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Mariah CAREY

MoneyGram and the UK Post Office Mark 10 Millionth Transactions Black Stars made Africa proud as they light up Wembley SAMIRA: BECOMING A NEW FASHION AND STYLE ICON Iqbar Latif: Success story of Home Schooling

The Pregnant Diva is now a Mommy

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Mariah Carey: The Diva is now a Mommy Immigration: Student's post study work to go in 2012 UK relaxes investor’s rules to settle in UK Maureen Amooti Uganda’s upcoming designer A quick guide on how to buy or sell shares in Uganda Bebe Cool & Mesach to perform at the 1 UK Convention MoneyGram Mark 10 Millionth Transactions Black Stars made Africa proud as they light up Wembley Samira: Becoming a new fashion and style icon Iqbar Latif: Success story of Home Schooling

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Publisher's letter Your Letters Did u Know/Gossip Must have things this winter Film Review Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Sacred Lies For Colored Girls africa united Your Stars: Bebe Cool


Bugatti: the quickest production cr ever build


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Iqbar Latif: Success story of Home Schooling Zarinah: Diasporan making a difference.


MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) 2010 Priscilla Kalibala, interacting with the audience is my passion Isaah katumwa, East Africa’s Leading Jazz Meastro!

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Judith Heard 10 Must-have Artificial Nails Smell Good Samira: becoming a new fashion and style icon Bespoke occasion wear by Maureen Amooti Nana AFUA ANTWI, naturally an artist Why Women Love Handbags! Fashion Mist 2011 Africa Fashion Week in South Africa Allison Collins Mahogany Bridal Fashion Show




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Why Kampala needs a National Campaign! Bad relationship Youth, the leaders of tomorrow

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Patient Safety Improvement in Africa The golden rules of healthy eating chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea? Sex in Pregnancy

Funeral Directors “A Caring Family Run Business” “From your Heart - Not your pocket”

Repatriation Specialist

We also have experience in handling Muslim repatriations and burials assisted by our local Mosque • Special Rates Negotiated With Air Lines • Nationwide Service

133- 135 Southwood Road, New Eltham, London SE9 3QL Tel: 020 8859 1414 | Fax: 020 8859 1495 Email:


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Brussels Airlines flies to: Abidjan (Ivory Coast) Accra (Ghana) Agadir (Morocco) Banjul (Gambia) Bujumbura (Burundi) Conakry (Guinea) Cotonou (Benin) Dakar (Senegal) Douala (Cameroon) Entebbe (Uganda) Freetown (Sierra Leone) Kigali (Rwanda) Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) Lomé (Togo) Luanda (Angola) Marrakesh (Morocco) Monrovia (Liberia) Nairobi (Kenya) Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Yaoundé (Cameroon)

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Patches to boost female sex drive Managing Eczematous dermatitis



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Student's post study work to go in 2012 UK relaxes investor’s rules to settle in UK Changes to re-entry bans Tough new rules for UK-bound students

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A quick guide on how to buy or sell shares in Uganda Investors should get in on Africa growth MoneyGram Mark 10 Millionth Transactions Banks in Uganda

COMMUNITY 18. 1st Ugandan Convention in UK 68. commemoration service in honour of the victims of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide 70. EAC advised to adopt Rwanda's community programme 78. The Ultimate night experience at Club Volts - Ugandan Style 90. Reflections on Rwanda’s promising leadership 91. UK Diaspora take a different approach to tackling poverty


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- Uganda inflation hits double digits - Should Africa draw a line under colonial crimes and move on?

Tight competition in banking sector benefiting customers - Kenya will not seize Gadaffi companies


Black Stars made Africa proud as they light up Wembley

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The Karamojong of Uganda Arts and crafts of the Pearl of Africa


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Moneygram Brussels Airlines CJ Reilly Funeral Directors River Pro Audio Convention's After Party Video and Photography Rawskinfood Shop for let in Uganda Club Volts Custom T-Shirt print MoroCargo Irene Cakes Sporah Show 94. Tirupati Property Developer 99. River Pro Audio 100. Western Union

Publisher’s Letter

Editorial Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Willy Mutenza


ummer is knocking at our door; the smile is back on everyone’s face, and those that were not affected by the credit crunch are busy planning their holidays, wardrobe change, that pending wedding and of course looking forward to what lies ahead. The world is going through some sort of order; nuclear crisis, tsunami and earthquakes destroying part of Japan; uprising by North Africa Arab nationals demanding for democracy as a natural right; the overthrow of dictators and many other calamities striking our mother earth. What does all this indicate to us? We cause most of the problems. The invention of nuclear technology was seen as a Nobel invention and many developed and developing countries went ahead to develop their own. Now, even the witty Japanese can’t avert their current nuclear crisis. It is time human needs go back to basics and consider what is important to our existence than inventing what will

contribute to our own annihilation. We have dedicated this issue to fashion. You may agree with me that Africans possess potential as regards to fashion, creativity and design. The presentation of their talents is not well represented in the West. At the Promota, we have decided to dedicate this issue to promote our hidden talents and encourage creative Ambassadors. In this edition, you will find a very inspiring story about a social scientist and proprietor of London-based Battersea luxury 5-star eco hotel, Rafayel, Mr. Iqbar Latif. He talks about how he managed to home-school his children, making them a success story in the investment industry in UK. Student migration overhaul - It appears that Tier 1 Post Study Work will be closed after all, but not until April 2012. It seems this will affect students from non-EU countries. Looks like a conspiracy to lock Africans out. I am not a football fan but I was overthrilled at seeing Black Stars battling England and making Africa proud in a draw, at Wembley. Ghanaians lit-up the stadium in their colourful Kentes and made me feel at home. In April we gathered at Southwark Cathedral to commemorate the Rwandan genocide. Testimonies from victims left everyone chilling. I reflected on what I saw happening in Kenya and the Uganda tribal tension and felt that governments need to create more awareness to the effects of tribal tension that can lead to genocide. We should rally behind Rwanda in saying ‘Never Again’ and vow the same for our countries. Wish you a good reading.

Willy Mutenza Publisher email: 07950 285 493

Those who deny free“dom to others deserve it not for themselves. ” ~Abraham Lincoln

Managing Director

Miria Kayitesi Publisher: Willy Mutenza Feature Editor: Isabelle Gravenstein Executive Editor: Donette Read Kruger Uganda Editor: Mr. Moses Lugonvu Fashion & Beauty Editor: Clare Eluka Africa Editor: Sophia Mwanauta Assistant Editor (Africa): Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa & Maggie Dalziel Sports Editor: Ade Daramy Entertainment Editor: Richard Clark Contributing Writers: Isabelle Gravenstein, Donette Read Kruger, Michael Beck, Clare Eluka, Roselyne Munyenye Princess, Vishnu Prasad, Dr Rachna Pande, Pius Sawa, Sophia Mwanauta, Rita Lutalo, Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa The Promota is published: under licence from Promota Media Group Address: 12 Eric Wilkins House, Avondale Square, Old Kent Road, London SE1 5ES. Tel: +(44) 207 237 7317 Advertising and General Enquiries Tel: +(44) 207 237 7317 Mob: +(44) 7950 285 493 e-mail: website: Uganda Contact: Mr. Moses Lugonvu Tel: 00 256 77426787 Address: Pross House, Plot 5, Nkrumah Road, 3rd Floor, Kampala, Uganda Copyright 2010: Reserved by The Promota. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior permission is strictly prohibited. Transparencies and unsolicited manuscripts: are submitted at owner’s risk and, while every care is taken, neither The Promota nor its agents accept liability for loss or damage. Our contributors offer a diversity of opinions; their views are their own and not necessarily shared by The Promota . Print and Design by: Avidfx Tel: 0207 237 7317 | 07950 285 493 email: web: Address: 12 Eric Wilkins House, Avondale Square Estate, Old Kent Road, London SE1 5ES.

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We’d love to hear from you Write to us at The Promota Africa.

Educative magazine

The Promota, is Just Outstanding!

Hope you are fine. Thanks for giving us information about promota magazine, down here in UG we love it, its so entertaining and educative, keep it up,and another thing is it possible to get old copies; if yes, does your office down here have them? otherwise may God’s blessings be with u this festive season.

I would like to congratulate you on the informative publication. I am a fan! I have found it an excellent tool of information on so many levels, especially on inspiration, career advice and management; and more so relevant for me, as it is placed within the African context. Keep up the good work!

Asiimwe Peace - Uganda

Warmest Congratulations on the 22nd issue of the Promota! Thanks so much for focusing on Katutandike Trust as part of your ‘Community Development’ focus. Your magazine has effectively combined great interviews/personalities/ business/politicics/glamour and high profile events - together with highl...ighting the importance of supporting our small Ugandan organisation that works to help deaf and vulnerable children on the ground in Uganda. Anisha Rajapakse - UK

Relationship is about COMPROMISE Dear Editor allow me to thank you for your resourceful magazine, and I enjoyed the review on Steve Harvey book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man “. Steve Harvey’s book is just a good resource. Me and my lady read it in one day together and we laughed and had a good time envisioning Steve Harvey teaching us the real deal. Also, my girlfriend has been to a few of Allison Armstrong’s seminars and we are planning to go to the couples seminar so we can get more empowered as a team, and also to sharpen our skills in the business of relationships. Think of a relationship with someone as if it were a business contract. If you happen to get serious, discuss the terms & conditions beforehand, and if there is a breach in contract, let the other person know when it happens so it may be less likely to happen again. Also, do your part and hold the other person accountable and try to hold their hand less and let them be themselves. That is the ingredients of a good relationship and a potential marriage. If you can’t abide by that and COMPROMISE, then all is lost, ladies!

John Opong – Ghana

Very Inspiring Thank you for the Promota magazine the contents are real life experiences which are quite inspiring. Ms Rebecca Kadaka Parliament’s Deputy Speaker - Uganda

I salute you Dear Editor. I would like to use this opportunity to salute you for your great work in the year 2010! Thanks for your constructive feedback and inspiring information through the Promota Africa Magazine. It’s a great pleasure experiencing ...the way you recognise people’s potential/compentencies, businesses, cultures, health, education, sport, organisations, political developments worldwide and promoting them. Thanks for encouraging different people global wide and making it possible for them to participate in this thread. Looking forward to watching the community growing through The Promota Africa Magazine! Gertrude Sørensen - Denmark

Bitature’s article I was actually inspired by Patrick’s article. One would wonder how a 13 year old would manourver to becoming one of the prominent and wealthy businessman of this generation! Secondly I would wish to get some business tips from people of such a calibre. My main interest would be in real estate and probably in the distribution of Simba products given an opportunity. James Galabuzi - Uganda

Rachel Namutebi – USA

Have you heard the whispers of the Zambezi Wind Song? Be amongst the first to read Donette Read Kruger's debut novel, the fastest selling romantic thriller about tangled lives in Zimbabwe. At £16.07 Zambezi Wind Song is obtainable on line from or you may also order it from any WATERSTONES bookshop throughout the UK! Their shop at Kingston (Surrey) was sold out last week, but Brighton branch is expecting a consignment in shortly.

Romans 12:6-8 What is your special gift that differs according to His grace given to each one of us? 10 |



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Latest interviews, updates, gossip and news from around the world

Did u Know Off Target: Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Chain Over Donations to Anti-Gay Group You don't mess with Lady Gaga. Especially when it comes to gay issues.

Lady Gaga's Record-Breaking Birthday Present Talk about the best birthday ever! Not only did Lady Gaga perform in front of 20,000 people last night (March 28) in L.A. - where she was serenaded by her adoring fans - but she was also gifted a something that no one else in the world can claim.

The singer reportedly dissolved a deal with Target over its political donations to MN Forward, a political action group that supported an anti-gay candidate. When Target didn't cut ties with that organization, Gaga pulled the

First, the "Born This Way" singer was met on stage by her dancers, who offered up a celebratory cake while the audience sang "Happy Birthday."

Tom Emmer, who campaigned for governor of Minnesota in 2010 (he lost), supported a Christian rock organization that advocated violence against gays and supported a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

But then came the "Monster" of all gifts for the 25-yearold: A whopping nine-millionth follower on her Twitter page!


The deal, which included an exclusive expanded edition of her forthcoming album Born This Way, was contingent upon Target supporting LGBT charities. Sources close to Gaga say she was not thrilled with the deal from the get-go, but had hoped to use her leverage in the agreement to push the company to redeem itself for having supported MN Forward and other anti-gay groups.

Gaga already bounced Britney Spears from her Twitter reign nine months ago as having the most followers, but yesterday she became the first person to hit the 9 million mark.

Ben Affleck Talks Congo to Congress While his BFF continues to express disappointment in Barack Obama, Ben Affleck also stepped into the political arena this week, testifying before the House Africa, Global Health & Human Rights Subcommittee. The actor, who founded the Eastern Congo Initiative, stated his case regarding the central African country, which is mired in violence, and why America must do more. “If we continue to place Congo on the back burner of U.S. policy, it will come back to haunt us," Affleck said. "The last time Congo collapsed, armies came in from across Africa and five million people died... We must learn from history." The Oscar winner is asking Congress to protect Congolese civilians from ongoing attacks. He wants the U.S. to offer support in this November’s elections and to appoint a representative to the Great Lakes region of central Africa.

12 |


Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton Talk Prison, Album


Paris: If you would be on the album, then I would be honored. That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something. Wayne: Cool. Sounds good.


Latest interviews, updates, gossip and news from around the world

Did u Know BEYONCE Cuts Professional Ties with FATHER

Chris Brown Clarifies Rihanna "Mishap" Remark

Chris Brown raised eyebrows - shocker there, we know - with a recent interview in which he said he was done apologizing for attacking Rihanna. While the point was that he can't just keep saying sorry every minute of every day for life, it was the word "mishap" that the media seized upon. He put himself in this position with his own actions, but this was somewhat unfair to Brown, who was trying to make a broader point about fame.

Beyonce has severed ties with her father. On a strictly professional basis, that is. Matthew Knowles will no longer manage his daughter's career, a move Beyonce explained via the following statement: "I've only parted ways with my father on a business level. He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hard-working entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps." Matthew, who helped launch Destiny's Child with his daughter at the center, acknowledges the split was mutual and says his focus is now on "Music World Entertainment's growing gospel and inspirational music division." Beyonce will release a new album later this year.

Rear-hanna's red hot cover shot

The pop beauty sizzles on the cover of Rolling Stone, giving her admirable rear a starring role. She's clad in a revealing pair of shredded hot pants that appear to have come under attack by sharks. The striking snap also marks the return of her permed red hair as she poses seductively on a balcony. Rihanna's timely profile-raising cover comes amid reports that concert promoters are concerned at the sluggish sale of tickets for her upcoming summer tour.

TINIE IS THE NEW JOHN BARNES HE'S got two Brit Awards, No1 singles, a double platinum debut album and adoring female fans. But now TINIE TEMPAH can tell his mum he is the new JOHN BARNES after landing a gig as the face of Lucozade Sport. The rapper has signed a ÂŁ100,000-plus deal to promote the energy drink favoured by top athletes such as Hibs's DEREK RIORDAN. Only he likes his with vodka. Back in the Nineties Barnesy was the face of Lucozade Isotonic drinks. The footie legend - pictured below rapping in the video for NEW ORDER's 1990 World Cup track World In Motion and in a scene from his famous Lucozade campaign - earned a fortune for volleying an empty bottle into a bin and saying the immortal line: "Isotonic - gets to thirst, fast." Tinie beat KANYE WEST to the latest Lucozade job and has just been in LA to film the big-money ad. He said: "I am too young to remember the John Barnes adverts but I hear he wasn't a bad rapper. "I reckon I could kick the bottle in the bin if I was asked. It's massive. They've always done such huge adverts. And I DO drink Lucozade, more so in the gym. I'm not just saying that, I wouldn't endorse something I didn't like."


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Photographed by Sophie The Promota 07790647089


n 2011 we will serialise various topics i discussed with social scientist, Iqbar Latif, ranging from the importance of education; Africa’s problems; key to success; knowledge and empowerment. He is the proprietor of London-based Battersea luxury 5-star eco hotel, Rafayel. His arrival in the UK, 29 years ago, was an investment move. While working in Kuwait, he saw UK strategically placed as the 14 |


forefront f f off prime i property iinvestment iin the h western world. In this first instalment, we feature the exciting beginnings, when 20 years ago, he and his wife made the decision not to put their children through conventional schooling, despite tremendous pressure and almost universal condemnation. 20 years later, their success is overwhelming!

Iqbar b touches h on the h iimportance off childhood hildh d and the influence it has later in life, “Not every child is born a genius; nor do I feel my children were either.” This story has a happy ending and their three sons lead happy, welladjusted lives in investment banking and private equity. Their story was covered in the nation press where the enduring tagline was ‘It all began with algebra on a train and during stock market games at home.’ Iqbar elaborated, “They weren’t wrong—it was

teaching our sons math during a train journey that showed us the burning potential to learn what young minds have. The key lesson we took on board from our experience is that “Creativity is as important as is Literacy.” (The standard definition of creativity is: ‘having original ideas that have value.’) My wife and I learned that the national curriculum is an arbitrary standard by which to measure a child’s progress, whereas the classical Greek conception of schools were that wherever possible they would be cultivating and deepening young minds. Unfortunately modern day parents simply “outsource” their children’s education to schools—without further thought—negating the original idea. Our unconventional thoughts are long dormant; my sons are grown up and I’m now a grandfather. However, my personal heresies on education were reconfirmed by two excellent TED online lectures. Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, and ‘Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers’ happily justified my decision taken nearly two decades ago. Both gentlemen make the point that society must do more to encourage the cultivation of talent and inspire imagination in our young. The rigorous repetitive and standardised curriculum that we judge and measure them by is a crime committed under the banner of ‘Organised Education” and “Academic Excellence’. These false gods spur on academic inflation, further reducing the credibility of the education system.

The extensive stress on Academic excellence has led to society stigmatising mistakes. Mistakes must be made, for without them we cannot learn. We forget that all children are born artists and dreamers, who must be invested with tools to express their innate talent. Genius does not arise in a vacuum for the budding artist, who if neglected as a child and left undiscovered, deprives mankind the marvels of his work. Every education system has a hierarchy of subjects, which encourages academic ability and ‘useful subjects’ for practical application. Education is increasingly dominated by job requirements and many highly talented children who fail their exams are ‘junked’ forever. The first task of any school and failing that, any parent, is to discover the hidden talent of every child. It is striking that so many of our leading lights in society have patchy academic careers—among them Andre Agassi, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg and Henry Ford. Steve Jobs—Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish— never graduated. In his address to Stanford University (2005), Jobs demonstrated that his success emerged out of failure, demonstrating how vector fonts came into being on Macintosh computers: Reed College offered perhaps the best calligraphy instruction. Throughout the campus every poster, every label on every drawer, was beautifully hand-calligraphic. ‘Because I had dropped out and didn’t have to take the normal classes, I decided to take a calligraphy class. I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, and about what makes great typography great.

I was fascinated because it was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture. None of this had a hope of any practical application in my life, but ten years later, we were designing the first Macintosh computer. If I had never dropped in on that course in college, today’s Mac would not have multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts! Windows copied the Mac. Of course, looking forward, it was impossible to connect the dots when I was in college, but looking backwards ten years later, it was very, very clear.’ Unfortunately for our minds, which are programmed to find order and meaning when often there is none, intelligence is diverse, dynamic and distinct. It is ‘oblique’ in that it cannot be derived directly and must be sought through indirect means. Instil creativity and aptitude in your children and encourage them to read and grow. My wife and I were blessed in that we were ahead of our time. We created our own academy. (Neither Socrates or Aristotle were sent to school!) We did not teach our children formulas but instead encouraged curiosity to seek a logical explanation for the world. We replaced alphabets with an emphasis on words. Instead of a-b-c-d, a creative young mind will feed off an inspiring story. In the same manner children who can pick up the complexity of language, can thrive on complex ideas. Ultimately the realisation of genius and restlessness of young minds have their own eureka moments—just as our children did on that train!”

By Rita Lutalo P


| 15

Overlooking River thames

16 |



on the Left Bank is part of Battersea’s stunning and award-winning Falcon Wharf Development. Designed by architect James Burland, the unique and criticallyacclaimed steel, glass and timber building provides a fitting home for Rafayel on the Left Bank. One of the world’s first environmentally-conscious luxury hotels, Rafayel on the Left Bank is set to prove that hotels can embrace cutting-edge green technologies and minimise their environmental impact without comprising on 5-star luxury, quality or comfort. Incorporating the latest technological advances in LED lighting, air conditioning, VDA efficiencies and rainwater harvesting will enable the hotel to reduce the 70kg carbon footprint of the average London hotel guest by an astounding 20%. We at Rafayel want each and every one of our guests to enjoy the most luxurious, relaxing and decadent stay imaginable. Hotel Rafayel boasts 65 luxurious “smart” rooms, 15 apartments, conference facilities, bakery, an exciting new champagne bar and riverside restaurant, brasserie, corporate boardroom, library, conference facilities for 150, penthouse and river view event spaces as well as the latest wellbeing spa treatments and gym. To reserve by phone: • +44 (0)20 7801 3610/or 3603 • To reserve by fax: +44 (0)20 7801 3601 • To contact reservations via email: Meetings & Events • For meetings events inquiries Tel. +44 (0)20 7801 3610 or +44 (0) 20 7801 3603

Mr. Iqbar Latif, proprietor standing by Mandela the Freedom Chain





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1st UGANDAN CONV Saturday 27th Aug. 2011 Bank Holiday Weekend AT THE LUXURY TROXY

490 Commercial Road, Shadwell, London E1 0HX


             


SME's Investment Opportunities In Uganda For Diasporans Opportunities in real estate Acquiring Mortgages Opportunities in Gas and Oil Industry Opportunities in Health and Education for SME’s Opportunities in the ICT industry Business opportunities in Northern Uganda, utilising the New Southern Sudan Role of the Stock Exchange and opportunities for Diaspora investors Opening up a bank account (for Diasporans) Business and personal banking regulations for Diasporans New private equity fund in Uganda Remittances Relocation to Uganda Opportunities and Challenges for Diaspora in Uganda


Entertainment by Bebe Cool & Mesach Semakula (Eagles Production)



Inspire and encourage networking and unity among Ugandans in Europe for social, educational, cultural, economic and benevolent activities, and sustained  image building for their nation. Promote an entrepreneurial culture through exchange of information, discussion and research; and  encourage business relationships and interaction. Utilise the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora by identifying and engaging in significant, long-term and sustainable project initiatives, for the

purpose of improving the livelihood of all Ugandans, in the Diaspora and in Uganda. Seek and develop opportunities for investment and philanthropy in Uganda, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe Lobby and influence Uganda government to harness the "vast expertise" of Ugandan professionals in Europe thereby providing extra skilled capacity needed by Uganda to hasten its socio-economic development.

9 Reasons why you should attend 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.

Meet over 25 exhibitors – from Uganda and the Diaspora who will be showcasing different services and investment opportunities in the Diaspora and Uganda. Opportunities on acquiring a mortgage, opening up a business account and engage with leading experts on raising finance in Uganda. Explore, discuss, debate and Network with business leaders, politicians, experts, VIPs and fellow Ugandans, who will be sharing their expertise on how we can increase investment in Uganda. Job opportunities and challenges relocating back to Uganda and building Partnerships – Identify concrete steps to create reliable partnerships and contribute to Uganda's development. Discover Investment Opportunities in Real Estate, Gas and Oil Industry, Health and Education, ICT industry and other sectors identified for Diasporans investors and learn specific steps required to establish a prosperous business in Uganda. Engage fully with fellow delegates, our sponsors and exhibitors at our speed networking sessions and above all have a face-to-face discussion and explanation on different investment and business opportunities on offer. Exchange knowledge and best practices to steer your personal growth. Expose your services and products to potential investors keen to invest and do business in Uganda Discover expert advice on Business opportunities in Northern Uganda, utilising the New Southern Sudan potential.


+447426 201 055

The ingenuity of TOOKE products Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development. [PIBID] Finally we could get to see a preserved Tooke in powder form without losing the Tooke taste. The Tooke-Asia dinner as it was called a promotional event organised to flag off Tooke products to the Asian Markets. The event also attracted some of Uganda's best Chefs in a contest that was called 'Create and Cook'. This saw the creation of an assortment of dishes using our indigenous matooke flour. By Ronnie Mayanja I was invited to attend a dinner at the Serena Hotel Conference Center. As I headed to the venue I was intrigued by the creative genius of some of the scientists behind the

20 |


Later that evening during the food tasting ceremony we were treated to noddles, pizza, soup, cake and array of other far eastern dishes made out of Tooke flour. The dances too came from the Asian sub-region and the Chief guest was the Japanese Ambassador to Uganda who pledge to promote the

new Tooke brand in Japan. For many matooke lovers this innovation of Tooke flour might be a welcomed gesture especially for those leaving in the diaspora who crave a taste of the real food/emere which is a staple food for many of our people in the East Africa region. Therefore the Initiative On Banana Industrial Development that began in 2005 to enhance research around value addition to Matooke is finally bearing fruit. The Tooke flour is part of the pioneer research work utilising matooke as the principle raw material in the food processing industry and aims at attaining food security for Uganda's growing population. To learn more about this initiative and how to buy the Tooke flour abroad visit

Judith Heard

In an exclusive fashion special Monica Hayward met up with Judith Heard, Uganda’s top model and high ranking socialite to give us an insight into how her fashion has evolved amidst Uganda’s increasing new breed of designers and International market. Judith, how would you describe yourself to people who don’t know you? I am a Ugandan international model, fashion boutique owner and married mum of three. You have been in the fashion industry for a longtime plus your now a mother of three, how do you cope with combining life as a working mum and its challenges? Being a mum is the best and truly a blessing for me which is why my kids are first priority when it comes to working around my career which involves a lot of traveling (Judith had just recently returned from the MTV Africa music awards in Nigeria). I overcome the challenges by planning and organising things to keep the balance between work and family life. I also have strong family support. As a model and fashion socialite how would you say your fashion has evolved during the years into the trendsetter you are today? I have always been interested in fashion from an early age, my style was more of a tomboy look when I was growing up, especially with my height and slender figure(Judith is 5’9”),this gradually evolved into mixing and matching different fabrics and textures to create my own individual signature look. Which celebrity styles inspire you? I like Naomi Campbell’s classic style and Rihanna as she is more urban in mixing and matching different designs MF. Do you think African fashion is evolving more towards the western style and trends? Definitely, I feel our African style and dress sense is being influenced more by the west because of the increasing media exposure to western artists and fashion designers which is why Ugandans are getting more image savvy, plus African designers are now more creative in mixing African textures and fabrics with a more western style to grace international

catwalks which is a good thing on the whole. Being in the media glare must have its ups and downs, how do you cope with the camera intrusion into your private life and the tabloid tales? I just keep calm and focus on my kids and husband as my priority, I still enjoy going out and having a great time with my husband. Despite the tabloid tales and intrusion I still try to keep my private and public life separate. Tell us about your charity work... I support and contribute towards a cancer awareness charity here in Uganda, this charity looks after sick children in hospital. I recently took gifts and toys to 90 kids in Mulago hospital and 10 kids on the Hope ward of the International hospital Kampala which looks after kids with HIV and tumors .As a mother children’s charities are close to my heart and I would encourage people to show and lend their support in any way they can. Your career as a model has also successfully helped your fashion evolution, what would you say has been your best moment so far? Opening my beauty ParlourBeautilicious on Muyenga road was a big step, it provides beauty services to the public and is now part of my growing brand- JH Kreationz which is going to consist of a kids salon and spa, plus my own fashion boutique in forest mall (Lugogo) catering for all sizes from xs to xxl in all trends and styles. On conclusion,what advice would you give to the young upcoming models today? I would advise them to work extra hard in all that they set out to do without giving up, and to remember to be good role models. Judith heard can be contacted via; Manager; Fredasher Lwanga ( THEPROMOTA

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he Bugatti Veyron is the benchmark for modern day supercars and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the result of further developments, becoming the pinnacle in automotive engineering. This amazing car was present at the Geneva Motor Show and so was GTspirit. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport made its first public appearance in August last year. Limited to 40 pieces, this hypercar offers a stunning set of specifications. Thanks to four enlarged turbochargers and

22 |


bigger inter-coolers to boost the power of the 16-cylinder engine, the Super Sport has a total power of 1200hp. The torque is a mighty 1500Nm. The top speed is electronically limited to 415km/h to protect the tires, the Veyron Super Sport is capable of going even faster. During tests this car reached a top of 431km/h, resulting in a new landspeed world record for production cars. The Veyron Super Sport needs just 2.5 seconds to reach 100km/h, 7.3 seconds to hit 200km/h and 16.7 seconds to reach 300km/h.

Perhaps even more impressive than accelerating is the braking. It takes less than 5 seconds to get from 0 to 100km/h and back to a complete standstill. The whole braking process takes no more than 31.4 meters or 2.3 seconds – that is less than the car needs to get from 0 to 100km/h. And even the 400 to 0km/h deceleration is a matter of less than 10 seconds. What do you think, is this car still the pinnacle of automotive engineering? info@thepromota.

The veyron: the quickest, costliest and most powerful production car ever build.



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IMMIGRATION Student migration overhaul: post study work will go – but not until 2012 In March 2011 the Home Secretary announced an “overhaul” of the student visa system. Among the other announcements it appears that Tier 1 Post Study Work will be closed after all – but not until April 2012. What else is included in the overhaul? To understand the measures announced by the UKBA on 22 March 2011 it’s necessary to explain the context in which they are going to take place. The first measure is the imposition on the colleges at which students study in the UK of an even more demanding regime than that which has been applied since the Points Based System began. Since the introduction of the Points Based System responsibility for the monitoring of students coming to the UK to study has been handed over from the UKBA itself to the staff who run colleges and universities in the UK. The Immigration Rules provide that Students can only come to the UK to study if they’ve been given a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies by an institution which is listed on the UKBA’s online register of licensed Tier 4 Sponsors. By a separate regime, set out not in the Immigration Rules but in a frequently amended document entitled the Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Sponsor Guidance the UKBA has propounded a set of criteria which must be met by anyone who wishes to obtain a Tier 4 Sponsor licence. These include being “accredited” by an accreditation body approved by the UKBA. The Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Sponsor Guidance also sets out the duties of all licensed Tier 4 Sponsors – in terms of monitoring students’ attendance etc. If the “education provider” does not adequately ensure that the students enrolled with it comply with the conditions of their leave to remain it stands to lose its licence. If that happens it becomes open to the UKBA to curtail the leave to remain of any student studying there – or to limit it to 60 days. When Tier 4 began in March 2009 Tier 4 Sponsors were either rated “A” or “B”. “B” rated Sponsors are effectively placed on probation – and aren’t allowed to issue Certificates of Acceptance for Studies until they have “demonstrated [their] commitment to make improvements by signing up to the measures set out in an action plan” issued by the UKBA.

24 |


In April of 2010 the UKBA added a new form of Sponsorship – the “Highly Trusted Sponsor”. These Sponsors are able to offer courses of study which are below degree level and which include “work placements”. Other Tier 4 Sponsors are not allowed to do this. Applications for Highly Trusted Sponsor status will only succeed if, among other things, the Sponsor has had an “A” rated sponsor licence for at least 6 months and can “demonstrate that students are vetted thoroughly” before any Certificates of Acceptance for Studies are issued. The Home Secretary announced that from April 2012 all Tier 4 Sponsors will have to be Highly Trusted Sponsors. Furthermore they will have to obtain accreditation from Ofsted and its devolved equivalents. (Not it seems from the accreditation bodies referred to in the Tier 4 of the Points Based System – Sponsor Guidance). The next change is to the level the command of the English language which potential students will have to show in order to be allowed to come to the UK to study. Those who are going to study at degree level will have to have English usage at level B2 of the Common European Framework for languages. This is described as follows: “Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party.” For people studying at below degree level the level of English will be B1, which means: “Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans”.

More dramatically – UKBA officers will be given a discretion summarily to refuse any Tier 4 applicant who can’t speak English without an interpreter. The next measure is concerned with the work students do. From April 2012 unless they are studying at University or at publicly funded further education colleges students will only be allowed to work in the holidays. University students will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, and students at further education colleges for up to 10 hours per week. Those on courses which include “work placements” (basically work experience) are currently allowed to do the placements for half of their time, and must study for the other half. From April of 2012 they’ll only be allowed to do the placements for one third of their time. Strikingly it was also announced that from April 2012 Tier 4 Students will not be able to be joined by their dependant family members, unless they are the dependants of a government sponsored student or of a student undergoing a post graduate course at a university. By contrast at the moment all students on longer courses are entitled to be joined by their family members. Lastly – the government will impose a limit of five years on the duration of Tier 4 General Students’ stay in the UK. At present there is no such limit if the student is studying at degree level or higher. Those studying at below degree level will have to leave after a maximum of three years, as they do currently. The government’s announcement coincides with the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee’s report on student visas. In that report the Committee noted the huge contribution made by students to the UK’s economy and warned that the removal of the Tier 4 Post Study Work route could reduce the attractiveness of the UK as a destination for students, as well as questioning whether it was appropriate to classify students as “migrants” and to include them in the net annual migration statistics at all. While the changes outlined by the Home Secretary will not come into effect until April of 2012, they will undoubtedly influence decisions made both by those who plan come to the UK to study and who are already here as Tier 4 General Students. Anyone who may be affected by these changes is urged to obtain professional legal advice. P

Changes in the immigration rules provide a warm welcome to potential investors and entrepreneurs


he government in March laid a new Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules (HC 863) before Parliament.

The changes are extensive and implement the government’s intentions which have been announced in various policy documents and public statements by the Immigration Minister Damian Green since November of 2010. Broadly speaking – the changes are designed to encourage migration to the United Kingdom by the world’s most affluent and entrepreneurial people; and to discourage or to prevent migration by those who the government regards as inadequately contributing to the UK’s economy.

Incentives for affluent and entrepreneurial migrants The most dramatic change is what the UKBA has on its own site described as “rolling out the red carpet” for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. By adjustments to the existing Immigration Rules for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrants and for Tier 1 (Investor) Migrants people who qualify for leave to enter or remain in these categories will be able to obtain settlement in the UK much more quickly than before. Furthermore, Entrepreneurs will now be able to enter as Visitors under the new “Prospective Entrepreneur” Immigration Rules. Currently people wishing to establish a business in the UK had to show that they possessed or had

access to £200,000 to obtain leave to enter as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). From April 6 2011 the Prospective Entrepreneur route will instead enable applicants who wish to come to the UK to seek funding or to create a team for a new business idea to be granted visit visas provided that they can show that they personally have access to £50,000 to qualify for entry clearance as a Prospective Entrepreneur, and that either a venture capitalist, a UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition or a government department is committed to providing a further £50,000 for the applicant’s proposed business. Unlike the other myriad Visitor Immigration Rules from which no switching is permitted – people entering as Prospective Entrepreneurs will be able to apply to switch from that route into leave to remain as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrant. Gleaming at the end of the red carpet lies the prospect of settlement (indefinite leave to remain in the UK). Currently, all employment or business based immigration routes enable migrants to obtain settlement only after five years' continuous lawful residence in the UK. Following the changes successful Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrants who create ten full time jobs or have a turn over of £5,000,000 will be able to apply for settlement after three years.

Tier 1 (Investor) Migrants fare even better. Those who have invested

£10,000,000 will be able to apply for settlement after the investment has been in place for two years. An investment of £5,000,000 will get you settlement after three years. In the past potential entrepreneurs and investors have been put off coming to the UK by the possibility that they might not succeed in their ultimate application for settlement because they had exceeded the proscribed amount of absences from the UK during the qualifying period of residence. To remedy this HC 863 enables both Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Migrants and Tier 1 (Investor) Migrants to be absent from the United Kingdom for up to 180 days in any 12 months, without jeopardising their applications for settlement.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) As well as Prospective Entrepreneurs HC 863 also creates the fifth subcategory of Tier 1 the Tier 1 “Exceptional Talent” route, for people who have “won international recognition in scientific and cultural fields, or who show exceptional promise”. As is familiar – a separate Designated Competent Body will be entrusted by the United Kingdom Border Agency to endorse applicants. That endorsement will get applicants the requisite points. In common with Tier 1 (General) as it currently exists applicants for entry clearance or for leave to remain as Tier 1 Exceptional Talent won’t need to be sponsored by any employer – and successful applicants will have free access to the UK labour market. P


urrently people who leave the UK voluntarily and at their own expense after breaking the law (either by entering the UK illegally, breaching a condition of their leave to remain or by overstaying their leave to remain by more than 28 days) will have any application for entry clearance they make to come to the UK automatically refused for a period of 12 months.

This is the least drastic form the re-entry ban regime takes. If you leave voluntarily but at public expense you’ll be banned for 5 years. HC 863 inserts a change to the regime whereby if you leave promptly and voluntarily

but at public expense – you’ll only be banned for 2 years. The rationale behind this is that it will increase voluntary departures by people who should not be in the UK by providing an incentive to leave the UK.

As can be seen – this is a very extensive set of changes to the Immigration Rules. Two things should be noted – firstly anyone making any application under the Rules before 6 April 2011 will have his or her application considered under the Rules as they are and will be until the end of 5 April 2011.

The second is that the changes and their legal implications for people who are either in the UK or who are considering coming to the UK can’t be represented adequately in an article such as this. As has been noted before on this site – with each Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules the regime becomes more rather than less complicated. Anyone who thinks they may be affected by the changes – whether advantageously or disadvantageously – is strongly advised to obtain professional legal advice before making any application. P


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Tough new rules for UK-bound students Foreign students will find it tougher to study and work in the United Kingdom from next year. The UK government has introduced stricter entry rules aimed at limiting students’ stay and curbing illegal immigration. The tougher entrance criteria also limits work entitlements. Students will also find it harder to invite their dependants to the UK under the overhauled student visa system announced by Home Secretary Theresa May. Last year, the UK issued 866 visas to Kenyan students in the “Tier 4 Category”. More than 90 per cent of these were issued to students attending good quality universities and independent colleges, mainly at degree level or above.

The current system does not have the sponsorship rule and allowed too many poor quality colleges to become sponsors, said Ms May. “This will allow universities, independent schools and public sector further education colleges to prosper under a revised visa system.” The rules require that students accepted must have a good standard of English. Only students at universities and publicly-funded colleges will be allowed to work but “all other students will have no right to work”. “We will place restrictions on work placements at courses outside of universities,” Ms May said. Under the new rules, UK Border Agency staff will refuse entry to students who cannot speak English without an interpreter.

The new system, said Ms May, is designed to ensure “students come for a limited period to study, not work, and make a positive contribution while they are here”.

Only post-graduate students at universities and government-sponsored students will be able to bring in their dependants.

She said the new rules will minimise abuse of the student immigration system.

Currently, all students on longer courses are able to do so.

“It has become very apparent that the old student visa regime failed to control immigration and to protect legitimate students from poor quality colleges,” she said.

“We will limit the overall time that can be spent on a student visa to three years at lower levels and five years at higher levels,” she said.

Starting in April next year, all institutions wishing to send students to the UK will have to be “highly trusted sponsors”.

26 |


At present there is no limit at or above degree level. P

An individual wishing to buy shares at USE must approach any of the Licensed Brokers/Dealers and express his/her desire to buy shares of a given listed company. This individual must hand over to the stockbroker/dealer the money equivalent of the number of shares he is willing to buy. The Dealer/Broker will deposit the money so received in a Trust a/c- an account specifically opened by the brokers to keep clients money intended for USE transactions. It is a requirement of the USE that for local orders, payment is made upfront by the investor. The selected dealer will post the order (bid) on the trading board on the following trading day. When the bid matches an offer (an order to sell) by either the same broker or other brokers, then the transaction is considered to have been concluded.

Selling of Shares An individual wishing to sell his/her shares will have to follow the following procedures; Contact any of the Licensed Brokers/Dealers indicating his/her desire to sell the shares of a listed company. The individual will have to surrender his/her share certificate to the Licensed Brokers/Dealers and conclude the process of opening up an account at the Central Depository System (CDS) of the USE. The Licensed Brokers/Dealers will have to verify the validity of the certificate with the issuer (The verification process takes less than a day), one of the listed companies and deposit the shares/ bonds in the CDS. The Licensed Brokers/Dealers, having opened a CDS account for the client, deposited the shares therein and verified the certificate, will then come to the USE Trading Floor and post the offer on the board. When the offer equals a bid price quotation, the transaction is considered to have been concluded, and the shares will have been sold.

Types of Orders A client may instruct a broker to process several types of orders. An order may be; A Limit order – this is an order which has a specified price when it is posted for execution; or A Market order – this is an order, which does not have a specific price when posted for execution. This type of an order must be executed promptly at the best price obtainable and will have priority over limit order at the same price levels .It assumes an initial price limit value normally based on the price most advantageous in the market. A market order trades through a range of prices starting at the best price in the market. For more information visit:

political stability, and the bank expects the region's economy to grow 5 percent in 2011. Okonjo-Iweala, a former Nigerian finance minister, said she expects strong growth to continue in at least 10 African economies -- Ghana, Liberia, Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. "It's not just natural resource exporters or oil exporters -- we are finding that growth is pretty widespread," she added. Although commodities including natural gas, minerals and gemstones continue to be a magnet for some foreign investment, Okonjo-Iweala said investors should take a closer look at the power and agricultural sectors, along with Internet and cellular telephones. Nigeria's moves to privatize several power stations and electricity distribution firms offers one possible opportunity, she said.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Managing Director of the World Bank.

Investors should get in on AFRICA GROWTH


any investors are overlooking growth opportunities in Africa where some fastgrowing economies offer potentially lucrative investments in infrastructure, telecommunications and agriculture, a top World Bank official said. While investment funds have flowed into emerging markets and some frontier markets in recent years, many African countries enjoying growth are struggling to attract the attention of a broad range of investors, said Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a managing director at the World Bank. "If you look at investment on the continent, it's more and more emerging economy countries that are coming in," she said.

"The Brazilians and the Indians are moving in quite rapidly. South Africa is investing massively in other African countries." But the healthy expansion in many of the region's economies is "still a little-known story," Okonjo-Iweala said, speaking during an emerging markets forum in Miami organized by the hedge fund Everest Capital. "And people still think the risk is too high." Emerging markets have helped drive the global recovery, but investors now worry some emerging economies may be growing too fast. Much of Africa, meanwhile, has enjoyed a decade of healthy growth and relative

Explosive growth in Africa's cellular phone market, particularly in Kenya, should also garner attention, Okonjo-Iweala said, adding that more than 65% of the population now lives within reach of a wireless network, up from 1% 10 years ago. "This is a real revolution. It opens up all sorts of possibilities because mobile phones have become the single largest platform that can be used for delivering services to the poor," she said. The agriculture sector across the region is also ripe, she added. "Yields for many grains and other crops are onethird of those found in Asia, so people see potential to increase output for both domestic and export markets," OkonjoIweala said. Still, she acknowledged that investing in Africa continues to present challenges, particularly on issues like excessive bureaucracy and corruption. "But there is a general feeling that we are turning a corner in terms of opportunities," Okonjo-Iweala said. P


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PAT I EN T S AF E T Y Improvement in Africa The Promota was privileged to have a brief interview with Mr. James Mwesigwa, a founder member and Vice-President of PASIMPIA [Patient Safety Improvement In Africa]. James is actively at the forefront of improving Patient Safety Improvement in Africa and Uganda is fortunate to be the first country to benefit from this pilot initiative. What does PASIMPIA stand for? PASIMPIA stands for Patient Safety Improvement in Africa. PASIMPIA provides appropriate knowledge and practical skills that are relevant to the developing country’s healthcare systems needs, with a focus in Sub-Saharan African region. Visit our website at [http://]. What can PASIMPIA do to improve quality of care and patient’s safety? PASIMPIA can engage Uganda government hospitals in patient safety and quality improvement programmes, and offer affordable, sustainable and innovative patient safety solutions through practical teaching. The patient safety solutions to be offered to selected African countries are those based on fundamentals of evidence-based practice, competent leadership, teamwork, management and communication, but founded on bedrock innovative thinking What extent of harm to patients from healthcare systems is known in Uganda?

Mr. James Mwesigwa

Can you tell our readers about you and your education background? Iam a founder member and Vice-President of PASIMPIA . I hold an MSc & Diploma (Quality and Safety in Health care) of Imperial College London. Also I hold an MSc (Health Services Management) and a BSc (Hons) Health Studies of London South Bank University. Prior to migrating in the United Kingdom, I had qualified as Clinical & Dental Public 28 |


Health Officer at the Dental School, Mulago Hospital in Uganda. I have worked in Africa and United Kingdom for both NGOs and private sectors. In the last fifteen years I have worked as a project manager in healthcare quality improvement programmes. Currently, I am working closely with WHO-African Partnership for Patient Safety and European ICT-Patient Safety Companies to extend their services to the African region.

Currently, the Uganda National Health Service is served by data-poor hospitals. As they are known, these hospitals are those that do not routinely collect information about characteristics of the patient and/or of the process of care and/or where the data sources are not accessible and/or reliable. That implies, millions of patients receiving healthcare from Uganda government hospitals may be at risk of suffering from patient safety incidents: unintended or unexpected events that may lead to prolonged ill-health, injury, extended hospital stay, disability, disease or suffering and death caused by unsafe vaccinations, injections and blood transfusion, counterfeit and substandard drugs, unreliable equipment and practices, inadequate infection control, and overall poor health services, facilities and environments. There is no research evidence or data at present on above stated incidents or risks and for that matter the extent of harm to patients from healthcare systems in Uganda is largely unknown.

What do you think is the cause of these medical errors and how can we ensure safety of patient? The poor state of infrastructure and equipment, unreliable supply and quality of drugs, short comings in waste management and infection control and severe under- financing of essential operating costs make the probability of error and harm much greater than in industrialised countries. For example many injections used for treatment in developing countries such as Uganda are in fact unnecessary, as oral drug treatment would equally or be more effective. The danger comes from reuse of syringes without sterilizations, with syringes often just being rinsed in water between injections. Although lack of knowledge and poor standards play a part, danger is hugely compounded by the basic lack of resources and the need to reuse any item of equipment if at all possible. Do you think, ICT can help in reducing the rate of errors in healthcare and how? ICT has been shown to contribute not only to reducing the rate of errors in healthcare by providing more accurate and transparent information. ICT tools can enhance patient safety in three ways: • Can help prevent medical errors and adverse events, • Can initiate rapid responses to any event • Can enable the tracking of events, if they occur, and provide feedback on them to learn from such events However, patient safety should go further than merely reducing medical errors and ICT solutions that support healthcare professionals in their work can contribute greatly to improving more generally the quality of care. Do you think there is a need to establish a specialised academy for training healthcare professionals in appropriate patient safety solutions which are vital for a sustainable safe National Health

Service development in Uganda? Oh yes, the academy would offer healthcare professionals knowledge and skills: to measure the magnitude and type of different adverse events that lead to patient harm, offer leadership and governance competency training in order to groom better leaders with improved patient safety skills that can mobilise their staff and engage them into increased awareness of patient safety, protect the patients through the introduction of ICT patient safety solution so that the Uganda hospitals pursue sustainable health care systems that are conscious to their protection of their patients. I understand you were recently in Uganda, what did you find out as regards to patients? Several factors that would increase the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections were evident throughout the government hospitals I visited. For example poor hygiene and waste disposal, inadequate infrastructure and equipment, understaffing, overcrowding, lack of basic infection control knowledge and implementation, unsafe procedures and a lack of guidelines and policies. While national surveillance systems exist in many high-income countries, they are nonexistent in the vast majority of low-income countries such as Uganda. To be precise numbers of Healthcare Associated Infections remain unknown because of the difficulty in gathering reliable data country wide. Uganda government has carried out a number of upgrades of the medical school curriculums but the upgrades have not addressed the healthcare needs of offering training tailored to quality and patient safety requirements. How do you plan PASIMPIA to address this?

The academy would establish specialised training for healthcare professionals in appropriate patient safety solutions which are vital for development of a sustainable safe national health service in Uganda. The academy would offer an opportunity to introduce creativeness and innovativeness to medical students and healthcare professionals in their practice that will empower them to always find appropriate solutions to patient safety problems, provide training for better clinical waste management to all Uganda government hospitals, undertake research and carry out studies on the best healthcare quality improvement programme and patient safety solutions and translating evidence into safer care. What are 3 issues you would change in the health system if you are given the opportunity? At present it is extremely difficult to imagine or propose an effective and a functional solution without a clear knowledge and understanding of the cause and impact of this on the government, individual and the healthcare organisations. To work out patient solutions: First, we need to understand the root cause of adverse medical events in order to avoid them or to deal with them. Secondly, we also need to understand the methods that can be used to calculate their impacts and costs, in order to take the most targeted and specific of approaches to handling them. Thirdly, we need to understand the role that ICT and patient safety training can play in improving patient safety culture among health care practitioners. P


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Artificial Nail If you have a very rocking party to attend at the weekend and you have just realized you have bitten off your gorgeous nails in frenzy over your work problems, then fret not! Here are some ways in which artificial nails can definitely come to your rescue.


f you call yourself really fashion conscious, have you had a good look at your nails? Well, most women as well as men, go all out to look gorgeous for that very important date or plan the right formal attire for that important business meeting. One thing that is often overlooked is the nail care and the basic hygiene that needs to be followed to have your nails looking good at all times. Imagine a welldressed woman with ugly, unclean nails. I am sure that can be a huge turnoff for most people around her and one would really prefer to be a few steps away! Well, growing your own nails can be time consuming and also requires care and maintenance. Besides, if you have to attend that very important party at the weekend, only a magic wand would probably help you get long and beautiful nails. Well, I don’t know whether magic wands are easily available, but you can definitely opt for artificial nails that will help you get beautiful and manicured hands, in a short time. Artificial nails prove to be very useful and are also available in different types of artificial materials to suit the needs of different women. When you have that all-important modeling assignment or need to cover up badly bitten nails, fake nails can truly help you out of any embarrassing situation. What are the various types of Artificial Nails available? Artificial nails are can give you a sophisticated look instantly and can spice up your day. These are available in various types such as acrylic nails, gel nails, wrap nails, press on nails etc. Always remember, fake nails require good care and maintenance. There is also the cost factor to be taken into consideration. You can buy them

off the shelf or get it done at a professional beauty salon. If time is not the issue, then seek advice from a professional nail artist before applying fake nails over your natural ones. Acrylic Nails: These are the most common and popular types of artificial nails available. They are also one of the longest lasting and most durable kinds. Acrylic nails are created with the combination of two products-the polymer and the monomer. This mixture is then applied with the help of an acrylic brush over the natural fingernails of a person. After the application, one has to let it dry. Once dried, this forms an elongated shape. This can be further shaped as per your requirements. You have to make sure that you maintain these properly to avoid any infections. Gel Nails: Gel nails are considered to be natural in their appearance. These have a clear and shiny look. The gel consists of pre-mixed polymers and monomers. This is applied on the nails and then is set under the UV light. The non UV gels are also gaining popularity. Here, a gel activator is applied over the nails. Gel nails although natural in their appearance are not as durable as the acrylic nails. These also cannot be removed easily; you need to let them grow out. Press-On Nails: This is the most common and easily available kind of artificial nails that you can even try to fix at home. Browse through local beauty stores and you can a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be glued over your natural nails. These are ideal for those women who are probably unable to go to the beauty parlor and are hard pressed for time. These come with step-by-step instruc-

tions and are good for a short time use. Wrap Nails (Fiber, silk and linen): Wrap nails are considered to be the most natural of all artificial nails. These are also the softest kinds that are available today. Here, the pieces of fiber, silk or linen are cut as per the shape that is required and are glued to the natural nail. It is also known that wrap nails are used to strengthen the tips of the nails. The materials have their own plus points such as silk offers more flexibility and linen, is stronger but thick in its appearance. Fiber nails combine the qualities of both. You will have to grow them out for their removal. Being low on maintenance, these are also often popular amongst women. Care and Maintenance tips for Artificial Nails: • Sometimes, these • Stick to reputed artificial nails tend glues and products to lift off from the that belong to a good natural nails. In such brand. cases, consult a pro- • Once you have your fessional immedi- fake nails, use rubately. ber gloves for kitch• Avoid using acetone en work or any work nail polish on your that involves contact fake nails. Look for with chemicals. other options that do • Always consult a not have the acetone professional before content. you try any of these • •Always moisture artificial nails. the cuticles to avoid • any nail infections. You can even jazz up the fake nails with some stick on designs. These may prove to be a bit messy, but the options are aplenty! So, the next time you party, don’t hide your hands behind your back-flaunt them with great style! By Kashmira Lad THEPROMOTA

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Halle Be

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I have to say I am not a fan of celebrity perfumes in general, however I am pleasantly suprised by this, mainly because I am amazed at how similar the smell is to Calvin Klein Euphoria but significantly cheaper by at least £15 for the same sized EDT bottle.

Definitely in the top 5 and is also the best gourmand fragrance l've come across. To me and on me, it smells of vanilla, caramel, and soft florals. Very nice and easy to wear. www. £19

My Life by Mary J Blige The scent is named for her first album. The perfume opens with gardenia petals, bartlett pear and white freesia. The heart notes feature tuberose, jasmine, golden lily and apricot blossom, while the base notes are sultry with cashmere wood, praline, sesame and incense.

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Love or loathe Lopez’s music, acting, or style, Blue Glow is hard to put down and like any Caribbean getaway, you’ll be thankful to have it. £11.99 £26


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Why Kampala

needs a National Campaign! By Ronnie Mayanja After enjoying a white Christmas in Boston last winter, I returned home to Uganda only to be greeted by the intense heat that January offers! As we approached that final leg of our journey, there was that nostalgic feeling that always grips those of us living in the Diaspora but the grim reality of what awaits us is never distant and very soon it was back to reality. Flying over Kampala, during our final descent to Entebbe, the whole city looked dry and dusty.

34 |


Founded years ago Kampala was originally King Muteesa I’s favourite hunting ground! Made up of several hills and wetlands it was ideal for wild game, especially impala. The Baganda were to add ‘akasozi ka’ mpala’... thus creating the name Kampala, which is now known worldwide. Later missionaries, led by Sir Fredrick Lugard, built a Fort at Old Kampala. Over the years new structures have been added to make Kampala a city of five boroughs overseeing local planning of Kampala Central, Kawempe Division, Nakawa Division, Makindye Division and

Lubaga Division. Driving along Entebbe road to Kampala I couldn’t help but notice the changes that the dry spell was bringing to this once evergreen terrain. Piles of uncollected garbage started to appear, animals grazed in the streets and of endless traffic jams, potholes and parking spaces were extremely limited, thus forcing many to resort to the wheeled ‘boda-bodas’ that unperturbed weave magically through the traffic. Of course, Uganda Transport Company (UTC) collapsed years ago, forcing those in the private sector to resort to the importation of mini-vans (kamunyes) that now dominate Kampala’s roads, ferrying many of its working population. Shanty towns and slums dot the city’s suburbs, with a few skyscrapers that sprung up over the last 20 years. With the many developments in and around Kampala, one wonders whether there is a blue print or master plan of the city to help guide these haphazard developments? Kampala desperately needs a new direction at City Hall and our technocrats should come up with a grand master plan to decongest our city or, as has been recommended by those that see no space for future developments, simply move the capital—Nigeria made such a move, relocating the capital from Lagos to Abuja in Central Nigeria, but some say that which makes Kampala unique or special are those things we all know about the city and for which little, or no change, ever takes place. Many artists (both young and old) have written songs expressing their love for Kampala’s vibrant social life, whereas others argue that moving the city, or changing its location would kill those aspects that make it unique in East Africa. Hopefully, our few remaining city public parks will survive being allocated to would-be investors that are expanding on Kampala’s ever-growing list of new hotels and shopping malls.

I am reminded of the most abused sign in Kampala City ‘Tofuka wano’ [Don’t urinate here]! The opposite always happened, so that you were greeted with a heavy stench of urine and the usual biological warfare! This is one good reason why the mayoral race and those in the running should be scrutinised and their manifestos evaluated for the best solution to many of Kampala’s woes. The plan to appoint a new Chief Executive for the city is a welcome gesture, but only if this position is not filled by another failed politician who is rewarded for loyalty! In the same way that I applauded the election of the Irish Ugandan Dr. Ian Clarke in Makindye Division, we need to set politics aside and appoint leaders that will actually contribute to improving our livelihood. The lack of a proper garbage disposal system, the absence of recycling plants for polythene bags/plastic bottles, failure to plant new trees, the blocked drainage system that leads to city floods around Nakivubo Channel and a lack of proper sewer systems to help treat the city sewage and its growing population—all point to the looming dangers that lie ahead if our city planners and politicians continue to “play politics” instead of improving on the service delivery! Kampala desperately needs a national campaign that will aim at keeping our city clean while introducing heavy fines on those who continue to blatantly litter the city. To this end, I propose the introduction of a patriotic day among all the citizens of Kampala; that way we can put an end to the confusion that currently dogs much of the city and its five boroughs. Why wait for Kigali to lead the way? We too can rise from the ashes and turn our capital city into the envy of the African continent. The author is a director of Soreel Mayas Grafx Ltd. [www.] and also doubles as editor of UNAA Times, a popular US news blog.[]



HASHI When did you start modelling? I started modelling at the age of 17. However I started modelling professionally at 18. At this age I was doing real photo shoots, editorials, fashion shows, campaigns and promotional modelling. It was really difficult as I had to learn from a young age that this is a hard industry to get into, not only do I have to look after myself but I had to have a business mind. To get some sort of recognition I had to stand out from hundreds of young aspiring black models.

Red ethnic print short dress with floral detail. ÂŁ100 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI Photographer: Sophie | The Promota 07790647089 Makeup artist: Bridget Yankson - 0740 347 7185

Did someone discover your talent or was it your interest? I could say that I was discovered at a very young age as I was regularly stopped by modelling agencies in Central London however I had no idea that a couple of years down the line I would be pursuing modelling as my career. I think after a photo shoot I realised that I really enjoy taking photos and being in front of the camera. I felt that it came naturally to me especially when I had done my first runway show, I never had any training. I was told to just walk, look up and don’t smile, I had this adrenaline rush go through my body, this weird kind of excitement that I have never felt before. The minute I walked on the runway I knew this was meant for me, this is what I was going to do for a career. Ever since then I have been constantly booked to do photo shoots and fashion shows, so maybe I was right, maybe I am meant to be a model.

Have you participated in any of the International Fashion shows throughout the world? Did you like it and how was that experience? I have yet to participate in fashion shows internationally however I have done photo shoots abroad. The experience is amazing, it is one of the best parts of modelling travelling around the world and seeing famous places. I love travelling, I always tell myself that I will get married and settle down once I have seen the world because I never know I might meet my husband in China. I think living in the same place for so long kind of makes you simple minded as it is all you know but once you travel you get to learn about different cultures, food and different communities. It changes your whole perspective in life as you learn to appreciate life.

What do you think the future of modelling for women of colour? I think the future for women of colour in the modelling industry is bright. People like Naomi Campbell, Imaan, Tyra Banks and Alek Wek have made a huge statement in the fashion industry, they have said that black women can model too, we can have long lasting successful modelling careers, and we can take amazing photos and have fierce walks on the runway. These black supermodels have opened the door for many young black top models such as Jordun Dunn, Sessile Lopez and Chanel Iman who are constantly exposed in top magazines such as Vogue and ID. They also model and walk for top campaigns such Burberry, Prada and Victoria Secret. I think it is hard for any black person to get to the top of any career and be the best, however seeing these models inspires me and gives me hope, it shows me that there is a place for me in the modelling industry but takes hard work.

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Beautiful, talented, the young Somali model Samira Hashi is becoming a new fashion and style icon. The Promota publisher was privileged to have an exclusive photo-shoot and an interview. Who is your favourite designer? I love the quirky London look, the edgy “I can wear whatever I want” look. Vivenne Westwood is amazing she breaks all barriers in fashion by creating her own unique style and completely thinking out of the box, Westwood definitely represents London fashion. I love John Galliano’s couture collection, it’s so creative and full of life, I am upset about his recent racist allegations but I do believe everyone should accept their actions and face the consequences. I love shopping with high street brands such as Top Shop, they cater a lot to models, I tend to get most of my casting clothes from there, it’s affordable and in trend. I am currently obsessed with the Nigerian designer Zedeye’s ( Spring/Summer 2011 collection; it’s bright, colourful and ethnic. Modelling Zedeye’s clothes or even wearing it makes me feel happy as not only is it in season but I feel like I am representing Africa in a very fashionable way with her amazing fur jackets, and summer dresses with the tribal prints. She is definitely a designer to look out for.

Who inspires you? Supermodel Imaan inspires me, her life, her journey and her achievements. Imaan went from an ambassador’s child living a well off lifestyle and literally over night turned into a refugee fleeing the civil war in Somalia. She was spotted by a photographer who brought her into the US and the rest is history. Imaan became one of the first iconic black supermodels, who changed the way people in the fashion industry think. She used her power in the modelling industry to create an empire, a business and a household name. Imaan’s cosmetic range is for women of colour and is distributed globally. She has established charities in Africa, and is currently working extremely hard to reduce the number of rape victims in Congo. Imaan will always be recognised for her good will and the way she gives back to Africa. She has inspired me in many different ways and has taught me that one person can make a change.

How do you enjoy a perfect social outing? I am a very chilled person so my perfect outing would actually be staying indoors. I love reading, writing or watching DVD’s in my bed; I would say that I have had my time of partying even though I am quite young. I am very focused right now, sacrificing the clubs for my career, however if I do end up going out then it would most definitely be to a networking event where I would most probably promote myself and get some contacts or I would go support my friend Natalie May perform her new single “Closer”. I enjoy going to quite sociable bars in Shoreditch and Old street or sometimes I like watching live performances in Jazz Cafe’s or Proud Gallery in Camden. It may sound boring but like I said I am a very chilled out mellow

person so I tend to enjoy myself a lot in these kind or areas.

What is your favourite store in London? My favourite store in London is Westfield’s in White City. It is the best place to be, you can buy everything from food, drinks and clothes, what more do you need. Also if you’re lucky you might meet someone that inspires you as everyone goes there.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? In ten years time I want to be successful in my modelling career, I would like to be recognised internationally for my talent and hard-work that I put into my career. I would also like to have paved the way from many other young black models. In the near future I want to see more of them, black is definitely beautiful. I am currently involved in a charity called The Mad Experience, which was created by a group of young adults including myself who all share the same dream of becoming successful. The charity sets up workshops and high impact sessions in schools to educate, influence and inspire young pupils that are interested in starting out in the creative industries. The aim is to get young teenagers to start thinking about their futures and start working towards their careers from now. We want them to believe that they can achieve anything they want to in life if they put the work into it. I hope in the near future the charity is still going strong and would have expanded to schools all over the UK. In ten years time I want to have established charities in Africa to help with the development of countries in poverty and to promote and expose Africa for its positivity through fashion, the media and my modelling. I am aware that my modelling career may not always last as long as many other careers, it could at times be short lived, so in ten years time I would like to have established a business. If I ever reach a point in my career where I feel I have made enough money to invest in a business, I would definitely get involved in property development. I would love to own properties not just in the UK but around the world. It is not as easy as it sounds so I try taking the time out to research the steps to take to get there and also start saving from now.

Any words of advice for a young lady who aspires to be a model? Research and understanding the industry is the key. It will be a huge bonus for you when you’re going to castings or meeting clients to actually know what you’re talking about, you will definitely stand out from others. Research who inspires you in the modelling industry, find out how they got there and the steps they took, from this you can create a guideline to structure and plan the steps you can take to fulfil

your ambition. Highlight your strongest areas in modelling and pursue this, whether its editorial/ high fashion, magazines, catwalk and fashion shows, commercials or campaigns. You need to get your foot in the door; the best way in doing that is by pushing your strongest talent. Once you have established and made a name for yourself you can always branch off and do other things. Know your market and your season; there is no point in attending 100 castings if they are not looking for a black model. Research where black models are currently doing well or are always needed. For example, New York is an amazing market for black models, if London is not interested go to New York, Paris, Milan or Cape Town. Don’t restrict yourself to one country and never believe that if one says no then you will never make it. Remember the modelling industry is worldwide, and the fashion industry has seasons, one season they may be looking for just blonde girls in London and in Paris they may be looking for black. Know your market, find out where you will do best and be available and ready for when they are looking for you. Finally never give up, those who fail are the ones that turn their back on hope, remember hard work always pays off. So if modelling is your dream and you wish to pursue this professional career, stay motivated, stay committed and stay inspired. “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” Johann Gottfried Von Herder. You can find me on facebook Samira Hashi or twitter @SamiraModel P THEPROMOTA

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Draped black gown with floral detail and concealed corset. ÂŁ350 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI


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Draped black gown with floral detail and concealed corset. £350 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI

Green draped bust full skirted short dress. £100 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI


De fric Ma sig an ke ner pr up : M in Ne ar AU t c tis c Ea kl t: B REE ors rri ace rid N et ge AM an ng tY O d s b by an OT fi sh y N Ma ks I on u tai ew re -0 ls e 7 kir loo n A 40 t. ÂŁ 34 k. mo 77 15 oti 18 0 . 5



Photographed by Sophie The Promota 07790647089

40 |


The Promota Magazine in its bid to promote talent from the motherland, had an opportunity to interview Maureen Amooti, a Ugandan born fashion designer determined to make a break-through in the west fashion industry.


fter completing my degree in Accounting, I realised my passion was elsewhere. So on a quest to achieve my dream; I enrolled at Northumbria University School of Design and later at London Academy of Designing. I had the privilege of an internship with a renowned London based couture designer. His coaching and professional standards gave me the confidence to launch my label last year. This gave me the courage to pursue my dream and God willing, I want to see myself as an accomplished couturier in bridal, evening and millinery wear in the near future; and ultimately a style consultant, with a ready to wear line, that is easily accessible across the world.

No matter, what the shape or size of the client my designs can flatter any figure. My clientele is growing across London and Uganda in Particular, and in addition my designs are sought after by women of all ages and sizes that are looking for the attractive appeal of a luxurious made to measure beautiful gown. My favourite designer is Vera Wang however; I am greatly inspired by my late grandmother, for her hard work and creative ethics. I am the 2010 runner up for Fashion4Africa, A competition that featured designers from 54 nations in Africa. I am enormously grateful for God for this achievement. Despite Fashion being a multimillion dollar industry, what I find challenging is that there is a lack of appreciation of fashion designers in the African communities. Most people prefer to buy cheaply produced designs from China. In order to tap into this market, we need to appreciate our own designers and buy our products. P

I have participated in a number of shows; my latest being Fashions Finest London Fashion Week and the prestigious Mahogany Bridal Show in London this year 2011. I specialise in creating luxurious bespoke bridal, evening and millinery wear, individually crafted taking into consideration the requirements of my clientele.


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Halter wedding gown & burgundy bolero. (price available on request from website) Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI

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Contrast green corset and mermaid skirt. £ 150 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI

Draped duchess satin bridal gown with crystal appliqué. (price available on request) Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI Photographer: Sophie | The Promota 07790647089 Makeup artist: Bridget Yankson - 0740 347 7185



Necklace by Maureen Am Earrings by new look UK.

Textured blue fish tail gown. £150 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI

n Amooti. k UK.


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Draped duchess satin bridal gown with crystal appliqué. (price available on request) Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI


NANA AFUA Current Winner for TOPMODEL OF COLOUR UK 2010/11

Dress Designer: NANA AFUA Photographer: Sophie | The Promota 07790647089 Makeup artist: Bridget Yankson - 0740 347 7185

Talented Model and Upcoming Designer

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I am originally from Ghana which is located in the West Africa

Currently every successful person out there inspires me a lot but as a model and designer I am mostly inspired by Tyra Banks

How did you start as a fashion designer?

What is your favourite store in London?

I started off as a designer right after my graduation from College on my fashion project , discussed my theme label ‘’Adopted Culture” to my Tutor who seemed to love it and technically it got started from there as it boost my confidence on taking my fashion ideas to the next level

I love shopping at TOPSHOP

Which part of Africa do you come from?

Did someone discovered your talent or was it your interest? Designing has always been part of me as I am naturally an artist. When I was studying art and design I was torn between being a portrait artist or a fashion designer, but in the end I was more confident in diverting my creative ideas into fashion. I have good skills in 3D construction, so that also encouraged me to put that to fashion by shaping my fashion ideas into a form.

Brown African print bridal gown with waterfall lace detail. £150 Designer: MAUREEN AMOOTI

First of all becoming a model is a tough challenge and the model industry is highly influential in both good and negative ways so I will advice young aspiring models to research about any modeling work before they get into it. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people that will channel you through, so no need to rush.

Do you watch America’s top model? Who is your favorite judge?

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I love America’s Next Top Model from cycle one and yes I do enjoy watching it, my favourite judge is definitely Miss j Alexandra as he brings more life to the judging panel all the time whenever he’s on board

A successful Entrepreneur in the modeling and fashion world (giggles)

Who buys your products?

Have you participated in any of the International Fashion shows? Not at the moment but I’m all booked for International shows this year so I can’t wait

Who is your favourite designer? It’s really tough to say as am in love with lots of designers. Currently I will say Sonia Rykiel, a French designer; just love her current trends on Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week it was great

What is your African favourite restaurant in London? Hmmm, I‘ve always enjoyed eating at home but I’ve been to 805 restaurant twice and I like their reception there so I will go for 805 restaurant

What 2 beauty essential things you can’t live without? I love using my lip gloss all the time; I can’t do without my eyeliner; it’s a must no matter the weather ‘(laughing)

Who inspires you?

What do you advise other young models aspiring to become top models?

Currently my upcoming clothing line ‘Adopted Culture’ its for all women with curves so ideally women buy my product

What challenges do you find in this industry? Most of the challenges I go through during modeling work is the insufficient funding for black models these days as we don’t normally get a lot of paid jobs which can be quite challenging

Do you think Africa fashion has a place in the international market? Yes it does and I feel it’s happening gradually , Arise Fashion week in Lagos recently has put Africa fashion on the map so fingers crossed.

Have you ever won any international recognised award? Yes, I am the current winner for Top Model of Colour Uk 2010/11 and it has been an excellent international award for my work as a model and representing models of colour here in London and Africa

Any words of advice for a young lady who aspires to be a model? Well it’s all about knowing who you are and discovering your talent and making the best out of it. P


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The Core of Raw Beauty is Raw Skin Food




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The Karamojong of Uganda some milk products, the only food consumed in the permanent settlements is generally the product of women's agricultural efforts. The camps are in the eastern and western portions of Karamojong territory. The staple crop is sorghum, which is planted with cucumbers and marrows. Beans and gourds, and sometimes maize and millet, are also grown. Because of their environment, the Karamojong cannot subsist by cultivation alone; they therefore attach greater economic importance to raising livestock. Their form of pastoralism is to exploit the products of the stock rather than slaughter the stock. They consume milk, milk products, and blood rather than meat, which is eaten only at public ceremonies or when an animal dies. Cattle are a key element of Karamojong culture. They are highly valued both in economic and social terms. Milk, blood, and meat provide sustenance; fat is both a food and a cosmetic; urine is used as a cleanser; hides make sleeping skins, shoulder capes, skirts, bell collars, sandals, armlets, and anklets; horns and hooves provide snuff holders, feather boxes, and food containers; bags are made from scrota; intestines are used for prophecy; chyme has a ceremonial function (anointing); and droppings are used for fertilizer.

Photograph by David Pluth

Cattle are literally wealth; they are used to establish families, acquire political supporters, achieve status, and influence public affairs. The payment of cattle, as bride-wealth, to a girl's kin is an essential step in arranging a marriage. A man is only the genitor, not the father, of children he engenders, unless he transfers cattle in a bride-wealth for their mother. Furthermore, the acquisition of an extended range of kinsmen through affinity is almost as significant as the acquisition of a bride and, potentially, a family. In other words, the more cattle a man provides in bride-wealth the more kinsmen he creates who receive a share of cattle, and the larger his range of affinal ties—a very important social asset.


he Karamojong are a pastoral group who inhabit the plateau region of Uganda. Linguistically, the Karamojong belong to the Central Group of the Nilote Language Family, which also includes several neighboring groups that speak a mutually intelligible dialect. The related groups include the Teso, Iteso, Jie, Dodoz, Topoza, Jiye, Nyangatom, and Turkana. In 1986 the Karamojong numbered about 300,000, which included 50,000 Jie. The habitat of the Karamojong is a plateau 1,120 to 1,360 meters high; there are steep hills throughout, and higher mountains border the plateau. It is a region characterized by thorny plants and grasses. The savanna becomes green with the first rainfall, in April, but dries up again in November, when the rain stops. The dry season is very windy, and there is no surface water, except for puddles left over from the rainy season, which quickly dry up. River beds fill up in a few hours during storms, and dry up again after the storms pass. The permanent settlements are in the central part of Karamojong territory and are the locii of cultivation and continuous habitation. Their position is fixed by the availability of reliable permanent water, and their mobility is limited by the need to store gardening implements and grain. Women carry out most of the activities related to these permanent settlements. With the exception of

Territorial groups range in size from small settlements and neighborhoods, to larger localities (consisting of several neighborhoods), to subsections, and finally to sections or tribal groups. The Karamojong neighborhood is made up of a small number of settlements, the members of which recognize social ties with each other, offer mutual hospitality, utilize common natural resources, take common ritual action, and meet together frequently for social interaction. This is the setting where most face-to-face encounters take place. Subsections are enduring social groups; their continuity derives from coresidence, corporate activity, and the establishment of a distinctive name that ties each to some natural object. Subsections are also religious congregations, each with its own ritual specialist and ceremonial grounds. Karamojong adult males are organized into a series of groups based on varying degrees of common age. These age sets are an integral part of Karamojong social organization and provide the basis for political authority. The highest sources of authority are the elders of a community. The channels of authority are provided by the relationships that are created by the organization of people into age categories. The use of authority is occasioned by public ritual gatherings, council meetings, and public disputes. Decisions and sanctions of the elders are carried out because subsenior age sets adhere to the norms of obedience established with age rankings. The elders are also considered to have divine authority—or at least to be closely linked to divine authority. The consequence of violating the elders' authority is punishment inflicted by younger obedient men, or by deity, leading to the misfortune or death of the disobedient and their dependents. by RONALD JOHNSON THEPROMOTA

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state of the art

Mazima Shopping Mall

Retail unit available in Kampala • 2nd Floor • Located on Gaba Rd, adjacent to Quality Cuts, a few meters from the American Embassy • Flexibble lease • 2 Floors of parking space

$700 a month

Call: 07950 285 493

8,500,000 PAGE VISITS A MONTH ...which 1 of them is yours? 0 If your answer is

then visit and stand to be counted! 50 |


MONEYGRAM AND THE UK POST OFFICE MARK 10 MILLIONTH MONEY TRANSFER MoneyGram CEO and Post Office director celebrate successful 14-year association MoneyGram International (NYSE: MGI), a leading global money transfer company, and the United Kingdom’s Post Office are celebrating their long-standing and successful relationship as the two companies marked the 10 millionth money transfer transaction with a media event at the Claridges Hotel today. The Post Office, which serves almost 20 million people a week, has been a MoneyGram agent since 1997 and provides MoneyGram money transfer services in its almost 12,000 Post Office branches across the UK.

Maksud Matador, Subpostmaster from Manchester Post Office who transacted the 10 Millionth Transaction, John Marere, the customer who did the transaction and MoneyGram's CEO Pam Patsley and Martin Moran, Post Office Commercial & Marketing Director

Pamela H. Patsley, MoneyGram’s chairman and CEO, who is in London to commemorate the occasion, commented, “This is a significant milestone for both MoneyGram and the United Kingdom’s Post Office for two reasons. First, we can proudly claim a 14-year working relationship with one company – a rarity in today’s business world. Second, 10 million transactions conducted is a testament to the Post Office and MoneyGram together meeting the needs of consumers who want convenient, reliable and fast money transfer services.” According to the World Bank, while the UK is home to almost seven million immigrants, it is a money transfer send and receive country. An estimated $7 billion in remittances came into the country and $3.67 billion flowed out of the country in 2009. As remittances align with the immigration patterns, key money transfer corridors are: India, Poland, Pakistan, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, the United States, Jamaica and Kenya. “Ninety percent of people in the UK live within one mile of a Post Office branch. We offer unrivalled convenience and access to services that our customers need and rely on – whether it is sending or receiving money, posting a parcel or paying a bill,” said Martin Moran, Post Office commercial and marketing director. “Our partnership with MoneyGram is truly a successful one for our business and our people, as well as for the customers we serve. We are proud to celebrate the 10 millionth transaction.” Patsley along with other MoneyGram executives, Nigel Lee, executive vice president of EMEAAP and Roger Heinz, vice president, northern and central Europe and Mark Perryman, senior regional director UK, Ireland and the Nordics, hosted a celebration and press conference today recognizing the Post Office. Martin Moran and the subpostmaster who made the landmark transaction, amongst others from the Post Office, were in attendance.

Media Contact: Gabi Cross 0207 089 5471

Mavis Amankwah is an award winning Equality and Diversity consultant and Marketing and PR expert, MD Rich Visions and Gabi Cross Marketing Executive MoneyGram International


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Why Women Love Handbags! M

ost women absolutely love handbags, something which is a bit of a mystery to men! Some women spend thousands of dollars a time on that perfect handbag, so just what is it that drives women to spend so much on such a small, material thing?

IT''S ALL ABOUT FASHION! Handbags have the ability to finish the look of every single outfit. It is completely possible (and for some women a must!), to buy a handbag to suit every single outfit that they own. There is no doubt about it that celebrities have set the craze, with A-list stars such as Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker, all out and about daily with a new, flashy bag on their arm. However, a handbag is not just for fashion purposes. A lot of them are an absolute must for business women. They have to be able to carry important files, make-up and all the latest business tech stuff, which means that the handbag has to be practical! This has led to a huge range of stylish yet practical bags by top designers such as ''Louis Vuitton'', ''Miu Miu'', and ''Valentino''. Handbags really can make a girl feel special and they help to create a look. Whether you are going for an urban chic look, or a girlie girl look, there is a bag out there to suit you. They also ooze confidence and a woman with a stylish handbag generally sends out a confident message. Many women''s handbag addictions are getting so out of control that they are running out of room in their closet. However, if you fall into this category too, there really is no need to worry. Some companies have designed special handbag holders which basically hang up and you can fit at least six handbags on them! Overall, handbags are more than likely going to remain popular. Only women can understand how important they are in every day life. So, if you really want to spoil the woman in your life, buy her a handbag today! By Gregg Hall 52 |


BAD RELATIONSHIPS by Maggie Dalziel Relationships whether family or intimate, can have positive effects on our happiness and health but also a great source of grief when they go wrong. Relationship problems can be trigged by a large amount of issues. Such key life events as job loss, managing money or children can cause significant personal and relationship stress which can lead the partnership to breaking point. Although some relationships may sustain if one partner is suffering an addiction or substance abuse, often sexual matters can create tension simply because some people are reluctant to talk about such matters as infidelity than substance abuse. Below are 5 causes of bad relationship that I have decided to talk more about in this issue: UNREASTIC EXPECTATIONS In the early days of an exciting new romance, it’s natural to develop unrealistic expectations. Your man is perfect Prince Charming and the lady is your perfect ‘Goddess’; what can be wrong? There is nothing wrong in believing the best of each other, admiring your partner’s positive qualities, but in a healthy relationship the individuals should acknowledge that nobody is perfect and there will surely be problems to address. Every relationship will require hard work and perseverance. LACK OF COMMITMENT Many people are extremely aware of what their partner’s actions that are causing relationship problems, but completely oblivious of what they are doing. For example, you might be very aware of your partner’s resistance or withdrawal, but totally unaware of your own judgmental behaviour. You might be very aware of your partner’s anger, but completely unaware of your own compliance. You might be very aware of your partner’s addictive behaviour, but very unaware of your own enabling. This behaviour leads into believing that if only your partner changed, everything would be okay. EMOTIONAL GRIP So a few relationships are able to survive extreme jealousy, possessiveness, overdependence, or manipulative and controlling behaviour; however, such actions are a sign that one or both people lack a solid emotional foundation. Placing excessive demands 54 |


on your partner’s attention may seem like a normal expression of romantic love but in reality, emotional grip is a destructive form of control. The way out is to develop a loving self who knows how to take full responsibility of their feelings and needs. You will move beyond controlling and needy only when you learn how to fill you self with love and define your own inner worth. Turning your eyes fully on yourself, freedom to be yourself without someone else telling you what you should or shouldn’t do is a way to the inner healing necessary in your relationship. LOW SELF-ESTEEM Regardless of their self esteem, people tend to assume that other people see them in a similar way to how they see themselves. So people with high self esteem, who generally see themselves positively, tend to believe other people see them positively. They typically think that people who don’t know them yet will probably like them. In contrast, people with low self-esteem tend to be less confident that other people perceive them in a positive light. They doubt whether strangers will like them, and they’re not sure if the people they’re close to will continue to like them. Because it’s difficult for people with low self esteem to believe they’re unconditionally loved and accepted by their partners, they tend to hold back from fully committing in relationships or making themselves vulnerable, or engage in other types of behaviours that are unhelpful for relationships. SUBSTANCE AND PROCESS ADDICTIONS Feeling empty inside may turn your partner to substance and process addictions in an attempt to fill their emptiness and take away the pain of their loneliness. Alcohol and drug abuse, food, spending, gambling, internet sex and pornography, affairs, etc can all be used as ways to fill emptiness and avoid fears of failure, inadequacy, and rejection. Substance and process addictions are ways of shutting out your partner. No matter what the cause may be, if left unsolved a bad relationship can create problems on the job, affect family members, friendships and may lead to physical or psychological problems, such as depression. P


to see Carroll score, a player who would probably not have started had Wayne Rooney not been sent home to rest by the England coach. Speaking in the post-match conference, Capello praised the Liverpool striker. "I remember Carroll before he suffered his injury - he ran a lot, always fought," he said.

BLACK STARS MADE AFRICA PROUD AS THEY LIGHT UP WEMBLEY Gyan's leveller was a fitting reward for Ghana's industrious players and their incredible followers who, teaming with technicolour and vociferous in volume, helped create the sort of carnival atmosphere not experienced in an international at Wembley since Euro '96. "I have never seen anything like it in my life, they are the greatest fans, for me, in the world," Black Stars coach Goran Stevanovic beamed after the game. It felt closer to Accra than Acton, especially in the press box where partisan Ghanaian journalists sported Black Stars hats, scarves, headbands and tracksuits to make sure their English counterparts knew exactly where their allegiance lay. They belted out the national anthem and were deafening when the tireless Gyan finally got the goal that his persistence deserved. Time and again it had seemed Ghana's fanatical faithful would leave empty handed. But, drawing on the spirit that made them the neutrals' undisputed favourite in South Africa, they upset the odds again, as the Sunderland striker tiptoed inside Joleon Lescott and curled a left-foot effort past Joe Hart in stoppage time. Stevanovic's side displayed plenty of attacking intent and the African visitors were certainly given plenty to cheer about by a side determined to prove why they made last summer's quarterfinals while England laboured to a disappointing second-round exit. Gyan and Dominic Adiyiah

were bursting with energy and their movement, coupled with Sulley Muntari's guile, served to fluster Phil Jagielka, Gary Cahill and later Lescott. Hart was called into action to deny Adiyiah twice in the first-half. The Ghana striker first sped onto a through-ball from Muntari that bamboozled both Jagielka and Cahill, but the Manchester City goalkeeper rushed out of his goal and diverted the ball to safety. Hart was again required minutes later, producing a sensational diving save to prevent Adiyiah's back-post shot from creeping in. But Ghana were to head into the interval behind. Almost 15 years after Alan Shearer first really demonstrated his international pedigree by lighting up the European Championships at Wembley, his heir apparent and fellow Geordie No. 9 Andy Carroll snatched the first goal of what Three Lions fans hope can be an equally impressive England career. Carroll's first-half strike - a low, left-foot effort following Stewart Downing's slightly miscontrolled lay-off - demonstrated the sort of anticipation and finishing prowess that convinced Liverpool to part with a club-record ÂŁ35 million in January. The journalists who had been sharpening their claws to launch another stinging attack on Fabio Capello were probably a touch disappointed

The Italian was also armed ready with a response to the pre-match vitriol directed at him by the press in both England and Ghana on the back of his decision to send five players home. He said: "I'm really happy because I saw a fantastic game, not a friendly game. I read that you wrote a lot about this, [but] I think it was an exciting game and it has been an important game for the fans to see some players who have never played here. It was a really good, fast game. It's not easy to see a friendly game like this." Having been derided for his decision to field what critics claimed was tantamount to a Bteam, it at least became apparent that the Italian could count on the backing of the England supporters' band. And as their trumpets and drums blared out the A-Team theme tune off the pitch, the players did their best to prove their worth on it. Carroll was not alone in catching the eye. Ashley Young followed up his superb showing against Wales with another classy display, taking on the role of England's playmaker-inchief with aplomb. Young's delicately chipped through-ball led to Carroll's goal, while 20 minutes earlier the Aston Villa winger thought he had added a memorable 25-yarder to his scrapbook only to see the scrambling Ghana goalkeeper Richard Kingson produce a stunning acrobatic save. Jack Wilshere had one of his quieter games in England colours but still looked the part when collecting the ball from deep. Bringing a calming influence to Capello's midfield, the Arsenal starlet's ability to move play seamlessly from defence to attack through either pass or dribble will see him continue to play an integral role when the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign resumes in June. The presence of the industrious Wilshere and James Milner seemed to also bring the best out of captain for the day Gareth Barry, who enjoyed one of his better games in England colours, culminating in an audacious overhead kick attempt in the final ten minutes. P THEPROMOTA

| 55

56 |



| 57

e HTC Desir

HTC Desire S Android

HTC Desire S Build In typical HTC style, the HTC Desire S is hewn from a single block of aluminium for a sleek and solid finish. The design will be familiar to anyone who's played with or owned its previous incarnation, the original HTC Desire, with smooth, cuving edges and a cool metal feel to the touch. However, small adjustments have been made to the successor: the Desire S has lost the clickable buttons at the bottom of the handset and replaced them with touch sensitive icons, and the optical trackball has gone, too, resulting in a phone that is marginally lighter (130 grams) and smaller (115mm x 59.8mm x 11.6mm) than its predecessor.

Oasis Solar


This solar lantern will allow for you to keep your light source juiced and working all night long.

The HTC Desire S comes running Android 2.2 FroYo, but HTC are promising an upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread in the near future, presumably with its excellent Sense UI spread neatly over the top. We love the Sense UI on the current stable of HTC phones, but we’re not fans of how the HTC MWC candidates are all launching with a behind-thetimes operating system, especially with Android 2.3 Gingerbread featuring so prominently on other MWC competing handsets.

Cisco D Digi Piggy – Digital Coin Counting o Piggy Bank d From now on o it is no longer need to count ey to make calculations over and your money, over againn because the Digi-Piggy will calculate itt for you every day. It consists of an e internal memory for storing and displaying the m amount of money permanently, even when ge the batteries. you change


Bamboo Keyboard Mouse Combo

Made from natural handcrafted Bamboo to inspire calm and inner peace. The keys are laser engraved while the wired keyboard and mouse connect to the computer via USB.

nfinite entertainment with Internet@TV

58 |


Samsung’s Internet@TV is an exlusive multimedia platform for Samsung owners that allows for direct access to a truly massive choice of entertainment from Videos and Music to Social Networking, News and Games. Internet@TV offers owners of the Samsung Series 9 LED 3D TV easy access to a range of content for the entire family at any time of day or night. It’s even simple to use

too, just connect your new Samsung Series 9 LED 3D TV to the internet through an Ethernet cable or better still via a Samsung Wireless Dongle to access fantastic services like LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and much more besides from an ever growing choice all from the comfort and convenience of your favourite chair with a couple of presses of your remote control.

JVC GS-TD1, Sony HDR-TD10 lead £610

Nintendo 3DS

3D camcorder

The Nintendo 3DS puts 3D gaming in the palm of your hand without the need for special glasses

Like all the camcorders in this round-up, the GS-TD1 has a display that lets you review your 3D recordings without the need for inconvenient glasses. But we find that such displays require you to hit a sweet spot in order to get the best 3D effect, which is annoying. The GS-TD1's screen measures 3.5 inches diagonally. As prepared as you may think you are after the raucous, widespread hype Nintendo's new video games console has garnered, the first time you peer into the screen of the 3DS --the revolutionary glasses-free 3D handheld-- it catches you off guard.


Recording to 64GB of built-in storage and SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards, the GS-TD1 will be available in the US in March for a whopping $2,000 (£1,280). UK pricing hasn't been announced yet, but it'll probably make you have a little cry in the corner.

So you feel like you’ve seen it all, there are bicycles, unicycles, skateboards and scooters, but nothing really new, nothing you could look at and say, cool, that looks like it could be fun.

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound 8 With 6 Speaker Cover Options

Bang and Olufsen added six fabric speaker covers to customize the BeoSound 8 docking speaker system designed for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It comes in either black or white, but now you have the possibility to match it with your room’s design by covering the speakers with a lavender blue, green, purple, yellow, white or black fabric cover.

Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales Made to measure£20

This clever one-litre measuring jug has digital scales in its base, saving you time and sanity in the kitchen. And thanks to a smart add-and-weigh function it can measure all the liquids necessary for a recipe (water, milk, oil) and go straight onto solids (flour, sugar, breadcrumbs) without throwing a Gordon. Building up and mixing different ingredients has never been easier.

Boogie Board Paperless LCD Tablet Perfect for scribbling messages, writing to-do lists, sketching digital graffiti, doing sums and drawing up mad professor-ish master plans, this ludicrously lightweight, flexible electronic pad features a pressure-sensitive screen upon which you can write, doodle and sketch using the included telescopic stylus, your finger or anything else capable of applying the required pressure. When you need to erase your handiwork simply press the button. Clever, eh? £34.99

ElectroHub wireless charger £32

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 While we've seen wireless charging concepts before – specifically the Powermat – but ElectroHub has a slightly better way of doing things. Simply stick the ElectroHub battery replacements into your devices and they'll work with the mat.

£241, Love: High quality images, 18x zoom and a movie mode Hate: Dull styling. Small screen THEPROMOTA

| 59

Be ideological, Ugandan youth advised The bible says in 1Timothy 4.12 “Let no one despise you because of your youth”. Don’t allow anyone to despise you. Be able to present ideas.


gave this speech at a recent youth leader’s conference in Munyonyo and I am happy to share it with the Promota’s readers.

Like anyone, it is my wish at this old tender age to enjoy life and be governed well as my natural right. Uganda has had more than its fair share of bloodshed. We bear witness to the dramatic changes the youth have brought about in the Maghreb region, North Africa and the Middle East. Uganda has the youngest population, the highest youth unemployment and some of the greatest opportunities in the World, however only about 1% of Ugandans are above 60 years and has the lion’s share of power! Nevertheless there are vast opportunities in Uganda. In the present set-up of our new found and developing democracy there is an urgent need for the youth to unite and take charge of political affairs of the country. Youth should be utilized positively in order to make Uganda even more prosperous, positively and patriotically. The youth have the power to present a new face of Uganda in the global market and talent to make Uganda a developed country. We must understand that a nation can only progress on young and innovative minds. It’s the duty of every Ugandan family to motivate and promote their children to come forward and develop Uganda.

ELLY KARUHANGA Partner | Kampala Associated Advocates & Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles | President of Tullow Uganda 60 |


Winston Churchill said “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”. We are very busy blaming NRM but they have tried to uplift the general environment for the youth to thrive. Uganda was the first to initiate youth representation in the Legislative Assembly. A multi-billion northern Uganda youth centre is nearing completion in Gulu, with funding from the Government and the Commonwealth. In addition, the Government is searching for a suitable site to locate a permanent home for the National Youth Council. The responsibility of the youth is to position

themselves; have the right education; ask the right questions; demand the right policies; determine the right leaders and have a positive and patriotic attitude about Uganda and only then can they be able to harness the opportunities that the country presents them. In order to make opportunities possible, however, all the youth should leave behind the limitations inherited by the past. Anyone currently seeking leadership in Uganda and not having sleepless nights planning for the youth is probably unfit for the job and will end up on the rubbish heap of history. Note carefully that nobody deserves a place at the leadership table just because he/she is young. Nobody should invite you just because you are young. As youth, don’t allow anybody to make you travel on a low road so that they can reach a high office. Don’t allow people to approach you with nothing to offer but tribalism, regionalism etc and then ride your back to high office. Why should anyone ride on your back anyway? As someone said “a man cannot ride your back unless it’s bent.” So straighten your back. To go to high places you must have ideas. You must be idealistic. Martin Luther King led the greatest revolution of the 20th century in America aged 27. He had passion and ideology. He had a message of equality and a method of non violence. We have had many other African great men like Kwame Nkurumah who in his mid thirties led the struggle for freedom in Ghana. Not only did he get Ghanaian independence, he formed OAU and fought for the total liberation of Africa. He had a message and a method. Nelson Mandela gave up his youth for South Africa,

freed black people from bondage and white people from prejudice. He had a message and a method, I can go on. The youngest billionaire is the founder of face book; Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were teenagers when they started the computer revolution. Society is changed by people with a message and a method; you too can do it in Uganda. Kennedy said “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” So please be responsible. Think of what you can give Uganda not what you can take from it. Be idealistic; produce an idea, for there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. I must confess I sometimes sympathize with this sentiment of us old people giving way. You find someone was already old when they fought for independence and are still in position of authority. Worse, you find people sleeping in cabinet or parliament; Ministers or officials interfering with professional oversight bodies; people engaged in massive corruption holding high office and nobody is doing anything about it. When I look at you, I see an enthusiastic, handsome/beautiful and young group. However, should I trust you as my majority share holders? Will you ensure that our company Uganda will make a profit, employ more youths and be a happy country to live in for everyone who comes to our Pearl of Africa? The ball is in your court. Food for thought

by Elly Karuhanga

EXECUTIVE PROFILE: • Elly Karuhanga, L.L.B serves as Legal Counsel of Uganda of IBI Corp. Mr. Karuhanga is involved in certain corporate activities, such as expected joint ventures undertaken by IBI in Uganda and in anticipated exploration and mining license acquisitions. • He serves as Managing Partner of Kampala Associated Advocates, Uganda's leading law firm. • He served as President of Tullow Oil Uganda (Tullow Uganda), a subsidiary of Tullow Oil plc; • Two terms as a Member of Parliament; Senior State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice; Advocate of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Uganda; United Nations General Assembly Delegate from Uganda; Delegate to the World Trade Organization; • Honorary consul of the Republic of the Seychelles; • and Advisor to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, among other significant business and political achievements. • Throughout his career, Mr. Karuhanga has played a significant role in the advancement of the Ugandan Judicial system. • He serves as the Chairman of the CADRE (The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration). He has been Independent Director of IBI Corp. since December 20, 2007. • Mr. Karuhanga serves as Director of Bankom Uganda Ltd and Canmin Gold Ltd. • He has been a Director of Development Finance Company of Uganda Ltd. since May 2005. • He serves as a Director of Tullow Uganda. • He serves as Chairman of the Presidential and Foreign Affairs Committee.

be inspired quotes

“Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration—of oneself and of others. Great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine”. Lance Secretan “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young”. J. K. Rowling “If anyone is currently seeking leadership in Uganda and is not having sleepless nights planning for the youth, then they are probably unfit for the job and will end up on the rubbish heap of history.” Elly Karuhanga “Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great”. – Mark Twain “The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do”. – Dennis Waitley

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing”. – Abraham Lincoln “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will”. – Vince Lombardi

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”. Diogenes Laertius “What a mistake to suppose that the passions are strongest in youth! The passions are not stronger, but the control over them is weaker! They are more easily excited, they are more violent and apparent; but they have less energy, less durability, less intense and concentrated power than in the maturer life”. Edward Bulwer-Lytton


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MTV AFRICA MUSIC Awards (MAMA) 2010 Congolese artist Fally Ipupa, and Nigeria’s 2Face led the winners at the third edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel (MAMA), each taking home two trophies at the music awards ceremony at the Eko Expo Hall, Lagos on 11 December 2010. Nominated in four separate categories, Fally Ipupa scored wins for Best Video (“Sexy Dance”) and Best Francophone act while 2Face, a former MAMA winner from 2009, picked up trophies for Artist of the Year and Best Male. Cabo Snoop notched up a music first for Angola by becoming the first ever Angolan winner at MAMA 2010, taking home the prize for Best Lusophone act. The inaugural Best Anglophone award went to Kenyan Gospel breakthrough artist Daddy Owen – the first time a gospel artist has won a MAMA.

Eve On Stage

62 |


Song of the Year was won by South African pop/R&B outfit Liquideep for their hauntingly lovely ‘Fairytale’. New MAMA award category Best Performance was won by Big Nuz,

the South African house trio making waves all over the continent. Nigerian vocalist Sasha scored Nigeria’s first ever win in the Best Female category after Kenyan dominance over the last two years. Nigerian R&B duo P-Square (Nigeria) added yet another MAMA trophy to their awards cabinet – taking home Best Group for the third year running! Rising Nigerian star Mo Cheddah notched up her first win in the hotly contested Brand:New category which recognises rising stars tipped by MTV for success. The prestigious Best International act was received by Eminem who accepted the award via satellite from the USA. The MAMA Legend award, won by the late, great Miriam Makeba, was presented by Public Enemy founder and hip hop pioneer Chuck D. The 2010 MAMA awards opened with an explosive performance by Hip Hop heavyweight, Rick Ross, and closed with an unforgettable rendition of “Win” featuring T-Pain, Rick Ross, Da LES and 2Face – a world first. In keeping with the tradition of the awards, the show featured

an array of electrifying collaborations between artists from different parts of the continent, mixing up music genres, language and cultures in a unprecedented extravaganza of African talent. Among the collaborations were Nigeria’s 2Face who hooked up with South African rock outfit The Parlotones. The performance of Banky W’s “Lagos Party” saw South Africa’s Big Nuz, Angola’s Cabo Snoop and Paul G and DRC’s Barbara Kanam rocking the house with the first ever truly pan-African version of the hit track. Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “Tonight’s MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel was a joyful and uplifting celebration of African youth culture and music. It brought together the best talent from across Africa to showcase the incredible music that Africa has to offer to the world. It is amazing to see the collaborations between the artists as it fosters a spirit of camaraderie and creative exchange that takes their music to a new level.” Commented Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa, “The diversity and talent of the performances this evening was a reflection of the vast and rich talent pool that Africa has to offer. We at Airtel are proud to partner with the MTV Africa Music Awards as it is a platform for the youth and young at heart in Africa, enabling them to showcase their talent to a global audience. Music is an important way to connect with Africa as we relaunch the Airtel brand on the continent. It will support Airtel’s mission of giving the youth a means to express themselves and the freedom to do more.”

2face at the red carpet

Among the performers at the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel were: 2Face (Nigeria), Banky W (Nigeria), Barbara Kanam (DRC), Big Nuz (South Africa), Cabo Snoop (Angola), Daddy Owen (Kenya), Diamond (Tanzania), Eve (USA), Fally Ipupa (DRC), J. Martins (Nigeria), Jozi (South Africa), Liquideep (South Africa), Lizha James (Mozambique), Mo Cheddah (Nigeria), Paul G (Angola), P-Unit (Kenya), Public Enemy (USA), Radio & Weasel (Uganda), Rick Ross (USA), Sarkodie (Ghana), Sasha (Nigeria), T-Pain (USA), Teargas (South Africa), The Parlotones (South Africa), Wande Coal (Nigeria). Guest presenters and celebrity guests included Ba Ponga, Dama do Bling, Lizha James, Daniel Amokachi, Oluchi, Julius Agwu, Genevieve Nnaji, Muthoni, Nneka, MTV VJs Vanessa Mdee & Sizwe Dhlomo, Tatiana, JoJo and fashion designer Lisa Foluniyo.

Rick Ross

Fally Ipupa


| 63

Mariah Carey


64 |


Ready d to pop, Mariah hC Careyy's 's enjoying her last days of pregn nancy With a music career spanning more than 20 years, Mariah Carrre ey ha has as po pose sed for her fair share of portraits. But none has been as personall or e em mot otio iona nal nal as these exclusive belly-baring snaps. Mere days away from we ellco omi min ng g he err first and second child, Mariah proudly showed off her pregnant bod dy to to Lif ife & Style. "I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all righ ig gh htt no ow w, b w, bu ut then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this onc cee-in n-a -a a-l --llif ife ettim ime experience," she tells Life & Style. "My ultimate goal was to sha are th ar thiis s in nc crre ed d-ibly personal moment with my true fans." And the twins – a boy and a girl – were clearly ready for their close-ups. "The babies were kicking almost the entire time; it was unbelievable," Mariah recalls. "Especially the girl – clearly she's a diva in training! We didn't start shooting until 1:30am because I was in the hospital from the night before until the day of the shoot with contractions five minutes apart!" Indeed, although Mariah's not due for another few weeks, the twins could be making their grand entrance sooner rather than later. Contractions sent Mom to the hospital on March 27, and on April 1, hubby Nick Cannon fooled his radio listeners into believing his wife was in labour. "The false alarms definitely scared me," reveals Mariah. "I am super excited to meet them, of course, but I really am trying to keep the babies in as long as possible because ultimately what's most important is their health. It's getting harder

everyday physically. But the ey sa ey sa say ayy yo you forg for org o rrg ge ge ett all of this once you see the ba ab abi bies. bi es " Prepping for babies In the meantime, Mariah's gon one n in ntto o ful fu ulll-on l-o l-o on nesting mode. Back pain and d ssw wo olllllle ol en na ank nk nkkles les es e s be darned, she's making su ure the ur e nu nur nur u sse ser e iies er ie ess e at her homes in NYC and LA A ar are are re ssttock to ock oc cckked ed w wititth the latest (and glammest) clo otthe o hes ess, bo ook oo oks and o d toys, including life-size giraffe fffe ff fes frro fe rom om fr om frien frien en e nd dss Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne e a an nd to oys yyss ffrro om m pals Jay-Z and Beyonce Kno owlle ow les es. e "I've been in our LA home e e excl xcl xxc clusi cl ussi s vel vely ve ely for forr the past five months, and ffo or a pers or ers er r o on n wit with h my typical lifestyle of travelliin ing ng, to ng ou our u urin ing ng an ng and d promoting – literally never in n th the sa ame am me pl me place ace ce for more than a week at a tim iime me me – it' itt s a big big adjustment," she says. "It's dififfi fffificult fficu cu ultt pe perfe fec fec ectin ting g a nursery for twins, especia alllllly a ly w h hen en n tth hey're ey' y're a boy and a girl, because you ou h hav a avve to to get e creative with the color palettte and an nd d des essiig gns."


| 65

66 |


News Briefs

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey‘s had a slight pr problem recently. She and other acts like Beyonce and Usher have performed in St. Barts over the last few years at New Year’s Eve parties thrown by the sons of vicious, crazy dictator Muammar Ghaddafi. At the time, Libya was not in the news. The shows were booked by a name promoter who probably was not forthcoming about the true nature of the underwriters. Now it’s become an issue in hindsight, which is sort of ridiculous. Anyway, Mariah is not happy about what occurred and is stepping up to the plate. First, she tells me that a song she will record for her album, called “Save the Day,” will

only generate funds to be donated for human rights issues. She may even set up her own foundation. She’s done this before. All the money ever made from the song “Hero” has gone to charity–millions. She’s also donated millions from DVDs and from the song “One Sweet Day,” which she recorded with Boyz II Men. Carey has always been very philanthropic. She still runs her annual Camp Mariah through the Fresh Air Fund; she supports it financially. She’s even given her image to PETA to sell, although considering the weather today she might want it back!

Billboard Magazine is celebrating 1000 Hot 100 #1s, and as you know, Mariah holds a recordbreaking 18 of them! In an article dedicated to the ‘90s #1s, Mariah is described as the decade’s undisputed hitmaker: The ‘90s Mariah Carey. Boyz II Men. Hip-hop. ‘Candle in the Wind.’ The bump of hip-hop and thrash of grunge may dominate our sonic memory of the ‘90s, yet the hits that bookended the decade were soaked in smooth. [...] While the album charts heralded the rise of “alternative” through hip-hop’s spreading popularity and rock’s rediscovered grit, the singles chart walked a different beat. Among the No. 1s, there was no Nirvana, no Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg, no Pearl Jam, no Wu-Tang Clan. There was, however, Mariah Carey. Lots and lots of Mariah Carey.


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Southwark Cathedral commemorates Rwanda Genocide

MOMENTUM OF POSITIVE CHANGE IN RWANDA CANNOT BE STOPPED – RWAMUCYO Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the UK, Ernest Rwamucyo, has said that 17 years on, Rwanda’s development momentum for change cannot be stopped. Rwamucyo made the remarks during a commemoration service in honour of the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in London on 7th April 2011. The event was organised in London by the Rwanda Embassy in conjunction with the Southwark Cathedral and the Rwandan Community in UK. The service, which took place at the Southwark Cathedral in London, was characterised by testimonies from Genocide survivors, songs reminding the world of the never again commitments, lighting of candles and observation of a minute’s silence. The High Commissioner stressed that the Genocide should never have happened, noting that it could have been prevented.

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“We should remember the victims while making unequivocal commitment from each one of us to make our individual and collective commitment to initiatives and actions that aim to prevent atrocities like this happening anywhere,” Rwamucyo urged. He underscored that remembering, while committing to forgive those who sincerely seek to be forgiven, has been a key consideration in Rwanda’s search for unity and reconciliation. The envoy reiterated that the Rwandan people, today, are very positive and optimistic about the future. He cited an example of children, who were born after the Genocide, who recently qualified to play in the under-17 World Cup in Mexico. He said that this was the first time in history that Rwanda would take part in a such a prestigious tournament. The High Commissioner concluded his remarks by paying tribute to the late Venerable Reverend Colin Slee who died late last year. Slee was instrumental in establishing a relationship

between Southwark Cathedral and Rwanda. He initiated the project to construct a permanent Genocide monument in London to be built at Southwark Cathedral and establish a scholarship fund for Rwandan students. The Dean of Southwark Cathedral, Rev. Canon Andrew Nunn, said that despite the world’s commitment to the ‘Never Again’ call, atrocities are being committed elsewhere on the African continent. During the service, the acting Dean of the cathedral, Bishop Kenneth Barham narrated to the congregation how Rwanda has picked itself from a failed state to the most improved country, not only in Africa, but in the world. The service was attended by UK Government officials, parliamentarians, members of the civil society, friends of Rwanda and members of the Rwandan community in the United Kingdom. Source: The New Times


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Tight competition in banking sector benefiting customers By Viola Nabimanya & Clare Balondemu The public is poised to become the biggest beneficiary from the current banking competition as banks move to appeal to their clients through launching various programmes including financial literacy training. The innovations are targeted at helping Ugandans take informed decisions especially when handling finances. Recently Centenary Bank launched a new programme that seeks to train SMEs on issues related to financial literacy. Speaking during the launch in Kampala on Monday Mr Fabian Kasi, the Centenary Bank Managing Director said the bank will train SMEs on analysing their cash flows for proper business management. The training will take place in different districts across the country including Lira, Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara. The training will initially focus on agribusiness and trade due to the fact that the two sectors cover a bigger percentage of Uganda’s business space. The training also targets getting rid of the population’s poor saving methods so as to achieve government’s target of eradicating poverty.

Kenya will not seize Gadaffi companies by Daniel Semberya Nairobi, Kenya - The Kenyan Government does not intend to take over businesses where the Libyan government and its leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have an interest in, following a United Nations resolution ordering a worldwide freeze on the Libyan leader's assets, Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said last week. A resolution passed by the United Nations' Security Council recently, effectively ordered a worldwide freeze on the Libyan leader's assets. As a result many interests have been affected by the worldwide freeze.

They include stakes in oil marketer OilLibya, and the prestigious Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi. Libya at one time expressed interest through a bid in the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd but lost out to India's Essar. Plans had been mooted to upgrade the current Libyan mission to a full embassy as interests by the Arab nation in Kenya expanded.

The Ugandan and South African Governments have already gone ahead to take over the assets of the embattled In Africa the Libyan leader and his Libyan strongman's Government. Government have extensive interests It was expected that other African counin a lot of businesses stretching from tries will take cue from South Africa Eastern Africa all the way to Southern and Uganda and freeze assets owned by Africa. Col Gaddafi. Analysts say the raging Libyan conflict Kenya has however maintained in the threatens to have a significant economic past a lukewarm approach to the Libyan impact across the continent. conflict. Col. Gaddafi has in his 42 year-long rule used money from the Oil rich nation to gain favour among African nations and thus the Libyan government has invested heavily in at least 25 African nations.

And last week government Spokesman in a phone interview said the Government did not contemplate taking over assets of the embattled Libyan leader.

"No, there is no such discussion, (to take over or freeze Libyan assets)," he Such interests are held in trust by the said. "It has not been discussed," he told Libya African Portfolio (LAP) - the in- East African Business Week on phone. vestment arm of Col Gaddafi's governKenya was among other UN 191 memment. ber states who voted to suspend Libya Investments by Libyan firms in Kenya from the UN human rights body. and which are owned by Libya are in the hospitality and oil industry.

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Should Africa draw a line under colonial crimes and move on? Four Kenyans are suing the UK government for alleged human rights abuses during the colonial era. The Mau Mau rebellion in 1950's was a violent campaign against white settlers and historians believe it helped Kenya achieve independence. But the uprising was crushed by the British colonial government. In the process, thousands of guerrilla suspects were detained in camps, tortured, starved, and even castrated. The British government says too much time has elapsed since the alleged abuses and that it cannot be held liable. But another former colonial power in Africa, Italy, has apologised and compensated Libya for abuses committed during colonial times. Does Britain have a point or do you back Italy's decision? Is it time to draw a line under colonial crimes and move on, or would that be a denial of justice?

Uganda inflation hits double digits KAMPALA, UGANDA- In March Uganda's inflation rate jumped into a double digit figure after almost 14 months under a single digit. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) reported that the annual headline inflation rate for the year ending March 2011 rose to 11.1% from 6.4% that was recorded for the year ended February 2011.

National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) that recorded Kenya's inflation rate for the year ending March 2011 at 9.19%.

The bureau said that a 23.7% surge in the annual food inflation rate for the year ending March 2011 was one of the main drivers of the annual inflation rate. "Food crops registered an annual inflation rate of 29.1% for the year ending March 2011 compared to a 6.9% registered in February 2011.

The non food crop inflation rate reduced while the food prices inflation rate was 11.9% due to increases in price of matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, sweet bananas, oranges, passion fruits, cabbages and tomatoes.

Mukiza indicated that the monthly headline inflation rate also went up by 4.1% for the month of March 2011 compared to 1.7 recorded in February 2011. The monthly core inflation rate rose by 1.7 compared to 1.9% rise in February 2011. Monthly food This showed that the bureau had crops inflation recorded a rate recorded the highest inflation rate of 17.4% while the Energy, Fuel since November 2009 when it and Utilities inflation rate was at was recorded at 11.9%. 1.9% for the month of March.

Other food prices that increased were those of onions, green pepper, bitter tomatoes, bbuga, The annual core inflation rate, beans, ground nuts, maize flour, which excludes food crops, fuel, rice, milk, refined oil and margaelectricity and metred water in- rine in most centres. creased to 7.8% compared to The increase was attributed to re6% recorded in the year ending duced supplies to the market due February 2011," explained Dr. to prolonged dry season in most Chris Mukiza Ndatira the UBOS parts of the country, in addition director Macroeconomic Statis- to the prices of petrol, diesel and tics while releasing the figures paraffin that went up due to risat the Statistics House in Kam- ing price of oil on the international pala. Uganda's inflation rate re- market. lease followed that of the Kenya



EAC advised to adopt Rwanda's community programme Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Abdirahin Abdi urged member states to embrace Rwanda’s community initiative called Umuganda.


is a concept adopted by President Paul Kagame where the last Saturday of every month between 7a.m and 12p.m local time, every activity in Rwanda stops, or at least all the restaurants keep closed, markets are not operating and public and private transportation is limited. The time is used to allow every body to participate in community service that includes digging ditches, sweeping the grounds, making composts, building houses, clearing land, or any other activity that is helping the country become better. According to President Kagame, Rwanda has earned international recognition through this concept. It does not only propagate a clean society but also presents an opportunity for people to join hands to achieve set objectives on top of fostering harmony among residents. EALA Speaker acknowledged the role Umuganda plays in solidifying communities' social cohesion and asked the hosts to work towards having the other partner states replicate the initiative. Mr Abdirahin Abdi was speaking when President Paul Kagame joined members

of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) who participated in the monthly community work (Umuganda), in Kanyinya sector, Shyorongi in Nyarugenge district. At the same occasion the EALA launched its 10th anniversary celebrations by engaging in construction of houses as a means of outreach, corporate social responsibility and participation in Rwanda's campaign to shift away from grass-thatched houses (Nyakatsi). The assembly members held sessions in Kigali from March 25 to April 7. The anti-Nyakatsi campaign marked the inaugural commemoration which shall be observed in the EAC Partner States, with the climax of a wide range of the activities also scheduled to be observed in Arusha, Tanzania on November 29, 2011. EALA is using the celebrations to reflect on the various achievements and challenges realized over the past ten years and appraise its own effectiveness as it sets the mood for the next decade. "Allow me to congratulate President Kagame for leading this important initiative from the front and through deeds

and actions. I do hope the rest of the region can learn from and replicate the Umuganda idea, noted the speaker. He said EALA was committed to ensuring all East Africans led a decent life of good and moderate housing and the ability to meet the basic necessities of life. He added that EALA had passed a resolution in support of decent housing for all East Africans. "The ambitious plan has seen the government work closely with the communities through cost sharing, the house building projects shall continue as part of Umuganda until May this year while the country hopes to clear the grassthatched houses by next year," Kagame said in a statement issued by EALA. The statement quoted the Mayor of Kigali, Fidele Ndayisaba, saying the city had about 1559 people living in grass thatched houses before the anti-Nyakatsi drive started but 1093 houses have been constructed with another 400 expected to be completed shortly. He hailed the assembly for engaging with the communities during its visit. Kagame hailed the existing warm and cordial relations between the partner states saying that the spirit of integration had unified the citizens of the EAC.


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She is an epitome of beauty, well mannered and a self-assured, very successful business princess. These are the simple words one might use to describe Zarinah. In an exclusive interview with Willy Mutenza, she pours out her heart out to the world: How would you want to be described?

Z: I feel I have just been born and am starting to crawl, so I have a long way before I can determine what legacy people should me remember me for… but for now “Zarilicious” would be perfectly acceptable! Am I being silly? (she giggles). Briefly please give us an update on your bio in Uganda?

Z: A mixed-race descendant of Indian, Toro, Burundi and Somalia ancestors, born in Jinja, a town in Uganda. I am the second born sister in a family of five sisters and one brother. Sadly we have another brother who died. You gained popularity on the Ugandan entertainment scene, but in fact you are a very successful Ugandan based in South Africa. How did you manage to base yourself way down there?

training, and decided to step up to the game. It took astute determination and dedication and since then I have never looked back.

entrepreneur side takes such a toll on my life that I don’t get to record as much as I would like to, but I do have new tracks coming up.

What is your philosophy of life?

Where should we expect to see you in the next 5 years or so?

Z: As a go-getter, my motto is: “Don’t wait for things to happen in your life. Make them happen!” I am a jet-setter and a gogetter no matter what appears to stand in my way. TP6: What has been your greatest achievement?

Z: There are two parts to this question. It may surprise you to know I consider my greatest achievement to be that my business has extended to six branches in different provinces of South Africa, and I am a mother to three boys! When did you start singing and what inspired you sing?

Z: I previously lived in Wood Green, North London but it was too slow for me and in 1999 I decided to return to Uganda. A few months later I visited an aunt of mine in South Africa… and the rest is history.

Z: Music is one of my passions! I am inspired by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey… oh, lest I forget all the glamour that comes with the industry in performing, hahahaha…

Why and how did you start Brooklyn City College?

Do you have any plan for a new album in 2011?

Z: I soon recognised a shortage of skills

Z: I always have plans, but my

Z: In the next five years I want to have my own label-line of cosmetics, handbags, clothes, shoes and most important of all my own perfume! That is where I wanna be! (lol). Am I dreaming? Nah, I am not. It all began with a dream and I am still working on it! How do you give back to society?

Z: I am involved in charity projects in Uganda and my church here in South Africa. I have been awarded 50 bursaries to Buganda Kingdom which will enable the disadvantaged free access to basic education. What is the most absurd news or rumour you’ve heard about yourself in the media?

Z: OMG! Some tabloid claimed I had 5 kids! One they allege was with the President’s right hand man, and the other with some general! I have never dated guys in that line up, let alone have babies with them! The truth? I am a mother of THEPROMOTA

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three and they all have the same dad. Can you tell our readers something we don’t know yet about yourself?

Z: Am so paranoid and such a perfectionist but try to be cool at the same time, but am I? The Spice Girls, who were mocked to be non-starter during their initial time of their career, surprisingly ended up becoming the greatest and most successful female band of our time. What message do you send to those who undermine others talents?

Z: Before you undermine someone else’s talents, what are you doing with yourself in the first place? At least that someone is getting up off their butt and trying to do something with their lives. So give people a chance! What advice would you give to those hard-working aspirant women who would want to achieve your business success?

Z: Stay focused! It’s all about knowing what you want, how you want it and when you want it? Prioritise! How would you describe a romantic man?

Z: Are there any real romantic men at all? I’m not so sure about that. I’m such a goofy kind of girl… Do you think money buys happiness?

Z: No, not at all but it buys you all the material things except happiness, unfortunately. Your final words to your fans?

Z: The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have – so live your life, have a goal and live your dreams! P

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The golden rules of

HEALTHY EATING Good nutrition isn’t brain surgery. Just follow these simple rules to feel good and lose fat all the time

1 Ditch the junk Have you noticed all the adverts on TV for fresh broccoli? No? That’s because there aren’t any. Bloated corporations have no interest in selling you fresh food, only heavily branded, pre-packaged slop created using the cheapest ingredients and made to taste palatable by stuffing them with fat, salt and sugar. Most junk food is heavy in calories and light on nutrition. By junk, we’re talking burgers, crisps, ready meals, anything in ‘a delicious crispy coating’, anything formed into unnatural shapes (stand up chicken nuggets), anything containing hydrogenated vegetable oils, and anything wrapped in pastry where you can’t identify the grisly substance inside. Buy fresh and learn to cook.

2 Balance calories in with calories out It’s simple really. To stay the same weight you need to burn off the same number of calories through activity as you take in through food. If you eat more than you burn, that excess energy is stored as fat for use later on. Before you know it, you’re wearing vertical stripes in a vain attempt to look slimmer. Take your bodyweight in kilos and multiply by 29 to get your resting metabolic rate (RMR) – that’s the approximate number of calories you burn a day simply by going about your regular business of sleeping, eating, working, watching TV, etc. Now add the number of calories you burn through formal exercise. For example, the average man might burn 250 calories through 30 minutes of cardio training, or 200 calories for 30 minutes of intensive weight training. The total is the number of calories you burn a day, and also the maximum number of calories you can eat per day if you don’t want to put on weight.

3 Make fat only 25% of your diet As we’ve just seen, it’s calories that count when it comes to controlling your body fat. However, dietary fat contains nine calories per gram compared with carbohydrates and protein, which both contain just four calories per gram. Basically, fatty foods are more than twice as calorific as other foods for the same sized meals, so it makes sense to limit your fat intake. What’s more, the wrong kinds of fat can clog up arteries, making heart attacks more likely in

later life. Try to steer clear of trans fats (it’s those hydrogenated vegetable oils again) and keep saturated fats, found mainly in red meats and dairy foods, to a minimum. Instead, go for ‘healthy’ fats, such as the kind found in fish, nuts and olive oil. These kinds are actually good for your heart if taken regularly in small doses.

4 Drink lots of water There are hundreds of good reasons for drinking water – you’d be dead without it being number one on the list – but it is also vital for maintaining a healthy weight. If you don’t drink enough water your kidneys don’t function properly, and they pass some of their waste-filtration responsibilities on to the liver, which is then required to give up some of its fat-metabolising duties. The result is that you hang on to more stored fat than you would if you glugged down water on a regular basis. Drink water, lose fat –it really is that simple.

5 Eat five or six small meals a day Most of us have been brought up on the concept of three square meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, this throws your metabolism into disarray because you stuff yourself with food, creating an energy overload, followed by starving yourself until the next meal. Your insulin levels bounce up and down as your body tries to stabilise your blood sugar, and the result is that you store more fat than you actually need to. A better method is to eat small meals throughout the day. That way you get a constant drip-feed of energy, your blood sugar levels remain stable, and you never get hungry, so avoiding that mid-afternoon raid on the biscuit tin.

6 Downsize your meals as the day goes on Does this diet sound familiar? Coffee for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, huge plate of meat and potatoes plus cake and ice cream for dinner. It’s the Great British way of eating, and it could explain why we’re fast becoming a nation of bloaters. In the morning you need energy to get you through the day, so then is the time to stock up on carb-heavy meals – cereals, toast, fruit. As the day goes on try to eat less with each meal so that your last meal is a small one, mainly protein-based. There’s no point having a large bowl of pasta before bed, because all that energy won’t get used up and will find a resting

place in your sagging belly.

7 Eat 30g of fibre every day Amazing stuff, fibre, and not just because it makes your bowels as regular as a Swiss watch. Fibre helps to lower insulin levels in your body, which decreases fat absorption. It also absorbs water and swells up in your stomach, making you feel fuller and less tempted by the sticky toffee pudding for afters. Good sources of fibre are oat-based cereals, beans and pulses.

8 Veg out Vegetables are the one food you can eat as much of as you like all the time (within reason – eating a dozen cucumbers a day may have a strange effect on your digestive tract). They provide stacks of vitamins with minimum calories. Vegetables make great snack foods eaten raw – carrots, celery, etc – and can provide the mainstay of bigger meals when steamed, grilled or fried. To get the most out of veg, cook them quickly and eat them crunchy before they lose their nutrients. Five portions a day is a minimum – nine would be better.

9 Take supplements sparingly If your diet is good enough, you shouldn’t need to pop pills to stay healthy, and you certainly shouldn’t use multivitamin tablets to make up for a poor diet. Your body needs a huge array of nutrients, which you can only get from having a varied diet. That said, if you work out often, you might want to take extra vitamin C and E to replace lost stores during training. Vegetarians can miss out on vitamin B12 unless they use supplements.

10 Enjoy treats in moderation If you like ice cream, have a bowl now and then. Just don’t demolish a two-litre tub of double-chocchip every night. If you always deny yourself the stuff you like, you’re unlikely to be able to keep up a healthy eating plan, and you’re more likely to fall off the wagon and have a lard blowout. The trick is to have occasional treats to keep you happy, while eating healthily the rest of the time. That way you’ll find it easier to make good nutrition part of your life, rather than something you do grudgingly for a short period. P


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Health Issues

Ask the expert for all your health questions to be answered, either privately or published in the Promota. Send your questions to

chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea?

I've recently started having sex with my new girlfriend but I have developed small cracks and sores on the end of my foreskin. They are very sore and do bleed occasionally. I've never had this problem before with previous partners. Expert says? There are several possibilities and, without looking, it's difficult to be sure. It may be something straightforward like thrush, which men can get too. Thrush is an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus we all carry on our skin. This bug takes advantage of the times when your immune system is run down by infection or tiredness or when the other harmless bugs on you that it competes for space with have been wiped out by antibiotics. It can cause a rash or redness, soreness, spots like nappy rash, or cracks and bleeding fissures in any part of the skin. An antifungal cream, which you can get from the chemist, will help if this is the cause. It could, however, be a more serious infection such as chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea - although they would usually cause other symptoms, such as a discharge or pain on passing water when you go to the loo. With a new partner, there are other possibilities including an allergy to soap products she uses, or to the latex in condoms if you have just started using them. You may get more ideas from or where you can find your nearest sexual health clinics that give confidential infection and advice) but you really need to have a doctor look at the rash and send swabs to the lab.

Patches to boost female sex drive I have heard there is a new patch out to help women with no sex drive. Could you please tell me more? I am married and have had sex once in two years. This is not fair for my husband who I love very much. Please help. The expert says? There has been some publicity recently in the media about the use of hormone replacement therapy patches to boost sex drive in menopausal women. Oestrogen patches restore normal levels of this important female hormone and can increase sexual enjoyment and hence libido (it's no surprise that a woman's sex drive diminishes if she finds sex uncomfortable and/or unsatisfying). Testosterone patches also boost circulating hormone levels but they have a much more pronounced affect on sex drive. Testosterone is normally thought of as a male hormone but it is found in

women too and levels do fall as women get older. Testosterone replacement needs to be done carefully - only small amounts are required and too much can result in masculinisation (excessive facial hair etc). All of which is fine if you are menopausal, and hormones are at the root of your trouble but there are 101 other causes for loss of sex drive, ranging from depression to simply not fancying your partner any more. The fact that you have only made love once in the last two years suggests that there is some sort of problem but don't automatically assume it's your hormones.

This is something you need to discuss with both your husband and your GP.

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SEX in Pregnancy Should pregnancy put a damper on your sex life? On your first pregnancy it is quite normal for you to worry about whether having sex could provoke a miscarriage or damage the baby. Sex is not harmful to the foetus, it is safely cushioned in the womb. On your first pregnancy it is quite normal for you and your partner to worry about whether having sex could provoke a miscarriage or damage the baby. This can make you nervous and sometimes put you off sex altogether. Sex is not harmful to the foetus, it is safely cushioned in the womb and even an orgasm won't rock its world! There are circumstances where your doctor may advise you to limit your sexual activity - if you have had some bleeding or if you have placenta praevia, for example. As your pregnancy continues and you get bigger you may start to feel very unsexy and worry that your partner doesn't find you attractive. Make sure he reassures you long and often! On top of these worries there are your hormones, many women find that they lose interest in sex completely in the first trimester. Hardly surprising when they are feeling sick and tired a lot of the time! Libido may come back with a 'bang' in the second trimester when a lot of women find they have more energy and are feeling less worried and more relaxed. In the final trimester you may lose interest again and your growing stomach often makes it awkward to find a comfortable position. Many couples find this a challenge and enjoy the opportunity to experiment with different positions; others just enjoy cuddles and intimacy until after the birth. Some couples turn to sex towards the end of pregnancy or if their baby is overdue, often after a very hot curry! No, it's not just an old wives tale - sex can induce labour! Semen contains prostaglandin which helps to soften and dilate the cervix, preparing it for labour if you are near delivery time. Nipple stimulation can also bring on contractions by releasing the hormone oxytocin which can lead to the start of labour.



ny woman who suffers from itching in the private parts of her body, (genitals and around buttocks) can be embarrassed if in company. She has to suffer silently because she cannot lower her dignity by scratching in public. Privately also it is a suffering, scratching such a delicate part of the body tends to cause much pain. In addition, infection can set in while scratching, leading to boils and other problems. Genital itching is due to wide variety of reasons, the most common being infection. Fungal infections of the vulva or vagina like thrush or Taenia cause intense itching which is intermittent. There is no visible lesion, but in case of thrush there can be associated thick white discharge. Fungal infections of the genital parts can be isolated or part of generalised infection of whole body. Bacterial infections of genital parts can also be associated with pain and itching. In addition there can be associated boils or small abscesses on the private parts. The bacterial infection itself can cause abscess and also scratching can lead to it. Any sexually transmitted disease like syphilis, gonorrhoea, etc. can have itching as one of the manifestations. Viral infection like herpes genitalis causes minute vesicular eruptions and also itching over the genitals. Worms particularly pin worm infestation also cause intense itching on vulva, vagina and

also anus. Scabies is commonly infection of the whole body, but at times may affect only genitals. This is especially found in women who have a good hygiene but are infected unknowingly. Apart from poor hygiene, sexual contact with infected partner can also be a source of infection of private parts in women. Those that are immune depressed or diabetics are more prone to these infections. Eczematous dermatitis which is the result of allergy to certain substances can also occur in region of genitals causing intense pruritus. Women that are in their menopause and after can suffer from itching without any infection. Depletion of estrogen levels in the body causes dryness of the vulva and vagina, which are otherwise moist. This dryness leads to itching which can be severe and worrisome at times. In this case, regular application of some light lubricating substance or estrogen creams provide relief in this condition but their long term benefit is disputed. Whatever may be the cause, itching in the private parts creates a very embarrassing position for women. Some simple measures adopted are very useful to prevent these problems. Good hygiene of private parts helps in preventing settling of germs of any kind of infections. Washing the parts after



The diagnosis of dermatitis is made on the basis of how the rash looks and its location. The doctor may scrape off a small piece of affected skin for microscopic examination or direct the patient to discontinue use of any potential irritant that has recently come into contact with the affected area. Two weeks after the rash disappears, the patient may resume use of the substances, one at a time, until the condition recurs. Eliminating the substance most recently added should eliminate the irritation.

Treating contact dermatitis begins with eliminating or avoiding the source of irritation. Prescription or over-the-counter corticosteroid creams can lessen inflammation and relieve irritation. Creams, lotions, or ointments not specifically formulated for dermatitis can intensify the irritation. Oral antihistamines are sometimes recommended to alleviate itching, and antibiotics are prescribed if the rash becomes infected. Medications taken by mouth to relieve symptoms of dermatitis can make skin red and scaly and cause hair loss. Patients who have a history of dermatitis should remove their rings before washing their hands. They should use bath oils or glycerinebased soaps and bathe in lukewarm saltwater.

If the origin of the irritation has still not been identified, a dermatologist may perform one or more patch tests. This involves dabbing a small amount of a suspected irritant onto skin on the patient's back. If no irritation develops within a few days, another patch test is performed. The process continues until the patient experiences an allergic reaction at the spot where the irritant was applied.

Patting rather than rubbing the skin after bathing and thoroughly massaging lubricating lotion or nonprescription cortisone creams into still-damp skin can soothe red, irritated nummular dermatitis. Highly concentrated cortisone preparations should not be applied

urinating and sexual activity is desirable in this aspect. One needs to be cautious about hygiene during menses. Women are more prone to develop infection of the genital and urinary organs at this time because blood is a good medium for germs to grow. At all times one should strive to keep herself clean and dry. Hot water should be avoided to clean private parts as it could irritate the tender skin and aggravate pain and burning sensation. Ideally, cotton underpants should be used instead of nylon ones. Nylon panties prevent good ventilation of the skin and help germs to grow. If any infection is present even allergic conditions like eczema, these infections will be aggravated by nylon type of clothing. If after observing all cautions the problem still persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor. P

Dr Rachna Pande

Specialist – internal medicine Musanze – Rwanda

to the face, armpits, groin, or rectal area. Periodic medical monitoring is necessary to detect side effects in patients who use such preparations on rashes covering large areas of the body. Coal-tar salves can help relieve symptoms of nummular dermatitis that have not responded to other treatments, but these ointments have an unpleasant odor and stain clothing. Patients who have stasis dermatitis should elevate their legs as often as possible and sleep with a pillow between the lower legs. Tar or zinc paste may also be used to treat stasis dermatitis. Because these compounds must remain in contact with the rash for as long as two weeks, the paste and bandages must be applied by a nurse or a doctor. Coal-tar shampoos may be used for seborrheic dermatitis that occurs on the scalp. Sun exposure after the use of these shampoos should be avoided because the risk of sunburn of the scalp is increased.


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The Ultimate night experience at Like Clubnothing Volts - Ugandan Style else

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FASHION Mist 2011


arch 2011, the Russell Hotel was filled with amazing Ghanaian Designers who displayed some of their most recent collections at fashion Mist 2011. This event was one of a kind, with elegant, spacious location and well organised. It surely put a huge spotlight on Ghanaian designers in the Diaspora. The designers included Aya Morrisson(USA), Mina Evans(Ghana), Diva Delicious(Ghana), Anita Quansah London, N’kya Designs(UK) Ajepomaa gallery, GPUK, Ayikai, Kayobi clothing,Yaa Ataa bags. The event was two parts, the exclusive exhibition and fierce fashion show. P

Photographer: 07790647089

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Allison Collins Allison Collins is an international model from Columbus, Georgia with several years of experience in modeling, acting, and fashion. She started modeling in her early childhood years doing pageant competitions and etc. From there, she blossomed to model in many editorials and print advertisements throughout various states around the world. She was also the first AfricanAmerican woman to be featured as C-Town Hottie in their 2008 magazine. A few people she has worked along side with include, Columbus Short, Brian White, Meagan Good, Yung Joc, Gucci Mane, Candy, Trey Songz, Harve Pierre, Bad Boy Entertainment, and many more just to name a few.

Photography by

Tip to aspiring models: You can gain access in the modeling industry, by shooting with different well known photographers. Always go to auditions to try out for different projects, to better your chances. I've managed to do so, by staying connected with different people in the entertainment industry, as well as being referred by different people whom I have worked with in the past.


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Bridal Fashion Show







he Mahogany Bridal Fashion Show is undoubtedly the largest African Caribbean bridal showcase in Europe. Now in its 14th year this unmissable annual celebration of African Caribbean bridal culture took place on Sunday 20th March 2011 at the Holiday inn Bloomsbury, London. It featured a range of wedding exhibitors from caterers, photographers, wedding planners, makeup artists and so much more. The stands were exquisitely decorated with lots of discounts available, tastings, samples and lots of giveaways for the visitors to the bridal show. The highlight of the day was the two fashion shows that featured some of the best new and emerging designers that the UK had to offer. The ranges included sustainable bridal wear by Jose Hendo, accessories provided by Divine

88 |


Creations a great mother and daughter team as well as the debut collection of Adopted Culture which is the design label of the 2010 Top Model of Colour winner Nana Afua, who is not only on her way to being a top model but is well on her way to being a top designer. The show included some great evening and bridal wear from Reka Orosz, Link Boutique, Stency Kidega and Maureen Amooti. The designs were a mixture of western traditional, white wedding dresses mixed alongside some great African inspired designs. Live Music was provided by A1 Ballads Saxophonist. The Mahogany Bridal Fashion Show is all about presenting alternative options for the bride and groom to wear on their wedding day and visitors being able to find goods and services that meet their cultural needs.




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5 minutes with

It is hard to put charming, affable and sexy Priscilla Kalibala into words. Her passionate voice... her body moves... one cannot help but get hooked instantly. She has an infectious, outgoing attitude towards anyone and everyone. Her captivating looks are underlined by a killer smile. One of her fans once remarked, “It is hard not to fall for her, whether you are dealing with the musician or the person.” This is what I found out when I interviewed her. riscilla Kalibala who studied Business Ad- the very soul of her songs to the audience. Her own Becoming involved with music in her early years ministration at Makerere Business School life experiences have given her valuable insight into led Kalibala to Robert Segawa who assisted in the recording of the first version of her future hit song has always taken on other work in addi- the emotions which sound so compelling. Gumikiriza. Although she never released that retion to her music career, and is interested in Kalibala is no stranger to the big stage either, after cording, she later hooked up with Joe Tabula who production aspects of the music business as well as all she has performed to huge crowds at most of the rearranged the music, and together with Kalibala’s architecture and fashion coordinating. She used to popular nightclubs throughout the country. Indeed, work with the Paparazzi Modeling Agency (later to polished vocals Gumikiriza went on to become a fan it was Kalibala’s success on her previous upcountry favourite, earning plenty of airtime on local radio become Sylvia Owori’s Ziper Models). ventures that convinced current tour sponsor Club stations. Soon afterwards she launched her first alKalibala burst onto the Ugandan local music scene Beer to get behind this year’s Girl Power concept; bum Mwana Gwe. in a big way with her successful G-Power show in and she has an impressive song catalogue worthy of Never one who is afraid to experiment, Kalibala 2005. She had already been treating appreciative her reputation too. audiences to her catchy afro-beat melodies for sevalso employed producers such as Eric Mushoga of Fan favourites such as Gumikiriza, Mwana Gwe Homeboyz Studios in Nairobi and Henry Kiwuwa eral years prior to that, and has a loyal fan base to and Dancing now compete for stage time with her of No End Studios to add further dimension to her prove it. more recent chart-busting hits like Boo (2010) and repertoire. Kalibala is a humble and happy girl who loves to sing Kwaata. In addition, past collaborations with the and interact with the audience. Strong and versatile likes of Qute Kaye or working on the Battle of the Kalibala has a collection of new songs to her name voice allows her to handle everything from Afro Pop Souls soundtrack prove that Kalibala doesn’t mind which have gained enormous airplay on local radio and Dancehall to Zouk and Kwaito. Clear and pure, sharing the spotlight from time to time either; and and TV. P or rich and resonant, she is able to reach and convey that spotlight is getting pretty bright these days!


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UK-BASED AFRICAN DIASPORA take a different approach to tackling poverty frican Diaspora organisations in the UK are at the forefront of life-changing developments across sub-Saharan Africa. Transform Africa, a North London based organisation set up in the 1990s by a group of UK-based charities, works extensively on a wide range of projects to eradicate poverty across Africa.


partner organisation, Neima enrolled onto a vocational education scheme where she trained as a tailor. After graduation, she opened a shop with other students from the course. Charles explains that with the business profits, Neima is able to provide basic life necessities as well as tuition fees, exercise books and school uniform for her seven-year-old child.

Transform Africa’s Chief Executive, Charles Kazibwe, says: “What’s unique about us is our long-term approach and interest in the broader picture. Some organisations only treat the symptoms of a problem without looking at the issues causing it.” He explains: “We worked alongside a HIV prevention organisation in Tanzania, who found that although they ran many HIV campaigns the infection rates were getting worse.”

Charles, who visits the projects in Africa around five times a year, has a personal attachment to the work carried out by Transform Africa. “I’ve seen and experienced poverty from birth. My parents, who were members of the fishing community in Mityana, Uganda, were forced into peasant farming when the lake dried up. We were a family of eight siblings but four of my sisters and two of my brothers died. They died because of poverty because we couldn’t afford treatment for preventable illnesses such as malaria. As I grew older I threw myself into charity work with passion, starting up Action Aid in Uganda and transforming Action Aid in Sierra Leone.”

“We sat with the community and discussed the issues around HIV and AIDS, and saw a real shift from discussions around the virus to the issue of poverty. The community was saying that severe poverty and a lack of options were forcing young women into prostitution and causing HIV rates to soar.” Many young women living in poverty gather for sex work in areas such as the highway from South Africa to Dar Es-Salam. Most of them do not use protection, which earns them more money but also puts them at risk of being infected with HIV. Charles says that, “Although setting up awareness days is vital, these actions do not treat the root cause. What Transform Africa does is provide vulnerable women with loans and training to enable them to set up businesses so they can escape from prostitution.” One woman whose life has been changed by Transform Africa is 23-year-old Neima. Orphaned at the age of 14 during the civil war in Sierra Leone, Neima had no education and no employment opportunities. She was forced into commercial sex work to attain the basic needs of life, living with nine other girls in a small shanty room and visiting nightclubs in search of customers. With support from Transform Africa and the local

A year after moving to London in 1999 to complete his master’s degree, Charles was recommended by his tutor for the position of Network Manager at Transform Africa. In 2003 he took over as Chief Executive of the organisation. “Since then I’ve seen this organisation grow and grow. The feedback and testimonies that we’ve received have been incredibly positive and the numbers of people who come to seek our help continue to increase.” Transform Africa works on a wide range of projects, which empower local organisations to tackle poverty. The UK office manages the fundraising and grant applications needed in order for the local organisations to carry out the ground work. The organisation has a long standing relationship with Comic Relief, who with the support of UK aid (from the Department for International Development) is supporting African Diaspora organisations, enabling them to create a bigger impact and reduce poverty and injustice in Africa.


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SACRED LIES **** (Movie Review)

Director: Ikechukwu Onyeka Producer: Kingsley Okereke, Chisom Juliet Okereke | Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Desmond Elliot, Nadia Buari...

Big Mommas: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON * The Chinese guy who knocks at my door everyweek pirating new movies saved me the time and money taking my family to this very boring movie. Starved of humor and energy, the interminable Big Mommas: Life Father, Like Son could force Lawrence and co-star Brandon T. Jackson undercover for real. Hope they didn’t defer their compensation to what will likely be a scrawny back-end. Whatever their shortcomings, at least the first two Big Mommas had broad appeal. The third time around there’s confusion about who the film is aimed at. Most every demographic—male and female, young and old, black and white—will be bored to death by Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son. Just resist the temptation to scream “Fire!” or set off the alarm inside the Odeon.

Deceitfulness has taken a new face, camouflaging as a charity organisation, breaking all rules. Isabella (Genevieve Nnaji) is a beautiful and dangerous woman, who will go to any length to make money. She goes by several names, and together with her grandfather (Olu Jacobs), she runs a charity organisation known as Wellspring Foundation. However, Wellspring Foundation is a cover for an illicit trade in organs of children, and a number of other criminal activities.

Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular. Director: Tyler Perry | Writers: Tyler Perry (screenplay), Ntozake Shange (play) | Stars: Janet Jackson, Anika Noni Rose and Whoopi Goldberg

FOR COLORED GIRLS **** As a black man I found this movie very,very interesting. I did not see it tearing the black man down.I saw black women not knowing how to develop positive relationships. Let a man go if he’s not for you. Get to know a brother before you let him in your life or home. Stand by him if he’s giving you an honest effort to be with you. Where are we as a race when we look to movies for positive images? Do you really think the Cosby show changed anything? Looking to the media for anything but entertainment is silly.There are many layers to an image.A positive image starts at home with a conversation. It continues with high standards being set. It finishes with a smile and asking did you do your best. NEW YORK

92 |


AFRICA UNITED *** This co-production between the United Kingdom, Rwanda and South Africa is a cheerful, goodnatured road movie in which three Rwandan school kids take a wrong turning when heading to Kigali to audition for a warm-up act at the 2010 World Cup. They are an 11-year-old AIDS orphan who lectures on condoms and safe sex to his peers, his younger sister who wants to be a doctor, and a middle-class soccer star. They end up in war-torn Congo,

escape from an orphanage with a tough, traumatised fugitive child soldier and push on to South Africa for the opening match. On the way they're joined by a resilient young prostitute, and the quintet bond on the hazardous journey. The middle-class lad throws his mobile into Lake Tanganyika to break away from his censorious mother; the child soldier casts his revolver into a river to signal his rejection of tribal violence...


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saiah Katumwa is Uganda’s Jazz pioneer whose innovation has inspired and sensitized many to jazz, this selftaught saxophonist has converted many into jazz enthusiasts whose crowd and players is growing dramatically in Uganda and East Africa at large. Much has been said and written about Isaiah Katumwa than any other instrumentalist in Uganda where he was born and raised. He has been dubbed the country’s leading jazz artist, the best saxophonist in East and Central Africa, …arguably East Africa’s best jazz artist’, ‘East Africa’s Kenny G’ and ‘Uganda’s sax wizard’. The list goes on and on... but one thing is for sure, he is a living legend to the East and Central African music scene and is slowly growing this genre of music that fuses soul, smooth jazz and Afro-centric beats.

In Uganda and generally East Africa, Jazz did not have a significant presence on the music scene. Isaiah’s album 'Sinza' was a breakthrough event in 2006 opening doors that saw him featured on the BBC.

Best Artist of the Year in Uganda - The Grove Awards (Eastern Africa) Best Artist outside the United Kingdom - The Africa Gospel Awards (United Kingdom)

He continues in his attempt to challenge and influence the music industry for greater quality, skill, creativity and professionalism in not only jazz, but African music. Along with the traditional folk musical background, he has developed a blend of sounds to express his East African identity, smooth jazz influence fused into gospel message.

On the international scene he has not only featured on BBC but Africa Magic TV, DSTV’s Studio 53 and on several occasions Mnet, he has either shared a stage or opened performances for names like Manu Dubangu, Jonathan Butler, Miriam Makeba, Chaka Chaka, Oliver Mtukudzi, Phil Driscoll, Alvin Slaughter, The Flecktones etc. He is a qualified Sound Engineer educated in the UK. He has performed for more than 20 Presidents. Isaiah Katumwa is married man whose music will be sure to calm an anxious and restless spirit!

So “it is African, Smooth and Divine” In 2010 he was nominated for two outstanding awards in the following categories:

by Ronnie Mayanja THEPROMOTA

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Bebe Cool VIRGO (24 August - 23 September)

CANCER June 22-July 22 Poor stamina & certain amount of challenges overall would remain. Work could experience a slowdown till the 16th March 2011. Important assignments are better postponed after 17th March 2011 or the next month. Improvements in luck and overall growth could come. Chances of travel possible too.

LEO (24 July - 23 August) Issues with partners or in marital matters could come up till the 15th March 2011. You should remain cautious about fever etc. Health & stamina could dip after the 16th March 2011. Hurdles in routine matters could rise too during this period. Fatigue & level of tiredness could prevail now.

LIBRA (24 September - 23 October) Mind could be over active and some amount of ego could run your thought patterns till the 15th March 2011. Issues with children could crop up too. Beyond 16th March 2011, you will find a rise in energy in work environment. You will find support from superiors and some rise in dynamism which could help you progress faster.

SCORPIO (24 October - 22 November) Active period in work as well as domestic matters till the 16th March 2011. Some amount of resentment could build up against family members during this time. Avoid conflict. 17th 96 |


March 2011 onwards, creative energies would be high and you will remain more self centered than usual. Children related matters could remain strained now.

Hard work and support from people in authority will help you make good progress in work till the 16th March 2011. It is a positive period in love life and relationships too. Beyond 17th March 2011, you could experience a higher level of hurdles and possibility opposition to ideas and relationships. If married, ego with spouse could erupt. New partnerships could come up.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November - 21 December) Positive period till 16th March 2011. You will experience growth and rise in repute. You will feel a higher level of energy & creative ability too. 17th March onwards a gradual distance from family & relatives could be felt. There could be some changes in property as well as domestic matters. As long as you are positive, there would be abundant energy to work out matters.

CAPRICORN (22 December - 20 January) Creative work would bring in growth in finances till the 15th March 2011. Be humble in speech and communications this month. 16th March 2011, onwards your position will rise and growth would come due to your dynamic attitude as well as networking skills. Growth oriented period overall. Possibility of travel.

AQUARIUS (21 January - 19 February) Hard work and aggression would be high. Ego will remain an integral part of thinking as well as attitude. Ego related issues would remain internal and sub conscious till the 15th March 2011, while 16th March 2011 onwards, Ego could be apparent in speech. Finances

Bebe Cool (born September 1, 1977) (real name Moses Ssali) is a ragga mega star-from Uganda. He started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but a few years later he moved back to his native country. Two of his popular singles are “Fitina” and “Mambo Mingi”. Bebe Cool has won several prizes at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards). He was nominated for the Kora All-African Awards in 2003 and 2005.

would remain active and on your mind in the second half of the month. Family matters would be in the focus too.

PISCES (20 February - 20 March) The month would begin with low activity and some amount of pressures and sluggishness which would remain till the 14th March 2011. Improvements in outlook, followed by rise in activity would come from the 15th March 2011. You should be careful about being egoistic and over aggression. You will experience leadership abilities now.

ARIES (21 March - 20 April) Gainful period financially, while socially you would be active too till the 16th March 2011. A dip could be felt in health and stamina overall after the 17th March 2011. Chances of useless expenses, while some losses are possible too. It would be useful to keep the level of activity lower than usual.

TAURUS (21 April - 21 May) Career will progress well, while you will still experience heightened activity in career. You will experience a position of authority till the 13th March 2011. Income and growth will jump after the 14th March 2011. You will find happiness in social life, while very positive reunion with friends possible now too. Some celebration in the family after the 15th March 2011 possible.

GEMINI (22 May - 21 June) Creative work and spirituality would be present in your outlook. Luck will be good too till the 13th March 2011. Career will grow based on new ideas as well as hard work from the 14th March 2011. People in authority as well as government sources would be supportive. Children related matters will be positive, while investments would blossom.

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Arts and crafts of the

PEARL OF AFRICA Uganda has an amazingly good array of crafts for sale to tourists although they are still not well promoted. A few well-exposed Ugandan artists who have lived abroad have mixed with marketing cartels and some of them now know how to market their works overseas. Among them is Nuwa Wamala Nyanzi a largely self-taught artist now of world renown. Nuwa has not only sold his work to many individuals both abroad and locally but has also made good contacts to a point that some of his work can be purchased by email from a warehouse in the United States. He is well known in the art fraternity and diplomatic and expatriate community a number of who buy his work. One of the best sources of good fine art is the Margaret Trowel School of Fine Art, Industrial Art and Design at Makerere University where both talented students and their lecturers paint or sculpt good quality stuff in equal measure. There are a number of art galleries in town, the oldest being Nommo Gallery which is near the Presidential Lodge in Kampala. It holds exhibitions both for talented, well-known and amateur artists. The gallery is home to the Uganda Artists Association a body that brings together both young and old artists. You will encounter good crafts and art in small kiosks on Buganda Road after the Chief Magistrate’s Court. Another gallery to visit is Tulifanya, right behind the Crested Towers building near Radio Uganda. Here German lady commissions and counsels local artists to paint some themes styled on some imaginative European motifs which she has marketed for them successfully. The gallery also offers excellent framing services and runs a small pleasant cafe on its small compound. Some of Uganda’s arts and crafts are actually the musical instruments such as drums, thumb pianos, stopped clay and reed pipes, lyre fiddles and rattles. Some cast-iron bells are worn on the legs of dancers. Do not forget the traditional gomesi dress for women, an elaborate bodice which women in Uganda get dressed in to impress at weddings and prayer sessions. Men wear kanzus, which are long white tunics with a collar-less neck and embroidered red thread that streams down the middle. Kanzus were modified after Arab dresses which first came to Uganda when slavers traded in ivory in the 19th century. Bodingi or gomesi were first introduced at Gayaza, the first women’s high school in Uganda where it was part of the uniform. There is a story about an Asian tailor called Gomes after whom the women’s dress was named. Bark cloth One of the finest materials from which Ugandan artists make work is bark cloth, a fibrous if coarse, material scrapped from a fig tree. Lubugo as it is called in Luganda is made from the bark of a fig tree after being soaked in water for a few days before artisans hammer it out with a toothed mallet into a fabric. The fabric comes out in various browns, some of a very rich dark brown colour. Bark cloths hold a high place in many rituals in the kingdoms of Buganda and Bunyoro where princes and princesses were obliged to wear them. Yards of it, for example, are used to screen or drape the walls of shrines and god’s homes. Kings wear them -particularly of a white colour- on big commemorative ceremonies; chiefs swear by them while wearing yards of it knotted at the shoulder

98 |


with a spear in hand. And during burials, dead bodies are wrapped up in bark cloth. In the early days of kingdoms in Uganda, notable chiefs would be buried in wrappings of up to 200 pieces of mbugo. Today, since the revival of kingdoms bark cloth has regained its prestige with many Baganda making all manner of wear out of it including very attractive hats that bear the Buganda insignia, coats and long flowing robes. Gourds They have many uses some of which include being the traditional containers for beer. When halved into two gourds they make good beer drinking bowls. Some longnecked gourds are used for collecting or drinking water while others are for keeping salt or cow butter. Many artists in Uganda etch and write on them or embroider them with tiny beads before sale. Huge gourds are used to carry banana wine for funerals and weddings. As a matter of protocol, such gourds have to be draped with yellow banana leaves and gently put on top of dry banana leaves There are several types of baskets made in Uganda, some mats made from grasses and palm leaves. Most of these items are coloured with dye solutions to create intricate patterns which skilled craftsmen and women learn by doing. Probably the best if not overly done baskets and mats are those made by Nubian women. They can be pricey and too big but they are worth the price, if for their finery and fanciful colours and intricate patterns and designs. The Batooro and Bahima of western Uganda (Ankole, Toro) make fine, little cylindrical baskets (endiiro) in which millet bread is served and kept hot. Their size is handy for tourists without the space to keep big basketry. The prices can be a little bit high but negotiations will often bring the prices down. In Buganda, the baskets are bigger and saucer like. Coffee beans, fruits and even bottle beer are often served in these utensils. In modern Kiganda marriages, showy parades of men and women dressed up in kanzu and boding line up with the baskets (bibbo) as they approach the bride’s home on the introductory (courtship) occasions. Weapons There are arrays of traditional weapons in Uganda which should be of interest to tourists. Long an short spears, hooks, sticks bow and arrows all come to mind. Various tribes make various types of weapons and depending on the availability of materials. However, for kings and chiefs, the spear blades used to look wider and more prestigious. Catapults are common in the north while sticks are used by herdsmen. Musical instruments Most musical instruments in Uganda are played in what we call an ensemble. Three to four men squatting on the ground play rhythmical beats, with breaks of beats sprinkling in from tom tom drums. Other instruments include the xylophone, lyres, thumb piano and mouth pipes. Promote Uganda: Raja Chambers, Parliament Avenue, 2nd Floor, Room 39. P.O.Box 26759, Kampala, Uganda +256(0) 312 276 488, +256 772425668

Reflections on RWANDA’S promising leadership


eadership is one of the weakest links in Africa’s growth. Today’s leaders not only have to cure mistakes of their predecessors, but also tackle current problems and try to avoid creating future problems. Thus, for Africa’s prosperity, a responsible, qualified and capable leadership must be nurtured now for tomorrow. Rwanda, a country that survived a brutal past has been lauded for many successes, including leadership. However, the challenge remains of ensuring future leadership continues to improve Rwanda.

The author runs Hoja Law Group, a boutique law firm in New York that represents investors operating in Africa and advises on cross border legal matters between Africa and the United States. She is currently based in Kigali, advising the Minister of Justice on legal matters in investment and trade. Additionally, she is the founder of Transitional Trade, a non-profit organisation promoting social trade, investment and entrepreneurship in post-conflict countries.:

I recently moved to Rwanda and many things continue to strike me. Moving to a new country always has varying degrees of assault on the senses; none of which I will not get into at the moment, other than how I have been impressed and inspired by the conscious effort to develop future leaders. For instance, Rwanda boasts a high proportion of young leaders (people who belong to Generations X and Y, generally considered those born in the 1960s onwards) in government, business/entrepreneurship and NGO’s. Arguably due to historical misgivings young people are given the opportunity to prove themselves without being discounted on the basis of age. Realizing the contribution of youth towards the sustainable development of Rwanda, the government has emphasized strong youthfocused policies and strategies including creating the National Youth Council and programs that promote youth employment, youth mobilization and education and skills development. In that regard, Rwanda is distinct from other countries where age hierarchy entitles many qualified, yet uninterested and dispassionate people who are sometimes too entrenched in the system to be effective, to stay in positions of power for longer than is necessary. Although learning on the job can be risky, it gives young people the opportunity to practice, fail, succeed, and ultimately learn from mistakes hopefully not be repeated in the future. Unfortunately pop culture too often discounts the words of Chinese philosopher Confucius’, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail”.

“Leadership”: “What is leadership?” According to the MerriamWebster dictionary, “to lead” is “to guide someone or something along a way”. However, this definition is incomplete because it negates the human elements of leadership, e.g. vision, values, sacrifice, empathy. I was recently asked by a friend about how she can be a better leader. As a member of the Academy for Leadership in Competitiveness and Prosperity (ALCP), an initiative of the On the Frontier (OTF) Group, a leadership program aimed at equipping young Rwandan professionals with the tools to be effective leaders, the question is one her and her peers have continuously grappled with. At the time I gave her a stream of conscious response, but after pondering the question, I recalled The Bonner Program, a scholarship program I was in at Davidson College that emphasized six “Common Commitments”: civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, social justice, spiritual exploration. I have found these principles to be invaluable in my personal growth as a leader. Remembering the words of my mentor, “A leader must be a man (and woman of course) for all seasons, a true “renaissance person” able to adapt to all situations.” He explained that sometimes a leader must lead from the front, not only setting the rules, but also leading by example. Secondly, sometimes a leader is in the middle of the group. The best performers do their tasks with minimal supervision and those in need of assistance are adequately supervised. The leader then makes sure that all loose ends are seamlessly tied together to guarantee the group attains its goals. Lastly, a leader must be able to lead from behind. This leader encourages the followers to lead the way as she/ he pushes the group forward. Thus, applying Charles Darwin’s philosophy of natural selection (survival of the fittest), only the most versatile can successfully lead. Spiritual exploration: I have learned that for a leader to be successful, she/he must follow a clear set of values (personal, religious or institutional). Values are guideposts making sure the leader and ultimately the group remain on track with the goals set. To read the full article visit: www.thepromota.


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