WIDGET: one video in a widget that opens in a new Web browser window using the following HTML code where the video and image sources match your own; the video should appear in the widget with the proper width and height: <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="1" img src="" alt="Ritter Wedding" width="300" height="200">Ritter Wedding through the lens of a GoPro camera</a>

Note: The following HTML code placed inside the “a href” statement, as shown, opens the referenced content inside a new Web browser window: target=“_blank”

Item #(s)

Specific Location: Description


BLOG: a 3-column layout showing your blog column along with two sidebar columns each of which displays various widgets as assigned and based on your creativity


BLOG: six videos in a Cincopa* jukebox (i.e. gallery or carousel) placed into the Thesis multimedia box location with the proper width and height


WIDGET: a WordPress search box


WIDGET: a “content by category” word cloud; this will require you to create, then assign categories to your blog posts


WIDGET: recent posts list (show at least three)


POSTS: have at least six posts at least four of which should be in teaser (i.e. digest) mode


POSTS: at least four of your posts must NOT show any comment-related visuals at the bottom


WIDGET: a blog roll for each member of the class showing names in bold and active links to individual blogs in normal (non bold)


BLOG: a custom header image that spans all three columns


BLOG: a custom favicon


POST: one blog post must show a “jump” (i.e. continued) link


BLOG: a navigation bar containing a minimum of the following five pages: a. HOME: link URL (the root of your website) b. BLOG: link URL (the root of your blog); Note: “BLOG” can be the actual name of your blog, if you have one c. ABOUT ME: static blog page URL d. CONTACT: static blog page “form” plug-in URL e. NEWS: static blog page “category” URL; Note: “NEWS” can be any one of your categories


BLOG: an Issuu* .pdf file you created displayed in the following Thesis hook using the “<div … </script>” code snippet from Issuu: thesis_hook_after_multimedia_box


WIDGET: a static graphic you create in a widget with a link to your blog's category page

* requires the creation of a free account

Item #(s)

Specific Location: Description


WIDGET: a static graphic in a widget with a link to your website's root URL (Learning note: In the real world, this link could also be to an advertiser's website.)


POST or WIDGET (your choice): a graphic with a link that points to a .pdf file that you uploaded to your blog's media library (you can use the same .pdf file you created for # 19, but the link must point to your blog's media library rather than Issuu)


BLOG: a Wow!** slider example you have created with at least three panels located in the following Thesis hook***: thesis_hook_before_html Note 1: On the Wow! Website (i.e., see the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quick Helpâ&#x20AC;? navigation link for free video tutorials on how to create a Wow! Slider. Note 2: You will need to install and activate the Wow! slider WordPress plug in.


BLOG and POST: create a free Google analytics account and install the code in the Thesis theme; then take a screen shot image of where you have installed your code and include this image in a post dated June 2, 2014 or after


POST: write a blog post that links to and details one or more free WordPress multimedia jukebox choice(es) you have found

** requires you to download the free demo *** see the Thesis hook map (i.e. a .jpg file) I sent to you via e-mail

Mid-term checklist, revised  
Mid-term checklist, revised  

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