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MARGOT JANSE Better than Johnny Clegg, even sharper than J.M. Cotzee, Maggie is the Chris McGregor (19361990) of the stove. In the wake of the South-African pianist of The Brotherhood of Breath, Janse-San is a World Citizen, bridging the gap between cultures, questioning her place in a white male colonized world. By the way, in case memory fails: keep in mind that, in truly unsuspected times, she was the very first chick to break through the überchauvinistic 50 Best. Respect!


CHIHO KANZAKI Never fuck up with Chiho, as the old saying goes. U have already seen her up there in Menton, kicking the ass of her previous boss, Mauro Colagreco. Like Sun, the Wachowski sisters’ avengeress star of Sense8, she never misses a hit. Her strokes are clean cut, as precise and merciless as her ways to cut free from whatever might tie her up, whether it is her Jap roots or (nobody’s a fool) the new bistro French serendipity. The cult manga-cheffe for sure. PHOTO © LISA EDI

WG September 2017 -


WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue  
WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue