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DENT Neurologic Institute diagnoses and treats neurologic disorders in people of all ages utilizing technologies unavailable anywhere else in WNY.

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Comprehensive Approach to Traumatic Brain Injuries, Problems with Acute Stroke/TIA Treatment Headache, Concentration, Memory, Epilepsy Judgment, Balance, and Coordination. Multiple Sclerosis Athletes with suspected concussion should Neuromuscular Disorders not return to play until medically evaluated Neuro-Oncology by a neurologic specialist..

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WNY Hockey Report Expresses It’s Sympathy

Long time West Section High School Coach Fran Clouden passed away on May 02, 2013 in Charlotte NC. Fran was a Coach at Canisius High School for many years. He always has the best interest of his players as first and foremost and was a great gentleman and ambassador for our sport

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Hockey Around Buffalo

Hockey Around Buffalo by Janet Schultz

Junior Hockey Wisdom & Opinion


Play The Odds So You Don’t Gamble Your Future by Jeff Kolcon

dent of HARBORcenter. Koelmel, the former president and CEO of First Niagara Bank, will oversee the day-to-day operations of the complex. “John is among the most well-respected professionals in Western New York,” said Sabres Owner Terry Pegula. “I am honored and humbled to be joining the Pegula team,” said Koelmel. “Terry and Kim have been able to take HARBORcenter from concept to actual construction in less than 12 months.

Sabres Break Ground; Name HARBORcenter President In April the Buffalo Sabres broke ground on HARBORcenter. The facility will sit just across the street from First Niagara and will house two NHL ice rinks, a restaurant, hotel, parking structure and retail space. The $172 million project will feature two fullsize NHL rinks, a full-service hotel, a two-story restaurant, street-level retail space and a five-level, 850-space pakring structure. The ice rinks, restaurant and retail space are scheduled to open in September 2014 with the hotel to open in Spring 2015. With the two NHL-sized ice rinks and the rink in First Niagara Center this will make the threerink complex the first of its kind in the NHL.

On June 7 John Koelmel was named Presi-

“I obviously have tremendous passion for this community and look forward to not only making HARBORcenter a world-class facility, but otherwise supporting the incredible investment Terry and Kim are making in Western New York.”

NYSAHA Comes to Buffalo The

Amherst Youth Hockey Association served as host to the NYSAHA the first weekend in June for the organization’s annual meeting.

Snap judgments are made all of the time. Junior and college coaches are no different than the rest of us. Some, if not many coaches, will judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. That judgement may end your recruiting process with that particular coach. My suggestion is learn to play the odds while being recruited to juniors and college. Let me relate a story that includes to the legendary University of Michigan Coach, Red Berenson. I took Spencerport High School to Ann Arbor for a week several years back. There are several players from that team that are prominent youth coaches in Western New York now. To them, I apologize if the details are not as crisp as they should be. Coach Berenson was kind enough to spend some time with the team. On day one of our trip, he came into the locker room, scanned the group, and stated “at Michigan, we recruit CHARACTER!” The room sat up straighter. He continued to explain that at Michigan, a student athlete needs to have confidence in themselves as individuals first and foremost. He went on to explain that in the recruiting process, he and his coaches frown on earrings, jewelry, baggy pants, long hair and tattoos.

Further, there is a very long line of qualified players that want nothing more than to play division I college hockey and that frequently the line is the longest at Michigan. Therefore, we start evaluating the individual when he is not on the ice. Red walked up and down the middle of the locker room. He stopped from time to time to lock eyes with a kid who had hair hanging down in front of his face or had his cap on backwards. He zoned in like a hawk on the ear lobes with holes in them. He never once showed disappointment or anger in their appearance. He merely pointed out facts. Many in the room would not make it past the first step; the first impression. For several players who went on to play college hockey from that high school team, that was a pivotal moment. Hearing from a legend, from a coach that has NHL level talent year after year, solidified the message that many youth coaches attempt to convey. Junior hockey players play with the hopes of playing college and possibly pro hockey. Landing a spot on a NCAA roster is competitive regardless of Division I or III status. There are some very simple suggestions that will help you showcase your non hockey skills by having coaches focus on you and your personality. Let’s discuss the basics: - A firm handshake and eye contact is extremely important. Although NCAA coaches must adhere to rules of engagement with players, it does not preclude you from walking up, sticking out your hand and introducing yourself. Since 99 percent of the players at showcases won’t do this, you have a chance to leave a positive impression.

The business of hockey in the State and nationally was discussed as well as a busy weekend of networking among the State’s officers, coaches and Boards of Directors. West President David Braunstein thanked all those who assisted in making the weekend a success including the Western New York Amateur Hockey League, Amherst Youth Hockey and the Buffalo Sabres for their financial support. The Sabres also provided guest speaker Kevyn Adams for the Saturday luncheon and Buffalo Sabres Alumni legends, Rene Robert and Danny Gare stopped out Saturday night at the Audubon Golf Pavilion. A thank you also to Michael Gilbert, Buffalo Sabres public relations and a member of the Amherst organization for all his support. Another large thank you went to Eric Guzdek, Northtown Center General Manager for his huge effort at the Audubon Golf Pavilion. (Photos clockwise from top left: Buffalo Dignitaries break ground on HARBORcenter; Construction at HARBORcenter; Joe Baudo opens NYSAHA Annual Meeting in Buffalo; Rene Robert and Danny Gare make a guest appearance at NYSAHA dinner and John Koelmel, newly appointed President of HARBORcenter. Janet & Randy Schultz photographers)


- Make sure you cover your tattoos. You are not going to fool a college coach by hiding your tattoo; however, most coaches will note your effort. Not all coaches care about tattoos. But it is reasonable to say that there is a percentage that do care to see them.If so, play the odds and keep all doors open. Earrings fall in the same category as tattoos. - The art of communication cannot be lost in the recruiting process. It is up to the player to speak for themselves; not the parent, not the coach, and not the family advisor. When talking to a coach in person, stand with confidence. Make sure you know the name of the person you are talking with and use it frequently. When talking to a coach in person or on the phone, make sure to use full words like “yes” and “no” instead of grunts or nods. If you want the super bonus points, toss in some respectful statements like “yes sir” or “thank you, sir.” Old fashioned? Yes, of course it is. However, every coach is older than you. Get used to it. Always finish a conversation by thanking the person for their time. -Make sure to be respectful to every coach even if you are not interested in his program. Show respect, even if you do not like the coach. One or two things are very possible. First, that small Division III head coach can be the big time Division I head coach next year. Another possibility, he either coached with or played for the coach you want to play for. Respect all coaches and be grateful that any coach will talk to you. Don’t be cocky. Most college coaches know the pecking order of talent. If smaller Division III schools are talking to you, that is most likely your level. (Continued on Page 32)

Synth Ice

Synth Ice: No More Summer Breaks by Michael Mroziak For most folks who undergo the annual ritual of building a backyard skating rink, there finally comes that time in late winter or early spring when the weather will no longer cooperate and it’s time to disassemble the rink for another season. Then, to get ice time, it’s off to the local rink. Not any more, with the creation and distribution of synthetic “ice” surfaces now on the market. A former Sabres captain is now a business partner in the manufacture of the surface, while a Hamburg-based landscaping and home ice rink builder has expanded its own work to set the rinks up in Western New York backyards. Danny Gare, the ex-Sabre, Detroit Red Wing and Edmonton Oiler who has also provided broadcast commentary in the game for many years, is involved with the Canadian branch of Scan Ice, a company founded in Norway that is looking to break into the North American market. “I met a gentleman, a friend of a friend, about three years ago… he was the president of AstroTurf at one time,” began Gare when explaining how he became involved in this venture. “He ran across this product about three years ago while he was in Europe doing some turf in Finland. “We happened to work out an agreement where we’d be their North American representatives and we had been in the process, I would say the last two years, just finding an injection molding company distributor for our product. Finally in the last six to eight months we finally have done that.”

That’s where Western New York company Pace Landscaping and Ice Rinks enters the picture. Based in Hamburg, the company’s business includes, as indicated by its name, building backyard ice rinks. “The interest has been outstanding,” said owner Mike Pace. “We just got into the distributorship this past February. We’re starting our marketing campaign, probably in October, and (already there’s) an incredible amount of interest.” Scan Ice is produced in segments which fit together like puzzle pieces to form a seamless surface. They’re customizable to an individual’s budget or available space. “The panels are approximately a foot and a half by about two and a half feet,” said Pace. “You can configure the panels to fit any size.” In addition, he added, the panel sizes make them easier to store when it’s time to get the real ice ready. “The nice thing about this system is that it’s very easy to put together. It’s easy to take apart and it’s very easy to transport. That is one of the competitive advantages of this particular synthetic ice rink,” Pace said. Where synthetic ice such as Scan Ice may also prove to be an important investment to hockey families is that, according to supporters like Gare, it offers the most realistic training surface beyond real ice. “I really like the fact that you can do stickhandling drills, shooting drills, stops and starts, tight turns, all the things I wish I would have had when I was younger,” Gare said. “I used to shoot pucks off a plywood piece with my running shoes. What you get (with Scan Ice) is the mechanics of the game, which is so important for young kids.” Hockey Canada took notice of Scan Ice and has

NYS Championships


tapped the company as its official provider of synthetic ice to the organization. For those seriously interested in purchasing a synthetic rink, Pace has set up a location where prospective clients can actually lace up their skates and try out the surface. For more information, visit or call 822-1023.


NYS Championships in Amherst Amherst Youth Hockey hosted the 2013 NYS Youth Championships at Northtowns Arena in March. WNY Hockey Report spent some time at the rink and we now will share a few of the photographs and hopefully, bring back good memories of the experience. The Girl’s State Championships were held in the North Section. The winners from the West Section include: Youth Tier I: 14U: Buffalo Regals; 16U: Rochester Ameri-

cans; 18U: Buffalo Regals Youth Tier II: 12U: Niagara Junior Purple Eagles; 16U: Cheektowaga Warriors Youth Tier III: 18U Jamestown Girls Tier I: 12U: Buffalo Bisons; 16U: Buffalo Bisons; 19U: Buffalo Bisons Girls Tier II: 12U West Seneca Wings; Women’s B: Buffalo Hornets Only one team from the West brought home a Na-

Pace Pho to

tional Championship and that was the Rochester Edge Women C team. The Buffalo Bisons 19U girls lost in the quarterfinals. (See story page 20). These photos, and others from these particular games, can be purchased by emailing

Northern American Educate

Proud Supporters WNY Hockey

Hockey School Comes to Rochester

With over 40 hotels across Upstate NY, our team of Hospitality Professionals looks forward to providing your athletes a “Home Away from Home.”

by Randy Schultz Northern Educate Hockey Academy has signed a five-year agreement for ice time, classroom space and office space at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex in Rochester. The Academy was established in Eagan, MN in 2009. When it opened in Eagan two years ago there were only seven students enrolled. Today there is a continuous wait list of over 200 children, grades K-12, awaiting word of when they can get in. So just what is the Northern Educate Hockey Academy? “We prepare young people for excellence in sports and academics,” answered Dr. Shawn Black, president of Northern Educate Sports Academy. “We develop leadership and prowess both on and off the ice. “We focus on developing the whole student, not just the skills for playing the game. We want to provide an opportunity for children, ages five to 18, to develop to their fullest potential both as students and athletes.”

Prior to joining the Academy, Black served in the United States Air Force for several years, where he was a pilot and trainer. Following that he joined an online university as Dean of the School of Management and helped increase the student population to over 100,000. But it was while Black was serving in the Air Force at a base near Tampa, Fla. that the hockey bug bit the family. “We got some free tickets from the (Tampa Bay) Lightning,” recalled Black. “I took my family to the game. “We watched the game and by the time it was over my oldest son wanted to play the game. After that he wanted to learn as much as he could about the game. “We relocated a great deal because of my duties in the Air Force. But each city we went to we would look for a hockey school. “That’s when I came up with the idea of some kind of an academy. A place where children could go to a high quality school and to excel as a hockey player at the same time. “I knew how to put together the academic part. It was finding the right hockey school to add to it. I searched all over the United States and Canada and finally found the one I was looking for.” What he found was the Northern Edge hockey program run by Craig Woodcroft. Woodcroft, born in Canada, played college hockey at Colgate University.

Drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks, Woodcroft never made it to the Windy City or NHL. He spent several seasons in the American Hockey League before crossing the Atlantic Ocean and playing in Europe for nine seasons. Arriving back in North America Woodcroft established his Northern Edge hockey program and has locations all over North America. Then he met Black. The rest, as they say, is history. Northern Educate Hockey Academy opened its first facility in Eagan, MN. “When Kathy (Black’s wife) and I opened we had seven kids the first day, and two of them were mine. Very quickly it grew to 13. “Then it hit 22 and to 34 by the end of the year. When we opened up the second year we had 54 kids. (Continued on page 31)





With team friendly accommodations and more!








Duffett Award / Remember Tyler

Bob Rosen Honored captured four state titles, including an undefeated season in 2011. A twotime New York State Coach of the Year, Rosen is the active leader for most wins by a high school coach in New York State. “There is a group of players that just graduated in 2012 that I coached from the time they were Mites,” remarked Rosen, a graduate of Williamsville North High School. “To see them grow up from little kids to winning a State Championship in 2011 was pretty special to me. “Certainly winning that first State championship was also special. And winning with that Junior ‘B’ team was special too.” The 2013 Duffett Award winner also served as an assistant coach at Canisius College for five years and coached the New York State team at the 1988 Hockey USA Select-17 National Tournament. Rosen has also been involved in the annual Bowman Cup Showcase event for seven of the past nine years. “I love coaching the game,” said Rosen. “Hockey to me is also friendships. “There are kids I grew up playing hockey with that I’m still friends with today. To me that’s the biggest thing you can get out of hockey.

by Randy Schultz

Bob Rosen was named as the 28th recipient of the J. Michael Duffett Award. It is presented annually to a coach whose contributions to amateur hockey in Western New York “best exemplifies the knowledge, teaching, love of the game and gentle humanity of Mike.” “This means a lot to me to win this, especially knowing the Duffett family,” commented Rosen, a native of Buffalo. “It is truly a great honor for me.” Rosen has been a member of the Amherst Youth Hockey Organization for 30 years, leading his teams to four national championships during that time. Rosen’s 1987-88 Junior “B” squad went 40-0-0, posting USA Hockey’s first undefeated season at that level. For the past 23 years, Rosen has also served as the head coach of the Williamsville North varsity boys team. Throughout that time the Spartans

“I’ve also had great assistant coaches working with me over the years. I just want to make things fun for the kids. “I think that as long as the kids walk away with something positive, had a good time and gained friendships out of it I’ve been successful. “To get the kids to work as one and have the attitude of it’s us against everyone else, that’s a big thing. I think that’s what has worked for me.” The Sabres established the award in 1984 in memory of Duffett. Duffett was a student of the game and a coach with the Buffalo Bisons and Amherst Hockey Association. He was a standout player at Nichols School and Clarkson College. Duffett was working in the Sabres hockey department under Scotty Bowman and Roger Neilson at the time of his death following a long battle with cancer.

by Warren Kozireski The Rochester Americans season ended much like last season did—with a playoff first round sweep by the Toronto Marlies. Offseason questions in Buffalo mean questions and potential answers on the farm and that had several members of the Amerks looking at this summer as an opportunity. The Sabres trade deadline deal sending Jason Pominville to Minnesota brought not just a first (this year) and second round (next year) draft selections; it also brought goaltender Matt Hackett and forward Johan Larsson, who are both looking to compete for NHL jobs when camp opens this fall. Hackett, a third round selection (77th overall) in the 2009 entry draft, played just three regular season games for Rochester and one playoff contest after his arrival as David Leggio (Williamsville) saw the bulk of playing time in leading the American Hockey League in wins (38), minutes (3,799:30), saves (1,957) and shootout wins (9). In his limited time with Rochester, Hackett posted a 1.62 GAA during the regular season, and 2.59 overall including 46 games with Houston. That compares very favorably to Leggio’s 2.56. “It’s been a tough transition for me—I was playing most of the games this season (with Houston) and was traded here and “Legg” played most of the games since he’s been a rock all year,” Hackett said after the final playoff loss. “I just need to show they made the right choice in trading for me and, if I get that opportunity to take the next step, I want to prove them right.”

Monroe County Youth Hockey Rochester Youth Hockey / Rochester Alliance Perinton Youth Hockey / Rochester Monarchs Tri-County Youth Hockey Rochester Grizzlies Canandaigua Youth Hockey Webster Youth Hockey Irondequoit High School Hockey Program Hilton High School Hockey Program Aquinas High School Hockey Program Bishop Kearney High School Hockey Program Greece Athena High School Hockey Program Greece Olympia/Arcadia High School Hockey Program

A formal ceremony will be held in March 2014 to award the 2013-2014 recipients. Each recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and will be honored on the NewEdge Hockey website, their respective organizations website, The Tyler Putnam Foundation website as well as in various media outlets Award winners are selected by their organization’s president, athletic director, or a committee within their organization. Additional details will be sent to each participating organization.


Amerks Report

Remembering A Player Tyler Putnam’s dream was to play for his High School Hockey team, The Irondequoit Eagles, Junior Hockey, Division I Hockey and ultimately Professional Hockey. Tyler was able to realize two of those dreams, having played for The Irondequoit Eagles as an eighth and ninth grader and then with the Maksymum Junior team in Rochester, NY. At the conclusion of his first Junior season, Tyler was well on his way of realizing his next dream as he was offered roster spots on five Junior A teams from Rochester, Minnesota to San Diego, California. In July of 2011, Tyler’s hockey dreams ended tragically when he died of an illness called “meningococcemia”, which is an infection that affects the bloodstream. Tyler Putnam was known for his high energy, incredible work ethic, and desire to achieve his goals. Tyler has been memorialized with a banner hanging above the ice at Lakeshore Hockey Arena as well as by a memorial helmet sticker symbolizes Tyler’s hard work and dedication to the game that he loved. Effective at the end of the 2013-2014 season, NewEdge Hockey Training Company and a co-sponsor to be named will be awarding a Tyler Putnam Award to one player from each of the following organizations and programs who exemplifies hard work, commitment, and dedication to the game of hockey.



As local hockey fans have heard for the better part of several months, the goaltending situation in Buffalo may or may not be open depending on what, if anything, happens this summer.

If you are interested in becoming a co-sponsor for the Tyler Putnam Award Program, please contact Rob Sedia at for details.

The math will be interesting to follow. Leggio’s status as an unrestricted free agent (as of this writing) plus prospects Nathan Lieuwen, Connor Knapp and free agent signee Andrey Makarov, who led Saskatoon (WHL) to the Memorial Cup, add up to plenty of bodies for very few spots even with a trade from the NHL roster.

He added two more assists in three postseason games with the Amerks, so one can assume he prefers to pass.

Hackett has 136 games of experience at the AHL level, plus 13 games over two seasons with the Wild, so the NHL level is not completely foreign to him.

“I’ve been playing center all my life so I am comfortable, but I can play wing also. I was shocked at first (about the trade), but now I’m here, looking forward to being part of this organization and I’m excited to move ahead. It’s exciting that they wanted me.”

He will not change his summer regimen in preparing for the competition for what could be his first regular NHL roster spot.

“I’m always working on the mental part of the game.”

“I’ll take about three weeks off and then start working with my trainer back home (London, ON). And I’m always working on the mental part of the game. I’ll start skating around the beginning of August.” The other acquisition in the Pominville trade was the 5’11”, 198 lb. Swedish center Larsson, who doesn’t turn 21 years old until July 25th. His first season in North America this past year resulted in 41 points over 69 games between the two teams. 13 of his points came on the power play, where he usually set up shop on the half wall, and he had four game-winning goals among his 16 this past season. His NHL debut came February 17th at Detroit for a onegame audition. With the Amerks, the 2010 second rounder (56th overall) scored one goal with three assists over just seven regular season games. Over two campaigns with Brynas of the Sweden Elite League, the left shot netted 44 points over 92 games with all but eight of those points coming in his second season. That same second year he also added 10 points over 16 playoff contests.

Your sorce for up-to-date hockey happenings in Western New York...

“It was a busy few days (since the trade), but it was good to get going right away,” the forward said. “I consider myself a two-way player—I like to make plays offensively, but I want to also be sound on defense.

“I thought (Zemgus Girgensons) and Johan Larsson were probably our best forwards from start to finish in this (playoff ) series,” said Amerks interim head coach Chadd Cassidy. “This is a man’s league and for guys that young to be able to play against that d-corps and be as effective as they were, I was happy for them.” Add Zemgus Girgensons, who scored three goals over the three playoff games—half his total over 61 regular season games—and the assumed permanent promotion of Mark Pysyk plus defensemen Brayden McNabb returning from a broken ankle and competition should be fierce coming training camp. NEWS & NOTES: • Former Amerk Bob Corkum (1989-90 thru 1991-92) was announced as coach of Team USA for the 2013 Ivan Hlinka Tournament this August. He spent last season as interim Head Coach at the University of Maine. • Former Amerk Scott Nichol (1994-95 thru 1999-2000) was named the Director of Player Development for the Nashville Predators following his May retirement. • The Sabres signed forward Colin Jacobs to a three-year, entry-level contract. The 6’1”, 202 lbs. 2001 fourth round draft pick finished this past season with Rochester recording three points (1+2) in 11 games. Prior to joining the Amerks, Jacobs led the Prince George Cougars with 25 goals and 53 points in 66 Western Hockey League games. In 252 career WHL games, Jacobs compiled 142 points (69+73) and 332 penalty minutes.

WNY Legends Of The Game

Reasoner: The Survivor by Randy Schultz “I’m a survivor.” That is how Marty Reasoner describes himself as a hockey player. At 36, Reasoner just finished his 14th season of play in the NHL. For the veteran center of the New York Islanders, Reasoner has learned over that period of time how to reinvent himself over and over again. Although he came into this season with less than 100 career regular season goals, the Honeoye Falls, NY native has found other ways to make him valuable to the teams he has played for. Reasoner remembered his days growing up in Honeoye Falls, just outside the Rochester, NY area. “I was between four and five years of age when I began playing hockey,” remembered Reasoner. “I worked my way up through the Rochester Youth Program. “Back when I played there was only one organization to play for and that was Rochester Youth Hockey. And it was either house or travel. “Today there are a lot of different organizations to play for and several different places to play. When I played you either played in SIR in Rochester or the Lake Shore Rink. “I’m glad to see that there are a lot more kids involved with the game today in the area I grew up and played in. To me it’s great for the game.” Following his years in Rochester Youth Hockey, Rea-

soner played high school hockey at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester, followed by two more years of high school at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts. From there it was on to Boston College, where he was named Rookie of the Year in his freshman year. That led to Reasoner being drafted in the first round, the 14th player taken overall, by the St. Louis Blues. “We had thought about taking the junior route at the time because a couple of other guys from the Rochester area had gone that route like Rory Fitzpatrick and Jason Bonsignore,” said Reasoner. “But we decided that going to prep school was probably the best avenue to take.” Heading that route was just the beginning. It wasn’t until Reasoner made the U.S. Team in 1996 to play in the World Juniors that the young center gave the NHL some serious thought. “I had no idea of how I stacked up against other talented hockey players from around the world until I got to the World Juniors,” commented Reasoner, who has played in the NHL for the Islanders, Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Boston Bruins, Atlanta Thrashers and Florida Panthers.” Once I got on that National stage, competing against guys from around the United States, that’s when I realized that I might be able to make a career out of professional hockey.” Reasoner played twice in the World Juniors and has represented the US three times in the World Championships. “It’s been exciting and a great deal of fun,” remarked Reasoner. “We lost to Canada in the finals of the ’97 World Juniors. “Playing in the World Championships was a bit different in the fact that you get to meet a lot of guys from around the world who also play pro hockey at some level.

The Buffalo Junior Sabres’ remarkable 2012-13 Ontario Junior Hockey League season may have ended with a second round playoff elimination, but the team kept enjoying success even heading into the summer months with several postseason honors. The two most significant ones came from the Ontario Hockey Association, the governing body of several junior and senior leagues throughout the province.

Tyler Gjurich, who heads to the University of Maine and NCAA Division I hockey next season, was named the OHA’s Junior ‘A’ Player of the Year. Head coach and general manager Michael Peca, meanwhile, was named the OHA’s Coach of the Year. Gjurich becomes just the second Western New Yorker to earn the OHA’s Player of the Year honor as the member of a Buffalo-based Junior ‘A’ team. The first was Chris Moran, who earned the honor in 2005 after a season with the Buffalo Lightning during which he finished second overall in the Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League in scoring. He later spent a year in the USHL before enrolling and playing hockey at Niagara University. Gjurich, though, put up higher numbers than his predecessor, scoring 53 goals and 44 assists – current NHL star Brian Gionta is the only other player to score 50 or more goals for a Buffalo Jr. A franchise (Niagara Scenics) – and was a key part to a Buffalo Jr. Sabres club that clinched its first OJHL West Division and SouthWest Conference regular season titles in team history. He was also named the OJHL’s Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, and was a finalist for the Canadian Junior Hockey League’s MVP award as well. Peca earned the accolades of his peers as well even before the OHA Awards, as he was named the OJHL Coach of the Year earlier in the spring. Both men were honored along with the OHA’s other award winners at a ceremony at the Hockey Hall of


Around The Associations by Michael Mroziak

Buffalo Shamrocks

“All in all they have all been great experiences.” Reasoner will be the first person to tell you that he has experienced two different lives during his professional hockey career. “In the early part of my career, including high school, college and the minor leagues, I played more of an offensive game,” stated Reasoner, who was named an All-American with BC in 1998 when he led them to the NCAA Finals. “It wasn’t until I got to Edmonton with the Oilers and wasn’t getting the opportunity to score goals, that coach Craig MacTavish saw me as a player that would kill penalties and play on a checking line against some of the better scoring lines in the NHL. “That move really changed my career and allowed me to play more years. It was either doing that or find some other line of work. “To me you can’t find anything better than hockey.”

Buffalo Jr. Sabres: Score In Honors By Michael Mroziak

Around The Associations


Fame in Toronto on June 7. Speaking of the Hall of Fame, Gjurich’s gloves were donated to the institution for inclusion in its “year in review” display. Moran’s Lightning jersey was donated to the Hall of Fame after he earned his OHA award in 2005.

FEDEROW HEADS TO AIC Make that eight players and counting from the 201213 season who are college bound. Defenseman Sean Federow, who was acquired by the Jr. Sabres from the Oakville Blades in April 2012, recently confirmed via his Twitter account that he has committed to Division I college hockey program American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts beginning next semester. Federow appeared in 52 regular season game, scoring 11 goals and 32 assists. He was the team’s top scoring defenseman and fifth overall on the team in scoring. He was especially valued as the key man on the Buffalo power play and gained a (Continued on page 22)

The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club recently announced a new 14U girls’ program will debut in the 2013-14 season. Girls ages 10 to 14 years old are eligible to participate. Spaces are still available but limited. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The Shamrocks added the Clover Hockey League (CHL) to its numerous offerings in the past year. This mite-novice league consisted of four teams, which gave the 6-to-8 year-olds a taste of competition, teamwork and sportsmanship. Every Sunday the eight-person teams squared off in 30-minute games using a 4-on4 format. The organization looks forward to another exciting year with the second season of the CHL. A few spots remain at each level for the 2013-14 season: Learn-to-Skate/Learn-to-Play, Mite Novice, Mite, Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam. Visit www.gorocks. org for registration information.

Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex Bill Gray’s Iceplex, USA Payroll unite to offer “Taste of the Game” Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex and USA Payroll recently announced a fiveyear partnership to implement a grassroots initiative promoting the sport of hockey. It’s called “Taste of the Game” and is designed to give area kids a comprehensive, hands-on experience with each element of the sport. “We are happy to be supporting this grassroots program and helping give kids the opportunity to experience the game of hockey,” said Ralph Fornuto, President of USA Payroll. “We are also happy to support the new management group at the Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex and believe they are taking the necessary steps to reform.” “We are fortunate to have a reputable company like USA Payroll support us in our grassroots initiatives,” said Ally Pawarski, Sponsorship Sales/Event Coordinator at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. “The values and mission of USA Payroll are closely aligned with what this program symbolizes; making for a cohesive partnership.”

Free All Girls’ ‘Try Hockey’ Program The Rochester Edge Girls Hockey Program and Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex have partnered to host a free, all girls try hockey program which starts this month. The program is open to any girls born on or after January 1, 1994 and on or before January 1, 2007. It will be held every Monday night in June and July (except for July 1), from 5:10 p.m. until 6:10 p.m. Full equipment is provided for each session, along with hockey skates if needed. Instruction will be provided from local professional players, women’s collegiate hockey players, Maximum Hockey instructors and Rochester Edge coaches and players. “We are thrilled to bring this program back,” said Jeff Colon, interim director for the Edge Program. “There are

over 20 girls that went through this program 10 years ago that are playing NCAA college hockey now. More importantly, a large number beyond that are lifelong hockey players.” “We are very excited to be the host for an event such as this,” said Chris Woodworth, Director of Programming and Marketing at the Iceplex. “One of our main goals is to introduce local children to ice sports, which in turn leads to exercise and healthier lifestyles for those children. We aim to do this at little to no cost when possible, so we are proud to have the Rochester Edge as a partner, which enables us to offer this at no cost to all participants.” For more information regarding this program, and for online registration for the program, visit the Rochester Youth Hockey website at

MYHockey to hold Tournaments at Iceplex MYHockey Tournaments announced it will hold six tournaments during the 2013-2014 youth hockey season at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. The dates are: October 4-6, 2013 – Rochester Fall Classic October 25-27, 2013 – Empire State Showdown November 29-December 1, 2013 – Rochester Thanksgiving Classic January 18-20, 2014 - Empire State Cup February 15-17, 2014 – Rochester Presidential Power Play March 7-9, 2014 – Rochester Rumble The tournaments are expected to welcome more than 425 teams, including 325 that will travel from more than 25 states and provinces, bringing over 20,000 visitors to the Rochester area. MYHockey Tournaments works with area hotels to house teams throughout the Rochester area and their 2012-13 tournaments resulted in more than 10,000 hotel room nights in Rochester, utilized by visiting teams. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Bill Gray’s Iceplex and Rochester area hotels for our 2013-14 season”, said Jim Babin, Tournament Director for MYHockey Tournaments. “Our teams have enjoyed visiting Bill Gray’s Iceplex and the Rochester area for many years. We are pleased to offer teams the opportunity to compete in a world class facility and enjoy the hospitality of Rochester area hotels, restaurants and businesses.” “MYHockey sets the gold standard in youth hockey tournaments in the United States, so we are very pleased to continue our relationship for another year”, said Woodworth. “These tournaments have a profound economic impact on our area with millions of dollars getting pumped back into our economy. Having such a great tournament company hosting so many events at the Iceplex speaks volumes about what our facility and community have to offer, and why it is a top tournament destination in the United States.” Monroe County officials hail the forthcoming tournaments as a positive economic impact not only for the ice rink complex but the near community as well. “The Monroe County Sports Commission looks forward to welcoming the many participants, families and friends that will be coming to Rochester for the six MYHockey Tournaments this hockey season”, said Denis

Mullen, Managing Director of Monroe County Sports Commission. “We could not be more thrilled about our partnership with MYHockey and the opportunity to showcase Rochester and the Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex as a premier sports destination. While Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex will be the home to great action on the ice, the array of family activities, shopping, museums, and dining options in Monroe County promises to make for a memorable experience off the ice as well.”

Rochester Special Hockey Association sets Friendship dates for 2014 Save the dates of April 5 and 6, 2014 for the Rochester Special Hockey Program’s Ninth Annual Friendship Tournament at the Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. Further details will be announced at the start of the 2013-14 season, by September to early October. Or, contact Tom Simmons with questions at tomhocky2@

Canandaigua Knights Youth Hockey Registration for the 2013-14 hockey season is open. To sign up online, visit and find the “Register Online” link on the left hand bar on the website home page. Parents are advised to read the online information carefully, especially as the registration calendar has changed for the coming season. Travel players must be registered no later than June 30, or else face a late registration fee of $25. According to the association, there are no exceptions. Travel players are required to order a blue jersey as part of the registration process. The cost of this jersey will be added to the overall registration fees. Parents must indicate the jersey size when registering. White jerseys are also available for an additional fee. Jersey sizings are available at Ludlow’s Embroidery, 321 N. Main Street near the corner of Main and Buffalo, in Canandaigua. House players, meanwhile, must be registered no later than August 15. Families who sign up by July 15 will receive a $25 early registration discount. As with the travel teams, registrants must choose a jersey size at the time of registration and can preview jersey sizes at Ludlow’s. All participants are advised to please register first with USA Hockey, with the exception of participants in the beginner program. Any parents with questions about the registration process or the programs are encouraged to contact Kelly McMullen at Anyone with questions regarding the jerseys should contact Aly Marshall at

Cazenovia Park The Cazenovia Park Hockey Association is busy making plans for its 54th continuous season! Board of Governors President Paul Spahn II is excited about the program improvements he and the other Board members are working diligently to put in place. (Continued on page 21)


Wheatfield Blades 2013 House League Information

• Saturdays and Sundays • Full 60 Minute of On Ice Sessions(not 50 minutes!!!) • 24 Full Weeks of Ice Two Times A Week • Age Appropriate Training • USA Hockey Certified Instructors • All Skill Levels Welcome Register @ • Mini Mite(Cross Ice)-Mite-Squirt-PW-Bantam Divisions • $560 Includes $20 Chiavetta’s bbq Fundraiser • Runs 9/28 – 3/22 • House Ratings Day 9/14 • House Select Teams in All Divisions • Tent Sale 9/14 • Playoffs for Mite-Bantam • Cross Ice Tournament 12/14

Men’s Collegiate


WNY Men’s College Hockey

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2013 Novice Information Beginner Program • Saturdays 10:25 am • Sunday 10:05 am • Both Days for $299

• Runs 9/29 -3/15 • All Ages Welcome

2013 Full Ice Mite House Program • Certified Coaches • Full Ice Games 60 Minutes!! • Saturday Practice 60 minutes!! • Full 60 Minutes not 50 Minutes

Questions? Contact:

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The Atlantic Hockey League (Canisius, Niagara, RIT) recently announced three changes following the annual spring meeting. Beginning with the 2014-15 season, the conference will play a 28-game league schedule guaranteeing its league members 14 home games and 14 away games. In the same season the league will add one additional scholarship bringing the total allowed to 13 scholarships and Atlantic Hockey will add one more scholarship for the 2015-16 season, bringing the total to 14. The final policy change made by the directors, deals with supplemental discipline. Beginning with the coming 2013-14 season, any supplemental discipline of two games or fewer cannot be appealed to the executive committee. In addition, the directors received a report from the commissioner on the potential of expansion after Connecticut leaves Atlantic Hockey at the end of the 2013-14 season. There are currently two institutions that have expressed interest in replacing Connecticut. The directors voted unanimously to conduct a thorough review of the Atlantic Hockey strategic plan. They have appointed Don Cook, Director of Athletics at Sacred Heart, as the chair/consultant to lead and direct this very important project. “These policy changes are significant as the league moves forward into its second decade of Division I Ice Hockey competition,” states Commissioner Bob DeGregorio in a league issued press release. “The addition of two scholarships will enable our members to enhance their recruiting abilities to compete with the other Division I leagues without affecting the overall competitiveness within the Atlantic Hockey structure. The new scheduling policy now guarantees each of the league members a minimum of 14 home games. The change in the supplemental policy reflects an effort to streamline the process. In the first 10 years of the league, there were no appeals of supplemental discipline that reversed the commissioners’ one or two games suspension. In regards to expansion, we are currently engaged in confidential discussions with two potential new members.”


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Sterling Park Medical 200 Sterling Drive Suite 300 Orchard Park, NY 14127 (716) 218-1020

After leading the Canisius College hockey team to its most successful season in school history, Dave Smith has signed a contract extension through the 2016-17 season. Smith is set to enter his ninth season in charge of the Golden Griffin program after leading Canisius to its first conference championship during the 2012-13 campaign.

Junior Kyle Gibbons earned the team’s Top Forward Award after leading Canisius with 43 points, 21 goals and 22 assists during the 2012-13 campaign. His 43 points and 21 goals are the third most in the program’s history, while also placing second with nine powerplay tallies. Overall, Gibbons placed 12th in Division I in points, eighth in goals and sixth in power-play goals. Junior Ben Danford collected Top Defenseman accolades for the third-straight season. He is the first Griff to earn the honor in three-straight campaigns in the program’s Division I history and the third overall (joining Joe Federico – 1984-87 and Craig Jantzi – 198689). Danford led all defenders on the team this season with 18 points, scoring two goals to go along with 16 assists. The junior was also a key member of the Griffs’ record-setting penalty kill unit. Ralph Cuddemi earned the team’s Rookie of the Year award after recording 10 points on four goals and six assists. Five of the his 10 points came during the Griffs’ postseason run, including his first career multi-goal game in the Atlantic Hockey Championship victory over Mercyhurst. Sophomore Cody Freeman earned Most Improved honors, finishing his sophomore season with 20 points, 12 goals and eight assists in 28 games. Freeman increased his scoring by 15 points from his rookie campaign and the sophomore led all players in the country with eight goals during the month of March. Senior captain Preston Shupe received the Dr. David B. Dietz Award, which is presented to a player for his dedication in both athletics and academics. Shupe finished second on the team with 29 points and 16 goals during his final season with the Griffs. Senior captain Torrey Lindsay was honored with the Top Chapman Memorial Award as the team’s unsung hero for the second-straight campaign. Lindsay appeared in all 43 games with 14 points, three goals and 11 assists. He was also a key member of the team’s penalty kill unit, which finished as the 11th-best unit in NCAA history by killing 90.1 percent of its opponent’s power-play chances. In addition, Shupe and freshman Stephen Miller earned team awards for their work off the ice. Shupe collected the Hasek’s Heroes Award for the thirdstraight year for his work with the program, while Miller earned the team’s Community Outreach Award.


The team named its award winners for the 2012-13 campaign in early May. Junior goaltender Tony Capobianco was named the team’s MVP after setting four school records in saves (1,256), save percentage (.929), goaltender wins (18) and shutouts (four) during the season. He led all players in the country with his 1,256 saves, which ranks 12th in NCAA history and the most since the 1988-89 campaign. He also finished 12th nationally with his .929 save percentage to go along with a 2.40 goals against average.


Niagara hockey goalie Niagara hockey goalie Carsen Chubak has given up his final year of college eligibility and signed an American Hockey League contract with the Adirondack Phantoms, the top affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers. Chubak led the 2012-13 Purple Eagles to the school’s fourth NCAA Tournament appearance, and first since 2008, and the program’s first Atlantic Hockey regular season title. Chubak was 23-7-5 with a 1.91 GAA and a .930 save percentage leading the league in wins, goalsagainst average and save percentage, while finishing third with 2042:38 minutes played. His six shutouts also led the conference, and were tied for first in the nation. His achievements between the pipes earned him AHA Player of the Year honors, as well as a spot as a Top10 Hobey Baker finalist. Chubak is only one of three players, with Paul Zanette and Joe Tallari, in Purple Eagle history to earn this distinction. (Continued on next page)

Men’s College Hockey Center Giancarlo Iuorio has signed a one-year contract with VIK Västerås in Västerås, Sweden currently playing in the second highest league in Sweden, Hockeyallsvenskan. He finished his senior season ranked eighth in the nation in goals (21), and added 13 assists to hit the 30-point mark for the second time in his four years at Niagara. Iuorio earned a spot on the First Team AllAHA team after garnering 25 points on 15 goals and 10 assists in league play. The assistant captain wrapped up his career with 45 scores and 57 helpers, joining the 100-point club on March 1st. Senior defenseman Jason Beattie was honored with the Kevin Mulkern Award during the school’s 156th Commencement Ceremony held at the Gallagher Center. The award is a gift of the family and friends in honor of the memory of former Niagara assistant swim coach Kevin Mulkern. Since 1976, the Mulkern Award has been given annually to the senior athlete who has the highest ideals of sportsmanship, competition and fair play in the spirit of Niagara University. Beattie finished his collegiate career with seven goals and 18 assists in 106 games for the Purple Eagles, including a career-high three goals during the 2012-13 campaign. He recently signed an Amateur Tryout with the Rochester Americans, the American Hockey League affiliate for the Buffalo Sabres. The senior co-captain earned Atlantic Hockey AllAcademic accolades twice and the AHA StudentAthlete of the Year award in 2012. The 2013 Hockey Humanitarian Award finalist graduated in 2012 with his bachelors in accounting, and completed his Masters degree in business administration. Beattie is just the second men’s hockey studentathlete to receive the Kevin Mulkern award, the first being Niagara Hall of Fame inductee Joe Tallari in 2004.


The Tiger announced its captains for the 2013-14 season. Junior forward Matt Garbowsky will wear the “C”, while senior forward Ben Lynch will serve as an assistant captain. Senior forward Jeff Smith garnered three individual honors, while classmate Chris Saracino earned a pair of individual honors, as the RIT men’s hockey team announced its 2012-13 team award winners.

Women’s Hockey


The Dr. Albert J. Simone Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a member of the RIT hockey community who makes a positive impact on the program. This year, the award went to Margot Clements, Administrative Assistant to both the RIT men’s and women’s hockey teams.

Women’s Hockey Around Campus

FREDONIA Senior Alex Perkins will serve as team captain for the 201314 season. Classmates Andrew Christ and Ryan Edens were elected as assistant captains.

Smith was given the Louis Spiotti Jr. Coaches Award, as a player who embodies RIT hockey, and was co-winner of the Greg Moss Hard Hat Award, given to a player who performs at a high level and does it with very little fanfare. He also won the Dan Barrows Fan’s Choice award. Smith enjoyed a tremendous senior season leading the team with 14 goals and 11 assists. Thirteen of Smith’s 14 goals came at even strength. Saracino was awarded the Tim Cordick Award, given to the team’s best defenseman, and the Art Thomas Teammate award. Saracino scored 11 goals, while adding 21 assists for 32 points in 38 games. His 11 goals tied a RIT Division I single-season record for goals by a defenseman, while his 32 points was tied for third most nationally among all blue-liners. Garbowsky shared the Greg Moss Hard Hat Award with Smith. Garbowsky used a torrid late season run to lead the team in scoring with 33 points on 11 goals and 22 assists. Over his final 11 games, Garbowsky tallied 19 points on nine goals and 10 assists and finished the year as one of the national leaders with 493 face-offs won. The Craig Lauzon award for the top newcomer was awarded to freshman forward Dan Schuler (Webster). Schuler emerged as a top penalty killer while showing offensive touch as the season progressed. Schuler tallied 16 points on the season and was a team-best plus-11. Junior defenseman Greg Noyes was honored with the Green B. Williams Award for Academic Excellence. Noyes was tied for seventh nationally among all Division I defenseman with 29 points. Noyes tallied nine goals and 20 assists in 38 games, with 15 points (6-9-15) coming on the power-play. Noyes, a packaging science major, recorded a 3.89 grade-point average during the 2012-13 season.


Goaltender Kevin Carr was named the Bengal Award for Male Athlete of the Year. Carr set four school records this season, posting a 2.52 goals against average to go with 13 wins, a .921 save percentage and three shutouts. The junior had a 17save shutout over Fredonia in the SUNYAC Quarterfinals, helping the Bengals advance to the conference semifinals for the second consecutive season.


Sophomore Ryan Kaufman (Amherst) was named to the 2012-13 Capital One Academic All-District ® Men’s At-Large District I first team as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America. As a first-team selection, Kaufman is now eligible to be selected as a Capital One Academic All-America recipient. Kaufman was also named a State University of New York Chancellor’s Scholar Athletic Award recipient. He was one of 22 NJCAA members on the squad. Earlier, the blueliner made the 2013 All-Region III hockey team as a second-team selection after appearing in 16 games and recording 4 goals and 11 assists. Kaufman, the team’s top scoring defenseman, helped lead the Kats to back-to-back NJCAA championship semifinal games scoring 13 points (1 goal/12 assists) in the 2011-12 season.


by Janet Schultz

Bengals Hire Moxley A familiar face returns to the WNY Hockey scene. Former Niagara University standout player and Ohio State University Assistant Coach Candice Moxley will be standing behind the Buffalo State Women’s Ice Hockey Team’s bench when they take the ice this Fall. Moxley spent the past three seasons as an assistant coach at Ohio State, where she helped the team improve its win-loss record each season. Prior to joining the Buckeye staff, she served one year as the head coach at Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario, and two years as an assistant at Robert Morris in Pittsburgh, where she was responsible for game strategy planning, video review, practice planning and opponent scouting. Before her stint at Robert Morris, Moxley was the head on-ice Instructor for Canadian Hockey Enterprises from 2002-2008. There, she was in charge of implementing on-ice practice plans for a variety of ages and skill levels. Moxley has also worked as an instructor at Stephanie Boyd’s Female Hockey School and the New Ice Age Hockey School in Stouffville, Ontario. She also had stints coaching for Goulding Park Midget Boys AA Hockey and for the Markham District High School’s women’s varsity team. A native of Markham, Ontario, Moxley is familiar with Western New York as a four-year player at Division I Niagara from 2001-05, where she played in 135 career games and netted 34 goals and 78 points. As a freshman, she helped the team reach the NCAA Frozen Four. A team captain and All-College Hockey America (CHA) honoree as a senior, she was also a three-time CHA All-Academic Team member. She continued her playing career after completing her bachelor’s degree in business commerce from Niagara, spending time in the National Women’s Hockey League. She also earned a silver medal at the Esso Women’s Hockey Nationals and at the 2007 Provincial Championships. She is currently a member of the 2013 Canadian National Ball Hockey Team and also plays for the Canadian National Inline Hockey Team. Moxley has a master’s in business administration from Niagara and another master’s in instructional leadership from Robert Morris.

Sophomore goaltender Ali Binnington was named to the 2013 CoSIDA/Capital One At-Large Academic All-Region team. Binnington, a finance major, has a 4.0 grade-point average. Binnington enjoyed an excellent sophomore season for RIT in 2012-13, appearing in 28 games, recording an 11-10-4 record. She finished among the national leaders with a 1.93 goals against average (13th nationally) and .928 save percentage (tied for ninth nationally). She also recorded six shutouts, tied for third in all of Division I. Binnington was the College Hockey America Goaltender of the Month in January and was a four-time Goaltender of the Week selection. In 26 games, Binnington allowed two goals or less 19 times. She made a career-high 43 saves in the CHA Semifinal against Syracuse and stopped at least 25 shots in a game 11 times. From Dec. 15 to the end of the season, Binnington recorded a microscopic 1.56 goals against average and .942 save percentage over the final 17 games. She recorded shutouts against Yale, Brown, Robert Morris, Penn State, and two versus Sacred Heart. For her career, Binnington is 21-10-4 with a 1.67 goals against average, .930 save percentage, and eight shutouts. Last season, she was 10-0-0 with a 0.95 goals against average and .942 save percentage in helping RIT win the 2012 NCAA Division III National Championship. The Tigers enjoyed a tremendous first season at the Division I level in 2012-13, finishing with a .500 record (16-16-1) and advancing to the semifinals of the College Hockey America Postseason Tournament. RIT finished tied for third in the CHA standings and won its first two postseason contests as a Division I program. The RIT women’s hockey team through the RIT United Way Foundation raised $5,939.86 for CURE Childhood Cancer Association held in conjunction with College Hockey America’s “Skate For The Cure” cause.

On Friday Feb. 8, RIT wore special pink jerseys in their game vs. Syracuse that were auctioned off between periods and sold special team photos for the cause. On May 3, members of the RIT women’s hockey team presented CURE Executive Director Brian Wirth with a check in the Ritter Arena Lobby. “I’d like to thank the RIT women’s hockey team and the RIT community team such a generous donation,” stated Wirth. “I’ve always believed in community service as a way of giving back to the community, from playing (at Niagara), to coaching (at RIT),” said RIT Head Coach Scott McDonald. “To give back to such a great cause is very rewarding.” The RIT women’s hockey team has made a habit of giving back to the community. In 2010 and 2012, RIT teamed with the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority for the “Make the Rink Pink” weekend, which raised over $47,000. The proceeds were donated evenly to the Rochester General Hospital’s Lipson Cancer Center and the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. In 2011 the Tigers raised $10,219 for Finger Lakes Health in conjunction with Geneva General Cardiology Associates in an effort to “Black Out Heart Disease”.

Buffalo State College

Lauren Mallo (British Columbia, pictured above) was named Most Valuable Player for women’s ice hockey. She led the Bengals’ defensive unit, while recording one goal and six assists. (Continued on page 20 )


Summer Fest Events STREET HOCKEY TOURNAMENT Multiple Divisions. Open to Boys and Girls. Championship Game. LOCKER ROOM SPORTS HOCKEY EXPO TENT Super closeout deals on hockey sticks, skates and equipment. Company reps from major hockey vendors. New product demos. Giveaways. Appearances from your favorite HOCkeY CeleBRiTieS!

August 17, 2013 9:00am to 8:00pm

MOLSON ICEDOME 4on4 TOURNAMENT Senior Hockey at its Best!!! One Day Tournament – Cross ice Hockey All inclusive Tournament: We Provide Food – Drinks – Swag – & Sun Burn!

Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road Rochester, NY 14623



BEAT THE HEAT AND GET ON THE ICE FRee Public Skating, FRee Broomball Pick-up Games, Giveaways, and More!

Other Activities • Food provided by Bill Gray’s • Frozen Custard provided by Abbott’s • Raffles and Giveaways • Deck Party

• Live Music & DJ • Appearances by Pro Athletes • Activities for the Kids • Face Painting IceplexSummerFestAd21x13.indd 1 6/11/13 4:47 PM

Women’s Hockey (Continued from page 17)

University of Buffalo

The Lady Ice Bulls Assistant Coach Ron Adimey has been named Head Coach for the 2013-14 season. Adimey has been with the program since 2011. Adimey is a native of WNY playing his youth hockey in Amherst and then going on to play junior hockey with the Niagara Scenics and his high school hockey with Canisius After graduating he went on to play for the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has also played for Viernheim and the Adler Mannheim in Germany. Since returning to WNY Adimey has coached with the Buffalo Bisons girls program.

Around WNY... ...Girls named to the Region PDC USAH Regional Female Goalie/Player Development Camp being held at Kent State University include from NY: (1996) Caroline Buckholtz, Rachel Grampp, Rachel Lenard, Grace Keogh, Caitline Horvatits, Emily Becker, Alexis Becker, Madison Welch. (1997) Ginamarie Mangiafridda, Marlena Doerr, Sarah Wolf, Blake Orosz, Kylie McCloskey, Krya Johnasson,Chelsea Allain. (1998) Katherine Tewksbury, Natalie Giglio, Claire Werynski, Emily Rose, Victoria Allard, Marissa Higgins, Brynn Wopperer, Madeline Utz, Zoe Shannon, Samatha Griswold. (1999) Gabrielle Cleary, Allison Attea, Anna Deitcher, Eleanor Wheeler and Aerin Frankel. ...Julianna Iafallo, Annika Zalewski, Kelsey Baldwin, Mikaela Ditonto, Katharyn Snyder, Lindsay Browning, Madeline Fouts, Taylor Petrowksi, Ariella Haas and Stephanie O’Brien have been added to the list of girls invited to the USA Hockey National Camp in St.Cloud, Minnesota. Also attending are Taylar Cianfarano, Allison Gasuik, Toni Ann Miano, Madison Sansone Brandy



Streeter, Elizabeth Gerace, Kalie Grant, Cailey Hutchison, Nichole Mensi, Caroline Ross, Olivia Zafuto, Abby Cleary, Rahel Deperio, Jordan Emerson, Bailey Lewczyk, Brittani Mingoia, Ava Simoncelli, Lila Toczek, Abigail Welch, Natalie Buchbinder, Katelin Cummings, Jennifer Gregg, Lillian Holmes, Georgia Keough, Hayley Lunny, Marielle McHale and Maureen Murphy. These are the girls from NYS and since we didn’t have their hometown teams listed, we decided to give you all of them. We aplogize if anyone is not listed. Please let us know.

Bisons At Nationals The Buffalo Bison’s Girl’s 19U Team lost in the Quarter

Finals of the National Championships held in San Jose, California. The Bison’s opened with a win over Team Pittsburgh by a score of 9-4. The two teams combined for a total of 89 shots in the contest. On Day Two of the National Championships, the Bison’s started out slow, but came from behind to win by a score of 5-3 over New Jersey. To close out the preliminary round, game #3 would be against Honey Baked the Michigan representative. The game was scoreless until late in the first period until the Bison’s got into penalty trouble. Honey Baked scored 5 consecutive Power Play goals as the Bison’s lost by a score of 6-0. By the Buffalo Bison’s winning 2 games out of 3 in the preliminary round, it would allow the Bison’s to advance to the Quarter Finals against perennial power Shattuck St. Mary’s. The quarter final game was outstanding fast paced game as both teams traded scoring opportunities. There was no score with a little over 2 minutes left in the game, as Shattuck scored on a scramble in front of the Bison’s net. Although the Bison’s fell short of a National Championship, they represented New York State well as the competed against the best teams in the United States. The team finished with an overall record of 35Wins, 12Loses, and 1Tie for the season. Besides playing for the National Title, the real focus is to provide an opportunity for the players to go on to play in College. This year’s team had the following Seniors Committed to play at the following Colleges: Kelly Seward-Penn State, Maddie Elia- Boston University, Julie Duquette-Plattsburgh State, Jessica Brownschidle-Middlebury, Kendall Appelbaum and Ashley Lyman-Oswego State. The team also has the following Juniors and Sophomore’s Committed to the following Colleges: Allison Gasuik and Julianna Iafallo-Ohio State University, Madison Sansone-Providence College, Annika Zalewski-Colgate, and Madison Welch-Syracuse.B

(Cazenovia Continued from page 13)

All teams will see an increase in ice times, which will have a huge impact on the development of our house/MOHL players. Powerskating, stickhandling and goalie development will also be focused on with additional sessions scheduled

for each division. The Caz Mite program has also been overhauled! Multiple teams of boys and girls aged 5-8, will be coached by experienced USA Hockey Certified Coaches, under the guidelines of the USA Hockey Cross Ice Program and the American Development Model. While the focus will be on skill development, “fun” will be an essential element in this program. Cross ice games will be scheduled not only in house, but with other Organizations participating in the USA Hockey program as well. A “Full Ice” Mite Select team (for birth year 2005’s) will begin in January! (8 year old players will skate with the other 8 year olds in the program, as well as with their Mite team). This team(s) will participate in full ice games and scrimmages as well what we hope will be the first of many Cazenovia Park Hockey/Hasek’s Heroes Full Ice Mite Tournaments in January! Caz is also proud of our Girls program, offering 19U TB, 16U TB, 12U TB and 12 U NTB teams. Girls coordinator Chris Malicki oversees this program and will offer house/MOHL girls the opportunity to participate in a “pull out” girls team if there are enough girls registered in specific age groups. By focusing on player development and keeping prices low and affordable the Cazenovia Park Hockey Association is ready for the next 50 years! Cazenovia Park Hockey Fun Fact: Take a good look at the new “Got Milk” ad featuring Tyler Ennis. Does the rink look familiar? It should, it was filmed in February at the Timothy J. Burvid Memorial Rink aka Caz Rink! This is the second credit this season for Caz Rink, which was also the “stage” for a Canadian Tire ad (as seen on Hockey Night in Canada)!

Hamburg Hockey Hamburg Hockey online registration is now open for returning players only. All spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. When spaces are filled the association will create a waiting list. Those who apply online must first register with USA Hockey at The Mite program has been redesigned, with USA Hockey and NYSAHA changing its guidelines to now allow 8-year-olds to play a limited number of full-ice games. With that, Hamburg Hockey is introducing two new programs this season: the Patriot and Red, White and Blue programs. The Patriot program is exclusively for 8-year-olds (2005 birth year) and will feature halfice games through December and full ice games after January 1, 2014. The RWB program is for 7-year-olds (2006 birth year) and will continue to play cross-ice games. The Initiation Program, meanwhile, is accepting new registrants. For more information, visit www.

Monroe County Youth Hockey


Tonawanda Lightning

The Eagles 16U tournament-bound team, guided under the coaching of Nick Nucci, went undefeated in the Skaters Edge Tournament in Marlborough, Mass. The team finished with a record of 2-0-1 in pool play to advance to the next round. The Eagles continued on through the playoffs with a 3-2 overtime win over the New England Nordiques to advance to the division finals. There they defeated the East Coast Militia, 5-4, to earn themselves the division championship. Congratulations to the Eagles!

Coaches and players’ parents can now begin registering for the 2013-14 season but it is required in two steps. First, you must register at USA Hockey. You can do so online at Payment online is required. The fee is $43 for the season. Upon completing registration with USA Hockey, you may register directly with the association online at

Perinton Youth Hockey

The West Seneca Wings will celebrate their 40th season in 2013-14. There will be a number of events and celebrations which WNY Hockey Report will bring to you early in the season. Watch for it. WNY Hockey thanks the Wings for their hospitality and the invitation to their special evening on June 12. Shelia Meegan, West Seneca town supervisor, acknowledged several members of the Wings organization and declared September West Seneca Wings Month in honor of the 40th anniversary of the hockey club. She presented the Proclamation to WSW President Dick Lynch (photo below). Recognized for years of service ( and pictured below) were Rogie Marini, Ken Moeller, Tim Sixelmann, Jim Schoenhals, Dave Cox, Dick Lynch and Dave Siminski.

The Rochester Monarchs Squirt Major team is seeking one or two additional players for the 2013-14 season. The team will play an independent schedule with a majority of games against AA competition. Parents interested in having their child take part in a team skate should contact head coach Mike Burgio at

Rochester Edge The Rochester Edge program will host its instructional camp from Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26. The camp’s daily regimen will include 90 minutes of on-ice skill development, 90 minutes of on-ice game situational play and scrimmages, one hour of team building and one hour of off-ice training. Monday the 22nd is camp kickoff day, which takes place from 3:30 until 7:30 p.m. The remaining sessions take place from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily. The cost to register is $350 dollars. For more information, email Morgan at morgan@maksymum. com.

Southtown Stars The Southtowns Stars Amateur Hockey Association (STSAHA) is taking pride in its steady growth, with their travel program’s successes leading it to add another travel team for the 2013-14 season. Last season, eight of the Stars’ travel teams were eligible for the WNYAHL playoffs. Five qualified for the playoffs with two advancing to their championship round. The Stars’ Squirt Majors won their title game. STSAHA is also crediting its Multi-Organizational House League (MOHL) program for organizational growth. They’re seeking to place two Midget teams into competition, one in the 18U ranks and the other in 16U, with four teams in all other divisions ranging from Mites through Bantams. The Stars plan also to create Select teams in its lower MOHL divisions (Mite/RWB through Bantam) including a 2005 team that will play ten full ice games. STSAHA’s MOHL teams are planning to play not only internal house teams but house teams from other associations as well.

West Seneca Wings

OHL Hockey

Insight Hockey



(Jr. Sabres Continued from Page 12)

As expected, the Jr. Sabres drew a significant turnout at their April and May tryouts and once again being a veteran player did not ensure a spot on the roster for 2013-14. The team, however, had not announced a firmed roster for the coming season.


HL Images

to Courtesy OJ Sean Federow (Pho

reputation for smooth puck movement and passing, as well as excellent body positioning when he was not in control of the puck or directly defending the opponent who possessed it. The resident of Niagara Falls, Ontario quickly established himself as a popular and respected teammate in the Buffalo dressing room, one year after playing for their division rivals the Oakville Blades.

Although no official announcement had been made as of yet, it’s been hinted and commonly believed among the hockey community that the Jr. Sabres will move into the HARBORCenter in 2014 when the Buffalo Sabres’ new multi-use complex next to First Niagara Center is complete. In the meantime, they’ll enjoy some new and improved conditions on their existing home ice at the Northtown Center at Amherst. Back in April, renovations were conducted on the Lexus Feature rink that resulted in larger bench spaces and roomier penalty boxes as well as new seamless glass along the boards. The rink and stands even got a new paint job, with the Jr. Sabres’ logo once again appearing at center ice. Once again, it’s also unusually turned on its side from the vantage point of a viewer overlooking center ice from the red line. This was done to accommodate other association and sponsor logos, and as the majority of home fans gather at the end where the Jr. Sabres defend twice, it offers them the better angle. Blue is also used among the new equipment, though this is to coincide with the University at Buffalo ACHA team’s use of the feature rink in 2014 and beyond. UB also plays its home games at Northtown but didn’t necessarily have access to the feature rink for all of its home games last season.

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15th Annual Todd Marchant Hockey School

Perseverance, Responsibility, Intensity, Determination and Enthusiasm. aces Only a few sp . still available

One Week Only

July 22 - 27 2013 Northtown Center, Amherst Associated with Amherst Youth Hockey

Mites (2005-2008)


menta than funda re o m n re d fun and h your chil “We’ll teac still life lessons in a in l ’l skills...we g way.” challengin

Squirts (2003-2004) Peewee (2001-2002) Seniors (1998-2000 - Bantam/Midget) Open to boys and girls

Call 688-4301

Daily Schedule 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Enrollment includes: • 16 Hours on-ice • Instruction by the Area’s Best Coaches • Organized Land Activities • On-site Medical Trainer • Guest Speakers • Lunch Included • Todd Marchant Hockey School Jersey • Autographed Todd Marchant Photo • Goaltending Equipment Available




$100 Deposit Due by 5/6/13. Final Payment Due 6/17/13.

Hurry, spots fill quickly!

Goaltending Program • Awards • Work Ethic • Pride

Insight Hockey by Tom Barnett Despite the recent weather, summer is here. Each April, across the region I think I actually hear a collective sigh of relief from parents and players when the hockey season comes to a close. It is a long season, for sure, and taking a break from the heavy schedules of early mornings, weekend trips and rushing home after work is welcome among a lot of people. In the past, there really was such a thing as the “off season”. These days, however, for some it seems like one long season and the only thing that changes is that the kids go to the rink in shorts and flip flops instead of coats and boots. I think getting away from the rink for a little while is good for the kids’ hockey experience. In my experience, I’ve seen kids --and coaches-- come back to the rink more refreshed, energized and excited to get back to the rink in the fall. The locker room is electric with stories of summer vacations, tales of fishing trips, lacrosse and soccer games. Participation in other sports also seems to have a beneficial impact on kids’ dedication to hockey. It helps a player to put the gear away for a while, clear the mind, and let time away from the game remind you why you wanted to play the game in the first place. Imagine that the only schedule to follow is whether the pool is open or the Weather Channel to head to the beach. I recall having many discussions with Hall of Famer Mark Messier, who carved out a pretty decent career, and was passionate about getting away from the rink in spring and summer. In-fact he and his running mate Wayne Gretzky played baseball and lacrosse in the off-season and felt it was vital to personal development, adding new tools to the skill set as well as the participating with and stimulation of new friendship groups. So what should kids do in the off season? What should teams do in the off season? How do you keep the sense of team during the summer? Some organizations have unofficial seasons, skating sessions, skill camps, etc., which help keep the kids in touch with each other, and helps them get to know each other better.

youth. Our kids are in the important time of their lives when they’re beginning to grow into responsible adults. Maybe it’s time for a little lesson on community responsibility and involvement. It doesn’t have to be anything too schedule heavy. It doesn’t have to be “lesson-heavy.” It could be something fun. The Buffalo Shamrocks, for example, has maintained a garden at The Buffalo Zoo for the past 12 years. Each spring, an entire army of Shamrocks players, their families and coaches spend a few hours in ‘Safari Groups’, cleaning up the spring detritus from the plot of land. They spread mulch, chat, pull weeds, pass the coffee box around, cut grass, chat some more, and plant vegetables. As we dig, we teach the kids about how the zoo uses the vegetables and flowers harvested from our little plot to supplement the animals’ diets and of course, beatifies the park. Throughout the summer, volunteers tend the garden, culminating in a late summer harvest, where the kids can relish in their hard labor they’ve been doing all summer and feel accomplished at helping the animals and the zoo. The opportunity to lead, to assist others is nurtured and the concept of ‘give back’ certainly does not have to wait until the players are adults. It is also rewarding and enlightening to witness the inspired performance and growth of these young individuals in ways unimaginable and in a fun, motivated environment that is drastically different from the arena and on-ice. Along with being a part of team all winter, the kids will feel they’re part of a team all summer long. For us, it’s been a successful way to build teamwork, team commitment, and team loyalty while helping to instill a sense of community responsibility and purpose. The kids and parents enjoy it, and it gives them a chance to see each other someplace other than a hockey rink. Plus, maybe getting the kids out into the community, away from the rink and doing other activities together will help avoid hockey burnout that so many kids have these days. Tom Barnett, a native Western New Yorker, participated as a player from the youth through collegiate level, and has been involved in coaching hockey and program development for more than 30 years. As founder and president of The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club, a USA Hockey program, Tom was recognized by the National Hockey League as the 2009 recipient of the inaugural Mark Messier Youth Leadership Award.


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Tournaments 2013-2014 Season DATE 8/23 - 8/25 9/20 - 9/22 9/27 - 9/29 10/18-10/20 11/8 - 11/10 11/15-11/17 12/7 - 12/8 1/10 - 1/12 1/24 - 1/26 1/31-2/2 2/8

Level RYH U15/U16/U18 AAA RYH 1999 AAA Tournament RYH 2003 AAA Tournament Fire On Ice Girls Tournament (plus Colgate vs RIT) RYH 2001 AAA & AA Tournament RYH 1999 AA Tournament RYH 2004 AAA/AA Tournament RYH 2000 AAA Tournament RYH 2002/2003 AA Tournament RYH 2002 AAA Tournament RYH Cross-Ice Tournament

For more information or to register please go to:

Here’s another idea: use this opportunity to help build a sense of community responsibility and involvement among our young hockey





Old Tyme Hockey Expanding By Michael J. Mroziak

The Old Tyme Hockey League of East Aurora, the adult hockey league which opened in 2009 on the former Old Tyme Hockey League NHL Winter Classic Rink relocated to that village, is expanding its business with both a summer skills program in Buf “They are all ‘pulling the rope the same way’ and it’s exciting falo and an adult league in Rochester. to see the great things happening there. They asked us about our Ice time became available to OTHLEA at Riverside Rink in Bufrelationship with Molson, so we took the opportunity to show-off how falo for the summer weeks, and beginning in early June the company launched a series of sessions ranging from instructional ice times to scrim- OTHLEA works, along with Molson, and they totally got what we are doing.” “For just an independent group running an adult league, you see the nummages. “We have a great relationship with Hasek’s Heroes, who manage Riverside,” bers, they are clearly successful at what they do,” said Chris Woodworth of Bill said OTHLEA’s Ian Woods. “We worked with them and the Sabres to allow us to Gray’s Iceplex. “We were put in touch by some people… We have a new ownership group that’s really working hard and trying new ideas, launching prouse the rink in the evening. It’s good for all parties. “We get bugged a lot to extend OTHLEA beyond the winter. Our goal with the grams.” summer is fun first, win second. To that end, we are doing more pick-up skates When both sides met, Woodworth and Rochester peers were impressed than league skates. We are also doing a 200-level training program, where half by the business model of the East Aurora based league, and had a good feelthe skate is skills and drills with a coach, then some one-on-one training, fin- ing about allowing OTHLEA to set up a league in Rochester, known as the Old Tyme Hockey League of Rochester, or O-ROC for short. ishing with coach-led scrimmage. It’s been a really big hit with our guys. Among those offering instruction through this summer program are in- There are other adult leagues already happening at Bill Gray’s Iceplex. How structors from High Performance Hockey Development, based in Holiday Twin are they making room for the newest arrival? “We’ve converted our traditional Thursday night league into (O-ROC), Rinks in Cheektowaga. While part of the idea was to keep folks skating and keep some OTHLEA team- and then we currently have leagues running Monday, Tuesday and Sunday,” mates in touch during the summer, Woods adds there has been an unexpect- said Woodworth, who added that there are a handful of teams who have expressed an interest in tryout out ‘the new model.’ ed benefit. “We didn’t expect our summer programming to be a recruitment tool, but it With the lure of classic NHL uniforms, local business sponsorships and – has turned out to be just that,” said Woods. “It’s a great way to introduce friends if you’ve ever been to the league’s website you’ll see it for yourself - an odd to the way we roll...leave your phone in the locker room, get a great sweat in sense of humor about how it conducts itself, could this become the marquee with some friends. And of course, grab a beer after. Demand has been great, league at Bill Gray’s? “That’s one of the things we like is those little unique things that really so we are looking forward to being year-round now.” Meanwhile, the company is taking its popular adult hockey league con- differentiate that league from a traditional adult league, where the guys just cept down the Thruway into the Rochester market and introducing a second show up and they may or may not have matching jerseys. We want to move down that road, so it’s something we definitely plan on doing.” version of the league for the Flower City. OTHLEA, the league, launched in 2009 with the concept of having its teams Woods says there is additional interest in the Molson OTHL model elsedon the colors of classic NHL teams, all sponsored by a nearby establishment. where in New York State, Ohio and even Florida. They’re definitely not op(However, in the interest of not creating an image of favoritism OTHLEA does posed to the idea of expanding even more beyond Rochester, but only if the not use the name or colors of the hometown team, circumstances are right. the Buffalo Sabres). Players pay “It would completely rock to have a Molson Old Tyme Hockey League in their season fees directly to the every hockey town in the U.S. and Canada,” Woods said. “Why not? We try to league, including the cost of have pond hockey tourneys in every hockey town. We have had a lot of talks uniform, ice time and even the with Molson about this and it’s sort of on our shoulders to make it happen. So we will defer to fate. referees’ fees. When OTHLEA’s ownership “What I mean is that we will look to grow the Molson OTHL, along with our team came to Rochester to Molson IceDome 4 on 4 Adult Hockey Tournaments in any place that comes discuss business, the idea of up naturally through our relationships. We are not going to go door-to-door running a similar adult hock- selling the idea. If it works, it’ll be awesome. If it’s just in Buffalo and Rochester, ey league there raised the it’ll be just as great. We’ll work on having a Molson OTHL Lord Manly Cup series interest of the folks at Bill in the future, but for now...we’ll enjoy what we have in each town.” For more information on OTHLEA’s Buffalo summer program and winter Gray’s Iceplex. “We met the great league, visit For more information on its new Rochester folks at the Bill Gray’s Re- adult hockey league, visit gional Iceplex through (Author’s note: In the interest of full disclosure, OTHLEA LLC, which owns and operour relationship with ates the OTHLEA league and mentioned new business expansions, is also the owner of this WNY Hockey Report,” said publication). Woods.


Every Friday night 7 – 9 PM Admission $4 No rental skates available • Youth Roller Hockey • Youth Floor Hockey • Dry Land Training 41 RILEY STREET EAST AURORA, NY 14052 716.628.0036

College Club Hockey

Q & A With Coach Brzeczkowski by Lars Lewis

The Niagara Purple Eagles men’s club hockey team concluded their 2012-2013 season with an NECHL division championship with a 24-7-0-2 record and an appearance in the ACHA National Tournament. It was the Purple Eagles’ second consecutive division title and third in the last six years when they won the ECHL division crown back in 2007-2008. Niagara however ended up on the short end of a 1-0 decision in overtime against the University of Oklahoma in the opening round of the tournament. But the loss does not take away the amount of progress that has been made at Niagara the last couple years. With the future looking brighter each year, Niagara head coach Larry Brzeczkowski wants to take the program he has coached for 16 seasons to even bigger heights. What is your take on the outcome of this season? “ I think we were successful at the start of the year our whole goal was to be ranked, win the league, and make the national tournament. It’s one of the best seasons we ever had coaching, the program is really going in the direction, we have players pounding on our doors that want to play for this program.”

Rochester Hockey News


If you are interested in knowing more about Niagara men’s club hockey, contact Brzeczkowski at (Photo Credit: Niagara University)

Rochester Hockey News Returning Players And New Arrivals Strengthen Maksymum Hockey

The Maksymum Junior Hockey Club will have a new name and new league in 2013, but many of the faces will still be the same. More than 10 players return from last season’s Rochester Stars, who went 24-15-5 in the regular season and reached the quarterfinals of the Eastern Junior Hockey League playoffs. Goalie Will Massey will return to the crease for the Americans in 2013. Will started a majority of the games for the Stars last season, posting an 18-111 record with a 2.45 GAA and .913 save percentage. Massey’s strong play twice earned him EJHL Rookie of the Year honors last season. The Penfield, NY native is one of many local players who have grown with the program through the years. “Will was counted on a lot last season and did a great job,” said Associate Head Coach Craig MacDonald. “He elevated his game to a new level last season, and we

Will Massey, Kevin Zugec and Conlan Keenan (Rochester Photos)

will be looking for him to elevate his game even more this year.” One of the returning leaders on defense is Kevin Zugec, a 6’5”, 236 pound native of Pittsburgh, PA. Zugec played in 37 games last season for the Stars, and his leadership will be counted on as the Americans move to the USPHL Elite Division. “Kevin played great for us last season down the stretch, and we’re looking forward to him continuing that this season,” said MacDonald. “As one of our 1993

Who were the key contributors off the rink that helped the team throughout the season and why? “We have always leaned on our captains, Degiulio, Rine, and McCowen were the leaders in the locker room and Wakefield as well.” What will you do this off-season in order to achieve this goal? “We have our annual player meetings that include one-on-ones. We break down what the players need to do for next season, what they need to train, weightlifting, strength training, cardiovascular and what they have to do on the ice as well. We have to set the players’ individual goals and coach Clay Miller and I will handle offseason training, and lay out the whole season for next year.” With forward Patrick Gregory scoring 47 points in 31 games as a freshman, who else besides him will fill the void of senior Marc Degiuilio? “I thought he was outstanding, we knew he would contribute right away. We knew he would be an immediate impact. “ With three of your top five scorers returning, how confident are you in this team making it deeper in the playoffs next season? “We’re still confident, big losses though to our starting goaltender Wakefield and Deguilio. Our recruiting class will be a month from now but we have six really good junior players that may not be as great as Gregory, but the key guys coming back with a young team. Losing Cartwright, Degs, Martin will hurt but I feel with our team we’ll bounce back. What were the reasons behind the loss to Oklahoma in the playoffs? “I think we out-camped them. I think their goalie stole them the game, he stood on his head. We had a lot more scoring chances, they are a good team and they found a way to win.” What are the expectations for next year? “We want to do damage in next year’s national tournament, we had a chance this year and we’re now focusing on getting deeper in the tournament next season. Next year we want to go in as a higher seed and get a better draw. Also with four goaltenders for next season, we are doing our best to fill the void with Wakefield leaving.”


birth years, we will again look for Kevin to be a leader for us on and off the ice.” One of last year’s breakout forwards for Rochester was Conlan Keenan from Webster, NY. A 1995 birth year, Keenan has played is way from high school hockey, to the Maksymum Empire Hockey League team, before joining the Stars last season. Keenan netted 14 goals and had 10 assists in 30 games last season, and will be one of the leading scorers returning to the team in 2013. (Continued on page 32)




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Northern Educate

30 (Northern Educate Continued from page 9) “By Christmas of that second year we had 93 kids. Now we even have a waiting list.” “We are very excited to partner with the Rochester community and bring the Northern Educate Hockey Academy to the east,” said Black. “We look forward to establishing an academy culture of Integrity, Character and Excellence (ICE), which are the three core pillars of our school.” While Black handles the academic side of the academy, Woodcroft takes care of the hockey side. “This academy creates the best environment suited for teaching and developing hockey players,” commented Woodcroft. “It is a development model that we are now taking to the east coast in Rochester, NY. “Every day we will have three hours on the ice to implement our development play for each player, with the mandate being; build their skill set, increase their hockey IQ, fuel their passion. With over 500 hours of development each school year, there really is no limit to how good somebody can become.” From the academic side, the school is divided into three groups. The first two consist of grades kindergarten to eighth grade. The third group is nine through 12. Students are allowed to choose curriculum similar to that, which is offered through public, private, or charter schools. “The student to faculty ratio is approximately three to one,” said Black. “Our students get personalized attention. “In addition, our students can excel at their own pace. We have many students taking classes beyond their grade level.

The Next Generation Look of Elite Hockey for Rochester

The Rochester Youth Hockey organization in proud to unveil its new AAA Elite logo. Our goal when designing the logo was to maintain the stars and stripes feel of our current logo but also present a fresh and exciting new look to replace the Alliance brand. The teams that will wear the new logo for the 2013-14 season include Midget Major AAA, Midget Minor AAA, U15 AAA, Bantam Minor AAA, and Pee Wee Major AAA. In addition to our youth teams, the logo will also be shared with Maksymum Hockey’s two Rochester Junior teams currently know as the Rochester Stars and the Maksymum Stars. The rebranding of the Rochester Junior teams visually solidifies our already strong partnership with Maksymum Hockey and presents a unified Elite Brand of amateur hockey in Rochester.

“So you can see this is not your traditional type of schooling.” With the hockey training it is all training. “Our students spend over 500 hours a year on the ice,” remarked Woodcroft. “They do various drills and exercises. “We have some of the best coaches around training the students. They range from having NHL experience, to minor league, European leagues to juniors. “And everyday is different for the students. It doesn’t matter if they are on the ice, off the ice or in the classroom. “We feel it is a way of keeping the students fresh. “It should also be understood that we don’t have hockey teams at the academy. Students train as hockey


players. “They can still play on their individual teams from their communities. It can be with travel, house or high school teams. “The academy provides the time and our curriculum is designed for that.” Black explained one other detail about the Minnesota-based academy. “The families who have children participating in the academy are not all from the Minnesota area,” said Black. “They have come to Minnesota from all over the country. “Families actually picked up and moved to Minnesota to go to this academy. I think we will see the same thing in Rochester.” Maybe Woodcroft summed it up best. “If a student is willing to dedicate themselves to hard work, responsibility and leadership this academy will provide that,” concluded Woodcroft. “There are no guarantees here. “We are in the business of developing successful people that will be successful out in the world in whatever they want to do.” “Shawn Black and Craig Woodcroft have established the industry best in class hockey academy,” commented Chris Woodworth, Director of Programming and Marketing at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. “As demonstrated at their Eagan, MN location, student/ athletes come to Northern Educate for the advanced hockey development, but they stay for the academic’s. “We are thrilled that Northern Educate chose Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex for their expansion.” For more information on Northern Educate Sports Academies contact Scott Bell, 585-672-3855.

n o i t n Atte rls! i G & s Boy

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Do you have what it takes to be a Niagara Junior Purple Eagle? • Learn & play at NU’s Dwyer Arena – One of the newest, cleanest and best facilities in WNY! • Organizational Strengths: • Competitive Travel Teams that regularly make State and National Tournaments • Strong Instructional and House Youth Programs • Fun and Challenging House Select Teams • Excellent Girl’s Hockey Program • Affiliation with the Niagara University Division 1 College Men’s Team – skate and learn with Division 1 players. • Two Features NO OTHER ASSOCIATION in WNY can match: • Minimal cost equipment loaner program for players new to hockey • Four weeks FREE Instructional Program • Lowest House Division playing fees than any other association!

Instructional Division

Girls Program

• All coaches are USA Hockey Certified • Niagara Junior Purple Eagles will teach your child how to skate • No prior skating lessons required • Players are invited to try an initial 4 weeks for free! • $25 equipment loan per session • 24 week sessions / September – March • Cost – (including the 4 FREE weeks): $200.00

Niagara Junior Purple Eagles offers an additional program for girls aged 5 – 10 enrolled in our Instructional ADM or Squirt House Programs. This program includes: • Separate girls-only practices • Emphasis on skill development and fun • Cross-ice games against other local girls teams • Girls of all skill levels are welcome

Instructional sessions are Saturday and Sunday’s. Practices are 50 minutes long with most times varying between 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

For more information regarding our Travel Divisions, contact John Nichols, Travel President at: or 716-870-9642 For more information regarding our House League, contact Greg Chenez, House President at: or 716-417-3022

The Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles are home to over 800 boys and girls youth hockey players. Our travel & house programs are one of the largest in New York State!

WNY News (Rochester Story Continued from page 27) “Conlan has done a lot of work to get where he is now,” said MacDonald. “He had a breakout season last year and he will be looked upon to build on that success.” While the returning players will be counted on to provide leadership and stability, the Stars will also add many talented players to a roster that should compete for a league championship. One of the new arrivals is Oliver Janzen, a forward from Denver, CO who spent last season with Witchita Falls of the NAHL. Janzen is a versatile player who should pay dividends on offense and defense for Rochester. “Oliver has a great two-way game, and is a strong player,” said MacDonald. “We look for him to come in and contribute at both ends immediately.” The defense will get a boost from Michigan native J.R. Wojciechowski, who played for the Detroit Falcons U18AAA last season. “J.R. is a young defenseman, but plays an extremely smart game,” said MacDonald. “Even though this is his first year of junior hockey, we think J.R. will help anchor our backend and continue his development.” With the level of returning talent and the quality newcomers added to the roster, the 2013 team is built to compete in the USPHL.

(Kolcon Column Continued from page 5) Hockey is a small, close knit community. Most junior owners, managers and coaches know each other at some level. Most have solid relationships with colleges and can be very influential in your career. Why is this important? Don’t burn bridges! Another kiss of death is to talk poorly about your teammates, current coach, or others that may come up in conversation. Nothing good comes from this. However, there are many negative possibilities can crop up. Steer clear of negative conversation. Smiling, laughing and showing a positive attitude is crucial. You play hockey because you love it and it is fun. Make sure people can see that in the way you present yourself. There are 59 NCAA Division I programs that offer hockey. There is no wiggle room to allow factors other than hockey to reduce the number potential schools. None of the advise will land you a spot on a premiere level junior team or a Division I college team. However, it could help keep you from being eliminated before the process even begins.

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Cazenovia Park Hockey Association

Coach Smith Gets Extension

After leading the Canisius College hockey team to its most successful season in school history, Dave Smith has signed a contract extension that will keep him as head coach of the program through the 2016-17 season, announced by Director of Athletics Bill Maher on Wednesday. Smith is set to enter his ninth season in charge of the Golden Griffin program after leading Canisius to its first conference championship during the 2012-13 campaign. “Dave has done a tremendous job in building Canisius into a championship level program in the Atlantic Hockey Association, which was evident with the

team’s run to the program’s first conference championship and NCAA Tournament berth in 2013,” Maher said. “He continues to recruit outstanding student-athletes who represent what is best about Canisius, both on and off the ice. This past season was another positive step for Canisius College hockey and we are thrilled that Dave will lead the program as we continue building on last season’s success.” Smith has continued to lead the Golden Griffin program to new heights as head coach. During the 2012-13 campaign, Canisius won its first Atlantic Hockey title with a 7-2 win over Mercyhurst, advancing to the NCAA East Regional Semifinal. The Griffs also finished the season ranked 19th in the final Division I poll, the program’s highest placement in the national rankings. Success off the ice has become just as common under Smith’s watch. The hockey team currently owns a cumulative GPA of 3.42 – the highest of any team at Canisius – and three student-athletes have been honored as Atlantic Hockey Top Scholar Athlete in the last seven seasons. In addition, Canisius received national attention after the success of 2011 graduate Cory Conacher. The 2009-10 Atlantic Hockey Player of the Year, Conacher became the first Griff to play in the National Hockey League when he totaled 29 points, 11 goals and 18 assists in 47 games with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators this past season. Overall, 19 Griffs have signed professional contracts

(multiple organization House League) Squirt (9 & 10) Pee Wee (11 & 12) Bantam (13 & 14) Midget (15-18)*

• New Increased Ice Time • New Powerskating, Stickhandling, Dryland, Chalk Talk • Same low price as last year! *Limited Spaces Available

usA Hockey Cross full ice 8 year old ice mite House select team • Starts in January 2014 Program • Full Ice 8 year old tournament in • Ages 5 – 8 • Multiple Teams • USA Hockey Certified Coaches • Low Cost • Boys and Girls • Focus on ADM Skill Development • Partnership with Hasek’s Heroes for additional skill development

January • Great Preparation for Squirts • Play Against Other Organizations • fuN

Visit to register or for more information

after playing under Smith at Canisius, highlighted by Conacher and defender Carl Hudson inking NHL deals. Hudson became the first Griff to join an NHL franchise when he signed with the Florida Panthers after graduating in 2010. “Susan and I are thrilled and very thankful for the opportunity to continue to play a role at Canisius College.” Smith said. “We are already looking forward to next season and building on the success of our program. I am very grateful to the Canisius community because of the commitment it has shown to developing leaders both on and off the ice. President Hurley, Bill Maher and John Maddock have been great leaders for Griffs hockey and it is a really exciting time for our program.” Before joining Canisius, Smith spent three seasons as the associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Mercyhurst College, helping the Lakers to two league titles and two NCAA Tournament appearances. He has also served stints as an assistant coach at both Bowling Green and Miami. Smith graduated from Ohio State in 1992 with a degree in journalism/public relations and then spent the next six years playing professionally. Smith and his wife, Susan, have two daughters, Ellis and Kylie, and reside in Amherst, N.Y. (Story and Photo Courtesy Canisius College)

Become part of the tradition.


RegisteR Now foR ouR 2013-2014 HoCkey PRogRAms moHL


We are a family friendly organization, where the kids come first. We are located in the CIty of Buffalo across from the majestic Niagara River, playing out of Riverside Park / Bud Bakewell Ice Rink. We’re walking distance to the General Motors plant on River Road and just minutes away from Grand Island and the Tonawandas.

New to Hockey? No team to play for? Tired of the politics in youth hockey? Did not attend tryouts this year? Didn’t make the team you tried out for? Just thought about playing hockey now for next season?

Come Join The Bruins!

The Bud Bakewell Bruins organization is in need of Squirt Players (9 & 10 Year old) and Coaches for the 2013/2014 season. This upcoming season which will start in the fall of 2013, the Bud Bakewell Bruins will have a travel team at every age level with the exception of squirts (9 & 10 year old). This will be a newly formed team and all positions are open for boys and girls to play together. Team cost and ice times will be dependent on how many players are on the team.

Prospective coaches and players can contact:

Kevin Kumpf @ 716-348-6378, and/or Allen Shubbuck @ 716-913-1521,



2013 WNY Roller Hockey League Youth Day Clinic at the Northtown Center at Amherst Monday, August 5th – Friday, August 9th

All youth groups will meet daily for 1.5 hours of hockey instruction, conditioning, and games. All games will be played “pick-up” style. This program does not accommodate for set teams. Body checking will not be allowed for any age group. Registration Fee: $30 per child

Session Schedule: Ages 6 – 8 ................. 9 am – 10:30 am Ages 9 – 11...... 10:45 am – 12:15 pm Ages 12 – 14 ..... 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm Required Equipment: Hockey Helmet with full face cage/ shield, Hockey Gloves, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Hockey Stick, Inline Skates, Water Bottle, Athletic Supporter

Please Contact: Josh Smith .....................716-417-4883 Gina Smith .....................716-380-6643 .............. Eric Haak ..................


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