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I’ve Been Working For Jesus (Tune of I’ve Been Working on the Rail Road, an American Folk Song) Words by: Pat Gilbert, for 2009 School of Christian Mission Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women


I’ve been working for Jesus All the live long day, I’ve been working for Jesus Just to scare the devil away. Jesus calls us to do good work, To aide the helpless and oppressed; The work is so --- rewarding There is no time for rest.


I’ve been working for Jesus His love I’ll share today, I’ve been working for Jesus And this is what I pray: Children will- sleep- peacefully And wars will be no more; Hunger will be something unknown With love we all will soar!


UMW’s great, UMW’s great, UMW’s great cause we do care; UMW’s great, UMW’s great, UMW’s great, WE’RE THERE!


Someone calls and needs assistance, Someone calls and needs our help ---Someone calls who might be hurting And we are ready to march!


We’re shouting, “Watch out! Here we come! Watch out, here we come; Watch out, HERE WE COME! WE’RE SISTERS, ALL FOR ONE!'ve%20Been%20Working%20for%20Jesus%20-%20P've%20Been%20Working%20for%20Jesus%20-%20Pat%20Gilbert.pdf

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