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Biography (Pronounced "Whoa - G") This dynamic deliverance of erhu, banjo, mandolin, guitar, didgeridoo, African drums, rubbish bins, etc. have hints of ethnic folk, bluegrass, and rock; originally organic, rootsy and rhythmic, an authentically ethnic sound Setting a new tone with roots, the multi-instrumentalist, Woje uses a blend of sound from the world’s cupboard to concoct the tasty styling’s the listeners appetite is whetted through the dynamic deliverance of instruments like the erhu, didgeridoo, guitar, banjo, mandolin, African drums, trash cans, pot plants, rubbish bins/ lids, etc. Combining melodies of ethnic roots, bluegrass, and rock. Originally organic, rootsy and rhythmic, Woje is an authentically ethnic sound. With the artist’s love for music, he has pursued to inspire people through their enticing melodies and lyrics, energetic songs, and eclectic performance that everyone can have hope and can make a difference. Fueled with passion and led by conviction and fever singer songwriter David Woje has a love for music and the itches music can scratch; allowing itself to go where nothing or no one else has been allowed to go. He has been writing, creating, producing, and performing in the United States and Australia since 2003. In 2008, he toured around Australia raising awareness of social issues, and rubbing shoulders with other musicians with the same passion for music and life. In the beginning of 2009, the project, dubbed “Woje”, was formed.

Travels have been fueled by bringing hope and life through music, bringing them to the South Pacific Islands, South East Asia, up the East coast of Australia and to the Outback. Performing as solo, duo, trio, or 4 piece, the band has shared the stage with artists such as Steve Grace, Holland, Two Steps From Home, Kate Martin, The Short List, The Medics, Five Star Streets, Wonderland, Saving Sparrow, Red Ruth, Dave Saxby and more. 2010-2012 Woje Toured 3 separate times up and down the coast of Australia raising awareness of social injustices in surrounding countries; finding themselves at Easterfest, Marti Grass, other festivals and dotting themselves along the coast in various pubs, cafes, and outside on the streets in the rain to share their music with others.They also got awarded “Best Band To Make Music Without Any Musical Instruments.” 2012 Woje relocated to the United States to continue his musical carrier, along with working and collaborating a new Album coming in 2013. People who enjoy Woje also have been known to listen to: Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Johnny Cash, John Butler, Tom Waits, Ben Harper, Iron & Wine, Xavier Rudd, and many others, seemingly to marry all of them together. Woje fervently uses their music to share hope and life, as well as providing opportunity and hope to the listener to then share their hope and life to those who need it.

Purpose We believe that music has the ability to go where no one or nothing else can go; the potential to convey emotions, thoughts, interpretations, like nothing else to change the world around us. We hope to inspire a hope, striving for perfection but not looking to be the best, and advocate for cause enabling anyone to make a difference. Woje makes an opportunity for those who listen to make a difference by profits from CD sales, Merchandise and Door prices going to help a children's home in Cambodia that houses and cares for at-risk and trafficked girls the ages of 4-16 from the modern day sex slave trade.

Venue Ryder Full PA System 2 Monitor Wedges Mixing Console 2x SM58 2x SM57 2x Boom Mic Stand 2x Low Profile Mic Stand 2x DI Boxs Power Source w/ power board Sound/ Lighting Technician: We will have our own technician to oversee lights sound and media, but to have a venue representative to assist would be beneficial.

Booking Information Email: Web: Phone: 719-373-4656 719-373-3437 Mailing Address: 5430 Chambrey Ct. Colorado Springs CO. 80919 4561 Pierce Ln. Trinity, NC 27370

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