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MAGNUS NILSSON Whatever it takes, whatever works. The Northern Viking (haven’t we seen him in Game of Thrones?) reigns over his Jämtland kingdom. He picks and nurtures whatever he likes, he hunts and sublimates whatever comes his way. Top chef for sure, but also a multitask force: fluent writer, notorious photographer, inspired painter and skilled aquarellist and, believe it or not, future Grand Piano concertista. Renaissance Kid, indeed!


KONSTANTIN FILIPPOU This bearded long haired dude is a Man with a Vision. Should he dig deeper into his Greek unconscious he might bring finally to Vienna what Freud once promised to America: the plague of psychoanalysis. A cuisine of here and there where the repressed takes over. Look, look: Konstantin is already sweating, somatizing what’s coming through his lips… One day he might even start speaking in tongues.

WG September 2017 -


WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue  
WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue