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Energy Balance and Body Weight Regulation



We count them, we curse them—but what role do calories

Chapter Outline

actually play in energy balance and body weight regulation? Why is it that some people find the more they diet, the harder

Everybody Has a Story: The Decision to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

it is to lose weight? And, while most people struggle to lose

What Is Energy Balance?

weight, there are those who actually find it difficult to gain

What Determines Energy Intake?

weight. If you have ever pondered these issues, you are not alone. In this chapter, you will examine the relationship between energy intake and energy expenditure—how the

Focus on Clinical Applications: Bariatric Surgery Focus on Food: Food Cravings

What Determines Energy Expenditure?

foods you eat and the activities you engage in affect body

How Are Body Weight and Body Composition Assessed?

weight and body composition. In addition, you will also learn

How Does Lifestyle Contribute to Obesity?

how body weight is regulated, about the growing prevalence of

Can Genetics Influence Body Weight?

obesity in the United States, and various approaches to weight loss and weight maintenance.

How Does the Body Regulate Energy Balance and Body Weight? What Are the Best Approaches to Weight Loss? Food Matters: Working Toward the Goal: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight by Balancing Caloric Intake with Energy Expenditure Focus on Food: Eating More and Weighing Less

Nutrition Matters: Disordered Eating

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