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WESTERN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE SENATE A resolution Opposing Michigan House Bill 5039 Supporting Kalamazoo City Ordinance 1856 Resolution# 1112-03 Sponsored by: Diversity Guidance Committee, Political Affairs Committee Authored by: Katelyn Kivel, Senator for Anime Addicts WHEREAS, the Western Student Association does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity, a protection also promised by Western Michigan University; WHEREAS, the City of Kalamazoo voted 62% in favor of extending the municipal non-discrimination policy to cover sexual orientation and gender identity, preventing denial of housing or prejudiced hiring practices within the City of Kalamazoo; WHEREAS, previous administrations of Western Student Association have passed resolutions supporting legislative issues protecting LBGT rights, specifically Kalamazoo Ordinance 1856, and advocacy of these issues; WHEREAS, State Representative Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) introduced House Bill 5039 to limit protected classes in municipal ordinances to those specifically enumerated by the State of Michigan and void all ordinances not within the purview of HB5039; WHEREAS, the force and effect of HB5039 is to override and void the Kalamazoo ordinance supported by the Western Student Association, and would prevent any future attempts by municipalities, school districts, and state authorities to list sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class; WHEREAS, this is antithetical to the stated and pursued goals of the Western Student Association, to the mission and policy of Western Michigan University, to the law enacted by popular vote of the citizens of Kalamazoo, and to the essential morality and common conscience of the students of Western Michigan University; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Western Student Association does formally and fervently admonish House

Bill 5039, and endorses votes, actions, campaigns, and efforts taken that are not against the will and intention of the Western Student Association done in opposition to this legislation, including but not limited to actions to be taken by the Association in opposition to House Bill 5039; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the administration of Western Student Association will propose like legislation at the Student Association of Michigan, to encourage and foster a statewide opposition to this encroachment on the rights of municipalities and of LBGT-identified individuals.

Resolution #1112-03  

Opposing Michigan House Bill 5039, Supporting Kalamzoo City Ordinance 1856

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