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Who will ever erase from the hard disk of memory David Chang and Lukas Mraz cooking together by the river bridge with Hong Kong girl May Chow along with Canadian Sputnik Colombe Saint-Pierre from Le Bic. Check and double check Colombe disguised under a platinum blond wig “à la Guillaume Dustan”, gay writer and sex theorist/activist (1) with all her clothes (shirts, skirts, Barbie bodies) hanging on the branches of the tress like in a refugee camp….. It was, let’s not be afraid to state it once again, the most political outrageous outburst of polyamourous culinary joy we have ever witnessed since we stopped one day to wear “nut huggers”. Beyond Food and Evil, past the boundaries there is no limits. That’s where GELINAZ! wants to go, that’s where we want to bring you again next time. And share together with all of us the glimpse of a possible utopia popping up here and there but for real. And for keeps. We deeply believe that other worlds, other ways of living are possible. And yep!, we are not talking just about food. Not in least(est)!!!!!!!! THE GELINAZESSSS! 1) Guillaume Dustan, 1965-2005 PHOTO © TOM MESIC

WG September 2017 -


WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue  
WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue