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WESTERN STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE SENATE A Resolution in Support of Drive Safe Kalamazoo Resolution# 1112-01 Authored by Senator James B. Stano, Lee Honors College WHEREAS, the mission of Drive Safe Kalamazoo (DSK) states: The mission of Drive Safe Kalamazoo is to ensure safety of our community by providing, on nights of operation, a free, non-judgmental safe ride home for Western Michigan University students; WHEREAS, DSK is recognized by the State of Michigan as a 501(c)3 organization. This nonprofit status means that all proceeds from fundraisers and donations go directly back into the program and can be deducted from one’s taxes; WHEREAS, DSK is a program created, run, and utilized by students at Western Michigan University; WHEREAS, DSK provides social and service opportunities for students at Western Michigan University by providing opportunities for service learning and community volunteer hours; WHEREAS, since its creation in 2002, DSK has provided safe rides home to over 57,500 patrons; WHEREAS, the Western Student Association Allocations Committee has continuously seen the benefits of this program, as demonstrated in the history of providing funding in accordance to their guidelines; WHEREAS, similar safe ride programs around the country have developed and integrated new technological systems into their organizational structure; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Senate of the Western Student Association, as representatives on the student population at Western Michigan University understands the benefits that DSK provides to Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Community. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the WSA supports the efforts of DSK to improve efficiency of operations.

Resolution 1112-01  
Resolution 1112-01  

Support of Drive Safe Kalamazoo