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Conference Gram Volume 58, Number 4

Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women

August 2009

ANNUAL MEETING A Celebration of United Methodist Women Sisters with a PURPOSE September 11, 12, 13, 2009, Lake Junaluska Assembly Friday night – Opening Worship, Harriett Jane Olson Saturday morning – Mission Speaker: Brooke Newsome Saturday afternoon – 140th Birthday Celebration Sunday morning – Closing Worship & Communion, Harriett Jane Olson Music Leaders: Rev. Mark Barden & Catherine Ritch Guess Hands-On Mission Opportunity: Gift to Mission Cards Conference Love Offering – Sisters with a PURPOSE Celebrating 140 Years Together in Mission Vice-President - Sandy Hieronymus

It’s CELEBRATION TIME! Every Annual Meeting is a time of celebration, but especially when we also celebrate 140 years in ministry together. In a spiritual setting, Annual Meeting will be held at Lake Junaluska on September 11-13, 2009. We will gather to worship and be inspired to fulfill the PURPOSE of UMW. We will gather to fellowship as we renew friendships and make new ones. We gather to celebrate as we hear about the ministry of our conference reaching out to women, youth, and children around the world. We gather to be challenged to answer God’s call for UMW. The chapel will be open all weekend for quiet time and prayer requests. Sisters With a PURPOSE is this year’s theme. Harriett Jane Olson, Deputy General Secretary of Women’s Division, will bring our Friday evening message. Saturday morning will include the business and mission sessions. Reports and information will be given in “Funny Business”. Persons in mission will be in the processional beginning the mission session. The pledge service will take place and Love Offering taken. Brooke Newsome, US2, will bring the mission message. Lunch with the mission guests is always a highlight as we visit and enjoy

lunch with them at both the Terrace and Lambuth Inn. On Saturday afternoon, we will have a 140th Anniversary Celebration. The official Mission Walk will take place after this session, but participants may walk anytime. Saturday evening, we gather to hear from our conference president, Amy Johnson, to recognize outgoing officers, and to install new officers which will be conducted by Harriett Jane Olson. Late Night will be held in the Harrell Center Auditorium on Saturday evening. Both the young and young-at-heart will enjoy fellowship and music at Late Night. Please note that the day has been changed from previous years. Sunday morning begins with Rev. Alec Alvord leading Sunday School – Food and Faith – or Singing at the Cross led by Bess Redmond. Closing worship will include communion, memorial service, dedication of our hands-on Gift to Mission card opportunity, and a message by Harriett Jane Olson. We are honored that Bishop Larry Goodpaster plans to be with us the whole weekend. Registration will be in the lower level of the Harrell Center. Plan to browse and purchase materials in the Program Resource area as well as Gift to Mission cards. The Statesville District will be our host district. Many thanks go to Nillah Cody,

Forms available from district presidents or online at conference website: www. District President, and the dedicated folks from the Statesville District. All of your Conference Team and the Statesville District are looking forward to welcoming you at Annual Meeting. You may come for a portion of the weekend or for the entire time. Being with United Methodist Women is always rewarding for me. Bring someone new with you along with your other traveling friends. Someone is waiting for you to ask them to Annual Meeting. May God bless our time at the Lake as we celebrate being sisters with a PURPOSE.

Please remember that registration for Annual Meeting will be held downstairs in the Harrell Center Auditorium where Program Resources is set up. The registration fee is $10 for all. 1

United Methodist Women of the Western North Carolina Conference 2009 Love Offering – Gift to Mission Giving “Sisters with a PURPOSE – Celebrating 140 Years Together in Mission”

(Undesignated) Mission Giving to United Methodist Women supports mission projects and mission personnel around the world. With your Love Offering, you help to relieve suffering and to make the world a better place for women, children, and youth. You may bring your Love Offering or your Local Unit’s Offering to Annual Meeting at Lake Junaluska, September 11-13, 2009, or send it directly to: Sharon Smith, Conference Treasurer, P.O. Box 903, Marion, NC 28752 Please make checks payable to: Treasurer, WNCC UMW President - Amy Johnson “Sisters With a PURPOSE.” What an excellent theme for our Annual Meeting as we come together to celebrate our 140th birthday. We are indeed sisters through United Methodist Women who share a common PURPOSE. I had an opportunity to experience this sisterhood when I attended Regional School with UMW from the Northeastern Jurisdiction. I was unable to attend our own Regional School (the event that prepares us for our School of Christian Mission) as it conflicted with our Annual Conference in June. Even though I did not know any of my UMW sisters from the Northeastern Jurisdiction, I became friends with several of the ladies before the end of our four-day school. We shared a common bond – our PURPOSE. Everything we do as United Methodist Women should be to fulfill the PURPOSE. When planning your programs and projects, ask the question, “How does this program/project relate to our PURPOSE?” How does it help you to develop a deeper relationship with God? Does it motivate you to work for social justice? Is it an event that will nurture the membership of your local unit? Will the event expand your concepts of mission? If the answer is “no” to any of the above, then you have some work to do. Mission Today criteria is a good checklist by which to measure your programs and projects. Has your local unit given in all 5 channels of Mission Giving? Have you participated in a hands-on mission project?


Are you using the Prayer Calendar and Response magazines in your meetings? Have you corresponded with at least five persons listed in the Prayer Calendar? Have you conducted or attended a mission study? At Annual Meeting, we will be celebrating not only our 140th birthday, but also the many ways in which we make our PURPOSE come alive. I hope you will join us as we celebrate our 140th birthday. This is my final Conference Gram article to you as your Conference President. These four years have flown by. It has been an honor and privilege to serve in this position. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet many of you at your district events and also in your local units for it gave me an opportunity to thank you in person for all that you do to further the work of United Methodist Women. YOU make mission possible with your prayers, your giving, and the many ways in which you are in mission. It is my prayer that God will bless each of you as you continue to give of your time and talents as you serve in His name through United Methodist Women.

Secretary - Ann Aldridge I recently received an email from a friend that included a reading entitled “Today.” I was impressed by the reading and want to share parts of it with you. The author was listed only as Mark. “Today I will delete from my journal two days: yesterday

and tomorrow. Yesterday was to learn from and tomorrow . . . well that will be the consequence of what I do today.” And “Today I will resist pessimism, and will conquer the world with a smile and a positive attitude, always expecting the best.” What words of wisdom! When we think back 140 years (lots of yesterdays), what a wonderful example our foremothers set for us in United Methodist Women. We are celebrating our 140th birthday this year because of all of the women along the way (including you) whose work has resulted in United Methodist Women being the largest organization for women in mission in the world. Our Conference Annual Meeting at Lake Junaluska is a celebration of United Methodist Women and our total program of mission. Please do not miss this opportunity to come and learn about your accomplishments and participate with others from across our Western North Carolina Conference as we celebrate our 140th birthday. Lynne Gilbert put on our WNC Conference UMW website the following suggestion: “Come for the whole weekend OR Come for a day...just come!! And, Bring a Friend!! Invite someone new to join you at Annual Meeting!! Invite someone who has not been in a while!!” Every four years, we have an opportunity to attend UMW Assembly. I guarantee participating in worship with thousands of women from around the world will be an awesome experience. Remember . . . “conquer the world with a smile and a positive attitude, always expecting the best.”

Mission Giving The name for United Methodist Women’s basic financial giving recently changed from undesignated giving to Mission Giving to make it easier to tell the story of the organization’s vast mission outreach. The new name says what UMW is about – mission – and what makes that possible – giving. Mission Giving is the foundation for mission work through United Methodist Women and the Women’s Division. Your contribution enables a full and consistent response to human need, especially the needs of women, children and youth. It affirms the wholeness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a commitment to its proclamation in word and deed. Mission giving strengthens basic programs and projects. It also makes emergency response and exploration of new and evolving areas of mission possible.

Assembly 2010 United Methodist Women Faith Hope Love in Action See insert flier for information about the bus trip from Western North Carolina Confernce to St. Louis or go to our webpage for all the details. Join Us!!

Education and Intrepretation Virginia Robinson

Spiritual Growth Patricia Wiseman

Have you looked at the Mission Today criteria lately? Our Conference Goal is to “increase the number of local Mission Today units by 5% over 2008”. You probably have already fulfilled many of the steps to be a Mission Today unit this year! If not, you still have lots of time to be a MISSION TODAY UNIT!

Thanks For The Successful Spiritual Growth Retreats!

The most important step is to make and meet your pledge. REMEMBER…this criterion must be met. Another way to become a Mission Today unit is to attend Annual Meeting (#12) at beautiful Lake Junaluska, September 11-13. Come and celebrate the accomplishments of your unit, district, and conference! Have one of the attendees report to the unit of what happened during the weekend. The excitement in telling of our 140th Birthday Celebration will spur someone else to attend the meeting next year. Bring your Gift to Mission Cards (#23) for dedication during our meeting. The money from these cards brings joy to women, youth, and children around the world. That is what MISSION is all about! Does your unit give a “Response Mission Moment” (#17) at your meetings? Do you use the Prayer Calendar (#2) and correspond with at least 5 persons listed (#14) during the year? Have you implemented the Charter for Racial Justice and become a Charter Club member? (#6 & #7) I know that many of you have already checked off these Mission Today criteria and are on your way to becoming a Mission Today unit. LET’S DO IT!!! I look forward to seeing everyone at Lake Junaluska!

We were blessed to have a Spiritual Renewal Weekend during the Spiritual Growth Retreats held June 19-21, 2009, at Lake Junaluska. Our Retreat Leader, Rev. Dr. Mary John Dye, blessed us with a powerful message at each session. Our music leaders, Mr. Adam Ward and Dr. Melodie G. Galloway, inspired us with music that called us to remember our own “Encounters With Jesus”, which was our theme this year, and to invite others to share in that lifesaving experience. Thanks to a hard working Conference Team and District Coordinators of Spiritual Growth, we left the Retreats refreshed, renewed and more inspired to live out the PURPOSE of United Methodist Women. Nominations Committee Chair Patsy Baker Very important! October 10 will be Officer Training at Broad Street UMC in Statesville. Please bring all of your committee on nominations. Training is very important. Bring your questions and plan to share with the group what works for your district. Local unit officers will be trained at your district officer training. It’s time to update your tenure sheets on current officers as soon as they are elected. This is so important when reviewing profile sheets to elect new officers. I know some of you will try to get in LUV visits before year-end. As you travel to local unit meetings, take several blank profile sheets and ask ladies to complete them. It will be nice next year to have these in your talent bank. Remember to continue telling the story of UMW. Share with others what it means in your life and they will want to be a part of our organization too.


Leadership Development Betty Swarthout Greetings to WNCC United Methodist Women, Officers Training for the District officers will be held Saturday, October 10, 2009 at Broad Street United Methodist Church, Statesville, NC. THEME: “SISTERS STILL LEADING AND LEARNING” HANDS-ON PROJECT: “BOX TOPS 4 EDUCATION” coupons from General Mills products. This is one way to help meet our conference priority for 2009 regarding EDUCATION. They will be sent to Red Bird Missionary Conference school. Go to for further information on all the sources, and ideas on saving the coupons. Please trim and count the number of coupons prior to giving them to your district officers for collecting them on October 10, 2009.

Social Action - Linda Young An active, brilliant woman, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945, was quoted as saying, “Do what you feel in your heart to be rightfor you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” The Scriptures say you will be talked about if you do right or if you do wrong. Would it not be best to be talked about for doing what is right in God’s sight? Mrs. Roosevelt’s language sounds strong. But, just maybe stronger language is what the United Methodist Women need in order to get the message to our Congressional leaders, the President of these United States of America, and his Administration. For 140 years, the United Methodist Women have been speaking out on social issues, concerns, and justice for all. We must become stronger advocates of the rights and needs of the poor, of minorities, and of the disadvantage. Such is the great


generosity of God’s love, that no person is created greater than the other. As we continue to focus on Public Education as our Conference’s Priority, remember that investing in the education of a child, especially a girl, is one the best ways to reduce poverty, eradicate diseases and enhance the overall well-being of communities. And our denomination is on board as we work to eradicate poverty by 2015. Recent reports, through various media resources, are about budget cuts for the coming academic year. Thousands of teachers, teacher assistants, and administrators are being let go in our state and other states because of this. One teacher’s testimony to me was that it is the children who will suffer the most because of this downfall. With less staff, the classrooms will be all the more crowded, resources fewer, and many ‘special’ children will not receive the attention needed to be a part of tomorrow’s society. The Education Lottery is not accomplishing its intent that our children would receive a better education. Our strong language, I believe, is that we want all the money going to education. Elected officials must hear from their constituents. Eyebrows went up in Washington when a few of us reported that ‘though we had come a few in number, we belong to an organization of women of nearly one million.’ Many thanks to Sherry Sink, Tonya Lanier, Ann Aldridge, and President Amy Johnson who have attended seminars and workshops to help our Conference of United Methodist Women make a difference in Public Education. Make an assertive effort to sign up the ladies in your district and local units for the Action Alerts. The Alerts are on our web page to be downloaded and acted upon. Also, submit an application for the Social Justice Award in 2009. This individual and/ or group will be recognized at our 2010 Annual Meeting for having an extended involvement over a period of time with a commitment of human welfare and social reform. As your Social Action Coordinator for four years, I thank God for the opportunity to have served him and you. I thank you again for all of your acts of kindness for me in my months of illness. You have been the wind beneath my wings.

Scholarship - Sherry Sink The Scholarship Program assists persons who are pursuing an academic course leading to a church-related vocation. Records indicate that United Methodist Women started providing scholarships as early as the 1940s to deserving students who were preparing to be spiritual leaders in the UMC. Persons who are members of the United Methodist Church and live within the bounds of the Western North Carolina Conference and wish to answer God’s call to work in a church related vocation, are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Persons must be enrolled in one of five United Methodist related colleges: Bennett College in Greensboro, Brevard University in Brevard, Greensboro University in Greensboro, High Point University in High Point, and Pfeiffer University in Misenheimner or Charlotte. The Scholarship Program is funded by seven endowed scholarship funds (Fannie Mitt Case, Carrie Forbis Ferguson, Thonda Robbins Memorial, Weaver Memorial, Edthylene Shelley, Herbin-Motley, Earnest R. Ellis and Lithie Phillips Ellis) and the General Scholarship Fund. Contributions to the General Scholarship Fund is encouraged after units have met their Pledge to Mission and given in the Five Channels of Mission Giving. Contributions are made through your local treasurer and should be marked for the UMW General Scholarship Fund. Applicants should request an application packet by the first of January. Packets have to be returned by the first of March and interviews are done the last of March or first of April, 2010.

Membership, Nurture & Outreach Linda Baity When an organization has been established for over 140 years and still going strong, there is no question that it is an organization with something really “special”! The organization of United Methodist Women with over 800,000 members provides mission outreach to millions of women, children, and youth all over the world every day!

Join the celebratration! Invite and encourage your entire district, beginning with your local church, to attend the Conference Annual Meeting at Lake Junaluska, September 11-13. The weekend will be packed with interesting and exciting activities, including great mission speakers, music leaders, recognition of accomplishments of the districts and much, much more! This newsletter is filled with details. The “Walk for Mission” will be Saturday afternoon following the Birthday Party. Print the sponsor form from the conference Website and start getting sponsors now to help raise money for much needed missions in this tough economic times. The walk around the lake is a great opportunity to join old friends, make new friends and enjoy God’s beautiful creation all around Lake Junaluska. Of course local units may have their own walk anywhere and send the form and money to our conference treasurer. Once again we will have “Late Night” only this year “with a twist”. Each district is challenged to offer a talent (song, dance, poetry or just clowning around) and share the “best of the best” as everyone joins in the fun and fellowship. If you haven’t already sent your reservation in, do it today! Contact me if I may be of any assistance to you or your unit.

as far and wide and close as we can daily. But what is your purpose? God has given you one. Is yours to be a stroker, a kisser of boo-boos, a ray of sunlight, a go-fer, a referee, a chauffeur, a short order cook, an instigator, a participator, a spectator, an agitator? Your purpose can be undeniably clear or as dense as fog, you can have one or many, but you most definitely have one nonetheless. UMW seems to have an uncanny knack of guiding women, youth, and children in finding their purpose. The vast and varied resources made available to us through the UMW offers a mighty foundation upon which we can build as we strive to fulfill our PURPOSE. Our organizational materials, the RESPONSE magazine, our Program Book, the Reading Program, the Prayer Calendar, the Mission study books, the Gift in Mission cards, the Special Mission Recognition pins, our pledges, the Gift in Memory cards, Children’s Sabbath programs, our Call to Prayer and Self-Denial program, our World Thank Offering program, our School of Christian Mission school equips us to fulfill Our Purpose. As we gather as “Sisters with a Purpose” at Lake Junaluska at our Annual Meeting, September 11th-13th I will be looking for you there among our treasures of knowledge, inspiration, guidance, and hope in the Program Resource Room. Keeping God first and foremost, we will together with definitive determination, intention, and resolve, fulfill Our PURPOSE.

Program Resources - Kim Keyse EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT GLAD TIDINGS!! PURPOSE…noun…1) something set up as an object or an end to be attained: intention, resolution, determination 2) a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution...that’s Webster’s definition. As UMW, we define “purpose.” We resolve to attain with great determination and intent to know God, to be a supportive community, to fight for social justice, and to spread the Gospel. We even have it stated on a poster in three languages (!) lest we forget. Our purpose is mission and spreading the Gospel

The WNCC definitely came together at God’s table at School of Christian Mission. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I thank you, the conference thanks you, but most of all, the babies around the world thank you. A total of 1,159 layette kits were collected, representing a total of $40,565 in MISSION GIVING. Virginia Robinson Conference Mission, Education & Interpretation


FROM THE EAST: Travel west on I-40 to Exit 27, US-23/US-74. Go 1.5 miles. Bear right on US-19/US-23/US-74 and go 2.5 miles. Continue on ramp at sign reading “US-19 to Maggie Valley/Cherokee/ Junaluska Assembly” and go for 0.2 miles. Bear right on US-19 and watch for the signs. FROM THE WEST: Travel east on US-19 and watch for the signs. FROM THE SOUTHWEST: Travel northeast on US-23/US-441. Turn right on ramp at sign reading “US-76 East US-23 North to Waynesville/Asheville.” Go 20 miles. Exit 102B, sign reads “US-276 North to Maggie Valley/Junaluska Assembly.” Turn right on US-276, Dellwood Avenue and go north 1.4 miles. Turn right on US19 and watch for the signs. As soon as you get to Lake Junaluska, look for the bright yellow UMW Registration signs. Stuart Auditorium and Harrell Center are right next to each other on Lakeshore Drive. Parking surrounds the auditorium.

PURPOSE of United Methodist Women The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


2009 UMW Annual Meeting PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS September 11, 12 & 13, 2009 Join your sisters-in-Christ for a spirit-filled, informative weekend at beautiful Lake Junaluska. Registration: Friday, beginning at 2:00 pm, downstairs Harrell Center. Housing reservation forms for Lake facilities are available from your district president and on the conference web site at: www.

Sunday Morning: 8:30am - Meet Bess Redmond at the Cross for singing. It’s a wonderful way to welcome the day and worship through music. Sunday School: 8:30am - A spiritual growth study on “Food and Faith” led by Rev. Alec Alvord, Harrell Center Auditorium.

Hotel Check-In at Lake Junaluska hotels: Friday, beginning at 3:00pm in the new Bethea Welcome Center.

Sunday Worship Service: 10:00am – Communion, Memorial Service, dedication of Gift to Mission cards, and message by Harriett Jane Olson.

Program Resources Room: Beginning Friday at 2:00pm, and open various other times through Saturday afternoon, downstairs in Harrell Center.

Individual Prayer Time: Chapel next to Stuart Auditorium - open all weekend.

Friday Evening: 7:00pm - Opening Worship, Guest Speaker – Harriett Jane Olson Saturday Morning: 8:30am - Business session, “Funny Business” presentation of reports, procession of missionaries and special guests, Mission Speaker – Brooke Newsome, the Conference Love Offering, and the Pledge Service. Lunch with our Missionaries: Join missionaries who live in our area. They will be honored guests at the Terrace and Lambuth Inn Dining Rooms. Enjoy a meal with them and learn how they served and are still serving God. Saturday Afternoon: 2:00pm – 140th Anniversary Celebration. Saturday Mission Walk: Following the afternoon session, join others in front of Stuart to walk around the lake or as far as you are able to raise money for Mission Giving. Get sponsor forms from the web and keep healthy while supporting Mission Giving. All money will be collected at this time. Saturday Evening: 7:00pm - Officer recognition and installation, President’s report.


activities are being planned for young women and the young at heart. Join the fun downstairs in Harrell Center until 10:30pm.

Saturday Late Night: Immediately following the evening session, special

Mission Speaker Emily “Brooke” Newsome, Mission Speaker – Brooke is a graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, with a degree in History and Secondary Education. She is a US-2 Missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. She is serving at Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana, Illinois. She serves with the special therapies groups and assists in coordinating spiritual life activities. Brooke is affiliated with Boone United Methodist Church and a member of Duke Memorial United Methodist Church. Brooke is from Durham, North Carolina. Musicians Reverend Mark Barden

Emergency Telephone Number: The Assembly switchboard number is 828452-2881. Hands-On Mission Project for Annual Meeting – Gift to Mission Cards. Our 2008 Financial Goal is to increase total Mission Giving through the Five Channels by 1%. Gift to Mission Cards (and stamps) are one of the 5 channels and will be available in the Program Resources Room. Remember some one with a Gift to Mission Card.

Featured Guest Speaker Harriett Jane Olson has served as deputy general secretary of the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church since Sept. 4, 2007. As such, she is chief executive officer of the Women’s Division, the national administrative and policymaking arm of United Methodist Women. She is a Harvard graduate and attorney. Harriett has a long history of service in the United Methodist Church. From 1988-1996, she was a director of the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship and was a delegate to the 1988, 1992 and 1996 General Conferences of the denomination.

Mark completed ministerial studies at Duke University and was ordained deacon in 1986 and elder in 1990. He has served several churches in the Western North Carolina Conference. In 2000, Mark was appointed Director of Mission/Outreach for the Western North Carolina Conference. In this capacity, he traveled extensively worldwide on behalf on the Conference. In June 2006, Mark was appointed Director of Communication and Coordinator for Lay Ministries and Special Projects for the conference. Catherine Ritch Organist/Pianist


Catherine is a published composer and author of inspirational fiction, nonfiction and children’s books with 19 books currently in print. Prior to her appointment through the United Methodist Church as the Circuit Riding Musician – a position that allows her to serve globally through her writing, speaking and music - Catherine served 35 years in local churches, including Matthews UMC, Central-Concord, and Pleasant Grove in Charlotte. Through her latest children’s series, Rudy the Red Pig, she has developed the non-profit Rudy & Friends Reading Pen, Inc., which has been selected for use as a mission resource, especially for children.

INFORMATION FOR DELEGATES Rules of Order for Annual Meeting Voting Membership The voting body of the Conference organization shall be composed of the following persons: one representative of each local unit of fifty (50) members or less, with one additional representative for each fifty (50) members in the unit; all District officers and chairpersons of District Committees; Past Presidents of the former Western North Carolina Conference Women’s Societies of Christian Service, Past Presidents of the former North Carolina-Virginia Conference Women’s Society of Christian Service, former Secretaries of the Wesleyan Service Guild, and Conference Past Presidents of the United Methodist Women now living within the bounds of the western North Carolina Conference (the Conference organization assumes no financial responsibility for this group); District Presidents, as members of the Conference Executive Committee; Conference officers and chairpersons of committees; any member of the Women’s Division or of the Jurisdiction organization residing within the bounds of the Conference; the resident Bishop; the President of the Jurisdiction Deaconess Association if residing within the bounds of the Conference; and all elected members-at-large.

GENERAL INFORMATION (1) Meetings shall open and close at the times stipulated in the official program. (2) Members and guests shall wear nametags at all times to all functions to indicate delegate status. (3) During voting sessions (business sessions) delegates shall be seated within a designated voting bar. (4) Members and visitors not designated as delegates shall be seated elsewhere. NEW BUSINESS (1) All new business that has not been considered by the Executive Committee of the Conference shall be presented in writing to the Secretary twenty-four (24) hours prior to being considered by the voting delegates. (2) Proposed Resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Conference President sixty (60) days prior to the beginning of the Conference Annual Meeting. MOTIONS (1) All motions except on matters of procedure shall be written and signed by the maker and furnished to the Chair before action is taken. (2) The Secretary, unless directed otherwie, shall not record motions ruled out of order, points of order on which no appeal is taken, or trivial matters of privilege.

DEBATE (1) In seeking recognition from the Chair, a member must stand to address the Chair and, upon being recognized, state his or her name before making comment or motion. (2) The maker of a motion in preference to any other delegate shall be entitled to the floor immediately after the motion is stated. (3) Debate shall be limited to fifteen (15) minutes per topic. (4) No delegate shall speak to a motion a second time until all others have been given the opportunity to speak. (5) No delegate shall speak more than twice on the same question on the same day, nor more than two (2) minutes at one time without consent of the body. (6) General consent shall be required if additional ttime is to be given. DELEGATES FOR QUORUM A quorum shall be a simple majority of the delegates registered for the meeting. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY (1) Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority. (2) A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the delegates is required to suspend or amend these rules.

2010 Proposed Slate of Officers For The WNC Conference UMW The Committee on Nominations is pleased to submit the following proposed slate of officers for 2010 for the Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women. Nominees for a two-year term: President: Mildred Carter, North Wilkesboro District Vice President: Tonya Lanier, Lexington District Secretary: Ann Aldridge, Marion District Treasurer: Julia Willis, Greensboro District Mission Coordinator, Spiritual Growth: ----- Dixie Tyson, Albemarle District Missin Coordinator, Membership, Nurture & Outreach: ----- Sherry Sink, High Point District Mission Coordinator, Social Action: ----- Martha Phillips, Marion District Program Resources: Kim Keyse, Greensboro District Nominations Chair: Janet Turner, Winston Salem District Nominees for a four-year term: Nominating Committee Class of 2013: Elizabeth Lookabill, Lexington District Nominating Committee Class of 2013: Juanita Brown, High Point District Charter for Racial Justice Committee, two-year term: Naz William, Asheville District Irish Spencer, High Point District


Conference Gram WNC Conference United Methodist Women Janice Lentz, 336 Midway Park Lane, Taylorsville, NC 28681


2009 Calendar of Events for WNC Conference United Methodist Women September 11-13: Annual Meeting, Lake Junaluska October 10: Officer’s Training, Broad Street UMC, Statesville, NC Mark Your Calendar for April 30-May 2, 2010: Assembly in St. Louis, MO (See flier inside for bus trip from Western NC Conference UMW)

Web Site Address: Lynne Gilbert maintains the web site and you are invited to send her articles and photos. Just remember our initials: Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women Join Our Conference Email List. To receive conference event information and updates, the Conference Gram, etc., send an email to Lynne Gilbert (, giving your name, email address, and district name. Join Now!!


The Conference Gram is published four times per year by the Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women. It is mailed, free of charge, to all district and conference officers, and to local unit presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and circle chairs. Anyone can sign up to receive it online.

ASSEMBLY 2010: Faith. Hope. Love in Action. April 30 - May 2, 2010 - St. Louis, Missouri WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA CONFERENCE UNITED METHODIST WOMEN


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Monday, May 3, 2010

BUS TRIP ITINERARY: (Deluxe Chartered Bus Transportation by ROYAL TOURS)

Bus Package Prices

Wed., April 28

Morning departures from pick-up points across the conference; Lunch on the road; Dinner at Ellendales in Nashville; Overnight at Embassy Suites in Nashville.

Thurs., April 29

Visit the Upper Room & the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville; Lunch on the road; Travel to St. Louis; Arrive at Crowne Plaza St. Louis Downtown; Dinner on your own.



Double Room

Fri., April 30

Guided tour of St. Louis, ending at Gateway Arch Park; Afternoon free to check in at the Assembly registration desks, browse the Assembly Experience Hall, or browse downtown St. Louis. Opening plenary begins at 7:00PM. (Doors open at 6:00PM.)



Triple Room

Sun., May 2

Meeting ends around 12:00 Noon; Departure immediately following meeting conclusion; Lunch on the road; Dinner & overnight at Embassy Suites in Nashville.



Quad Room

Mon., May 3

Return home to pick-up points across the Western NC Conference

(Per Person)

$ 1,155.00

Single Room

The bus trip package price includes: Deluxe bus transportation provided by Royal Tours, five nights lodging (Wednesday night April 28th thru Sunday night May 2nd), certain meals (2 deluxe continental breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners), and two included tours. Important note: The trip price includes 3 hotel nights in St. Louis during the Assembly at the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Downtown. Passengers do not need to make any separate hotel reservations. ALL nights are included in the bus package price. The bus trip package price DOES NOT include the Assembly Registration Fee. Register for the Assembly ONLINE at The Assembly 2010 registration fee is $215.00 per person if you register ONLINE on or before November 30, 2009. After that date, the registration fee goes up to $250.00. Register early to take advantage of the discount! If you do not have access to a computer, or if you need assistance with online registration, contact Lynne Gilbert or Sara Williams for assistance. Note: No meals are included in the Assembly registration fee. Links to Assembly online registration & other information are available on our website at:

Complete and return the form below, along with a $400 deposit, by October 31, 2009. (A separate form and $400 deposit is required for each person making a reservation.) Make your reservations early! Bus reservations will be accepted in the order they are received until seating capacity is reached.

Payment of the balance will be due by February 20, 2010. There will be no refunds for cancellations after March 10, 2010. TOUR COORDINATORS:

Lynne Gilbert

(H) 336-854-3479; (C) 336-207-3479

Questions? Contact one of the tour coordinators.

Sara Williams

(H) 336-699-8079; (C) 336-469-1344

Name (For Nametag): _________________________________________________ Home Phone #: _________________________ Please Print Clearly

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Email Address: _______________________________________________________ Cell Phone #: __________________________ Emergency Contact: _____________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Lodging for Wednesday Night, April 28th thru Sunday Night, May 2nd. (Please check one, and fill in roommates as appropriate) Double Room

$ 810.00/person Make $400 deposit check payable to: Treasurer, WNCC-UMW

Triple Room

$ 725.00/person Roommate(s):

__________________________________________ Please send all

Quad Room

$ 670.00/person

__________________________________________ roommate forms

Single Room


__________________________________________ together.

Mail this form and your deposit check to: Lynne Gilbert, 4821-B Tower Road, Greensboro, NC 27410

Complete and return this form no later than October 31, 2009.

Assembly 2010 Faith. Hope. Love in Action. America’s Center ™ St. Louis, Missouri April 30 - May 2, 2010 (With pre-conference events April 29) United Methodist Women assemble every four years to celebrate, to lift up, to learn, and to return to their communities better equipped for mission. Tens of thousands of women have been meeting in this fashion since 1942 in a unified effort to stay at the forefront of the work being done both locally and globally to improve and sustain the lives of women, children and youth. Assembly 2010 has been themed: “Faith. Hope. Love in Action.” Chosen because it encapsulates the 140 year history of United Methodist Women, it says everything about what is happening on the ground today, and is the momentum for decades to come. Faith. Hope. Love in Action is the energy that moves through each woman that has pledged her time for service through United Methodist Women.

It is an exciting experience to be part of this large gathering of United Methodist Women. Make plans to join us in St. Louis!

Learn more about Assembly 2010 at: Look there for:

Registration Information Hotel Reservations Assembly Schedule Worship & Experience Hall Pre-conference Events Promotional Resources to share with your local unit YouTube Videos...And More!

Travel Information for the Western North Carolina Conference Chartered Bus Tour:

St. Louis...Here We Come! April 28 - May 3, 2010

Mark your calendar and plan to go with us!

Exciting Details and Reservation Form on Back!!

Registration for Assembly 2010 Register for the Assembly ONLINE at The Assembly 2010 registration fee is $215.00 per person if you register ONLINE on or before November 30, 2009. After that date, the registration fee goes up to $250.00. Register early to take advantage of the discount! If you do not have access to a computer, or if you need assistance with online registration, contact Lynne Gilbert or Sara Williams for assistance. Note: No meals are included in the Assembly registration fee.

St. Louis Hotel Reservations There is no official block of rooms in St. Louis reserved for the Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women. WNCC Bus Trip Passengers: All bus trip passengers will be staying at the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Downtown. The cost of the three hotel nights in St. Louis is included in the price of the bus trip (see details on reverse side). Others Attending the Assembly: Others attending the Assembly can make hotel reservations online through the Assembly website at any of the Assembly hotels. The Assembly website has hotel rate information and a map of hotel locations in relation to the America’s Center. Assembly website:

Watch for Additional Information on our Conference Website (Bus trip information and the reservation form are available on the website)

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