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MARCH 2013

Jasmin Farnum, Editor In Chief

Message from the Editor In Chief: It is my immense pleasure to welcome you and present our monthly newsletter. I am so grateful to YOU for taking the time read and get to know more about Women of Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking; what we do and how we do it. I started this journey with our founder Loretta Green-Williams as a quiet member on LinkedIn in December 2009. I may have been among the first to join the LinkedIn group. Loretta and I quickly became supporters of one another groups rather more than supporters but active participates. We have never meet face-toface but we have logged our fair share of hours in brainstorming and planning; sharing and caring and plain old sistah talk on the phone. As I observed Loretta’s tenacity in developing WOCPSCN and many other projects, I soon recognized this woman is a force to be reckoned with. She is a devoted mother, sister-friend, businesswoman and activist most certainly but above all she is devoted daughter of Zion ever-ready to be about the Father’s business. Though, it took me a moment to come to the realization that I have a larger task to perform in regards to the mission and vision that has been entrusted to Loretta, I got to tell ya; I am on FIRE NOW! I am so excited about the road ahead. I have wholeheartedly put my hand to the plow and there is no turning back. Let me also share with you in my capacity as President of the new formed NY-Eastern Regional Chapter, I have penned my 2013 Strategic Planning and it blows my mind. I got a download from heaven and rest assure the assignment will be completed because it is not about me or us but all about what the Master has already predestined for us to do. I’ll let you get a peek: it includes expanding media platforms, wellness and a major National Conference in 2015 here in NYC. You know as soon as we accept the call and assume the posture of servants; God aligns, orders and presents with seal of approval that makes men take note and begin to finance the vision.—Oh believe it. As you read and enjoy the pages herein, keep us in prayer as we do you and remember to make decisions that affect change. Jasmin Farnum , Editor In Chief President, NY-Eastern Regional Chapter WOCPSCN


MARCH 2013



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WOCPSCN is headquartered in the beautiful city of San Francisco in the Bay Area. On any given day there is a hub of activities that are focused on making decisions that affect changes and the continuum of developing strategic plans that allow business owners and professional women to endure as well as be sustained in the economy. In order to meet these goals, objectives and strategic plans WOCPSCN is consistently taking actions that promote business development and community entrepreneur-

ship. All efforts propel WOCPSCN to strive for social and corporate sustainability especially for women business owner, entrepreneurs and professionals. WOCPSCN is literally on a mission to lead the charge in formulating platforms that allow seamless integration of brick and mortar and online providers of goods and services to strategically network. We have incorporated virtual networking with traditional networking making it fully accessible to connect in ways that are most

convenient for our busy members. We have also dedicated our efforts in a direction that ensures we are directly tapped into pulse of traditional and new marketing platforms.

CHAPTERS ARE RISING Loretta Green-Williams, founded WOCPSCN on LinkedIn in 2009. Now the online professional networking group is transfigured into a fullfledged nonprofit organization that now has several chapters Every chap-

ter receives inquiries from women & men that want to be members or form a chapter. WOCPSCN currently has 7 chapters in parts of the West and East Coast. Tri-

Delta Region, CA, San Francisco CA, Haywood CA, Los Angeles, CA. The newest chapter serves the New York-Eastern Region is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Coming Soon!!!



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Get LISTED in our WOCPSCN Annual Directory There are several benefits that are yours to enjoy when you Get LISTED in the WOCPSCN Annual Directory. You have the option to adjoin your listed information as member or a nonmember. This is a great convenience especially for those who are still contemplating becoming a full-fledge member. Whether you are a full-fledge member or a non-member your professional listing in our direc-

tory is getting before a wideworld audience that will see you. However, because they have a working relationship with our organization, Founder, Board, Regional Presidents, and Members they seek you out. They know our mission, respect our strategies, recognize our projected growth and the economic power of our demographicWomen. You will also enjoy the prestige of being among solid

business-owners and professionals who are looking to strategically align a n d n e t work with you.

2013 WOCPSCN National Conference Folks, it is only going to get bigger and better. The most important thing that you will come to know and understand about all WOCPSCN Chapters is we are strategic. Each of our Regional Chapter Presidents knows their mantle is a divine ordering of their steps and seeks first the Kingdom of God, it righteousness and assumes the posture of an-

ticipating all the other things will be added. The 2013 WOCPSCN National Conference is already projecting thoughts,

“Making Decisions Affecting Change!”

More importantly, this year’s conference has the option to attend in person in Los Angeles, CA or if distance is a perceived problem—Problem Solved, you can attend via webinar. Visit our website for more details and to register.

actions and resources to the 2015 National Conference that will be hosted in New York/New Jersey.

About WOCPSCN NATIONAL CONFERENCE Everyone interested in professional, business and personal growth should attend. WOCPSCN workshops held by top experts in their field. You can choose the workshops you’re most interested in attending and you can register the day of the event. Attend in person or virtually (at a modest price). A lunch-

eon is included for the LA physical attendees. 2013 WOCPSCN National Conference Invited Guest Speaker, Pat Durocher, Founder/CEO of GLOBALCYNERIES LLC, a firm with relationships in over 125 countries. Globalcyneries’ services include assisting in venue selection, contract negotiations for meetings,

conferences and events. Pat Durocher has over 25 years of experience and is well versed in working with diverse teams of people globally. Her business savvy and acumen make her uniquely positioned for the dynamic perspective of global synergy. Don’t Miss out.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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LORETTA GREEN-WILLIAMS, Founder & COO Loretta Green-Williams is without a doubt positioned for such as a time as this. GreenWilliams is a petite dynamo who energy knows little to no bounds. She constantly thinking, moving and doing. The unique knowledge and intellect possessed by Green-Williams is an endowment from the Almighty Himself and because He called and predestine her to greatness no weapon formed against was able to prosper. She has authored her

memoirs and details how she survived generational domestic violence and abuse. The murder and tragic murder of her younger daughter further propelled her into her divine destiny as a woman to reckoned with on the frontlines of Domestic Violence. Green-Williams is the visionary and the foundation of Women of Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking. It is her marketing ingenuity that has propelled and perpetuated

the growth trajectory of the organization. She has aided each Regional President in the implementation their chapter in a fashion that cohesively embraces the mission, construct and philosophies of the founding entity but yet upholds their unique vision and mission. She refers to organizational model in a phrase coined by the marketers of Mickey D… Have your way.

MEMBERSHIP AND CHAPTER DRIVE Each of WOCPSCN Regional Chapter Presidents are engaged in their membership drive. There aren’t any cookie cut methods but rather a concerted mindset that gives us license to toot our own horn. We want to led from a position of power, sustainability with concern and carefully thought out plans that shore up our collectively economic purchasing

power, We are methodically moving in a direction that grant us visibility and entrance into commercial markets. There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel and we make no attempt to. We are your organization’s organization; we are all about the strategic consciousness of networking and aligning. We are committed to creating a consortium of

media outlets that allows us to freely exercise domain in a variety of venues, events and industries. There for our membership and chapter initiatives are very selective and only the serious-minded are considered.

WOCPSCN REGIONAL CHAPTER PRESIDENTS Taking on the role of President in any area, political, professional, corporately is serious business. It is a nobrainer when you see the women who have made the decision to become WOCPSCN Regional Chapter Presidents. Anita Martin, Northern California; Tique Lee Caul, Brentwood, CA; Debra Roberts, Pittsburg/Bay

Point Area; Ka’Ryn Jackson Holder Ph.D., San Francisco (2013 Confere nce Ho st ); Ta s ha Da vi dso n, Haywood, CA; Ronnie Savage, Southern CA: and Jasmin Farnum, NYEastern Region. Each of the Regional Chapter Presidents began as members and instinctively felt destined for more. The opportunity for members to begin their own chapter is a definite option.

For more information on membership or starting a WOCPSCN Chapter call: (510) 586-9955

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WOCPSCN INTERNATIONAL FOCUS If you are an International Organization and need to get your story heard WOCPSCN RADIO/TV want to assist you in getting your message before the public.

WOCPSCN interests are not limit to national concerns and needs but extend to cares around the world. WOCPSCN is helping make decisions that change the world.

Perhaps you know an individual that is truly a great humanitarian send us a 100-300 words essay about him/her and their work. Your story about them will be considered for our monthly newsletter.

takes a world to raise a nation. Each Regional President in the WOCPSCN organization eventually seeks an international project or program to undergird. Though we are still growing a few of our Regional Presidents have begun working with smaller organization that are working on international project to enrich the lives of children in other countries. Remember to send your stories.

We have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child; we here at WOCPSCN wholeheartedly believe it

God’s Planet for Haiti Jemps Maignan is the young visionary behind God’s Planet for Haiti. There are people who come to the earth on angelic assignment, Jemps is one such person. “God’s Planet for Haiti (GP4H) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Maryville, Tennessee and

received a charter from the State of Tennessee in March of 2010. GP4H is also recognized in Haiti as an international non-profit organization.” WOCPSN is undergirding GP4H with school supplies drive to ensure that the 32 students, ages 3 to 6 have the necessary implements to learn. We are collecting shoeboxes full of school supplies to go with

Jemp later this year. Along with GP4H & WOCPSCN we encourage you to support the mission. Visit GP4H website to learn more and support. God’s Planet for Haiti, P.O. Box 4462, Maryville, TN 37802. For more information, contact Jemps Maignan at 865-257-7680 or

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges 4 Youth Theater When Jasmine Blanks heard Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speak at her college, the University of Minnesota, she says that experience changed her and awaken a desire to create an educational empowerment project for the region. “Burning Barriers, Building Bridges Theater Program began in the summer of 2010 in Monrovia, Liberia in partnership with Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness (THINK) Inc. Directed by Jasmine Blanks, MPP, this new learning model

blends arts education with public achievement to achieve a unique synthesis of creative community change through live performances and studentled projects. Follow us and B4YT to academic success and positive community change! This amazing young woman set about on journey driven by faith and the willingness to do what God placed in her. You can visit B4YT’s website for more information. Jasmin Blanks will be feature on WOCP/RADIO in March for Women’s History Month.

The NY-Eastern Regional Chapter of WOCPSCN is undergirding B4YT with school supplies, enlisting donors to provide non-electric music instruments. She also need 4 Theater/Music College Interns for this summer. If you would like to make a donation, or intern please contact Jasmin Blanks: or +231 6 449944 for more information.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Partner New Media Films

Women Moving & Shaking In Media Lights! Cameras! ACTION! WOCPSCN is turning heads, taking names and numbers for that matter. It is quickly becoming a known fact that WOCP/RADIO/TV-Filmmakers, Directors, Producers and Indie Music Artists are maximizing the POWER of Free Speech Television, Webcasting and Podcasting. WOCPSCN 2013 strategies embraces the full potential of creating media content through print, video, and audio productions.

As the NY-Eastern Regional Chapter’s President Jasmin Farnum assume her position, she realized the enormous benefits of using her MBA in Media Management to enhance WOCPSCN media platforms and reach. There is so much to be said about advertising and marketing but to truly understand the economic purchasing power that came along with being a women’s organization with a global reach was truly an opportunity

the Ms. Farnum dare not overlook. Part of her mission is to utilize her skill sets in filmmaking and producing to broaden WOCPSCN appeal to marketers, advertisers and sponsors. WOCPSCN organization already consist of members, like Farnum, we have Dana Verde, Dr. Gail P. Meyers, Rosalyn M. Rambert, and Susan Johnston who are already in Media Industry, so the move is pivotal.

Filmmakers, Directors, Producers & New Media Content Creation If a picture is worth a thousand words...what is film, documentary or webcast worth. Farnum, Meyers, Rambert and Meyers all members of WOCPSCN realized the worth of grabbing the bull by the horns and become very aware of the need to produce relatable stories through film and television production. Dr. Gail P. Meyers, work of 8 years makes the documentary “Where have all the Black Farmers Gone” will soon be premiere nationwide. She will be using a unique method to raise funds

and green light the project. Dana Verde films have screened worldwide in a wide variety of platforms that showcase her genius as prolific Filmmaker, Producer and Director. Her short-short film “Lock N Key” also received several raves in industry news and blogs. Rosalynd M. Rambert will be creating and producing a fullfledged series for Guyana Television this year. The works will address women’s issues and take a long hard look at the regions youth and economy.

Jasmin Farnum has been producing media content for television broadcast, webcasting and podcasting for 3 years. Two of her documentaries “Fat Isn’t Me” and “The Making of La Bella Lady Diva, screened in the 10th Annual Poconos Mountains Film Festival which is founded by a new member of Bridget Odessa Davis. Davis too didn’t wait for someone else to give her the green light she created PMFF ten years and has not looked back.

WOCPSCN P.O. BOX 723 Antioch, CA 94509


(510) 586-9955


Present ac tive appro aches to centered bu support co sinesses. mmunity female-

Since Dec 2009


Loretta Green-Williams, Founder Broad of Directors Verna Brooks, IT Project Manager Daphne Clarke-Hudson, Ph.D. Donald A. Franklin, MBA Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Producer/Manager JuneAnn Lewis, Realtor Ronnie Savage, R.P. Southern California Dr. Christine Thorpe, Dir. Chair of Health & Human Services at NY City College of Technology

HICAL CON STRUCT An inclusiv e approach to strategi genders ar c consciou e w s network business dev elcome), our goal is ing (all to elopment an d communit support female-cente red y entrepren eurship. STRUCTUR AL INTENT To commit to a collecti ve consider through ed ation of bu ucational siness devel formats w through so opment hile enhan cial venues ci and respon sible fundin ng such intent g.

Truth Be Told Truth be told women represent a growing number of professionals and business owners in the United States as such we control significant economic purchasing power.

and influencing spending at percentage larger than ever before; accounting for $7 trillion dollars consumer and business spending. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

This essentially means “she who control the purse rules the world.” Unfortunately, this alone is not enough for women today. We are still paid less than our male counterparts and yield less of return of on our investments compared to men in similar industries. Why?

We are in dire need of recognizing

We may want to take note of comedian Steve Harvey’s book/film “Act Like a Lady-Think like a Man” when it comes to this new economy of business. Why should there be any discrepancies when expert research indicates by 2028 women will hold roughly 60% of U.S. private wealth. We currently are earning, spending

ing to get bigger and better. I openly say that Women Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking is poised to raise the bar and truly break the glass ceiling that has presented itself as a barrier to women in the professional and business arenas. If you feel the prompting to join us don’t allow the feeling to linger. You can check out our membership package & join via WOCPSCN website.

what Beyoncé passionately sings about in her song, “Girls Run the World” because we do. This is the mindset of WOCPSCN and as previously stately we are only go-


Women of Concern Professionals Strategic Consciousness Networking founded on LinkedIn in December 2009 by Loretta Green Williams is now a fu...

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