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Issue 4


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Ypod Christmas Party! “awards were given out to celebrate

The Ypod’s BIG Christmas event took place on Thursday 16 th December for young people aged 13+ across the local area.

the motivation and commitment shown by young

Chris Townsley kicked off the evening with a unique version of a Gorillaz track, followed by the mellow sounds of acoustic singer Mel, who‟s poetic lyrics had the crowd swaying. Headlining at the event was Desperate Measures, a group who have been producing music for some time and who‟s skills on the mike, both MC-ing and singer/song writing, have grown whilst being involved with Thursday night music production at the Ypod.


Thursday nights are designed for any young people who want to try out producing music or who have some skill already and want to take it to the next level. Alongside it being a great night out with friends, an opportunity to find a space for socialising, playing pool and break dancing, awards were given out to celebrate the motivation and commitment shown by young people over the last year. Certificates were presented to many young people who have been involved in various programmes and events at the Ypod, including those who had taken part in Ypod Plus, an alternative education programme for young people of secondary school age.

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“All dropin events at the Ypod are free and take place every week night at the Ypod” Desperate Measures were show-casing their talents at the Christmas party after spending many a Thursday night at the Ypod rehearsing. Thursday nights are designed for any young people who want to try out producing music or who have some skill already and want to take it to the next level. Thursday night drop-in begins at 5.30pm, with music starting in the recording studio at 6.30pm until 9pm.

Thursday Night - Producing Music at the Ypod: 5.30pm – 9pm

Ypod Drop-in events every week night and Saturday’s: All drop-in events at the Ypod are free and take place every week night at the Ypod centre (except Monday‟s which is held in Barnsbury), with an afternoon session every Saturday. The Ypod offers free Internet café, recording studio, pool table, table tennis, air hockey, advice & guidance, TV & radio, band practice, study & revision, skills tuition and lots more!!!!

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passion for graffiti and love for fashion will


really make an impact on our centre “

The Woking Ypod is pleased to announce its partnership with Mark Bajade, known as “Mister Batlow”, a well known graffiti artist from London. Mark will be completely repainting the interior design of the Woking Ypod and helping to teach an all new Graffiti workshop commencing in January 2011!

The workshop will be OCN accredited and is open to all young people who are aspiring graffiti artists and want to better there techniques and designs, and hear how Mark Bajade made a name for himself in the city of London.

Mark, well known to the London fashion industry has over

the last seven years grown a large client base in the capital being commissioned by such brand names as Levis Strauss, Louis Vutton, Nokia, Nike, DKNY and The Princes Trust to paint murals on outdoor walls, interiors of designer shops on trendy Carnaby Street, graffiti customised jeans and graffiti superbrand handbags! Mark also successfully launched his own o n l i n e s t o r e where he sells t-shirts and sweat shirts. Big name celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Vanilla Ice, Mariah Carey and even Kanye West have all been spotted wearing his gear!

Mark is thrilled to be on board having worked with young people before, “I am very excited about getting started. The Ypod has some interesting spaces, so we are going to get some brilliant results. Having worked with young people before I know that the Graffiti workshop programme the Ypod will put together will create a new generation of artists.”

“We are pleased to have an artist of this calibre on board at the Ypod. It is great news for Woking‟s young people. His portfolio really demonstrates his ability and we believe it will help the Ypod look even more relevant for the 2011” said Terry Eckersley CEO of Woking Ypod.

“Mark‟s passion for graffiti and love for fashion will really make an impact on our centre because it‟s another step to give the young people a sense of ownership at the Woking Ypod so that they can contribute and thrive. The Graffiti workshop will be our best yet! Book your places now!” said Josh Richheimer a youth worker at the Ypod.

For further please visit:


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Image http:// m

WORLD CLASS PRODUCER AND SONG WRITER MARK HILL, (THE ORIGINAL ARTFUL DODGER) TO DO MUSIC PRODUCTION COURSE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AT WOKING YPOD JANUARY 2011! The Woking YPOD is proud to announce that Mark Hill, originally known as the Artful Dodger, songwriter and producer of It’s all about the Stragglers, co-writer and producer of Craig David‟s Born to Do It (MTV ranked no.2 album of all time) and Slicker than your average, 4 time Ivor Novello award winner, responsible for over twenty UK top 20 hits including Rewind, Woman Trouble and Moving too fast and over 20 million sales worldwide, will be spear heading a brand new Music Production course available to young people aged 13-19. “It is an incredible honour to partner with Mark Hill in 2011. Mark‟s profile and record of achievement in the music industry is remarkable. We are talking about a guy who made the genre GARAGE and is still today incredibly current working with artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae, DaVinci and grime MC Scorcher. Mark is not only someone I admire greatly but a personal friend, I have no doubt that this is the beginnings of a great partnership”, said Terry Eckersley Woking YPOD CEO. “I have always had a lot of respect for Terry and the Ypod team, it‟s great to be working with them. This course is going to teach the next generation the tips and tricks they need to know to be a success”, said Mark Hill, the original Artful Dodger.

“Over the last month Mark Hill has been working closely with the Woking YPOD to devise an OCN accredited beginners and advanced course designed to teach young people sequencing, live recording, arrangement and mixing. It‟s an incredible opportunity for young budding MC‟s, singers, producers and songwriters to learn from the best! Places are limited, so sign up fast!” said John Lennie Woking YPOD recording studio manager. The Music Production launch party (open to the public) will be held on Thursday 20 th January 2010 from 5pm-7pm, where Mark will be demonstrating how to develop beats & vocals, and taking a Q&A on his career and today‟s changing music industry. The Music Production course for young people will start 3rd February and will run every Thursday 5-7pm for eight weeks. As well as partnering with the Woking YPOD, Mark is currently working on his next album. The Woking YPOD will also be running a Graffiti Workshop and a Street Dance course from January 2011. For further information, please visit


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“I love the New Year, it’s full of possibilities and nothing feels impossible”

New Beginnings Happy New Year! At the Woking YPOD we are gearing up for new things, our facility looks new with its bright white paint and incredible graffiti art painted by the awesomely talented Mister Batlow; we have brand new YBINVOLVED Arts courses for our young people; there will be a new street dance course, graffiti art course and who can forget - the Original Artful Dodger, Mr Mark Hill will be leading our Music Production course! It‟s new things for a NEW YEAR! I love the New Year, it‟s full of possibilities and nothing feels impossible. This New Year, just before midnight, I clambered up Richmond Hill to watch the fireworks in central London. Even though I was over 10 miles away I could see the London Eye lit up and the fireworks painting the sky many colours. It was spectacular. Standing there I had a thought. Just like I could see the London fireworks from far far away, through God‟s promises it is possible to see the fireworks of blessings and goodness God has in store for our lives. „Bless the Lord, who crowns your life with LOVINGKINDNESS and TENDER MERCIES, who satisfies you with GOOD THINGS‟ (Ps103:1,4). In 2011 God has explosions of goodness for your life! How do I know that God has good things in store for you? Because it‟s in the Bible... God‟s word is God speaking. That‟s how I know it! Listen to this; God has been into your future and has every intention for it to be BLESSED. When you believe Him you inherit the blessing, read what God said to Abraham, “I will bless you and you shall be a blessing” (Gen12:2), that‟s a Bible fact. God wants you blessed. Blessed means “prospering, increasing, full, needs met, overflow, abundance”. God wants you blessed in your relationships, blessed in your studies, blessed in your work place, blessed in your home (Eph1:3).

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“I don’t want to sing about old times, I want to sing about new times! “

You know there is something about a person who knows they are blessed: they get blessed. They believe they are favoured and so they are. They believe they are going to be successful and so they are! Call it “law of attraction” or what you want, I call it BIBLE. Another thing happened on Richmond Hill. Everyone started singing „Auld Lang Syne‟ after the clock struck midnight. Do you know what „Auld Lang Syne‟ means? It means “long long ago, days gone by” or “old times”. What a funny song to sing when it‟s the New Year! It‟s a nice tune, but I don‟t want to sing about old times, I want to sing about new times! In the Bible, in the book of revelations God says “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev21:5). He is the God of new things and new beginnings! In 2011 He wants to give everyone of us a new beginning. A new beginning could mean freedom from your past. A new beginning could mean throwing off the baggage from a broken relationship. A new beginning could be forgetting past disappointments and pressing forward for today's victories. Whatever your new beginning is, it means NEW TIMES not old times! New successes! New relationships! New friends! New work! New grades! New places! New opportunities! Like the psalmist said, “I have been anointed with FRESH oil” (Psalm 92.10). There is new power for a new day! “That we should serve in the NEWNESS of the Spirit” (Rom7:6). Wherever Jesus went He gave people new beginnings. Have a look for yourself. One time this lady was about to be stoned by the religious leaders, but Jesus stepped in and gave her a fresh start. He wiped the slate, forgiving her of everything bad thing she had ever done and gave her a guilt free future (John8:2-11). How cool is Jesus! He saved a woman from certain death! You might be grimacing over your future, this lady certainly was. But WHEN JESUS STEPS IN HE SAVES THE DAY AND GIVES YOU A BRAND NEW BEGINNING! In the New Year as individuals and as an organisation let‟s expect explosions of goodness in our lives. He is the God of new beginnings. He can get you that job you are believing for, He can fulfil the dreams of your heart. He has lit the firework of blessing and it‟s about to paint your life with possibility and opportunity! Do you believe it? In 2011 God is ready to make all things new in your life when you trust in Him. from the Chaplain‟s pen, JLRichheimer Image by Mister Batlow

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Introducing The YPOD’s YB Involved Detached Team.....

“detached work, in our eyes, is an essential part of youth work”

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you, from us the YPOD‟s YB Involved detached team, aka Cynthia Sarangabani and Chris Brassil. As fairly new additions to the YPOD team both of us bring to our roles quite a bit of experience in Youth Work, ranging from working with young people in developing countries to working at the heart of our local communities for local youth projects and faith based youth initiatives. For both of us, sitting down to discuss and write this article has proven to be a rather reflective exercise. It has made us think back on our experiences of detached youth work and has resulted in us both agreeing that detached work, in our eyes, is an essential part of youth work. So what exactly is it about detached youth work that we feel is so important? Well, take for example YB Involved. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and offers young people the opportunity to participate in activities that enable them to work towards

achieving their own personal development as well as accredited qualifications. The key aim of YB Involved is essentially to meet a number of the needs of young people living in some of the most deprived areas in Woking and overall to tackle the social exclusion and isolation felt by these young people. So where do we, the YB Involved detached team come into it? I would define what we do as „mobile youth work, based on equal interaction‟. As the YB Involved detached team we aim to build positive equal relationships with young people on their own terms and on their own territory so that through our interactions with them we can better identify their educational and development needs, inform and encourage them of the opportunities available to them through projects such as YB Involved and through The YPOD. Our detached sessions so far have been great as we have not had an unsuccessful session yet; having talked to a significant number of young people during each of them and we are really looking forward to what 2011 has to offer the YPOD‟s YB Involved detached team. Words Cynthua Sarangabani


January's edition of Newspod.

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