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masters recap gord mackinnon

master class Canadian Masters heading to the games By Jennifer Young Photos by kate webster


anada will be well represented in 5 out of the 10 Masters categories at the CrossFit Games this summer, especially in the new age 40-44 division; Canadian women make up an entire quarter of the 20 athletes invited to the finals. Canada’s top scorer in the category, Kat Ljubicic, hails from Bolton ON and enters the finals in 5th place, thanks to top 10 finishes on 13.1 and 13.5. Close behind are Jolaine Bloom of Invermere, BC and Nancy McKeage of Red Deer, AB, both of whom will be warming up for California by competing as individuals at the Canada West Regional. Ottawa’s Nathalie Conners also earned a ticket with the top score in 13.2. Finally, these ladies will be joined by Vancouver’s Jennifer Dober, who took the 20th and final spot in the category. Clearly, nobody told Canadian Women that they are “Masters” now! CrossFit BC’s Gord Mackinnon, 54, didn’t get the memo, either. He qualified as an individual in Canada West and even finished 11th in the Region on 13.4. Two time champion of the 50-54 category, Mackinnon returns this year in search of a third straight victory. He will be competing alongside his coach, Troy Straith. Canada will also be represented in the 45-49 age group by Kelly Graham from Midland, ON, who squeaked into the top 20 with the 7th best Fran score on 13.5. Mira Singh of Kamloops, BC scored 6 snatches at 120 lbs in 13.1, and will likely be hoping for more heavy lifts when she represents the 50-54 ladies in California. Mississauga ON’s Scott Snarr will challenge among the 55-59 men . On the ladies side, Stephanie Needham of Victoria, BC will represent Canada. 

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troy straith

may/june 2013


5/15/13 6:25 PM


in the zone Lucas Parker

By jennifer young Photos by caragh camera


ith a full body suit of thick red hair and possibly the manliest beard around, it’s hard to miss Lucas Parker at a CrossFit competition, especially when he busts out his weightlifting singlet (he likes “the tight feeling of spandex”). The 23-year-old “teen wolf” has represented Canada West at the CrossFit Games two years running (he finished 26th in 2011, 15th in 2012), and has built a fan base that spreads across our border. It may be the grizzly appearance and lumberjack five-foot-seven physique that draws us in, but it’s his sense of humor (“I follow the see-food diet,” he says in his Rogue Fitness athlete profile) that will keep us cheering as he aims for the podium in 2013. The 185-pound Victoria, BC native continued to study kinesiology at the University of Victoria full-time as he prepared for this year’s competitions. In addition to four hours of training at CrossFit Zone every day, he holds three part-time jobs. It’s this incredible drive and dedication to the sport that enabled him to finish sixth in the Open and should serve him equally well at the Canada West Regional in Vancouver in June. With a background in rugby and weightlifting, Parker is a bit of a CrossFit natural. As the Games leaderboard showed last year, he excels at fast and explosive workouts. His approach to training allows him to play on his strengths while working to improve his weaknesses. “CrossFit means different things to different people and everyone does a slightly different version of it,” he said in a recent interview. “My CrossFit is systematically varied, effective movement, performed at reasonable intensity.” Why the lush, beautiful beard? It’s a symbol of his commitment to training. “When I looked at myself in the mirror I was reminded each day how long I had looked like that,” he told The RX Review last August. “It grows every day, and I hope that I improve my fitness every day towards a goal.” His ultimate goal is to place in the top five at the Games this year, and then win in 2014. Name: Lucas Parker Age: 23 Affiliate: Crossfit Zone, Victoria BC


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may/june 2013

Before CrossFit: I played rugby through high school – our strength and conditioning coach got me into crossfit-style training at a relatively young age, which I attribute much of my athletic success to. I also played soccer and practiced Kenpo karate. Best WOD: I don’t really do many benchmark WODs and I don’t time most of my workouts. I’ve done Fran once in my life, when I first started CrossFit a couple years back, in about 2:40, and thought, “yeah, once is enough.” That’s not to say I haven’t done similar workouts, but I usually add weight or make movements more difficult (i.e. Fran at 135# with chest-to-bar pull-ups). Who would you “face-off” against for a live Open WOD announcement? What would your ideal WOD look like? I would challenge Annie Thorisdottir to a pole-dance competition, and then mysteriously sprain my ankle and just cheer her on from the sideline. When you shaved your beard last summer, did you suffer separation anxiety? Is this beard as good as the last one, or will you always love the first one best? I initially missed it after shaving, but then realized how much easier life is when you are cleanshaven. Going for a swim, eating soup, brushing your teeth: all monumentally messy challenges for us bearded folk. This year, I feel like my beard grew back a lot faster – so maybe IT missed ME. If you were forced to shave either your beard or your chest, which would you choose? Legs. I know that wasn’t an option but I’d love an excuse to see how it feels. I bet it feels fabulous. Can we expect another revealing of your Birthday Suit at the Games this year, should a mid-WOD change from water to land be required again? That was a carefully calculated decision based on the factors at hand. I’ll do what’s necessary to maximize comfort and minimize seawater rashes. Tell us something about yourself that people might not expect: I’m hoping I can use some free time this summer to learn the harmonica. Seems like a fun pocket-sized way to play a range of music in any setting. 

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Altering Perceptions Chris Stoutenburg: Adaptive Athlete By Jen Young photo by jennifer nichol


y now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Stouty. He was featured in the March issue of SWEAT RX Magazine, and the videos of his 2013 CrossFit Games Open WOD attempts have gone viral; they were even featured on the CrossFit Games Update Show’s “Top 10 moments of the Open.” And with good reason; Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg completed all of them from his wheelchair. An athlete all of his life, Stouty was months away from starting University when the balcony railing that he was leaning against broke. The fall left him with three pulverized thoracic vertebrae and without the use of his legs. “It was not a difficult choice for me to push forward,” he says. “I was not going to give up. I remember lying in the hospital bed demanding a wheelchair, and the nurses were telling me it was too soon. I told them, ‘give me a chair or I will push myself out of bed on to the floor.’ ” Most people in Stouty’s situation spend 6-12 months in rehab. Stouty was out in 2, living on his own and ready to start school. There, Stouty was introduced to wheelchair basketball by a classmate, and fell in love with the sport. It wasn’t long before he earned a spot on the Canadian Men’s National Team. Ten years and three Paralympic Games medals later, Stouty retired from basketball, got married, and had a son, Quintyn. But after a year of athletic retirement, he was itching for something new. That’s when his cousin took him to CrossFit Indestri in Collingwood. The predominantly able-bodied sport of CrossFit was initially a step out of the comfort zone for the heavily decorated para-athlete. “It was intimidating to wheel into the box and put my weaknesses out there,” he admits, “but I was lucky to have my coaches Scott Thornton, Tyson Hornby, Bill Pain and Marc Amormino to accept me, encourage me, and come up with some super creative ways for me to push myself. “CrossFit has opened my eyes to a world of athletes that think similar to myself. It has given me, an already confident person in the ‘world of disabilities’, the ability and courage to share my experience in the world of able-bodied people.” And share he has. Stouty was first featured on the CrossFit Community website in January, and the follow-up video of his 15’ rope climb (with-chairattached) received 14,000 views in 24 hours. When friend and box-mate, Jennifer Nichol began posting Stouty’s Open WODs this season, things went viral. “I was getting tweets from big name CrossFitters including my favorite to watch, Lucas Parker. Carl Paoli contacted me [...] and invited me to come as


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may/june 2013

his personal guest [to his seminar in Toronto], where we discussed some ways to attack a few movements I have been trying to simulate, including the hand stand push up! We are still working on some ideas.” Now, Stouty is working hard to make CrossFit more accessible for rest of the “adaptive athlete” community, and bring awareness to their ablebodied peers. In the short term, that means increasing awareness of the capabilities of adaptive athletes. In the long term, Stouty wants HQ to open up a division for adaptive athletes at the CrossFit Games. “There could be 2 or 3 adaptive categories like: Para wheelchair athletes, amputees/higher mobility disabilities and multi limb impairment athletes,” he suggests. Based on the response he has had in the past months, Stouty feels there is sufficient demand. “Within North America there are lots of adaptive athletes ready to compete. Though there may not be enough to validate a Regional competition, the adaptive athletes could compete in the Open and the top scores world-wide could advance to the Games.” The competition, Stouty assures, would be just as serious as any other division. “There has to be a standard of movements developed,” he says. “All athletes must be able to meet certain standards of movement and weight.” Stouty is not the only one working to include adaptive athletes. CrossFit Rubicon, recently featured in the CrossFit Journal, hosts the Working Wounded Games, a competition for amputees and severely wounded veterans. At Rubicon, the term “adaptive athlete” does not just describe the physical changes in equipment or movement required to accommodate the athlete, co-owner Dave “Chef” Wallach explains. The title represents the athlete’s “capacity to adapt and overcome”, and is considered the highest form of praise. From interacting with Stouty and watching Rubicon athletes in action, it’s easy to see CrossFit is not just the movements we do, it is a state of mind. “I love pushing myself past points of pain and seeing how much I can endure,” says Stouty. “CrossFit is the only place I have found where I can challenge those desires weekly. I thought I was crazy before I found CrossFit and realized there were hundreds of thousands of people that like to do the same.” Stouty’s advice for box owners who may be approached by someone with a disability: “Don’t under estimate your adaptive athletes, they will tell you what they can and can’t do. Until then, assume they will try anything you put forward. Give them a chance, I’m sure you will learn as much from them as they will learn from you.” 

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5/15/13 6:23 PM

STOUTY’S SUBS • “Tip Twizzle” Burpee: Tip the chair by pulling up the wheel on one side, then transfer your weight towards the floor. As you are falling, put both hands down on the floor to catch yourself in an “all fours position.” Using your arms push yourself back up on your wheels to end back in seated position. • Rowing: Position your wheelchair at the base of the rower (I usually lock the chair in place with sand bags). With one arm holding your chair to stabilize, use the other arm to hold the handle of the rower. You pull in a motion very similar to starting a lawn mower and then bring the handle back in slow and low, same as a rower. • Knees to Elbows: I strap the chair to me, climb a rope that I fix to the pull up bar, then transfer from the rope to the bar in a full hanging position. From there I use the back extensors and core muscles that I have use of to raise my knees as far as I can towards the bar. Our standard for a good rep is knees from full extension to above the belly button. • Box Jumps: Tip the chair, as for burpees, and situate yourself in front of a box on “all fours”. Go through the push up motion to jump your hands up on to the box. Extend arms fully for a “good rep.” Push off the box back to the floor and repeat. • Kettlebell Swings: Sub one-arm dumbbell snatches. • Sled Pulls: Strap a rope to the back of the wheel chair and to the sled and pull the sled behind the chair. We have developed a carabineer style clip in order to quickly attach and detach the sled and rope to the chair. Resources: The Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Facebook page Stouty’s online database of wheelchair substitutions and Wheelchair WOD (under construction)

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may/june 2013


5/15/13 6:23 PM


Tyson Takasaki Age: 25 Affiliate: CrossFit 204 Location: Victoria, BC Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 6th; Bridge City Beatdown, FrostFit (Winnipeg), CrossFit 204 Classic - 1st Before CrossFit: Competitive Baseball and Basketball; University Football Favourite WOD: Nancy: 11:11; Helen: 7:24 Dream Faceoff: Sprints and a barbell lift with Gord Mackinnon (2 time Master’s Champ from BC) Student at University of Manitoba; Day job: Coach at CrossFit 204 Did you know? “I am a closet cook/numbers nerd/ and cookie monster..not in that order! ... best times for me have been getting together with close friends and throwing down on random jazz outside.”

Curt Manning Age: 29 Affiliate: CrossFit Sherwood Park Location: Edmonton, AB Resume: Death by Barbell (San Fransisco) - 1st; CrossFit 204 Classic - 2nd Before CrossFit: Professional Rugby Favourite WOD: Diane: 2:24 Dream Faceoff: An ascending Diane ladder with Aja Barto Day job: Firefighter Did you know? “ In December 2011 I went on a solo holiday to California for 8 days to do some competitions, and just tour boxes... Dream Crossfitters vacation.”

i am a top contender // canada west men Aaron Parker Age: 22 Affiliate: Reebok CrossFit 306 Location: Saskatoon, SK Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional (Team) - 7th; 2012 SWEAT RX Championships (Team) - 3rd; Bridge City Beatdown - 10th Before CrossFit: Hockey Favourite WOD: Nasty Girls: 6:42 Dream Faceoff: “Johnson” (20 min deadlifts, muscleups, cleans) with Jason Khalipa Day job: Police Officer Did you know? “I love to travel and was lucky enough to take a trip to Africa in 2010 and swim in ‘devil’s pool’ in the Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa.”


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may/june 2013

Bryce Hafso Age: 25 Affiliate: CrossFit West10 Location: Cochrane, AB Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - Team Before CrossFit: Collegiate Football Favourite WOD: Grace: 2:25 Dream Faceoff: Arm Wrestling with Dave Castro. Prize: Director of Programming job. Day job: Strength and Conditioning Coach Did you know? “I love fishing.”

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5/15/13 7:02 PM

Joey Lutz Age: 25 Affiliate: CrossFit Lethbridge Location: Lethbridge, AB Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 4th; 2011 Canada West Regional - 5th; Reebok CrossFit Ramsay Western Classic - 1st Before CrossFit: Hockey and Soccer Favourite WOD: Isabel: 1:57 Dream Faceoff: Descending ladder of muscle-ups and heavy front squats with Rich Froning Day job: Golf Course, Costco, Student Did you know? “I love all things golf. My dream vacation would be a 72 hole tropical golf course with a CrossFit box attached to it... squats in the morning, birdies in the afternoon!”

Steven Bergeron Age: 22 Affiliate: Pure Fitness Red Deer Location: Red Deer AB Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 19th; Bridge City Beatdown - 3rd Before CrossFit: Competitive Hockey Favourite WOD: Fran: 2:18 Dream Faceoff: Fran Ladder (2012 Open) with affiliate owner Jason MacDonald Day job: Newly graduated EMT, aspiring Fire Medic Did you know? “I Love to play guitar and sing, BUT! I never let anyone listen… unless I get a few drinks in me.”

i am a top contender // canada west men

Reilly McMorris Age: 26 Affiliate: Hybrid Athletics (CrossFit Fraser Valley) Location: Langley, BC Favourite WOD: Helen: 7:36 Did you know? “I’m a big X-men and Marvel superhero fan, Wolverine is basically my hero.”

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Zack McMillan Age: 26 Affiliate: CrossFit Rocked Location: Brandon, MB Favourite WOD: Fight Gone Bad: 420 Did you know? “I love playing guitar, singing, and have always dreamed of being a rockstar.”

may/june 2013


5/15/13 7:02 PM


Emily Beers Age: 29 Affiliate: CrossFit Vancouver Location: Vancouver, BC Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 3rd; 2010 and 2011 CrossFit Games (team) National level Gymnastics; NCAA Before CrossFit: Basketball; Rowing Favourite WOD: Don’t like benchmarks! Dream Faceoff: Heavy lifts, a handstand walk, and a 5km row Day job: Coach, CrossFit Vancouver staff; Writer CrossFit Journal Did you know? “I’m obsessed with gymnastics and can tell you who has won every single World Championship and Olympic medal since 1992.”

Nancy McKeage Age: 41 Affiliate: CrossFit Red Deer (Ignite Fitness) Location: Red Deer, AB Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 9th; Canmore CrossFit Challenge - 1st Before CrossFit: Triathlons; Varsity Volleyball (U of A) Favourite WOD: Helen: 8:12 Dream Faceoff: Wallball, double unders, muscle-ups with fellow Masters athlete Amanda Allen Day job: Phys-ed Teacher Did you know? “ I have broken my nose on three separate occasions.”

i am a top contender // canada west women Heather Gillespie Age: 33 Affiliate: CrossFit Lethbridge Location: Lethbridge, AB Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 2nd Before CrossFit: Track and Field (Pole Vaulting) Favourite WOD: Grace: 1:17 Dream Faceoff: High rep and short duration against boyfriend, Jason Day job: Owner, CrossFit Lethbridge; Mom to 6 year-old Hayden Did you know? “I hate water (other than drinking it) and I hate to get wet. I NEVER shower, only bathe because I can give myself little splashes at a time. If its spraying at me I seriously feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack. “


may/june 2013

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Jayde Quilty Age: 26 Affiliate: CrossFit Whistler Location: Abbotsford, BC Resume: CrossFit North Vancouver Oly/CF comp - 6th Before CrossFit: Heptathalon; Javelin; Hurdles Favourite WOD: Linda Dream Faceoff: Double kettlebell swings/front squats and burpees with Lucas Parker Day job: Coach, CrossFit Whistler Did you know? “I grew up on a farm riding horses and showing cows. I secretly love country music and as a kid had a crazy goat named Duke!”

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5/15/13 8:52 PM



Jolaine Bloom Age: 41 Affiliate: Endeavor Fitness CrossFit Invermere Location: Invermere, BC Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 7th; SWEAT RX Championships - 8th; Canadian Nationals fitness - 2nd Before CrossFit: Gymnastics; Competitive Trampoline; Fitness competitions Favourite WOD: Diane: 2:46 Dream Faceoff: HSPU, pull-ups, and C&J with Kristan Clever Day job: Co-Owner, Endeavor Fitness CrossFit Invermere Did you know? “I always dreamt I would be in entertainment, like a singer but I was way to shy to sing in front of people.”

Taryn Romanowich Age: 24 Affiliate: CrossFit FUNCTION Location: Yorkton, SK Resume: 2012 Canada West Regional - 14th; Bridge City Beatdown - 3rd Before CrossFit: Basketball (among other sports) Favourite WOD: Karen: 5:15 Dream Faceoff: Boxjumps, or short and heavy, with Annie Thorisdottir Day job: Owner, CrossFit FUNCTION Did you know? “ I love to cook. When I watch TV, it’s always the Food Network, and I would love to be a chef someday.”

i am a top contender // canada west women Amy Hardy Age: 25 Affiliate: CrossFit Athlete Inside Location: Calgary, AB Resume: 2011 Canada West Regional - 13th; 2012 Canada West Regional (team) - 5th Before CrossFit: Competitive Soccer; Gym junkie Favourite WOD: JT: 9:36 Dream Faceoff: Heavy cleans, HSPU, and GHD situps with Spealler Day job: Assistant Manager, Lululemon Athletica Did you know? “I play piano and am a singer/songwriter in my spare time. 2 things I couldn’t live without would be a place to smash a Wod and a piano.”

W W W. S W E AT R X M A G . C O M

12.comunity-WomenWest_WP2.indd 9

Whitney Darchuk Age: 25 Affiliate: Saskpro CrossFit Location: Prince Albert, SK Favourite WOD: Karen: 4:38 Did you know? “My Dog Jake is my best friend. I treat him like a child, having conversations with him daily. He’s a great listener. He’s the best!”

may/june 2013


5/15/13 8:53 PM


Crossfit fraser valley centaurs

canada west teams CrossFit Fraser Valley Centaurs (Hybrid Athletics; Langley, BC) Nate Beveridge Robbie Perovich Mark Cassibo Karolina Pawlik Leah Goddard Ruthie Unaegbu Five out of six members of the CrossFit Fraser Valley Centaurs qualified as individuals in Canada West. All turned down the invitation, committed to helping the team get to the Games for a second year in a row. The team has been competing together for 16 months now, and feels they really grew as a team at last year’s Games, where they placed 29th. “We developed a newfound appreciation for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It also revealed to us just how far you have to go into the “pain cave” to be successful on the World Level.” This year, the team feels it’s strength is it’s ability to handle heavier loads, and has been supplementing this strength with practice at L-sits, Handstand walks, and other “finer skills.” The Centaurs admit that their strength bias may mean that they are a step behind the gymnastics experts, but feel they make up for it with heart and ability to endure pain for each other. The team has come to know each other’s facial expressions and pain tolerance, and regularly practices the transitions between athletes that are required in team competition. The team is extremely excited to have the opportunity to represent Hybrid Athletics, who actually qualified two teams for the 2013 Regional and 9 individuals. If you’re looking for the Hybrid team, search for the sea of red and black.


may/june 2013

11.comunity-TeamsWest_WP2.indd 10

Team Taranis (Victoria, BC) Team Taranis has a long history of CrossFit Games success. The team placed 25th at the games in 2010, and rocketed to 3rd in 2011. In 2012 they again won the Regional, this time placing 36th at the Games. Each year, one or two members have been a veteran of the team. As of this printing, the roster for Team Taranis remained undecided. “We run an open competition/try out for anyone interested in being on the Team. We have always done it this way and try to put the best Team together based on a combination of skill, personality cohesion and commitment. We have come to find that our best team is a group of people united in their goals, dedication and passion for playing for the team.” Currently trying out for the team are veterans Andrew Roodbol, Sean Janzer, and Paul Lance. Also returning to the mix from individual competition is Games competitor Angie Hay (formerly Pye). Team Taranis credits their 2011 success to being balanced and equally good at everything, but also to their strong female competitors. “We have had women that have been very strong with a barbell. We have never held them back from using heavy load and seemed to scale heavier in our programming than was the norm for women a few years ago.” The team prepares by predominantly following the CrossFit main page with individual targeted add-ons, team practice sessions, and a competitor development program with supplemental lifting in addition. “It used to be that randomness and variety was enough but nowadays you need variety, randomness and a concrete plan.”

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5/16/13 10:21 AM

Crossfit calgary crew

CrossFit 204 (Winnipeg, MB) Brett Smith Crystal Kirby-Peloquin Dan Baril Grant Dilling Jr. Jenn Webber Lindsey Ingram Dave Spurr Eden Larabie CrossFit 204 qualified as a team in 2012 but chose to send their athletes to the Canada West Regional as individuals, instead. This year, all three ladies on the team finished top 20 in the Open, but have committed to competing for the team. They will be competing together for the first time, although all have extensive individual experience. Crystal, Grant, and Lindsey all competed in the 2010 sectionals, and all team members compete regularly at local competitions. The team is balanced overall, with a blend of strength, conditioning and gymnastics ability. The women are taller than most, but have put in extra time to ensure their gymnastics are as strong as their lifting. The men will be relying on their engines and strength (Brett and Dan are members of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, as is Lindsey). Team CrossFit 204 anticipates heavy loads again this year, and is ready for the challenge.

W W W. S W E AT R X M A G . C O M

11.comunity-TeamsWest_WP2.indd 11

CFC Crew (CrossFit Calgary, AB) Brett Marshall Mike Sydoryk Jason Burke Chelsea Miller Audra Arlain Alex Parker. Newbies Jason and Alex will be joining team veterans Marshall, Audra, and Mike to represent CrossFit Calgary this year. Chelsea Miller also joins the team, bringing with her a wealth of Regional competition experience as the 5th place finisher in the 2012 individual event. Chelsea’s presence is expected to be an asset to the team, who consider themselves to be more diverse than in the past. The team has prepared by attempting to anticipate what will be asked of them based on previous competitions, and have focused on group cohesiveness and becoming familiar with each other’s habits. The CFC Crew is driven to achieve a spot on the podium, but they acknowledge that “success can be defined in a multitude of ways. It comes down to knowing that there was 100% effort,mental fortitude and no regrets regardless of what the final standings show.”

may/june 2013


5/16/13 10:21 AM

community Chris Burshtynski I was in the Army for 6 years and did a combat tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Brandon Crump “I have my Pilot’s license. I was working as a Flight Instructor in Thunder Bay for some time. Even though I probably won’t pursue flying as a career, I am an avid flyer and feel at home in the sky.”

chris cristini “I am a former WMF Canadian Muay Thai Champion”

jason cain I’ve always taught my kids a lot about health and nutrition, however it has backfired a little. I like to have the occasional glass of wine, but my kids are quick to call me out if I do. Quote from my 5 year old “ Dad you can’t be healthy and strong if you have wine “ and dumps my glass out.

DID you KNOW? Matthieu Dubreucq Matthieu is CrossFit HQ seminar staff.

Mike_Deboever “ I am from Belgium, I moved here 5 years ago. I met my fiancée 2 years ago and I decided to propose to her at the 2012 CF Games, in front of everyone. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had. Unbelievable!!”

Dylan Weller “From the age of 13-18 I juggled as a sport. I trained daily to compete in juggling competitions” Mike Eberts “I have been an aspiring fire fighter for almost 3 years now, and I’m a big (well, little) nerd.”

Christine Kluge “I am a police officer and was intimidated and scared to death to try CrossFit!! “

Jessica CoteBeaudoin “I love eating toast with nutella or a spoon full of nutella before training! Nutella is my secret. “

Amelie Gagnon “ Before doing CrossFit, I ran marathons. Let’s just say that I’ve never had the marathon body type, and the fact that I could run a marathon in less than 3hrs 32 mins took a few people by surprise.”


10.FunFacts_WP2.indd 12

may/june 2013

W W W. S W E AT R X M A G . C O M

5/16/13 11:35 AM

Matt Lefave “ A couple years ago I did a photo shoot for an advertisement for the Adelaide Club (where I used to train) in an interesting topless yoga pose seemingly floating cross legged while meditating. I did not know at the time that this picture would become a life sized advertisement in the PATH in downtown Toronto.”

Adrian Lui “I completed Royal Conservatory Grade 8 for Piano AND Violin.”

Camill Leduc “I’ve done a WOD in a G-string, because I lost a bet. The WOD was outside and their was toes to bar. Not comfortable. Police came quickly so the suffering did not last too long, but a lot of cars have seen my a**!”

Jeremy Meredith “I grow a mean mustache that will be on full display at Regionals this year.”

Mike Leblanc “No one has eve beaten me at “chugging” a beer... either from a cup or from a can (shotgun style).”

Kaine Dick “I currently work as a Dental Technician and my wife & I just recently opened our very own CrossFit Box.”

Kurt Baker “I like to DJ as a hobby”

DID you KNOW? Tara Maddigan “Aside from CF I like to run, I have done a few different races, Death Race, Banff to Jasper Relay, and a Full Moon in June”

Erica Livett “I always thought I would be a surgeon until I realized I lacked patience for studying and being stuck inside all the time at University. I also run the CrossFit Ladies of Canada with Louise Hodge and Michele Letendre.”

Perry Hanlon “I have to chew gum when I work out, it gives me special powers. I can’t snatch without it.”

W W W. S W E AT R X M A G . C O M

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Jacquie Block-Glass “I cry when I laugh.”

may/june 2013


5/16/13 11:35 AM

WODPRESS Summer 2013 West Side  

This edition of WODPRESS is focused on Canada WEST Regionals and features some of the greatness that is found in Canada WEST!

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