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“For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my confidence from my youth.” —Psalm 71:5 NASB We all need hope. Hope is significant at all times, but especially when the times are difficult. Hope can drive a person to persevere or cause someone to quit the race. Hope is a feeling of trust that the future holds fewer challenges than the present. Hope is often the motivating force behind a person’s current disposition -- cheerful or dejected. For a Christian, hope is the belief that with Christ, all things are possible. As believers, our hope does not lie in other people. Jesus Christ is the source of our hope. Therefore, our hope lies in Him. As we grow in Christ, we grow more confident in His love, His peace, His provision and His guidance. No matter what situation may come, we can rest assured that Jesus cares and He knows our struggles. Believers are called to endure hardship or adversity, trusting that the Lord will never leave them nor forsake them. Scriptures bring encouragement and hope to God’s people in every generation. They help us to endure circumstances while we are being challenged by those same seen or unforeseen situations. Moreover, the Word of God strengthens us as we hope in a brighter tomorrow. From Genesis to Revelation, each chapter contains a Godinspired message that teaches and prepares believers for the assignments given. Imagine you have never been introduced to Jesus Christ and you have a temporal hope in things which lacks the power to see you through the best or worst of times. The confident hope offered in Jesus would enlighten you with the truth of redemption, encourage you with refreshment for your weary soul and lead you to endure the present hardship. You just need someone to share the Gospel with you. As WMU of Texas continues to seek the will of God in meeting needs, it remains our focus in everything we do to make disciples who make disciples. This edition of The BRIDGE includes opportunities for all generations to engage in and support local missions. Even as we assist churches and individuals in meeting the needs in their communities, our focus remains on Jesus Christ and ensuring others come to know Him. We know that our hope is found in Jesus Christ. In times like these, will you join us as we SHARE HOPE? In His Name,

Tamiko C. Jones Executive Director-Treasurer WMU of Texas






Message from Tamiko.......................................... 2 A Word from the President.................................. 4 Engage, Establish, Empower............................... 5 Passport to Hope................................................. 6 Growing in Missions............................................ 6 Passport to Missions...Friends............................. 7 Does Children’s Missions Camp Matter?............. 8 Save the Date, Blume.......................................... 9 Eula Mae Henderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Award Recipient.............................. 9 Thrive................................................................. 10 CWJC................................................................. 11 WorldCrafts........................................................ 12 2019 Women’s Build ........................................ 13 It's Time to Celebrate!........................................ 14 WMU of Texas Officers....................................... 15 WMU of Texas Board of Directors.................15-16 WMU of Texas Staff and Social Media Content........................................ 17 2019-2020 Calendar......................................... 18 2019 Week of Prayer for Texas Missions & Mary Hill Davis Offering® .............................. 19



THE BRIDGE Published bi-annually by WMU of Texas Tamiko Jones Executive Director-Treasurer 10325 Brockwood Road Dallas, TX 75238 214.828.5150 wmutx.org

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On the Journey Together!

As we embark on this new journey together, I would first say “thank you” for this opportunity to serve as president of WMU of Texas! I am honored and humbled to serve you and to continue the work of the wonderful women who have led the way before me. What a legacy they have left for us to carry on. We have a great staff and I look forward to working closely with each of them in the coming year. We are all called to the journey through the Great Commission…beginning where we are and reaching around the world. What better way do we have than joining together through WMU? It is encouraging to hear of churches who still have many of the WMU organizations…beginning with Mission Friends® and going through Women on Mission or Adults on MissionSM. It is our prayer that these groups will continue to grow not only numerically, but spiritually as well. For those churches who may not have as many WMU opportunities, I hope you will contact me or the state staff to help you brainstorm some possibilities to begin missions discipleship in your church or association. We are here to help you on your missions journey, whether it’s to begin something new or strengthen what you already do. We can help you with a host of resources, training, planning or just encouraging you and your church. I want to highlight one important stop on this journey that’s just around the corner…the 2019 Week of Prayer for Texas Missions and the Mary Hill Davis Offering®. Each September we observe this emphasis. The suggested dates are September 8-15. The state goal for the offering is $3,800,000. I like to think of these specific dates as the starting point for emphasizing Texas missions and continuing to promote it throughout the year. As you know, Texas is growing by leaps and bounds and the number of those without Christ is growing as well. This is an opportunity for Texas Baptist churches to come together and focus on the needs in our state. WMU of Texas provides a wide range of FREE resources available online (www.wmutx.org/mary-hill-davis) to help you as you lead your church to pray, give and possibly go to reach Texas for Christ. I encourage each of you to use these resources in your church. If we don’t reach Texas…who will? I look forward to joining you on your journey of making disciples who make disciples through WMU of Texas.

Earl Ann Bumpus President, WMU of Texas



Over the last year, WMU of Texas has engaged in local missions, established partnerships for missions and empowered others for worldwide missions. Each ministry under the umbrella of WMU of TX serves to assist churches and individuals as they meet the physical and spiritual needs in the communities. As we remain committed to the mission of making disciples who make disciples, we realize the ministries God has led us to continue and those He shall reveal in the future will all be categorized as engaging, establishing or empowering towards sharing the Gospel.


For more than 125 years, national WMU has devoted itself to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. We are dedicated to working with churches and believers to accomplish the mission of God. Our staff will continue to support you with missions education at all age levels. We continue to support national WMU as they develop curriculum that supports families on mission as they discover an authentic faith through biblically sound learning experiences and meaningful missions opportunities. In times like these, we are called to SHARE HOPE right here in our home state of Texas. Through the many ministries supported by your giving to the Mary Hill Davis Offering, we are able to engage in local missions as we introduce others to Jesus Christ.


God designed us to work together in unity so that more people will come to know Him. We are stronger together and believe in the strength of partnerships in ministry. We know that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Our longstanding collaborative efforts with Texas Baptists, TBM, and Buckner International have proven that our reach is greater when we work together. We look forward to following the lead of God as He allows us to continue our existing partnerships and as He opens doors to new partnerships in sharing the Gospel.


The heart of WMU of TX has always included praying and supporting the work of long-term and short-term missionaries. It is our prayer that as God reveals new opportunities to serve around the world, we discover joy in investing in new relationships in various countries that will empower others for worldwide missions.

Will you join us in this work? By Tamiko Jones Executive Director-Treasurer, WMU of Texas THE BRIDGE


For 2019 and beyond, WMU of Texas has challenged women to blanket our state with the hope of Jesus Christ through the PASSPORT TO HOPE initiative. The passport encourages women and their churches to be on mission and share their efforts with our state so that others are inspired to do the same. If you recall, we challenged everyone at the WMU of Texas Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration in April of 2019 to submit stories related to the mission work in your communities. The first submission received was from Marvella Thompson, president of Women on Mission, at First Baptist Church of Bryan, Texas. Their group meets the 4th Tuesday of every month, with various programs that engage women in meeting needs in their community and around the world. Annually, they host an International Lunch where women meet and interact with women of various cultures who reside in their community. On April 24, 2019, they hosted this event with twenty-seven women from nations around the world, sharing their cultures with the participants. This is one idea to increase missions education in your congregation. Thank you for submitting your story, Marvella! By Tamiko Jones Executive Director-Treasurer, WMU of Texas


As a 2019 high school senior, I experienced a lot of lasts. My last pep rally. My last home football game. My last prom. My last time seeing so many of my fellow classmates. As I sit in the worship center at Camp Copass, I realize this is one of the last major things I’ll get to participate in as an Acteen®. GA® Camp. I think about how this week may be the last time I am at the camp where I gave my life to Christ 11 years ago, to the day. I remember all of the amazing memories that I made as a GA, as well as an Acteen. I will always remember having the opportunity I had to share the Gospel with every girl and seeing their eagerness to learn. For most GAs, including myself, their favorite part of camp is learning all the different chants that Acteens have come up with over the years. Serving as an Acteen at GA camp has made for some of the most amazing memories. The pictures and the laughter will last a lifetime, and I am so thankful. For the 12 years I have been going to GA camp, and for the 6 years I have been serving, I have grown into the person that I aspired to be as a GA. Even though this may be my last time at GA camp, I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me next. Emily Morrow 2019 National Acteens Panelist First Baptist Church, Ponder TX




WMU of Texas launched a new initiative in April. Everyone who attended Pursue, Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting received a passport. The purpose was to encourage those who came to return home and be intentional. They were invited to “travel” their own communities to make an impact for the Kingdom of Christ. Anyone who sends stories and pictures about their efforts to make disciples who make disciples will be given a passport stamp at next year’s Pursue gathering. Recently I experienced a room filled with traveling Mission Friends®. While they were actively traveling around the room, as anyone who works with preschoolers could attest, they were also traveling the world. Passports in hand. Hunters Glen Baptist Church in Plano was celebrating preschool and children’s missions during their annual event. As the preschoolers received certificates and gift bags, they also received their own passport, used during the year to travel the world. Each month, children would learn about a missionary who serves in another town, state, or country. Their passports were filled with pictures of places and faces of people who hadn’t heard about Jesus. They had pictures of families who were living their lives as disciples who were making disciples and reminded to pray for those families. Maybe you can take the preschoolers in your church on trips around the world. Pictures, simple activities, and memory-making experiences will help begin to develop a desire in even the very youngest, to understand that God loves them, but God also loves others and wants us to share His love with them. Challenge your own church to take preschoolers on a traveling adventure through your community and around the world. You can begin to lay a foundation for God to continue to teach them that as Christ-followers we are called to “go and make disciples of all nations …”


By Teri Ussery Missional Lifestyle Strategist, WMU of Texas 7

Does CHILDREN’S MISSIONS CAMP Matter? Confession. I am not a camper. But I am a curious person looking for answers. One question I had was about those crazy camping people. How could perfectly sane people go out into the middle of nowhere and spend a week (sometimes their vacation from work) with a bunch of rambunctious children, lots of bugs, and yes, even snakes and think that’s a good idea? My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to take off my fear of camping, put on my favorite tennis shoes and head out on a fact-finding tour to see for myself if children’s missions camping was worth the investment of time, money and sweat equity. At this writing, I’m only halfway through my camping adventure, and here are some of my findings. • Children listening to a Rwandan refugee share her testimony. Although she has built a successful life for her and her family, over her 20 years in America, she has yet to become a believer. I heard respectful children ask thoughtful, sensitive questions of her, then pray for her that she might come to know Jesus. • Children and senior adults working together on the Pad Project. Older elementary girls sitting with “grandmothers” learning how to sew with a purpose, knowing that the result of their action gave missionaries in other countries the opportunity to teach about women’s health and share the Gospel at the same time. • A missionary sharing her experiences on the field in Kenya in a way that engaged the campers and let them experience Kenya in dress, tastes and language. As a child, this 20-something missionary sat on the same conference floor and heard other missionary stories. The same floor where a new 8

generation of young girls sit and hear her stories of sharing Jesus. • Women who had been coming to camp since they were in Girls in Action®. Women who are older than I, continuing to pour into new generations, loving them and encouraging them to become strong, committed followers of Christ. • A young woman leading worship in a room packed with enthusiastic, young worshippers. She had been a GA herself. Sitting in those same chairs watching others lead. • Campers on the last night of camp hearing the message of the Gospel. Girls responding to a call to salvation or their need to recommit their lives and live like Jesus has called them to live. • A sixth-grade girl bounding through the back door of the worship center and declaring with arms raised, “I just got saved!” • A high school freshman, attending as a camp helper who wanted to know about what I did in my job. She believes God is calling her into full-time ministry. After one of my camp adventures, I sat in my car. Late at night. In the dark. In the middle of nowhere. Probably snakes. Definitely bugs. Reflecting. And I understood. Children’s missions camp matters because God comes to camp.

By Teri Ussery Missional Lifestyle Strategist, WMU of Texas



BLUME JULY 8-11, 2020

Now is not too early to begin to prepare for a trip to Germantown Baptist Church in Memphis, TN!

For those of us in Texas, this is quite a journey. And a long journey requires financial preplanning. By starting now, you can do a lot to save for your trip. Here are a few ideas that might get you saving!

✿ “Blume” Where You are Planted. Visit your local Dollar Store for small glass containers,

and your local nursery for play sand and succulents. Plant the succulents in the sand and glass containers. Have a sale at your church on a Wednesday night and allow church members to purchase a plant for someone who is a shut-in or in a nursing home. Acteens® will deliver the plants and use the proceeds for funding their trip to Blume.

✿ Dining for Dollars. Plan a spaghetti dinner fundraiser including a silent auction. Ask for donations from local merchants for the silent auction.

✿ Funding the Future. Ask your church’s Women on Mission to contribute as a sponsor for the trip. Have Acteens share about their experiences at Blume after they return.

✿ Adopt an Acteen. Ask adult Sunday School classes to sponsor the cost of one Acteen

for Blume. Also ask the class to pray for your Acteens regularly. Consider sending them monthly updates on the ministries where your Acteens are serving.

✿ Coffee for a Cause. Give each Acteen an inexpensive clay flowerpot. Challenge the girls to figure out how much they spend on coffee at the coffee shop each week. Have them set individual goals for how many cups of coffee they will exchange for change in the flowerpot. Use the money saved to help with expenses for Blume. Over the course of a year, they are likely to be surprised how much their flowerpot has “Blumed” with coins!

By Teri Ussery Missional Lifestyle Strategist, WMU of Texas


The fall semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year at Truett Seminary has by far been my favorite semester. I was surrounded by amazing professors and studied topics I found extremely interesting. While I took a heavy load of five classes, they were all incredibly rewarding. I started Hebrew this semester and am surprised how quickly I picked it up. It seems a lot easier to me than Greek! I was also in Scripture 3, which covers the Gospels and Acts. I found this class to be incredibly life-altering. Dr. Arterbury has quickly become one of my favorite professors, and I often found myself wishing the semester would slow down so I could take it all in! As I approach my last full semester at Truett, I am incredibly thankful for the mentors and friendships that have blossomed! I began a new job the summer of 2019, at The Woodlands First Baptist, where I will be the Missions Pastor. I could not be more excited to take on this new role! Again, I am incredibly thankful for the Eula Mae Henderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment making this opportunity possible! Megan Maxwell (Shafer) (Married on August 4th!) By Suzette Mitchell Finanical Assistant/Sisters Who Care Consultant WMU of Texas

In 2017, when Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC®) was celebrating 20 years of service, WMU of Texas asked: WMU OF TEXAS: “How can we expand the reach of CWJC?”

GOD: “Change the Story”

WMU OF TEXAS: “There are so many programs available to youth, how can we make a difference?” GOD: “Change the Story”

The opportunity to “change the story” is to create a ministry for youth that mirrors Christian Women’s and Men’s Job Corps empowerment model. CWJC has a twenty year legacy of serving women in Texas. Over the years, CWJC/CMJC leaders have been heartbroken by the stories of abuse, addiction, negative outcomes due to poor choices, and generational patterns that are obstacles that keep men and women from achieving their dreams. Be rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians. 2:7 NIV


invests in young people’s lives through wholistic Christ-centered education and mentoring empowering them to impact their families and communities. With a grant provided by the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation, seven pilot


programs were completed. The information gathered from the pilots was invaluable. The students liked the format, Anchor groups (mentoring groups), and the proposed curriculum areas. In their evaluations, the students requested more time with the Anchor groups.

Next Steps for Thrive 2:7

• Pray for Thrive 2:7 •= Write the curriculum for the Thrive 2:7 ministry. Texas Baptist Missions Foundation awarded WMU of Texas a grant to help with the cost of writing the curriculum. CURRICULUM • Recruit curriculum writers AREA: • Continue to firm up the foundational elements of the Relationships ministry My Life Onlin e Life Happens • Dream- Provide a savings Job Readines match for students who invest s Managing m at least three years in the y program Money Devotionals • Dream- Provide a scholarship for skills acquisition or college for students who invest at least three years in the program • Change the Story Thank you, Texas Baptist Missions Foundation for providing two grants to help WMU of Texas be obedient to God’s call to “Change the Story” for youth. By Becky Ellison Consultant for CWJC/CMJC, WMU of Texas



“A graduate is a dreamer-Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one’s time. For dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant seeds of our future.” Anonymous

Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC ®) graduates are dreamers. Women join CWJC® to find hope, gain new skills, and receive support to reach their dreams. WMU of Texas is proud to announce that three CWJC graduates received scholarships and a CWJC site received a site award from the WMU Foundation. The educational scholarships are awarded to women who have shown great promise and perseverance in achieving personal and professional goals through the acquisition of skills or academic pursuits. CWJC sites receive awards to help them with operational funds to grow and enhance their programs to better meet the needs of participants. Ashley Mason received the Sybil Bentley Dove Award. She is a 2014 graduate of CWJC of Rusk County. Ashley is a dreamer. Before CWJC, she persevered through a heart-breaking life. She found hope when she walked through the door of CWJC of Rusk County. With the support of CWJC staff, and her mentor, she is making a difference in her family, her church, and her community. Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in 2018 and immediately began working on her master’s degree in Psychology. Ashley also works fulltime as the Coordinator of Residence and Student life at Kilgore College. Regina Glass a 2017 graduate of CWJC of Rusk County received the Faye Dove Scholarship. Regina has worked very hard to overcome life’s challenges. She started CWJC classes through the SonShine Light House but had to quit due to illness. Regina later returned to complete the program, also serving as a facilitator in the program. She is currently working on her Associates Degree in Office Technology at Northeast Texas Community College. Regina earned her Life Coach Certification in May 2019. In June 2018, she attended National Certification Level 1 training for CWJC. Regina works full time for Hope Ministries in Mt. Pleasant. She hopes to start a CWJC ministry in the future. Damaris Waihumbu graduated from CWJC of Greater Arlington in 2017. She received a Faye Dove Scholarship. Damaris is continuing her studies at Tarrant County College working toward a degree in Physical Therapy. Damaris has maintained a high grade point average throughout her studies. Christian Job Corps San Angelo received a site award from the WMU Foundation. The site awards assist with operational costs and expenses for program maintenance and expansion. The site award provided funds to purchase the Aztec software for the GED tutoring component of the CJC program. Classes offered at the site are Bible study, Communication, GED tutoring, Discovery Series, and Jobs for Life. The classes offered allow the underemployed a viable option, removing obstacles, enabling students to advance their employment opportunities.

Christian Women’s and Men’s Job Corps help men and women work toward their dreams which are a reality in waiting. By Becky Ellison Consultant for CWJC/CMJC WMU of Texas



CWJC of Rusk County, TX GRAFFITI 2 WORKS, New York City, NY REFUGEE BEADS, Atlanta, GA THE WELLHOUSE, Birmingham, AL WMU has three new groups in the US with products available in our fall catalog.


Baptist Friendship House works to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the homeless, human trafficking survivors, and those living in poverty. The artisans learned to create pottery as a part of the therapy provided at Baptist Friendship House. Now these women have turned their hobby into a skill they can use to rebuild their lives.

CWJC — Monroe, LA

WORLDCRAFTSTM Artisans from around the world and in our backyard! WorldCraftsSM help to develop fair-trade businesses providing sustainable income and offering eternal hope for impoverished people throughout the world… and in our backyard! Artisan groups in the United States: BEGIN ANEW, Nashville, TN CWJCTM of Madison County, AL 12

High unemployment rates. Widespread poverty. These are the realities of life for many women in Monroe, Louisiana. CWJC of Monroe provides encouragement, love, spiritual training and other tools for a better life. These women see the promises of their Father come to life – they now have a future and a hope as they are able to provide for the basic needs of their families through making personalized WorldCraft products.


Refugee Sewing Society in Clarkston, Georgia, teaches viable skills to vulnerable refugee women. These women receive payment for the products they sell, helping them to earn a supplemental income. They are also given access to available resources including ESL and citizenship classes, which will allow them to adapt to their new home in America. By Pam Poole Special Projects Coordinator, WMU of Texas THE BRIDGE

This ministry is made possible by gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering® for Texas Missions.



Cost is $300 per week (scholarships available). For more information or an application, contact PAM POOLE at pam.wmutx@ texasbaptists.org or call 214.828.5153.

SISTERS WHO CARE, a ministry of WMU of Texas, hosted its first leadership conference in 2004 at First Metropolitan Church in Houston. Since that time, Sisters from Texas Baptist African American churches have grown in their walk with the Lord through spiritual growth workshops at the SWC conferences. WMU of Texas and Texas Baptist African American Ministries have provided leadership training, equipping Sisters to train others. The joy of discovering new opportunities for missions and ministry through hands on mission action and mission experiences has been contagious sending women into their communities as the hands and feet of Jesus. The women are excited as they embrace the challenge to walk by faith, sharing Christ’s passion that all come to know Him through His saving faith. Yes, Sisters are living the call as Godly women, pursuing a life of holiness. It’s true, living a missional lifestyle is living beyond oneself; putting others first, in a mefirst world. SISTERS WHO CARE understand that we are called to serve and to tell the story of Christ’s love so that the story lives on for all generations. Please join us in celebrating fifteen years of serving in Texas! By Suzette Mitchell Finanical Assistant/Sisters Who Care Consultant WMU of Texas




EARL ANN BUMPUS President (2019) Graham earlann@rocketmail. com

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TAMIKO JONES Executive Director Treasurer Dallas tamko.wmutx@ texasbaptists.org


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TAMIKO JONES Executive DirectorTreasurer O: 214.828.5150 Tamiko.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

BECKY ELLISON CWJC/CMJC Consultant C: 254.716.0319 [Based in Waco] Becky.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

PAM POOLE Special Projects Coordinator O: 214.828.5153 Pam.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

SUZETTE MITCHELL Financial Assistant/ SWC Consultant O: 214.828.5154 Suzette.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

MARIBEL PAZ Administrative Assistant & Office Manager O: 214.828.5150 Maribel.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

BETH CAMPBELL Mary Hill Davis Offering Project Manager & Communications Consultant O: 214.828.5155 Beth.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

LOOIE BIFFAR Creative Arts Director O: 214.828.5155 Looie.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

TERI USSERY Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Preschool, Children, Youth and Young Adults O:214.828.5374 Teri.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

VACANT Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Adults & Multicultural Groups

BERTHA VAUGHNS WMU African American Consultant C: 281.854.9631 (Based in Houston) bvaughns@live.com

FREDDIE MARTINKA Ministry Assistant O: 214.828.5160 Freddie.WMUTX@ texasbaptists.org

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FACEBOOK facebook.com/wmuoftexas facebook.com/childrensmissionstx facebook.com/texasacteens facebook.com/maryhilldavis VIMEO vimeo.com/wmuoftexas PINTEREST pinterest.com/wmuoftexas INSTAGRAM instagram.com/wmuof texas






Sisters Who Care Confernece, Community Missionary Baptist Church, Cedar Hill Campus Week of Prayer and the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions®, In Times Like These...Share HOPE WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting, Location TBD Women’s Build, Peñitas Week One Women’s Build, Peñitas Week Two

Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations Baptist Women Day of Prayer

Campout & Missions Mania (Royal Ambassadors / Challengers), Latham Springs

NOVEMBER 17-19 Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Waco DECEMBER 1-8

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering



WMU Focus Week


CWJC/CMJC Day of Prayer


MARCH 27-28 JUNE 7-8 JULY 8-11 JULY 22-26

Children’s Missions Day

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting

PURSUE - WMU of Texas Annual Meeting & Missions Celebration, Oakwood Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX National WMU Celebration & Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

BlumeSM (A missions gathering for girls), Memphis, TN

Baptist World Alliance Celebration 2020, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SEPTEMBER 13-20 Week of Prayer for Texas and the Mary Hill Davis Offering OCTOBER 2-3 OCTOBER OCTOBER 18-24 NOVEMBER

WMU of Texas Board of Directors Meeting

WMU of Texas Women’s Build, Peñitas. Date TBD

Week of Prayer for Baptist Associations Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer, TBD

NOVEMBER 15-17 Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Waco NOVEMBER 29 DECEMBER 6


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Dates and locations are subject to change. Watch for Facebook posts, email blasts, and www.wmutx.org for more information. THE BRIDGE


I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Romans 15:13 NLT Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

SEPTEMBER 8-15, 2019 I STATE GOAL $3,800,000 wmutx.org/give I 214.828.5150


Le pido a Dios, fuente de esperanza, que los llene completamente de alegría y paz, porque confían en él. Entonces rebosarán de una esperanza segura mediante el poder del Espíritu Santo. Romanos 15:13 NTV


wmutx.org/give I 214.828.5150

WOMAN’S MISSIONARY UNION OF TEXAS® 10325 Brockwood Road I Dallas, TX 75238

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Permit 1276 Dallas, TX

Supported by Mary Hill Davis Offering


MARCH 27-28, 2020


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TheBRIDGE: 2019 Fall/Winter  

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TheBRIDGE: 2019 Fall/Winter  

In thislatest edition of TheBridge, we highlighted the new WMU of Texas missions initiative Passport to Hope, a moving testimony from 2019 N...

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