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January/February, 2010

“Come gather round people leadership. We must take the positive wherever you roam and actions they ask of us. admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone.” These lyrics from Bob Dylan’s song “For the Times They are a Changing” ring true for us in public education today. We face the changes brought to us by technology, family distress, societal ills, and, frankly, those who would like to see us fail. Sometimes the challenges in front of us seem as though they are predicting our doom. We might be tempted to act like Brewster in the newspaper comic strip “Brewster Rockit.” An alien predicted his untimely demise. To protect himself from his imminent doom, he covered himself in bubble wrap. What a great idea! Surround ourselves with protective material to survive any impact we might face. I have colleagues who admittedly prefer to hide in their classrooms believing that they are in control and are protected from the dangers outside their classroom doors. Unfortunately, hiding in our work sites will do for us what bubble wrap did for Brewster. Brewster suffocated from the bubble wrap. If we hide in our classrooms and other work sites, we will not be able to grow as professionals—which is about the same thing as professional death. Thank goodness for Brewster, time travel was able to bring him back to life. We will not be so lucky. We’ll have to find a better solution for facing our changing times.

I recommend the following: let’s work together with others to become informed and to take positive action. We must continue taking important steps working together. We are listening to our Education Association

In Bob Dylan’s words: “If your time to you is worth saving,
then you better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone, for the times they are a-changing.” Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me in the swim of our lifetimes. Yours in support of public education,

Dawn Wojcik WOEA President 

The following nominations are due by January 15, 2010.

WOEA Friend of Education Award

WOEA ESP of the Year Award For more information and to apply online, visit

The following scholarship applications are due by May 10, 2010.

OEA Summer Leadership Conference

NEA Representative Assembly

For more information and to apply online, visit NOTE: Online applications open February 1, 2010

What’s Inside WOEA Spring RA & NEA RA WOEA Leadership DLMAC WOEA FCPE STRS Candidate WOEA Workshops WOEA Scholarships February Calendar Collective Bargaining Workshop OEA Women’s Caucus Training

WOEA MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of this Association shall be to afford opportunities for its members to improve their professional knowledge, to foster sound education policies, and to promote the best interest of children.

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WOEA Spring RA April 14 - Troy High School The WOEA Spring Representative Assembly will be held at Troy High School on Wednesday, April 14. Registration begins at 4 p.m. and dinner is from 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. The Assembly will begin at 5:30 p.m. Credentials for the WOEA delegates, as certified at the WOEA Fall RA, will be mailed the end of March. Elections take place at the Spring RA’s for positions ending August 31, 2010. Deadline to submit a Declaration of Candidacy for a WOEA position is March 1. The Declaration of Candidacy must include the following information: Position (WOEA President, WOEA Area 2 Rep., for example), Name, Home Address, City, Zip, Home Phone Number, preferred email address, school position and Local Association. The Declaration of Candidacy must be signed and each candidate shall be in good standing and an active member of the U.E.P. (WOEA Constitution, Article VIII, Section 8.01).

Elections - WOEA Spring RA •

WOEA Secretary and WOEA Treasurer Term is 9-1-10 - 8-31-12 (2 year term)

WOEA Area Representative: Area 6 and Area 7 Term is 9-1-10 - 8-31-13 (3 year term)

Anyone interested in running for any of the WOEA positions should send (deadline is March 1, 2010) a letter or email of intent to: WOEA Recording Secretary, Ella Jordan Isaac % Kim Honeycutt, WOEA Office Manager, WOEA, 1100 Wayne Street, Suite 2522, Troy, OH 45373 or

OEA Unit 2 and Unit 4 Representatives Term is 9-1-10 - 8-31-13 (3 year term)

NOTE: Deadline for OEA positions is January 29, 2010 with a copy of the letter of intent to the WOEA office. Members can nominate themselves or another member by completing the OEA Statewide and Electoral Unit Board of Directors Declaration of Candidacy.

NEA RA Delegate Information includes ESP members) may apply to be on the ballot. OEA provides funding for state delegates to attend the NEA RA. Candidacy forms are sent to each local president in December and must be submitted by January 31, 2010. Delegates will gather July 1 through July 6 in New Orleans for the Association's 148th Annual Meeting and 89th Representative Assembly. Over 50 WOEA members usually participate as delegates to this important governing body. The process of selecting delegates has several steps. 1.

State Delegates are members elected in a ballot conducted in each electoral unit. All active members of OEA’s Division of Classroom Teachers (which


February. All local affiliates with 76 or more delegates are eligible to send delegates to the NEA RA. The filing deadline is April 10. 6.

Cluster Delegates are elected where locals with fewer than 76 members “cluster” together to elect delegates. The filing deadline is April 10.


NEA-Retired Delegates: deadline is February 15.


Category-2 Delegates are NEA active members who are administrators, supervisors, or retired NEA life members. The filing deadline is February 15.

In addition to the forms sent to local presidents, members interested in receiving a candidacy form may call OEA Manager of Governance Relations, at 800-282-1500.


Higher Education and Student NEA Delegates have a filing deadline of March 15.


Local Association Delegates are elected locally using directions and forms mailed to local president in

WOEA offers scholarship assistance to attend the NEA RA. For more information, visit the WOEA website,

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Resident Transition Program Update WOEA Educator Leadership in the State and Nation •

Joni Watson (Dayton Education Association) - is a NEA Women’s Caucus Trainer

David Young (Miamisburg Classroom Teachers Association) - Serves on OEA’s Representative Assembly Steering Committee

Phil Long (Celina Education Association) - Serves as the Vice-Chair on OEA’s Representative Assembly Steering Committee

Valerie Roldan (Trotwood-Madison Education Association) - Serves as the Chair of OEA’s Committee on Credentials

Nola Brooks (Xenia Classified Employees) and Ella Jordan Isaac (Trotwood-Madison Education Association) - Serve on OEA’s Convention Planning Committee

Bobby Strader (West Carrollton Classified E.A.), Jimmie Tipton (West Carrollton Classified E.A.) and Kay Welch (Retired—Troy) - serve on the OEA RA Ushers Committee

Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus (DLMAC) In support of the DLAMC, WOEA purchased two tables to this annual dinner. The featured speaker, the immediate past president of NEA, Reggie Weaver spoke eloquently about the challenges facing public education. Weaver’s words inspire leaders to support each other in times of trouble. Weaver now serves as the vice chair of Education International. Historian and author, Henry Robert Burke, spoke about his research about the Underground Railroad. He is known for his works The River Jordan and Washington County Underground Railroad. Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor and Ohio’s Treasurer Kevin Boyce both spoke at the dinner explaining their roles in supporting strong public education policy in Ohio. Attending the dinner with WOEA were Nola Brooks (Xenia Classified Employee Association), Selena Crace (Huber Heights Education Association), Arnetta Depp (Retired-

WOEA Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE) The WOEA MRP Committee led by Sophia Rodriguez has been leading the way in FCPE Fundraising in 2009-10. WOEA delegates to the WOEA and OEA RAs have generously donated to FCPE. Last year at the OEA RA, WOEA had contributed a total of $1852. This year delegates to these RAs moved up in the rankings of the district and gave a total of $2364 at the RA. Please follow the examples of these leaders by having an FCPE drive in your local. Funds raised for FCPE help OEA to support candidates who support public education.

Dayton) Wally Ellinger (Celina EA), Ann Ganson (Huber Heights EA), Geneva Hinton (Dayton EA and WOEA’s representative to DLAMC), Ella Jordan Isaac (Trotwood Madison EA), Joan Klein (Retired-Greenville), Katherine McCarthy (Huber Heights EA), Willetta Peavy (Dayton EA), Jahn Rahn (Retired-Brookville), Sophia Rodriguez (Coldwater Teachers Organization), Valerie Roldan (Trotwood Madison EA), Clarice Thomas (Xenia Classified Employees Association), Linda Thomas (Northmont District EA), Gail Turner (Retired-Trotwood Madison), Joni Watson (Dayton EA), Christine Wiseman (Dayton EA), and Dawn Wojcik (Northmont District EA). WOEA members attending the dinner on behalf of various OEA committees were Phil Long (OEA Unit I) Juanita Collein (OEA Unit II), David Young (OEA Unit III), Becky Whited (OEA Unit IV), Linda Fisher (OEA Legislative Committee).

After screening, OEA recommends STRS Candidate Mark Hill, Worthington teacher for one of two active member seats up for election on the STRS Board. Please support Mark as an OEA member who has participated in extensive training in retirement systems.

Gavel to Gavel


WOEA Workshops Licensure Workshop, Sponsored by WOEA’s Organizing Strategy Core Function Committee

WOEA Education Support Professionals Appreciation Reception, Sponsored by WOEA’s Local Development and Training Core Function Committee

On December 2, 2009, at the Fairfield Commons Panera Bread, Michele Winship of OEA’s Education Improvement and Innovation department, spoke to WOEA members about the changes in Ohio’s licensure for teaching. Winship’s information is essential for members to know and understand current law. Winship is willing to present this information to other groups from local associations to Uniserv Councils. If you are interested in having Winship present for your group, you may contact her at

In celebration of National ESP Day, WOEA invited ESPs to dinner and “True Colors” Training by Thomas Jowhar, OEA Labor Relations Consultant, on November 12, 2009 at the Fairborn Holiday Inn. In addition to a wonderful dinner ESPs attending learned about their personality types to better understand how to work well with others.

Members attending from Beavercreek E.A. were Charlie Kleemann and Kellie Moore; Dayton E.A. were Juanita Collein, Geneva Hinton (Chair), Teresa Leo, Pat Lynch, Janifer Trowles and Christine Wiseman; Dawn Wojick, Northmont District E.A.; and Valerie Roldan, Trotwood-Madison E.A.

In attendance were: Chaunta Bennett, Valerie Roldan, Rosemary Adkins, Rebecca Whited, Karen Penney, Cindy Davis, Gloria Dawson, Jane Rahn, Clarice Thomas, Janet Ross, Rose Alexander, Jodi Pitzer, Chris Zimmick, Joanne Johnson, Courtney Ratcliff, Deborah Ratcliff, Jo Ann Demland, Dawn Wojcik, Deborah Shellhaas, Merita Adams, Teresa Shively, Doris L. Moore, Phil A. Long, Ella Jordan Isaac, Nola Brooks, Scott Hamman, James Calloway, and Teresa Leo.

WOEA Scholarships Awarded NEA



WOEA awarded scholarships to the following members to attend the NEA Mid-Atlantic Conference in January:

OEA Collecti ve Conference


Rich Brandeberry (Arcanum-Butler .T.A.), Teresa Leo (Dayton E.A.), Jimmie Tipton (West Carrollton Classified E.A.) and Nola Brooks (Xenia Classified E.A.) were awarded scholarships from WOEA. Region

5 RCC awarded scholarships to WOEA members Nicole Bouas Northmont District E.A.), Gail Bulach (Troy City E.A.), Marti Cain (Covington E.A.), Debbie DiSalvo (Mad River E.A.), Leigh Ann Fish (Troy City E.A.), Thad Forsthoefel (Coldwater T.A.), Lori Hedburg (Sidney E.A.), Chuck Karnehm (Troy City E.A.), Sandra Lewis (Dayton E.A.), Kathy McIntosh (Troy City E.A.), Christopher Miller (Coldwater T.A.), Michael Rasey (Troy City E.A.), Jeremy Riley Versailles E.A.), Sophia Rodriguez (Coldwater T.A.), Jeff Siefker (Troy City E.A.), Joni Watson (Dayton E.A.), Mark Youtz (Russia E.A.) and Keith Yunker (Troy City E.A.)

NEA MB Web Site Sweepstakes February 15, 2010 – February 28, 2010: Ten $100 Target Gift Cards NEA members can register between 12:00 a.m. ET on February 15, 2010 and 11:59:59 p.m. ET on February 28, 2010 in the “ENTER TO WIN” area of the NEA Member Benefits Web Site ( for a chance to win one of ten $100 Target Gift Cards.

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Professional Efficacy Meeting 5 pm WOEA Office












Collective Bargaining Meeting 5 pm - Panera Bread on Miller Lane, Dayton






















OEA Collective Bargaining Conference


Presidents’ Day



Washington’s Birthday


Professional Efficacy Meeting 5 pm - WOEA Office Public Relation Grant Applications Due

WOEA Board of Directors Meeting 5 pm WOEA Office

Local Development & Training Meeting 5 pm - Panera Bread on Miller Lane, Dayton

Region Five RCC Meeting 5:30 pm Marriott U.D.

Member Rights & Protection Meeting 5:15 pm WOEA Office

Lincoln’s Birthday

Organizing Strategy Meeting 5 pm - Panera Bread on Brown St., Dayton



Collective Bargaining Meeting 5 pm - Panera Bread on Miller Lane, Dayton