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“One of our biggest influences is that we try to have as less influences as possible. Of course we see in which direction the contemporary cuisine is going, but still it is about yourself knowing what you want to do and where it goes” says Philip. GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria is a culinary performance by chefs, where dishes will be deconstructed, dismantled and reinterpreted to make it their own creation… “It is about team work and about different ideas coming together on the plate. But what I already experienced by contributing at Gelinaz. It´s more about creating imbalanced-balanced dishes. The result can also be an unfinished WORK IN PROGESS dish which leaves enough room for the next version. Expect the unexpected.”

WG September 2017 -


WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue  
WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue