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Prepare to be Boarded!! Murder mystery Weekend will feature the B.O.O.M. Pirates. Sail the seven seas with the notorious Pirates of the “Emerald Rose”. These freedom loving outcasts recreate “The Golden Age of Piracy” will offer an actual pirate encampment over the weekend, a signature cannon show, and they will be singing sea shanty songs and conducting other pirate shenanigans all weekend long! Sponsored by the Port Orchard Concerts on the Bay Committee. “

The Brethren Court of Pirates Announce Emergency Meeting! meeting was then adjourned and the Captains all went their separate ways, or so was thought.

The Nine Pieces of Eight, as the nine great pirate lords of the Brethren Court are called, have recently been reduced to only Eight Pieces of Eight! The Brethren Court were secretly meeting at an undisclosed location in the Puget Sound to discuss the Pirata Codex, the “Pirate’s Code.” After many conflicts of opinion and quarrels it was agreed to disagree until further discussion at the next meeting. The

The Brethren Court is now being re-convened for an emergency meeting to solve the murder of their highly esteemed Pirate King, Captain Zeke Black. It will also be necessary to determine his replacement at that time. Since the murder took place in downtown Sidney it is only appropriate for the meeting to be held here as well. Normally, such an event would not be welcome in our community, but due to the tough financial times we are currently experiencing the town council has decided to allow these pirates and their crew into our community based on their

Local Crime on the Rise!

The Sidney community has experienced a horrendous increase in criminal activity. Sheriff Carlisle Sinclair believes this activity may be related to the latest murder of the Brethren’s Court Pirate King, Captain Zeke Black. The unfortunate victims were Sugar Daddy’s Salon, Off the Wagon, VFW Post 2669, Spirit Wind West, Puget Sound Wine Cellar, Bead It, Etc., Myhre’s, and Corner Deli.

promise of an economic stimulus from their numerous supply purchases and a Pirate Ball where they will announce the new Pirate King. Our own coroner and sheriff, Sheriff Carlisle Sinclair, has graciously agreed to assist in the murder investigation. The Sheriff is also asking for the community’s assistance in solving this dreadful murder. If you have any information pertaining to Captain Zeke Black’s murder please contact Sheriff Carlisle Sinclair. Witnesses to the crime are currently being questioned. The Sheriff hopes to release a report to the public with the details of the crime on Saturday, September 12.

No. 62

Pirate Lord

Arrested for Disorderly


The Brethren Court will not be joined by yet another Pirate Lord, Captain Jonathan Walker-Plank. The Captain was arrested for Disorderly Conduct on the other coast of the Bay shortly after the meeting. The time of his “incident” occurred at the same time of the murder eliminating him from the list of suspects. He is currently awaiting his arraignment. He is hoping to be acquitted with a witness testimony that he was just a bystander.


Service Announcement

With the recent murder of Captain Zeke Black and the increased crime in our community we warn all to not wander the streets late at night alone for fear of being robbed by a pirate. We also recommend you keep watch for any unsavory activity by these pirates and report it to the proper authorities immediately.

The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank these Murder Mystery Weekend Major Sponsors!


HEATING Inc. Major Sponsors

These downtown businesses that were innocent victims in such an atrocious activity are hoping justice will be found. The crime scenes from this criminal activity are being preserved until the investigation into this culprit’s identity is solved.

Scandal-sheet and gossip-rag throughout His Majesty’s Colonies of the Puget Sound and San Juans

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No. 62

Dead mEn

tell no tales

• Sidney Beacon •

The Dead Man’s Chest

is Recovered!

September 12 & 13, 2009 The 4th Annual Murder Mystery Weekend sponsored by the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Port Orchard Merchants. Interview the Suspects Gather the Clues Solve the Mystery Win booty!

The Treasure Chest of the deceased Captain Cline was recovered last week from an abandoned Carlotta II. It is believed the crew was attacked by an enemy pirate. With ample warning from the oncoming enemy the crew was able to hide the treasure in hopes of recovering it at a later time.


Miss Steward had heard tales of the treasure from her sister and when her ship came across the abandoned Carlotta II she knew a hunt for the missing chest was necessary.

Both Saturday and Sunday: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Port Orchard Murder Mystery Game Participating businesses, merchants and special locations will have clues available from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday and 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Sunday. Play Saturday, Sunday or both days. Your clue packet is only $10 for adults, $5 for kids or $20 for a family of three or more. Pirate’s Marketfaire next to the Gazebo at Marina Waterfront Park 10:00am to 4:00pm Kid’s Pirate Zone next to the Children’s park/playground

The treasure was found completely intact by a Miss Marta Steward who was on her sea-ward journey to Sidney. She recently acquired the Jolly Roger Inn from her sister, Black Widow who has decided to go on an extended holiday.

The Carlotta II has been repaired and will be employed as the Carlisle II for local ferry service across the Bay. The town council decided the ship’s fate at the last council meeting and the community is very excited about the council’s decision! Sid Stevens, a local inventor, has commented that he may have developed a highly sought after machine that will assist in the navigation of the ship. When questioned further about this interesting development, Mr. Stevens said he still has a few kinks to work out before revealing his discovery.

Rogues & Wenches Fight-a-Pirate Lessons - 10am to 4pm BOOM Pirates Cannon Show- 11:00am

Land Lubber’s Pirate Dinghy Derby Race Registration at 11:30am. Race begins at 12:30pm. Pirate Look-a-like Costume Contest Adults (18 and older)Registration at Noon. Contest begins at 1:00pm. BOOM Pirates Stunt Show - 1:30pm.

“The Goonies” - Classic Movie - 2:00pm - Free

Coroner’s Report 4pm at Port Orchard Marina Waterfront Park Gazebo. Hear the gritty details surroundin’ the murder, piece the mystery together. BOOM Pirates Cannon Show- 4:30pm.

Murder Mystery Weekend Pirate’s Ball at Moon Dog’s, Too Food, live band, dancing from 6:00pm to 11:00pm (6pm to 8pm Kids Welcome) 714 Bay Street in Port Orchard. Tickets $15 & $7


Pancake Breakfast - 9:00am to 11:00am - $5 BOOM Pirates Cannon Show- 11:00am

Rogues & Wenches Fight-a-Pirate Lessons - 10am to 4pm BOOM Pirates Stunt Show- 12:00pm

Get Your Murder Mystery Clue Packets- Noon to 4pm

Pirate Look-A-Like Costume Contest Kids (17 & under) Must be accompanied by adult Registration at 11:30am. Contest begins at 12:30pm Port Orchard Marina Waterfront Park Gazebo Pirate Look-a-like Costume Contest Pets Must be on leash. Registration at noon. Contest follows immediately after Kids contest Port Orchard Marina Waterfront Park Gazebo “The Goonies” - Classic Movie - 2:00pm - Free

“The Reveal” and Boom Pirates Cannon Show - at 4:00pm after reveal at Port Orchard Marina Waterfront Park Gazebo Information visit

Upon arriving in Sidney she presented the treasure to the authorities and gave the location of the Carlotta II. The Sheriff has announced the Carlotta II will be towed back to Sidney, repaired, and put to use within the community!

Community Offers New Ferry Service


Pirate Storytime - for ages 2-5 - 2:30pm at the Library

Friday, September 4, 1899

Clue Locations Morning Side Bakery Old Central Antique Garden Baby Boutique Maggie’s Vintage Attic The Candy Shoppe Delilah’s Cozy Kitchin Bay Street Outfitters Sidney Museum & Art Gallery Log Cabin Museum Shi Shi Ni BBQ House Sugar Daddy’s Salon Old Towne Realty Juwapa’s Puget Sound Wine Cellar Los Cabos Grill The Manchester Gallery Spirit Wind West Amy’s on the Bay Bay Street Books

Myhre’s That’s Beautiful! Bead it Etc. Port Orchard Library The Hide Away Rings & Things Gazebo Florists VFW Wisteria Lane Off the Wagon Bucksnort Coffee Moon Dogs, Too Marketfaire Vendor Booth Marketfaire Vendor Booth Marketfaire Vendor Booth Carlisle II Foot Ferry Corner Deli Western WA Center for the Arts Venture Charters

Scandal-sheet and gossip-rag throughout His Majesty’s Colonies of the Puget Sound and San Juans

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Friday, September 4, 1899

• Sidney Beacon •


No. 62

Pirate Dinghy Derby Race Land Lubbers Pirate

Costume Contests

The 4th Annual Murder Mystery Weekend, Dead Men Tell No Tales? will feature several costume contests. Prizes for 1st place and ribbons for 2nd & 3rd place winners. Adult contest (18 and up) is Saturday, Sept. 12th. Look-a-likes are encouraged to swagger around town all day long. Registration begins at 12:00pm with costume judging at 1:00pm at the Port Orchard Marina Park Gazebo. Registration is $5.

Ahoy Mate’s! Are you a pirate wannabe but just don’t have the sea legs? Well here’s your chance to pirate up with the best of them. The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Land Lubbers Pirate Dinghy Derby Race on Saturday, September 12th. Think of it as a soap box derby race, for pirates!

Pirate Ball

at Moondogs, too

Registration begins at 11:30am, race begins at 12:30pm around Sidney Circle (near the library). So dress up your dinghy with your best pirate garb, slap some wheels on and join in the fun! Need more information? Visit


Ye Captain Says Come Visit

Refre shm Serve ents d

During Murder Mystery Weekend and pick up your Dead Men Tell No Tales Clue Saturday 10-5:30 & Sunday 11-5 45 Quality Dealers Offering Collectibles & Antiques 801 Bay Street • Port Orchard • 895-1902

The Phantom Wanted for Piracy Saturday, September 12th 6pm-11pm Talk like a pirate, food competitions, pirate games and more! Plus dance to “Soul Siren” from 8-11pm. $7 for kids under 12 and $15 for adults. Ticket price includes pirate meal and nonalcoholic grog. Kids welcome until 8pm! Pirate attire encouraged but not required. Advance tickets for sale at Moon Dogs, Too, and the Port Orchard Chamber office or go online to buy tickets at Sponsored by Moondogs, Too & Staff

A warrant has been issued and a reward of $500 is offered for the capture, dead or alive, of the buccaneer known as the “phantom” for conducting seventeen illegal raids on trading schooners in the protected area of Puget sound since february 1888.

Kids contest is Sunday, Sept. 13th. The little pirates are encouraged to swagger around town all day long. Registration begins at 11:30am with costume judging at 12:30pm at the Port Orchard Marina Waterfront Park Gazebo. Registration is $1. Pet contest is Sunday, Sept. 13th. Pirate in disguise pets can also swagger around town all day but must be on a leash! Registration begins at noon with costume judging immediately following the kids contest. Registration is $1 per pet!

Jolly Roger

INN Tavern • Breakfast Lunch • Dinner Rum • Grog

Open daily

Beds with breakfast provided by miss marta steward “The Best service this side of the sound!”

contact mayor henry morgan with information.

Scandal-sheet and gossip-rag throughout His Majesty’s Colonies of the Puget Sound and San Juans

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No. 62

• Sidney Beacon •

Pirates marketfaire next to the

gazebo at marina park

Friday, September 4, 1899

Is Captain

Cline’s Treasure Chest Cursed?

While in town be sure to stroll the Pirate’s Marketfaire near the Gazebo at Marina Waterfront Park. Many unique merchants will be on hand to sell their wares, from trinkets & treasure to arts & crafts. Everything a pirate needs will be available at the Marketfaire! Maybe you’re in the mood for a seashell, magic love potion or perhaps a special pirate souvenir from Port Orchard’s 4th

Annual Murder Mystery Weekend. Be sure to keep a look out for the three vinegary vendors each with an extra clue and valuable information about who killed the Cap’n! The Pirate’s Marketfaire will be open Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm, rain or shine, matey!

Futures & Fortunes foretold

Port Orchard Downtown Merchants Invite You To The 4th Annual

Murder Mystery Weekend

September 12th & 13th

by the Magnificent Madame Ulrica

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Gather ye clues from participating shoppes, mercantiles, and locales... or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank

Port Orchard Bay Street Association

Just when the treasure had been recovered several pieces have turned up missing, yet again! It is believed the missing pieces were taken on separate occasions and have been stashed in multiple locations within the community. A reward is being offered for information on the location of these items.

Many Mediums Tea Leaves Tarot Cards Palm Readings & More! 360.895.7838

The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank these Murder Mystery Weekend Sponsors! PETERSON & JAKE, CPA INC.

Barry Doll Agency

Gino’s Restaurant • Cruise n’ Car Wash • Miller Chiropractic • Fisher Distinctive Dentistry Meinke • Pizza Factory• Port Orchard Independent • Historic Orchard Theatre • Corner Deli Port Orchard Bay Street Merchant’s Assoc. • Concerts on the Bay Committee/Fathoms O’Fun • Recognition Plus Murder N’ Mayhem: Murder Mystery Parties • GTM Services • Perfect Partys Quality heating & air conditioning/adam derr • Republic Mortgage • Printing Services

Scandal-sheet and gossip-rag throughout His Majesty’s Colonies of the Puget Sound and San Juans


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