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Sharon Maguire A.I.S.T.D., A.A.D.A.

Having danced from the age of ten at a local dance school right up to leaving secondary school at the age of sixteen, I successfully auditioned for the Dance Centre, Preston College. This is where I trained for four years, studying all styles of Dance and achieved my teaching qualifications with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. In September 2004 I launched Centre Stage School of Dance. After only 4 months we held our first Dance Display, then in 2006 was our first full production – Dance Fever. The show was a real success and spurred the school forwards. Our next show in 2009, A Night on Broadway was another Smash Hit raising the bar higher again. Francesca has been a teacher at the school for the past three years and also achieved her teaching qualifications with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing whilst training at Preston Dance College. She then went on to dance for six months in Paris at Euro Disney and has gained her teaching experience at other local dance schools. Francesca has helped run the school during my maternity leave and continues to teach for us ensuring the pupils benefit from the experience of two teachers. In November 2009 the Infants, Juniors, Seniors and Students undertook their ISTD examinations. The pupils had studied the syllabus for Modern and Tap and had put in many hours of practice. All of the pupils passed the exams, achieving Grade A’s and B’s!!! Stage experience is an important part of a dancer’s training and everyone involved in tonight’s performance has put in a great deal of hard work, lots of enthusiasm and many hours of practice to make this show a success. Finally, I’d like to thank you all for coming to support us this evening and I hope you’ll enjoy watching the show as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. Enjoy!!! Sharon..

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Rhythm of the Night


The Centre Stage School of Dance Pupils and Tonight’s Performers The Tots

Back Row: Ellie McManus, Alicia Morton, Lara Atkinson, Lexie Maclean, Amie Stock, Tiya Patel-Reddy. Middle Row: Maisie Dalfen, Lucy Blackburn, Lauren Knott, Lucy Darwin, Lola Molyneux, Maizie Mortimer. Front Row: Azra Leach, Beth Rowland, Jessica Knott, Emily Crawshaw, Lydia Maughan.

The Infants

Back Row: Elizabeth Cusick, Cara Jones, Katherine Berry, Holly James, Louise Guiver. Middle Row: Emma Freeman, Annabelle Stock, Millie Flanagan, Bethany Roberts, Claudia Barnes, Hannah DeBacker. Front Row: Molly Crawshaw, Sammi Guiver, Sophia Edwards. Absent from photo: Katie Kellett.

The Juniors

Back Row: Danielle Billigham, Leah Sumner, Jade Courtney-Warrilow, Zara James, Katie Roberts. Front Row: Molly Cahill, Olivia Kordzinski, Emily Evans, Katie Hopkins.

Rhythm of the Night

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

The Seniors

Back Row: Lauren McMullan, Caitlin Fox, Beth Miller, Lydia Murphy, Lorna Murphy, Jessica Dooney. Front Row: Megan Smith, Arianna Barnes, Jade Rogers, Alicia Moore. Absent from photo: Allicia Croston.

The Students

Jenny McMullan, Michelle Fox, Abagael Cullen, Gina Harrison, Ciara Pye-Stott.

The Adults

Lyn Eyes, Pam James, Paula Cahill, Lisa Mills, Maureen Taylor. Absent from photo: Jill Grundy.

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Rhythm of the Night

Rhythm of the Night - Part 1

42nd Street

42nd Street We’re in the Money Lullaby of Broadway Finale When I Grow Up Ugly Bug Ball Bamboleo

Seniors & Students Adults Juniors Everyone Infants Tots Adults

There will be a short break of 10 minutes, please remain seated Alice in Wonderland Alice Jade Rogers White Rabbit Gina Harrison Mad Hatter Alicia Moore The Dormouse Allicia Croston Garden of Flowers Grade 1 & Grade 3 Ballet Class Queen of Hearts Abagael Cullen Hearts Seniors & Students Finale Everyone


Rhythm of the Night

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

The Rum Tum Tugger Memory Mr. Mistofelees The Jellicle Ball Over the Rainbow Lets Twist Again Bad Boys

Juniors Students Seniors Everyone Tots Infants Seniors & Students

There will be a short break of 15 minutes for the Raffle Moulin Rouge Because we Can Sparkling Diamonds Hindi Sad Diamonds Lady Marmalade Rhythm of the Night Finale

Seniors & Students Adults Juniors Infants & Tots Cast Cast

The End

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Rhythm of the Night - Part 2


Rhythm of the Night

A BIG thank you! I would like to thank the following people for their help and support with tonight’s production and also throughout the year. Francesca and Gina for all their hard work and support each week and especially during my maternity leave. My husband, Oliver, who has helped with the Music and Scenery Construction as well as everything else!! Alan Dodd for all of his help with Lighting, Scenery and Stage Management. David Rourke of WN6 Creative for yet again another fantastic programme and show design. Nadine Downhill is our very talented dressmaker who has made some of the beautiful costumes. All the volunteers working backstage helping to get the children ready and on stage on time. The stage crew for their help with the scenery. Also, the volunteers at the front of house, making sure everything runs smoothly. All the parents for their time and patience throughout the year, every bit of support is appreciated. Finally, I’d like to thank all the pupils for their hard work and enthusiasm every lesson. They have all improved a great deal since we started practicing for the show, I’m extremely proud of them all and feel very lucky to have such dedicated pupils.

Rhythm of Night Production Team Choreography

Sharon Maguire Francesca Webster

Saturday Assistant

Gina Harrison

Costume Design

Sharon Maguire

Costume Team

Nadine Downhill Julie Finch Jenny McMullan Sharon Maguire Francesca Webster

Sound & Lighting

Alan Dodd

Scenery Construction Oliver Maguire

Rhythm of the Night

Oliver Maguire Stage Crew Martin Cusick Gary Grundy Daniel Billingham Alan Guiver Billy Cahill Rick Darwin Photography Innovative Photography by Kirsten Jane Show Filming

Stagedoor Films


Paul Eyes

Programme Design

WN6 Creative

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Congratulations! Congratulations to Jade Rogers who has successfully auditioned for Preston Dance College and has started her first year on the Professional Dancers and Teachers of Dance Course. Congratulations to Gina Harrison who has successfully auditioned for both Preston Dance College and Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), and has just started her first year on the BA (Hons) Music (Performing Arts) course at LIPA.

Congratulations to all the girls who took their first Dance exams in January 2008!!

I am proud to say that we achieved a 100% pass rate. The examinations are held with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and although they are not compulsory, I find that pupils enjoy the benefit of working towards a serious goal.

Grade 1 Modern

Grade 3 Tap

Claudia Barnes Katherine Berry Molly Crawshaw Hannah DeBacker Emma Freeman Sammi Guiver Holly James Cara Jones Bethany Roberts

Jessica Dooney Beth Miller Lauren McMullan Lorna Murphy Lydia Murphy

Grade 2 Modern Danielle Billingham Molly Cahill Jade Courtney-Warrilow Emily Evans Katie Hopkins Zara James Olivia Kordzinski Katie Roberts Leah Sumner

Grade 4 Modern Arianna Barnes Allicia Croston Jessica Dooney Lauren McMullan Alicia Moore Jade Rogers

Grade 4 Tap Allicia Croston Alicia Moore Jade Rogers Megan Smith

Grade 3 Modern

Grade 5 Modern

Caitlin Fox Beth Miller Lorna Murphy Lydia Murphy Megan Smith

Abagael Cullen Michelle Fox Gina Harrison Jenny McMullan Ciara Pye-Stott

Congratulations! Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Rhythm of the Night

With a special thanks to our sponsors

10 Rhythm of the Night

Centre Stage School of Dance 2010

Design & Production

Dance School Programme  

this years version of the programme for Centre Stage School of Dance