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He then moved to a small tavern with 20 seats in the Chianti area. This was his first experience as the only chef in a kitchen, a small menu, attention to detail, local sourced ingredients and everything made from scratch was the key to success. During the 3 years his skills grew, and his style gradually became one which makes Luca unique - a combination of tradition and innovation. He then went on to get a year’s experience in the US and then returned back in 2012 to work as an Executive Chef in a boutique hotel in Chianti. This is where he had the chance to show his cuisine and his style both in the menus and in cooking class and cooking shows promoted by the restaurant.

His passion for cooking and photography… “I believe that every chef loves to immortalize his works with photography, the progresses or to capture a dish that needs to be remembered. The love of beauty and perfection in the kitchen brought me from the pots to the lens of the camera. I found my way over the years by studying, working, and trying repeatedly. I learned from my mistakes to become every day better at was I was doing. Progress and positive results have constantly motivated me to continue working. I started my career as a chef using complex ingredients and several combinations of flavors. Today, looking back to 10-15 years ago, as a chef I’m very different. I now use no more than 3-4 ingredients for a perfect combination of taste, flavors and presentation. As a photographer, minimal and clean looking for a pristine and refined composition” says Luca.

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