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Contact Allison: Email – Website: Currently seeking those who want to Experience….More Health & More Wealth!

Destination Haiti, A Haitian Art Fundraiser Hope Crossing Borders,

Supporting 10,000 Toys for Haiti!

Thursday 21st, February Accents on Eglinton Bookstore 1790 Eglinton Ave West (just east of Dufferin)

Doors open 6pm-11pm Tickets/Info: 647-713-3622


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Destination Haiti!

Save Money at Tax Time



Tupperholic Superstar

The Fountain of Youth

09: Grow your business 11: Retire at 35 not 65 12: WMYB Entertainment Contributors

16: Mrs Fraud & You Andrew Rostant Andrew Rostant is “The Water Boy” a consultant with Kangen Water and promoting healthy water is Andrew’s passion. Phone: 647-763-547 Email: Learn more at www.goodwaterintro. com


Tom “Big Al” Schreiter Tom “Big Al” Schreiter writes the Big Al Report. Learn the inside secrets of network marketing by downloading the free mini reports at http://www.

Cover: Image by Klay tha Cartoonist (Upgraduation) Allison aka The Networking Diva (image)

Dawn James At Plan2Succeed our mission is to help businesses Plan-Execute-Prosper. We have extensive experience and specialize in strategic planning, business planning, marketing, project management and social media training. We work with small and medium businesses and offer cost effective solutions for them to improve their top line and bottom line. Learn more at

Editor’s Note: Happy New Year 2013! The holidays are over, the weather is cold, we have made our resolutions for the New Year and probably broken some of them already. So goes life, without the lows how can we ever enjoy the highs. The year is already flying by, bringing us closer to fulfilling our needs for the year. As small business owners we must look at the last year, pin point where we faltered and examine the reasons why we didn’t accomplish all that we wanted to.

Allison Harvey aka The Networking Diva

“Locate free prizes and call us to win”!

I hope within these pages you will find information that can help you in your business or provide you with some great ideas, check out our listings there might be other small businesses you can connect with, remember you don’t have to do it all yourself. “Sell your strengths and buy your weeknesses”, Paul Epp. Over the next few months as we make our way through the year, look at ways to invest not only in your business but in yourself. Becoming an expert in your field doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen when you put the time into it. Add networking to your repertoire as a really effective way of making your business visible and getting people to identify with you and your brand. In a world that is swiftly becoming technology driven, you need to make your mark and to hold your position. This takes a combination of different strategies and as small businesses where the cash flow is not substantial, engaging other ways of promoting your business becomes tantamount in order to keep your business in growth form because if you are not growing you are dying. The team at WMYB wishes you an abundant year and remember to “Mind Your Business”. We would love to hear from you, email us at Remember to “MIND YOUR BUSINESS”! WMYB Team


Publisher/Editor: Allison Harvey Editor/Proofreader: Scully Love Promo Layout: Nebojsa Dolovacki Advertising Sales: 647-713-3622 Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey is experienced in tax accounting and preparation and has been practicing for more than 15 years. In addition he has been involved in the networking industry for many years. Learn more at www.baileystaxservices. com

Christine Bode Scully Love Promo, Founder and Social Media Manager. A lover of Arts: music, literature, film, theatre, fine art, and photography. In March 2008, I launched Scully Love Promo and am now a professional social media manager, internet promoter and virtual assistant for musicians, authors, artists, and

Contributors - Andrew, Tom, Allison, Christine, Dawn, Patrick, Mark – Café 9, Travel Consultant Next Issue - May 2013

entrepreneurs. I’ve had the privilege of working with award-winning Canadian, Irish and British talent and use social media marketing to increase their publicity and expand their audience using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress and LinkedIn.


Water the elixir of Life!

What is the second most important element for life. Is it the air we breathe or is it the water we drink? You’ve guessed it, it is water.

Your body is 75% water, your brain mass is 80% water. To pass any exam you need to receive 75% or over so what if you correct 75% of what you are made up of with Healthy Good Water, that is the kind of water as nature meant, you can find this type of water in the Glaciers or Lorde de France and some other unique places around the world.

Consultant Andrew Rostant

This will help you ward off every disease known to man. Remember this fact sickness and disease can not strive in an alkaline body, the leading cause of cancer is acidic cells. So make yourself wet today with the best water. Call us at 647-763-5479 and visit

Are you able to go to these places to experience the miracles that you hear others talk about when they drink these waters and can you go there everyday. What if there is a way you can experience these waters right from your own kitchen and/or shower, giving you the opportunity to bathe with chlorine free water, cook with micro clustered water which brings out the taste and aroma of your food and also washes the pesticides and insecticides which is oil based off your fruits and vegetables.You can even drink this miraculous water which is rich in antioxidants and highly alkaline.

Kangen Consultant – Gerald Mohammed 6

Kangen Consultant – Roger Dow

Z-Com Computer Services Inc.


Destination Miami, one more leg to go before I touching down in Haiti for the 3rd time, bringing bags bulging and bursting with hundreds of toys for eager and waiting children.


s we fly over the vast ocean that separates to entirely different countries, my excitement grows, going to Haiti for me is like going home, for someone that is not Haitian – this is a jump, but it is reality, this love that I have for this country, the hope that I know never sleeps, but is in every pulse, every breath, every person that has love for Haiti, this jewel in the Caribbean, helped by many but loved, I believed by many more.

The children of this country is it’s hope for a better tomorrow and in these bags disguised as toys I bring with me is a hope for a better tomorrow, hope for every man, woman and child, hope for a future ripe with opportunities. We land, finally back on the ground in Haiti, after another year has gone by, I can scarcely believe it, lots have changed, more buildings are going up, people are rushing about, the potholes are still there as I remember, like a welcoming friend throwing me this way and that in the truck that is taking me to the hotel. I can’t remember where the hotel is and we are driving around, lost, this is Haiti and my friend who has the

address cannot be found. But as we keep driving, my memories of Haiti starts coming back and I start remembering enough to get us to the hotel…..whoo hoo relief, we are finally there after being on the move for the last 18 hours, Haiti at last. This year we have 6 orphanages to visit, lots more children to meet, other homes to discover I am grateful for this opportunity to give a little back and I look forward to my time here. Some of the children I will meet yet again, some I have never met before and some I may only see one time. From Port au Prince, to Thomazine, wining our way up to Kenscoff and back down again, so many children so little time, I wish that I could do more, we head out to another orphanage in Bon Repos that I was sent to. I have been to a number of orphanages and was accustomed to seeing the kids have a roof over their heads, sometimes not enough food but they manage with help from wonderful sponsors. And then I went to Bon Repos and discovered a number of children living in deplorable conditions, with only a tent that is used as a school, living area, kitchen and an area to keep you out of the sun. Their bedroom is approximately 5x10 and sleeps 8 children on pieces of board with sheets thrown on top. This is where they spend the most important hours in a child’s life, sleeping – one can’t help but want to help, their needs are many and I have so little but I do what I can and hope that when I come back I can do so much more. As the plane takes to the cloudy blue skies, tears come to my eyes as if leaving a loved one, more like loved ones, really tiny ones, that you want to take with you. I look out the window until the land that is Haiti disappears from view. I wished I could bring them all back with me but I can’t, I can now only think about when I will be back, what can I do to encourage others not to forget the future that is Haiti, it’s children! Help us to support these wonderful children this coming year by visiting, and make a donation! Thank you for supporting!


Grow your business in 2013

Ask your customers what they want.

after sales call to see how their sales experience was. One easy way to do this is by using an online survey. A customer survey is a systematic and objective process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data to help make better marketing decisions. Surveys can help you: yy Define your market more effectively and make your marketing dollars go further. yy Learn more about your existing and potential customers.

By Dawn James

Are you listening to your customers? Customers are your best resource when it comes to creating, enhancing and expanding your product offerings and services. Why not ask for their feedback on product ideas, give them opportunities to make comments online, make an

yy Learn how your customers perceive your products, your offers and your customer service. yy Position or reposition your product in the marketplace. yy Identify the specific product benefits you should be promoting. Asking your customer what they want can save you from making costly mistakes and tell you what you need to do to sell more. About the Author: Dawn James is a business strategist and the co-founder of . The company’s mission is to educate and mentor business owners on best practise to plan – execute- and prosper by proving a range of services form business planning to social media marketing strategies. Visit

The Bizness Toolbox When starting a business the right tools will make the job easier!

6. Invest in yourself, through books, cds, courses, events, workshops etc, never stop learning. 7. Share your business with at least 2 new people every day, the more people you talk to the more opportunities open up for you. 8. Make an advertising budget, visibility is key, especially with a new business. There are many free ways to advertise but paid advertising usually gets you more visibility and credibility. 9. Network with others who have more experience than you in the same field, go to various events, start of at free or lower priced ones or volunteer at events meeting new people is crucial in your first 1224 months. 10. Engage social media, it’s here to stay, in the beginning it’s tough but you can either have someone do it or do it yourself, but it does take time to build an online presence! Positive points, creates visibility and doesn’t cost you money! Check in online at to learn other ways to promote your business!


Q&A Dear Networking Diva, Some of my friends invited me to a presentation and want me to join their organization; my friends don’t usually follow through on things they so I don’t want to join a business with them, I actually saw another company that I really love, how do I tell them no, without hurting their feelings. I have been avoiding their phone calls. Hide & Seek Susie Dear Hide & Seek, You really want to be upfront with your friends and it is not a business you feel you are ready for, invite them over and firmly let them know, that you are grateful for their interest in your well-being, you love them and want to continue the friendship but right now you have Dear Networking Diva, My 19 year old recently came home and told me that he wanted to join a Network Marketing company, I am a bit worried as he doesn’t know anything about business and I don’t know the people he is involved in, he is very excited and I want to support him I am just not sure as he just started university and has a future with a great job planned out for him. Worried Mom! Dear Worried Mom, It’s wonderful that you are supporting your son in what could definitely be a life altering change in a very short time. I am sure you are well aware that the job market is changing rapidly; there are no guarantees of a job once he finishes university. With Network Marketing he could actually pay off his school loan before finishing university, how great would that be. Network Marketing is a 150 billion dollar per year industry and the figure is growing annually, who is causing this increase? People like your son who sees an opportunity and takes it. Your son, once he stays committed and on track for as little as 3 to 5 years can be financially secure instead of debt ridden like his friends when he completes university, plus Network Marketing focuses on personal development which will assist with his growth in the business as well as his personal life. Best of luck! The Networking Diva 10

seen another business that you are much more suited for and you are going to pursue, Suzie this action may cause a strain on your relationship but true friends will support you no matter what. Best of luck! The Networking Diva!

Retire at 35 or 65

your choice

By Tom Schreiter


o to school, graduate, invest four years in university, and then graduate $100,000 in debt … and unemployed. Next, grovel and beg for a job that will pay just enough to get you ahead of your credit card bills, your cell phone bill, your cable TV bill, your mortgage, your food, your car payments, your insurance payments and all the other bills that take all of our salary. Work five or six days a week on a job you that have no passion for, get up early to commute to

work, and commute back again in the evening. 50 weeks for the company, 2 weeks for us for holiday. Enough time to visit the in-laws. And then, at 65 years of age, we can retire and die. Not exactly the capitalist dream, is it? However, network marketing can change all that. With a small network marketing check every month, everything changes. Possibilities in our lives can happen. More time, more opportunity, more vacations. For instant, once your part-time network marketing checks grow, work gets better. Now when the boss asks you to do a project, you can consider it optional There is a story of two young men graduating from high school. One young man goes to university, graduates four years later $100,000 in debt and unemployed. The other young man graduates high school, starts his own part time networking marketing business, and four years later when his friend graduates, he retires. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter writes the Big Al Report at

Seeking experienced consultants for TONE III, Saturday 20th April 2013


Photos courtesy Anthony Berot Photography/Vibenest Gallery

Consul General of Haiti, Dr. Eric Pierre & Allison Harvey @ Spirits & Spice Fundraiser!

Performers from Rock the Mic IV.


Text: Monique-Pro Agency Rock the Mic Part IV, December 2012 Coming soon: Rock the Mic Part V

Rouge coordinator Ocean-Paige Lewis of Elationz Entertainment

Photos courtesy Jag True Beauty

Photos courtesy Jag True Beauty

Rouge coordinator Ocean-Paige Lewis of Elationz Entertainment

2012 Events

Photos courtesy Jag True Beauty

Photos courtesy Jag True Beauty


Book a Professional Portrait Session

JENNIFER WOOD 647-235-3401 *Providing both Photography & Makeup Services* Professional Headshots & Family Photography Model Portfolios & Beauty Portraits Makeup Lessons & Makeup Workshops Total Makeovers & Bridal Makeup Services

Save Money at Tax Time! By Patrick Bailey

It is often said that the only sure things are death and taxes. But, although, death may be pretty straight forward, the same cannot be said of taxes.


ith the constantly changing rules and interpretation of the rules, many taxpayers are finding it more and more difficult to understand the complexities of the tax system. More and more taxpayers are turning turn to professionals. Even those who previously prepared their own returns are now looking for professional help. Many people, for instance, have a poor grasp of the tax implications of their investments or the impact that life events have on their taxes. The modern tax preparer can, therefore, play a very integral part in the financial planning and wealth creation process.

preparation services. The following are some of the factors to be used to when choosing a tax professional.

1. Knowledge and expertise. They should have the expertise to apply tax planning strategies which are relevant to their clients’ situations. The more knowledgeable the tax preparer, the more they are able to help their clients.

2. Timeliness, reliability and accessibility. The more reliable and accessible the tax preparer is, the easier it is for the taxpayer to meet his or her objectives and the better the relationship.

But how do you choose the tax professional who is right for 3. Ethical and moral. you? Today’s tax professional must be able to give tax advice in addition to tax

A good tax preparer should adhere to a code of ethics similar to other financial professionals.

4. Ability to resolve problems. Your tax professional must be prepared to help settle disputes with the appropriate tax authorities on the client’s behalf as well as get the information necessary to make a good decision. SUMMARY. Today’s tax preparers are not only relied upon for their knowledge and expertise, but they are expected to be ethical, reliable, accessible, and timely and be able to resolve any tax related disputes. Establishing good communications is a key ingredient to building trust while selecting the professional who is right for you.


Get your READ on! This month we feature Diane Ojar-Ali author of the brand new book on identity fraud, “Mrs. Fraud and You”, a close and in-depth look at the many ways you can become a victim of a crime that is on the rise and leaving many casualties in its wake.


ianne Ojar-Ali is a businesswoman, author, speaker, consultant and financial coach. Her mission, “to empower and bring out the greatness and excellence in others”, is reflected not only in the work she does, but in her affiliations with various organizations in her community. Originally from Trinidad, Dianne migrated to the U.S., then to Canada, where she worked in the financial industry for nineteen years. Realizing she could make a greater impact educating people and raising awareness regarding financial fraud, she quit her job and became an independent financial advisor. She also holds the honor of being the first Canadian member of the ITPA (Identity Theft Professional Association). In her continuing attempt to raise awareness and educate people, Dianne is already working on her second book in which she will be sharing stories of identity theft victims.

Tupperholic Superstar! WMYB interviewed Jilian, a 45 year veteran of a company we know and love, you know you have a Tupperware container in a cupboard somewhere. WMYB: Jilian share with us how you started with Tupperware? JILIAN - Bought the url! I went to a Tupper party and fell in love with it. Didn’t smell like plastic. Water didn’t taste like plastic. I hated that taste and smell all through school. I remember, Daphne the consultant telling a story about a field rat not being able to chew through or open a snack store, and this was in a barn in England. Daphne had sold Tupperware in England before moving to Canada. She didn’t know anyone in Canada when she started selling Tupperware so I raised my hand and asked if I could do the same and make friends. The rest is history. Having just moved from Jamaica I had only 3 friends. There is more to THAT story which I will share in my book. :-), look out for it! WMYB – As you didn’t know anyone how did you get started? JILIAN – Since I love to talk and love cold calling! It’s how I built my business.


Dianne can be contacted via her website at! The first person to contact WMYB and say “I am calling about Mrs. Fraud” wins a signed copy. WMYM – 647713-3622 August 1968. Took me till ‘73 to succeed. WMYB – Congratulations on being a Tupperware consultant for the last 45 years, what made you so committed to Tupperware? JILIAN – I love Tupperware and believe in the product, a certified Tupperholic you can say! WMYB – What is your plans for the future? JILIAN – To “Tupperize”, as many homes as I can and to let people know that Tupperware isn’t just for the home, it’s also for the office, the cottage, just about any space you want to organize and contain. WMYB – Any advice for those just starting out, having a home-based business? JILIAN - Do you want a better business plan? Then study your industry. Most importantly become a student of lifelong learning. Just 10 pages daily (or half an hour) and ‘never, never, never ever give up’ - Winston Churchill Connect with Jilian online at jilian - Free Tupperware give-away, first person to call and say I am a Tupperholic will win a free gift from Jilian! Contact WMYB @ 647-713-3622

Why Should I Use Promoted Posts on Facebook? By Christine Bode of Scully Love Promo

Facebook is finding more and more ways to charge us to use it for marketing purposes, and while we may not like it, that’s just the way it is. They know how powerful they are.  


nfortunately, most of the posts that we administrators make on our Facebook pages are now only seen by a very small percentage of the people who have actually LIKED our pages. According to Zynali Marketing Solutions, “The average newsfeed distribution of a post from a page is 16%.   That’s correct, 84% of the people who are a fan of your Facebook page, are not seeing your posts.”  So we now have to pay Facebook to display our content in the News Feeds of people who are already connected to our pages.  Facebook introduced Promoted Posts in 2012.  If your Facebook page has over 400 likes, you have the option of paying for a Promoted Post.  Make sure it’s a post with valuable content that you really want to advertise.  A Promoted Post doesn’t have to cost a lot. 

Register your credit card or PayPal information with Facebook and start with paying $5 or $10 to see how many extra people will end up seeing your post (it will be thousands instead of hundreds or less). This could be for an upcoming event, special offer, new book, CD or product launch, crowdfunding campaign, etc.  You can choose to promote a post that you’ve already made but it can only be up to 3 days old.  Always click on the option ‘People who like your page and their friends’ under the Audience section.  Once you’ve created a Promoted Post, you should pin that post to the top of your Facebook page for maximum visibility. Please take a few minutes to watch the video at this link and bookmark this page so that you can find it in the future:

Ilina Trowles Astrologer and Certified Life Coach specializing in Relationships and Compatibility for lovers and partners 647.342.2077

“Astrology is here to set a path It’s up to you to choose the destination.” / www.

Now you can enjoy a gourmet coffee that’s actually good for you. OrGanoGold has100% Certified Organic Ganoderma in all of its coffees, teas and other products. Take the 30-Day Challenge and see for yourself! • Strengthens the immune system • Provides more energy and vigor • Supports quality of sleep • Many more benefits!

Karen Saint

905 931 9736


Travel Junkie

Ambergris Caye Belize Belize has everything you could possibly want in a winter getaway with guaranteed warm weather white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, and the second largest coral reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


till untouched by the mass tourism that has occurred in many other Caribbean vacation spots the government of Belize is committed to eco-tourism with 36 percent of the country enjoying protected status to help preserve the rain forests and mystical Mayan temples. Most people though arriving from the frigid north are looking for some winter sunshine with a nice beach to relax on which is exactly what you will find on Ambergris Caye

Getting to Ambergris Caye There are two options of getting to Ambergris Caye the first is by speed boat departing from the Marine Terminal in Belize City a journey that takes 75 minutes and costs $15 for more information visit for departure times. The most popular way to get to Ambergris Caye is by air with the 15 minute flight costing $72 one way or $125 roundtrip for more information and flight times visit www.

Where to stay Over the past few years Ambergris Caye has become quite a popular tourist destination with a few luxury resorts being built where a night’s stay can almost cost what many people budget for their entire vacation. There is however a gem of a place to stay that is a bargain compared to other accommodation on the island, and that is the family run ten-room located right on the beach within walking distance of all the restaurants and nightlife. Rates start at $77 per-night during the winter season November-April with a seven night booking available for $441 these rates do not include holidays where you can expect to pay a little more.


What to do Most people come to Ambergris Caye to relax and chill out on a tropical island, but Ambergris Caye is extremely popular with divers and fishermen being only a quarter mile from the largest coral reel in the Western Hemisphere and not far from the famous 407ft deep Blue Hole dive site with visibility up to 200 ft.

Food & Drink Seafood of course plays a large part in the food you will find on Ambergris Caye but there are now many restaurants catering to all tastes from European to American and even nearby Mexican dishes. For a taste of local delights visit Robins Kitchen for Rice & Beans, and for street food there is nothing better than a chicken taco-little corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken, and at three for a Belizean dollar you will not find a better value anywhere. For a few cold ones head to the Road Kill bar or for some late night dancing go to Jaguar’s Temple Night Club both of which are in San Pedro.

Upcoming Events 2013 Thursday 21st February H.O.P.E. Crossing Borders & 10,000 Toys For Haiti presents Destination Haiti, Fundraiser Art Show & Sale “Help us put 60 orphans to bed” Accents on Eglinton Bookstore 1790 Eglinton Avenue, W. (just east of Dufferin St.) 6pm-11pm Tickets: $60.00 (each ticket helps to buy 1 mattress) Info/Tickets: Allison @ 647-713-3622

Wednesday 20th March Naturally You…..Mind, Body & Spirit Pine Point Banquet Hall 15 Grierson Road, (Islington/Hwy 401) 7pm-11pm Speakers, Vendors & You MIX – MINGLE & CONNECT! Advance tickets - $20.00

Saturday 20th April TONE III, The Official Networkmarketing Expo! “Start a home-based business from under $99.00” DSC Banquet Hall 30 Gordon Mackay Road (Jane/Hwy 401) 9am-6pm 30 Exhibitors, Panel Discussions & Small Business Seminar Advance tickets: $10.00 – Door $20.00

The Networking Diva Group Members: Evolv Visalus Reimax

Program the Positive The Boss Program Serving Seniors 24/7

Shift Marketing Momentis Kangen

Nucerity Wander Travel UNQK Jewelry

Info/Tickets to all events contact us at 647-713-3622 or visit us online at **All tickets to events can be purchased through paypal or email money transfer to Our business is promoting your business!


TONE III, The Official Network marketing Expo 2013! “Start a Home-Based Business from Under $99.00” Saturday 20th April DSC Banquet Hall, 30 Gordon Mackay Road (Jane St./Hwy 401)

Panel Discussions: Moms Making Money From Home!

Young Entrepreneurs, Retire at 35 instead of 65! Rene Liew - 32 Deven Brijmohan - 31

LeeAnn Beckwith (4 kids under the age of 8)

Suzan Hart (2 teenagers)

Learn the basics of

Susan Brady (2 children in 20’s)

Find out how they all created success and freedom of time


“Starting Your Business From Scratch”

with James Burgess! Register online to attend these events at TONE III, The Official Networkmarketing Expo 2013! Exhibitors include:

w w w. to n e ex p o. co m

Cost $10.00

WO+MAN Mind Your Businss  

February 2013

WO+MAN Mind Your Businss  

February 2013