WO’GOA something is always brewing… January 2016 Issue

Page 97


Pía León and Virgilio Martinez are the masterminds behind the illustrious Lima’s Central Restaurante of having established a style of contemporary cuisine that focuses on the resources of Peru. Central celebrates the biodiversity of Peru, fresh produce and an inexhaustible curiosity to discover and integrate new ingredients into the Central’s menu. Virgilio chooses to approach the diversity of Peruvian ingredients in a manner similar to that used by the peoples of the Andes in pre-Hispanic times, through vertical ecological monitoring, understanding the geography, where the land is perceived not as a horizontal plane but rather vertically, so that it takes advantage of all that the flora and fauna are

able to deliver according to the particularities of each ecological system. Passionate about traveling and investigating ingredients that can bring undocumented and yet even more wealth to the local cuisine. Pioneering the Peruvian cuisine movement, Pia represents Mater Iniciativa and the culinary team of Central, she leads the area of research and concept development in Lima, London, which was awarded its first Michelin Star in 2013 after being open for only one year; and Senzo -Cusco, Peru, where her intensive research unveils the source of unique Andean products. Central is ranked Number 4 of San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World and Number 1 of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. WO’GOA January 2016 -