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KARIME LOPEZ The power of love! She was part of the Central restaurant Holy Trinity, on the left of Virgilio Martinez and on the right of his wife and kitchen master of control Pia Leone. But that was before Mexican born Karime met in NY, at a secret GELINAZ! performance in 2014 at Wylie Dufresne’s, her future husband, Taka Kondo, Massimo Bottura’s Japanese alter ego. Like Magdalena, Karime left all she had for her new man. Now in Modena with him, she takes her time to double think what to do next, how to preach in her own term the Gospel of her Mex-Peruvian-Italo-Jap new world culture.

BO SONGVISAVA Bo + Dylan = Bo.Lan. Two bodies, one soul. Husband & wife run together one of the very best BGK spots – Thai cuisine at its highest level. But with a twist: a multicultural, stylished focus on the traditional family style. It feels like home, simplicity and fresh ideas, comfy and sharp, it feels so good humoured and Thai – it feels totally teen spirited – so so Bo.

WG September 2017 -


WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue  
WG - GELINAZ! Does Upper-Austria September 2017 issue