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Face to Face Project

By Dawood Ghafar

Statement of intent For this project I researched artists and looked through their work and choose which ones I liked. Then I used my college studio in order to take me own set of photos and give them the same effect as the famous artist did. I took Dark and Dim photos as I wanted my photos to be different from before as I wanted to get that dark look where it only shows their face as I will have a light to shine on their face making it look brighter.

Artist Research

One Historical Portrait Photographer Nikolai Platonovich Andreev: Nikolai Andreev was an internationally famous photographer. He lived and worked in Russia in the early twentieth century. He worked to expose the romantic mood of images. Nikolai used darkroom techniques resulted in incredible tone grade and lightness on images.


Artist Research

One Contemporary Portrait photographer  

James Casebere: James Casebere was born in 1953, in East Lansing, Michigan. He attended Michigan State University, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design from which he graduated in 1976. Casebere's pioneering work has established him at working with constructed photography. Casebere was a very famous photography well known to the world .      

Research on Sharon Elphick • 

Sharon Elphick’s a famous artist due to her rare and amazing work. Her work displays great talent and design as she manages to jumble up photos and stick them together, she rearranges bits of images in order to make them look like a puzzle which I find quiet amazing.

Sharon Elphick's  work  

National Portrait Gallery The national portrait Gallery was founded in 1856, the aim of the National Portrait Gallery, London is ‘to promote a wide range of portraits and show the appreciation and understanding of the men and women who have made and are making British history and culture, and to promote the appreciation and understanding of portraits in all media. The Gallery holds the most rarest collection of portraits in the world. The Collection is displayed in London and in a number of locations around the United Kingdom.   


Jonathan's portrait of Keith Rupert Murdoch 2007 Jonathan Yeo is an artist who creates collages of famous politicians. Jonathan Yeo painted a portrait of Rupert Murdoch which soon became part of the National Art gallery in London, its currently on display in room 41. Keith Rupert Murdoch is an Australian-American media mogul. He is the founder and Chairman and of News Corporation, the world's secondlargest media conglomerate.

Twiggy by Barry Lategan in 1966 Twiggy was the world's first supermodel a skinny kid with the face of an angel who became an icon. Barry Lategan is one of the country’s most unique photographers. Well known for his early discovery and portraits of Twiggy – two of which are exhibited in the V&A Museum and the Nation Portrait Gallery in London , Barry has photographed some of the most notable celebrities of the past forty years as he displays a really dim and dark looking pictures.


Face to Face Photos

Face to Face Evaluation

I like this photo as it is different from my previous project photos due to this image being dim and dark where as it brings out things you normally wouldn't see in the light. The viewpoint of this photo is at eye level and I like the fact that his hair blends in with the background of this photograph. I have taken these photos at a dark studio where I thought it will make my photo more effective.

Street  Portraits  

I have taken this photo on my trip to London to take street photos of random people. The viewpoint of this photo is at eye-level, the lighting of the photo is dim but is enough to see the persons features. The composition of this photo only shows one man and a water fountain behind him also the mood of the photograph is happy as you can see the facial expression on the mans face which symbolises his mood also the lighting plays a big part as well as trying to guess the mood.

This photograph shows two beautiful girls In a portrait based photograph. The lighting of this photography is kind of bright which stimulates the mood to be happy. The viewpoint of this photo is at eye view as it is as if your eyes are meeting, the girls facial expressions are happy as both are smiling as they pose for the camera, people are in the background which is evidence for it to be a street portrait.

I like this photo as it shows my mate being held at gun point by a random guy. The lighting of the photo is glowing in appearance as the person on the left is wearing silver which makes light reflect of it causing him to shine.

Face to Face By Dawood ghafar  

My Face to Face project where i took photos of individuals.

Face to Face By Dawood ghafar  

My Face to Face project where i took photos of individuals.