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Highschool nr 4, Bielsko - Biala, Poland Humanistic profile, 2006 – 2009 University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, United Kingdom Product Design, 2013 – 2014 Academy for the Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland Product Design, 2011 – 2015

V4 Design Studio, Katowice, Poland, 2013 STI Line, Gillingham, United Kingdom, 2014 Z.P.H. PILCH, Ustroń, Poland, 2014 Mid Ocean Brands, Chorzów, Poland, 2015 SOKKA, Gliwice, Poland, 2016 Corel Draw basic knowledge

Rhinoceros very good knowledge

Adobe InDesign very good knowledge

Solidworks good knowledge

Adobe Illustarator very good knowledge

Sculptris basic knowledge

Adobe Photoshop very good knowledge

V–Ray very good knowledge

English very good knowledge (CAE certificate) German basic knowledge

Jindřich Halabala Award , Slovakia, 2013 Vienna Design Week 2014, Austria, 2014 Arena Design 2015, Poland, 2015 Museum Night in Katowice, Poland, 2015 Art Noble, Poland, 2015 Silesia Bazaar, Poland, 2015 Projekt Arting, Poland, 2015 Graduation Projects, Poland, 2016 Graduation Project Tallin, Estonia, 2016 Dutch Design Week, Netherlands, 2016

ERASMUS scholar, 2013/14 UCA, Rochster, Wielka Brytania ‚,Designers good week”, Dobrodzien, 2014 Co-operation with HALUPCZOK Participation in re-design of the Silesian porcelain, 2015 Co-operation with Giesche

+(48) 500 537 315

Graduation project of downhill mountain scooter. Its innovation lies in the use of bent beech plywood as the main construction material of the frame. This significantly improves absorption of shocks and comfort of the user, which in the case of this type of vehicle is usually a young tourist. In addition, also it obtained an interesting visual effect. The vehicle will use on mountain bike routes and hiking trails with little incline.

Metal head

The two combined operating plywood used as a natural shock absorber. Foot stopper

Wide tires 16’’

Hydraulic disc brake 180 mm

Wooden chest designed for the kitchen/dining room area, developed in Scandinavian style. SKOV provides a place to store tablecloth, dishes, large pots and tableware, while providing guests with a place to sit on a comfortable cushion during a meeting or preparing a meal. Designed during the third edition of the designworkshop in Dobrodzien, Poland. Authors: Wojciech Biegus, Radosław Janowski Cooperation: Furniture HALUPCZOK

Bike stand designed urban spaces designed for increased resistance to acts of vandalism and harsh weather conditions.

Wooden souvenir designed to celebrate the 500 - anniversary of the Evangelical Reform. Its goal is to educate students - each “petal� is imprinted with the content of the pillars of lutheran faith translated in polish.

Small puzzles for children made of plywood. Five independent elements creates a highly geometric shape of jumping reindeer. The pieces are big enough to make it impossiblr for the little children to swallow and choke on. The toy itself is fully biodegradable, made out of natural materials.

A wooden toy, thanks to which children can empirically learn principles of physics. By pushing the reindeer down the ski jump, they need to observe and learn to make it land on its skis. Complementing shapes and natural material used in production make it eco friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Student project of new decal for classic tea cup design. Co-designed with Silesian porcelain. Printing presents a visual the sounds recorded during long night walks through the streets and squares of Katowice.

Set of Silesian glasses dedicated for craft beer. Inspiration for the Angry Wife is a traditional traditional Silesian women - strong, beautifull, with character. Authors: Wojciech Biegus, Bartholomew Lenard

+(48) 500 537 315

Wojciech Biegus Portfolio ENG 2017  
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