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The Ambassador Times

Volume 6 Edition 3 June 4

What’s up, Ambassadors!? This year Fall Welcome is doing something new! We are going to have Ambassador Captains. You all will be in groups of about 20 ambassadors and each group will have an Ambassador Captain. The Ambassador Captains are here for you guys – to be a resource, to answer questions, and be a mentor during Fall Welcome Week. They just went through training this past weekend and are very excited! Soon we will let you know which Captain you will be working with throughout the week, but until we let you know that, get to know them – they are pretty cool people! Here in the Fall Welcome office we’ve been crazy busy! We are in full on planning mode. We have also been working with the cool Orientation Team (we’ll introduce them later) because Orientation started this month! You’ll see us posting a lot about it. Hit us up if you need anything, Fall Welcome Lead Team #FallWelcome2014

What will you find in this edition?

Meet your Ambassador Captains!


Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI Studying Child & Family Development, Gender & Women’s Studies, Anthropology, Biology, and Speech & Hearing Processes Alexa has never had a cavity, she has a cockatiel named Pippin, and she only writes in ALL CAPS. “I like seeing my first-year students become/stay friends and hearing that I made a difference in the lives of first-year students.” #Ibleedbrownandgold

Hometown: Lexington, MI Studying Anthropology and Communication Beth can play the banjo, guitar, and ukulele, she can’t do a cartwheel, and she is going to Ireland on a Culture and Language Immersion Program this summer. “My favorite memory of Fall Welcome Week was when my group successfully created a human pyramid during Click Downtown. And I loved that during Fall Welcome there was a Pudding party!” #TeamAlec #StrongBangs #HammockLife

Hometown: Wheaton, IL Studying Organizational Communication, Spanish, and Business Casey used to have long hair, loves country music, and likes to climb things. “Two of my favorite parts about Fall Welcome are hanging out at East Campus with first-year students and being friends with Omo Ogbomo.” #feelsgoodman #TeamAlly

Hometown: Darien, IL Studying Organizational Communication and Event Management Courtney’s hair is naturally blonde, she is currently training for the 2014 Chicago Marathon, and she LOVES coffee. “I love decorating my clipboard and hat with my fellow ambassadors and getting to know my students that will be in my FYS class on a more personal level.” #feelsgoodman #coffeecoffeecoffee #cantstopwontstop

Hometown: Adrian, MI Studying Social Studies for Secondary Education, History, and Gender and Women’s Studies Lexie is a coffee addict, her favorite color is teal, and she loves to travel. “The best park of Fall Welcome Week is meeting all of the incoming students! I’ve met some of my closest friends through Fall Welcome.” #tbt #cookiemonster

Hometown: Detroit, MI Studying Engineering Design Tech and Communication Matt’s last name used to be Hampton, he’s been to 35 of the 50 United States, and he has 4 siblings, but grew up with 10 in his home. “I love the different colored Fall Welcome pens and meeting all types of new people during Fall Welcome Week” #MrLeak

Hometown: Literally everywhere, so we’ll just say Portage Studying Organizational Communication and French Omo hates the color orange, beets bother her, and she really likes nature walks. “I like interacting during Stadium Night and pulling people out of their shell. I also like the 2012 Fall Welcome tumblers.” #noshebetterdont

Hometown: Birmingham, MI Studying Theatre Design Technology Ryan has been in theatre since he was in third grade and he loves technology. “I like getting a bunch of free stuff and doing Click Downtown during Fall Welcome Week.” #Western

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI Studying Music Education Taylor has never chewed a piece of gum, took a summer semester in London, and cannot cook. “This is my third year as a Fall Welcome Ambassador. My favorite memory is when I took a nap in the observation tower at the College of Aviation.” #ConsiderItDunn #Swaggy

Hometown: Naubinway, MI (“I’m a Yooper”) Studying Civil Engineering and Mathematics Tyler is a Yooper Native, loves pasties, and is terrified of sharks. His two favorite events during Fall Welcome week are Stadium Night and Click Downtown. #beattheheat #greatdaytobeabronco #engineeringproblems

Hometown: Saginaw, MI Studying Organizational Communication Val recently cut and donated 10 inches of her hair, plays a rockin’ Celtic violin, and is one of the people who wears the big “W” costume around campus. “The mayor of Kalamazoo took a selfie with me last year at Click Downtown and I’ve seen Curtis Zimmerman 3 times and still can’t juggle.” #GoBroncos #GreatDaytobeaBronco

Hometown: Tecumseh, MI Studying Art and Graphic Design Victor can speak Vietnamese, his favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother, and Captain America is his favorite superhero. “This is my second round of being a Fall Welcome Ambassador. Stadium Night is a blast! It’s definitely my favorite night.” #sorrynotsorry #woof #flawles


to Courtney Conrad (@cconrad33) and her speed tweeting! Last month she won a prize for guessing which Co-Baby picture went with each Co!

Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions? Email us so we can make some accommodations and so you have a bunch of food to eat. #allthefood

August 19 or August 21 – Early Move-In!

If you’re an FYS ambassador living on campus, you are able to move into your Residence Hall on August 19. All other

ambassadors living on campus are able to move into their Residence Hall on August 21. Move-in time is from

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. When you arrive, go to your Hall Office to receive your keys. This early move in does not pertain to those living in the Western View Apartments.

August 22-24 – Ambassador Training!

Clear your whole schedule for all three days and get ready for some fun training! More details will come as it gets closer.

August 25-29 – #FallWelcome2014!

Also known as the best week of the year! Again, more details

There will be ONE online training course that you need to complete before the start of training this August. Details will come soon!

will come later!

Who to email with questions:

Have conflicts during Ambassador Training or Fall Welcome Week? Email Leah! 

Have any other questions? Email me! 

The Ambassador Times: Edition 3  

This is the 2014 Fall Welcome Ambassador Newsletter where all ambassadors can keep up to date on all things Fall Welcome! Volume 6, Edition...