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The Ambassador Times Hey Ambassadors! It’s finally my favorite time of the year: summer – the time of ice cream, beaches, and Fall Welcome! Want to hear something crazy!? There are only 100 days between you and Fall Welcome Week! #getpumped If you didn’t know, the FYE office is bursting at the seams with exciting things going on - the First-Year Seminar Program just had their training and Transfer Student Services are just beginning their orientation. Have you met the cool people that run those programs?! If you haven’t, keep reading to get to know them!

Volume 6 Edition 2 May 16

What will you find in this edition?

meet the FYS & Transfer Student Services team leadership conference chance to win prizes early move-in info important dates

While they are out doing their thing, we are in Ellsworth doing ours, planning for training & Fall Welcome Week. And as much as we love sitting in here ordering t-shirts and giveaways… it gets lonely! Come stop by our office! We promise to make it worth it! Until next time, Fall Welcome Lead Team


First-Year Seminar @WMU_FYS

Has been the FYS coordinator for 8 years and is a POD (professional On Duty) for the other FYE programs while they are going on.

“Ambassadors, be your best now! If not now, when? Put your best self forward, the life that you choose to live will only benefit others when you are at your best. So bring your "A" game---your best self. You never heard someone say to you, "hey I want your worst". Choose to be your best!”

Maleeka Love

#goforit #grace&mercyfollowsme #TeamLove



Criminal Justice and Economics

Early Childhood Education

He’s the baby of his family, his favorite hobbies are fishing, playing guitar & playing sports, and on a trip to Georgia he beat the devil in a fiddle contest & won a golden fiddle. “Put everything you have into the things you're passionate about and great things will happen. Always remember to have fun along the way.” #TeamAlec

Likes to go rock climbing, has had two knee surgeries within two two years, and loves visiting new places.

Alec Kraus & Ally Bracken Alec Kraus & Ally Bracken

“Make the most of the week and have fun! I know the days seem long, but remember the impact you’re making n those first-year students. Create great memories, not just for yourself, but for your students as well.” #TeamAlly

Transfer Student Services Has been working with transfer students since June 2007, teaches an FYS class for KVCC students planning to transfer to WMU, and works with Fall Welcome to coordinate Transfer Express sessions. “Ambassadors, enjoy this experience. I still remember my orientation leader from a number of years ago. Students really look up to you as peers and experienced students of WMU. Don’t just stop with Fall Welcome. Reach out to your students at least once in the fall semester to just check-in. It could really make the difference for that one student.” #Bronco4Life

Steve Miller

Student Project Assistant WMU Sophomore Athletic Training She is extremely clumsy (tripping at least 3 times a day), she hates chocolate, and she lived in North Carolina for half of her life. “Remember, not all first year students are freshmen. They may be transfer students or just students who have traveled a longer journey in their education. Also, during Fall Welcome, have fun and make memories that you and your students won't forget.” #BroncoPride #smiley

Jasmine Williams

Visit this website to find out more about this great opportunity and to register today!

Leadership and Involvement Conference

August 15-16 Radisson Hotel Providing undergraduate and graduate students the environment and tools necessary to learn new skills, connect with other student leaders, and plan for their upcoming leadership commitments on campus. Featuring: -Leadership in Organizations -Career/Grad School Preparations -Personal Development -Civic Engagement Registration Costs: Conference: $25 Conference and Quad Room: $35 Conference and Double Room: $50 Conference and Single Room: $125 Find out more information and register today!

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Don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #FallWelcome2014. And if you want to get super fancy, use their Twitter usernames: @ThuyLeanne1 @caitlynhella @mightEcav


to Taylor VanDuyn (@VanDuynomite)! Last month he won a prize for guessing our theme! #hashtag

August 19 or August 21 – Early Move-In!

If you’re an FYS ambassador living on campus, you are able to move into your Residence Hall on August 19. All other

ambassadors living on campus are able to move into their Residence Hall on August 21. Move-in time is from

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. When you arrive, go to your Hall Office to receive your keys. This early move in does not pertain to those living in the Western View Apartments.

August 22-24 – Ambassador Training!

Clear your whole schedule for all three days and get ready for some fun training! More details will come as it gets closer.

August 25-29 – #FallWelcome2014!

Also known as the best week of the year! Again, more details

There will be ONE online training course that you need to complete before the start of training this August. Details will come soon!

will come later!

Who to email with questions:

Have conflicts during Ambassador Training or Fall Welcome Week? Email Leah! 

Have any other questions? Email me! 

The Ambassador Times: Edition 2  

This is the 2014 Fall Welcome Ambassador Newsletter where all ambassadors can keep up to date on all things Fall Welcome! Volume 6, Editio...