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10114 XCD WM Symposium 2011 • February 2011 • Trim: 8.375˝ x 10.875˝ • Spine: 0.3125˝

WM Symposia 1628 E. Southern Avenue, Ste. 9-332 Tempe, AZ 85282 USA

WMS Supporters: • • • • • • • •

American Nuclear Society American Society of Mechanical Engineers OECD – Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development Nuclear Energy Agency The Nuclear Institute Roy G. Post Foundation Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire Waste Management Education and Research Consortium

The conference is organized in cooperation with the World Nuclear Association, the US Department of Energy, the US Regulatory Commission, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Defense, and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Phone: 480-557-0263

Non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in waste management


Global Achievements and Challenges in Waste Management

Final Program February 27 – March 3, 2011 Phoenix Convention Center, West Building Phoenix, Arizona

10114 XCD WM Symposium 2011 • February 2011 • Trim: 8.375˝ x 10.875˝ • Spine: 0.3125˝

Roy G. Post Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament 2011

Held at the Raven Golf Club at South Mountain in Phoenix on February 26th; The Roy G. Post Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament provides funding for scholarships for students in careers focusing on the advancement of safe management of nuclear materials. Please join us for the 2010 – 2011 Roy G. Post Scholarship presentation on Tuesday, March 1st at the Honors & Awards Luncheon. Thank you to our 2011 Post Foundation Golf Sponsors for their Support!

Tournament Host

Silver Sponsors

The Roy G. Post Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by his students, peers and protégés to provide scholarships to students to develop careers in the safe management of nuclear materials and to participate in the annual WM Symposium. Dr. Post was the founding chief executive of WM Symposia, the sponsor of the annual international Waste Management conference. For more information on the Roy G. Post Foundation, please visit:

WM2011 FINAL PROGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS WM2011 Schedule of Events ................................................................. 2 Global Achievements and Challenges in Waste Management ................ 3 Meeting Contacts & WMS Officers and Directors…... ............................. 4 WM Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Members .............................. 5 Conference Registration Registration Information ........................................................................................6 Transportation – Shuttle, Taxis, Car Rental and Light Rail.......................................7 Lunches, Conference Proceedings and Insight Newsletter ....……………………………. 8 Speaker & Co-Chair Information.............................................................................. 9

Special Meetings, Training and Events Saturday – PAC Meeting ........................................................................................ 11 Sunday – First Time Attendee, Student Assistant & Opening Reception .................11 Monday – Plenary, ASME Radwaste Committee Meeting and Receptions ................11 Tuesday – Honors Luncheon, Best of AZ and Women of Waste Management..........13 Wednesday – Rustler’s Rooste Reception/Dinner ..................................................13 Thursday – US DOE/US NRC Workshop and PAC Meeting .......................................13 Performance Assessment Sessions......................................................................... 13

Scholarships, Honors and Awards at the Tuesday Luncheon ............... 15 Guest Tours and Activities ................................................................. 16 Maps Metro Light Rail ..................................................................................................... 19 Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) Walking & Parking Guide .................................20 PCC, West Building, Lower Level Registration/Exhibit Hall ...................................21 PCC, West Building, Level Three Breakfasts/Plenary/Lunches ..............................22 PCC, West Building, Level One Technical Sessions and A/V Support .....................23

Approved Acronyms List ..................................................................... 24 Technical Program - Schedule at a Glance .......................................... 25 Technical Program - Sessions 1 - 101 ................................................. 29 Poster Sessions/Hours Displayed Each Day ........................................ 78 Authors Index ..................................................................................... 79 Exhibition and Marketplace Exhibitor List Alphabetically with Booth Number .................................................. 87 Exhibitors List by Booth Number ...........................................................................91 Exhibitors with Contact Information in Alphabetically Order .................................93

WM2011 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS All Sessions will take place at the West Building - Phoenix Convention Center unless noted otherwise. All Buses for Off-Site Events & Tours will load from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix – Monroe Street exit.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2011 7:00 8:00 8:00 5:00 6:00

a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.

– – – – –

8:00 4:30 5:00 6:00 9:30

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

Guest Tour – Grand Canyon* Roy G. Post Foundation Fundraising Golf Tournament – The Raven Golf Club Registration Open – Lower Level Individual PAC Meetings by Track for WM2012 Topic Development – Hyatt Regency PAC Meeting and Dinner – Hyatt Regency Phoenix

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011 8:30 9:30 1:00 3:00 4:00 5:00

a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

- 3:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

WMS Board of Directors Meeting – Hyatt Regency Phoenix Guest Tour – Sonoran Desert Hike* Registration Open – Lower Level First Time Attendee Orientation – Level One, 106B Student Assistant Training – Level One, 106C Welcome Reception and Exhibit Hall Open – Lower Level, Exhibit Hall

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2011 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Speaker’s Breakfast – Level Three ASME Radwaste System Committee Meeting – Hyatt Regency Phoenix Registration Open - Lower Level Guest Program Continental Breakfast - Hyatt Regency Phoenix Opening Plenary Session – Level Three Exhibit Hall Open – Lower Level Guest Tour – Spa Day* Technical Sessions 2 – 26 – Level One Keynote Luncheon – Level Three Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall – Lower Level International Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall - Lower Level Students and Young Professionals Networking Reception – Level One, 106C Activity: Phoenix by Night Walking Tour* - PCC Adams & 3rd Street / Lighted Sign

TUESDAY, MARCH 1, 2011 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Speaker’s Breakfast – Level Three Guest Tour – Sedona & Native Ruins Jeep Tour* Registration Open - Lower Level Guest Program Continental Breakfast - Hyatt Regency Phoenix Technical Sessions 27 – 55 – Level One Exhibit Hall Open - Lower Level Guest Tour – Cooking Class with Chef Vincent* Honors and Awards Luncheon – Level Three Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall – Lower Level Best of Arizona Reception in Exhibit Hall – Lower Level Women of Waste Management (WoWM) Panel & Networking Reception – Level One, 105B

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. -1:15 p.m. 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Speaker’s Breakfast – Level Three Registration Open - Lower Level Guest Program Continental Breakfast - Hyatt Regency Phoenix Technical Sessions 56 – 86 – Level One Exhibit Hall Open - Lower Level ASME ICEM 2011/2012 Orientation and Planning Meeting – Level One, 104AB Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall – Lower Level Networking Reception & Dinner – Rustler’s Rooste* - Bus Loading at 6:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2011 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Speaker’s Breakfast – Level One Registration Open – Level One Guest Program Continental Breakfast - Hyatt Regency Phoenix Technical Sessions 87 - 100 – Level One WM2012 PAC Meeting and Luncheon – Level One, 105BC US NRC/US DOE/IAEA Workshop* – Session 101 – Level One, 102ABC US NRC/US DOE/IAEA Reception – Level One Foyer

FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

US NRC/US DOE Public Workshop – Hyatt Regency Phoenix

* - Separate Registration Fees; Schedule Subject to Change 2

GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENTS AND CHALLENGES IN WASTE MANAGEMENT It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 37th Annual Waste Management Conference, WM2011.

The aim of the WM Board and the Program Advisory Committee is to put on a program that you find interesting, stimulating and informative. If you have ideas on how to improve the conference, please let us know.

We’ve made it our mission to build a conference that equips you with the best practices from around the world and a return on investment that’s clear and measureable. Over two thousand scientists, engineers and managers attend the conference from companies and agencies around the world.

I would like to thank the WM team for their efforts and our sponsors for their contributions that enhance what we can accomplish. Thanks also to our attendees and exhibitors who make the conference so exciting.

In recognition of the growing drive towards new reactor builds and the need to demonstrate that nuclear waste management is well developed, we have adopted the theme:

We are a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting education and opportunity and your participation helps us to further these objectives.

Global Achievements and Challenges in Waste Management.

I hope you have a very profitable time.

The technical program is comprehensive with over 500 papers and 101 technical sessions and panels and of course complemented by an extensive exhibition.

Fred Sheil Chairman - WM Symposia Sheil Consulting, Ltd, United Kingdom

There will be the opportunity for networking both in the formal activities but also in the range of informal and social events organized both by the Conference and participating companies.

WM2011 Conference February 27 – March 3, 2011 The annual Waste Management Conference, presented by WM Symposia (WMS), a non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in waste management, is widely regarded as the premier international conference for the management of radioactive materials and related topics. Now for the 37th year, the WM2011 Conference will convene in the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC), located at 111 N. Third Street in the West Building, across from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix.

WMS is proud to partner with the US NRC/US doe and the IAEA on a topical workshop, “LowLevel Waste (LLW) Perfomance Assessment, the Safety Case (PRISM) and Long-Term Monitoring”, to be presented on Thursday, March 3, 2011. This workshop is included in a Full Technical badge or available as an add-on to your registration. Please see the registration desk for more information.


Meeting Contacts & WMS Officers and Directors WMS Mailing Address:

WMS Board of Directors

1628 E. Southern Avenue, Suite 9-332 Tempe, AZ 85282 USA

Larry Camper, US NRC Dorthy Davidson, AREVA, NP

V: +1 480-557-0263 F: +1 520-829-3550 W: Facebook: WM Symposia Twitter:

Raul Deju, EnergySolutions George Dials, B&W Technical Services Group James Fiore, Consultant

Managing Director - James W. Voss E:

James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting Group Heinz Geiser, GNS, Germany

Deputy Managing Director & Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Chair - Gary A. Benda E: V: +1 803-345-2170

William T. Gregory III, Vinculum Lawrence Harmon, Project Enhancement Corp. Steven P. Kadner, Canberra Aquila, Inc.

Deputy PAC Chair - Linda Lehman E: V: +1 612-867-9725

John Longenecker, Longenecker & Associates John Mathieson, NDA, UK Jack L. McElroy, Consultant

Conference Manager - Mary E. Young E:

Lance Mezga, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Sue J. Mitchell, GEM Technologies, Inc.

Exhibits & Sponsorships Coordinator – Melanie Ravalin E:

Mamoru Numata, JGC Technologies Research, Japan Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions LLC

Technical Papers Coordinator – Allison Porter E:

Nancy Rothermich, Lawrence Berkley National Lab Fred Sheil, Sheil Consulting, Ltd., UK

Registration – Jenny Seffrood E:

Robert F. Williams, WTA, Inc.

Lodging Coordinator - Sherry Roberts-Chavez E:

James W. Voss, The Terra Verde Group Gary Benda, Bartlett Services, Inc.

Conference Newsletter “Insight” Editors: Linda Ulland and Linda Lehman E:

WMS Board Members Emeritus

WMS Corporate Officers

Ron K. Bhada, New Mexico State University

Chairman of the Board Fred Sheil, Sheil Consulting, Ltd., UK

Paul Crawley, Consultant

President James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting

Howard M. Frederick, Consultant

Scott Dam, ASD E&C

James Glasgow, Pillsbury Winthrop Treasurer Steven Kadner, Canberra Aquila Inc.

John Hurley, Consultant Alec E. Kelley, Professor Emeritus

Secretary John Mathieson, NDA, UK

Hiroshi Kuribayashi, Consultant, Japan James G. McCray, Professor Emeritus, U of A

WMS General Counsel

Takao Nakajima, JAIF & Kurihalant Co., Ltd., Japan

James Glasgow, Pillsbury Winthrop


WM2011 Program Advisory Committee (PAC) PAC Chair/Deputy Managing Director Gary Benda, Bartlett Services, Inc. Deputy PAC Chair Linda Lehman, CH2M HILL PRC Track Co-Chairs & Track Number Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Assoc. - 9 Harry Babad, Consultant - 2 Gabriele Bandt*, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover - 3 Tom Brouns, PNNL - 2 Connie Callan, National Educational Technology Solutions - 8 John Coffman, DeNuke Services - 3 John Dalton*, UK NDA - 8 Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy - 6 Erich Evered, Mission Support Alliance – 7 Terry Fellinger, SRNL - 2 Albert Freitag, Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems - 6 W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, SRNS - 8 Lawrence Harmon, Project Enhancement Corporation - 5 Angie Jones, AMEC Earth and Environmental - 7 Mark Lewis, EnergySolutions - 4 John Mathieson*, UK NDA - 1 Mark Matthews, Matthews, Inc - 1 C. Clint Miller, PG & E - 4 Roger Nelson, US DOE - 2 Olaf Oldiges*, WAK-Betriebs - 5 Colleen Owens, DeNuke Services - 3 Fred Sheil*, Sheil Consulting Ltd. - 6 Wolfgang Steinwarz*, Siempelkamp - 4 Donald Wood, GaeaTech Services - 1 Richard Yoshimura, SNL – 5 Additional PAC Members Sue Aggarwal, New Millennium Nuclear Technologies Ed Alperin, Consultant Del Baird, CDM Federal Programs Anthony Banford,* NNL Linda Beach, Waste Control Specialists Ed Bentz, E. J. Bentz & Associates Remi Bera, AREVA Robert Berry*, Foxfire Scientific Ned Bibler, Consultant Jennifer Biedscheid, Washington TRU Solutions Dale Bignell, WA Closure Hanford Enrique Biurrun*, DBE Tech. Gmbh Dick Blauvelt, Portage Inc. Elizabeth Bowers, US DOE- Richland Frazier Bronson, Canberra Steve Brown, SHB Inc. Lisa Burns, Wastren Advantage Larry Camper, US NRC Chris Chadwick*, Porvair Filtration Grant Charters, New Millennium Nuclear Technologies Donald Clark, DEC Enterprises Ray Clark, US EPA Hans Codee*, CORVA N.V.

Judy Connell, Fluor Gov. Group Michael Connolly, Battelle Energy Alliance Ramesh Dayal*, Consultant J. Rick Dearholt, Sullivan International Group, Inc. Rick Demmer, INL Murthy Devarakonda, Washington TRU Solutions, LLC George Dials, B&W Technical Svcs Paul Dickman, ANL David Eaton, CH2M-WG Idaho Robert Edmonds, AREVA Mike Eisenhower, Materials & Energy Corporation Leif Eriksson, Consultant Jim Fiore, Consultant Mark Frei, Longenecker & Associates James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting Kurt Gerdes, US DOE April Gil, US DOE Donald Goebel, SEC Sal Golub, US DOE Ron Gorham*, UK NDA Anja Graf*, WAK GmbH Rob Grebb, HER Creative Solutions, LLC John Greeves, Talisman LLC William Gregory, Vinculum Kenneth Guay, US DOE Harry Harmon, Senior Consultant Kathryn Haynes, Southeast Compact Commission Bob Hiergesell, SRNL Guenter Hillebrand*, Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH Steven Houser, Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises, LLC Betty Humphrey, Weston Solutions James Hylko, EC Government Services Moses Jaraysi, CH2M HILL PRC Leslie Jardine, LJ Jardine Services Paul Jones, DeNuke Services Dan Jordan, Enercon Services, Inc. Wang Ju*, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology Heather Klebba, Nuclear Filter Technology Stan Kosiewicz, Weston Solutions John Kristofzski, CH2M HILL Heinz Kröger*, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover Christian Ladirat*, CEA Leonel Lagos, Florida Intl University Kun-Jai Lee*, KUSTAR (Korea) Martin Letourneau, US DOE Maria Lindberg*, Studsvik Nuclear AB Louis Londe*, ANDRA John Longenecker, Longenecker & Associates Con Lyras*, Australian Nuclear Science Organization Paul Macbeth, US DOE Margaret MacDonell, ANL Jay Maisler, Enercon Services Jack McElroy, Consultant Ella McNeil, US DOE Irena Mele*, IAEA


Lance Mezga, ORNL Keith Miller*, NNL Sue Mitchell, GEM Technologies Sitakanta Mohanty, Center for Nuclear Waste Reg. Analysis Mike Nolan, Dade Moeller & Associates Michael Ojovan*, University of Sheffield Gérald Ouzounian*, ANDRA Larry Oyen, Larry Oyen Consulting Corhyn Parr*, Nuclear Enterprise Ltd Bernard Poncet*, EDF-CIDEN Kenneth Redus, Redus and Assoc. Larry Regens, University of Oklahoma Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions, LLC John Remark, AREVA Allen Roos, USACE Andreas Roth*, Westinghouse Electric Company Nancy Rothermich, LBNL Sylvain Saint-Pierre*, WNA Elizabeth Saris, SAIC Detlef Schmidt*, NuProCo Holger Spann*, E.ON Kernkraft GmBH Sergey Stefanovsky*, SIA Radon Institute Hans-Jurgen Steinmetz*, Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH Roger Stigers, PPL Susquehanna Robin Sweeney, US DOE Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE Joseph Tarantino, US Enrichment Corporation Eric Tiepel, Golder Associates Christopher Timm, Pecos Mgmt Services Julia Tripp, INL Linda Ulland, University of Minnesota Leo van Velzen*, NRG Arnhem Rik Vanbrabant*, Belgoprocess George Vandegrift, ANL Tjalle (Chuck) Vandergraaf*, Providence College Bernard Vigreux*, SFEN James Voss, The Terra Verde Group Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State David Wallace, CDM Wendell Weart, WD Weart Consulting Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter Tech. Bob Williams, WTA, Inc. James Wright, Rio Technical Services Chuan-Fu Wu, US DOE Ming Zhang*, AIST * = International PAC Members International Program Advisory Committee (IPAC) Leaders Canada France Germany Japan Korea Scandinavia Russia United Kingdom

Tjalle Vandergraaf Bernard Vigreux Wolfgang Steinwarz Ming Zhang Kun Lee Leif Eriksson Les Jardine Keith Miller

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION Onsite Registration Fees Conference Registration Full Technical includes Thursday US NRC / US DOE Workshop & Reception PAC Members – Full Technical 2 Day Tech – Mon/Tues or Tues/Wed 1 Day Tech – Mon, Tues or Wed/Thurs Full-Time Student – Full Technical Exhibit Hall Only Registration Exhibit Hall Only 1 Day Only Exhibit Hall Pass – Mon, Tues or Wed US NRC/US DOE Performance Assessment Workshop Full Technical Registration Other Conference Registrants Workshop & Social Event Only Guest Program and Add-on Tickets Guest Program Registration Lunch Ticket – Mon or Tues Lunch Ticket – Mon & Tues Save $10 Reception – Sunday, Monday or Tuesday Rustler’s Rooste Event

$1,175 $1,175 $1,015 $825 $35 $715 $300 Included $150 $225 $110 $40 each $70 $30 each $85

Registration Categories Full Technical Registration – includes four days of the conference, receptions, the Monday Keynote Lunch, Tuesday Awards Lunch, Wednesday Exhibit Hall lunch, Thursday afternoon workshop, and the conference proceedings as well as the Wednesday evening event.

Full Week Exhibit Hall Only Registration includes access to Exhibit Hall only, including refreshment breaks and receptions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. Access only to technical sessions as specially noted in program schedule.

Two Day Technical Registration – includes two consecutive days of the conference, receptions, lunches and proceedings. You may register for either Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday. If registering for Monday and Tuesday, the Sunday night Welcome Reception is also included. If registering for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Wednesday evening event and the Thursday morning sessions are included.

One Day Only Exhibit Hall – If registering for this category, you will receive access to the Exhibit Hall for that day including the refreshment breaks and evening reception. Drink tickets are not included.

One Day Technical Registration – includes one day of the conference, reception, lunch and proceedings. If registering for Wednesday, the Wednesday evening event and the Thursday morning sessions are included.

Guests are defined as spouses and significant others and are NOT BUSINESS ASSOCIATES! Co-workers in the industry do not apply. Please note no one under the age of 18 years old is permitted to attend the conference or Exhibit Hall.

Student Registration – see Full Technical Registration description. This category is open only to full-time students, 35 years of age or younger.

Exhibitors: Conference registration fees are in addition to exhibitor booth fees, and exhibitors must pay for booths and registration separately. Some booth fees include registration badges, please see your contract.

Guest Registration - includes Exhibit Hall access to the social events on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings and Continental Breakfast Monday though Thursday at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix hotel.

Speakers/Panelists – please note that all attendees of the WM2011 conference, including speakers and panelists, must register for the conference in one of the listed categories.

Any questions on your booth badges, please see Melanie Ravalin at the Exhibitor Manager’s desk in the Exhibit Hall, near the back corner of Hall One.


Holiday Inn Express Hotel Phoenix Downtown P: +1 602-452-2020 620 North Sixth Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Registration Policies Purchase Orders or Training Requisition forms DO NOT CONSTITUTE PAYMENT. Checks are to be made payable to: WM Symposia or WM2011 Conference.

Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport North P: +1 602-220-4400 427 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Conference registration fees must be paid for prior to the conference. Pre-registrations not paid by the Early Bird discount date of December 31, 2010 were updated to reflect the pricing when paid. WMS reserves the right to cancel your registration and hotel request if not paid by February 19, 2011.

Car Rental Options Avis - Discount Code: A198399 Enterprise - #L508512 WMS Hertz Mtg CV Code: 019D0012

Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All payments must be made in US Dollars. Bank transfers are not accepted.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Sky Harbor is conveniently located just three miles east of downtown Phoenix. The airport has three terminals – Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 – each with its own parking garage, shops, restaurants and ground transportation. Ground transportation includes light rail, shuttles, taxis and car rentals.

Substitutions & Cancellations The deadline for substitution requests or cancellation for the WM2011 Conference was February 18, 2011. Refunds will not be granted after that date; nor will they be given to no-shows after the conference.

Sky Harbor’s easily accessible Rental Car Center houses all of the airports rental car company counters and fleets. A multi-colored “Rental Car Shuttle” provides free transportation from the airport curb at the baggage claim level to the Rental Car Center, just west of Sky Harbor.

Ribbons Please stop by the Registration Desk to collect your registration ribbons which include Presenter, Session Co-Chair, PAC Member, countries and more. You may also pick up stickers that list the years you’ve attended the WMS conference.

The airport also has a shuttle to the METRO light rail station at 44th and Washington Streets using the PHX Airport Shuttle. From the 44th Street/Washington METRO station, passengers can cross Washington Street heading south and board the free airport shuttle bus. The airport shuttle buses travel to all terminals and parallels METRO’s service schedule.

Special Needs WMS Staff will be glad to help with any special needs (i.e., physical, dietary restrictions) as best we can onsite. Please ask for Jennifer Seffrood or Melanie Ravalin at the Registration Desk for assistance.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, a smaller airport with only one terminal, is located about 30 miles from downtown Phoenix. It is the home of Allegiant Airlines. The terminal features three rental car companies, a gift shop and free WiFi Internet. For more information call 1-480-988-7600.

Hotel Accommodations For hotel assistance onsite, visit Sherry RobertsChavez at the Aquila Travel Desk in the Registration area, Lower Level of the PCC during registration desk hours. You may also reach her by phone at 800-5956257 or email at

METRO Light Rail Service

Hyatt Regency Phoenix P: +1 602-252-1234 122 North Second Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

The METRO light rail system features state-of-the art vehicles that include oversized air conditioning units, tinted windows, and door entries level with station platforms for easy, no-step boarding. Each vehicle has interior and exterior security cameras, emergency intercom systems, audible station announcements, and lighted message boards.

Wyndham Phoenix P: +1 602-333-0000 50 East Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Sheraton Phoenix Downtown P: +1 602-262-2500 340 North Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Hilton Suites Phoenix P: +1 602-222-1111 10 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85012


Should you be interested, a list of local restaurants is available at the Registration desk. The PCC also has a food court featuring Crust, City Central Coffee and others in the North Building.

METRO light rail and Valley Metro bus share the same fare system. An all-day pass for $3.50 is good on both local bus and light rail. Metro stations near the PCC: Van Buren and Central Avenues; Washington and Central Avenues; and 3rd Street and Jefferson. Metro station near the Hilton Suites: Thomas and Central Avenues. Metro station near the Radisson Phoenix Airport North: 44th Street and Washington.

Refreshment Breaks Refreshment breaks will be served Monday through Wednesday in the Exhibit Hall, Lower Level of the PCC in the morning and afternoon. Coffee service only will be served Monday through Thursday near the Meeting Rooms, on the First Level of the PCC in the morning and afternoon.

SuperShuttle Shared-Ride Van Service To/From Sky Harbor Airport

Thank you to MHF Services, Project Time & Cost, SEC, Spectra Tech and Tetra Tech for sponsoring the Refreshment Breaks.

Advanced reservations are required for WM2011 discounted rates through Enter online discount code: 2NXXQ.

Conference Proceedings

$12 per person/one way when booked online. All major credit cards and cash are accepted; pay online or directly to the SuperShuttle driver. Personal checks are NOT accepted on board.

The conference proceedings are included with technical registration. Following the conclusion of the conference, approximately June 2011, attendees will be mailed a CD-ROM of the conference proceedings to the address listed on their registration materials.

Advance reservations are required for your return to the airport. SuperShuttle Shared-Ride Van Service or Exclusive Van Service: Call +1 602-244-9000 at least 24 hours in advance of your departure time. Reservation agent will suggest pick up time from your hotel.

Conference Evaluations We value and appreciate your comments and suggestions. You will receive a conference evaluation via email following the conference. All completed evaluations will be entered into a drawing to receive a $500 certificate of savings towards the WM2012 Conference.

Taxis Apache Taxi AAA/Yellow Cab Mayflower Cab

+1 480-557-7000 +1 480-888-8888 +1 602-955-1355

First Aid


If first aid assistance is needed, please notify any WMS, PCC Security or hotel staff member.

Monday and Tuesday lunches are ticketed events with programs and Wednesday lunch will be a casual lunch in the Exhibit Hall. These lunches are included with a full technical or individual day registration fee.

Each meeting room at the PCC has a Security Monitor System that is a direct link to the Security department for emergencies as well as nonemergency help.

Meal tickets are required for the lunches. Please remember to bring your ticket for entrance to the lunch. If you have previously requested a special meal such as Vegetarian, you will receive an additional meal ticket to give to your server. Food orders cannot be changed as meal counts are guaranteed in advance. Please remember meal tickets are non-refundable. Meals are not guaranteed to anyone arriving more than 20 minutes late to meal functions. Monday’s lunch is sponsored by North Wind, Inc.

The PCC is also equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AED) throughout the building. An AED is a device about the size of a laptop computer that analyzes the heart’s rhythm for any abnormalities and, if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the victim. This shock, called defibrillation, may help the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm of its own.

Cyber Cafés

During the Wednesday lunch in the Exhibit Hall, winners of Exhibitors’ booth drawings will be announced. Be sure to attend as some of these drawings require attendance to win. This event is sponsored by EnergX.

Cyber Cafés will be located in the Lower Level of the PCC in the Exhibit Hall as well as on Level One near the meeting rooms. Attendees will be able to access the Internet and print. Presenters may use the


computers to upload their presentations without assistance online through The Cyber Cafés are sponsored by AREVA.

Speaker and Co-Chair Check-In WMS asks that all Presenters (oral, panelist and poster) and Session Co-Chairs check-in during Registration on the Lower Level of the PCC to confirm their attendance and to receive any session updates. Registration is open beginning Saturday, February 26 at 8:00 am. After Sunday, for Check-in and for presenter changes or other questions on your session, the Speaker Support Room is available and located on Level One of the PCC.

Lost and Found Please visit the Registration Desk for any lost and found items during the conference at the PCC.

Smoke Free Arizona Act The Phoenix Convention Center is a smoke-free facility complying with the Smoke-Free Arizona Act. The Smoke-Free Arizona Act restricts smoking in public places and workplaces including but not limited to bars, restaurants, stadiums, reception areas, theatres and designated non-smoking hotel rooms. Should you wish to smoke, please look for the designated smoking areas outside of the building.

Translation Services Should you need translation assistance during the conference, please ask for Jennifer Seffrood or Melanie Ravalin at the Registration Desk for assistance. WMS PAC Members who are multi-lingual have volunteered to assist others as needed. Please note that all WM2011 sessions are presented in English.

Speaker and Co-Chair Breakfast All Presenters and Session Co-Chairs are required to attend the Speaker and Co-Chair Breakfast on the day of their session. Each session will have an assigned table so all Session Co-chairs can discuss and organize their sessions. The breakfast will be held at 7:00 AM on the Third Level of the PCC on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Level One on Thursday. It is optional for Poster Presenters.

Twitter and Facebook Updates WM2011 will be online with updates throughout the conference. On Facebook, you can find the conference at WM Symposia. And if you tweet, please post to our hash tag of #wmsym2011 so we can see all your Twitter comments.

Speakers who have not checked in at the Registration desk before the breakfast or at the Breakfast will have their presentation shown as canceled at the session room entrance or poster space. Monday’s Speaker’s Breakfast is sponsored by Honeywell.

“INSIGHT”, Conference Newsletter Insight, the WM Symposia daily conference newsletter, reports on technical topics addressed during the sessions, exhibitor and sponsor information, industry and important daily conference news and announcements.

PowerPoint & Video Technical Support Presenters who require assistance to finish their presentations may schedule a 15 minute one-on-one technical support appointment from the audio-visual staff in the Speaker Support Room located on Level One of the PCC. This service is only provided if staff time is available. Should additional time be requested, a fee may be charged.

The first issue, Sunday/Monday, will be provided in the attendee registration bags. Be sure to pick up your Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday copies at the Registration Desk, Exhibit Hall or near the meeting rooms on the first level of the PCC. Editors: Linda Ulland, University of Minnesota and Linda Lehman, CH2M HILL PRC.

Presenters who have video within their presentation are asked to schedule a 15 minute one-on-one technical support appointment from the audio-visual staff in the Speaker Support Room located on Level One of the PCC to ensure their video files will work properly. There is no charge for this assistance.

Contributing Editors: Mike Berriochoa, Washington River Protection Solutions; Todd Nelson, Washington Closure Hanford; Kimberly Tebrugge and Sonya Johnson, CH2M HILL PRC.


EXHIBITORS: These sessions are open to all attendees including Exhibitors who may attend at no additional cost.

Conference Support Service Center The UPS Store located in the PCC will provide copy services and is staffed Monday–Friday from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Phone: +1 602-251-0135.

Panel Session 42 Contract Management Issues Related to Insurance, Indemnity, and Bonds Tuesday - 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

A/V Presentation Support

This new panel will focus on the waste management industry with key panel experts discussing these issues. Both small and large business should attend this new featured session.

WMS encourages presenters to upload their PowerPoint before the conference. To better provide assistant to last minutes changes to PowerPoint presentations, we have provided a schedule for A/V assistance. Presenters should identify when assistance is available for their session. Memory sticks and CDs with PowerPoint’s may also be dropped off for uploading.

Panel Session 56 US DOE Procurement and Contracting Opportunities Wednesday - 8:30 AM - 10:10 AM

The audio-visual support staff will be available to assist presenters with uploading their presentations as listed below: Date Sun. Feb. 27 Mon. Feb. 28 Tues. March 1 Wed. March 2

Time 3 – 7 PM 11 AM – 1 PM 2 – 5 PM 9 AM – 1 PM 2 – 5 PM 9 AM – 1 PM

This panel will focus on US DOE procurement and contracting opportunities. Proposed Panelists include senior officials from US DOE Office of Procurement and Assistance Management; EM Office of Acquisition and Contract Management; the NNSA Small Business Program and the SRO Office of Contracts Management.

Presenters Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions Sessions

1 -55 27- 55 40- 70 56 - 86 71 - 101 87 - 101

Panel Session 57 US DOE Contractor's Procurement and Contracting Opportunities Wednesday 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

PowerPoint Presentations Presenters who have completed their PowerPoint presentations will be able to upload their presentation without assistance online through Presenters may choose to upload the presentations through their own Internet connection such as in their guest room.

This panel session will focus on Procurement and Contracting Opportunities with the US DOE’s Prime Contractors. DOE encourages its’ prime contractors to obtain goods and services from small and disadvantaged businesses. Award fee is based partially on the contractor’s success in achieving specific goals for subcontracts with small and disadvantaged businesses.

All presentations must be uploaded by 12 pm the day prior to the session to ensure it is available for Co-Chair confirmation and at your session.

Proposed Panelists will include Contracting Officers from the major DOE Contractors.

Presenters who have not uploaded their presentation by this deadline will have their presentation shown as canceled at the session room entrance, unless prior arrangements have been made with WMS staff and received an email confirmation.

Panel Session 72 Developments and Lessons Learned in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Wednesday 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Contracting and Opportunities Sessions

This panel will focus on the lessons learned while integrating additional ARRA work scope to advance contaminated site cleanup efforts. The panel will also highlight the ending of the ARRA and the policy implications for future DOE-EM programs. Panel 73 has been merged into Panel 72.

For WM2011, four business and contracting sessions will discuss upcoming opportunities and administrative issues in the waste management industry.



Saturday, February 26, 2011 Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM

WM2011 will begin with a Plenary Session that will feature world leaders speaking on the pressing issues being faced by Waste Management in 2011 and beyond.

This pre-conference meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. A separate invitation was sent to all PAC members and their guests on the event details.

Proposed panelists include Dr. Inés R. Triay, US DOE, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management; François-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of the Governing Board of ANDRA and Thomas H. Zarges, URS Corporation, President - Energy & Construction.

Sunday, February 27, 2011 Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Training Workshop (will not be presented) First Time Attendee Session 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

A Continental Breakfast will be served before the program begins on the Third Level of the PCC.


WMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in waste management. It was founded to provide a forum for discussing and seeking cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to the safe management and disposition of radioactive waste and radioactive materials. Join us for this open session to learn more about the WM Symposia and the conference. Student Assistant Training Session 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM


Dr. Inés R. Triay Assistant Secretary US DOE Environmental Management

106C Dr. Triay was appointed by President Obama as the 7th DOE Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management and sworn into office in May 2009.

Calling all Student Assistants! Be sure to attend this mandatory training session. We’ll cover the basics of your job duties as a Session Assistant including the important details such as how to fill out your timecard and submit for payment. There will also be time to meet other students to kick off your WM2011 conference experience.

Dr. Triay has dedicated her career to the safe, timely, and cost-effective cleanup of radioactive waste and facilities from our nation Cold War nuclear weapons production and research activities. She leads the largest, most diverse, and technically complex environmental cleanup program in the world:

WM2011 Conference Welcome Reception 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Lower Level Exhibit Hall

• Annual budget of more than $5.5 billion • Workforce of more 30,000 federal and contractor employees • Enough radioactive waste to completely fill the Louisiana Superdome • Originally involved more than 2 million acres at 107 sites located in 35 states

Come meet new and old friends while browsing the WM2011 exhibits. The Registration Desk is open from 1:00 PM on, so stop by and pick up your badge anytime before the reception starts in the Exhibit Hall on the Lower Level of the PCC. Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. This event is sponsored by FLUOR.

Prior to her appointment, she served as the cleanup program’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Chief Operations Officer, and Deputy Chief Operations Officer. During her tenure in these positions, the program completed the cleanup of the Department of Energy’s Rocky Flats site in Colorado and the Fernald site in Ohio. She also played an instrumental role in the commencement of remote-handled transuranic waste disposal operations at the Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.

Monday, February 28, 2011 ASME Radwaste Systems Committee Meeting 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM Hyatt Regency Phoenix The annual meeting of the ASME Radwaste System Committee will be held on Monday morning, beginning with a Continental Breakfast.


WM2011 Keynote Luncheon featuring Dr. Richard A. Meserve 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM


The Monday Keynote Luncheon ticket is included with the purchase of a full technical registration. This event is sponsored by North Wind.

François-Michel Gonnot Chairman Governing Board of ANDRA

Dr. Richard A. Meserve President Carnegie Institution

A member of Parliament for the Oise Department, Mr. Gonnot is member of the Economic Affairs Commission of the French National Assembly, rapporteur of the draft law on energy markets and rapporteur for advice of the budget for land and river equipment and transport.

Member of the US President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future

He was appointed the Chairman of the Governing Board of Andra in May 2005. He played a major role during the National Public Debate organized in 2005 and for the new Planning Act of 28 June 2006 concerning the sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste.

Dr. Meserve became the ninth President of the Carnegie Institution in April 2003, after stepping down as Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Meserve had been a member of Carnegie's Board of Trustees since 1992.

After having passed the Planning Act, he focused his work at the local level. As Chairman of the Governing Board and due to his elected position, he is involved in exchanges with local communities of existing disposal facilities. He is also involved with the siting new facilities, including the geological repository for high and intermediate level long-lived wastes.

As Chairman of the NRC, Dr. Meserve served as the principal executive officer of the federal agency with responsibility for ensuring the public health and safety in the operation of nuclear power plants and in the usage of nuclear materials. He served as Chairman under both Presidents Clinton and Bush and led the NRC in responding to the terrorism threat that came to the forefront after the 9/11 attacks. Meserve has served on numerous legal and scientific committees over the years, including many established by the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. He also currently serves as Chairman of the International Nuclear Safety Group, which is chartered by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Thomas H. Zarges President, Energy & Construction URS Corporation

International Welcome Reception 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Lower Level Exhibit Hall

Tom Zarges is President of URS Corporation Energy & Construction business, with overall responsibility for operations worldwide.

Please join us for the International Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall. We are appreciative of our international delegates for their participation and contributions that make WM2011 a truly worldwide event. You are encouraged to attend this year’s reception, recognizing our 600+ non-US attendees. Traveling to Phoenix from over 40 countries, these attendees represent many ongoing and emerging markets. In keeping with WMS’ mission of education and opportunity, participation of a number of these global delegates is sponsored by the IAEA and WMS. Light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. This event is sponsored by URS.

With 41 years of experience in the global engineering and construction industry, Mr. Zarges has worked in heavy civil construction, on high-technology projects in the steel and process industries, in industrial manufacturing, and on major nuclear and fossilpower projects.


throughout the evening and the room will be arranged to encourage informal discussions. This event is sponsored by FLUOR.

Student and Young Professionals Networking Reception 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM 106C All students, young professionals and conference attendees looking to meet and mingle with the next generation are welcome at the Student and Young Professionals Networking Reception, just after the close of the International Welcome Reception. Here’s your chance to meet our young professional attendees and find out more about the next generation of WM professionals. This event is sponsored by PNNL.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Rustler’s Rooste Networking Event 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM Yeehaw! Come on out and do a little Boot Scootin’ with us! Join us for an evening of networking, dinner and cowboys at Rustler’s Rooste. Included in a Full Technical Registration, includes transportation, two drink tickets and all the food and dancing you desire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Honors & Awards Luncheon 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Bus pick up at Hyatt Regency Phoenix begins at 6 PM, the event at 6:30 PM. This event is sponsored by Cabrera Services and WM Symposia.


Join us at the Tuesday Honors & Awards Luncheon ticket to honor the best presentations from WM2010 and see the award winners and scholarship recipients for 2011.

Thursday, March 3, 2011 Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting and Luncheon 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Best of Arizona Reception 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Lower Level Exhibit Hall

This conference wrap-up meeting and planning for WM2012 will be held at the PCC following the conclusion of the technical program. Lunch will be provided.

Experience the Southwest at the Best of Arizona Reception in the Exhibit Hall. We’ll highlight the State of Arizona, serving hors d’oeuvres from around this great state and beverages including Margaritas.

US NRC/US DOE LLW Performance Assessment, the Safety Case (PRISM) and Long Term Monitoring Workshop 1:00 PM – 5:45 PM 102ABC

Women of Waste Management Panel and Reception 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM 105B How will global megatrends affect your life and your career in the next decade? Megatrends are the great forces in social development that will very likely impact the future in the next 10-15 years. Many companies and organizations use megatrends in their strategic work within business areas such as corporate strategy, market innovation, business development, product development, and human resources.

This course is sponsored by WM Symposia as a service to the nuclear community and is included in a Full Technical registration. See session description for more information. US NRC/US DOE/WMS Networking Reception 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM Level One Foyer All workshop participants are invited to relax and enjoy a drink while networking after the wrap-up of the afternoon session.

Come network and hear the views of three women leaders in our industry as they share their perspectives on this timely and provocative topic. Join Yvette Colazzo (US DOE), Laurence Pernod (AREVA), and Corhyn Parr (Nuclear Enterprise, UK) as they share their perspectives on the global move to an era where gender roles are less rigid, as evidenced by more women moving into increasingly responsible corporate roles.

Friday, March 4, 2011 DOE/NRC Public Meeting

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

The US Department of Energy (US DOE) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) will be holding an all day joint public meeting at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Hotel (122 North Second Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004) to discuss plans for revisions or updates of their respective directives or regulatory framework for management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW). The all-day joint meeting will be organized in two sessions (one for each agency), followed by a joint “Panel Discussion” Session.

The 30-minute Panel discussion on Megatrends Matter… Their Effects from Women’s Perspectives will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A, and an hour networking/social session. Plan to stay and take advantage of interacting with the panelists and networking in small groups. A variety of beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be available


PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT – SESSIONS, WORKSHOP AND PUBLIC MEETING For WM2011, along with the performance assessment technical sessions, we will hold a workshop and a separate public meeting will be held on Friday regarding this subject.

(Licensing Requirements for Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste), as discussed in the NRC SECY10-0165. Session II will also include presentations by an NRC key note speaker and NRC staff.

On Thursday afternoon, WMS will include a topical workshop on “US NRC/US DOE/IAEA LLW Performance Assessment, the Safety Case (PRISM) and Long Term Monitoring”. This workshop (Session 101) will start at 1:00 PM on Thursday, March, 3, 2011. This workshop will focus on common approaches, methods, and tools used in performance assessment to demonstrate compliance with dose/risk criteria for LLW disposal facilities. Discussions will also include the international approach regarding use of the safety case concept for LLW disposal facilities and IAEA activities pertaining to the project on Practical Illustration and use of the Safety Case Concept in the Management of Near-Surface Disposal (PRISM). LLW long-term monitoring aspects will also be addressed.

The joint workshop will conclude with a joint DOE/NRC Panel Discussion to respond and explain agencies’ positions, future plans, and specific views regarding LLW management framework. The panel will also address public and stakeholder suggestions and comments. The public and stakeholders, as well as WM2011 participants, are encouraged to take this opportunity of participating in the DOE/NRC joint meeting and discussions. Admission to the joint meeting is free of charge. For further information, please contact: Marty Letourneau, or Mike Lee at: These sessions include: Poster Session 25E Influence of Environments on Deep Disposal Sites Monday - 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

This course is sponsored by WM Symposia as a service to the nuclear community and is included in the Full Technical registration. For other attendees, the registration fee will range between $150 and $225 onsite. Please see the Registration desk for more details.

Session 32 Models and Data - Supporting Performance of Geological Disposal Systems Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The workshop will be followed by a US NRC/US DOE/IAEA/WMS Networking Reception from 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM. This event is sponsored by URS.

Poster Session 39C LLW/ILW Performance Assessment Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

All workshop participants are invited to relax and enjoy a drink while networking after the wrap-up of the afternoon session.

Session 41 Models and Data-Supporting Performance Assessment of Geological Disposal Systems Tuesday - 1:30 PM – 3:15 PM

The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will be holding an all day (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) joint public meeting on March 4, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Hotel (122 North Second Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004) to discuss plans for revisions or updates of their respective directives or regulatory framework for management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW). The all-day joint meeting will be organized in two Sessions (one for each agency), followed by a joint “Panel Discussion” Session

Session 65 Performance of Disposal Systems, Facilities, and Sites for LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM Wednesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Poster Session 70A Crosscutting WM Policies, Programs and Technologies Wednesday - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Session 75 Impacts of Updates to DOE's Radioactive Waste Mgmt Order Wednesday - 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Session I will address DOE Order 435.1 (Radioactive Waste Management), and includes presentations by a DOE key note speaker and DOE staff. It will also include a period for public and stakeholder feedback and comments. Session II will address the NRC’s proposal to initiate revision of 10 CFR Part 61

Session 90

Closure of HLW, SNF/UNF, and Long-lived Alpha/TRU Facilities Thursday


8:30 AM - 12:00 PM


SCHOLARSHIPS, HONORS AND AWARDS In keeping with the WMS’ mission of providing education and opportunity, the following awards and scholarships will be presented during the Tuesday Honors and Awards Luncheon beginning at 12:00 PM.

Best Oral Presentations - 2010 At each conference, WMS recognizes the two best oral presentations/papers and poster/papers. Listed below are the selected winners from WM2010.

This luncheon is included in a Full Technical and daily registration fees. Add-on tickets are available for Exhibitors and Guests, please see the Registration Fees section.

“Just How Risky Is It? – Comparisons of the Risks of Transporting Radioactive Waste” – Presented by Earl Easton, Christopher Bajwa, US NRC (USA). Session 33, Abstract 10535. (Session Sponsor: Ella McNeil).

Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarships

“Results from Recent Science and Technology Investigations Targeting Chromium in the 100D Area, Hanford Site, Washington, USA” – Presented by John Morse, Michael Thompson, US DOE; Scott Petersen, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company; Matthew Tonkin, S.S Papadopulos & Associates, Inc. (USA). Session 65, Abstract 10287 (Session Sponsor: Linda Lehman).

These scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. Roy G. Post. The Scholarships and the Foundation carry on Dr. Post’s vision of education in this field and honor the Founder of the annual Waste Management Conference. The Roy G. Post Foundation is a 501c3 tax-deductible Foundation dedicated to education in the safe management of nuclear material.

WMS/ASME Sarge Ozker Award

The 2010 – 2011 scholarships will be presented to: Named in honor of M. Sacid (Sarge) Ozker and established in 1980, this award is bestowed for distinguished service and eminent achievement in the commercialization of nuclear power/ energy with particular emphasis in the field of radioactive waste management.

Yasir Arafat, University of Pittsburgh; Bryan W. Bittner, Texas State Technical College; Lisa Dawn Cox, University of Wyoming; Denia Djokic, University of California – Berkeley; Sherry Faye, University of Nevada – Las Vegas;

It is presented by the Nuclear Engineering Division Radwaste Systems Operating Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Kathryn Huff, University of Wisconsin – Madison; Peng Luo, Clemson University; William James Sames, Texas A&M University.

The 2011 Sarge Ozker Award will be presented to Charles Jensen of Diversified Technologies Services, Inc.

Best Poster Winners - 2010 First Place – ANS Poster, Track 2.

Program Advisory Committee Award

“Control of Volatile Radionuclides from the Dissolution of Used Nuclear Fuel”- Abstract 10224. R.T. Judbin, D.W. Ramey, R.S. Owens, E.S. Meyers, B.B. Spencer, P.D. Bailey and J.M. Giaquinto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA).

WMS has established the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Award to annually recognize an individual whose outstanding contributions have helped make and keep the annual Waste Management Conference the world’s premier technical conference on the management and disposal of nuclear waste.

Second Place – ASME Poster, Track 6. “Progress Achieved in the Decommissioning of the Process Building of the Karlsrue Reprocessing Plant” - Abstract 10121. Werner Dander, Werner Lutz and Hubert Praxl, WAK GmbH (Germany).

The 2011 WMS Program Advisory Committee Award will be presented to Fred Sheil Sheil Consulting, Ltd.


Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award

Sunday, February 27, 2011 Sonoran Desert Guided Hike 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

The WMS Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the long-term commitment of the recipient to solving major nuclear waste challenges, which may include education, research, public policy, or implementation of solutions for managing nuclear wastes and whose actions have contributed to the resolution of significant nuclear waste management issues.

Located in the heart of the valley, the Piestewa Peak Park has a number of hiking trails to choose from.


For this morning’s hike, we have selected a four mile Easy to Moderate Hike that winds its way through the desert and provides guests with views of the valley in all directions. The overlooks along the trail provide beautiful views of downtown Phoenix, the surrounding valley and various mountain ranges including South Mountain, Superstitions Wilderness, Four Peaks, McDowell Mountains, The White Tanks and Estrella Mountains.

The WMS Wendell D. Wear Lifetime Achievement Award is sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories.

This excursion has facilities conveniently located at the trailhead, as well as picnic areas where we’ll enjoy a rewarding boxed lunch. Healthy snacks, bottled water and lunch will be provided along with the use of the backpacks, trekking poles, all entry and permit fees and a First Aid/CPR Certified Guide.

The 2011 WMS Wendell D. Wear Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Charles McCombie, MCM Consulting.

Hikers will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability. Comfortable athletic shoes or hiking shoes are required. No flip flops or loose fitting footwear is permitted. Guests are strongly urged to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

GUEST TOURS AND ACTIVITIES Saturday, February 26, 2011 Day Tour of Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Navajo Nation 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM $125.00/pp The day begins with a scenic drive through the Sonoran Desert to Sedona. Here guests will have a chance to photograph the famous Red Rocks and stretch their legs. Next, we’ll pass through Oak Creek Canyon, a scenic byway that winds through 2,000 vertical feet of red walled canyons to emerge in a Ponderosa Forest.

Monday, February 28, 2011 Desert Dish Garden Activity at the Desert Botanical Garden - cancelled due to lack of minimum registrants.

While at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, guests will enjoy a three-hour guided tour and an opportunity to walk the rim, shop, have lunch, or just relax with a view. We'll also explore a 30-mile section of road that winds along the rim of the canyon.

Day at the Spa 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Join us for a day at a Resort Spa for specialized treatments and lunch. Our shuttle van will transport you door to door leaving from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. Guests choose preferred spa selections, such as a massage, facial, manicure/pedicure. Due to the specialized nature of this activity, on-site reservations are not available. Tour package includes lunch and spa treatment.

Returning to Phoenix from the canyon, we will enjoy views of the Navajo Nation and Painted Desert, with a stop at an authentic Navajo Trading Post. Tour includes lunch, national park entry fees and bottled water.


Phoenix By Night Walking Tour – History, Haunts and Cultures 7:00 PM – 10:00 pm $10.00/pp

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Mosaic Jewelry Workshop and Lunch - cancelled due to lack of minimum registrants.

Join us to explore some of the diverse historical and cultural aspects of downtown Phoenix. Starting from the Phoenix Convention Center, this walking tour will be lead by the Phoenix Ambassadors and will visit several historical sites including the Orpheum Theater, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Rosson House, all within one square mile of the PCC.

Market Fresh “Mixology” Workshop at the Desert Botanical Garden - cancelled due to lack of minimum registrants. Important Tour Information Pre-registration for tours is recommended, you may register onsite if space is still available, there may be an increase in price. All tours depart from the Monroe exit of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix.

We will enjoy specialty complimentary appetizers while listening to scary ghost stories at the haunted San Carlos Hotel and Ghost Bar and then visit the new CityScape area of Phoenix that blends urban living, work, shopping and entertainment opportunities. We will end the evening by experiencing some of the traditional British and Irish cultures.

Boarding time is 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Be sure to pack a jacket, hat, sunscreen and your camera. The Guest Program is organized by WMS and provided by Detours of Arizona, Take a Hike Arizona and other vendors.

We highly recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes for this tour.

Guest Program Activities

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Sedona & Native Ruins Jeep Tour 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM $150.00/pp

Stop by to see old friends and meet new from around the world. We’ll have information available from the Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau daily to help you plan your day.

Our Sedona tour options range from cultural and spiritual to adventurous and active! Along with shopping, art gallery visits and favorite photo spots to view and explore, guests will also enjoy a 2.5 hour Ancient Ruins Pink Jeep tour. This off road tour offers views of Sedona's backcountry and ancient ruin sites which date back over 800 years!

The Guest Program includes a light continental breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am – 10:00 am and the evening receptions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the Exhibit Hall for a registration fee of just $110 onsite.

Enjoy scenic highlights such as Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Oak Creek Canyon and Airport Mesa Overlook. You will love the wonders of this sculpted red rock playground. Tour includes lunch and bottled water during tour.

Please note that the Wednesday evening event or reception drinks are no longer included with this registration fee. Downtown Phoenix Events

Cooking Class with Chef Guerithault 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM $75.00/pp

You will find the best weather and great events to add to your stay while in Phoenix for the WM2011 Conference.

Vincent Guerithault, chef/owner of Vincent Guerithault on Camelback and the first chef ever to receive a Citation of Excellence from the International Food & Wine Society, is considered by many to be Phoenix's culinary prize. For more than 20 years, Vincent has been combining his expertise in classic French cooking with Southwestern ingredients to create a unique blend of flavors that has become his signature. His style is constantly evolving.

The Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau has an office located at the PCC, just across from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix at 125 N. Second Street, Suite 120, Phoenix. The office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. For more information, go to or call (877) Call-PHX.

Our day will include preparing one of the courses for lunch at Vincent’s with the other two by demonstration. Chef Vincent will give individual instructions on creating these great menu items. Afterwards, guests will enjoy their lunch while Chef Vincent demonstrates the remaining menu items.


NETWORKING RECEPTION & DINNER AT RUSTLER’S ROOSTE ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2 Wednesday’s evening event is the time to meet the WM attendees in a casual outdoor setting under the stars. After all the positive reviews last year, we are bringing back Rustler’s Rooste as our featured Wednesday event. Buses will shuttle you from the Hyatt beginning at 6:00 PM and return you safely later that evening so you can relax and enjoy a taste of the old West. You will be able to dance, gamble and enjoy the casual environment of one of the most visited sites in the Phoenix area. The legend goes that the original site of Rustler’s Rooste, located at the top of a butte in the foothills of South Mountain, was a hideout for cattle rustlers. Today, it is Arizona’s Legendary Cowboy Steakhouse featuring a spectacular panoramic view of the valley lights.

“Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?” Get ready for a cowpoke cookout served Chuckwagon style with picnic seating. You’d better come hungry cause Cookie, the chuck wagon chef, doesn’t like light eaters. Sample some tasty appetizers (Yup! they’ve got rattlesnake) and when you hear the dinner bell, treat yourself to mesquite–broiled steaks, ribs and chicken served with all the fixin’s they are famous for. Be sure to save room for desserts, like homemade apple pie or rich fudge brownies.

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and “Games of Chance” Okay, we’ve tempted your taste buds and now it’s time to make cowboys out of some of you city slickers. They’ve got the best western entertainment, from a foot stompin’ band and line dancing inside to a little poker training and games of chance outside under the Arizona stars. Professionals will help you learn and sharpen your gambling skills with free (and worthless) WM Bucks. There are no losers at WMS! Now if you register as a Full Technical attendee for WM2011, the Rustler’s Rooste event will be included. If you are not a Full Technical attendee, we still encourage you to come! Tickets are $85 onsite. The event includes transportation, two drink tickets and all the food, gambling and dancing you desire . . . until 9:45 PM. Buses will pick up at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix at 6:00 PM and the event will begin with cocktails at 6:30 PM. Buses will return guests to the conference hotels beginning at 8:30 PM. The last bus will depart Rustler’s Rooste approximately 9:45 PM. Drivers may pick up directions at the Registration Desk. For more information on Rustler’s Rooste, visit






WM2011 Approved Acronyms * Acronyms are US unless noted otherwise ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safety AEA Atomic Energy Agency or the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 AECL* Atomic Energy of Canada Limited AFR Away-From-Reactor Storage ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable ANDRA* National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (France) ANL Argonne National Laboratory ANS American Nuclear Society ARM Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory BWR Boiling Water Reactor CE&T Public Communication, Participation, Education & Training CEA* French Atomic Energy Commission (France) CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act CFR Code of Federal Regulations CH-TRU Contact-Handled Transuranic Radioactive Waste CPP Crosscutting Policies & Programs D&D Decontamination & Decommissioning DAW Dry Activated Waste DCS Dry Container Storage DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board DOD US Department of Defense DOE US Department of Energy DOT US Dept of Transportation DU Depleted Uranium DWPF Defense Waste Processing Facility EC* European Commission EDF* Electricite’ de France (France) EIS Environmental Impact Statement EM Environmental Management ENEA* National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment (Italy) EPA US Environmental Protection Agency EPRI Electric Power Research Institute ER Environmental Remediation ES &H Environment, Safety & Health FUSRAP Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program GAO US Government Accountability Office GIS Geographical Information System GNEP Global Nuclear Energy Partnership GTCC Greater Than Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste H&S Health and Safety

HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air HEU Highly Enriched Uranium HLW High Level Radioactive Waste IAEA* International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria) ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection IFSOUP International Forum on Sustainable Options for Uranium Production ILW Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste INL Idaho National Laboratory IPAC International Program Advisory Committee IPSN* Institute de Protection et de Surete (France) JAEA* Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan) KAERI* Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea) LAW Low-Activity Radioactive Waste LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory LEU Low Enriched Uranium LL/ILW Low- and Intermediate-Level Radioactive Waste LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLRW/LLW Low Level Radioactive Waste LSA Low Specific Radioactive Activity LWR Light-Water Reactor M&I Management & Integration M&O Management & Operation MRS Monitored Retrievable Storage MW Mixed Hazardous and Radioactive Wastes NAGRA* National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Switzerland) NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection NDA Non-Detectable Activity or Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (UK) NDAA National Defense Authorization Act of 2005 NE US DOE Office of Nuclear Energy NEA* Nuclear Energy Agency(France) NEI Nuclear Energy Institute NEPA National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 NFDI National Facility Disposition Initiative NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration NORM Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material NPP Nuclear Power Plant NRC US Nuclear Regulatory Commission NTS Nevada Test Site NWTRB Nuclear Waste Technical


Review Board NWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 NWPAA Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1987 OECD* Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (France) ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory PA Performance Assessment PAC Program Advisory Committee PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl PCC Phoenix Convention Center PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PRA Probabilistic Risk Analysis PWR Pressurized Water Reactor QA Quality Assurance QAPP Quality Assurance Program Plan QC Quality Control R&D Research and Development RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 RDD Radiological Dispersion Devices RH-TRU Remote-Handled Transuranic Radioactive Waste ROC* Republic of China RPV Reactor Pressure Vessel SFEN * French Nuclear Energy Society (France) SKB* Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company SNF Spent Nuclear Fuel SNL Sandia National Laboratories SNM Special Nuclear Material SRS Savannah River Site SRW Solid Radioactive Waste SS&S Security, Safety, & Safeguards TENORM Technologically-Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material TRU Transuranic (elements with atomic number > than 92) TRUPACT Transuranic Waste Package Transporter TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act UK United Kingdom US/USA United States of America US ACE US Army Corps of Engineers UNF Used Nuclear Fuel WAC Waste Acceptance Criteria WD Waste Determination WERC Waste-management Education & Research Consortium WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIR Waste Incidental to Reprocessing WM Waste Management WMS Waste Management Symposia WRAP Waste Receiving and Processing WS Wet Storage WVDP West Valley Demonstration Project YM Yucca Mountain

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

Monday Morning, February 28 WM2011 Plenary Session Panel: Hot Topics in US DOE Environmental Management Panel: International Deep Geological Repository Progress Worldwide WM Regulatory/Oversight Crosscutting Update Recent Changes among Mixed Waste & Haz. Was. Regs World-Wide Topics on Packaging Design and Testing Decommissioning – Programmatic Overview HLW, SNF/UNF, TRU Programs, and Policies Communication of Technical Issues Innovative Applications in Info. and Knowledge Mgmt Advances in Nuclear Safety Management Monday Afternoon, February 28 Panel: Sellafield - Accomplishments & Challenges Panel: Progress by the US National Blue Ribbon Com. Panel: US DOE Yucca Mountain Site and the Alternatives Panel: Hot Topics in US Commercial LLW Selected Key Topics in US Commercial LLW Management Panel: Safety Management - Key to Effective Execution Worldwide Perspectives of Radioactive WM Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 1 Management of Nuclear Power Plant Dry Waste Management of Nuclear Power Plant Liquid & Wet Waste D&D of US DOE Facilities Groundwater Remediation Projects Engaging Citizens - Lessons Learned Around the World Poster: HLW, SNF/UNF and Long-Lived Alpha/TRU Student Posters: The Next Generation Tuesday Morning, March 1 Panel: Emerging Issues with US DOE Prime Contractors Panel: Worldwide Regulatory Oversight of Legacy Sites The Role of the DOE in Reducing Risk ER Progress Toward Closure of Contaminated Sites Technical Innovations in ER and Site Closure Models and Data - Geological Disposal Systems Separation in Support of Current HLW Processing Regulatory Issues and Solutions for LLW, ILW and MW Packaging/Transportation – Challenges/Lessons Learned D&D of Nuclear Power Plants Panel: New Engineers - Wants and Needs Panel: International Youth Nuclear Congress/Young Prof. Posters: LLW, ILW, MW, TENORM and NORM; NPP Tuesday Afternoon, March 1 Panel: US Featured Site: DOE - Savannah River Models and Data - Geological Disposal Systems Panel: Contract Mgmt Issues Ins., Indemnity & Bonds Project Management - Planning through Completion Enhancements in Vitrification Technology Operational Efficiency in TRU Waste Management Panel: Nuclear Power Plant WM - LLW Disposal Issues Panel: Nuclear Power Plant WM - LLW Processor Issues Waste Certification, Acceptance & Disposal for LLW/ ILW Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization for LLW/ILW Waste Charact. for LLW, ILW, MW - Non-Measurement Waste Charact. for ILW, LLW, HLW – Ionizing Radiation Accelerated Deactivation and Decommissioning of Fac. ER Pre-Closure Challenges - Considering Future Land Use Visitor Centers and Other Public-Education Tools Posters: ER, CE&T and Safety, Security and Safeguards

102 B 105 B 104 AB 105 C 106 A 106 B 106 C 101 B 101 C 102 A 103 AB 103 AB 1st Floor


1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 3:15 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30

102 B 103 AB 103 AB 102 A 101 C 101 B 104 AB 104 AB 105 C 105 C 106 A 106 A 105 B 106 B 106 C 1st Floor



9: Safety/Security

8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 10:15 8:30

8: Commun., E & T


7: Environ. Rem.

102 B 105 B 105 B 104 AB 104 AB 103 AB 105 C 106 A 106 B 106 B 106 C 101 B 101 C 1st Floor Exh. Hall

6: D&D

1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30

5: Packag./Trans.

301 CD 102 AB 105 B 104 AB 101 C 105 C 103 AB 106 A 106 B 106 C 101 B

4: Nuclear Power Pl.

8:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00




Time Annotated Session Titles (for full session titles, please see individual listing)

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1: Crosscutting


Technical Program - Schedule at a Glance -

9 WM Subject Tracks for Reference X X X X X X X X X X X

















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Deep Geo. Storage or Disposal

Mixed (Haz. & Rad.) Materials

Underground Tank Closure

Radiation Measurement


Processing, Treatment & Tech.

Monday Morning, February 28 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Monday Afternoon, February 28 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Tuesday Morning, March 1 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Tuesday Afternoon, March 1 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

TRU/Long-Lived Alpha

Performance Assessment

Regulatory, Licens. & Oversight

Policies & Programs

Health, Safety & Quality Assurance


Open to all Exhibitors


Business Admin & Opportunities

Industry/Med/Univ. Waste Generators







Non-US Nuclear Power Plants



US-Nuclear Power Plants


US Government Contractors

Non-US Presentations

Session #

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X 27






















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Wednesday Morning, March 2 Panel: US DOE Procurement & Contracting Opportunities Panel: US DOE/USACE Small Bus Contracting Opportunity Crosscutting Filtration Systems in the Nuclear Industry Panel: US DOE - EFCOG Knowledge Portal Review Panel: Disposal of Large Quantities of Depleted Uranium Panel: Disposition of US DOE High-Activity Mixed Waste Training and Human Resource Development in WM TRU Waste Disposal at WIPP Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 2 Performance of LLW Disposal Systems, Facilities and Sites D&D of Nuclear Contaminated Facilities (Non-Power) US – FUSRAP and Other US Army Corp Projects Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental Remediation RDD and other Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction Poster: Crosscutting Policies, Packaging/Transport., D&D Wednesday Afternoon, March 2 Panel: Featured Site West Valley Demonstration Project Panel: Developments and Lessons Learned in the ARRA Panel: Merged into Session 72 Panel: Nuclear Renaissance - New Nuclear PP Hot Topics Panel: DOE's Radioactive Waste Management Order Waste Reduction by Fuel Recycling: Analysis and Insight Alternative Technologies for Waste Stabilization Technologies and Advances in TRU Waste Processing International Approaches to Deep Disposal of HLW & SNF Operating Experience in the Treatment & Storage of LLW The Uranium Mining Industry - Current Topics and Issues Waste Characterization for LLW – Ionizing Measurement Packaging and Transportation Regulatory Issues Deep Vadose Zone Characterization and Remediation The Citizen Voice - Impacting the Nuclear Renaissance Non-Paper Poster Session on Emerging Issues Thursday Morning, March 3 Panel: Waste Management EFCOG Meeting Panel: ER Global Networking Advanced UF Recycling & Disposal Options Closure of HLW, SNF/UNF and TRU Facilities PM Improvements Through Risk Management Innovations Improved Flowsheets for Processing of TRU and HLW Glass Formulation and Melter Development Stabilization for Legacy Waste Waste Characterization for LLW– Non-Ionizing Radiation Transportation Impacts on State/Tribal/Local Jurisdictions Application of Innovative D&D Technologies ER Post Closure Challenges/Stewardship/Legacy Mgmt. Communication of Technical Issues Training, Education, Knowledge Mgmt.,Safety & Perform. Thursday Afternoon, March 3 NRC/DOE/IAEA Performance Assessment Workshop

106 A 105 A 102 B 101 C 106 B 106 B 106 C 106 C 103 A 103 B 104 B 101 B 104 A 104 A


102 ABC

Subject to change, please check signage onsite at the conference session room.


9: Safety, S & S

8:30 10:35 8:30 8:30 8:30 10:15 8:30 10:15 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 10:15

8: Commun., E & T

102 B 105 B 105 B 104 AB 104 AB 106 A 106 A 105 C 105 C 106 B 102 A 102 A 101 B 101 C 103 AB 1st Floor

7: Environ. Rem.

1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 3:15 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 3:15 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30

6: D&D

105 B 105 B 102 B 102 B 103 AB 103 AB 104 AB 101 B 101 C 102 A 106 B 106 C 105 C 106 C 1st Floor

5: Packag./Trans.

8:30 10:15 8:30 10:15 8:30 10:15 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30

4: Nuclear Power P.




2: HLW / SNF / TRU

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1: Crosscutting


Technical Program - Schedule at a Glance -

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Deep Geo. Storage or Disposal

Processing, Treatment & Tech.

Radiation Measurement

TRU/Long-Lived Alpha

Performance Assessment

Regulatory, Licens. & Oversight

Policies & Programs

Health, Safety & Quality Assurance

Open to all Exhibitors












Wednesday Morning, March 2 X X X X




Business Admin & Opportunities

Non-US Nuclear Power Plants

US-Nuclear Power Plants

Industry/Med/Univ. Waste Generators


Underground Tank Closure


Mixed (Haz. & Rad.) Materials


US Government Contractors

Non-US Presentations

Session #

56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70










X X X X X X X X Wednesday Afternoon, March 2 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Thursday Morning, March 3 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Thursday Afternoon, March 3 X X X X

Subject to change, please check signage onsite at the conference.















































Monday AM February 28, Monday AM

Session 3 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 105B

Presenters and Session Volunteers are in Bold Panel: International Deep Geological Repository Progress

Session 1 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Room 301C

Co-Chairs: Enrique Biurrun, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH (Germany); Gérald Ouzounian, ANDRA (France) Lead Organizer: Leif Eriksson Add’l Organizer(s): Enrique Biurrun, Gérald Ouzounian Panel Reporter: John Mathieson

Panel: WM2011 Symposium Plenary Co-Chairs: James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting; Fred Sheil, Sheil Consulting, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer: James Gallagher Add’l Organizer(s): James Voss, Gary Benda Panel Reporter: Linda Ulland

This panel will focus on a select set of advanced deep geological repository programs worldwide and provides a forum for interested parties to learn more about these programs. Notwithstanding the first deep geological repository for SNF and HLW in the USA was brought to a virtual standstill in 2009, several other repository programs continue to make considerable progress that deserve to be recognized and used to advantage by interested parties. Repository programs will report upon the current status and future plans, as well as the perceived reasons underlying the success or the failure of components of their respective repository programs. Questions and answers will be entertained from the audience.

The opening Plenary Session will feature industry leaders discussing the pressing issues facing Radioactive Waste Management in 2011 and beyond from around the world. Panelists include: Dr. Inés Triay, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management - US DOE; François-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of the Governing Board of ANDRA (France's National Radioactive WM Agency) and Tom Zarges, President - Energy & Construction, URS Corporation. Session 2 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102AB Panelists include: Borries Raapke, Managing Director of DBE and DBE TECHNOLOGY (Germany); François-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of ANDRA and member for the French Parliament (France); Dr. Inés Triay, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, US DOE; Marjatta Palmu, Senior Adviser, Posiva Research (Finland) and Monica Hammarstrom, Director of the Technology Department, SKB (Sweden).

Panel: Hot Topics in US DOE Environmental Management Co-Chairs: James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting; Edward Helminski, Exchange Monitor Publications, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Gary Benda Add’l Organizer(s): James Gallagher, Edward Helminski Panel Reporter: Leslie Jardine

Session 4 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This panel will include senior US DOE Managers speaking on the pressing issues facing the US DOE sites. Senior managers will update the attendees on what has transpired the last year and provide detailed direction on the future US DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM) goals and objectives.

Room 104AB

Worldwide Waste Management Regulatory and Oversight Crosscutting Programs: An Update Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management Services, Inc.; Ray Clark, US EPA (USA) Lead Organizer: Ray Clark Add’l Organizer(s): Christopher Timm, Malgorzata K. Sneve Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm

Panelists include: Dae Chung, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Environmental Management; Merle Sykes, Chief Business Officer; Frank Marcinowski, Deputy Assistant Secretary Technical and Regulatory Support; and Jack Surash, Deputy Assistant Secretary - Acquisition and Contract Support, US DOE (USA).

10:05 Update on the Radioactive Waste Position in the UK - 11435 John Dalton, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (United Kingdom)


Monday AM 10:30 Report on Waste Disposal Workshops for a Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Attack in an Urban Area - 11543 Daniel Schultheisz, Paul Kudarauskas, Paul Lemieux, James Michael; Cayce Parrish, Jeff Pike, Eugene Jablonowski, US EPA (USA)

Session 6 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

World-Wide Topics on Packaging Design and Testing

10:55 High-Level Waste Insights for ReProcessing Spent Fuel - 11462 John Greeves, Jim Lieberman, Talisman International, LLC (USA)

Co-Chairs: Richard Yoshimura, Sandia National Laboratory; Daniel Jordan, Enercon Svcs. (USA) Lead Organizer: Olaf Oldiges Add’l Organizer(s): Paul Jones, Mike Snyder Paper Reviewer: Mike Snyder

11:20 Observations and Thoughts Whilst Waiting For The Blue Ribbon Commission Report - 11247 Leif Eriksson, Nuclear Waste Dispositions; George Dials, B&W Technical Services; (USA)

10:05 UK Low-Level Waste Repository Site: Standardizing the Design and Transport of Packages to Contain Low Activity Radioactive Wastes in the UK - 11459 Mark Flynn, Low Level Waste Repository (United Kingdom)

Session 5 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 105C

Room 101C

10:30 Transportation of Spent Research Reactor Fuel to USA - 11110 Franz Hilbert, Nuclear Cargo + Service GmbH (Germany)

Recent Changes among Mixed and Hazardous Waste Classification and Disposal Regulations

10:55 Testing of a Transport Cask for Research Reactor Spent Fuel - 11037 Rogerio Mourao, Luis Silva, Center for the Development of Nuclear Technology; Carlos Alexandre Miranda, Miguel Mattar Neto, Miguel Mattar Neto, IPEN (Brazil); Roberto Saliba, Fernando Quintana, Oscar Novara, CNEA/CAC (Argentina)

Co-Chairs: Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover (Germany); Holger Spann, E.ON Kernkraft GmbH (Germany) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Gabriele Bandt Add’l Organizer: Heinz Kroeger 10:05 Realization of Requirements on NonRadioactive Waste Package Constituents - 11441 Peter Brennecke, Karin Kugel, Stefan Steyer, Federal Office for Radiation Protection; Wilma Boetsch, Claudia Haider, Detlef Gründler, ISTec GmbH (Germany)

11:20 Approach and Procedure to Develop LILW Transport System - Lessons Learned from Korean Transport System Development Project - 11258 Sun Kee Lee, Hyundai Engineering Company; Jea Ho Park, Korea Nuclear Engineering & Services Corp.; Suk Nam Lim, Korea Radioactive Waste Management Corp. (Republic of Korea)

10:30 Water Law Specific Regulation of the German Repository Konrad - 11474 Hagen G. Jung, Cornelia Scupin, Lower Saxony Water Management (Germany) 10:55 Disposal of Potentially Neutron Activated PCB Capacitors at Argonne National Laboratory through the Authorized Release Process - 11064 Jing-Jy Cheng, S.Y. Chen, Noreen Brachmann, Stephen Butala, Frank Brumwell, Argonne National Laboratory; Antanas Bindokas, Andrew Gabel, Paul Neeson, US DOE (USA)

Session 7 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 103AB

Decommissioning - International Programmatic Overview Co-Chairs: William Murphie, US DOE (USA); Anja Graf, WAK GmbH (Germany) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Jas Devgun Additional Add’l Organizer(s): Maria Lindberg, Bernard Poncet

11:20 Disposal of Bruce Power's Mixed Liquid Waste - 11460 Sriram Suryanarayan, Aamir Husain, Kinectrics Inc.; Sana Husain, Mike Grey, Candesco Corporation (Canada)

10:05 Recent Decommissioning Achievements at Sellafield - 11132 Russell Mellor, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom) 10:30 The Future of Decommissioning at AWE Aldermaston - 11211 Jim Robertson, AWE (United Kingdom) 31

Monday AM Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities Contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) - 11198 Nancy Lowry, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)

10:55 Delivery of an Integrated Change Program within the Decommissioning Directorate at Sellafield - 11284 Simon Bremer, Angela Mackintosh, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)

10:55 Establishing Final End State for a Retired Nuclear Weapons Production Reactor; Collaboration Between Stakeholders, Regulators and the Federal Government 11052 Christopher Bergren, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Mary Flora, Savannah River Site; Helen Belencan, Ray Hannah, Rita Stubblefield, US DOE (USA)

Session 8 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106A

HLW, SNF/UNF and Long-lived Alpha/TRUPrograms and Policies Co-Chairs: Sal Golub, US DOE; Lisa Burns, Wastren Advantage (USA) Lead Organizer: Harry Babad Add’l Organizer(s): Lisa Burns, Sal Golub Paper Reviewer: Sal Golub

11:20 Comparing Public Response to Emerging and Nuclear Waste Disposal Technologies: A Case Study - 11380 Helen Neill, Susanna Priest, Anna Lukemeyer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA)

10:05 Management of High-Level Waste and Used Nuclear Fuel at DOE Sites - 11478 Anthony Kluk, Hitesh Nigam, Nancy Buschman, US DOE (USA)

Session 10 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

10:30 CEA’s Radioactive Waste Management Policy - 11034 Marc Butez, Didier Lebrun, Christophe Icard, CEA (France)

Innovative Applications in Information and Knowledge Management

10:55 Waste Management Research by the US DOE Office of Nuclear Energy- 11564 John Vienna, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Terry Todd, Idaho National Laboratory; James Bresee, US DOE (USA)

Co-Chairs: Michelle Barker, USACE; John Lowe, CH2M HILL (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Margaret MacDonell Add’l Organizer: Michelle Barker

11:20 A Comprehensive Approach to Deal with the Nuclear Waste Problem - 11452 Mario Carelli, Edward Lahoda, Fausto Franceschini, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC; Bojan Petrovic, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

10:05 Radionuclide Inventory and Distribution Program (RIDP): A User Relational Database for Preservation and Analysis of Historic Measurements of Radionuclides in Soil - 11235 Karen Gray, David Shafer, Desert Research Institute (USA)

Session 9 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106C

Room 106B

10:30 Laboratory Information Management Strategy for Vitrification Support - 11143 Aruna Arakali, Thomas Lane, Jill Johnston, Robert Shannon, URS Corporation (USA)

Communication of Technical Issues Co-Chairs: Lori Huffman, US DOE; Larry Klimek, US Fish and Wildlife Services (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers Add’l Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston

10:55 Maintaining Environmental Sustainability through Application of Environmental Knowledge Management at the SRS 11400 Jeannette Hyatt, Eloy Saldivar, Jr., Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)

10:05 Public & Regulatory Acceptance of Blending of Radioactive Waste vs. Dilution - 11018 W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)

11:20 D&D Knowledge Management Information Tool - 2011 - 11297 Himanshu Upadhyay, Leonel Lagos, Walter Quintero, Peggy Shoffner, Florida International University; John De Gregory, Jeffery Hunter, US DOE (USA)

10:30 Regulatory Strategies to Minimize Generation of Regulated Waste from Cleanup, Continued Use or 32

Monday PM The second panel will start after a 10 minute Break Optional following the first panel. It will include participants from Sellafield Ltd, the NDA, NNL and US DOE. The goal of the panel will be to share management and technical challenges and how they were overcome by working together and building from lessons learned. The NDA also has a cooperation agreement with US DOE to share experience to mutual benefit.

Session 11 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 101B

Advances in Nuclear Safety Management Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC; Larry Regens, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (USA) Lead Organizer: Kim Auclair Paper Reviewer: Larry Regens

Panelists include: Ian Hudson, Head of Programme Sellafield NDA; Todd Wright, Deputy Managing Director Sellafield Ltd; Russ Mellor, Executive Director Decommissioning, Sellafield Ltd; Mike Johnson, Executive Director Waste Management Sellafield Ltd; Graham Fairhall, Chief Science and Technology Officer, National Nuclear Laboratory; Ron Gorham, Head of Supply Chain Development NDA (UK); Dave Moody, Manager, US DOE Savannah River Operations Office and Steve Schneider, Director for the Office of Waste Processing, US DOE (USA).

10:05 An Establishment of a Calculation Framework for the Operational Safety Assessment of KRS - 11267 Meejeong Hwang, Jongtae Jeong, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea) 10:30 Development of a Seismic Risk Assessment System for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Repository: Current Status of Year 1 Research - 11393 Minkyu Kim, In-Kil Choi, Jongtae Jeong, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

Session 13 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Room 105B

Panel: Progress by the US National Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future - What Have They Been Told and Who Are They Listening To?

February 28, Monday PM Session 12 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Co-Chairs: Roger Nelson, US DOE; Dorothy Davidson, AREVA (USA) Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson Add’l Organizer(s): Dorothy Davidson, Andrew Orrell Panel Reporter: Elizabeth Saris

Room 102B

Panel: European Featured Site: Sellafield Accomplishments and Challenges from Past Practices and for Current and Future Missions with a Comparison to US DOE Sites

This panel will focus on the Blue Ribbon Commission which filed their charter with Congress the week before WM2010. The Commission will conduct a comprehensive review of policies for managing the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle; including all alternatives for the storage, processing and disposal of civilian and defense used nuclear fuel and nuclear waste. The Commission will have conducted an entire year of testimony and meetings prior to WM2011 and will be finalizing its 18-month interim report to the administration when this panel will be held. Invited panelists will include people and organizations who have presented before the Commission over their first year of deliberations.

Co-Chairs: Angie Jones, AMEC Earth & Environmental (USA); Fred Sheil, Sheil Consulting, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer: Angie Jones Add’l Organizer and Panel Reporter: Fred Sheil This session will consist of two panels. The first panel will focus on the Sellafield site in Cumbria in the Northwest of England. The site is a large and complex nuclear chemical facility that has supported the UK’s nuclear power program since the 1940's. Current operations at Sellafield include processing of fuels removed from nuclear power stations, Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication, storage of nuclear materials and radioactive wastes, remediation and D&D of legacy sites. This mission is being carried out under contract to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) by Sellafield Ltd.

Panelists include: Dr. Richard Meserve, Blue Ribbon Commission; John Kessler, EPRI; Mark Peters, Argonne National Laboratory; Daniel Metlay, Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board and Clifford E. Singer, University of Illinois (USA).


Monday PM Session 14 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM


Status update from the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission including recent passage of a rule relating to waste import and export, facility licensing and construction activities and overview of Waste Control Specialists' pending rate setting application.


US EPA report regarding coordination and execution of clean-up from a hypothetical incident involving a radiological dispersion device and an overview of the Liberty RadEx exercises.


US NRC agency activities and hot topics including revising the BTP on concentration averaging and encapsulation, unique waste streams (depleted uranium and blended waste), guidance development & rulemaking and consideration of risk informed/performance-based revision to 10 CRF Part 61.


Regulatory activities in the State of Utah including the draft prospective performance assessment rule, by-product material rulemaking, draft administrative proceedings rule, blending and classification position statements and depleted uranium performance assessment rule.

Room 105B

Panel: The Future of the US DOE Yucca Mountain Site and Discussion of the Alternatives Co-Chairs: Eric Knox, URS Corporation; Paul Dickman, Argonne National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Dorothy Davidson Add’l Organizer(s): Robert Edmonds, Leif Eriksson Panel Reporter: Robert Edmonds This panel will focus on the current status of and the challenges facing the US national SNF and HLW disposal program in light of recent political, legal and regulatory events. The panel will be comprised of invited experts in radioactive waste management and disposal, as well as representatives of groups affected by the outcome of the on going events. Panelists include: Rod McCullum, Nuclear Energy Institute; Joe Hezir, EOP Group, Inc. and former Deputy Associate Director of Office of Management and Budget; David Blee, Nuclear Infrastructure Council; Barry Hartman, K&L Gates, Lead Counsel for Individual Plantiffs in Ferguson v. Obama; Ed Davis, Sustainable Nuclear Task Force; Darrell Lacy, Nye County, Nevada and Dale Klein, former Chairman of US NRC.

Panelists include: Leonard Slosky, Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Board; Michael Ford, Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission; Dan Schultheisz, US EPA; Larry Camper, US NRC and Rusty Lundberg, Utah Radiation Control Board.

Session 15 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Room 104AB

Panel: Hot Topics and Emerging Issues in US Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management

Session 16 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Selected Key Topics in US Commercial LLW Management

Co-Chairs: Leonard Slosky, Rocky Mountain LLW Board; James Kennedy, US NRC (USA) Lead Organizer: Linda Beach Add’l Organizer and Panel Reporter: Todd Lovinger

Co-Chairs: Colleen Owens, DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc.; Ted Buckner, Southeast Compact Commission (USA) Lead Organizer: Colleen Owens Add’l Organizer(s): Linda Beach, Ted Buckner Paper Reviewer: Linda Beach

This panel will focus on emerging issues in commercial LLW management in the US from the perspective of five active members of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum, Inc. State, compact, federal and industry officials will share their views on a variety of timely and significant topics related to low-level radioactive waste management, disposal and related issues. Topic to be discussed will include: 1.

Room 104AB

3:20 Presentation of the Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Award by Michael Mobley, Southeast Compact Commission for LLW to Christine Gelles, Director, Office of Disposal Operations US DOE. The award is followed by the WM2011 Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture.

Overview and analysis of a recent decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in EnergySolutions v. Northwest Compact et. al., affirming the compact's authority over the Clive commercial LLW facility in Utah.

3:30 Bend, But Not Break – Crafting Radioactive Waste Solutions in a Complex Environment - 11619 Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA)


Monday PM 4:10 Low-Level Waste Management Options: Impact of Waste Control Specialists 11627 Dan Burns, Waste Control Specialists LLC (USA)

Session 18 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Worldwide Perspectives of Radioactive Waste Management - Challenges and Solutions

4:35 The First New Conventional Uranium Mill in the US in 30 Years – Status of the Pinon Ridge Project, Colorado - 11438 Steven Brown, SHB Inc. (USA)

Co-Chairs: Christer Svemar, M&C Svemar Consulting (Sweden); Piero Risoluti, Sogin (Italy) Lead Organizer: John Mathieson Add’l Organizer(s): Gérald Ouzounian, Mark Matthews Paper Reviewer: Christer Svemar

Session 17 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 105C

Room 103AB

Panel: Safety Management - Key to Effective Performance Execution

1:35 The French Policy for Radioactive Materials and Waste Management - 11056 Jean Luc Lachaume, Nuclear Safety Authority (France)

Co-Chairs: Joseph Yanek, Fluor Government Group; Gerald Boyd, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Judith Connell Add’l Organizer(s): Joseph Yanek, Anthony Umek

2:00 The New Policy for Radioactive Waste Management and Site Selection for the National Repository in Italy - 11053 Piero Risoluti, Fabio Chiaravalli, Luigi Brusa, Sogin (Italy)

This panel will focus on safety management as a key to effective project performance. Regardless of the state of the economy, safety must be a business imperative and is a key element in the efficient and effective performance on projects – regardless of size or complexity. Panel presentations and discussions will focus on latest trends in leveraging effective health, safety and environmental programs to improve project and operational performance across a diverse set of business sectors. Attendees will benefit from both the presentations and opportunity to have an interactive dialogue with senior industry executives representing government and commercial sectors both nationally and internationally.

2:25 Should WIPP Replace Yucca Mountain? 11058 Christopher Timm, Jerry Fox, PECOS Management Services, Inc. (USA) 2:50 Radioactive Waste Disposal Challenges in Germany - 11442 Peter Brennecke, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany) 3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Creation of the Radioactive Waste Management System in the Russian Federation - 11266 Leonid Bolshov, Igor Linge, Vasily Kovalchuk, Alexander Iordanov, Nuclear Safety Institute; Alexander Abramov, Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation; Yuri Polyakov, Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise (Russia)

The session will be co-moderated and will comprise of both individual presentations on industry trends and a focused panel on a single subject (i.e., Human Performance Improvement) to allow detailed discussions between the panel participants and presenters.

3:45 Stakeholder Trust for the Disposal of Highly Radioactive Wastes in the USA, Japan, UK and Europe - 11558 Bill Lawless, Paine College (USA)

Panelists include: Tony Umek, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Ed Foulke, Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP; Joe Yanek, EFCOG Chair/Fluor; William Roege, Director-Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, US DOE; Jeffrey Allison, Office of Special Projects, US DOE – SRS; and James Hylko, EC Government Services, LLC.

4:10 Geologic Disposal Options in the USA 11299 Frank Hansen, E. Hardin, A. Orrell, Sandia National Laboratories (USA)


Monday PM Venetz, Dennis Washenfelder, Washington River Protection Solutions; Kayle Boomer, Technical Integration Program; Jeremy Johnson, US DOE (USA)

Session 19 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 106A

Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 1 Session 20

Co-Chairs: Edward Ketusky, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Tom Brouns, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns Add’l Organizer(s): Keith Miller, Edward Ketusky Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad

1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 106B

Management of Nuclear Power Plant Dry Waste Co-Chairs: Wolfgang Steinwarz, Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany); Roger Stigers, PPL Susquehanna, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: Wolfgang Steinwarz Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Mark Lewis

1:35 Pilot-Scale Test Results of a Thin Film Evaporator System for Management of Liquid High-Level Waste at Hanford - 11364 Robert Wilson, Travis Beck, Jeff Larkin, Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.; Rick Tedeschi, John Corbett, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA)

1:35 Industry Response to the Changing Paradigm in Radwaste Management 11606 Lisa Edwards, Electric Power Research Institute (USA)

2:00 Savannah River Site, Incipient Sludge Mixing in Nuclear Waste Tanks During Salt Blending - 11086 Robert Leishear, Mark Fowley, Michael Poirier, Tim Steeper, Si Lee, Savannah River National Laboratory; Ken Parkinson, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

2:00 Expanded Applications of LPOP Method to Non-Flammable Waste Treatments - 11572 Gen-ichi Katagiri, Morio Fujisawa, Fuji Electric systems Co., Ltd; Kazuya Sano, Norikazu Higashhiura, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)

2:25 Instrumentation for Real Time Monitoring of the 3-Dimensional Particulate Distribution in the Hanford Double Shell Tank Small-Scale Mixing Demonstration Platform - 11242 Paul Townson, Steve Wright, Jesse Jensen, Matthew Vanatta, EnergySolutions (USA)

2:25 Custom Engineered Remotely Controlled Robotic Waste Sorting and Packaging System - 11355 Teo Grochowski, Robatel Technologies LLC (USA) 2:50 Comparative Analysis of Technologies for Treatment of Solid Radioactive Waste of Nuclear Power Plants - 11470 Mikhail Polkanov, Konstantin Semenov, Arthur Arustamov, Valeriy Gorbunov, Ilgiz Kadyrov, Alexander Kobelev, Fyodor Lifanov, Sergey Dmitriev, SIA Radon Institute (Russia)

2:50 The Importance of Rheological Assessment in the Mobilization, Mixing and Transport of Nuclear Waste Sludges - 11195 Neil Alderman, Nigel Heywood, BHR Group Ltd (United Kingdom) 3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 New Methods to Remove Stubborn Tank Heels using Agitation and Continuous Recirculation - 11207 Jason Vitali, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

Session 21 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

3:45 Use of Tank Retrieval Manipulator Systems in Nuclear Decommissioning - 11353 Marc Rood, Bradley Walpole, S.A. Technology (USA)

Room 106B

Management of Nuclear Power Plant Liquid and Wet Waste Co-Chairs: Wolfgang Steinwarz, Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany); C. Clint Miller, Pacific Gas & Electric (USA) Lead Organizer: Mark Lewis Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: C. Clint Miller

4:10 Corrosion Analysis of Carbon Steel Based on Hanford Site Liquid Waste Simulants 11128 Bruce Wiersma, Elizabeth Hoffman, Savannah River National Laboratory; A. Felmy, Odeta Qafoku, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

3:20 Integrated System for Spent Ion-Exchange Resin Processing in Nuclear Power Station - 11164 Junya Okazaki, Shigeru Mihara, Tadashi

4:35 Remote Visual Inspection of Hanford Site Single Shell Tanks - 11335 Jason Engeman, Jessica Robocker, Theodore


Monday PM 3:20 Development of Cleanup Goals for the Decommissioning of the West Valley Demonstration Project - 11073 Jim McNeil, Consultant; Moira Maloney, Martin Letourneau, US DOE; Zintars Zadins, Chenega Global Services; Harry Fatkin, SAIC (USA)

Sasaki, Yasutomi Morimoto, Mikio Shimojo, Mitsushi Motoyama, Shizuo Teramoto, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Mamoru Numata, JGC Corporation; Katsuo Yamazaki, Kazufumi Taniguchi, Tatsumi Yamamoto, Yutaka Satou, Kouji Nojiri, Hiroshi Wada, Hirotaka Ooura, The Japan Atomic Power Company (Japan)

3:45 Thermal Analysis of a Special Grout Mixture for In-Situ Decommissioning 11389 Nadia Lima, Cristian Acevedo, Leonel Lagos, Edgar Polo, Jose Rivera, Florida International University (USA)

3:45 Successful Cesium Removal Campaign at the Loviisa NPP, Finland - 11002 Esko Tusa, Fortum Power and Heat (Finland) 4:10 Improved Solidification of Liquid Waste Evaporation Concentrate - 11096 Stasys Motiejunas, Gintautas Davainis, Algirdas Vaidotas, Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Lithuania)

4:10 Completion of the Removal, Packaging and Disposal of Hanford 327 Building Hot Cells - 11566 Gary MacFarlan, WorleyParsons Polestar (USA)

4:35 NPP Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment with Selective Extraction of Radionuclides - 11272 Alexander Savkin, SIA Radon (Russia)

4:35 Establishing Reduced Load Factors when Calculating Structural Capacity and Clarification of NEC Guidance During Decommissioning and Demolition Work (D&D) - 11514 Kirk Dooley, Frank Rios, Jose Vargas, Justin Coleman, Patrick Holmes, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Mark Slovak, Ascendent Engineering (USA)

Session 22 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 106C

D&D of US DOE Facilities Co-Chairs: Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE; Julia Tripp, Idaho National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Andrew Szilagyi Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Julia Tripp

Session 23 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 101B

Groundwater Remediation Projects

1:35 The Transfer of Excess Facilities, Materials, and Waste into DOE’s Environmental Management (EM) Program: Successes Resulting from EM’s Transfer Review Process - 11246 Mark Janaskie, Andrew Szilagyi, Theresa Kliczewski, US DOE; Charles Urland, Charles Negin, Michelle Gresalfi, Project Enhancement Corporation (USA)

Co-Chairs: Bob Popielarczyk, CH2M HILL PRC, Inc.; John Morse, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: John Kristofzski Add’l Organizer: Bob Popielarczyk Paper Reviewer: David Wallace 1:35 Groundwater Pump and Treat Remediation System Overview, Hanford 200W Area 11508 William Breedlove, CH2M HILL PRC, John Morse, Arlene Tortoso, US DOE; Ken Martins, Y12 National Security Complex; Mark Byrnes, CH2M HILL, Inc.; Sally Simmons, FLUOR (USA)

2:00 Assessment of the Potential for Hydrogen Generation during Deactivation and Decommissioning of Reactor Vessels at the Savannah River Site - 11197 Bruce Wiersma, Mike Serrato, Christine Langton, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

2:00 A Groundwater Flow and Transport Model of Long-Term Radionuclide Migration in Central Frenchman Flat, Nevada Test Site 11161 Naomi Becker, Edward Kwicklis, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Greg Ruskauff, Navarro Nevada Environmental Services; Bill Wilborn, US DOE; Nicole DeNovio, Golder & Associates (USA)

2:25 Historical Hazard Identification Process for D&D - 11036 Paul Corrado, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) 2:50 D&D Toolbox Project – Technology Demonstration of Decontamination Gel and Strippable Coatings Applied Via Remote Sprayer Platform - 11300 Leonel Lagos, Peggy Shoffner, Florida International University; Samuel Maggio, ICM, Inc. (USA)

2:25 Automated Water Level Measurements in Small-Diameter Aquifer Tubes - 11476 Scott Petersen, Robert Edrington, Richard Mahood, CH2M HILL PRC; Paul Van Middlesworth, Northwest Software, Inc (USA)

3:15 Break - Optional 37

Monday PM 2:50 Mercury Remediation Using Dow’s Experimental XUS-43604.00 Ion-Exchange Resin at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA - 11042 Charles Castello, Alexander Henao, Yelena Katsenovich, Leonel Lagos, Jeffrey Fan, Florida International University; Paul Taylor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

2:25 Early Progress in Building Confidence and Partnerships with Northern First Nations and Communities in Low-Level Radioactive Waste Remediation Projects in Canada 11321 Robert Zelmer, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; Liliana Benitez, Dave McCauley, Julie Brown, Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

3:15 Break – Optional

2:50 Superfund Job Training Initiative Engage Communities by Offering Employment Opportunities - 11032 Rachel C Hall, Robert Pope, US EPA (USA)

3:20 Groundwater Recharge in the Southern Amargosa Desert Using Surface-Runoff Chemistry - 11489 Omar Al-Qudah, John Walton, University of Texas at El Paso; Arturo Woocay, Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez; John Klenke, Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository (USA)

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Implementing the National Low-Level Waste Program in the United Kingdom: An Exercise in Engagement and Communication - 11612 Martin Walkingshaw, Tim Hedahl, Richard Raaz, LLW Repsitory Ltd (United Kingdom)

3:45 Groundwater Remediation at the 100-HR-3 Operable Unit, Hanford Site, Washington 11507 John Smoot, Fred Biebesheimer, J.A . Eluskie, CH2M HILL PRC; T. Simpkin, CH2M HILL, Inc.; M.J. Tonkin, A. Spiliotopoulus, Papadopulos & Associates (USA)

3:45 Designing and Building a Radioactive Waste Deep Disposal Facility and including the Local Stakeholders - 11527 Sebastien Farin, ANDRA (France)

4:10 Advancing “Natural” In Situ Remediation for Treatment of Radionuclides in Groundwater - 11621 Scott Warner, AMEC (USA)

4:10 Public Communication: Engaging Citizens in the Nuclear Renaissance - 11250 Laurie Ford, Critical Path Consultants (USA) 4:35 Lessons Learned from the Korean Nuclear Waste Disposal Issues in Terms of Risk Communication Processes - 11171 Chang-Ju Lee, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (Republic of Korea)

4:35 Restoration of Groundwater at LaRosita In-Situ Uranium Recovery Project - 11613 Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions, LLC; Mark Pelizza, Uranium Resources Inc.; Katie Sweeney, National Mining Association (USA)

Poster Session 25 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Session 24 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 101C

1st Floor Foyer

Posters: HLW/SNF & Long Lived Alpha – A-E

Engaging Citizens - Lessons Learned from Around the World

Topic A: Lessons Learned in HLW, SNF/UNF and Long-Lived Alpha/TRU Co-Chairs: Keith Miller, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Keith Miller

Co-Chairs: Heather Klebba, Nuclear Filter Technology (USA); Cedric Garnier, CEA (France) Lead Organizer: John Dalton Add’l Organizer(s): Heather Klebba, Dale Bignell Paper Reviewer: Heather Klebba 1:35 Holding a Technical Dialog with Local Stakeholders: Test Case at the La Hague Reprocessing Plant - 11060 Ludivine Gilli, Igor Le Bars, Nicolas Charrin, Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûrete Nucléaire (France)

A1. Operational Experiences and Future Plans for Hungarian Spent Fuel Storage - 11184 Miklos Ordogh, Jozsef Mikula, SOM System Kft; Istvan Barnabas, Public Limited Company for RadWaste Management; Barnabas Nagy, PURAM; Tibor Eigner, Ferenc Leber, Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. (Hungary); Chris Carter, Babcock Nuclear (United Kingdom);

2:00 Crisis Communication: Lessons From the BP Oil Spill or How to Avoid "Just Stepping off the Curb and Getting Hit by the Bus" 11080 Eliot Brenner, Rebecca Schmidt, US NRC (USA)

A2. The Role of a Post-Irradiation Examination Facility in the Treatment & Disposal of Problematic and Poorly Characterised Nuclear Fuels - 11145 David Willey, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)


Monday PM C2. Development and Deployment of Vacuum Salt Distillation at the Savannah River Site 11178 Robert Pierce, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

A3. An Improved Characterization Method for International Accountancy Measurements of Fresh and Irradiated Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel: Helping Achieve Continual Monitoring and Safeguards Through the Fuel Cycle - 11433 Louise Evans, Stephen J. Tobin, Brian Boyer, Stephen Croft, Howard O. Menlove, M.A. Schear, M.T. Swinhoe, LANL (USA); Andrew Worrall, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)

C3. Kinetics of Aluminum Formation in the Caustic Side Solvent Extraction (CSSX) Process - 11046 Rebecca Toghiani, Larry Pearson, Jeff Lindner, Laura Smith, Punith Naik, Mississippi State University (USA)

Topic B: Storage and Retrieval of Liquid and Solid HLW Co-Chairs: Thomas Michener, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Jonathan Bricker, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: Terri Fellinger Paper Reviewer: Edward Ketusky

C4. Application of Phosphorus-Containing Ion Exchangers for the Recovery and Separation of Uranium and Transuranic Elements - 11490 Vladimir Gelis, Vitaly Milyutin, Evgeny Kozlitin, Natalya Nekrassova, Yulia Shumilova, Froumkin's Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, RAS (Russia)

B1. Gas Retention and Release Test for Low Yield Stress Non-Newtonian Fluids (NNF) - 11289 Amer Awwad, Romani Patel, Georgio Tachiev, Nitin Yadav, Dwayne McDaniel, David Roelant, Florida International University (USA)

Topic D: Immobilization of Wastes from HLW/SNF/UNF Processing Co-Chairs: Ned Bibler, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions - Retired; Joseph Westsik, PNNL (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad

B2. A Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Gas Bubbles in Multiphase Flows with High Density Ratios - 11304 Seckin Gokaltun, Dwayne McDaniel, Florida International University (USA)

D1. Transformation of Spent Silver Zeolite Sorbent by Ball-Milling Assisted XRD Amorphization - 11233 Daisuke Hirabayashi, Yusuke Tanada, Kayo Sawada, Youichi Enokida, Nagoya University (Japan)

B3. The Hanford Waste Feed Delivery Operations Research Model - 11248 Joanne Berry, EnergySolutions; Benjamin Gallaher, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA)

D2. Mathematical Modeling of Mass-Transfer Processes in the Rotary Calciner - 11491 Tatiana Podymova, A.A. Bochvar's HighTechnology Research Institute of Innorganic Materials; Vladimir Kascheev, Pavel Poluektov, Aleksey Mityanin, VNIINM (Russia)

B4. Numerical Simulations of Pulsed-Air Mixing Technology using Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods - 11301 Rinaldo Gonzalez Galdamez, Stephen Wood, Seckin Gokaltun, Florida International University

D3. Increased Waste Loadings for Hanford and Savannah River Site HLW and Hanford LAW Glass Formulated with a New Approach by GeoMatrix Solutions Inc. - 11093 Arthur Gribetz, Anatoly Chekhmir, Lawrence Shore, GeoMatrix Solutions Inc. (USA)

B5. EM-31: Alternative Enhanced Chemical Cleaning Program for Sludge Heel Removal - 11220 William King, Bruce Wiersma, Michael Hay, Frank Pennebaker, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

D4. The Effect of Waste Loading and Glass Structural Factors on Structure and Chemical Durability of SB2 and SB4 SRS Waste Glasses - 11397 Sergey Stefanovsky, SIA Radon Institute (Russia); James Marra, SRNL (USA)

Topic C: Reprocessing and Separation of SNF/UNF and HLW Co-Chairs: Terri Fellinger, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Reid Peterson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Terri Fellinger Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin

D5. The Effect of Waste Loading on Phase Composition, Structure and Chemical Durability of Glassy Materials for Immobilization of High-Sodium/Aluminum Waste - 11475 Sergey Stefanovsky, Alexandra Sorokaletova, Anna Sorokina, SIA Radon Institute; Boris Nikonov, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry, RAS (Russia)

C1. A Study on the Proliferation Resistance Assessment of Nuclear Fuel Cycles - 11094 Yoon Hee Lee, Jongkuk Lee, KAIST (Republic of Korea); Kun Jai Lee, KUSTAR (United Arab Emirates)


Monday PM D6. Evaluation and Selection of 99Tc Getters for Sequestration of Liquid Secondary Waste Resulting from Vitrification of Radioactive Waste from Hanford - 11167 Shas Mattigod, Joseph Westsik, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Physical and Chemical Properties of Tributyl Phosphate/Diluent/Nitric Acid System - 11577 Amber Wright, University of Nevada Las Vegas (USA)


Developing Open-Source Video Games to Educate the Public about Nuclear Energy 11385 Joshua Peterson, University of Texas at Austin; Philip Marquis, North Carolina University; Sai Kiran Mylavarapu, Ohio State University; Bao H. Truong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA); Viktor Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)


Characterization of High Level Waste from a Hybrid Fusion-Fission Engine for Enhanced Repository Performance - 11629 Elizabeth M. Beckett, Purdue University (USA)


Economic Feasibility of Spent Fuel Reprocessing vs. Direct Geologic Disposal 11630 Marc Goldsmith, Bryan Bittner, Texas State Technical College (USA)


Wastewater to Energy - 11633 Sumayeh Freiwan, Russell Chianelli, Barry Benedict, Omar Al-Qudah, University of Texas at El Paso (USA)


Analysis of Remediation Strategies for Radium-Contaminated Soils - 11641 Lisa Cox, University of Wyoming (USA)


Immobilisation of Spent Ion Exchange Resin (NRW-40) Using Borosilicate Glass; Thermal Analysis and Encapsulation 11634 Nasir Hamodi, The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Topic E: Influence of Environments on Deep Disposal Sites Co-Chairs: Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Tom Brouns E1. Super-Deep HLW Self-Disposal Option - 11065 Michael Ojovan, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom); Vladimir Kascheev, Pavel Poluektov, VNIINM (Russia) E2. Identification of Eu (III) Sorption into CSH Gel by the Changes of Fluorescence Emission Spectrum and BET Surface Area - 11192 Keisuke Shirai, Yuichi Niibori, Hiroaki Yoshikawa, Hitoshi Mimura, Tohoku University (Japan) E3. Sensitivity Analysis for Scenarios Relevant to Evolution of Overpack and Buffer Material - 11176 Seiji Takeda, Masatoshi Watanabe, Hideo Kimura, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan) Poster Session 26 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Exhibit Hall

Student Poster Competition: The Next Generation - Industry Leaders of Tomorrow

S10. Radiological Emergency Preparedness in Nepal - 11645 Chhavi Raj Bhatt, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway); Shanta Lall Shrestha, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital; Kamal K Shrestha, Nuclear Society of Nepal (Nepal)

Co-Chairs: Leonel Lagos, Florida International University; Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific Inc. (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer: Leonel Lagos Add’l Organizer(s): Robert Berry, Michelle Rehmann S1.


S11. Using Surface-Runoff Chemistry for Indicating the Groundwater Recharge in the Southern Amargosa Desert - 11649 Omar Al-Qudah, John Walton, University of Texas at El Paso; Arturo Woocay, Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez; John Klenke, Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository (USA)

Determination of Decontamination Factor of Pyroprocessing Through Safety Assessment of Geological Repository - 11673 HyoSook Jung, Sungyeol Choi, Il Soon Hwang, Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)

S12. Hazardous Waste Ion-Exchange by a Potassium Metal Sulfide - 11651 Joshua Mertz, Mercouri Kanatzidis, Northwestern University; Emmanouil Manos, University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

Materials, Accountability, and Process Control with Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy - 11453 Jamie Warburton, Nick Smith, Ken Czerwinski, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA)

S13. Modeling of the Horizontal Pipeline Flow of Non-Newtonian Nuclear Waste Slurries 11655 Mario Roberto Rojas, University of Arizona (USA)


Tuesday AM S26. Study on Uranium (VI) Sorption on Hanford Sediment - 11670 Melissa Sanchez, Prabhakar Pant, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA)

S14. An Approach for the Decontamination and Decommissioning of Stacks at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 11653 Richard Colbert, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Thomas Conley, Ken Schneider, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

S27. Unplugging of High Level Waste Pipelines: Method of Characteristics - 11671 Stephen Wood, Florida International University (USA)

S15. Simulation of Rising Bubbles Using the Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Method 11656 Merlin Ngachin, Seckin Gokaltun, Michael Sukop, Florida International University (USA) S16. CYCLUS: A Modular Fuel Cycle Simulator Platform - 11660 Kathryn Huff, Paul Wilson, University of Wisconsin (USA)

S28. Benchmark Study on Applied Potential of Mark-IV Electrorefiner to Validate ThreeDimensional Electrochemo-Hydrodynamic Model for Electrorefining Process - 11672 Jaeyeong Park, Il-Soon Hwang, Sungyeol Choi, Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)

S17. Cellular Concrete/Grout: An Innovative Material For In-Situ Decommissioning 11661 Alessandra Monetti, Florida International University (USA)

S29. Assessment for the Suitability for a LLW Radioactive Waste Storage Facility in Northern Louisiana - 11674 Charles Wilson, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (USA)

S18. AFT Impulse™ Modeling of Waterhammer Transients - 11662 Jose Matos, Florida International University (USA)

March 1, Tuesday AM Session 27

S19. Understanding Mercury Transfer to the Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans - 11663 Amaury Betancourt, Georgio Tachiev, Yelena Katsenovich, Florida International University; Dwayne Elias, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102B

Panel: Emerging Issues with US DOE Prime Contractors Co-Chairs: Pete Knollmeyer, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Judith Connell, Fluor Government Group (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Judith Connell Add’l Organizer: Pete Knollmeyer

S20. Peristaltic Crawler for the Removal of High Level Waste Plugs - 11664 Lee Brady, Florida International University (USA) S21. Asynchronous Pulsing as a Means of Unplugging Pipelines - 11665 Janty Ghazi, Jose Varona, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA)

This panel will feature senior executives from large and small US DOE sites addressing issues in the DOE’s waste and environmental cleanup program. Multiple, timely topics concerning critical or emerging issues or challenges within the prime contractor community will be the focus of the discussion. Such potential topics include progress, issues on, with integrating ARRA activities and funding with site mission/base funding and regulatory requirements and schedules. Questions will be posed to the panelists for response followed by discussion.

S22. EFCOG Lessons Learned and Best Practices - 11666 Heidi Henderson, Peggy Shoffner, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA) S23. The Effect of Arthrobacter Bacteria on Uranium Release from Meta-autunite 11667 Sheidyn Ng, Florida International University (USA)

Panelists include: John Lehew, President, CH2M HILL PRC; John Fulton, President, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; John McKibbin, President, West Valley Environmental Services; Ryan Dodd, Deputy General Manager, Washington Closure Hanford; Dave Olson, Deputy Proj. Manager, Savannah River Remediation, LLC.; Robert Warther, Vice President - EM, B&W Technical Services; Ken Rueter, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Washington River Protection Solutions; and Bob Nichols, Director – Surveillance & Maintenance, D&D, Fluor-B&W Portsmouth, LLC.

S24. A Numerical Model for Air Dispersion at the Moab Site - 11668 Kanchana Iyer, Mandar Zope, Georgio Tachiev, Florida International University (USA) S25. Feasibility of Using Embedded Wireless Sensors for In-Situ Decommissioning Tasks and Environmental Monitoring 11669 Elicek Delgado-Cepero, Florida International University (USA)


Tuesday AM Northwest National Laboratory; Liyuan Liang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Robert Aylward, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Session 28 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 105B

Panel: Worldwide Regulatory Oversight of Radioactive Legacy Sites


Co-Chairs: Malgorzata K. Sneve, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norway); Ray Clark, US EPA (USA) Lead Organizer: Ray Clark Add’l Organizer(s): Malgorzata K. Sneve, Larry Camper Panel Reporter: Graham Smith

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 The Office of Deactivation and Decommissioning Research & Development Program for Fiscal Year 2011 - 11533 Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE; Paula Kirk, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Richard Abitz, John Gladden, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

This panel will focus on the regulatory supervision of legacy sites including uranium legacy and describing regulatory challenges related to the supervision of D&D, rehabilitation or remediation of legacy sites. Practical solutions are sought on how to regulate situations and activities falling outside of the existing regulatory regime.

10:45 The US DOE Office of Environmental Management International Program Collaboration - 11526 Ana Han, US DOE; James Marra, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Panelists include: Russell Edge, IAEA (Austria); Mikhail Kiselev, Federal Medical Biological Agency FMBA (Russia); Alexander Kim, Atomic Energy Commission (Kazakhstan); Stuart Walker, US EPA; Malgorzata Sneve, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norway); Natalya Klimova and Natalya Shandala, FMBA (Russia).

11:10 Leveraged Activities and Collaboration Supporting the Office of Technology Innovation & Development - 11532 Pramod Mallick, US DOE; Sharon Marra, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA) 11:35 Overview of Impacts of Technology Deployment on the Mission of the US DOE EM - 11535 Skip Chamberlain, US DOE; Daniel McCabe, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Session 29 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The Office of Nuclear Materials Disposition Fiscal Year 2011 Research & Development Activities - 11537 Edgardo DeLeon, Nancy Buschman, US DOE (USA)

Room 104AB

The Role of the DOE Office of Technology, Innovation and Development in Reducing Risk

Session 30 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Co-Chairs: Yvette Collazo, US DOE; Jeff Griffin, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Kurt Gerdes Add’l Organizer(s): Kurt Gerdes, John Shultz Paper Reviewer: Rosa Ramirez 8:35

US DOE Office of Technology Innovation and Development – Integration of the EM R&D Program in 2010 and Beyond - 11529 Yvette Collazo, US DOE; Jeff Griffin, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


The Office of Waste Processing Fiscal Year 2011 Program Plan for Research & Development - 11531 Steven Schneider, US DOE; Jeff Griffin, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


The Office of Groundwater & Soil Remediation Fiscal Year 2011 Research & Development Program - 11513 Kurt Gerdes, Skip Chamberlain, Rosa Ramirez, Karen Skubal, Justin Marble, US DOE; Dawn Wellman, Amoret Bunn, Pacific

Room 105C

Environmental Remediation Progress Toward Closure of Contaminated Sites Co-Chairs: Mark Frei, Longenecker & Associates; Susan Walter, AECOM (USA) Lead Organizer: Kurt Gerdes Add’l Organizer: Mark Frei Paper Reviewer: Susan Walter



Restoration and Assessment of the Extent of Contamination of the National Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal Site in Tajikistan - 11481 Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College (Canada); Dzhamshed Abdushukurov, Nazirzhon Buriev, Academy of Science of Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)


Environmental Monitoring and Development of Radio-ecological Criteria and Norms during Remediation of the RW and SNF Temporary Storage Sites in

Tuesday AM Russia - 11520 Evgeny Metlyaev, Natalia K. Shandala, Sergey Kiselev, Sergey Ahromeev, Vladimir Seregin, Alexey Titov, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center; Elena Schelkanova, SevRAO Facility-1 (Russia); Malgorzata K. Sneve, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norway) 9:25

Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation Plan for Environmental Remediation Activities at Brookhaven National Laboratory - 11109 Steven Feinberg, Thomas Johnson, Melanie Hurley Pearson, Dinesh Gupta, US DOE; Thomas Jernigan, Broohaven Science Associates (USA)


Intrusive Characterization of the Hanford 618-10, Burial Ground Trenches - 11044 Darrin Faulk, John Darby, Washington Closure Hanford; Zane Walton, Vista Engineering Technologies, LLC (USA)


Green Remediation of PerchlorateContaminated Soil by On-Site Bioremediation at an Active Manufacturing Facility - 11320 Marc Dionne, Grant Ohland, AMEC Geomatrix; Scott Goulart, Aerojet - a GenCorp Inc. (USA)


Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM): Early Site Demonstration - 11560 Juan Meza, Susan Hubbard, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Mark Freshley, Ian Gorton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; David Moulton, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Miles Denham, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


Analysis of Modeling Capabilities to Predict Disposal Facility Cover Design and Performance at DOE sites - 11057 Roneisha Worthy, James Clarke, Mark Abkowitz, Vanderbilt University; Craig Benson, University of Washington (USA)


Detection of Historical Pipeline Leak Plumes Using Non-intrusive, Surface Based Geophysical Techniques at the Hanford Nuclear Site - 11571 James Fink, Marc Levitt, Dale Rucker, hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc.; Marysia Skorska, Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 3-D Model Validation in Support of Site Closure, Material Disposal Area L, Los Alamos, NM - 11545 Kay Birdsell, Philip Stauffer, William Rice, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) 10:45 Nevada Test Site Environmental Remediation Progress Toward Closure of Contaminated Sites - 11153 Robert Boehlecke, US DOE; Patrick Matthews, Navarro Nevada Environmental Services (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Fishbone, a Biogenic Apatite, for Sustainable Remediation of UraniumContaminated Water - 11534 Steven Larson, Christopher Griggs, John Ballard, USACE; Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University (USA)

11:10 DOE-EM Small Site Update - 11500 John Unyong Moon, Mark Gilbertson, Justine Alchowiak, Richard Schassburger, US DOE (USA)

10:45 Interim Barrier in Hanford's TY Farm to Protect Groundwater - 11295 Danny Parker, Melissa Holm, Washington River Protection Solutions; Robert Lober, US DOE; Colin Henderson, Columbia Environmental and Engineering Services (USA)

11:35 The Relocation of Waste Trench #54 at the Port Granby Waste Management Facility - 11280 Thomas Smith, David Workman, Cameco Corporation; Frank Barone, Golder Associates (Canada)

11:10 Development of an Estimated Waste Inventory for the 618-10 Burial Ground at the Hanford Site - 11119 Walter Josephson, WorleyParsons Polestar; John Ludowise, Washington Closure Hanford, LLC (USA)

Session 31 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106A

Technical Innovations in Environmental Remediation and Site Closure Co-Chairs: Del Baird, CDM; Ed Alperin, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Del Baird Add’l Organizer: Ed Alperin


Tuesday AM 11:35 Deposition Rates of the Polymeric Silicic Acid onto the Surface of Silicate Mineral in the Co-Presence of Ca Ions - 11378 Naoyuki Tamura, Yuichi Niibori, Hitoshi Mimura, Tohoku University (Japan)

Session 32 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106B

Models and Data - Supporting Performance of Geological Disposal Systems Co-Chairs: Ming Zhang, Geological Survey of Japan, AIST (Japan); Graham Fairhall, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf Add’l Organizer(s): Ming Zhang, Simon Kwong, Andrew Martin Paper Reviewer: Andrew Martin 8:35 Multimodel Assessment of the Worth of Data under Uncertainty - 11416 Shlomo Neuman, Liang Xue, University of Arizona; Dan Lu, Ming Ye, Florida State University (USA) 9:00



Session 33 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106C

Separation in Support of Current Waste Processing Operations Co-Chairs: Paul Bredt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; William Wilmarth, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux Add’l Organizer: Robert Jubin Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad

Development of Models to Forecast Radionuclide Migration in the Geological Environment for Safety Cases of RadWaste Repositories in the Russian Federation - 11269 Sergey Utkin, Igor Linge, Leonid Bolshov, Ivan Kapyrin, Aleksandr Rastorguev, Yuri Vassilevski, Nuclear Safety Institute, RAS (Russia) Anomalous Transport in Fractured Geologic Media: Basic Physical Models 11134 Petr Kondratenko, Igor Linge, Olga Dvoretskaya, Leonid Bolshov, Leonid Matveev, Nuclear Safety Institute, RAS (Russia) Non-Classical Transport in Fractal Media as Applied to Radioactive Waste Problem: Anisotropic Random Advection Model 11147 Leonid Matveev, Petr Kondratenko, Leonid Bolshov, Nuclear Safety Institute, RAS (Russia)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Anomalous Transport in Heterogeneous Media with Sharply Contrasting Properties: The Role of Diffusive Barriers - 11142 Petr Kondratenko, Olga Dvoretskaya, Leonid Bolshov, Nuclear Safety Institute, RAS (Russia)


Operations Review of the Savannah River Site Integrated Salt Disposition Process 11327 Thomas P. Peters, Fernando Fondeur, Michael Poirier, Savannah River National Laboratory; Steven J. Brown, Mark Geeting, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Samuel Fink, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; (USA)


Small-Column Ion Exchange Testing of Spherical Resorcinol-Formaldehyde 11379 Garrett Brown, Renee Russell, Reid Peterson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Modeling Results from Cesium Ion Exchange Processing with Spherical Resins - 11228 Charles Nash, Thong Hang, Sebastian Aleman, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


Pilot Scale Testing of Continuous Sludge Leaching Process and Near Tank Cesium Removal - 11377 Reid Peterson, Rick Shimskey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; David Blanchard, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division; Roy Schepens, Collin Smith, Parsons (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Performance Improvement of CrossFlowing Filtration for High Level Waste Treatment - 11189 Charles Nash, Mark Duignan, Michael Poirier, Savannah River National Laboratory; Caroline Johnson, University of South Carolina (USA)

10:45 Transparency in the Selection of Biosphere Transfer Parameters for Geological Disposal Systems - 11515 David Bytwerk, Kathryn Higley, Elizabeth Houser, Oregon State University (USA) 11:10 Sorption of Tc (IV) to Cementitious Materials Associated with a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste 11129 Nick Evans, Ricky Hallam, Sneh Jain, Loughborough University (United Kingdom)

10:45 Complex Microfiltration Behaviour of Metal Hydroxide Slurries - 11376 Reid Peterson, Philip Schonewill, Richard Daniel, Rick Shimskey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)


Tuesday AM Laboratory - 11334 Alison Dorries, Scotty Jones, Steven Singledecker, Los Alamos National Laboratory; George Henckel, US DOE (USA)

11:10 Partitioning and Conditioning Options Based on Chinese High-level Liquid Waste Full Partitioning Process - 11440 Xuegang Liu, Jingming Xu, Jing Chen, Jianchen Wang, Jin Chen, Shaowei LI, Tsinghua University (China)

11:10 The Power of Data Imaging - 11614 Jeffrey Lively, MACTEC (USA)

11:35 Small Column Ion Exchange Design and Safety Strategy - 11325 Thomas Huff, Maria Rios-Armstrong, Richard Edwards, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; David Herman, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

11:35 Strategic Planning in the Office of Environmental Management - 11499 Michelle Primack, US DOE; David Meredith, Project Enhancement Corporation; Kristine Cornils, Demand Management Inc. (USA) Session 35

Session 34 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 101B

Room 101C

Regulatory and Programmatic Issues and Solutions for LLW, ILW, and MW

Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material and Waste - Challenges and Lessons Learned

Co-Chairs: David Eaton, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover (Germany) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: David Eaton Add’l Organizer(s): David Eaton, Gabriele Bandt

Co-Chairs: Ella McNeil, US DOE; Paul Jones, DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Larry Harmon Add’l Organizer(s): Mike Nolan, Paul Jones


Risk-Informing 10 CFR Part 61 - 11463 John Greeves, Jim Lieberman, Talisman International, LLC (USA)


Mixed Low-Level Waste (LLW) Storage and Disposal at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) - 11082 Frank Disanza, US DOE; Patrick Arnold, Larry Holm, CH2M HILL, Inc.; John Wrapp, National Security Technologies, LLC (USA)


The Impact of NRC Guidance on Concentration Averaging on Low Level Waste Sealed Source Disposal - 11424 Julia Whitworth, William Stewart, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Abigail Cuthbertson, US DOE (USA)


The Achievements and the Challenges in Waste Management - Enhancing the Security and Safety in Radioactive Material Transportation in Romania 11273 Gheorghe Vieru, Institute for Nuclear Research (Romania)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Closure Optimization for the 92-Acre Area at the Nevada Test Site: Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Site 11151 John Wrapp, Vefa Yucel, Annette Primrose, National Security Technologies, LLC; Frank Disanza, US DOE (USA)


Practical Hazardous Material Transportation Costing, Scheduling and Oversight with TCAT (Transportation Costs Analysis Tool) - 11330 Dean Newton, Turnkey Transportation Services (USA)


Benefits of an Integrated Logistics Model for Radioactive and Nuclear Materials 11170 Catherine Shelton, AREVA (USA)


Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project (UMTRA) - Assessment of Methods to Minimize Contaminated Material Holdup in Intermodal Containers - 11196 Lawrence M. Brede, EnergySolutions; Matt Udovitsch, S & K Aerospace; Ken Wethington, US DOE (USA)


Characterization, Packaging, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal of the Historic Argonne CP-5 Lower Inner Shield Plug - 11425 Jeffrey Ginsburg, EnergySolutions; Christopher Brandjes, Argonne National Laboratory; Bruce Cohen, Associated Container Sales & Fabrication (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Design, Fabrication, and Delivery of a Shielded Type A Container - 11512 Robert Rittenberg, Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. (USA)

10:45 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management: Transitioning to Off-Site Disposal at Los Alamos National 45

Tuesday AM Anthony Banford, Darren Potter, Richard Jarvis, Leon Cordingley, National Nuclear laboratory; Michael Grave, Doosan Babcock (United Kingdom)

10:45 B&W Y-12 Beryllium Packaging of ARRA CERCLA Large Equipment for Bulk Disposal - 11218 Joseph Birchfield, Link Technologies (USA)

11:10 A Standardised Listing of Cost Items for Decommissioning Costing - 11483 Vladimir Daniska, DECONTA (Slovak Republic); Michele Laraia, International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria); Thomas Kirchner, European Commission Directorate General for Energy (Switzerland); Patrick O'Sullivan, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (France); Jan Carlsson, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and WM Co. (Sweden)

11:10 Packaging and Transportation of Hazardous Materials for Disposition from the Argonne National Laboratory Building 330, Decommissioning - 11466 Andy Riddick, Cavanagh Services Group, Inc.; Lee Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory (USA) Session 36 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102A Session 37

D&D of Nuclear Power Plants

8:30 AM - 10:10 AM

Co-Chairs: Maria Lindberg, Studsvik Nuclear AB (Sweden); Fred Sheil, Sheil Consulting, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Maria Lindberg Add’l Organizer(s): Jas Devgun, Al Freitag 8:35

Harmonization of Decommissioning Approaches and Design Features - 11092 Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC (USA)


Decommissioning of the Reactor Pressure Vessel and its Peripheral Facilities of the Nuclear Power Plant in Stade, Germany 11100 Andreas Loeb, Dieter Stanke, Siempelkamp NIS GmbH (Germany)


Remote-Controlled Dismantling of the Thermal Isolation and Preparations for the Primary Shielding Removal - 11279 Anja Graf, Joachim Fleisch, Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Wittenauer, WAK GmbH; Eiko Koselowski, Stefan Klute, Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany)


Activated Waste Activity Assessment Based on Radioactive and NonRadioactive Measurement: Generalized Data Assimilation Method - 11135 Bernard Poncet, EDF-CIDEN (France)

Room 103AB

Panel: Graduating Students and New Engineers - Wants and Needs - Are Companies Even Listening? Co-Chairs: Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific Inc. (United Kingdom); Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA) Lead Organizer: Robert Berry Add’l Organizer(s): Leonel Lagos, Collin Donohoue Panel Reporter: Leonel Lagos This panel will focus on new hires and graduating engineers having open lines of communication with employers. Considering the projected shortfalls in the workforce, effective communication of wants and needs of both the employer and employee must exist. Currently, it seems that both sides must work harder to achieve this level of communication. With this new approach, both sides can express their wants and needs for a more satisfied workforce and a better work environment. Panelists include: Carl Dawson, NDA (United Kingdom); Kenny Krieger, Texas State Technical College; Desi Crouther, US DOE and Nadia Lima, Florida International University (USA).

10:15 Break - Optional

Session 38

10:20 Use of Cementitious Materials for SRS Reactor Facility In-Situ Decommissioning - 11620 Christine Langton, David Stefanko, Savannah River National Laboratory; John Blankenship, William Griffin, J.T. Long, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Justin Waymer, URS Corporation; David Matheny, South Carolina University; D. Singh, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 103AB

Panel: International Youth Nuclear Congress / Young Professionals Co-Chairs: Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific Inc. (United Kingdom); Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Corhyn Parr Add’l Organizer(s): Robert Berry, Leonel Lagos

10:45 Selection of Retrieval Techniques for Irradiated Graphite during Reactor Decommissioning - 11587 46

Tuesday AM This panel will focus on international activities of the Young Generation Network. These include the International Youth Nuclear Congress attended by over 250 young professionals (to be held in the US in 2012), World Nuclear University (over 100 fellows per year) and national activities for young professionals in the US, UK and France. We will share the best practices of the different nations and international programmes to grow and develop the international young professional network that aspires to be the next generation leaders of the future. Panelists include: Michelle Swanson, North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN) (USA); Connor Deehan, President, UK Young Generation in Nuclear (UK-YGN) and International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) Fellow (UK) and Dara Hrytzak-Lieffers, Manager – Corporate Social Responsibility, Cameco Corporation (Canada).


Cement Based Encapsulation Experiments for Low-Radioactive Liquid Waste at Tokai Reprocessing Plant - 11078 Atsushi Sugaya, Kenji Tanaka, Shigeru Akutsu, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)


Pilot-Scale System for Recycling Caustic from LLW Simulant - 11342 Shekar Balagopal, Troy Dayton, Kean Duffey, Sai Bhavaraju, Justin Pendleton, Ceramatec, Inc. (USA)


Pilot-Scale Testing of MST Mixing for the SRS Small Column Ion Exchange Process (SCIX) - 11224 Michael Poirier, Zafar Qureshi, Mike Restivo, Tim Steeper, David Herman, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


Recent Developments in a Transformative Technology for the Treatment of Nuclear Waste: Modular Vitrification System 11396 Gaetan Bonhomme, Mark Denton, Kurion, Inc. (USA)


Decontamination of Pipes and Additional Equipment of the Oil and Gas Industry (NORM) in the Desert Region - 11268 Frank Ambos, Conrad Gese, Tanja Boesing, sat.Kernterchnik GmbH (Germany)

Poster Session 39 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

1st Floor Foyer

Posters: L/ILW, Mixed Waste, NORM & TENORM – A–E Nuclear Power Plant Waste – F Topic A: LLW, ILW and Mixed Waste - Operating Experience Co-Chairs: Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH; Andreas Roth, Westinghouse Electric Company (Germany) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Roger Merrick A1.

Reduction of Uranium(VI) by a Consortium from Limpopo Grown in Three Different Carbon Sources - 11575 Simphiwe Chabalala, Evans Chirwa, University of Pretoria (South Africa)


Immobilization of BaSO4: Phases Formation and Microstructure of OPCBaSO4 System Cured at an Elevated Temperature - 11012 Oday Hussein, Michael Ojovan, Hajime Kinoshita, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)



A10. Low Temperature SiC Synthesis Route to Immobilize Irradiated Graphite Waste 11484 Mehul Chavda, Michael Ojovan, Shaowei Zhang, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) Topic B: Waste Characterization of LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Bob Hiergesell Paper Reviewer: Michael Davidson B1. Practical Issues for the Description of Chemical Constituents in Radioactive Waste Packages - 11556 Detlef Gründler, Wilma Boetsch, Claudia Haider, ISTec GmbH; Peter Brennecke,; Karin Kugel, Stefan Steyer, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany)

Development and Testing of New Antimony Selective Media - 11183 Risto Harjula, Risto Koivula, Airi Paajanen, Ilkka Välimaa, University of Helsinki; Esko Tusa, Miia Pehkonen, Roger Kvarnström, Fortum Power and Heat (Finland)

B2. Doubles Counting of Highly Multiplying Items in Reflective Surroundings - 11548 Stephen Croft, Louise Evans, M.A. Schear, Stephen J. Tobin, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

Application of Bacteria to Remove Americium from Radioactive Liquid Waste - 11130 Júlio Takehiro Marumo, Tânia Regina Borba, Solange Kazumi Sakata,; Rafael Vicente de Pádua Ferreira, Maria Helena Bellini, Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (Brazil); Debora Frigi Rodrigues, University of Houston (USA)

B3. Separation of Uranium by Ion-Exchange Chromatography for Determination of its Content and Isotopic Composition Using ICP-MS - 11126 Minh Hong Le, Chien Nguyen, Huynh Van Trung, ITRRE (Vietnam)


Tuesday AM LLRW - 11622 Lloyd Solomon, Robert Eunice, Amit Gandhi, Studsvik, Inc. (USA)

B4. Natural Radioactivity in Common Building Materials Used in Vietnam - 11255 Sieu Le, Dalat Nuclear Research Institute (Vietnam)

D5. Launderable vs. Disposable Protective Clothing, a Comparative Ecology Centered Life Cycle Inventory - 11623 Marie BenKinney, Exponent; Michael Fuller, Unitech Services Group, Inc (USA)

B5. Modeling the Effect of Hydrogeochemical Evolution on Concrete Degradation in the Proposed LLW Disposal Site of Taiwan - 11253 Wen-Sheng Lin, Chen-Wuing Liu, National Taiwan University; Ming-Hsu Li, National Central University (Taiwan)

D6. Central Radioactive Waste Processing and Storage Facility at Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh 11624 Fazlul Karim, World University of Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

B6. Field-Scale Experiment for Gas Generation in Korean Repository - 11124 Juyoul Kim, Suk Hoon Kim, FNC Technology Co., Ltd; Jin Beak Park, Sunjoung Lee, Korea Radioactive Waste Management Corp. (Republic of Korea)

Topic E: NORM, TENORM and Other Uranium Issues Co-Chairs: Steven Brown, SHB Inc.; Erich Tiepel, Golder Associates, Inc (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Steven Brown

Topic C: LLW/ILW Performance Assessment Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Bob Hiergesell Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin

E1. Biocorrosion of Cemented Radioactive Waste - 11156 Olga Gorbunova, Alexandr Barinov, SIA Radon Institute (Russia)

C1. Code-to-Code Benchmarking of the Porflow and GoldSim Contaminant Transport Models Using a Simple 1-D Domain - 11191 Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

E2. Mechanism of Uranite Reduction Involving the Microbial Cellular Cytochrome c3 and NADH-DH Holoenzymes - 11576 Evans Chirwa, Simphiwe Chabalala, University of Pretoria (South Africa)

C2. Engineering Properties, Hydraulic Behavior and Theoretical Modelling of Nuclear Waste Flows - 11098 Timothy Hunter, Michael Fairweather, James Young, Jeff Peakall, Simon Biggs, Jun Yao, David Harbottle, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

E3. The Environmental Conditions and Heals of Workers at the Russian Uranium Mining and Milling Facility - 11525 Evgeny Metlyaev, Sergey Kiselev, Mikhail Alekseev, Alexey Titov, Natalia K. Shandala, Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Centre (Russia)

Topic D: Overall/Programmatic LLW Topics Co-Chairs: Mike Eisenhower, Materials & Energy Corporation; Loong Yong, Spectra Tech, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Edward Bentz

Topic F: Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Waste Management Co-Chairs: Mark Lewis, EnergySolutions; Jay Maisler, Enercon Services, Inc (USA) Lead Organizer: Wolfgang Steinwarz Paper Reviewer: C. Clint Miller

D1. Application of NPL Radioactive Waste Package Standards at AWE - 11004 Timothy Miller, AWE (United Kingdom) D2. Pollution Prevention Benefits of NonHazardous-Shielding Glovebox Gloves - 11000 Michael Cournoyer, Robert Dodge, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

F1. Evaluation of Radiochemical Properties of Legacy Dry Active Waste - 11477 Kidoo Kang, Youngju Lee, Hyun-jun Jo, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (Republic of Korea)

D3. Development of Safety Enhanced Protection Units for Tritium - 11165 Sung Paal Yim, Byung-Gil Ahn, Hyung-Kyoo Kim, Hoan Sung Jung, In-Cheol Lim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute; Cheo Kyung Lee, Handong Global University; Sun Kyun Yoo, Joongbu University (Republic of Korea)

F2. Burnup Credit Measurements for Cask Loading Compliance – A Review of Techniques and Calibration Philosophies 11194 Alan Simpson, Martin Clapham, Pajarito Scientific Corporation; Andrew Chesterman, Babcock International Group (United Kingdom)

D4. Innovative use of Cloud Computing and Hardware Platforms to Improve the Accuracy, Efficiency and Auditability of


Tuesday PM F3. Dry Cask Storage Safely Moving Spent Nuclear Fuel - 11169 Jay Edmundson, David Schaeffer, Konecranes Nuclear Equipment & Services (USA)

and Donald Bridges, Chairman, Citizens Advisory Board, Savannah River Site.

F4. Environmental Treatment of LLW and ILW at Almirante Álvaro Alberto Nuclear Power Station: A Proposal for a Waste Management Politics (Electronuclear; Brazil) - 11150 Sandra Cecília Miano, Rogério Arcuri Filho, M.Sc., Bertino do Carmo Lima Neto, Eletrobrás Eletronuclear S.A. (Brazil)

1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Session 41

Models and Data - Supporting Performance Assessment of Geological Disposal Systems Co-Chairs: Simon Kwong National Nuclear Laboratory; Ming Zhang, Geological Survey of Japan, AIST (Japan) Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf Add’l Organizer(s): Ming Zhang, Andrew Martin Paper Reviewer: Andrew Martin

F5. Calculations of Flow in Evaporator with Solids Present at The Base - 11539 Simon Kwong, Keith Miller, Steve Graham, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)

1:35 Decision Support, Risk Management and Tradeoff Analysis of Stakeholder Estimation: Application of Cyber Security Econometrics System (CSES) to Decision Support and Risk Management for Waste Management - 11340 Robert Abercrombie, Frederick Sheldon, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

March 1, Tuesday PM Session 40 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 103AB

Room 102B

Panel: US Featured Site: DOE - Savannah River Accomplishments and Challenges

2:00 GoldSim's Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) Interface for Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP) - 11444 Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University; Frank Smith, Greg Flach, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Co-Chairs: Dave Moody, US DOE; Jack Craig, US DOE - EM (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Dawn Haygood Add’l Organizer(s): W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Ned Bibler

2:25 Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP), Phase 1: Code Integration - 11446 Kevin Brown, Sohini Sarkar, Vanderbilt University; Greg Flach, Frank Smith, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

This panel focuses on the DOE Savannah River Site located in Aiken, SC. It will showcase recent progress and planned efforts in radioactive waste management, waste disposition, environmental remediation, D&D and ground water protection. The session will begin with an introduction and update on progress and perspectives of SRS as a long-term national asset from DOE senior management. SRS’s primary contractors, the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and the SRS Citizens Advisory Board will introduce their specific role at SRS, highlight progress and discuss technologies that are assisting with the cleanup and waste management activities at the site. Panel discussion will also highlight future contributions of SRS as it serves as the gateway for nationwide nuclear materials consolidation and ultimate disposition.

Session 42 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 103AB

Panel: Contract Management Issues Related to Insurance, Indemnity and Bonds in the WM Industry Co-Chairs: John Coffman, DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc.; Jim Gilley, Wells Fargo Energy and Environmental (USA) Lead Organizer: John Coffman Add’l Organizer and Panel Reporter: Jim Gilley

Panelists include: Dave Moody, Manager DOE Savannah River Operations Office, US DOE; Dave Olson, Deputy Project Manager, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Mark Breor, Vice President and Project Manager, Parsons Salt Waste Processing Facility; Garry Flowers, President and CEO, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Terry Michalske, Director, SRNL; Kelly Trice, President/Chief Operating Officer, Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC

The focus of this panel session will be to provide attendees with an up-to-date analysis of market conditions and policy forms, necessary modifications to wrap the financial and insurance protection around the project, contractual and operational risks and a discussion on project and facility bonding. The risks assumed by companies working in this business sector are unlike those faced by any other industry.


Tuesday PM A keen understanding of risk transfer solutions and possible contract negotiations is vital to all companies working in this business sector. The following topics will be covered in this session. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

William Biloski, James Serafin Jr., Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) 3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 What is the Impact of Poor Definition of Boundaries and Interfaces on Projects, and What, If Anything, Should be Done? 11471 Richard Peters, Project Time & Cost International Ltd (United Kingdom)

Overview of the Current Insurance Status of the Insurance and Surety Bond Market An Understanding of the Underwriting Process – “From Rejection to Acceptance” Professional & Contractors Pollution Legal Liability Site Pollution Legal Liability Contract Surety – Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds Financial Assurance for Radiological Waste Processing Contract Rules of Engagement for Insurance and Bonds “Decisions Involve Risks”

3:45 Project Management: Managing a Performance Network of Agreements and Deliverables - 11251 Laurie Ford, Critical Path Consultants (USA) 4:10 Making Sustainability Relevant through Exploration of Land Reuse Options: The Oak Ridge Energy Corridor Example 11328 Sharon Robinson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Susan Cange, US DOE; Gary Gilmartin, Gilmartin Engineering Works (USA)

Panelists include: Jim Gilley, Senior Vice President – Energy & Environmental, Wells Fargo Insurance Services; Glynis Preister, National Environmental Practice Manager, Wells Faro Insurance Services; Bob Patterson, Regional Manager, Berkley Specialty Underwriting Managers and a representative from American Nuclear Insurers.

4:35 Managing Engineering Activities for the Plateau Remediation Contract – Hanford 11580 Charles Kronvall, CH2M HILL PRC; Gary Cannell, Fluor Enterprises, Inc. (USA)

Session 43 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Session 44

Room 102A

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Project Management Improvements - Planning through Completion - Scope, Cost & Schedule Control

Room 101C

Enhancements in Vitrification Technology Co-Chairs: Gordon Crawford, EnergySolutions; Christian Ladirat, CEA (France) Lead Organizer: Ned Bibler Add’l Organizer(s): Gordon Crawford, Leslie Jardine Paper Reviewer: Gordon Crawford

Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management Services, Inc.; Gerald Williams, Enercon Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer/Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm Add’l Organizer(s): Neil Davis, Gerald Williams

1:35 Advanced Joule-Heated Melter Design to Reduce Hanford WTP Operating Costs 11131 Eric Smith, Theresa Butler, Bradley Bowan, Boris Ciorneiu, EnergySolutions; Keith Matlack, Ian Pegg, Catholic University of America (USA)

1:35 Improving the National Nuclear Laboratory Project Management Capability - 11017 Tim Tinsley, Nick Hanigan, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom) 2:00 Project Management Lessons Learned on US DOE Projects - 11468 Mark Frei, Jim Burritt, Longenecker & Associates (USA)

2:00 Process Enhancements to Improve Overall throughput in the Defense Waste Processing Facility at the Savannah River Site - 11458 Jonathan Bricker, Terri Fellinger, Robert Hopkins, Dale Hutsell, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Michael Stone, Brad Pickenheim, David Peeler, Erich Hansen, Savannah River National Laboratory; Ian Pegg, Marek Brandys, Robert Mohr, Wing Kot, The Catholic University of America; Glenn Diener, Innocent Joseph, Holly Pasieka, EnergySolutions (USA)

2:25 Integrated Planning: Consolidating Annual Facility Planning — More Time for Execution - 11562 Jerel Nelson, R. Lee Morton, Carlos Ramirez, Carlos Castillo, WorleyParsons Polestar; James McSwain, Terragraphics; Patrick Morris, National Security Technologies, LLC (USA) 2:50 Integration for Success of Revitalization, Redevelopment, Remedial Activities and D&D at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 11212


Tuesday PM 2:25 Installation of Bubblers in the Savannah River Site Defense Waste Processing Facility Melter - 11136 Michael Smith, Dan Iverson, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

1:35 The Operational Importance of Radiological Improvement in Remote Handled Transuranic Waste Processing at the Idaho Clean-up Project. - 11055 Scott Anderson, Tammy Hobbes, Gary Lusk, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Alan Jines, William Lattin, Edward Ziemianski, US DOE (USA)

2:50 Successful Hot Operation of the German Vitrification Plant VEK – Results and Experiences - 11277 Joachim Fleisch, Franz-Josef Schmitz, WAK GmbH; Wolfgang Gruenewald, Guenther Roth, Winfried Tobie, FZK GmbH (Germany);

2:00 Customer Service Model for Waste Tracking at Los Alamos National Laboratory - 11329 Alison Dorries, Andrew Ashbaugh, Andrew Montoya, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

3:15 Break - Optional

2:25 Managing Hanford’s Legacy, No-PathForward Waste to Disposition - 11445 Ty Blackford, Renee Catlow, Linda Maiden, Lori West, Don Flyckt, CH2M HILL PRC; Don Moak, Richard Grondin, Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc.; Mike Waters, Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. (USA)

3:20 Glass Formulation for Next Generation Cold Crucible Induction Melter - 11561 John Vienna, Dong-Sang Kim, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Michael Schweiger, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division; Fabienne Johnson, James Marra, David Peeler, Savannah River National Laboratory; Gary Smith, US DOE (USA)

2:50 Project Strategy for the Remediation and Disposition of Legacy Transuranic Waste at the Savannah River Site - 11232 Mary Rodriguez, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (USA)

3:45 A Milestone in Vitrification: The Replacement of a Hot Metallic Melter with a Cold Crucible Induction Melter in a Hot Cell in Record Time at the La Hague Plant, France - 11482 Eric Chauvin, Sandrine Naline, Fabrice Leprevost, Eric Prudhon, AREVA; Benoit Carpentier, SGN Equeurdreville (France)

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Alpha Gamma Hot Cell Facility DeInventory, a Tale of Two Projects - 11316 Daniel Pancake, Michael Sodaro, ANL (USA)

4:10 Limited Increase of Particle Entrainment in the Off-Gas System of a Cold Crucible Induction Melter Compared with a JouleHeated Metal Melter for HLLW Vitrification - 11465 Philippe Gruber, Eric Tronche, Alain Ledoux, Virginie Labe, Jean Francois Hollebecque, J. Lacombe, Christian Ladirat, CEA; Sandrine Naline, AREVA (France)

3:45 Lessons Learned in the De-Inventory Process for the Alpha Gamma Hot Cell Facility at Argonne National Laboratory - 11115 Janie Johnston, Argonne National Laboratory (USA) 4:10 A Proposed Systems Logic Approach for Meeting a Demanding Shipment Schedule for Contact Handled Transuranic Waste - 11650 Kathleen Leonard, Portage, Inc.; Jeff Walkley, Bechtel (USA)

4:35 Vitrification of Molybdenum Rich High Level Solutions by the Cold Crucible Melter Process - 11502 Philippe Gruber, Olivier Pinet, Frederic Angeli, Jean Francois Hollebecque, CEA; Sandrine Naline, AREVA (France)

Session 46 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Session 45 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 104AB

Panel: Nuclear Power Plant Waste Management - LLW Disposal Issues

Room 101B

Operational Efficiency in TRU Waste Management

Co-Chairs: C. Clint Miller, Pacific Gas & Electric; Mark Carver, Entergy Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: C. Clint Miller Add’l Organizer: Mark Lewis

Co-Chairs: Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter Technology; Betty Humphrey, Weston Solutions, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Terry Wickland

This panel will focus on US waste disposal. It provides the opportunity for representatives of US commercial LLW disposal facilities to update managers of radioactive waste at nuclear power plants on disposal site access and services provided. The status of a proposed new site will also be presented. 51

Tuesday PM Panelists include: Jeff Gardner, Site Vice President, Clive Disposal Site, EnergySolutions; Bill Dornsife, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Waste Control Specialists; Mark Carver, Manager, Fleet LLW, Entergy Services; Lisa Edwards, Radwaste Program Manager, EPRI; and Bill House, Vice President, Chem-Nuclear (USA).

Heather Burns, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Greg Flach, Christine Langton, Savannah River National Laboratory; David Kosson, Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University; Linda Suttora, Pramod Mallick, US DOE; David Esh, Jacob Philip, US NRC; Edward Garboczi, National Institute of Standards Technology (USA); Eric Samson, SIMCO Technologies, Inc. (Canada); H. Van Der Sloot, JCL Meeussen, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Session 47 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 104AB

2:25 Impact of Recovery Act Funding on Waste Disposal Operations at the Nevada Test Site - 11120 Jhon Carilli, US DOE; Rick Wagner, Katie Tanaka, John Wrapp, Sydney Gordon, National Security Technologies, LLC (USA)

Panel: Nuclear Power Plant Waste Management - LLW Processor Issues Co-Chairs: Mark Lewis, EnergySolutions; Mark Carver, Entergy Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Mark Lewis

2:50 Intentional Mixing of Special Nuclear Materials to meet Waste Acceptance Criteria - 11387 Heath Downey, MACTEC; John Conant, ABB Inc. (USA)

This panel will focus on US waste processors and provides the opportunity for representatives of US fixed-based processing facilities to update managers of radioactive waste at nuclear power plants, on service and facility changes and improvements. Fixed-based processing facilities provide a variety of waste volume reduction, treatment, and disposal services to help nuclear power waste generators to cost effectively and efficiently disposition low-level radioactive waste within commercially regulated guidelines. Processors are continuously changing and improving on services, which necessitate periodic updates to stay abreast.

Session 49 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization for LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM Co-Chairs: John Briest, Weaver Boos Consultants LLC; Mike Eisenhower, Materials & Energy Corporation (USA) Lead Organizer: Gabriele Bandt Add’l Organizer(s): Holger Spann, Lance Mezga Paper Reviewer: Holger Spann

Panelists include: Sylvain Saint-Pierre, Director, WNA; Brian Wood, VP, LP&D, EnergySolutions; John Hagan, Sales Manager, Perma-Fix Services; Greg Broda, VP, Impact Services and Lloyd Solomon, COO Studsvik (USA).

3:20 Minimizing Risks to the Environment from using NORM Residues in Road Construction - 11076 Júlio Takehiro Marumo, Vanusa Maria Jacomino, Paulo Heilbron, Fabiana Dias, Maria Helena Taddei, Comissã o Nacional de Energia Nuclear (Brazil)

Session 48 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 105C

Room 105C

Waste Certification, Acceptance and Disposal for LLW, ILW and Special Nuclear Material

3:45 Effect of Concentration of Hydrogen Chloride Gas on Chlorination Treatment of Waste Antimony-Uranium Composite Oxide Catalyst - 11274 Kayo Sawada, Youichi Enokida, Nagoya University (Japan)

Co-Chairs: Heinz Kroeger, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover (Germany); Richard Krett, DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Heinz Kroeger

4:10 Study of the Treatment of the Liquid Radioactive Waste Nong Son Uranium Ore Processing - 11204 Tien Nguyen, Institute for Technology of Radioactive and Rare Elements (Vietnam); Laura Harvey, UT-Battelle (USA)

1:35 Development, Qualification and Disposal of an Alternative Immobilized Low-Activity Waste Form at the Hanford Site - 11031 James Edge, Terry Sams, Rebecca Robbins, David Swanberg, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA)

4:35 Development of an Integrated Radioactive Waste Management and Environmental Surveillance Program at Dalat Nuclear

2:00 Cementitous Barriers Partnership Accomplishments and Relevance to the US DOE Complex - 11443


Tuesday PM Research Institute - 11166 Dien Nguyen, Phuong Tran, Nuclear Research Institute (Vietnam); Harvey Laura Kay, Joan F. Hughes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Clapham, Pajarito Scientific Corporation; Kathleen Gruetzmacher, John Veilleux, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) 3:45 A Comparison of Measurement Uncertainty for the Case of Non-Uniform Source Distribution Between Rotating Boxes and Stationary Boxes with Multiple Detector Locations - 11182 Henrik Jäderström, Canberra Solutions AB (Sweden); Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries, Inc. (USA)

Session 50 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 106A

Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW Non-Measurement Topics

4:10 Efficiency Optimization Employing Random and Smart Search using Multiple Counts and Line Activity Consistency Benchmarks - 11398 Andrey Bosko, Nabil Menaa, Wilhelm Mueller, Frazier Bronson, Ram Venkataraman, William R. Russ, Canberra Industries, Inc.; Tim Spillane, Schlumberger Labs (USA); Vladimir Nizhnik, IAEA (Austria)

Co-Chairs: David Eaton, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Heinz Kroeger, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover (Germany) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Heinz Kroeger Add’l Organizer: Frazier Bronson 1:35 An Alternate Approach to Justifying Iodine-129 Concentration Values During Assessments for Decommissioning Evaluations and for Waste Profiles - 11216 A. Joseph Nardi, Dustin Miller, ENERCON Services, Inc. (USA)

4:35 A New Segmented Gamma Scanner System - 11366 Dante Nakazawa, Michael Field, Bruce Gillespie, R. Mowry, Sasha Philips, Art Radomski, Haori Yang, Canberra Industries, Inc. (USA)

2:00 Acceleration of B&W Y-12 ARRA Project: Characterization and Disposition Mapping Strategies - 11209 Joseph Birchfield, Link Technologies (USA)

 Session 52

2:25 Evaluation of Uncertainties of Radiological Characteristics by Means of a Mix of Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches - 11025 Timothy Soetens, Sophie Cauchies, Saïd Ben Ayad, ONDRAF/NIRAS (Belgium)

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Accelerated Deactivation and Decommissioning of Facilities Co-Chairs: Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC; Philippe Guiberteau, CEA Nuclear Energy Directorate (France) Lead Organizer: Maria Lindberg Add’l Organizer(s): Jas Devgun, Andrew Szilagyi Paper Reviewer: Jas Devgun

2:50 A Scaling Factor Estimation Program for Low-Level Radioactive Waste - 11427 Taewook Kim, Nara Lee, Sung Jun Maeng, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Engineering Institute (Republic of Korea) Session 51 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 105B

1:35 Review of EHS&Q Across Decommissioning at Sellafield and Overview of the Effective Management of Radiation Dose within Decommissioning at Sellafield - 11294 Jack Williamson, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)

Room 106A

Waste Characterization for ILW, LLW, HLW Ionizing Radiation Measurement Methods Co-Chairs: Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries, Inc.; Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Frazier Bronson

2:00 Signature Research on Legacy Management and Decommissioning at the National Nuclear Laboratory, United Kingdom - 11588 Anthony Banford, Daniel Mathers, Darren Potter, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)

3:20 Application of Spectral Summing to Indeterminate Suspect Low-Level Drums at Los Alamos National Laboratory - 11249 Randy Lucero, James Seamans, Martin

2:25 The DIAMOND University Consortium: Decommissioning, Immobilisation and Management of Nuclear Waste for Disposal - 11097 James Young, Michael Fairweather, Simon


Tuesday PM 3:15 Break - Optional

Biggs, University of Leeds; Nick Evans, Loughborough University; William Lee, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

3:20 Remediation Issues and Solutions with CoLocated Chemical and Radiological Contaminants - 11296 Eugene Shephard, Peter Collopy, Nelson Walter, Heath Downey, MACTEC; Elaine Hammick, ABB Inc. (USA)

2:50 Safe and Compliant approach to First-of-aKind Demolition at the Hanford Site - 11434 Kurt Kehler, CH2M HILL PRC (USA) 3:15 Break - Optional

3:45 Savannah River Site - Incorporating Risk and Land Use into Site "Area Completion" Remedial Decisions - 11409 Karen Guevara, US DOE; Dena Brett, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (USA)

3:20 Irradiated Graphite Waste Treatment - 11174 Gerard Laurent, Electricite de France (France) 3:45 A Technical Basis for the Selection of Area vs. Volume Criteria for Contaminated Structures - 11003 A. Joseph Nardi, Todd S Brautigam, ENERCON Services, Inc. (USA)

4:10 Decision Framework for Applying Attenuation Processes to Metals and Radionuclides - 11234 Carl Spreng, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Dibakar (Dib) Goswami, Washington State Department of Ecology (USA)

4:10 Immobilization of Cesium Traps from the BN-350 Fast Reactor (Aktau, Kazakhstan) 11062 David Wells, Andrew Herrick, Nuvia Limited (United Kingdom); Collin J Knight, John Michelbacher, Idaho National Laboratory (USA); Viktor Mayev, Andrey Rovneiko, MAECKazatomprom; Oleg Romanenko, I.L. Tazhibaeva, Igor Yakovlev, Nuclear Technology Safety Center (Kazakhstan)

4:35 Establishing Final Action Cleanup Decisions for the Hanford Site River Corridor - 11592 Jeff Lerch, Washington Closure Hanford; Nicholas Ceto III, US DOE (USA) Session 54 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 106C

Session 53 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Visitor Centers and Other Public-Education Tools

Room 106B

ER Pre-Closure Challenges - Using Risk Data and Considering Future Land Use

Co-Chairs: Judith Connell, Fluor Government Group; Helen Belencan, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Judith Connell Add’l Organizer(s): Elizabeth Bowers, Helen Belencan

Co-Chairs: Moses Jaraysi, CH2M HILL PRC; Matt McCormick, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Angie Jones Add’l Organizer(s): Moses Jaraysi, Matt McCormick Paper Reviewer: Moses Jaraysi

1:35 PSEG’s Energy & Environmental Resource Center: The Next Generation of Energy Education Centers - 11083 Lisa Barile, PSEG Power, LLC (USA)

1:35 The Role of Future Land Use in Environmental Decision Making at Three DOE Mega-Cleanup Sites: Rocky Flats, Mound and Fernald - 11595 Marc Jewett, Fluor Government Group; Moses Jaraysi, CH2M HILL PRC (USA)

2:00 The Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center: Lessons Learned from the First Ten Years - 11338 Jane Powell, Vijendra Kothari, US DOE; Yvonne Deyo, Melissa Lutz, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)

2:00 Hanford Site Central Plateau Cleanup Completion Strategy: Mapping the Path to Efficient and Effective Cleanup - 11456 Dale McKenney, CH2M HILL PRC (USA)

2:25 Hanford’s Public Tour Program – An Excellent Educational Tool - 11439 Karen Sinclair, Mission Support Alliance, LLC (USA)

2:25 New Science and Newer Risk Assessment Policy: Updates to the U.S. EPA Superfund Risk and Dose Assessment Models - 11570 Stuart Walker, US EPA (USA)

2:50 Regional Stakeholder Education Through the Nuclear Workforce Initiative - 11101 Mindy Mets, Savannah River Site (USA) 3:15 Break - Optional

2:50 Balancing Cleanup and Future Land Use at the Idaho National Laboratory - 11186 David Hutchison, Frank Webber, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (USA)

3:20 Nuclear Energy & Radioactive Waste: The Perception of the Youngsters; A Study Through the Educational Workshops


Tuesday PM Monitoring in Vietnam: Present and Future 11315 Giap Trinh, Long Nguyen, Phan Ngo, Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (Vietnam)

Conducted by the "Visiatome" Information Center at the CEA Marcoule (France) 11530 Cedric Garnier, CEA (France) 3:45 Special Feature Presentation: Oak Ridge History, Heart & Hope, Part 1.- 11326 Jenny Freeman, Strata-G; John R. Eschenberg, US DOE; Cathy Hickey, URS Corporation (USA)

A6. Some Considerations on Water-to-Fish Transfer Data Collected in Japan for Radionuclides and Stable Elements - 11252 Keiko Tagami, Shigeo Uchida, National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Japan)

4:10 Special Feature Presentation: Oak Ridge History, Heart & Hope, Part 2. - 11158 Ray Smith, Y-12 National Security Complex (USA)

A7. Environmental Radiation Background in the Hanoi Area and Some Information for Authority Management - 11123 Long Nguyen, Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (Vietnam)

4:35 The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History; Statistics, Issues, Successes After Year Number Two of Operation as a Public Interaction Option - 11048 Jim Walther, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History (USA)

Topic B: Assessment, Planning and Implementation of Project Remediation Activities Co-Chairs: David Wallace, CDM; Vickie Maranville, AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: David Wallace Paper Reviewer: Vickie Maranville

Poster Session 55 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

1st Floor Foyer B1. Environmental Restoration of Corrective Action Unit 408 Bomblet Target Area at Tonopah Test Site, Nevada (ARRA Funded) 11114 Kevin Cabble, US DOE; Mark Krauss, S.M. Stoller Corporation; Mark Burmeister, National Nuclear Energy Series (USA)

Posters: Environmental Remediation – A-D Communications & Education – E Security, Safety & Safeguards – F Topic A: Fisson Products, Actinide Monitoring and Remediation

B2. Conceptual Model for Hanford 242-Z Area Soil Disposal Sites and the Hanford Soil Inventory Model (SIM) - 11565 Stephen Agnew, Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.; Sunil Mehta, INTERA (USA)

Co-Chairs: Susan Walter, AECOM; Scott Warner, AMEC (USA) Lead Organizer: Susan Walter Paper Reviewer: Scott Warner

B3. Determining Corrective Action Boundaries at Nevada Test Site Aerially-Dispersed Radiological Release Sites - 11155 Lynn Kidman, S.M. Stoller Corporation; Patrick Matthews, Navarro Nevada Environmental Services; Kevin Cabble, US DOE (USA)

A1. Uranium Toxicity to Native Microbial Communities in the Hanford 300 Area Groundwater - 11345 Denny Carvajal, Florida International University; Andrew A. Plymale, Allan Konopka, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

B4. ERDF Supercells 9 & 10: A Case Study/Comparison in Constructability and Cost Reduction through Re-Design - 11324 John Briest, Weaver Boos Consultants LLC; William Borlaug, Washington Closure Hanford, LLC (USA)

A2. Biological Immobilization of Dissolved Uranium - 11578 Seung Yeop Lee, Min-Hoon Baik, Jong Won Choi, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea) A3. Analysis of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring around Korean LILW Disposal Facility - 11492 Juyoul Kim, FNC Technology Co., Ltd; Seungyoung Jeong, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (Republic of Korea)

Topic C: Emerging Approaches to Wastewater Treatment and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Co-Chairs: Angie Jones, AMEC Earth & Environmental; Srini Neralla, PIKA International, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Angie Jones Paper Reviewer: Srini Neralla

A4. Transfer of Zirconium, Niobium and Molybdenum from Soil to Edible Parts of Crops - 11254 Shigeo Uchida, Keiko Tagami, National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Japan) A5. Status of Environmental Radiation 55

Tuesday PM Topic E: Public Communication, Participation, Education and Training Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Bowers, US DOE; Jeff Frey, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers

C1. Distillation: Waste-Water Treatment for Release to Sewers - 11067 Jung Bae, Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products (USA) C2. Simulation of Flow and Mercury Transport in Upper East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, TN - 11361 Siamak Malek-Mohammadi, Georgio Tachiev, David Roelant, Reinaldo Garcia-Martinez, Amy Cook, Florida International University (USA)

E1. National Nuclear Science Week: A New Way to Broaden Our Communication Impact 11047 Jim Walther, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History (USA)

C3. A Green Complex: Setting the Stage for a Future Mission New Mexico and Texas Energy Initiative - 11354 Lisa Lockrem, URS Corporation; James Hedin, Washington TRU Solutions, LLC; Roger Nelson, US DOE (USA)

E2. Safe Community Co-Existence with LongTerm Low-Level Radioactive Historic Waste Contamination in Canada – Port Hope Example - 11314 Mark Gardiner, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (Canada)

C4. Application of Kenaf to Biofiltration of Wastewater and Contaminated Water for Removal of Heavy Metals - 11349 Fengxiang X. Han, Yi Su, David Monts, Mississippi State University (USA)

E3. The Role of the Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board (NNMCAB) in Assuring the Protection of the Environment from Legacy Spills at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) - 11368 C. Mason, The Research Applications Corporation; Gerry Maestas, Ralph Phelps, Northern New Mexico Citizen's Advisory Board (USA)

C5. Mid-Columbia Energy Initiative: Making Hanford Cleanup Green - 11371 Bruce Covert, URS Corporation; Gary Petersen, TRIDEC (USA) C6. Overview of US DOE Office of Legacy Management Applied Science and Technology Program - 11347 Jalena Dayvault, US DOE; Stan Morrison, Jody Waugh, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)

E4. The Need for Open Source Books for Nuclear Workforce Training - 11384 Joshua Peterson, University of Texas at Austin (USA) E5. Perceptions of Native Americans and Caucasians Interviewed at the Fort Hall Reservation about Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Resources to be Restored - 11386 Joanna Burger, Rutgers University; Charles Powers, Vanderbilt University; Michael Gochfeld, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School(USA)

Topic D: Planning, Characterization and Remediation of Toxic Metals Co-Chairs: Mark Frei, Longenecker & Associates; Dawn Kaback, AMEC Geomatrix (USA) Lead Organizer: Mark Frei Paper Reviewer: Dawn Kaback D1. Formation and Characterization of IronPhosphate Precipitates: Relevance to the Groundwater Remediation at DOE-Hanford Site - 11569 Prabhakar Pant, Reinier Hernandez, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA)

E6. Mitigating Future Workforce Risk through the Education of Young Children - 11551 Joni Martin, Laura Clise, AREVA (USA) E7. Community-based Solid Management In Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Study, Cameroon - 11480 Eugene Asi, Günter Busch, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus (Germany)

D2. Analysis of Beryllium in Samples by Optical Fluorescence: Method Adaptation for Field and High Throughput (HT) Analysis - 11467 Anoop Agrawal, Lori Adams, John Cronin, Juan Carlos Tonazzi, Berylliant Inc (USA)

Topic F: Security, Safety and Safeguards Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC; Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Kim Auclair

D3. Investigation of the Effect of Uranium on Microbial Surfaces using Atomic Force Microscopy - 11422 Rakesh Guduru, Denny Carvajal, Yelena Katsenovich, Leonel Lagos, Dwayne McDaniel, Chen-Zhong Li, Florida International University (USA)

F1. How to Manage Your Data, Instead of Your Data Managing You: Lessons from Dr. Deming’s Red Bead Experiment - 11430 Steven Prevette, Fluor; Anthony Umek, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)


Wednesday AM F2. Choosing Leading Indicators and Learning from the Results - 11431 Steven Prevette, Fluor; Anthony Umek, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)

Add’l Organizer(s): Roger Merrick, Michael Davidson Panel Reporter: Michael Davidson

F3. Tracking and Monitoring Nuclear Material and Waste Packages by Using the ARG-US Radio Frequency Identification System 11230 Brian Craig, Yung Liu, Hanchung Tsai, Hok Lee, John Anderson, Argonne National Laboratory; James Shuler, US DOE (USA)

This panel session will focus on small business procurement and contracting opportunities within the DOE Complex and on US Army Corp. of Engineers (USACE) projects. Both US DOE and USACE encourage prime contractors to obtain goods and services from small and disadvantaged business. Award fee is based partially on the contractor's success in achieving specific goals for subcontracts with small and disadvantaged businesses. Goods and services being considered for subcontracting include the following: decontamination and decommissioning services, remediation services, transportation and disposal of radioactive waste, health physics equipment and services, emergency response planning and training, lab services, R&D products, waste treatment services, maintenance services, A/E services and professional consulting. Panelists will include Contracting Officers or their representatives from major US DOE Contractors and the USACE Kansas City District. This panel complements Session 56 which focuses on contracting activity directly with the US DOE.

F4. Homeland Defense Equipment Reuse Program: A Way to Redeploy Excess Materials and Reduce Waste - 11628 Susan Cange, Anthony Sims, US DOE; Jacqueline McLaughlin, G2 Engineering and Management, Inc. (USA) March 2, Wednesday AM Session 56 8:30 AM - 10:10 AM

Room 105B

Panel: US DOE Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

This Session Will Be Open To All WM2011 Exhibitors.

Co-Chairs: John Longenecker, Longenecker & Associates, Inc.; Cathy Hickey, URS Corporation (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Cathy Hickey Add’l Organizer: John Longenecker

Panelists include: Ralph Holland, Assistant Director-Office of Contracting, US DOE; Keith Joy, Director of Small Business Programs, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Greg Meyer, Senior Vice President of Operations, Fluor Government Group; Rich Meyer, Director of Supply Chain Management, Mission Support Alliance, LLC; Dave Oren, Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and Proposals, CH2M HILL; Arthur Saulsberry, Small Business Administrator, USACE – Kansas City District and Tony Fountain, Senior Vice President of Business Operations, URS Corporation (USA).

This panel will focus on the procurement process, lessons learned and the best practices that have been developed by the US DOE and NNSA over the last year. This session will be open to all WM2011 Exhibitors. Panelists include: Jack Surash, Deputy Assistant Secretary - Acquisition and Project Management, US DOE; Ralph Holland, Assistant Director - Office of Contracting, US DOE; Martin Schneider, Editor-inChief, ExchangeMonitor Publications and Greg Gonzales, Small Business Program Manager, NNSA (USA).

Session 58 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Crosscutting Filtration Systems in the Nuclear Industry Co-Chairs: Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University; Chris Chadwick, Porvair Filtration Group, Microfiltrex Division (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Charles Waggoner Add’l Organizer: Chris Chadwick

Session 57 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102B

Room 105B

Panel: US DOE and USACE Small Business Contracting Opportunities

8:35 AG-1 HEPA Filters, A Comparison of Configurations - 11604 Andrew Stillo, Camfil Farr (USA)

Co-Chairs: Roger Merrick, E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc.; Michael Davidson, Tidewater, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: John Coffman 57

Wednesday AM Management Working Group and Contracts Manager, B&W Technical Services Group

9:00 High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Quality Assurance - 11586 Jan Fretthold, Julie Stormo, Christopher Hart, Dave Crosby, Air Techniques International (USA)


Safety Initiatives: Safety Culture Project, Joint Supplier Evaluations Project and Work Controls John McDonald, Integrated Safety Management & Quality Assurance Working Group, Washington River Protection Solutions; Mike Mason, (ISM/QA WG) and Deputy Manager Quality Assurance, Bechtel National and Tim Flake, ISM/QA (WG), Savannah River Nuclear Solutions


ARRA Project Update - Kevin Kostelnik, Joint DOE-EFCOG ARRA Project Team Chairman, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions


Contractor Assurance Initiative: Leading Indicators and Contractor/Management Assurance - Jack Anderson, EFCOG Chair Contractor Assurance Working Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Closing Remarks - Sue Stiger, Vice-Chair/Board of Directors and Manager - EM, Bechtel National

9:25 Factors to Consider to Avoid Problems in High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Applications - 11585 Jan Fretthold, Air Techniques International (USA) 9:50 Results from Evaluation of ASME AG-1 Section FK Radial Flow HEPA Filters - 11287 Paxton Giffin, Michael Parsons, Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University; Jaime Rickert, Institute for Clean Energy Technology (USA) Session 59 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102B

Panel: US DOE - Energy Facility Contractors Group's (EFCOG) Knowledge Portal Review

Session 60

Co-Chairs: Joseph Yanek, Fluor Government Group; Susan Stiger, Bechtel National, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: John Longenecker Add’l Organizer and Panel Reporter: Mark Frei

8:30 AM - 10:10 AM

Panel: Disposal of Large Quantities of Depleted Uranium - Role of Site Specific Performance Assessment

This panel will focus on the various areas of EFCOG. EFCOG promotes excellence in all aspects of the operation, management and integration of US DOE facilities in a safe, environmentally sound, efficient and cost effective manner through the ongoing exchange of information on lessons learned. The purpose of this knowledge portal is to provide a vehicle to allow members to keep abreast of the latest news, issues and events across the DOE complex; for the sharing of innovative ideas and practices and to collaborate virtually on the development and implementation of new processes and practices.

Co-Chairs: Larry Camper, US NRC; Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Larry Camper Panel Reporter: Boby Abu-Eid This panel focuses on the large quantities of depleted uranium in the US, which will need to be disposed of in the next several years. The US NRC has decided to pursue Rulemaking to require a site specific performance assessment for disposal of unique waste streams including large quantities of depleted uranium. The US NRC Rulemaking will also identify the technical parameters to be evaluated within the performance assessment. The panel will discuss this complex topic including suggestions for conducting the performance assessment.

Panelists and topics include: 1.

EFCOG Overview - Joe Yanek, EFCOG Chair/Board of Directors and Executive Director ESQ&H, Fluor


Regulatory Directives Reform Initiative – Tony Umek, EFCOG Chair, Environment Safety and Health Working Group


Project Management Initiatives: DOE 413.3B Order, PARS II and Corrective Actions and December 2010 DOE Project & Contract Management Summit - Robert Miklos, EFCOG Chair - Project Management Working Group, Idaho National Laboratory


Contract Management Initiative - Kathy Vaselopulos, EFCOG Chair - Acquisition

Room 103AB

Panelists include: David Esh, US NRC; Marty Letourneau, US DOE; Tom Magette, EnergySolutions; Jean-Francois Gervais, AREVA, (France); Rusty Lundberg, State of Utah and Christopher Thomas, HEAL Utah (USA).


Wednesday AM 3. Shifting from R&D to Preparing for the Operation of Disposal Facility, Ensuring Competence and Competence Providing Infrastructures for a Small Waste Management Organization, Case of Posiva Oy - Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland)

Session 61 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 103AB

Panel: Disposition of US DOE High Activity Mixed Waste (and Orphans): Post 2010 Co-Chairs: Dick Blauvelt, Portage Inc; Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Dick Blauvelt

4. Qualification of a Federal Workforce James Szenasi, Technical and Business Solutions 5. Training and Qualification of an Operational Nuclear Workforce - Gary Scott, US DOE

This panel will focus on the latest issues surrounding the disposition of US DOE high activity mixed waste. The US DOE sites have the bulk of the inventory of 10-100nCi/g alpha mixed waste that was formerly managed as suspect TRU waste but is not eligible for WIPP disposal. Is this a problem nearing a solution? Will storage be available after 12/01/2010 until an acceptable disposal site is operational? Which streams will still face treatment issues? These and other issues will be discussed with the panelists.

6. PETRUS Program; A Coordinated European Initiative to Address Industry Needs for E&T in Deep Geological Disposal - Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland) 7. Panel Discussion Panelists include: Paul Degnan, IAEA (Austria); Wang Ju, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China); Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Research (Finland); James Szenasi, US DOE and Gary Scott, Excel Staffing (USA).

Panelists include: Christine Gelles, US DOE; Frank Disanza, US DOE; Robert Piper, Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC; James Blankenhorn, WVES; Paul Larsen, EnergySolutions; Mike Lauer, Waste Control Specialists; Renee Echols, Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. and Kathy JohnsHughes, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Session 63 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session 62 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 101B

TRU Waste Disposal at WIPP Room 104AB Co-Chairs: Steve Kouba, URS Corporation; George Dials, B&W Technical Services Group, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson Paper Reviewer: Steve Kouba

Panel: Training and Human Resource Development in Radioactive Waste Management Co-Chair: James Szenasi, Technical and Business Solutions (USA); Paul Degnan, IAEA (Austria) Lead Organizer: John Dalton Add’l Organizer(s): Irena Mele, Paul Degnan Panel Reporter: Paul Degnan This session will focus on the efforts of the IAEA and different IAEA Member States in training and development of human resources for performing activities in radioactive waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation. It will consist of five individual presentations with Q/A followed by a group panel discussion with the time remaining. All students, companies and agencies should attend this informative session. 1. The Role of the IAEA in the Provision of Education and Training for Radioactive Waste Management - Paul Degnan, IAEA 2. Education and Training in Geological Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste in China - Wang Ju, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China)


Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Status and Plans - 2011 - 11039 Roger Nelson, US DOE (USA)


An Analysis of WIPP after Five Years of Independent Oversight - 11059 Jerry Fox, Christopher Timm, PECOS Management Services, Inc. (USA)


Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Repository Footprint Re-Design - 11238 Art Chavez, Steve Kouba, URS Corporation; Russell Patterson, US DOE; Michael Gross, MG Enterprises (USA)


Representativeness of Sampling by Shrouded Probes in the Exhaust Shaft of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant - 11308 Michael Gross, MG Enterprises; Stanley Patchet, Washington TRU Solutions; Jaci Davis, URS Corporation; Daniel Ferguson, Randy Elmore, US DOE (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional


Wednesday AM Solutions; Kayte Denslow, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division (USA)

10:20 Radiolytic Hydrogen Generation and Methanogenesis in WIPP: An Empirical Point of View - 11040 Roger Nelson, US DOE (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Sludge Retrieval from Hanford K-West Basin Settler Tanks - 11449 Gary Hofferber, Vista Engineering; Greg Leshikar, AREVA; Eric Erpenbeck, CH2M HILL PRC (USA)

10:45 Panel Closure: A Change in WIPP's Future Operations through Regulatory Compliance - 11240 Tom Klein, Steve Kouba, URS Corporation; Russell Patterson, US DOE; Michael Gross, MG Enterprises (USA)

10:45 Using Commercially Available Robotic Equipment to Sample and Remove Heels in Tanks with Internal Obstructions - 11239 Andrew Tisler, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

11:10 Re-Evaluation of the 300-Year Performance Demonstration for WIPP - 11236 Michael Gross, MG Enterprises; William Most, Robert Kehrman, URS Corp. (USA)

11:10 Testing of the Second Generation SpinTek Rotary Filter - 11357 David Herman, Michael Poirier, Mark Fowley, Savannah River National Laboratory; William Greene, Jason Gilmour, SpinTek Filtration; Thomas Huff, Mark Keefer, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

11:35 Hydrogeology and WIPP Compliance 11658 Kristopher Kuhlman, SNL (USA) Session 64 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 101C

11:35 Extending Vitrified Waste Canisters (CSDV) Interim Storage Facility: Improving Durability by New Elements of Design - 11497 Valerie Lesec, Stephane Sartelet, PierreLionel FORBES, AREVA (France)

Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 2 Co-Chairs: Keith Miller, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns Add’l Organizer(s): Keith Miller, Terri Fellinger Paper Reviewer: Keith Miller 8:35




Session 65 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102A

Performance of Disposal Systems, Facilities and Sites for LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM

Developing Slurry Property Ranges for Non-Newtonian Vessels at the Hanford WTP (Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant) - 11381 Eric Slaathaug, Garth Duncan, Bechtel; Rod Gimpel, Waste Treatment Plant Project (USA)

Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Bob Hiergesell Add’l Organizer: Martin Letourneau

Estimating High-Level Waste Mixing Performance in Hanford Double Shell Tanks - 11193 Mike Thien, Daniel Greer, Washington River Protection Solutions; Paul Townson, EnergySolutions (USA) Design and Fabrication of Test Facilities for the Demonstration of Jet Mixer Performance in the Hanford Double Shell Tanks - 11241 Paul Townson, EnergySolutions; Mike Thien, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA) Evaluation of Three Ultrasonic Instruments for Critical Velocity Determination During Hanford Tank Waste Transfer Operations - 11121 Jagannadha Bontha, Harold Adkins, Gerry Morgen, Margaret Greenwood, Jeromy Jenks, Carolyn Burns, Philip Schonewill, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Theodore Wooley, Washington River Protection



Abstraction of Information from 2 and 3 Dimensional PORFLOW Models into a 1-D GoldSim Model - 11404 Glenn Taylor, Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)


Modeling of an Optimized Multilayer Cover Design for a Uranium Mill Tailings Disposal - 11607 Maria de Lurdes Dinis, Antonio Fiuza, University of Porto (Portugal)


Managing Uncertainties Associated with Radioactive Waste Disposal: Task Group 4 of the IAEA PRISM Project - 11190 Roger Seitz, Savannah River National Laboratory; Japie van Blerk, Aquisim Consulting Pty Ltd (South Africa); Gerard Bruno, International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria); Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA)

Wednesday AM 9:50

- 11388 Heath Downey, MACTEC; John Conant, ABB Inc. (USA)

Building Confidence in Performance Assessments through Performance Confirmation - 11394 Joseph Rustick, James Clarke, Vanderbilt University; Martin Letourneau, US DOE (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Decommissioning of the Beta-Gamma Waste Store, Sellafield UK - 11498 Jeremy Hunt, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Effect of Various Factors on the Durability Prediction of Nuclear Waste Containment Structures - 11546 Sohini Sarkar, David Kosson, Sankaran Mahadevan, Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University; H. Van Der Sloot, JCL Meeussen, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (The Netherlands); Greg Flach, Christine Langton, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

10:45 Renovating a Highly Contaminated Radioisotope Production Hot Cell - 11337 Teo Grochowski, Dominique Sanchette, Robatel (US & France); Philippe Van Boxem, National Institute of Radio-Elements (Belgium) 11:10 Experience of MR and RFT Reactors’ Decommissioning in RSC (Kurchatov Institute) - 11050 Viktor Volkov, Sergey Semenov, Alexander Chesnokov, Vyacheslav Kolyadin, Valentina Muzrukova, RSC "Kurchatov Institute" (Russia); Arthur Arustamov, SIA Radon Institute (Russia)

10:45 Assessing Geospatial Aleatory Uncertainty for Performance Assessment Modeling - 11075 Geoff Taylor, University of South Carolina; Richard Dimenna, Glenn Taylor, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

11:35 Decommissioning of Radon-Type near Surface Radioactive Waste Storage in Estonia, from Dangerous Scrap Yard to Green-Field - 11473 Ivo Tatrik, Estonian Radioactive Waste Management Agency - AS ALARA Ltd. (Estonia)

11:10 An Evaluation of Long-Term Performance of Liner Systems for Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities - 11455 Arthur Rood, Jeffrey Sondrup, Idaho National Laboratory (USA) Session 66 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session 67 Room 106B

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106C

D&D of Nuclear Contaminated Facilities (NonPower Generating Facilities/Large and Small Nuclear Facilities)

US - Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) and Other US Army Corp of Engineers Project

Co-Chairs: Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC; Julia Tripp, Idaho National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Fred Sheil Add’l Organizer(s): Al Freitag, Julia Tripp

Co-Chairs: Allen Roos, USACE; Steven Brown, SHB Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Allen Roos Add’l Organizer: Steven Brown


Remotely Controlled Dismantling of HLLW-Storage Tanks: First Application of the Tools and Machinery in Hot Operation - 11278 Joachim Dux, Werner Lutz, Klaus Hendrich, WAK GmbH (Germany)



Decommissioning Sellafield’s First Fuel Storage Pond - 11125 Anthony Calvin, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)


The Complex Challenges of Treating Liquid Effluent from a Legacy Fuel Storage Silo at Sellafield - 11286 Hugh Bourque, Stephen Le Clere, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)

Pre-MARSSIM (Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual) Surveys in a MARSSIM World: Demonstrating how Pre-MARSSIM Radiological Data Demonstrates Protectiveness at Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program Sites - 11319 Christopher Clayton, Vijendra Kothari, US DOE; Michael Widdop, Joey Gillespie, Susan Kamp, Laura Cummins, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)


Improving Data Collection Efficiency during Site Inspection through Innovative Data Collection and Focused Sampling - 11418 Chris Boes, MD Rahman, Claude Wiblin, Cabrera Services, Inc.; Ann Ewy, Helen Edge, USACE (USA)


Implementation of Fissile Exempt Materials in Support of Decommissioning a Former Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Site


Wednesday AM 9:25

Determining Acceptable Protocols for Periodic Radon Monitoring of Structures over Inaccessible Contamination on the Maywood Superfund Site - 11428 Scott Walnicki, Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC); Andrew Mills, The Shaw Group Inc.; David Hays, USACE (USA)


Methodology for Determination of Exposure Point Concentration Using Both Systematic and Biased Samples for Radiological Risk and Dose Assessments 11488 Randy Hansen, Steve Passig, Science Applications International Corporation; MD Rahman, Cabrera Services, Inc. (USA)

Technology: Reducing Uncertainty and Increasing Efficiency at a NRC Test Reactor Decommissioning Site - 11244 Andrew Lombardo, Safety and Ecology Corporation; Jeffrey Lively, Alejandro Lopez, MACTEC Development Corp (USA) 9:00

Assessment Radioactive Contamination Effect to Population - 11088 Maira Mukusheva, Baranov Sergey, National Nuclear Center (Russia); Sergey Spiridonov, All-Russian SRI of Agricultural Radiology and Agroecology (Russia)


“Shake-and-Shoot”: A Rapid Solvent Extraction Process for PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) and TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) - 11375 Lisa Bercik, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. (USA)


Real Time Data for Remediation Activities - 11505 John Stamper, Chris Brock, CH2M HILL PRC (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Disposal of Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) Wastes – Weighing the Options - 11536 John Beckman, Hans Honerlah, Nicki Fatherly, USACE; Andrew Lombardo, Safety and Ecology Corporation; Michael O'Neill, Amy Glemza, EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Preliminary Study of a Prototype MethylMercury Monitor for In-Field Pore Water Sample Analyses - 11559 Charles Castello, Guangliang Liu, Yanbin Li, Yong Cai, David Roelant, Leonel Lagos, Jeffrey Fan, Florida International University (USA)

10:45 Remediation of NRC Burial Pits No. 1, 2 and 3 Lessons Learned at the Maywood Superfund Site; Maywood, New Jersey 11594 James Moore, David Hays, USACE; William Kollar, The Shaw Group Inc. (USA) 11:10 Taking an Incremental Approach to Remediation and Final Status Survey to Increase Remedial Efficiency, Minimize Impacts to Property Owners & Tenants, Exceed Goals for Remediation, Release of Accessible Areas and Minimize Secondary Costs - 11429 Joseph Donakowski, David Hays, USACE; Scott Walnicki, Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC) (USA)

10:45 Evaluating Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil - 11557 Lynn Kidman, S.M. Stoller Corporation; Robert Boehlecke, US DOE (USA) 11:10 Use of the AMS Helicopter Emergency Response Acquisition Systems with GIS for Radioactive Soil Remediation - 11504 John Stamper, Chris Brock, CH2M HILL PRC (USA) 11:35 Optimized Spectral Transformation for Detection and Classification of Buried Radioactive Waste - 11310 Nicolas Younan, Qian Du, Wei Wei, Charles Waggoner, Donna Rogers, Mississippi State University (USA)

11:35 The Use of Uncertainties in Determination of Measurement Variance - 11118 Brian Tucker, Doug Black, The Shaw Group Inc.; David Hays, USACE (USA) Session 68 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 105C

Session 69 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental Remediation

Radiological Dispersion Devices and other Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction: Detection, Response, Decontamination and Recovery

Co-Chairs: Mark Arenaz, US DOE; Erich Evered, Mission Support Alliance, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: David Eaton Add’l Organizer: Donna Guillen Paper Reviewer: Mark Arenaz 8:35

Room 106C

Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC; Larry Regens, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (USA)

Application of Soil Segregation


Wednesday AM Lead Organizer: Kim Auclair Paper Reviewer: Larry Regens 8:35




Stephen Marschke, S. Cohen & Associates; Brian Littleton, US EPA (USA) Topic B: Global Packaging and Transportation Topics Co-Chairs: Mike Snyder, MHF Services; Christopher Brandjes, Argonne National Laboratory Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Mike Nolan

Issues Associated with Decision Making in Long-Term Recovery Following a Nuclear or Radiological Terrorism Incident - 11035 S.Y. Chen, Argonne National Laboratory; Thomas Tenforde, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (USA)

B1. Challenges in Classifying Low Specific Activity Material and Surface Contaminated Objects - 11200 Wade Winters, Regulatory Resources, Inc. (USA)

Side-by-Side Performance Comparison of Chemical-Based Decontamination Products for Dirty Bomb Cleanup - 11099 John Drake, US EPA; Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory; Ryan James, Battelle (USA)

B2. Mathematical Modeling of Processes in Water-Filled Containers during Transportation and Disposal of Radioactive Waste - 11045 Gagik Karamyan, Gagik Martoyan, AREV CJSC; Hajk Khalafyan, Ecoatom, LLC (Armenia)

The Revised National Response Framework to Catastrophic Events: Implementing a "Whole Community Approach" in Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Attack upon the Homeland 11103 Michael Gresalfi, DHS FEMA (USA)

B3. The DN30 Package for the Transport of Enriched Reprocessed Uranium - 11111 Franz Hilbert, Wolfgang Bergmann, Nuclear Cargo + Service GmbH (Germany)

Systematic Decontamination and Recovery Following a Radiological Dispersal Device Event - 11540 Bruce Biwer, David LePoire, S.Y. Chen, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

Topic C: Global Decontamination & Decommissioning Issues Co-Chairs: Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory; Jeffrey Hunter, Mission Support Alliance, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: Rick Demmer Paper Reviewer: Jeffrey Hunter

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Using EPA’s Risk Assessment Tools for Superfund when Addressing Removal Actions and Late-Phase Responses to Terrorist Attacks - 11568 Stuart Walker, US EPA (USA)

C1. Permeability and Dispersion Coefficients in Rocks with Fracture Network - 11493 Cheo Kyung Lee, Myo Zaw Htway, Hyo Kim, Handong Global University; Sung Paal Yim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

Poster Session 70 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Posters:

1st Floor Foyer

Crosscutting – A Packaging & Transportation - B D&D – C-F

C2. Evaluation of Variables Affecting Detection Limits for Mobilized Gamma Detection Platforms - 11350 Charles Waggoner, Charles Vaughan, Jay McCown, Donna Rogers, Mississippi State University (USA)

Topic A: Crosscutting WM Policies, Programs and Technologies Co-Chairs: Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College (Canada); Neil Davis, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf Paper Reviewer: Gerald Williams

Topic D: D&D: Demolition and Remote Operations Co-Chairs: Steven Wood, CDM; Con Lyras, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (Australia) Lead Organizer: Steven Wood Paper Reviewer: Con Lyras

A1. PARS II: Redefining Program Oversight & Assessment at the DOE - 11363 Simon Dekker, Vance Kotrla, Dekker, Ltd. (USA)

D1. Implosion & Debris Cleanup of SRS Hyperbolic Concrete Cooling Tower - 11599 Bill Schaab, Mike Furner, American Demolition and Nuclear Decommissioning Inc. (USA)

A2. Use of Integrated Environmental Decision Making to Combine Greenhouse Gas and Radiological Hazards on Energy Alternatives Using Life Cycle Analyses - 11208 63

Wednesday AM F3. Study the Polymer Coating for Detecting and Surface Decontamination of Uranium 11494 Pham Luong, Nguyen Van Chinh, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (Vietnam)

D2. D&D of the 2000 Complex Facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 11199 Michael Harper, UT-Battelle LLC; Thomas Conley, Marshall Johnson, Chadwick Replogle, Kenneth Schneider, Stuart McCullough, Theresa Walsh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

F4. Nevada Test Site Pluto and RMAD Facility Closure: ARRA Funding Acceleration of Demolition and Lessons Learned - 11157 Annette Primrose, Rebecca King, National Security Technologies, LLC; Tom Thiele, NSTec, LLC; Kevin Cabble, Alissa Silvas, US DOE (USA)

D3. Powered Remote Manipulator - 11312 Matt Cole, S.A. Robotics, Inc. (USA) Topic E: D&D: Decontamination Techniques Co-Chairs: Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE; Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Andrew Szilagyi

March 2, Wednesday PM Session 71

E1. Usage, Supercritical Fluids and Compressed Gases with Purpose of Decontamination and Long-Lived Radionuclide Recovery - 11293 Yury Pokhitonov, Vladislav Kamachev, Khlopin Radium Institute (Russia)

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 102B

Panel: Featured Site: West Valley Demonstration Project - Accomplishments and Challenges from Past Practices

E2. Chemical Gel for Decontamination of Cs on Stainless Steel Surface - 11257 Chong Hun Jung, Jei-Kwon Moon, Hui-Jun Won, Kune-Woo Lee, Chang Ki Kim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

Co-Chair: James Blankenhorn, Laurene Rowell, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer: James Fiore Add’l Organizer: James Blankenhorn Panel Reporter: Sonja Allen

E3. Nitrojet®: A Versatile Tool for Decontamination, Cutting and Concrete Scabbling - 11225 Fabrice Moggia, Ahmed Benamane, Thierry Varet, Valerie Toulemonde, Frederique Damerval, AREVA; Frederic Richard, AIR LIQUIDE (France); Gary Anderson, Nitrocision (USA)

This panel consists of oral presentations followed by a 25 minute panel discussion. The panel focuses on the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) of the US DOE, located in New York. It will showcase the unique challenges and lessons learned from the decommissioning activities for the nation’s only commercial fuel reprocessing facility. It will highlight recent progress and technological advancements in High-level, Low-level, Transuranic and Greater-thanClass C Waste management practices, environmental remediation of groundwater, remote decontamination and decommissioning and High-level waste tank management.

E4. Progress in Remote Dismantling of the WAK/ILLW Tanks, Lessons Learned for the Remote Dismantling of the HLLW Tanks of the German Prototype Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plant Karlsruhe - 11095 Joachim Dux, Werner Lutz, Martina Ripholz, Daniel Friedrich, WAK GmbH (Germany) Topic F: D&D: Contamination Control Measures Co-Chairs: J. Rick Dearholt, Sullivan International Group; Con Lyras, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (Australia) Lead Organizer: J. Rick Dearholt Paper Reviewer: Con Lyras

Panelists include: Bryan Bower, Director-WV Demonstration Project, US DOE; John McKibbin, President, West Valley Environmental Services; Paul Bembia, Program Director, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority; and Larry Camper, US NRC (USA).

F1. Database of Contaminated Concretes and its Role within Conception of Buildings Clearance - 11262 Martin Listjak, Ondrej Slavik, Pavol Gondor, VUJE, Inc. (Slovak Republic)

1:35 West Valley Demonstration Project - Past, Present, and Future - 11203 James Blankenhorn, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC; Bryan Bower, US DOE (USA)

F2. Modeling of Loose Contamination Removal from Contaminated Surfaces - 11298 Merlin Ngachin, Surendra Dua, Alejandro Amor, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University; Duriem Calderin, Columbia Energy and Environmental Services Inc. (USA)

2:00 Deactivation and Decontamination of Extraction Cell - 1 at the West Valley Demonstration Project - 11127 Joseph Ebert, Cynthia Dayton, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA)


Wednesday PM 2:25 Installation of a Tank and Vault Drying System in the Tank Farm at the West Valley Demonstration Project - 11113 John G. McKibbin, Daniel Meess, K. K. Gupta, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC; Mark Bellis, US DOE (USA)

Session 73 Panel: Developments in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) This session has been merged with Session 72.

2:50 Design and Installation of a Permeable Treatment Wall at the West Valley Demonstration Project to Mitigate Expansion of Strontium-90 Contaminated Groundwater - 11138 John Chamberlain, Linda Michalczak, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA)

Session 74 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Panel: Nuclear Renaissance - New Nuclear Plants Hot Topics

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Getting WVDP Wastes on the Right Path to Disposal - 11140 Margaret Loop, Laurene Rowell, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA)

Co-Chairs: Jay Maisler, Enercon Services, Inc; Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Jas Devgun Add’l Organizer(s): Jay Maisler, Kim Auclair

3:45 CH and RH Legacy Waste Processing at the WVDP: Utilizing All of Your Processing Facilities, "Even the Ones You Didn’t Think Were Processing Facilities" - 11160 David Garber, Margaret Loop, Kevin Slomba, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA)

This panel will focus on the progress towards licensing the next generation of nuclear power plants that has progressed with construction looming on the horizon. Panelists will discuss experience from license application submittals and their regulatory review, design certification experience and next generation nuclear plant development. In addition to radioactive waste licensing and systems design, panelists will discuss decommissioning considerations in plant design, the impact of new plant construction on sites with operating plants or plants undergoing decommissioning. The panel will also include discussions related to security and safeguards for new power plants.

4:10 Decontamination Using Remote-Deployed Nitrocision® Technology - 11221 Lettie Chilson, Lora Winkler, West Valley Environmental Services, LLC (USA) 4:35 Panel Discussion Session 72 1:30 PM - 3:10 PM

Room 104AB

Room 105B

Panel: Developments and Lessons Learned in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Panelists include: Mark Marano, Senior VP, New Builds Operations (USA); and Gerard Laurent, Electricite de France (EDF) (France).

Co-Chair: John Kristofzski, CH2M HILL (USA) Lead Organizer: John Kristofzski Panel Reporter: Del Baird

3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Session 75 Room 104AB

This panel will focus on the lessons learned on integrating additional ARRA work scope to safely implement opportunities to advance contaminated site clean-up efforts at the project and activity level. In addition to lessons learned the panel will highlight on the ending of the ARRA and the policy implications for the future of the DOE – EM programs.

Panel: Impacts of Updates to DOE's Radioactive Waste Management Order

Panelists include: Lee McGetrick, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Allen Schubert, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Karen Vacca, URS Corporation; John Lehew, President and Chief Executive Officer, CH2M HILL PRC and Frank Armijo, President & General Manager, Mission Support Alliance, LLC.

This panel focuses on the expected impacts of the DOE’s efforts to update its radioactive waste management requirements in DOE Order 435.1. Panelists will discuss the overall revision process, impetus for specific proposed changes, impacts of those changes, processes leading to specific changes, and the expected impacts for specific waste types and options.

Co-Chairs: Martin Letourneau, US DOE; Frank Disanza, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Martin Letourneau Panel Reporter: Roger Seitz


Wednesday PM Panelists include: Martin Letourneau, Frank DiSanza, Joel Case, J.R. Stroble and Linda Suttora, US DOE (USA).

Savannah River Tank 48 High-Level Waste into a Soluble Granular Carbonate Product - 11373 Brent Evans, Vishal Vora, J. Brad Mason, W. Scott Roesener, Christina Payne, THOR Treatment Technologies, LLC; Azadeh Samadi, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

Session 76 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 106A

3:45 Development of a Cermet High-Level Waste Form - 11116 Robert Jubin, W. S. Aaron, Clint Ausmus, Emory Collins, Valmor F. de Almeida, Guillermo DelCul, Jared A. Johnson, Bradley Patton, Ramond Vedder, Stewart L. Voit, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Waste Reduction by Fuel Recycling: Analysis and Insight Co-Chairs: Robert Jubin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Bernard Vigreux, French Nuclear Energy Society (France) Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux Add’l Organizer: Robert Jubin Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad

4:10 Cermet Waste Forms for Waste Streams from Advanced Aqueous Processing of Used Nuclear Fuels - 11348 Luis Ortega, Zuotao Zeng, James Cunnane, Michael Kaminski, Ken Natesan, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

1:35 Radiotoxicity Characterization of HLW from Reprocessing of Uranium-Based vs. Thorium-Based Fuel - 11390 Yasir Arafat, Fausto Franceschini, Edward Lahoda, Mario Carelli, Michael Wenner, Paolo Ferroni, John Lyons, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC; Michael Huang, Bojan Petrovic, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

4:35 Radioactive Demonstrations of Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming (FBSR) as a Supplementary Treatment for Hanford's Low Activity Waste (LAW) and Secondary Waste (SW) - 11593 Carol Jantzen, Charles Crawford, Paul Burket, Gene Daniel, Alex Cozzi, Christopher Bannochie, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

2:00 Methods for Fuel Cycle Analysis in Support of a Reduction of the Radiotoxicity of HighLevel Waste - 11356 Maria Kretzing, Edward Lahoda, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (USA)

Session 78

2:25 Prioritization Criteria for the Selection of Used Nuclear Fuel for Recycling - 11008 William Nutt, Argonne National Laboratory; Thomas Cotton, Complex Systems Group LLC; Zachary Duncan, University of Illinois (USA)

1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Technologies and Advances in TRU Waste Processing

2:50 Recycle of Zirconium from Used Nuclear Fuel Cladding: A Major Element of Waste Reduction - 11336 Emory Collins, Guillermo DelCul, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA); D.S. Terekhov, N.V. Emmanuel, Chemical Vapor Metal Refining, Inc. (Canada)

Co-Chairs: Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter Technology; Michael Walentine, Washington TRU Solutions (USA) Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Terry Wickland 1:35 RH-TRU Processing to Accomplish Nuclear Footprint Reduction Goals at the Argonne National Laboratory Building 205 K-Wing Hot Cell Facility - 11370 Devin Hodge, Jeffrey Emery, Argonne National Laboratory; John Mackin, PMP, Hukari Technical Services, Inc. (USA)

Session 77 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 105C

Room 106A

Alternative Technologies for Waste Stabilization Co-Chairs: Ned Bibler, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions-Retired; Stuart Arm, EnergySolutions (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Ned Bibler Add’l Organizer(s): Gordon Crawford, Leslie Jardine

2:00 Siting Study for a Consolidated Waste Capability at Los Alamos National Laboratory - 11087 Steven Booth, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) 2:25 Infrared Camera System for TRU Waste Drum Remediation Activities at the Savannah River Site - 11555

3:20 Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming Production Facility Design for the Conversion of


Wednesday PM Co-Chairs: Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover (Germany); Paul Larsen, EnergySolutions (USA) Lead Organizer: Linda Beach Add’l Organizer(s): Paul Larsen, Holger Spann Paper Reviewer: Gabriele Bandt

Monica Phillips, Kenneth Gibbs, Savannah River National Laboratory; Brent Daugherty, US DOE (USA) 2:50 Carbon Tetrachloride Attenuation in the WIPP Underground Ventilation Air Using a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Removal System - 11374 Esteban Picazo, Eric D'Amico, Wesley (Wes) Boatwright, Rick Chavez, Jaci Davis, John Doherty, David Ganaway, Jennifer Hendrickson, URS Corporation; George Basabilvazo, US DOE (USA)

1:35 On-Site, Near Surface Disposal of Graphite Waste in the United Kingdom - 11271 Adam Meehan, Peter Sibley, Al Johnson, EnergySolutions; Jeremey Lightfoot, Golder Associates (UK) Ltd.; Duncan Jackson, Eden Nuclear & Environment Ltd. (United Kingdom) 2:00 Very Low-Level Waste Disposal in France: The Industrial Issues - 11554 Gérald Ouzounian, Michel Dutzer, Patrice Torres, A. Laurent Schacherer, ANDRA (France)

Session 79 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 105C

2:25 Experience on a Regulatory Clearance of Spent Steel Drums - 11281 Dae-Seok Hong, Il-Sik Kang, Young-Yong Ji, T. K. Kim, Woo-Seog Ryu, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

International Approaches to Deep Disposal of HLW and SNF Co-Chairs: Abe Van Luik, US DOE; Leif Eriksson, Consultant (USA) Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Leif Eriksson

2:50 Performance Enhancement of Reverse Osmosis System for Liquid Radwaste Treatment - 11518 Jongkil Park, Kyoung-Rok Park, Hang-Rae Cho, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (Republic of Korea)

3:20 State of the Art for Stacking and Emplacing B Type Waste Packages into Large Horizontal Disposal Caverns in a Clay Host Formation - 11005 Jean-Michel Bosgiraud, ANDRA (France)

3:15 Break – Optional 3:20 Performance of Steam Reforming Technology in a Long Term Treatment of Waste TBP/Dodecane - 11079 Akinori Nakagawa, Tomoyuki Sone, Toshiki Sasaki, Osamu Nakazawa, Kiyoshi Tashiro, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)

3:45 The French Geological Repository Project: A Converging Approach - 11013 Gérald Ouzounian, Marie-Claude Dupuis, ANDRA (France) 4:10 Disposal of Spent Fuel from German Nuclear Power Plants: The Third Option Disposal of Transport and Storage Casks 11517 Wolfgang Filbert, Marion Tholen, HansJoachim Engelhardt, DBE Technology GmbH; Reinhold Graf, Klaus-Jürgen Brammer, Gesellschaft für Nuclear-Service mbH (Germany)

3:45 Remediation of the Former Iodine Production NORM Contaminated Tanks 11451 Mikhail Boriskin, Alexander Gelbutovsky, Peter Cheremisin, Alexander Troshev, Alexander Egorov, JSC ECOMET-S (Russia) 4:10 Summary of the Workshop on Engineered Barrier Performance Related to Low-Level Radioactive Waste, Decommissioning, and Uranium Mill Tailings Facilities - 11323 George Alexander, Hans Arlt, Thomas Nicholson, US NRC (USA)

4:35 Development of the Strategic Research Agenda of the Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform - 11020 Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Research (Finland); Gérald Ouzounian, ANDRA (France)

4:35 Destruction of Organic Liquid Nuclear Waste by a SuperCritical Water Oxidation Process: Operating Parameters Optimization and Study of the Reaction Stability - 11072 Jean-Christophe Ruiz, Florian Pujol, Frederic Charton, Guillaume Ranc, Hubert Alexandre Turc, Christophe Joussot-Dubien, CEA Marcoule (France)

Session 80 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 106B

Operating Experience in the Treatment and Storage of LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM


Wednesday PM

The Uranium Mining Industry - Current Topics and Issues

4:10 Characterization of Legacy Low-Level Waste at the SVAFO Facility Using Gama Non-Destructive Assay and X-Ray NonDestructive Examination Techniques 11405 Steve Halliwell, VJ Technologies (USA)

Co-Chairs: Steven Brown, SHB Inc.; Erich Tiepel, Golder Associates, Inc (USA) Lead Organizer: Steven Brown Add’l Organizer(s): Larry Camper, Erich Tiepel Paper Reviewer: Erich Tiepel

4:35 Characterization of Radioactive Spent IonExchange Resins - 11144 Vanusa Maria Jacomino, Maria Helena Taddei, National Nuclear Energy Commission; Luis Antonio Terremoto, Roberto Vicente, Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (Brazil)

Session 81 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 102A

1:35 Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project, Process Improvement Team Implementation and Results - 11077 Craig Niemeyer, Lawrence M. Brede, EnergySolutions; Tom Rasmussen, Union Pacific Railroad (USA)

Session 83 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Radioactive Material Packaging and Transportation Regulatory Issues Co-Chairs: Richard Yoshimura, Sandia National Laboratory; Mike Nolan, Dade Moeller (USA) Lead Organizer: Richard Yoshimura Add’l Organizer(s): Paul Jones, Larry Harmon Paper Reviewer: Paul Jones

2:00 The Global Reporting Initiative and Implications for the Uranium Recovery Industry - 11608 Rod Grebb, Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions, LLC (USA) 2:25 Development of the First Three Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements Tiered from the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Insitu Uranium Recovery Facilities - 11617 Kevin Hsueh, Larry Camper, US NRC (USA)

1:35 Effects of the MacArthur Maze Fire and Roadway Collapse on a Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Package - 11392 Christopher Bajwa, Earl Easton, US NRC; Harold Adkins, Judith Cuta, Nicholas Klymyshyn, Sarah Suffield, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

Session 82 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 101B

2:00 Rail Risk: Severe Fires and the Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel 11582 Earl Easton, Christopher Bajwa, US NRC; T. Mintz, George Adams, Marius Necsoiu, Southwest Research Institute (USA)

Room 102A

Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW Ionizing Measurement Methods - Part 2 Co-Chairs: Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger Add’l Organizer: Frazier Bronson Paper Reviewer: Stephen Croft

2:25 Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Package Seal Performance in Beyond Design Basis Thermal Exposure Scenarios - 11391 Christopher Bajwa, Earl Easton, Felix Gonzalez, US NRC; Jiann Yang, Edward Hnetkovsky, National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)

3:20 Fast Enrichment Screening for ‘Go-No-Go’ Classification of Bulk Waste - 11270 Alan Simpson, Pajarito Scientific Corporation (United Kingdom); S.A. McElhaney, Pajarito Scientific Corporation (USA)

2:50 Evaluation of Hydrogen Generation and Maximum Normal Operating Pressure for Waste Transportation Packages - 11016 Fon-Chieh (Jimmy) Chang, Peter Lien, Michael Waters, US NRC (USA)

3:45 Simulations of the Use of Cosmic-Rays to Image Nuclear Waste and Verify the Contents of Used Nuclear Fuel Containers 11341 Cybele Jewett, Vinicius Anghel, Guy Jonkmans, Martin Thompson, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (Canada)

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Challenges Facing Low Specific Activity (LSA) and Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO) US D.O.T. Shipments for D&D Waste Streams and Retrieved/Pre-packaged Waste Containers - 11589 Mike Waters, James McGrogan, Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. (USA)


Wednesday PM 3:45 Geophysics and Site Characterization at the Hanford Site: The Successful Use of Electrical Resistivity to Position Boreholes to Define Vadose Zone Contamination 11509 Malcolm Gander, Washington State University; Kevin Leary, US DOE; Charles Miller, CH2M HILL PRC; Marc Levitt, Dale Rucker, hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc. (USA)

3:45 Improving the Communication of Requirements for Department of Transportation Compliant Shipments of Low Specific Activity Materials and Surface Contaminated Objects - 11542 Julia Donkin, US DOE (USA) 4:10 American National Standard Institute Development of New Standard (N14.36) Measurement of Radiation Level and Surface Contamination for Packages and Conveyances - 11610 Ashok Kapoor, US DOE; S.Y. Chen, Sunita Kamboj, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

4:10 Treatment of Uranium in Subsurface Water - 11616 Ernest Stine, Paul Hatzinger, Jonathan Myers, Shaw Environmental, Inc. (USA) Session 85

Session 84 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Room 101C

Room 103AB

Deep Vadose Zone Characterization and Remediation Technologies

The Citizen Voice - Impacting the Nuclear Renaissance through Public Involvement

Co-Chairs: Kurt Gerdes, US DOE; Dyan Foss, CH2M HILL PRC (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Kurt Gerdes Add’l Organizer(s): Ed Alperin, Mark Frei

Co-Chairs: Susan Wood, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness; Karen Guevara, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston Add’l Organizer(s): Susan Wood, Jan Phillips Paper Reviewer: Susan Wood

1:35 Deep Vadose Zone Applied Research Center – Transformational Technology Development for Environmental Remediation - 11074 Dawn Wellman, Tim Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Kurt Gerdes, Skip Chamberlain, John Morse, Rosa Ramirez, US DOE (USA)

1:35 Development of National Defense Authorization Action Section 3116, Waste Determinations and Other Tank Closure Decisions through a Transparent Public Process - 11406 Linda Suttora, Sherri Ross, US DOE (USA) 2:00 Public Opinion: Its Impact on Nuclear Waste Management Policy and Planning 11107 Rose Hayes, Savannah River Site (USA)

2:00 Advanced Remedial Methods for Metals and Radionuclides in Deep Vadose Zone Environments - 11026 Dawn Wellman, Shas Mattigod, Lirong Zhong, Ann Miracle, Fred Tilton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Susan Hubbard, Yuxin Wu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Martin Foote, MSE Technology Applications, Inc (USA)

2:25 Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board- Elements That Have Contributed to Our Success - 11188 Donald Bridges, Savannah River Site (USA)

2:25 Scale-Up Testing Foam as a Remedial Carrier - 11029 Martin Foote, Jody Bickford, MSE Technology Applications, Inc; Dawn Wellman, Shas Mattigod, Elsa Cordova, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

2:50 Environmental Surveillance and Oversight Program at Savannah River Site – NonRegulatory Environmental Monitoring around Savannah River Site - 11148 Kimberly Newell, South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control (USA)

2:50 Strategies for Immobilization of Deep Vadose Contaminants at the Hanford Central Plateau - 11503 Glen Chronister, CH2M HILL PRC (USA)

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Community Involvement in Finding a Pathway for Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste - 11051 Susan Gawarecki, ORR Local Oversight Committee, Inc. (USA)

3:15 Break - Optional 3:20 Pumping Test Characterization of Deep Vadose Zone Properties - 11415 Shlomo Neuman, Phoolendra Mishra, University of Arizona (USA)

3:45 Yucca Mountain: A Regional Voice from Solo to Chorus - 11066 Rick McLeod, Savannah River Site (USA)


Wednesday PM A9.

Poster Session 86 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

1st Floor Foyer

Non-Paper Poster Session for Emerging Issues

A10. Preliminary work on the Decommissioning of the Reactor MR in RRC (Russian Research Center), Kurchatov Institute 11417 Arthur Arustamov, Konstantin Semenov, SIA Radon Institute; Viktor Volkov, RSC "Kurchatov Institute"; Vladimir Chuikov, Alexander Goncharov, JSC “Aliance-Gamma” (Russia)

Co-Chairs: Gary Benda, Bartlett Services, Inc.; Linda Lehman, CH2M HILL PRC (USA) Lead Organizer: Gary Benda A1.








Matching Funding to Expenses in Federal Programs and Projects - 11360 Simon Dekker, Vance Kotrla, Dekker, Ltd. (USA)

Design Optimization for Submerged Jet Nozzle for Enhanced Mixing - 11552 Edgard Espinosa, George Dulikravich, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA)

A11. Microbial Community Profiling for Vadose Zone Remediation - 11454 Amoret Bunn, Fred Tilton, Dawn Wellman, Ann Miracle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

Role of Aluminum Dimer and Carbonate in Controlling the Aluminum Solubility for Hanford Waste - 11605 Cliff Johnston, Purdue University; Jacob Reynolds, Washington River Protection Solutions; Stephen Agnew, Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc. (USA)

A12. Thermal Response of Nuclear Waste Transportation Package to Baltimore Tunnel Fire Scenario- 11574 Miles Greiner, Narayana Rao Chalasani, University of Nevada, Reno; Ahti Suo Anttila, Computational Engineering Analysis (USA)

Selection of Additives to Increase the Melting Rate of a High Aluminum Content Waste Stimulant - 11640 Valery Romanovsky, Albert Aloy, Khlopin Radium Institute (Russia); Kevin Fox, James Marra, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

A13. Aluminum Solubility, Part Two - 11369 Jeff Lindner, Rebecca Toghiani, Yunju Xia, Laura Smith, Mississippi State University (USA) A14. Wealth from Waste – Demonstration of Selective Removal of Cesium from Radioactive Wastes for Producing Blood Irradiator Source Pencils - 11626 RK Gupta, SB Patil, Sugilal Gopalakrishnan, Jyoti Jha, KNS Nair, Daya Banerjee, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre; Piyush Srivastava, Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology (India)

Pre-Project Activities Related to the Remediation of Fissionable Materials Contained in Standpipes at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s Whiteshell Laboratories - 11033 Terence Stepanik, Heidi McIlwain, Jamie Edworthy, Shamsul Alam, Alex Man, Jason Martino, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; Peter Taylor, Acsion Industries Ltd (Canada)

A15. Information Technologies for a More Transparent, Sustainable and Effective Russian Radwaste Management Market 11635 Elena Yakovleva, Environmental Safety Journal (Russia)

Removal of Sludge Heels in Savannah River Site Waste Tanks with Oxalic Acid 11226 Michael Poirier, Savannah River National Laboratory; George Thaxton, Washington Savannah River Company (USA)

A16. Risk Ranking DOE Nuclear Facilities 11631 Gustave Danielson, Joseph Arcano, Chip Lagdon, US DOE (USA)

Development of an Ultra-Sensitive, RealTime, Field-Deployable Mercury, Beryllium, and Multi-Contaminants Plasma Ringdown Spectrometer - 11231 Chuji Wang, Susan T. Scherrer, Peeyush Sahay, Mississippi State University (USA)

A17. Estimating Aerosol Generation at the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) for Offgas Equipment Design Confirmation - 11643 Kimberly Clossey, Ryan Wilson, Bechtel National, Inc. (USA)

Design and Development of Innovative High-Level Waste Pipeline Unplugging Technologies - 11291 David Roelant, Seckin Gokaltun, Dwayne McDaniel, Jose Varona, Amer Awwad, Tomas Pribanic, Florida International University (USA)

A18. The Using Of Ceramic Membrane Filters In The LRW Treatment Technologies At NPPs - 11638 Denis Fedorov, Arthur Arustamov, SIA Radon Institute (Russia)

Lessons Learned - UFP QAPP Development - 11313 Steve Howard, MD Rahman, Cabrera Services, Inc. (USA)

A19. Treatment of Intermediate Level Wastes from Mo-99 Production - 11652 Martin Stewart, Sam Moricca, Daniel Brew,


Thursday AM The WM Task Group will be focused on complex wide integration and technology transfer, while supporting cost effective and efficient waste options. This will be achieved in a way that enhances complex wide communication and maintains a priority on safety, environmental stewardship and security.

Melody Carter, Grant Beamish, James Chapman, Stephen Deen, Eric Vance, ANSTO; Tina Eddowes, synrocANSTO (Australia) A20. Transitioning into the Construction Phase of the Port Hope Area Initiative: Canada’s Largest Low-Level Radioactive Waste Clean-up Project - 11654 Andrea Denby, Glenn Case, Christine Fahey, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (Canada); Tim Palmeter, Public Works Government Services Canada (Canada)

Session 88 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Panel: Global Networking - Resources for Safer and More Efficient Environmental Remediation

A21. D&D Progress at Portsmouth and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plants - 11657 William Franz, LATA Kentucky; Linda Bauer, LATA/Parallax Portsmouth, LLC (USA)

Co-Chairs: Leo van Velzen, Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group (Netherlands); Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Michelle Rehmann Add’l Organizer: Horst Monken Fernandes

A22. System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) Approach to Integrating Waste Management Program Elements - 11659 Terry Kuykendall, Banda Group International (USA) A23. Getting Big Blue Out of Y-12 – 11205 Tim Poe, Y-12 National Security Complex (USA)

This panel will focus on and is a follow-up from the WM2010 series on ENVIRONET - the IAEA Network on Environmental Management and Remediation. The network is actually promoting development of regulations, skills and training, technical outreach and funding needed to accomplish safer, more sustainable and efficient remediation. The network will also transfer knowledge and lessons learned to encourage improved life cycle planning of future projects and prevent generation of new legacy sites with associates such as the International Forum on Sustainable Options for Uranium Protection. Progress in development of network projects will be presented.

A24. Non Destructive Compressive Strength Measurement Of Low Level Solidified Waste In 200l And 329l Drums At The Waste Receipt And Inspection Facility (Wrif), Korea - 11676 Steve Halliwell, VJ Technologies (USA); Suk Nam Lim, SooCheon Kwon, Korea Radioactive Waste Management Corp. (Korea) March 3, Thursday AM

Panelists include: Leo van Velzen, The Nuclear Research & Consultancy Group (NRG), (Netherlands); Ana M. Han, US DOE (USA): Oleg Mansurov, Bocvhar Institute (Russia); Michael L. Dutura, The Ux. Consulting Company, LLC (Italy) and Oleg Voitsekhovych, Ukranian Hydrometerological Institute (Ukraine).

Session 87 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 105A

Room 106A

Panel: Waste Management Energy Facilities Contractor Operating Group (EFCOG) Meeting Co-Chairs: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Matt Frost, Y-12 National Security Complex (USA) Lead Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston Add’l Organizer: Matt Frost Panel Reporter: Nancy Rothermich

Session 89 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102B

Panel: Advanced Used Fuel Recycling & Disposal Options for Shortening Institutional Control Periods of Final Waste to a Few Hundred Years

This panel will focus on the WM EFCOG and will meet to discuss a variety of issues of importance to US DOE waste management operations. The purpose of the WM EFCOG is to seek out and promote the best management and operating practices, cost effective technologies and disposal options for all waste streams generated at US DOE facilities; whether destined for US DOE or commercial facilities.

Co-Chairs: Kun Jai Lee, KUSTAR (United Arab Emirates); Hamid Aït Abderrahim, SCK-CEN (Belgium) Lead Organizer and Panel Reporter: Kun Jai Lee Add’l Organizer: Il-Soon Hwang


Thursday AM This panel will address advanced Used Fuel Recycling & Disposal Options. Recent progress in advanced technology for spent fuel partitioning, transmutation and deep geological repository design can lead to innovative waste management approaches characterized by significantly shortened institutional control periods. In some cases the institutional control period (ICP) can be shortened to several hundred years, with the help of drastically reduced amount of long-living radio-isotopes, heat load and waste volume. Technical, economical and institutional viability of this sort of innovative approach will be the discussion of this panel.

11206 Rudy Jolly, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA) 9:50

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Inhibited Release of Mobile Contaminants from Hanford Tank Residual Waste 11447 Kirk Cantrell, Bruce Arey, Michael Lindberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Steve Heald, Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

Discussion & path forward will be moderated by H. Ait Abderrahim, SCK-CEN (Belgium). Panelists and topics include: 1.

Aqueous Partitioning – Dominique Warin, CEA (France)


Pyrochemical Partitioning – TBA


Transmutation Technologies – H. Ait Abderrahim, SCK-CEN (Belgium)


Geological Disposal of LLW/ILW – I.S. Hwang, SNU (Republic of Korea)


Deep Borehole Disposal of HLW – Patrick Brady, SNL


Institutional Issues – Regulation, Safeguards and Security – M.J. Song, KRIA (Republic of Korea)

Corrosion Rates of 1-WT% vs. 8-WT% Oxalic Acid on Savannah River Site Carbon Steel Liquid Radioactive Waste Tanks - 11413 Edward Ketusky, Karthik Subramanian, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Bruce Wiersma, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

10:45 Demonstration of Quantitative Waste Volume Determination Technique for Hanford Waste Tank Closure - 11139 David Monts, Ping-Rey Jang, Zhiling Long, Walter P. Okhuysen, O. Perry Norton, Mississippi State University (USA) 11:10 Progress towards Closure of Material Disposition: Area G at the Los Alamos National Laboratory - 11472 Mark Shepard, James S. Clemmons, Kathryn Johns-Hughes, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) Session 91

Session 90 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

8:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Room 106B

Room 101C Program Management Improvements Through Risk Management Innovations

Closure of HLW, SNF/UNF, and Long-lived Alpha/TRU Facilities

Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management Services, Inc.; Sherry M. Keeney, PECOS Management Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm Add’l Organizer(s): Neil Davis, Gerald Williams

Co-Chairs: Martin Letourneau, US DOE; John Greeves, Talisman International, LLC (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Martin Letourneau Add’l Organizer: John Greeves 8:35

Performance Assessment Inventory Considerations at Savannah River Site 11322 Ben Dean, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)


Basis for Section 3116 Determination for Closure of F-Tank Farm at the Savannah River Site - 11177 Larry Romanowski, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)


Status of Tank Residual Characterization Sampling to Support Waste Tank Operational Closure at the Savannah River Site: Tank Farm Closure Project -

8:35 Sustainable Waste Management Planning 11181 Mona L. Johnson, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC; Tammy Phillips, CDM (USA) 9:00 Risk Identification and the Quantification of Sustainability - Comprehensive Financial Cost Benefit Analysis that Includes Environmental and Social Costs - 11553 James Farrow, WorleyParsons (USA) 9:25 Taking Risk Assessment and Management to the Next Level: Program-Level Risk Analysis to Enable Solid Decision-Making on Priorities and Funding - 11563 Jerel Nelson, R. Lee Morton, Natalie Johnson,


Thursday AM Carlos Castillo, George Dyer, WorleyParsons Polestar; James McSwain, Terragraphics (USA)

Session 93 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM

9:50 Managing Risk During the Execution Phase of DOE Projects - 11245 Michael Kopp, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. (USA)

Glass Formulation and Melter Development Co-Chairs: James Marra, Savannah River National Laboratory; Christian Ladirat, CEA (France) Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns Add’l Organizer(s): Ned Bibler, Gordon Crawford Paper Reviewer: Terri Fellinger

Session 92 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 106C

Room 106B

Improved Flowsheets for Processing of TRU and HLW

8:35 Technology Development to Reduce Mission Life, Life Cycle Costs and Glass Volumes for US High Level Waste Vitrification Facilities - 11461 David Peeler, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Co-Chairs: Andrew Fellinger, Savannah River National Laboratory; Sal Golub, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux Add’l Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin

9:00 Developing Model to Formulate High-Level Radioactive Waste Glass for the Hanford WTP (Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant) - 11383 Rod Gimpel, Waste Treatment Plant Project (USA)

10:20 Development of the Next-Generation Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction (NGCSSX) Process for Cesium Removal from High-Level Tank Waste - 11346 Bruce Moyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Peter Bonnesen, Lætitia Delmau, Frederick Sloop, Neil Williams, Joseph Birdwell, Denise L. Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ralph Leonard, Argonne National Laboratory; Samuel Fink, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Thomas P. Peters, Savannah River National Laboratory; Mark Geeting, Savannah River Remediation, LLC (USA)

9:25 Development of the Next Generation Melter for the Hanford Site - 11049 Gene Ramsey, Michael Gray, Ron Calmus, Benjamin Garrett, Washington River Protection Solutions (USA) 9:50 Formation Mechanisms of the NeedleShaped Crystal of Ruthenium Dioxide During Vitrification of Nitric Acid Solution Containing Nitrosyl Ruthenium Nitrate 11265 Youichi Enokida, Kayo Sawada, Takahiro Shimada, Daisuke Hirabayashi, Nagoya University (Japan)

10:45 Development and Testing of Two Novel and Vitrification Compatible Classes of Ion Specific Media for Application on the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Supplemental Pretreatment and Secondary Waste Streams - 11001 Mark Denton, Kurion, Inc.; William Bostick, Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc. (USA)

Session 94 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

11:10 Further Development of Modified Monosodium Titanate, an Improved Sorbent for Pretreatment of High Level Nuclear Waste at the Savannah River Site - 11215 David Hobbs, Kathryn Taylor-Pashow, Fernando Fondeur, Savannah River National Laboratory; Samuel Fink, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (USA)

Room 106C

Stabilization for Legacy Waste Co-Chairs: James Marra, Savannah River National Laboratory; Christian Ladirat, CEA (France) Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns Add’l Organizer(s): Ned Bibler, Gordon Crawford Paper Reviewer: Terri Fellinger

11:35 The Suitability of Sodium Peroxide Fusion for Production-Scale Plutonium Processing Operations - 11179 Robert Pierce, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

10:20 Uranium Metal Oxidation, Grinding and Excapsulation in BoroBond™: TRU Waste Management - 11223 Kevin Cook, Larry Addington, Elizabeth Utley, Ceradyne Boron Products, LLC (USA) 10:45 Stabilization of Hanford K-Basin Sludge by Dissolution of Uranium Metal with Carbonate / Peroxide Solution - 11210 Stuart Arm, Chris Phillips, Carina Mitchell,


Thursday AM Croft, Howard O. Menlove, M.T. Swinhoe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA); Taehoon Lee, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

EnergySolutions; Stephanie Bruffey, Paul Taylor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) 11:10 Portable and Modular Cementation Systems for Stabilization of Nuclear Waste - 11367 Gordon Crawford, Rich Martin, Sam Pearson, EnergySolutions (USA)


11:35 Capture and Immobilization of Technetium from Liquid Radioactive Waste Streams into a Stable Goethite Mineral Form - 11351 Joseph Westsik, Wooyong Um, Nikolla Qafoku, Gary Josephson, Jeffrey Serne, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Ultrasonic Techniques for the In Situ Characterization of Nuclear Waste Sludges - 11275 Timothy Hunter, Simon Biggs, Michael Fairweather, Jeff Peakall, University of Leeds (United Kingdom) 10:45 Low-Level Cementitious Waste Sample Retrieval and Analysis at Savannah River Site - 11149 Aaron Staub, Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Alex Cozzi, Dale Marzolf, Savannah River National Laboratory (USA)

Session 95 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Characterization of the Hanford 324 Building B Cell - 11081 Walter Josephson, WorleyParsons Polestar (USA)

Room 103A

Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW Non-Ionizing Radiation Methods

11:10 Disposal of Nuclear Graphite - 11043 Natalia Girke, Katharina Aymanns, Dirk Bosbach, Research Centre Jülich GmbH; HansJürgen Steinmetz, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Germany)

Co-Chairs: Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger Add’l Organizer: Frazier Bronson Paper Reviewer: Stephen Croft

Session 96 8:35



A Technical Review of Non-destructive Assay Research for the Characterization of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies Being Conducted Under The US DOE NGSI 11544 Stephen Croft, Jeremy Conlin, Louise Evans, Corey Freeman, Jianwei Hu, Adrienne LaFleur, Howard O. Menlove, Vladimir Mozin, M.A. Schear, M.T. Swinhoe, Stephen J. Tobin, Holly Trellue, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Luke Campbell, Chris Gesh, L. Eric Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Jesse Cheatham, Mike Ehinger, Cathy Romano, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; David Chichester, James Sterbentz, Idaho National Laboratory; Alan Hunt, Idaho State University; Bernhard Ludewigt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA); Taehoon Lee, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Republic of Korea)

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 103B


DOE Partnerships with States, Tribes and Other Federal Programs Help Responders Prepare for Challenges Involving Transport of Radioactive Materials 11038 Tom Clawson, Ken Keaton, Technical Resources Group, Inc.; Marsha Keister, Idaho National Laboratory (USA)

A New MCNPX PTRAC Coincidence Capture File Capability: A Tool for Neutron Detector Design - 11432 Louise Evans, M.A. Schear, John Hendricks, M.T. Swinhoe, Stephen J. Tobin, Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)


Radiological Transportation Accidents from A Responder’s Perspective - 11362 John Riley, John Lund, Tom Clawson, Technical Resources Group, Inc. (USA)


Simulated Response of a One-PWR Package to the Caldecott Tunnel Fire Scenario - 11573 Miles Greiner, Narayana Rao Chalasani, University of Nevada, Reno; Ahti Suo Anttila, Computational Engineering Analysis (USA)

Transportation Impacts on State, Tribal and Local Jurisdictions Co-Chairs: Ella McNeil, US DOE; Daniel Jordan, Enercon Services, Inc. (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Ella McNeil Add’l Organizer(s): Larry Harmon, Daniel Jordan

The Optimization of Combined Delayed Neutron and Differential Die-Away Prompt Neutron Signal Detection for Characterization of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies - 11419 Pauline Blanc, Stephen J. Tobin, Stephen


Thursday AM 9:50

Contaminated Waste Sites on the Nevada Test Site - 11154 Mark Krauss, S.M. Stoller Corporation; Kevin Cabble, US DOE; Patrick Matthews, Navarro Nevada Environmental Services (USA)

Yucca Mountain Transportation Planning: Lessons Learned, 1984-2009 - 11256 Robert Halstead, State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects; James Ballard, California State University, Northridge; Fred Dilger, Black Mountain Research (USA)

11:10 Characterizing Inorganic Scintillation Detectors for Determining Radiation Exposure - 11358 Ronald Unz, Donna Rogers, Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University (USA)

10:20 Impacts of a Severe Road Tunnel Fire on Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel - 11583 Earl Easton, Christopher Bajwa, US NRC; T. Mintz, K. Das, J. Huczek, Southwest Research Institute (USA)

Session 98 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session 97 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 104B

Room 101B

ER Post Closure Challenges and Long Term Stewardship/Legacy Management

Application of Innovative D&D Technologies Co-Chairs: Dale Bignell, Washington Closure Hanford; Thomas Pauling, US DOE (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Dale Bignell Add’l Organizer: Thomas Pauling

Co-Chairs: Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory; Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Rick Demmer Add’l Organizer: J. Rick Dearholt 8:35


Remote Surveys of the BN-350 Fast Breeder Reactor Refueling Pathway (Aktau, Kazakhstan) - 11061 David Wells, Ian Adsley, Andrew Herrick, Nuvia Limited (United Kingdom); Collin J Knight, Idaho National Laboratory; Anatoliy Ivanov, Alexander Klepikov, Sergey Pustobayev, Igor Yakovlev, Nuclear Technology Safety Center (Kazakhstan) A Proven Method for Performing Steam Dryer Segmentation on BWR Plants - 11479 Joseph Boucau, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (Belgium); Stefan Fallstrom, Per Segerud, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (Sweden); Paul Kreitman, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC (USA)


Submerged Water Jet Decontamination of Multi-Element Bottles - 11521 Alex Jenkins, Sellafield Limited (UK)


Remote System for Characterizing, Monitoring and Inspecting the Inside of Contaminated Nuclear Stacks - 11567 Mario Vargas, William Mendez, Leonel Lagos, Florida International University; Mark Noakes, Randall Lind, Peter Lloyd, John Rowe, François Pin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)


Weldon Spring Disposal Cell Performance: The First Ten Years - 11333 Jane Powell, Vijendra Kothari, US DOE; Rebecca Cato, R.G., Yvonne Deyo, Randy Thompson, Terri Uhlmeyer, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)


Status and Performance of the On-Site Disposal Facility, Fernald Preserve, Cincinnati, Ohio - 11137 Jane Powell, US DOE; Frank Johnston, William Hertel, Ken Broberg, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)


River Corridor Contract - WHC’s (Washington Closure Hanford) Road Map to Closure - 11450 Ella Feist, Washington Closure Hanford; Dana Bryson, US DOE (USA)


Regulatory Actions to Improve the Management of Uranium Mining Waste in France - 11070 Jean Luc Lachaume, Nuclear Safety Authority (France)

10:15 Break - Optional 10:20 Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA): Is Past Performance an Indication of Future Results? - 11222 Mark Kautsky, US DOE; Laura Cummins, Stan Morrison, Dave M. Peterson, Timothy Bartlett, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)

10:15 Break - Optional

10:45 Design and Installation of a Disposal Cell Cover Field Test - 11317 Richard Bush, US DOE (USA)

10:20 Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor (BGRR) D&D Project - 11243 Bill Kirby, S.A. Technology (USA)

11:10 Assessing the Impacts of the Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008 on the U.S. Mercury Recycling Industry - 11163 Cliff Carpenter, US DOE (USA)

10:45 Nuclear Operations Application to Environmental Restoration at Corrective Action Unit 547, Miscellaneous


Thursday AM 10:20 Workforce Development for the Nuclear Industry – A Global Issue - 11332 Leonel Lagos, Florida International University (USA)

11:35 Balancing Institutional Controls and Beneficial Reuse at US DOE Office of Legacy Management Sites - 11133 Steve Schiesswohl, Laura E. Kilpatrick, Esq., US DOE; Cheri Bahrke, S.M. Stoller Corporation (USA)

10:45 Challenges and Best Practices Learned in Twelve Years of Leading a University based Engineering Summer Camp for Middle School Students - 11382 Philip O'Leary, Carl Vieth, University of Wisconsin (USA)

Session 99 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Room 104A

11:10 Keeping Score Using Automated Charts for Performance Improvement - 11311 Robert Trivett, Savannah River Site (USA)

Communication of Technical Issues Co-Chairs: Holly Bowers, Washington State University; Sonya Johnson, CH2M HILL PRC (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers Add’l Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston

11:35 Virtual Facility Tours as a Communication Tool - 11581 Laurence Pernot, Jan Phillips, AREVA (USA) March 3, Thursday PM

8:35 Texas’ Efforts to Increase Nuclear Technology Workforce - 11407 Kenneth Krieger, Linda Morris, Texas State Technical College (USA)

Session 101 1:00 PM - 5:45 PM

9:00 DOE's Office of Environmental Management's Compliance Community of Practice Provides Framework to Promote Dynamic Communication Among Compliance Professionals and Stakeholders - 11469 Connie Lorenz, US DOE (USA)

US NRC/US DOE/IAEA LLW Performance Assessment, the Safety Case (PRISM) and Long Term Monitoring Workshop Co-Chairs: Larry Camper, US NRC; Christine Gelles, US DOE (USA)

9:25 Sharing & Deploying Innovative Information Technology Solutions to Manage Waste Across the DOE Complex 11309 Regina Crolley, Mike Thompson, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Terry Wentz, Mission Support Alliance, LLC; Dean Newton, Turnkey Transportation Services (USA)

This workshop will focus on common approaches, methods, and tools used in performance assessment to demonstrate compliance with dose/risk criteria for LLW disposal facilities. Discussions will also include the international approach regarding use of the safety case concept for LLW disposal facilities and IAEA activities pertaining to the project on Practical Illustration and use of the Safety Case Concept in the Management of Near-Surface Disposal (PRISM). LLW long-term monitoring aspects will also be addressed. The proposed agenda and panelists include:

9:50 Waste Information Management System – 2011 - 11303 Himanshu Upadhyay, Walter Quintero, Peggy Shoffner, Leonel Lagos, David Roelant, Florida International University (USA)

1. Opening Remarks and Presentation of Panel Speakers - Larry Camper, US NRC and Christine Gelles, US DOE

Session 100 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 102ABC

Room 104A

2. Technical Basis of 10 CFR Part 61 LLW Classification System – Matthew Kozak, INTERA, INC

Training, Education, Knowledge Management and Communication for Safety and Performance

3. NRC Recommended Approach for Performance Assessment Methodology for LLW Disposal - Boby Abu-Eid, US NRC

Co-Chairs: Jeannette Hyatt, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Margaret MacDonell, Argonne National Laboratory (USA) Lead Organizer and Paper Reviewer: Margaret MacDonell Add’l Organizer(s): Jeannette Hyatt, Michelle Barker

4. Computational Tools Codes/Models Used by NRC Staff for LLW Risk Analysis & Examples David Esh, US NRC


Friday AM 5. Current Issues in Part 61 Waste Classification System - A Proposal to RiskInform US LLW Classification System - Michael Ryan, ACRS

agencies’ positions, future plans, and specific views regarding LLW management framework. The panel will also address public and stakeholder suggestions and comments.

6. An Overview of IAEA PRISM - Christine Gelles, US DOE

The public and stakeholders, as well as WM2011 participants are encouraged to take this opportunity of participating in the DOE/NRC joint meeting and discussions. Admission to the Friday joint meeting is free of charge.

7. Use of the IAEA Safety Case Concept in Management of Near-Surface Disposal: PRISM Components and Approaches - G. Bruno, IAEA

Conference Proceedings

8. Performance Assessment and LLW Disposal – EPRI’s Perspective – Lisa Edwards/David James, EPRI

The conference technical program proceedings are included with a full technical registration. Following the conclusion of the Conference, approximately June 2011, attendees will be mailed a CD-Rom of the Conference Proceedings to the address listed on their registration materials.

9. Overview of DOE’s Performance Assessment Methodology for LLW Disposal, Roger Seitz, SRNL/US DOE 10. Open Discussion

For additional copies or for those attendees who are not full technical registrants, Conference Proceedings may be purchased for $105 each.

11. Brief Technical Summary – Boby Abu-Eid, US NRC 12. Closing Remarks - Larry Camper, US NRC and Christine Gelles, US DOE

Also, proceedings for previous conference, the years 2002 – 2010, are available for $105 each. Please stop by the Registration Desk for an order form.

After the Workshop, a reception open to all workshop participants will follow at the PCC from 5:45 PM to 6:45 PM.

Proceeding Archives are also available online at for the previous years 2001 – 2009. The website is one year behind the conference, WM2010 proceedings will be posted online once the WM2011 proceedings are mailed.

March 4, Friday DOE/NRC Public Meeting 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM


The US DOE and the US NRC will be holding an all day joint public meeting at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Hotel to discuss plans for revisions or updates of their respective directives or regulatory framework for management of LLW. The all-day joint meeting will be organized in two Sessions (one for each agency), followed by a joint “Panel Discussion” Session. Session I will address DOE Order 435.1 (Radioactive Waste Management), and includes presentations by a DOE key note speaker and DOE staff. It will also include a period for public and stakeholder feedback and comments. Session II will address the NRC’s proposal to initiate revision of 10 CFR Part 61(Licensing Requirements for Land Disposal of Radioactive Waste) as discussed in the NRC SECY-10-0165. Session II will also include presentations by an NRC key note speaker and NRC staff. The joint workshop will conclude with a joint DOE/NRC Panel Discussion to respond and explain


POSTER SESSIONS Be sure to visit the technical posters on display throughout the day. Posters are located on the first floor with the technical sessions. In this informal atmosphere, Poster Presenters become discussion leaders sharing their ideas and visions. Each technical track presents a poster session; see the session descriptions for more information. The WM2011 posters will be displayed approximately 3-1/2 hours and authors are scheduled to be at the booths for one 30-minute period and one 60-minute period. In order to honor high quality presentations at WM2011, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) presents an award for the Best Poster/Paper and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) provides an award for the runner–up. Judges select the poster/paper based on technical quality and preparation of the work as described in the guidelines. Attendee forms for judging posters will also be available in the area and must be turned in one hour before the session ends. Each track selects the best poster/paper which are then displayed and re-judged on Wednesday afternoon for the Best and Second Best of the conference. The Best and Second Best in the conference for WM2011 are presented to the recipients at the next WM conference, WM2012. The "Best Poster Awards" from last year will be presented at the Honors & Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

Poster Session Schedule and Author Attendance at Poster Poster Period

Session #

Authors present -First Period-

Authors present -Second Period-

Poster Setup

Poster Removal

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2011 Afternoon


1:30 – 5 pm

1:30 – 2 pm

4 – 5 pm



8:30 am – 12 pm

8:30 – 9 am

11 am – 12 pm



1:30 – 5 pm

1:30 – 2 pm

4 – 5 pm



8:30 am – 12:30 pm



1:30 – 5 pm

1 – 1:30 pm

5 – 5:30 pm


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 11:30 am – 8:30 – 9 am 12:30 pm 1:30 – 2 pm

4 – 5 pm

8– 8:30 am 1– 1:30 pm

8– 8:30 am 1– 1:30 pm

12 – 12:30 pm 5 – 5:30 pm

12:30 – 1 pm 5 – 5:30 pm

Student Posters – Session 26 The Next Generation – Industry Leaders of Tomorrow Be sure to visit the Student Posters display in the Exhibit Hall on Monday, February 28, 2011 and vote for your selection for Best Student Poster. The winning student will be presented with $500 cash at the Tuesday Honors and Awards Luncheon.


WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number A Aaron, W.S. - 77-11116 Abdushukurov, Dzhamshed- 30-11481 Abercrombie, Robert - 41-11340 Abitz, Richard - 29-11533 Abkowitz, Mark - 31-11057 Abramov, Alexander - 18-11266 Acevedo, Cristian - 22-11389 Adams, George - 83-11582 Adams, Lori - 55D-11467 Addington, Larry - 94-11223 Adkins, Harold - 64-11121, 83-11392 Adsley, Ian - 97-11061 Agnew, Stephen - 55B-11565, 8611605 Agrawal, Anoop - 55D-11467 Ahn, Byung-Gil - 39D-11165 Ahromeev, Sergey - 30-11520 Akutsu, Shigeru - 39A-11078 Al-Qudah, Omar - 23-11489, 2611633, 11649 Alam, Shamsul - 86-11033 Alchowiak, Justine - 30-11500 Alderman, Neil - 19-11195 Alekseev, Mikhail - 39E-11525 Aleman, Sebastian - 33-11228 Alexander, George - 80-11323 Aloy, Albert - 86-11640 Ambos, Frank - 39A-11268 Amor, Alejandro - 70F-11298 Anderson, Gary - 70E-11225 Anderson, John - 55F-11230 Anderson, Scott - 45-11055 Angeli, Frederic - 44-11502 Anghel, Vinicius - 82-11341 Arafat, Yasir - 76-11390 Arakali, Aruna - 10-11143 Arcano, Joseph - 86-11631 Arcuri Filho, Rogério - 39F-11150 Arey, Bruce - 90-11447 Arlt, Hans - 80-11323 Arm, Stuart - 94-11210 Arnold, Patrick - 34-11082 Arustamov, Arthur - 20-11470, 6611050, 86-11417, 11638 Ashbaugh, Andrew - 45-11329 Asi, Eugene - 55E-11480 Ausmus, Clint - 77-11116 Awwad, Amer - 25B-11289, 86-11291 Aylward, Robert - 29-11513 Aymanns, Katharina - 95-11043 B Bae, Jung - 55C-11067 Bahrke, Cheri - 98-11133 Baik, Min-Hoon - 55A-11578 Bajwa, Christopher - 83-11582, 11392, 11391, 96-11583 Balagopal, Shekar - 39A-11342 Ballard, James - 96-11256 Ballard, John - 31-11534 Banerjee, Daya - 86-11626 Banford, Anthony - 36-11587, 5211588 Bannochie, Christopher - 77-11593 Barile, Lisa - 54-11083

Barinov, Alexandr - 39E-11156 Barnabas, Istvan - 25A-11184 Barone, Frank - 30-11280 Bartlett, Timothy - 98-11222 Basabilvazo, George - 78-11374 Bauer, Linda - 86-11657 Beamish, Grant - 86-11652 Beck, Travis - 19-11364 Becker, Naomi - 23-11161 Beckett, Elizabeth M. - 26-11629 Beckman, John - 67-11536 Belencan, Helen - 9-11052 Beller, Barbara - 29-11537 Bellini, Maria Helena - 39A-11130 Bellis, Mark - 71-11113 Ben Ayad, Saïd - 50-11025 Benamane, Ahmed - 70E-11225 Benedict, Barry - 26-11633 Benitez, Liliana - 24-11321 BenKinney, Marie - 39D-11623 Benson, Craig - 31-11057 Bercik, Lisa - 68-11375 Bergmann, Wolfgang - 70B-11111 Bergren, Christopher - 9-11052 Berry, Joanne - 25B-11248 Betancourt, Amaury - 26-11663 Bhatt, Chhavi Raj - 26-11645 Bhavaraju, Sai - 39A-11342 Bickford, Jody - 84-11029 Biebesheimer, Fred - 23-11507 Biggs, Simon - 39C-11098, 52-11097, 95-11275 Biloski, William - 43-11212 Bindokas, Antanas - 5-11064 Birchfield, Joseph - 35-11218, 5011209 Birdsell, Kay - 30-11545 Birdwell, Joseph - 92-11346 Bittner, Bryan - 26-11630 Biwer, Bruce - 69-11540 Black, Doug - 67-11118 Blackford, Ty - 45-11445 Blanc, Pauline - 95-11419 Blanchard, David - 33-11377 Blankenhorn, James - 71-11203 Blankenship, John - 36-11620 Boatwright, Wesley - 78-11374 Boehlecke, Robert - 30-11153, 6811557 Boes, Chris - 67-11418 Boesing, Tanja - 39A-11268 Boetsch, Wilma - 5-11441, 39B-11556 Bolshov, Leonid - 18-11266, 3211142, 11269, 11134, 11147 Bonhomme, Gaetan - 39A-11396 Bonnesen, Peter - 92-11346 Bontha, Jagannadha - 64-11121 Boomer, Kayle - 19-11335 Booth, Steven - 78-11087 Borba, Tânia Regina - 39A-11130 Boriskin, Mikhail - 80-11451 Borlaug, William - 55B-11324 Bosbach, Dirk - 95-11043 Bosgiraud, Jean-Michel - 79-11005 Bosko, Andrey - 51-11398 Bostick, William - 92-11001


Boucau, Joseph - 97-11479 Bourque, Hugh - 66-11286 Bowan, Bradley - 44-11131 Bower, Bryan - 71-11203 Boyer, Brian - 25A-11433 Brachmann, Noreen - 5-11064 Brady, Lee - 26-11664 Brammer, Klaus-Jürgen - 79-11517 Brandjes, Christopher - 35-11425 Brandys, Marek - 44-11458 Brautigam, Todd S - 52-11003 Brede, Lawrence- 35-11196, 81-11077 Breedlove, William - 23-11508 Bremer, Simon - 7-11284 Brennecke, Peter - 5-11441, 1811442, 39B-11556 Brenner, Eliot - 24-11080 Bresee, James - 8-11564 Brett, Dena - 53-11409 Brew, Daniel - 86-11652 Bricker, Jonathan - 44-11458 Bridges, Donald - 85-11188 Briest, John - 55B-11324 Broberg, Ken - 98-11137 Brock, Chris - 68-11504, 11505 Bronson, Frazier - 51-11182, 11398 Brown, Garrett - 33-11379 Brown, Julie - 24-11321 Brown, Kevin - 41-11446, 11444, 4811443, 65-11546 Brown, Steven - 16-11438 Brown, Steven J. - 33-11327 Bruffey, Stephanie - 94-11210 Brumwell, Frank - 5-11064 Bruno, Gerard - 65-11190 Brusa, Luigi - 18-1153 Bryson, Dana - 98-11450 Bunn, Amoret - 29-11513, 86-11454 Burger, Joanna - 55E-11386 Buriev, Nazirzhon - 30-11481 Burket, Paul - 77-11593 Burmeister, Mark - 55B-11114 Burns, Carolyn - 64-11121 Burns, Dan - 16-11627 Burns, Heather - 48-11443 Burritt, Jim - 43-11468 Busch, Günter - 55E-11480 Buschman, Nancy - 8-11478, 2911537 Bush, Richard - 98-11317 Bush, Sheryl Ross - 29-11529, 11531 Butala, Stephen - 5-11064 Butez, Marc - 8-11034 Butler, Theresa - 44-11131 Byrnes, Mark - 23-11508 Bytwerk, David - 32-11515 C Cabble, Kevin - 55B-11155, 11114, 70F-11157, 97-11154 Cai, Yong - 68-11559 Calderin, Duriem - 70F-11298 Calmus, Ron - 93-11049 Calvin, Anthony - 66-11125 Campbell, Luke - 95-11544 Camper, Larry - 81-11617

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Cange, Susan - 43-11328, 55F-11628 Cannell, Gary - 43-11580 Cantrell, Kirk - 90-11447 Carelli, Mario - 8-11452, 76-11390 Carilli, Jhon - 48-11120 Carlsson, Jan - 36-11483 Carpenter, Cliff - 98-11163 Carpentier, Benoit - 44-11482 Carter, Chris - 25A-11184 Carter, Melody - 86-11652 Carvajal, Denny - 55A-11345, 55D11422 Case, Glenn - 86-11654 Castello, Charles- 23-11042, 68-11559 Castillo, Carlos - 43-11562, 91-11563 Catlow, Renee - 45-11445 Cato, R.G., Rebecca - 98-11333 Cauchies, Sophie - 50-11025 Cercy, Michael - 29-11513 Ceto III, Nicholas - 53-11592 Chabalala, Simphiwe - 39A-11575, 39E-11576 Chalasani, Narayana Rao - 86-11574, 96-11573 Chamberlain, John - 71-11138 Chamberlain, Skip - 29-11513, 11526, 11535, 84-11074 Chang, Fon-Chieh - 83-11016 Chapman, James - 86-11652 Charboneau, Briant - 84-11074 Charrin, Nicolas - 24-11060 Charton, Frederic - 80-11072 Chauvin, Eric - 44-11482 Chavda, Mehul - 39A-11484 Chavez, Art - 63-11238 Chavez, Rick - 78-11374 Cheatham, Jesse - 95-11544 Chekhmir, Anatoly - 25D-11093 Chen, Jin - 33-11440 Chen, Jing - 33-11440 Chen, S.Y. - 5-11064, 69-11540, 11035, 83-11610 Cheng, Jing-Jy - 5-11064 Cheremisin, Peter - 80-11451 Chesnokov, Alexander - 66-11050 Chesterman, Andrew - 39F-11194 Chianelli, Russell - 26-11633 Chiaravalli, Fabio - 18-11053 Chichester, David - 95-11544 Chilson, Lettie - 71-11221 Chirwa, Evans - 39A-11575, 39E11576 Cho, Hang-Rae - 80-11518 Choi, In-Kil - 11-11393 Choi, Sungyeol - 26-11673, 11672 Chronister, Glen - 84-11503, 11074 Chuikov, Vladimir - 86-11417 Ciorneiu, Boris - 44-11131 Clapham, Martin - 39F-11194 Clapham, Martin - 51-11249 Clarke, James - 31-11057, 65-11394 Clawson, Tom - 96-11038, 11362 Clayton, Christopher - 67-11319 Clemmons, James S. - 90-11472 Clise, Laura - 55E-11551 Clossey, Kimberly - 86-11643

Coggins, Terry L. - 97-11358 Cohen, Bruce - 35-11425 Colbert, Richard - 26-11653 Cole, Matt - 70D-11312 Coleman, Justin - 22-11514 Collazo, Yvette - 29-11529, 11526 Collins, Emory - 76-11336, 77-11116 Collopy, Peter - 53-11296 Conant, John - 48-11387, 66-11388 Conley, Thomas - 26-11653, 70D11199 Conlin, Jeremy - 95-11544 Cook, Amy - 55C-11361 Cook, Kevin - 94-11223 Corbett, John - 19-11364 Cordingley, Leon - 36-11587 Cordova, Elsa - 84-11029 Cornils, Kristine - 34-11499 Corrado, Paul - 22-11036 Cotton, Thomas - 76-11008 Cournoyer, Michael - 39D-11000 Covert, Bruce - 55C-11371 Cox, Lisa - 26-11641 Cozzi, Alex - 77-11593, 95-11149 Craig, Brian - 55F-11230 Crawford, Charles - 77-11593 Crawford, Gordon - 94-11367 Croft, Stephen - 25A-11433, 39B11548, 95-11419, 11544, 11432 Crolley, Regina - 99-11309 Cronin, John - 55D-11467 Crosby, Dave - 58-11586 Cummins, Laura - 67-11319, 9811222 Cunnane, James - 77-11348 Cuta, Judith - 83-11392 Cuthbertson, Abigail - 34-11424 Czerwinski, Ken - 26-11453 D D'Amico, Eric - 78-11374 Dalton, John - 4-11435 Damerval, Frederique - 70E-11225 Daniel, Gene - 77-11593 Daniel, Richard - 33-11376 Danielson, Gustave - 86-11631 Daniska, Vladimir - 36-11483 Darby, John - 30-11044 Das, K. - 96-11583 Daugherty, Brent - 78-11555 Davainis, Gintautas - 21-11096 Davis, Jaci - 63-11308, 78-11374 Dayton, Cynthia - 71-11127 Dayton, Troy - 39A-11342 Dayvault, Jalena - 55C-11347 de Almeida, Valmor F. - 77-11116 De Gregory, John - 10-11297 Dean, Ben - 90-11322 Deen, Stephen - 86-11652 Dekker, Simon - 70A-11363, 86-11360 DelCul, Guillermo - 76-11336, 7711116 DeLeon , Edgardo - 29-11537, 11526 Delgado-Cepero, Elicek - 26-11669 Delmau, LĂŚtitia - 92-11346 Demmer, Rick - 69-11099


Denby, Andrea - 86-11654 Denham, Miles - 31-11560 DeNovio, Nicole - 23-11161 Denslow, Kayte - 64-11121 Denton, Mark - 39A-11396, 92-11001 Devgun, Jas - 36-11092 Deyo, Yvonne - 54-11338, 98-11333 Di Sanza, Frank - 34-11082, 11151 Dials, George - 4-11247 Dias, Fabiana - 49-11076 Diener, Glenn - 44-11458 Dilger, Fred - 96-11256 Dimenna, Richard - 65-11075 Dinis, Maria de Lurdes - 65-11607 Dionne, Marc - 31-11320 Dmitriev, Sergey - 20-11470 Dodge, Robert - 39D-11000 Doherty, John - 78-11374 Donakowski, Joseph - 67-11429 Donkin, Julia - 83-11542 Dooley, Kirk - 22-11514 Dorries, Alison - 34-11334, 45-11329 Downey, Heath - 48-11387, 53-11296, 66-11388 Drake, John - 69-11099 Du, Qian - 68-11310 Dua, Surendra - 70F-11298 Duffey, Kean - 39A-11342 Duignan, Mark - 33-11189 Dulikravich, George - 86-11552 Duncan, Garth - 64-11381 Duncan, Zachary - 76-11008 Dupuis, Marie-Claude - 79-11013 Dutzer, Michel - 80-11554 Dux, Joachim - 66-11278, 70E-11095 Dvoretskaya, Olga - 32-11142, 11134 Dyer, George - 91-11563 E Easton, Earl - 83-11392, 11391, 11582, 96-11583 Eberlein, Susan - 84-11074 Ebert, Joseph - 71-11127 Eddowes, Tina - 86-11652 Edge, Helen - 67-11418 Edge, James - 48-11031 Edmundson, Jay - 39F-11169 Edrington, Robert - 23-11476 Edwards, Lisa - 20-11606 Edwards, Richard - 33-11325 Edworthy, Jamie - 86-11033 Egorov, Alexander - 80-11451 Ehinger, Mike - 95-11544 Eigner, Tibor - 25A-11184 Elias, Dwayne - 26-11663 Elmer, John - 98-11163 Elmore, Randy - 63-11308 Eluskie, J.A. - 23-11507 Emery, Jeffrey - 78-11370 Emmanuel, N.V. - 76-11336 Engelhardt, Hans-Joachim - 79-11517 Engeman, Jason - 19-11335 Enokida, Youichi - 25D-11233, 4911274, 93-11265 Eriksson, Leif - 4-11247 Erpenbeck, Eric - 64-11449

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Eschenberg, John R. - 54-11326 Esh, David - 48-11443 Espinosa, Edgard - 86-11552 Eunice, Robert - 39D-11622 Evans, Brent - 77-11373 Evans, Louise - 25A-11433, 39B11548, 95-11544, 11432 Evans, Nick - 32-11129, 52-11097 Ewy, Ann - 67-11418 F Fahey, Christine - 86-11654 Fairweather, Michael - 39C-11098, 52-11097, 95-11275 Fallstrom, Stefan - 97-11479 Fan, Jeffrey - 23-11042, 68-11559 Farin, Sebastien - 24-11527 Farrow, James - 91-11553 Fatherly, Nicki - 67-11536, 22-11073 Faulk, Darrin - 30-11044 Fedorov, Denis - 86-11638 Feinberg, Steven - 30-11109 Feist, Ella - 98-11450 Fellinger, Andrew - 29-11529, 11531 Fellinger, Terri - 44-11458 Felmy, A. - 19-11128 Ferguson, Daniel - 63-11308 Ferroni, Paolo - 76-11390 Field, Michael - 51-11366 Filbert, Wolfgang - 79-11517 Fink, James - 31-11571 Fink, S. - 33-11327, 92-11346, 11215 Fiuza, Antonio - 65-11607 Flach, Greg - 41-11444, 11446, 4811443, 65-11546 Fleisch, Joachim - 36-11279, 44-11277 Flora, Mary - 9-11052 Flyckt, Don - 45-11445 Flynn, Mark - 6-11459 Fondeur, F. - 33-11327, 92-11215 Foote, Martin - 84-11029, 11026 Forbes, Pierre-Lionel - 64-11497 Ford, Laurie - 24-11250, 43-11251 Fowley, Mark - 19-11086, 64-11357 Fox, Jerry - 18-11058, 63-11059 Fox, Kevin - 86-11640 Franceschini, F. - 8-11452, 76-11390 Franz, William - 86-11657 Freeman, Corey - 95-11544 Freeman, Jenny - 54-11326 Frei, Mark - 43-11468 Freiwan, Sumayeh - 26-11633 Freshley, Mark - 31-11560, 84-11074 Fretthold, Jan - 58-11586, 11585 Friedrich, Daniel - 70E-11095 Fujisawa, Morio - 20-11572 Fuller, Michael - 39D-11623 Furner, Mike - 70D-11599 G Gabel, Andrew - 5-11064 Gallaher, Benjamin - 25B-11248 Ganaway, David - 78-11374 Gander, Malcolm - 84-11509 Gandhi, Amit - 39D-11622 Garber, David - 71-11160

Garboczi, Edward - 48-11443 Garcia-Martinez, Reinaldo- 55C-11361 Gardiner, Mark - 55E-11314 Garnier, Cedric - 54-11530 Garrett, Benjamin - 93-11049 Gawarecki, Susan - 85-11051 Geeting, Mark - 33-11327, 92-11346 Gelbutovsky, Alexander - 80-11451 Gelis, Vladimir - 25C-11490 Gelles, Christine - 16-11619, 65-11190 Gephart, Roy - 84-11074 Gerdes, Kurt - 29-11526, 11513, 8411074 Gese, Conrad - 39A-11268 Gesh, Chris - 95-11544 Ghazi, Janty - 26-11665 Gibbs, Kenneth - 78-11555 Giffin, Paxton - 58-11287 Gilbertson, Mark - 30-11500 Gillespie, Bruce - 51-11366 Gillespie, Joey - 67-11319 Gilli, Ludivine - 24-11060 Gilmartin, Gary - 43-11328 Gilmour, Jason - 64-11357 Gimpel, Rod - 64-11381, 93-11383 Ginsburg, Jeffrey - 35-11425 Girke, Natalia - 95-11043 Gladden, John - 29-11533, 11535 Glemza, Amy - 67-11536 Gochfeld, Michael - 55E-11386 Gokaltun, Seckin - 25B-11301, 11304, 26-11656, 86-11291 Goldsmith, Marc - 26-11630 Goldston, Sonny - 9-11018 Goncharov, Alexander - 86-11417 Gondor, Pavol - 70F-11262 Gonzalez, Felix - 83-11391 Gonzalez Galdamez, Rinaldo - 25B11301 Gopalakrishnan, Sugilal - 86-11626 Gorbunov, Valeriy - 20-11470 Gorbunova, Olga - 39E-11156 Gordon, Sydney - 48-11120 Gorton, Ian - 31-11560 Goswami, Dibakar - 53-11234 Goulart, Scott - 31-11320 Graf, Anja - 36-11279 Graf, Reinhold - 79-11517 Graham, Steve - 39F-11539 Grave, Michael - 36-11587 Gray, Karen - 10-11235 Gray, Michael - 93-11049 Grebb, Rod - 81-11608 Greene, William - 64-11357 Greenwood, Margaret - 64-11121 Greer, Daniel - 64-11193 Greeves, John - 4-11462, 34-11463 Greiner, Miles - 86-11574, 96-11573 Gresalfi, Michael - 69-11103 Gresalfi, Michelle - 22-11246 Grey, Mike - 5-11460 Gribetz, Arthur - 25D-11093 Griffin, Jeff - 29-11529, 11531 Griffin, William - 36-11620 Griggs, Christopher - 31-11534 Grochowski, T. - 20-11355, 66-11337


Grondin, Richard - 45-11445 Gross, Michael - 63-11236, 11240, 11238, 11308 Gruber, Philippe - 44-11502, 11465 Gruenewald, Wolfgang - 44-11277 Gruetzmacher, Kathleen - 51-11249 Gr端ndler, Detlef - 5-11441, 39B-11556 Guduru, Rakesh - 55D-11422 Guevara, Karen - 53-11409 Gupta, Dinesh - 30-11109 Gupta, K. K. - 71-11113 Gupta, RK - 86-11626 H Haider, Claudia - 5-11441, 39B-11556 Hall, Rachel C - 24-11032 Hallam, Ricky - 32-11129 Halliwell, Steve - 82-11405, 86-11676 Halstead, Robert - 96-11256 Hammick, Elaine - 53-11296 Hamodi, Nasir - 26-11634 Han, Ana - 29-11526 Han, Fengxiang X. - 55C-11349 Hang, Thong - 33-11228 Hanigan, Nick - 43-11017 Hannah, Ray - 9-11052 Hansen, Erich - 44-11458 Hansen, Frank - 18-11299 Hansen, Randy - 67-11488 Harbottle, David - 39C-11098 Hardin, Ernest - 18-11299 Harjula, Risto - 39A-11183 Harper, Michael - 70D-11199 Hart, Christopher - 58-11586 Harvey, Laura - 49-11204 Hatzinger, Paul - 84-11616 Hay, Michael - 25B-11220 Hayes, Rose - 85-11107 Hays, David - 67-11428, 11118, 11429, 11594 Heald, Steve - 90-11447 Hedahl, Tim - 24-11612 Hedin, James - 55C-11354 Heilbron, Paulo - 49-11076 Henao, Alexander - 23-11042 Henckel, George - 34-11334 Henderson, Colin - 31-11295 Henderson, Heidi - 26-11666 Hendrich, Klaus - 66-11278 Hendricks, John - 95-11432 Hendrickson, Jennifer - 78-11374 Herman, David - 33-11325, 39A11224, 64-11357 Hernandez, Reinier - 55D-11569 Herrick, Andrew - 52-11062, 97-11061 Hertel, William - 98-11137 Heywood, Nigel - 19-11195 Hickey, Cathy - 54-11326 Hiergesell, B. - 39C-11191, 65-11404 Higashiura, Norikazu - 20-11572 Higley, Kathryn - 32-11515 Hilbert, Franz - 6-11110, 70B-11111 Hirabayashi, Daisuke - 25D-11233, 93-11265 Hnetkovsky, Edward - 83-11391 Hobbes, Tammy - 45-11055

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Hobbs, David - 92-11215 Hodge, Devin - 78-11370 Hofferber, Gary - 64-11449 Hoffman, Elizabeth - 19-11128 Hollebecque, J. F. - 44-11465, 11502 Holm, Larry - 34-11082 Holm, Melissa - 31-11295 Holmes, Patrick - 22-11514 Honerlah, Hans - 67-11536 Hong, Dae-Seok - 80-11281 Hopkins, Robert - 44-11458 Houser, Elizabeth - 32-11515 Howard, Steve - 86-11313 Hsueh, Kevin - 81-11617 Htway, Myo Zaw - 70C-11493 Hu, Jianwei - 95-11544 Huang, Michael - 76-11390 Hubbard, Susan - 31-11560 Hubbard, Susan - 84-11026 Huczek, J. - 96-11583 Huff, Kathryn - 26-11660 Huff, Thomas - 33-11325, 64-11357 Hughes, Joan F. - 49-11166 Hunt, Alan - 95-11544 Hunt, Jeremy - 66-11498 Hunter, Jeffery - 10-11297 Hunter, Timothy - 39C-11098, 9511275 Hurt, William - 29-11537 Hurley Pearson, Melanie - 30-11109 Husain, Aamir - 5-11460 Husain, Sana - 5-11460 Hussein, Oday - 39A-11012 Hutchison, David - 53-11186 Hutsell, Dale - 44-11458 Hwang, Il-Soon - 26-11673, 11672 Hwang, Meejeong - 11-11267 Hyatt, Jeannette - 10-11400 I Icard, Christophe - 8-11034 Iordanov, Alexander - 18-11266 Ivanov, Anatoliy - 97-11061 Iverson, Dan - 44-11136 Iyer, Kanchana - 26-11668 J Jablonowski, Eugene - 4-11543 Jackson, Duncan - 80-11271 Jacomino, Vanusa Maria - 49-11076 Jäderström, Henrik - 51-11182 Jain, Sneh - 32-11129 James, Ryan - 69-11099 Janaskie, Mark - 22-11246 Jang, Ping-Rey - 90-11139 Jantzen, Carol - 77-11593 Jaraysi, Moses - 53-11595 Jarvis, Richard - 36-11587 Jenkins, Alex - 97-11521 Jenks, Jeromy - 64-11121 Jensen, Jesse - 19-11242 Jeong, Jongtae - 11-11393, 11267 Jeong, Seungyoung - 55A-11492 Jernigan, Thomas - 30-11109 Jewett, Cybele - 82-11341 Jewett, Marc - 53-11595

Jha, Jyoti - 86-11626 Ji, Young-Yong - 80-11281 Jines, Alan - 45-11055 Jo, Hyun-jun - 39F-11477 Johns-Hughes, Kathryn - 90-11472 Johnson, Al - 80-11271 Johnson, Caroline - 33-11189 Johnson, Fabienne - 44-11561 Johnson, Jared A. - 77-11116 Johnson, Jeremy - 19-11335 Johnson, Marshall - 70D-11199 Johnson, Mona L. - 91-11181 Johnson, Natalie - 91-11563 Johnson, Thomas - 30-11109 Johnson, Tim - 84-11074 Johnston, Cliff - 86-11605 Johnston, Frank - 98-11137 Johnston, Janie - 45-11115 Johnston, Jill - 10-11143 Jolly, Rudy - 90-11206 Jones, Scotty - 34-11334 Jonkmans, Guy - 82-11341 Joseph, Innocent - 44-11458 Josephson, Gary - 94-11351 Josephson, Walter - 31-11119, 9511081 Joussot-Dubien, Christophe - 8011072 Jubin, Robert - 77-11116 Jung, Chong Hun - 70E-11257 Jung, Hagen G. - 5-11474 Jung, Hoan Sung - 39D-11165 Jung, HyoSook - 26-11673 K Kadyrov, Ilgiz - 20-11470 Kamachev, Vladislav - 70E-11293 Kamboj, Sunita - 83-11610 Kaminski, Michael - 77-11348 Kamp, Susan - 67-11319 Kanatzidis, Mercouri - 26-11651 Kang, Il-Sik - 80-11281 Kang, Kidoo - 39F-11477 Kapoor, Ashok - 83-11610 Kapyrin, Ivan - 32-11269 Karamyan, Gagik - 70B-11045 Karim, Fazlul - 39D-11624 Kascheev, Vladimir - 25D-11491 Kascheev, Vladimir - 25E-11065 Katagiri, Gen-ichi - 20-11572 Katsenovich, Yelena - 23-11042, 2611663, 55D-11422 Kautsky, Mark - 98-11222 Keaton, Ken - 96-11038 Keefer, Mark - 64-11357 Kehler, Kurt - 52-11434 Kehrman, Robert - 63-11236 Keister, Marsha - 96-11038 Ketusky, Edward - 90-11413 Khalafyan, Hajk - 70B-11045 Kidman, Lynn - 55B-11155, 68-11557 Kilpatrick, Esq., Laura E. - 98-11133 Kim, Chang Ki - 70E-11257 Kim, Dong-Sang - 44-11561 Kim, Hyo - 70C-11493 Kim, Hyung-Kyoo - 39D-11165


Kim, Juyoul - 39B-11124, 55A-11492 Kim, Minkyu - 11-11393 Kim, Suk Hoon - 39B-11124 Kim, T. K. - 80-11281 Kim, Taewook - 50-11427 Kimura, Hideo - 25E-11176 King, Rebecca - 70F-11157 King, William - 25B-11220 Kinoshita, Hajime - 39A-11012 Kirby, Bill - 97-11243 Kirchner, Thomas - 36-11483 Kirk, Paula - 29-11533 Kiselev, Sergey - 30-11520, 39E11525 Klein, Tom - 63-11240 Klenke, John - 23-11489, 26-11649 Klepikov, Alexander - 97-11061 Kliczewski, Theresa - 22-11246 Kluk, Anthony - 8-11478 Klute, Stefan - 36-11279 Klymyshyn, Nicholas - 83-11392 Knight, Collin J - 52-11062, 97-11061 Kobelev, Alexander - 20-11470 Koivula, Risto - 39A-11183 Kolyadin, Vyacheslav - 66-11050 Kondratenko, Petr - 32-11134, 11147, 11142 Konopka, Allan - 55A-11345 Kopp, Michael - 91-11245 Koselowski, Eiko - 36-11279 Kosson, David - 29-11532, 11532, 4811443, 65-11546 Kot, Wing - 44-11458 Kothari, Vijendra - 54-11338, 6711319, 98-11333 Kotrla, Vance - 70A-11363, 86-11360 Kouba, Steve - 63-11240, 11238 Kovalchuk, Vasily - 18-11266 Kozlitin, Evgeny - 25C-11490 Krauss, Mark - 55B-11114, 97-11154 Kreitman, Paul - 97-11479 Kretzing, Maria - 76-11356 Krieger, Kenneth - 99-11407 Kronvall, Charles - 43-11580 Kudarauskas, Paul - 4-11543 Kugel, Karin - 5-11441, 39B-11556 Kuhlman, Kristopher - 63-11658 Kuykendall, Terry - 86-11659 Kvarnström, Roger - 39A-11183 Kwicklis, Edward - 23-11161 Kwon, SooCheon - 86-11676 Kwong, Simon - 39F-11539 L Labe, Virginie - 44-11465 Lachaume, Jean Luc - 18-11056, 9811070 Lacombe, J. - 44-11465 Ladirat, Christian - 44-11465 LaFleur, Adrienne - 95-11544 Lagdon, Chip - 86-11631 Lagos, Leonel - 10-11297, 22-11389, 11300, 23-11042, 26-11670, 11666, 11665, 55D-11422, 11569, 68-11559, 70F-11298, 86-11552, 97-11567, 9911303, 100-11332

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Lahoda, Edward - 8-11452, 76-11390, 11356 Lane, Thomas - 10-11143 Langton, Christine - 22-11197, 3611620, 48-11443, 65-11546 Laraia, Michele - 36-11483 Larkin, Jeff - 19-11364 Larson, Steven - 31-11534 Larsson, Viktor - 26-11385 Lattin, William - 45-11055 Laura Kay, Harvey - 49-11166 Laurent, Gerard - 52-11174 Lawless, Bill - 18-11558 Le, Minh Hong - 39B-11126 Le, Sieu - 39B-11255 Le Bars, Igor - 24-11060 Le Clere, Stephen - 66-11286 Leary, Kevin - 84-11509 Leber, Ferenc - 25A-11184 Lebrun, Didier - 8-11034 Ledoux, Alain - 44-11465 Lee, Chang-Ju - 24-11171 Lee, Cheo Kyung - 39D-11165, 70C11493 Lee, Denise L. - 92-11346 Lee, Hok - 55F-11230 Lee, Jongkuk - 25C-11094 Lee, Kun Jai - 25C-11094 Lee, Kune-Woo - 70E-11257 Lee, Nara - 50-11427 Lee, Seung Yeop - 55A-11578 Lee, Si - 19-11086 Lee, Sun Kee - 6-11258 Lee, Sunjoung - 39B-11124 Lee, Taehoon - 95-11544, 11419 Lee, William - 52-11097 Lee, Yoon Hee - 25C-11094 Lee, Youngju - 39F-11477 Leishear, Robert - 19-11086 Lemieux, Paul - 4-11543 Leonard, Kathleen - 45-11650 Leonard, Ralph - 92-11346 LePoire, David - 69-11540 Leprevost, Fabrice - 44-11482 Lerch, Jeff - 53-11592 Lesec, Valerie - 64-11497 Leshikar, Greg - 64-11449 Letourneau, Martin - 22-11073, 6511394 Levitt, Marc - 31-11571, 84-11509 Li, Chen-Zhong - 55D-11422 Li, Ming-Hsu - 39B-11253 Li, Shaowei - 33-11440 Li, Yanbin - 68-11559 Liang, Liyuan - 29-11513 Lieberman, Jim - 4-11462, 34-11463 Lien, Peter - 83-11016 Lifanov, Fyodor - 20-11470 Lightfoot, Jeremey - 80-11271 Lim, In-Cheol - 39D-11165 Lim, Suk Nam - 6-11258, 86-11676 Lima, Nadia - 22-11389 Lima Neto, Bertino do Carmo - 39F11150 Lin, Wen-Sheng - 39B-11253

Lind, Randall - 97-11567 Lindberg, Michael - 90-11447 Lindner, Jeff - 25C-11046, 29-11532, 86-11369 Linge, Igor - 18-11266, 32-11269, 11134 Listjak, Martin - 70F-11262 Littleton, Brian - 70A-11208 Liu, Chen-Wuing - 39B-11253 Liu, Guangliang - 68-11559 Liu, Xuegang - 33-11440 Liu, Yung - 55F-11230 Lively, Jeffrey - 34-11614, 68-11244 Lloyd, Peter - 97-11567 Lober, Robert - 31-11295 Lockrem, Lisa - 55C-11354 Loeb, Andreas - 36-11100 Lombardo, A. - 67-11536, 68-11244 Long, J.T. - 36-11620 Long, Zhiling - 90-11139 Looney, Brian - 29-11535 Loop, Margaret - 71-11160, 11140 Lopez, Alejandro - 68-11244 Lorenz, Connie - 99-11469 Lowry, Nancy - 9-11198 Lu, Dan - 32-11416 Lucero, Randy - 51-11249 Ludewigt, Bernhard - 95-11544 Ludowise, John - 31-11119 Lukemeyer, Anna - 9-11380 Lund, John - 96-11362 Luong, Pham - 70F-11494 Lusk, Gary - 45-11055 Lutz, Melissa - 54-11338 Lutz, Werner - 66-11278, 70E-11095 Lyons, John - 76-11390 M MacFarlan, Gary - 22-11566 Mackin, PMP, John - 78-11370 Mackintosh, Angela - 7-11284 Maeng, Sung Jun - 50-11427 Maestas, Gerry - 55E-11368 Maggio, Samuel - 22-11300 Mahadevan, Sankaran - 65-11546 Mahood, Richard - 23-11476 Maiden, Linda - 45-11445 Malek-Mohammadi, Siamak - 55C11361 Mallick, Pramod - 29-11532, 48-11443 Maloney, Moira - 22-11073 Man, Alex - 86-11033 Manos, Emmanouil - 26-11651 Marble, Justin - 29-11513, 84-11074 Marquis, Philip - 26-11385 Marra, James - 25D-11397, 29-11526, 44-11561, 86-11640 Marra, Sharon - 29-11532 Marschke, Stephen - 70A-11208 Martin, Joni - 55E-11551 Martin, Ken - 23-11508 Martin, Rich - 94-11367 Martino, Jason - 86-11033 Martoyan, Gagik - 70B-11045 Marumo, JĂşlio Takehiro - 39A-11130, 82-11144


Marzolf, Dale - 95-11149 Mason, C. - 55E-11368 Mason, J. Brad - 77-11373 Matheny, David - 36-11620 Mathers, Daniel - 52-11588 Matlack, Keith - 44-11131 Matos, Jose - 26-11662 Mattar Neto, Miguel - 6-11037 Matthews, Patrick - 3-11153, 55B11155, 97-11154 Mattigod, Shas - 25D-11167, 8411026, 11029 Matveev, Leonid - 32-11147, 11134 Mayev, Viktor - 52-11062 McCabe, Daniel - 29-11535 McCauley, Dave - 24-11321 McCown, Jay - 70C-11350 McCullough, Stuart - 70D-11199 McDaniel, Dwayne - 25B-11304, 11289, 55D-11422, 86-11291 McElhaney, S.A. - 82-11270 McGrogan, James - 83-11589 McIlwain, Heidi - 86-11033 McKenney, Dale - 53-11456 McKibbin, John G. - 71-11113 McLaughlin, Jacqueline - 55F-11628 McLeod, Rick - 85-11066 McNeil, Jim - 22-11073 McSwain, J. - 43-11562, 91-11563 Meehan, Adam - 80-11271 Meess, Daniel - 71-11113 Meeussen, JCL - 48-11443, 65-11546 Mehta, Sunil - 55B-11565 Mellor, Russell - 7-11132 Menaa, Nabil - 51-11398 Mendez, William - 97-11567 Menlove, Howard O. - 25A-11433, 9511419, 11544 Meredith, David - 34-11499 Mertz, Joshua - 26-11651 Metlyaev, E. - 30-11520, 39E-11525 Mets, Mindy - 54-11101 Meza, Juan - 31-11560 Miano, Sandra CecĂ­lia - 39F-11150 Michael, James - 4-11543 Michalczak, Linda - 71-11138 Michelbacher, John - 52-11062 Mihara, Shigeru - 21-11164 Mikula, Jozsef - 25A-11184 Miller, Charles - 84-11509 Miller, Dustin - 50-11216 Miller, Keith - 39F-11539 Miller, Timothy - 39D-11004 Mills, Andrew - 67-11428 Milyutin, Vitaly - 25C-11490 Mimura, H. - 25E-11192, 32-11378 Mintz, T. - 83-11582, 96-11583 Miracle, Ann - 84-11026, 86-11454 Miranda, Carlos Alexandre - 6-11037 Mishra, Phoolendra - 84-11415 Mitchell, Carina - 94-11210 Mityanin, Aleksey - 25D-11491 Moak, Don - 45-11445 Moggia, Fabrice - 70E-11225 Mohr, Robert - 44-11458 Monetti, Alessandra - 26-11661

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Montoya, Andrew - 45-11329 Monts, David - 55C-11349, 90-11139 Moon, Jei-Kwon - 70E-11257 Moon, John Unyong - 30-11500 Moore, James - 67-11594 Morgen, Gerry - 64-11121 Moricca, Sam - 86-11652 Morimoto, Yasutomi - 21-11164 Morris, Linda - 99-11407 Morris, Patrick - 43-11562 Morrison, Stan - 55C-11347, 98-11222 Morse, John - 23-11508, 84-11074 Morton, R. Lee - 43-11562, 91-11563 Most, William - 63-11236 Motiejunas, Stasys - 21-11096, 11164 Mottershead, Gary - 82-11405 Moulton, David - 31-11560 Mourao, Rogerio - 6-11037 6-11037 Mowry, R. - 51-11366 Moyer, Bruce - 92-11346 Mozin, Vladimir - 95-11544 Mueller, Wilhelm - 51-11398 Mukusheva, Maira - 68-11088 Muzrukova, Valentina - 66-11050 Myers, Jonathan - 84-11616 Mylavarapu, Sai Kiran - 26-11385 N Nagy, Barnabas - 25A-11184 Naik, Punith - 25C-11046 Nair, K.N.S - 86-11626 Nakagawa, Akinori - 80-11079 Nakazawa, Dante - 51-11366 Nakazawa, Osamu - 80-11079 Naline, Sandrine - 44-11502, 11482, 11465 Nardi, A. Joseph - 50-11216, 52-11003 Nash, Charles - 33-11189, 11228 Natesan, Ken - 77-11348 Necsoiu, Marius - 83-11582 Neeson, Paul - 5-11064 Negin, Charles - 22-11246 Neill, Helen - 9-11380 Neill, Robert H. - 85-11609 Nekrassova, Natalya - 25C-11490 Nelson, Jerel - 43-11562, 91-11563 Nelson, Roger - 55C-11354, 63-11039, 11040 Neuman, S. - 32-11416, 84-11415 Newell, Kimberly - 85-11148 Newton, Dean - 35-11330, 99-11309 Ng, Sheidyn - 26-11667 Ngachin, M. - 26-11656, 70F-11298 Ngo, Phan - 55A-11315 Nguyen, Chien - 39B-11126 Nguyen, Dien - 49-11166 Nguyen, Long - 55A-11315, 11123 Nguyen, Tien - 49-11204 Nicholson, Thomas - 80-11323 Niemeyer, Craig - 81-11077 Nigam, Hitesh - 8-11478 Niibori, Yuichi - 25E-11192, 32-11378 Nikonov, Boris - 25D-11475 Nizhnik, Vladimir - 51-11398 Noakes, Mark - 97-11567

Nojiri, Kouji - 21-11164 Norton, O. Perry - 90-11139 Novara, Oscar - 6-11037 6-11037 Numata, Mamoru - 21-11164 Nutt, William - 76-11008 O O'Leary, Philip - 100-11382 O'Neill, Michael - 67-11536 O'Sullivan, Patrick - 36-11483 Ohland, Grant - 31-11320 Ojovan, Michael - 25E-11065, 39A11484, 11012 Okazaki, Junya - 21-11164 Okhuysen, Walter P. - 90-11139 Ooura, Hirotaka - 21-11164 Ordogh, Miklos - 25A-11184 Orrell, Andrew - 18-11299 Ortega, Luis - 77-11348 Ouzounian, GĂŠrald - 79-11020, 11013, 80-11554 P Paajanen, Airi - 39A-11183 Palmeter, Tim - 86-11654 Palmu, Marjatta - 79-11020 Pancake, Daniel - 45-11316 Pant, P. - 26-11670, 55D-11569 Park, Jaeyeong - 26-11672 Park, Jea Ho - 6-11258 Park, Jin Beak - 39B-11124 Park, Jongkil - 80-11518 Park, Kyoung-Rok - 80-11518 Parker, Danny - 31-11295 Parkinson, Ken - 19-11086 Parrish, Cayce - 4-11543 Parsons, Michael - 58-11287 Pasieka, Holly - 44-11458 Passig, Steve - 67-11488 Patchet, Stanley - 63-11308 Patel, Romani - 25B-11289 Patil, SB - 86-11626 Patterson, Russell - 63-11240, 11238 Patton, Bradley - 77-11116 Payne, Christina - 77-11373 Peakall, Jeff - 39C-11098, 95-11275 Pearson, Larry - 25C-11046 Pearson, Sam - 94-11367 Peeler, David - 44-11561, 11458, 9311461 Pegg, Ian - 44-11458, 11131 Pehkonen, Miia - 39A-11183 Pelizza, Mark - 23-11613 Pendleton, Justin - 39A-11342 Pennebaker, Frank - 25B-11220 Pernot, Laurence - 100-11581 Peters, Richard - 43-11471 Peters, Thomas P. - 33-11327, 9211346 Petersen, Gary - 55C-11371 Petersen, Scott - 23-11476 Peterson, Dave M. - 98-11222 Peterson, J. - 26-11385, 55E-11384 Peterson, R.- 33-11377, 11376, 11379 Petrovic, Bojan - 8-11452, 76-11390 Phelps, Ralph - 55E-11368


Philip, Jacob - 48-11443 Philips, Sasha - 51-11366 Phillips, Chris - 94-11210 Phillips, Jan - 100-11581 Phillips, Monica - 78-11555 Phillips, Tammy - 91-11181 Picazo, Esteban - 78-11374 Pickenheim, Brad - 44-11458 Pierce, Eric - 29-11513 Pierce, Robert - 25C-11178, 92-11179 Pike, Jeff - 4-11543 Pin, François - 97-11567 Pinet, Olivier - 44-11502 Plymale, Andrew A. - 55A-11345 Podymova, Tatiana - 25D-11491 Poe, Tim - 86-11205 Poirier, Michael - 19-11086, 33-11327, 33-11189, 39A-11224, 64-11357, 8611226 Pokhitonov, Yury - 70E-11293 Polkanov, Mikhail - 20-11470 Polo, Edgar - 22-11389 Poluektov, Pavel - 25D-11491, 25E11065 Polyakov, Yuri - 18-11266 Poncet, Bernard - 36-11135 Pope, Robert - 24-11032 Potter, Darren - 36-11587, 52-11588 Powell, Jane - 54-11338, 98-11137, 11333 Powers, Charles - 55E-11386 Prevette, Steven - 55F-11430, 11431 Pribanic, Tomas - 86-11291 Priest, Susanna - 9-11380 Primack, Michelle - 34-11499 Primrose, Annette - 34-11151, 70F11157 Prudhon, Eric - 44-11482 Pujol, Florian - 80-11072 Pustobayev, Sergey - 97-11061 Q Qafoku, Nikolla - 94-11351 Qafoku, Odeta - 19-11128 Quintana, Fernando - 6-11037 Quintero, W. - 10-11297, 99-11303 Qureshi, Zafar - 39A-11224 R Raaz, Richard - 24-11612 Radomski, Art - 51-11366 Rahman, MD - 67-11488, 11418, 8611313 Ramirez, Carlos - 43-11562 Ramirez, Rosa - 29-11513, 84-11074 Ramsey, Gene - 93-11049 Ranc, Guillaume - 80-11072 Rasmussen, Tom - 81-11077 Rastorguev, Aleksandr - 32-11269 Regalbuto, Monica - 29-11526 Rehmann, M. - 23-11613, 81-11608 Replogle, Chadwick - 70D-11199 Restivo, Mike - 39A-11224 Reynolds, Jacob - 86-11605 Rice, William - 30-11545 Richard, Frederic - 70E-11225

WM2011 Authors Index Session in Bold followed by the Paper Number Rickert, Jaime - 58-11287 Riddick, Andy - 035-11466 Riley, John - 96-11362 Rios, Frank - 22-11514 Rios-Armstrong, Maria - 33-11325 Ripholz, Martina - 70E-11095 Risoluti, Piero - 18-11053 Rittenberg, Robert - 35-11512 Rivera, Jose - 22-11389 Robbins, Rebecca - 48-11031 Robertson, Jim - 7-11211 Robinson, Sharon - 43-11328 Robocker, Jessica - 19-11335 Rodrigues, Debora Frigi - 39A-11130 Rodriguez, Mary - 45-11232 Roelant, David - 25B-11289, 2911532, 55C-11361, 68-11559, 8611291, 99-11303 Roesener, W. Scott - 77-11373 Rogers, Donna - 68-11310, 70C11350, 97-11358 Rojas, Mario Roberto - 26-11655 Romanenko, Oleg - 52-11062 Romano, Cathy - 95-11544 Romanovsky, Valery - 86-11640 Romanowski, Larry - 90-11177 Rood, Arthur - 65-11455 Rood, Marc - 19-11353 Ross, Sherri - 85-11406 Roth, Guenther - 44-11277 Rovneiko, Andrey - 52-11062 Rowe, John - 97-11567 Rowell, Laurene - 71-11140 Rucker, Dale - 31-11571, 84-11509 Ruiz, Jean-Christophe - 80-11072 Ruskauff, Greg - 23-11161 Russ, William R. - 51-11398 Russell, Renee - 33-11379 Rustick, Joseph - 65-11394 Ryu, Woo-Seog - 80-11281 S Sahay, Peeyush - 86-11231 Sakata, Solange Kazumi - 39A-11130 Saldivar, Jr., Eloy - 10-11400 Saliba, Roberto - 6-11037 6-11037 Samadi, Azadeh - 77-11373 Sams, Terry - 48-11031 Samson, Eric - 48-11443 Sanchette, Dominique - 66-11337 Sanchez, Melissa - 26-11670 Sano, Kazuya - 20-11572 Sarkar, Sohini - 41-11446, 65-11546 Sartelet, Stephane - 64-11497 Sasaki, Tadashi - 21-11164 Sasaki, Toshiki - 80-11079 Satou, Yutaka - 21-11164 Savkin, Alexander - 21-11272 Sawada, Kayo - 25D-11233, 4911274, 93-11265 Schaab, Bill - 70D-11599 Schacherer, Laurent - 80-11554 Schaeffer, David - 39F-11169 Schassburger, Richard - 30-11500 Schear, M.A. - 25A-11433, 39B-11548, 95-11432, 11544

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Subject to change, please see signage and the Errata sheet onsite for current updates at the conference.

EXHIBITION AND MARKETPLACE WM Symposia provides the world's largest exhibition for the management of radioactive waste material, featuring four days of access to the key companies your organization needs for success! Located on the lower level of the Phoenix Convention Center’s West Building, the comprehensive technical exhibit showcases all aspects of products and services related to the nuclear waste industry. Areas of interest include protective clothing, remote/robotic handling, hazardous waste storage, transportation, diagnostic instrumentation, engineering design and construction, environmental laboratories, decontamination and decommissioning, and environmental remediation. Attendees to the conference are typically decision makers of large worldwide corporations and government procurement agencies. For more information on exhibiting at WM2012, please contact WM Symposia at or by phone at 480-557-0263.

Exhibit Hours Sunday, February 27, 2011

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

(Opening Welcome Reception)

Monday, February 28, 2011

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

(International Reception 5 pm – 6 pm)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

(Best of Arizona Reception 5 pm – 6 pm)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

(Luncheon/booth prize drawings 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm)

Exhibitor List with Booth Number as of January 18, 2011 ABW Technologies, Inc. 323 AECOM 138 Aerotek 136 Alaron Nuclear Services 1026 Alliant Corporation 829 ALS Environmental 426 AMEC 438 American Crane & Equipment Corporation 503 American DND, Inc. 127 American Radiation Services, Inc. (ARS International) 615 Applied Research Center 510

Central Research Laboratories 102 Ceradyne, Inc. 421 CETCO 824 CH2M HILL 933 Clauss Construction 227 Columbia Energy & Environmental Svcs, Inc. 735 Columbiana Hi Tech 428 Commodore Advanced Sciences, Inc. 411 Container Products Corporation 635 Container Technologies Industries, LLC 521 CSS-Dynamac 335 Cutting Edge Services Corporation 418


Dade Moeller & Associates 810 Dekker, Ltd. 144 DEMCO, Inc. 117 DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. 417 Diversified Metal Products, Inc 415 DW James Consulting, LLC 608


Arup 437 Ascendent, LLC 603 ATI Nuclear Energy 619 Attention IT, Inc. 517 Austin Master Services LLC 158

E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. 436 Eastern Technologies, Inc. 727 Eberline Services, Inc. 405 ECC 605 Eichrom Technologies LLC, Nuclear Power Outfitters LLC 830 ENERCON 520 EnergySolutions 701 Environmental Dimensions, inc. (EDi) 430 Environmental Rail Solutions, Inc. 1027

B & B Environmental Safety, Inc. 125 Babcock Services, Inc 320 Barnhart Nuclear Services 319 Bartlett Services, Inc. 108 Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation 322 Brandenburg Industrial Service Company 124 Brokk 200 Burns and Roe 610 Cabrera Services, Inc. 717 Cartwright Engineers 109 Cast Transportation 519 Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. 713 CDM 409

Federal Engineers and Constructors (FE&C) 115 Fluor 919



Frham Safety Products, Inc. 731 Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. 128

Off-Site Recovery Project at LANL 536 ORTEC 617

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy 162 GEL Laboratories, LLC 704 General Plastics Manufacturing Company 532 GEOVARIANCES 434 Getinge La Calhene 509 Golder Associates Inc. 714 GoldSim Technology Group 729 Greenfield Logistics 123

Pace Analytical Services, Inc. 832 PacTec, Inc. 720 Pajarito Scientific Corporation 538 PaR Systems, Inc. 732

Paragon D&E 132 Parsons 514 Pentek, Inc. 401 Perkins Specialized Trans. Contracting 539 Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. 309 Petersen, Inc. 215 PIERCAN, Inc 602 Plant Decommissioning 706 Porvair Filtration Group Ltd. - Microfiltrex Div. 534 Premier Technology, Inc. 325 Project Services Group, LLC (PSG) 504

Hanyang University Holdings Co., Ltd. 337 Hot Cell Services 600 IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. 331 I.C.E. Service Group, Inc. 1019 ICx Radiation 718 IMPACT Services, Inc. 114 Industrial Tomography Systems PLC 736 InTomes Technical Services Inc. 511 Inventure Laboratories, Inc. 107 ISO PACIFIC Nuclear Assay Systems, Inc. 221

Quality Inspection Services, Inc. 501 R.W. Wiesener, Inc. 507 Radwaste Solutions 927 Reef Industries, Inc. 422 Remotec/Northrup Grumman 738 RJR Engineering, P.C. 511 RMD Instruments Corp. 165 Robatel Technologies LLC 611 Rolls-Royce 122

Joseph Oat Corporation 931 KoneCranes Nuclear Equipment & Services 609 Longenecker & Associates, Inc. 708 MACTEC 315 Major Tool and Machine, Inc. 725 Mandall BarrierWorks/ArmorWorks 146 Marshallton Research Laboratories, Inc. 924 Mega-Tech Services, LLC 1013 Metal Solutions Design & Fabrication, LLC 1033 MHF Services 900

S.A. Technology 502 S.M. Stoller Corporation, The 515 SA Mays, LLC 1025 Safety & Ecology Corporation (SEC) 205 BRONZE SPONSOR


Mid Columbia Engineering Inc. 623 Mirion Technologies (MGPI), Inc 327 Mobile Characterization Services, LLC 1031 MRI Enterprises, LLC 602

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC 819 GOLD SPONSOR Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) 223

NAC International 432 National Museum of Nuclear Science & History 833 Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. 419 Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC 433

Shaw Group, The 614


Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc. 113 SM&A 333

Newport News/Nuclear News (NNN) 537 BRONZE SPONSOR North Wind, Inc. 632


Spectra Tech, Inc. 506


Sperian Protection Clothing/Honeywell 932 SSM Industries, Inc./NewYork Blower 535 STÄUBLI Corporation 601 Strata - G, LLC 121 Strategic Packaging Systems, LLC 825 Studsvik, Inc. 130 Sullivan International Group, Inc. 439 synrocANSTO® 324


Nuclear Engineering International 1028 Nuclear Filter Technology 142 Nuclear News 929 Nuclear Plant Journal 733 Nuclear Street - Nuclear Power Portal 934 NUCON International, Inc. 710 505

TC Program Solutions, LLC 822 88

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. 633 TestAmerica, Inc. 500 Tetra Tech 622


THOR Treatment Technologies 1030 Tidewater, Inc. 723 TLI Freight Services, LLC – Semi D Toxco Materials Management Center 637 Tri-State Motor Transit 156 Turnkey Transportation 508 TW Metals - Nuclear Material Solutions 930 UltraTech International, Inc. 523 Underwater Construction Corporation 518 UniTech Services Group, Inc. 604 URS 1001


URS Engineered Products Division 835 US DOE NV Site Office Environmental Mgmt 220 US DOE Office of Environmental Management 636 US DOE Office of Legacy Management 716 US DOE Office of Technology & Development - 111 US Ecology 700 Visionary Solutions, LLC – Semi B Vista Engineering Technologies, LLC 711 Vivid Learning Systems 834 VJ Technologies, Inc. 1035 Wagstaff Applied Technologies 403 Waste Control Specialists LLC 1007 Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) 126 Wells Fargo Insurance Services 134 Westerman Nuclear 435 Westinghouse Electric Company 618 Weston Solutions, Inc. 424 WorleyParson Polestar 828 Wright Industries Inc., A Doerfer Company 926 Zeosorb LLC 827




EXHIBITORS LISTED BY BOOTH NUMBER 102 107 108 109 111 113 114 115 117 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 130 132 134 136 138 142 144 146 156 158 162 165

Central Research Laboratories Inventure Laboratories, Inc. Bartlett Services, Inc. Cartwright Engineers US DOE Office of Technology & Development Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc. IMPACT Services, Inc. Federal Engineers and Constructors (FE&C) DEMCO, Inc. Strata - G, LLC Rolls-Royce Greenfield Logistics Brandenburg Industrial Service Company B & B Environmental Safety, Inc. Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) American DND, Inc. Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. Studsvik, Inc. Paragon D&E Wells Fargo Insurance Services Aerotek AECOM Nuclear Filter Technology Dekker, Ltd. Mandall BarrierWorks/ArmorWorks Tri-State Motor Transit Austin Master Services LLC GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy RMD Instruments Corp.

200 205 215 220 221 223 227

Brokk Safety & Ecology Corporation (SEC) Petersen, Inc. US DOE NV Site Office Environmental Mgmt ISO PACIFIC Nuclear Assay Systems, Inc. Science Applications Intl Corp. (SAIC) Clauss Construction

301 309 315 319 320 322 323 324 325 327 331 333 335 337

AREVA Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. MACTEC Barnhart Nuclear Services Babcock Services, Inc Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation ABW Technologies, Inc. synrocANSTO® Premier Technology, Inc. Mirion Technologies (MGPI), Inc IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. SM&A CSS-Dynamac Hanyang University Holdings Co., Ltd.

401 403 405 409 411 415

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Fundraising Raffle for Roy G. Post Foundation Be sure to purchase your raffle tickets for the Roy G. Post Foundation’s Fundraising Raffle. The list of donated items includes stays at the Hilton Suites Phoenix and Hyatt Regency Phoenix; a Golf Assessory Package donated by Newport News Nuclear; a deluxe Gift Basket donated by Turnkey Transportation; a BBQ set donated by ATI Nuclear Energy and gift certificates to Dicks Sporting Goods Stores donated by DeNuke and much more.

Raffle Tickets are just $10 each or five for $40 and are available at the Registration Desk. The Roy G. Post Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by his students, peers and protégés to provide scholarships to students to develop careers in the safe management of nuclear materials and to participate in the annual WM Symposium.


WM2011 Exhibitors in Alphabetical Order Decontamination, Service Level I Coatings, Waste Handling, Facility Access, Contaminated Equipment Storage and Special Projects.

ABW Technologies, Inc. Contact: Kelsey Bondelid Booth #: 323 6720 191st Place, NE, Arlington, WA 98223 P: 360-618-4431 F: 360-618-4444 Email: Website:

Alliant Corporation Contact: Tabatha Hammond Booth #: 829 320 N. Cedar Bluff Rd, Ste 200, Knoxville, TN 37923 P: 865-934-2222 F: 865-769-0946 Email: Website:

ABW specializes in custom metal fabrication and systems integration for the Nuclear Industry. ABW is experienced in Shipping Packages, Gloveboxes, Mechanical Equipment and Vessels. ABW’s mature NQA-1 Program and reputation for excellence, makes them the preferred fabricator for clients nationwide.

Alliant Corporation, a service disabled veteran owned small business, provides customer-focused professional environmental, health and safety management and project control services for commercial and government clients, always within budget and schedule, with consistently high rates of customer satisfaction. Alliant's success is built upon integrity, competency, dependability and flexibility.

AECOM Contact: Susan A. Walter Booth #: 138 117A Broadway Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-220-7760 F: 865-481-3834 Email: Website:

ALS Environmental Contact: Claudia Stull Booth #: 426 10450 Stancliff Rd, Suite 210, Houston, TX 77099 P: 270-422-1506 F: 270-422-1507 Email: Website:

AECOM - a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets including energy, environment, facilities, water and government. A Fortune 500 company delivering global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in solutions that create, enhance and sustain the world's built, natural and social environments.

ALS provides complete Environmental Analyses, Radiochemistry, Industrial Hygiene/Air Quality, Stack Testing, Asbestos, Dioxin/Furan/Congeners, Emergents, Explosives, Agent Degradation, Mycology services from 6 US facilities and global network of over 40 environmental laboratories in 20 countries. NELAP, DOD ELAP, DOECAP, APHIS, AIHA, State approval. Celebrating over 33 years of service in the US.

Aerotek Contact: Allyson Curran Booth #: 136 7301 Parkway Dr., Hanover, MD 21076 P: 410-579-3063 F: 410-540-7521 Email: Website:

AMEC Contact: Vickie Maranville Booth #: 438 8519 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113 P: 505-821-1801 F: 505-821-7373 Email: Website:

Aerotek Government Services serves government agencies, integrators and contractors with talent management, program support and managed services solutions. Whether you are meeting cyclical or surge demands or require additional personnel for entry level to senior staff positions, Aerotek can help you execute programs and tasks almost anywhere in the world.

AMEC provides high quality consulting and engineering services to clients throughout the world. Headquartered in London, AMEC offers clients a diverse skill set and complete array of services covering air, land and water. With over 25,000 people worldwide, AMEC’s one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

Alaron Nuclear Services Contact: Scott Eckler Booth #: 1026 2138 State Rt 18, Wampum, PA 16157 P: 724-535-5777 F: 724-535-1165 Email: or Website: Alaron Nuclear Services is a subsidiary of Veolia ES Technical Solutions. Alaron provides a complete range of services to companies engaged in the nuclear marketplace. Services include, but are not limited to: Pump and Motor Refurbishment,


American Crane & Equipment Corporation Contact: Karen Norheim Booth #: 503 531 Old Swede Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518 P: 610-385-6061 F: 610-385-3191 Email: Website:

Applied Research Center Contact: Leonel Lagos, Ph.D., PMP Booth #: 510 10555 W. Flager St, Suite 2100, Miami, FL 33174 P: 305-348-1810 F: 305-348-1852 Email: Website:

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a leading provider of cranes, hoists, manipulatorsand specialized lift systems. Customers include commercial nuclear plants, DOE facilities, DOE laboratoriesand defense facilities. American Crane's recent focus has been supplying cranes and replacement trolleys/hoists for dry spent fuel storage and radioactive waste remediation. Critical lift cranes having enhanced crane control features are also being supplied for material handling of critical equipment.

Florida International University’s (FIU’s) Applied Research Center is a university based research center located in Miami, Florida. Since 1995, ARC has supported DOE’s environmental restoration mission by conducting applied research in key DOE-EM technical areas such as Decontamination & Decommissioning, Waste Processing and Soil & Groundwater. In 2007, DOE and FIU established the DOE-FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program; this unique program is designed to develop a “pipeline” of minority scientists & engineers students (called DOE Fellows) specifically trained and mentor to join federal or private sector workforce.

American DND, Inc. Contact: Bill Schaab Booth #: 127 PO Box 533 , Grand Island, NY 14072-0553 P: 866-699-5515 F: 716-773-5515 Email: Website: American DND performs SAFE Environmental Remediation, Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning. As a Service Disabled Veteran and Small Business, we also help clients comply with diversity and setaside Programs. Our management team possess extensive "lessons learned" from performing over $400M of D-N-D work at over 500 projects over the past 30 years. Radiological Decommissioning projects have been performed at Yankee Nuclear Facilities, Oak Ridge Plants, Savannah River Site, Fernald, Rocky Flats, DOE, DOD, & CE Projects. When it comes to decommissioning work, American DND is THE BEST RESOURCE you can use for your project.

AREVA – Silver Sponsor Contact: Tammy Pattison Booth #: 301 800 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT O6450 P: 203-639-2148 F: 203-235-1347 Email: Website: AREVA - one company, many solutions. With manufacturing facilities in 41 countries and a sales network in more than 100, AREVA offers customers reliable technological solutions for CO2-free power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. AREVA is the world leader in nuclear power and the only company to cover all industrial activities in this field. It’s 61,000 employees are committed to continuous improvement on a daily basis, making sustainable development the focal point of the group's industrial strategy. AREVA Federal Services draws from all of AREVA's capabilities to offer integrated solutions that provide safe, innovative and reliable products and services to meet the needs of our federal customers.

American Radiation Services, Inc. (ARS International) Contact: Kimberly Brewer Booth #: 615 2609 N. River Rd., Port Allen, LA 70767 P: 225-381-2991 F: 225-381-2996 Email: Website: American Radiation Services, Inc. (dba ARS International) is an 8(a) certified, Native/American, Veteran Owned Small Disadvantaged Business offering the following services: Environmental Remediation Services, Analytical Services, Mobile Laboratory Services, Demolition/Deactivation/Decontamination Services, Health Physicist Services, Hazardous Waste Management Services, Field Sampling Services, as well as additional environmental services.




and shipping disposition of the container. eMWaste® is composed of seven suites and offers LIMS, Processor, Disposition, Document Control, Dispatch, Project Management and Contract Management to our customers.

Arup Contact: Chi-Fung Tso Booth #: 437 13 Fitzroy St., London, W1T 4BQ United Kingdom P: 44-20-7755-2193 F: 44-20-7755-2150 Email: or Website:

Austin Master Services LLC Contact: John Bement Booth #: 158 1157 Phoenixville PA, Suite 102 West Chester PA, 19380 P: 610-430-6920 Website:

Arup is one of the largest firms of designers, engineers and technical specialists offering a wide range of services across many disciplines. Since our early groundbreaking research into the impact performance of the Magnox spent fuel flask, we have stayed at the forefront in the application of advanced computational methods to the design and analyses of packages.

Austin Master Services is a full-service, comprehensive environmental services firm specializing in radiological waste management solutions, including remediation, D&D and transportation and disposal. We provide professional safety, industrial hygiene and health physics services. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we serve commercial clients and government agencies nationwide.

Ascendent, LLC Contact: Eric Clements Booth #: 603 PO Box 4297, Johnson City, TN 37602-4297 P: 866-942-3316 F: 423-610-8446 Email: Website:

B & B Environmental Safety, Inc. Contact: Kenneth S. Baugh Booth #: 125 17416 Murphy Parkway, Lathrop, CA 95330 P: 209-858-4888 F: 209-858-4877 Email: Website:

Ascendent, LLC is a premier provider of high-quality, hard to find professional and technical resources in the commercial & DOE sectors. Ascendent currently supports several large staff augmentation contracts, providing resources in engineering, design, safety, environmental, waste management and decommissioning.

BBES is a SMALL BUSINESS located in Northern California’s Central Valley. Our staff is experienced in environmental safety and mixed waste remediation; from contract management to free release of property. We provide radiological/mixed waste brokerage, regulatory consulting, license closures, training and operations. We are an 8(a), MBE, DBE, VOB, SDVOB Company.

ATI Nuclear Energy Contact: Mike Grigsby Booth #: 619 PO Box 460, 1600 Old Salem Rd, NE Albany, OR 97321 P: 541-967-6959 F: 541-967-6994 Email: W:

Babcock Services, Inc Contact: Phil Gallagher Booth #: 320 8113 W. Quinault Ave., Kennewick, WA 99336 P: 509-737-0812 F: 509-737-0813 Email: Website:

ATI Nuclear Energy offers the widest array of advanced metallic solutions for nuclear applications in the specialty metals industry, satisfying uncompromising requirements for corrosion resistance, radiation shielding, quality, strength & performance.

Babcock Services, Inc. is a small business specializing in providing high quality professional services to the nuclear industry. BSI also performs the Design/Fabrication/ Operating of specialized volume reduction equipment. Our international client base includes government contractors to commercial nuclear power generators supporting Restart, Operations, Maintenance and Remediation projects.

Attention IT, Inc. Contact: Jeanice Pratt Booth #: 517 1704 Schaeffer Rd., Knoxville, TN 37932 P: 865-769-8888 F: 865-769-8931 Email: Website: The eMWaste® Primary Suite is the only web-based COTS software that tracks hazardous, radioactive and mixed waste. eMWaste® provides electronic "cradle to grave" tracking of profiles, container certification, characterization, inventory, processing, treatment, overpack, shipping and disposal operations. All this while keeping a full historical record of container movements, processes, parent/daughter processes


Star Member in OSHA’s prestigious Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

Barnhart Nuclear Services Contact: Art Porter Booth #: 319 2163 Airways Blvd, Memphis, TN 38114 P: 901-775-3000 Email: Website:

Brokk Contact: Tony Marlow Booth #: 200 1 Coral Bell Ct , Santa Fe, NM 87508 P: 505-699-8923 F: 480-287-8709 Email: Website:

Barnhart has built an impressive nuclear project resumé. Our team of nuclear experts have backgrounds from both the construction and operations side of the nuclear industry. Barnhart's experience has brought the kind of innovative design and execution that makes money in reducing Critical Path components in containment.

Brokk remotely controlled machines are proven effective for a broad range of applications including demolition, size reduction, sorting and containerizing radioactive waste. They allow workers to operate at safe distances from high radiation or hazardous environments. Our machines have easily interchangeable attachments and can be customized to meet specific project requirements.

Bartlett Services, Inc. Contact: Lauren Buckman Booth #: 108 60 Industrial Park Rd, Plymouth, MA O2360 P: 508-591-1149 F: 508-591-1397 Email: Website:

Burns and Roe Contact: Ted Gado Booth #: 610 800 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ O7649 P: 201-986-4142 F: 201-986-4335 Email: Website:

Bartlett Services, Inc. is a leading provider of radiation safety, professional and technical, D&D and environmental management solutions with over 28 years of experience serving government facilities and contractors. We offer complete project management and implementation, quality personnel, contamination control materials and other decontamination technologies to support our clients’ needs.

Burns and Roe is a global engineering, procurement and construction organization providing services to both private and public clients for 78 years. With 1,700 personnel worldwide, we are a premier provider of nuclear services to the DOE, utilities and other clients.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation Contact: Robert Corsetti Booth #: 322 2955 Kerner Blvd, San Rafael, CA 94901 P: 415-453-9955 F: 415-453-9956 Email: Website: Cabrera Services, Inc. – Silver Sponsor Contact: Shannan Ryll Booth #: 717 473 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT O6118 P: 860-569-0095 F: 860-569-0277 Email: Website:

Our nuclear spectroscopy and radiation detection products now serve a broad cross-section of industries involved in environmental monitoring, health physics, emergency response and power generation. BNC has recently begun offering a nationwide radiation detection, surveillance and measurement training program, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of principles and techniques for isotope identification and analysis.

Cabrera Services, Inc. is a SBA-certified small minority-owned business providing full-service environmental remediation services for hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste (HTRW) sites. Cabrera specializes in radiological engineering and remediation, radioactive waste management, environmental engineering, MARSSIM/TRIAD survey design and implementation, on-site measurement & analysis and MEC/UXO response and range support.

Brandenburg Industrial Service Company Contact: John O'Keefe Booth #: 124 2625 S. Loomis St, Chicago, IL 60608 P: 800-932-2869 F: 800-807-0625 Email: Website: Brandenburg is one of the nation’s premier demolition contractors. We specialize in demolition, asbestos abatement, hazardous materials removal, soil remediation and dynamic compaction. We are the first demolition contractor to successfully complete OSHA’s Challenge Program and to be certified as a




CDM maintains the size, stability and resources required to successfully undertake a diverse range of projects. Our full range of comprehensive services includes architectural and engineering design, environmental management and planning, transportation, management consulting, information management and construction. Projects range from small, short-term solutions to complex, ongoing environmental and infrastructure management programs, with a common focus: CDM’s driving philosophy of providing exceptional client service and building long-term relationships.

Cartwright Engineers Contact: Craig Cartwright Booth #: 109 595 S Riverwoods Parkway, Logan, UT 84321 P: 435-753-2850 Email: Website: www. Established in 1978, Cartwright Engineers is an engineering consulting services firm providing Structural and Civil Engineering support to demolition contractors supporting the DOE and other related industries. Our engineers have extensive project experience on project sites including the Bevatron demolition at LBNL, several sites at Hanford and LANL.

Central Research Laboratories Contact: Jens Nestingen Booth #: 102 3965 Pepin Ave., Red Wing, MN 55125 P: 651-388-3565 F: 651-385-2109 Email: Website:

Cast Transportation Contact: Blake Burns Booth #: 519 9850 Havana St., Henderson, CO 80640-8443 P: 303-534-6376 F: 303-853-3377 Email: Website:

Central Research Laboratories designs and manufactures equipment and systems for the safe and efficient handling of hazardous materials in a remote environment. This includes telemanipulators and glove ports for dexterous handling and waste drum transfer systems for sealed repeatable transfers of materials across containment boundaries.

CAST Transportation is a motor carrier handling Heavy Haul, Hazmat, LL Waste, Flatbed, Lowboy & Chemical Tanker movements. Cast operates a Rail Transload Center from its tracks on the BNSF at Irondale Station (Denver, CO). Participant in the WIPP Program and has been a privately held company since 1948.

Ceradyne, Inc. Contact: Elizabeth Utley Booth #: 421 3250 S. 614 Rd., Quapaw, OK 74363 P: 918-673-2201 F: 918-673-2309 Email: Website:

Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. Contact: Amanda Hansen Booth #: 713 261 E. 300 S, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 P: 801-532-2272 F: 801-532-0155 Email: Website:

Ceradyne, Inc. provides BORAL®, BorAluminum®, BORTEC® MMC, Enriched Iron Boride and BoroBond™ materials for wet and dry SNF storage, fresh fuel transport, neutron absorption and shielding applications. Strong technical expertise and ability to supply the Boron 10 isotope provides Ceradyne a unique position for fuel cycle and waste stream management.

Cavanagh Services Group, Inc. (“Cavanagh”), the DOE 2009 8(a)/SDB small business of the year, specializes in integrated project management and transportation logistics services supporting the radioactive, hazardous, non-hazardous environmental remediation and D&D markets. Cavanagh’s services include waste management, project management, field support, packaging, transportation logistics, treatment and disposal of waste.

CETCO Contact: Dave Daze Booth #: 824 1001 S. Linwood Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705 P: 714-448-4313 Email: Website:

CDM Contact: David Wallace Booth #: 409 800 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite 200-B Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-482-1065 F: 865-481-3835 Email: Website:

CETCO provides cost-effective engineered solutions to challenging environmental remediation projects worldwide used for in-situ and ex-situ treatment of contaminated sediments, solidification/stabilization of hazardous wastes, as well as systems for gas vapor mitigation.

CDM is a global consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm delivering exceptional service to federal, state, public and private clients worldwide. An employee-owned corporation with $1 billion in annual revenues and a multi-disciplinary staff of about 4,500 in more than 100 offices worldwide,


CH2M HILL Contact: Dave Oren Booth #: 933 9191 S. Jamacia St., Englewood, CO 80112 P: 720-286-2016 F: 720-286-9002 Email: Website:

Commodore Advanced Sciences, Inc. Contact: Walt Foutz Booth #: 411 9769 W. 119th Dr, Suite 31, Broomfield, CO 80021 P: 303-421-1511 F: 303-463-4833 Email: Website:

CH2M HILL is a global leader in full-service program management, engineering, construction and operations for government, civil, industrial and energy clients. We provide innovative clean up and closure solutions for contaminated sites in the US and abroad, while successfully and safely delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

Commodore Advanced Sciences is a Small Business established in New Mexico in 1977, with offices in Oak Ridge, Denver and Boston. Commodore specializes in environmental monitoring and sampling services, compliance sampling, biological monitoring, habitat assessment , benthic laboratory services and waste treatment services targeting sodium-bearing waste, PCB waste and LLMW.

Clauss Construction Contact: Patrick Clauss Booth #: 227 8956 Winter Gardens Blvd., Lakeside, CA 92040 P: 619-390-4940 Email: Website:

Container Products Corporation Contact: Mike Lewis Booth #: 635 112 North College Rd., Wilmington, NC 28406 P: 910-392-6100 F: 910-392-6778 Email: Website:

Environmental Remediation D&D Contractor. Container Products Corporation has been providing containers, compactors and decontamination equipment to the nuclear industry since 1981. CPC is the largest and most experienced producer of LLW containers in the US and its compactors and decontamination equipment are located throughout the world.

Columbia Energy and Environmental Services, Inc. Contact: Mark Morgan Booth #: 735 1806 Terminal Dr., Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-946-7111 F: 509-946-9365 Email: Website:

Container Technologies Industries, LLC Contact: Scott Burchfield Booth #: 521 375 Marcum Parkway, Helenwood, TN 37755 P: 423-569-2800 x24 F: 423-569-2806 Email: Website:

Columbia Energy is a woman-owned, full-service engineering company with an approved NQA-1 program in Richland, WA offering: Engineering & Design; Environmental & Regulatory Consulting; technology development & full-scale testing; waste process & groundwater modeling; Subsurface Geophysical Exploration and I&C system design. Products include a transportable evaporator, LLW solidification process and hose-in-hose transfer lines. We recently completed designs for a Wiped Film Evaporator; Transportable Exhauster; and Mobile Arm Retrieval System for Hanford’s HLW tank farms.

Container Technologies leads the industry in the design, testing and manufacturing of IP-1, IP-II and 7A containers. ASME NQA-1 compliant and approved for US Government applications. AWS D1.1, D1.3 certified. Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff. CSS-Dynamac Contact: Tim Hall Booth #: 335 6505 Santolina Cove, Austin, TX 78731-2806 P: 512-241-0636 F: 512-241-0636 Email: Website:

Columbiana Hi Tech Contact: Don Olson Booth #: 428 1802 Fairfax Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407 P: 336-852-5679 F: 336-852-6149 Email: Website:

Consolidated Safety Services, together with its subsidiary Dynamac Corporation (CSS-Dynamac), is a 400-person science-driven consulting firm with offices across the country. We bring 40+ years of experience in addressing five core competencies and cross-cutting services: Environment, Safety & Health, Emergency Respond & Disaster Recovery, Natural Resources Management, Transportation Safety & Security, and Earth, Space & Life Sciences.

CHT provides specialized manufacturing and services for the nuclear industry, producing containers and related products to transport and store spent nuclear fuel. Specialized equipment for the spent fuel industry includes lead lined dry transfer casks, canister assemblies for MTR and TRIGA fuel, spent fuel cask lifting yoke assemblies and specialized handling and storage equipment.


DEMCO, Inc. was established in 1994 and has matured into a nationally recognized Decontamination & Decommissioning contracting firm that performs multi-facedted remediation/demolition projects for the US Government and Fortune 500 Companies. DEMCO addresses the complex radiological, chemical and hazardous materials found in nuclear facilities, refineries, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities and utilizes the specialized expertise of its trained work force to safely and efficiently complete each project.

Cutting Edge Services Corporation Contact: Tim Beckman Booth #: 418 1535 Old SR 74, Batavia, OH 45103 P: 513-388-0199 F: 513-732-1248 Email: Website: Cutting Edge Services provides engineered solutions for cutting or drilling of concrete and metal structures. We design and fabricate special tools to augment our nuclear field services, including diamond wire cutting of SG sections and solid turbine shafts, diamond drilling of bioshield walls and water powered pole saw cutting of steel in pools.

DeNuke Contracting Services, Inc. Contact: Heather Jones Booth #: 417 704 S. Illinois Ave, Ste C-203, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-220-0046 F: 865-220-0064 Email: Website:

Dade Moeller & Associates Contact: Krista Alley Booth #: 810 1835 Terminal Dr, Suite 200, Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-946-0410 F: 509-946-4412 Email: Website:

DeNuke is committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of their business. They provide turnkey staffing and recruiting services for nuclear facility D&D, radioactive and mixed waste management, radiation protection program development and implementation and specialized training, including curriculum development and instruction (DOE, DOT and OSHA). DeNuke has current qualifications in Environmental Services, Radiological Engineering/Health Physics, Health and Safety and Nuclear Staffing. DeNuke’s Mission: “We pledge to support our clients by providing safe and knowledgeable staff at fair prices.

Dade Moeller is an award-winning, employee-owned business specializing in occupational and environmental health sciences. We provide professional consulting services for assessing, preventing and controlling harmful exposures from radiation and hazardous substances that affect workers, the public and the environment. Our exceptional record of performance has resulted in one of the highest client and employee retention rates in our industry. Dade Moeller employs more than 25 Certified Health Physicists and has close, long-standing affiliations with national and international health physics organizations.

Diversified Metal Products, Inc Contact: Dan Payne Booth #: 415 3710 N. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83403 P: 208-529-9655 F: 208-529-9836 Email: Website:

Dekker, Ltd. Contact: Steven Windley Booth #: 144 3633 E. Inland Empire Blvd, Suite 450 Ontario, CA 91764 P: 909-384-9000 F: 909-889-9163 Email: Website:

Diversified Metal Products provides fabricating services to the nuclear industry. Our 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and highly trained staff have the ability to handle any project. Our attention to quality and NQA-1 adherence, has been verified by the industry leading DOE Prime Contractors.

Dekker, Ltd. has provided program and project management support for environmental and cleanup efforts for over 25 years. With the Dekker PMIS™ (Program Management Information System), government agencies and contractors can integrate monitoring and controlling processes on multiple projects and benefit from improved handling of scope, cost, schedule, resource, financial, risk and Earned Value Management.

DW James Consulting, LLC Contact: David James Booth #: 608 855 Village Ctr Dr, Ste 330, North Oaks, MN 55127 P: 651-482-7556 F: 901-339-2070 Email: Website:

DEMCO, Inc. Contact: Kevin Callahan Booth #: 117 238 Lein Rd, West Seneca, NY 14223 P: 716-674-0883 F: 716-674-0884 Email: Website:

DW James Consulting provides technical services for characterization of radioactive materials and wastes. Services include software for the preparation of shipping documentation and scaling factor analysis, characterization and shipping training, activated component analyisis, decommissioning program support to both to US commercial and government clients as well as international customers.


Eberline Services, Inc. Contact: Veronica Ybarra Booth #: 405 7021 Pan American Freeway, NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 P: 505-262-2694 F: 505-262-2698 Email: Website:

E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. Contact: Vanessa Vanover-Hatfield Booth #: 436 151 Fabian Dr., Aiken, SC 29803 P: 803-642-5990 x229 F: 803-642-8550 Email: Website: E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a Minority-Owned, SDB offering government and private-sector clients a full spectrum of professional services, including infrastructure operations & maintenance, facility operations, engineering and design, environmental engineering and project and construction management. We deliver our services with technical innovation, teamwork, rapid response and reliability.

Eberline Services, Inc. has provided radiological and environmental services to clients nationwide for more than 60 years. The company offers specialized expertise in radioactive and hazardous waste management, radiological characterization and analysis and environmental, safety and health management. The company's analytical laboratory network performs radiochemistry and environmental analytical laboratory services. ECC Contact: Robert MacDonald Booth #: 605 1240 Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010 P: 650-347-1555 x151 Email: Website: Since 1985, ECC has been solving complex environmental problems in the US and abroad. ECC provides comprehensive and cost-effective designbuild, construction, engineering, environmental remediation, munitions response, closure and O&M services. With more than 500 professionals and 17 offices worldwide, we secure and complete a variety of large-scale, multi-faceted concurrent projects, providing our customers with optimal solutions.

Eastern Technologies, Inc. Contact: John Steward, CHP Booth #: 727 215 - 2nd Ave., Ashford, AL 36312 P: 972-523-9988 F: 334-899-2310 Email: Website:

Eichrom Technologies LLC/Nuclear Power Outfitters LLC Contact: Lawrence Jassin Booth #: 830 1955 University Lane, Lisle, IL 60532 P: 630-963-0320 F: 630-963-1928 Email: Website:

Eastern Technologies Incorporated (ETI) is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to all your protective clothing needs. With the continued advancement of our OREX line of protective clothing and related products ETI also has the ability to provide state of the art single use garments the far exceed industry standard. The revolutionary OREX Ultra coveralls have made possible historically low personnel contaminations at several nuclear power plants over the past 12 months. ETI also operates the most technologically advanced radiological laundry in the world.

Eichrom Technologies and Nuclear Power Outfitters provide the nuclear industry with expertise in metal separation technologies (resins), engineered ALARA solutions and high resolution alpha/beta filters. With over 50 years of combined experience, our customers enjoy access to our lines of extraction resins, radiation shielding/ deployment systems, shielded booths, containment buildings, contamination control products, NAMs, NIOSH approved SARs and sampling smears. With full manufacturing, chemical and radiochemical support laboratories and an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system; we are your source for Separations and ALARA Engineered Solutions.


ENERCON Contact: Keith Mahosky Booth #: 520 4490 Old William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA 15668 P: 724-733-8711 F: 724-325-6383 Email: Website:

Environmental Dimensions, inc. (EDi) Contact: Molly Mooney Booth #: 430 1901 Candelaria Rd, PO Box 6250 Albuquerque, NM 87107 P: 505-341-3578 F: 505-341-3579 Email: Website:

With 18 offices nationwide, ENERCON is the premier nuclear utility engineering and licensing firm in the US and one of the Top 140 largest environmental consulting firms in the country. An employee-owned company, our culture drives us to provide superior customer service as individual owners. Combining this culture and these services, ENERCON has an outstanding reputation of providing superior support to our commercial and government clients in a wide variety of services including: engineering; decommissioning planning and execution; environmental remediation and consulting; radiologic and industrial health and safety; licensing and permitting; and facility siting and construction. With our SBA approved Native American protĂŠgĂŠ, EC Government Services, in addition to the previously mentioned services, we can offer a wide variety of equipment from PPE to small tools and industrial supplies to yellow iron and material handling equipment.

EDi provides technical support services ranging from environmental investigation and remediation through facility operations. We began providing radiological control and decontamination services to DOE in 1990. We also provide services to the EPA, NASA and the CE, as well as Fortune 500 companies. EDi is a woman-owned small disadvantaged business. Environmental Rail Solutions, Inc. Contact: David Ardito Booth #: 1027 621 Shrewsbury Ave, Suite 152 Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 P: 732-212-8140 F: 732-212-8141 Email: Website: Environmental Rail Solutions, Inc. (ERS) is a recognized leader in the transportation of hazardous, non-hazardous and radioactive material and has transported over 1.5 million tons of material utilizing the safe and efficient rail infrastructure as the primary mode of transportation. As a women owned small business, ERS is an approved government contractor and has met the rigid qualification and performance standards of the DOE, DOD and USACE.

EnergySolutions Contact: Mark Walker Booth #: 701 423 W. 300 S, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 P: 801-649-2194 F: 801-413-5684 Email: Website: EnergySolutions is a leading provider of specialized technology based nuclear services to government and commercial customers. We are committed to environmental protection, energy independence and the nuclear industry. Our services include engineering, in-plant operations, outsourced specialty services, spent nuclear fuel management, decontamination and decommissioning, logistics, transportation processing and disposal.

Federal Engineers and Constructors (FE&C) Contact: Bernie Laverentz Booth #: 115 3240 Richardson Rd, Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-375-1608 F: 509-375-3427 Email: Website: FE&C completes highly technical and hazardous work with an exceptional safety and performance record. They provide environmental remediation, D&D and construction to government and commercial clients nationally and internationally. FE&C has safely performed more acreage of hands-on remediation of nuclear waste sites than any other company in the United States.

D&D Services Training Waste Management Safety and Risk Reduction Management and Operation of Nuclear Facilities Engineering


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Contact: Jerry Kusky Booth #: 162 3901 Castle Hayne Rd, Suite A30 Wilmington, NC 28401 P: 910-819-5898 F: 910-362-5898 Email: Website:

Fluor – Gold Sponsor Contact: Karolyn Stuver Booth #: 919 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 1110 Arlington, VA 22201 P: 703-647-4343 F: 571-217-0994 Email: Website:

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Custom Fabrication in Canonsburg, PA provides precision fabrication of stainless and alloy steel components for the nuclear industry. Products include spent fuel products for dry fuel storage and transportation, code stamped custom parts and specialty fabrication for the US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program and US DOE.

Fluor has 60-plus years of experience in nuclear related work, starting with the Manhattan Project. We provide comprehensive capabilities in engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and project management. Fluor closed Fernald in 2006, supported Hanford as a prime contractor 1996-2009 and is the lead firm in the partnership managing Savannah River.

GEL Laboratories, LLC Contact: Bob Seyer Booth #: 704 9111 Cross Park Dr, Suite D200, Knoxville, TN 37934 P: 865-599-1175 F: 865-470-4090 Email: Website: Founded in 1981, our client base includes some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the Southeast, 72 US commercial nuclear sites, fifteen DOE sites, thirteen USACE Districts, the US Navy and Air Force. GEL provides these clients with customized analytical chemistry services including environmental monitoring, RI/FS, RCRA investigation, NPDES analysis, hazardous and mixed waste characterization, bioassay, decommissioning and remediation closure analysis. Additionally, we perform full Part 61 and Energy Solutions Clive characterization services on samples with contact doses rates up to 600 mR/hr.

Frham Safety Products, Inc. Contact: John (Trip) McGarity Booth #: 731 171 Grayson Rd, PO Box 36098, Rock Hill, SC 29732 P: 803-366-5131 F: 803-366-2005 Email: Website: Frham Safety Products, Inc. is a leading supplier of both nuclear and industrial safety equipment throughout North America. Serving both commercial and governmental facilities, Frham offers innovative radiation and contamination protection, health physics supplies, radwaste reduction items and custom manufacturing, complemented by Frham's ability to provide a full line of industrial safety equipment.

General Plastics Manufacturing Company Contact: Rick Brown Booth #: 532 4910 Burlington Way, Tacoma, WA 98409 P: 253-473-5000 F: 253-473-5104 Email: Website:

Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. Contact: Yoshihiro Yaginuma Booth #: 128 1-1, Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-city Kanagawa, 210-9530 Japan P: 81-44-329-2169 F: 81-44-329-2178 Email: Website:

We are pioneers in the formulation of highperformance LAST-A-FOAMÂŽ cellular solid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam products. Over the last four decades, General Plastics has earned an outstanding reputation for developing unique foam-based technical solutions to difficult problems. We specialize in high-density rigid and flexible polyurethane foams, high-performance polyisocyanurate foams, energy absorbing materials, structural products for composite core applications, machined and molded parts and long-lasting environmental graphics products.

Fuji Electric Systems has a 55 year history in the nuclear business field as the leading company of The First Atomic Power Industry Group (FAPIG) in Japan. We have characteristic nuclear technologies such as remote handling, radioactive waste treatment, fuel fabrication and so on. Focusing on the waste management field, we have delivered various treatment and handling systems mainly for Japanese advanced reactor plants. Recent achievements include the development of spent resin volume reduction equipment (Fuji resin reducer: FRR).


safety analyses of proposed and existing radioactive waste management sites. Countries where GoldSim has been applied include the US, UK, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Hungary, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

GEOVARIANCES Contact: Jean-Jacques Peraudin Booth #: 434 49 bis avenue Franklin Roosevelt Avon, Cedex 77212 France P: 33-1-6074-9090 F: 33-1-6422-8728 Email: Website:

Greenfield Logistics Contact: Joseph Johanson Booth #: 123 8731 S. Sandy Pkwy, Suite 107, Sandy, UT 84070 P: 801-676-1575 F: 801-676-1579 Email: Website:

Geovariances is a world leader in advanced geostatistics and provides the most complete solution in geostatistics: innovative methodologies, experts and software packages. Geovariances has put its unique expertise in the geostatistical characterization of radiological contaminations in soils or installations to provide the nuclear decommissioning sector with an innovative embedded GIS-based software solution Kartotrak.

Greenfield Logistics is a transportation logistics company dedicated to providing the highest level of service for the waste industry. With our own fleet of railcars and intermodals, we can move customer's products safely and efficiently and at a very competitive price.

GETINGE La Calhene Contact: Scot LaValla Booth #: 509 1325 Field Ave. S, Rush City, MN 55069 P: 320-358-0604 F: 320-358-3549 Email: Website:

Hanyang University Holdings Co., Ltd. Contact: Yukyung Seo Booth #: 337 RM 512 HIT 5F Hanyang University, 17 Haengdang-Dong, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, 133-791 Korea P: 82-2-2220-4075 F: 82-2-6442-4070 Email: Website:

GETINGE La Calhène, the leader in Contained Transfer Technology. If you have a TRU waste packaging or transfer requirement, come see la Calhène, we have the safest, most cost-effective solution.

Hanyang University Holdings (HYU Holdings) is the first technology holdings company in Korea. Part of our core business is based on Batch Method Decontamination System using Reactive Plasma Processing which has many benefits such as secondary waste decrease, high decontamination rate, remote controllable, minimize the exposure & securing safety of employees, minimize the disposal volume, recycling of base material by selective decontamination, etc.

Golder Associates Inc. Contact: Kevin Conroy Booth #: 714 44 Union Blvd, Suite 300, Lakewood, CO 80228 P: 303-980-0540 F: 303-985-2080 Email: Website: At Golder Associates we strive to be the most respected global company providing consulting, design and construction services in earth, environment and energy. Employee owned since our formation in 1960, we have created a unique culture with pride in ownership, resulting in long-term organizational stability. Golder professionals take the time to build an understanding of client needs and of the specific environments in which they operate. We continue to expand our technical capabilities and have experienced steady growth with employees who operate from offices located throughout Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America.

Hot Cell Services Contact: Zbigniew Tomalik Booth #: 600 PO Box 5729, Kent, WA 98064 P: 253-854-4945 F: 253-854-4947 Email: Website: Hot Cell Services is the worldwide leader in safe viewing solutions and maintenance for the Nuclear and Medical Industries. We manufacture Radiation Shielding Windows, Glove Box Windows, Glass Slabs and Bricks, Radiation Gaskets and supplies. We support our products with Engineering, Consulting, Extraction, Installation, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Inspection and Diagnosis Services.

GoldSim Technology Group Contact: Rick Kossik Booth #: 729 22500 SE 64th Pl, Suite 240, Issaquah, WA 98027 P: 425-295-6985 F: 425-642-8073 Email: Website: GoldSim is the premier tool for carrying out probabilistic performance assessments and long-term



& segregate and treatment of hazardous materials. IMPACT also owns the GeoMelt technology and the Fluid Tech family of stabilization agents. IMPACT has several facilities across both the US and internationally.

IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. Contact: Steve Izatt Booth #: 331 856 East Utah Valley Dr, American Fork, UT 84003 P: 801-763-8400 F: 801-763-8491 Email: Website:

Industrial Tomography Systems PLC Contact: Edmund Talideh Booth #: 736 Speakers House, 39 Deansgate Manchester, M3 2BA United Kingdom P: 44-161-832-9297 F: 44-161-839-5195 Email: Website:

IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. is a world leading fine and specialty chemicals company that develops and commercializes Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) products and processes. Molecular recognition is a process by which one chemical species shows a distinct preference for another. IBC provides innovative molecular recognition products to the industrial, process, environmental, analytical and life sciences industries.

Industrial Tomography Systems plc (ITS) is a world leader in process tomography. The company provides a range of electrical and acoustic-based tomography systems for research and process applications. Instrumentation, software and sensors from ITS are used to characterize a wide range of processes including mixing, separation, nuclear waste management and characterization of waste, such as slurries and sludge.

I.C.E. Service Group, Inc. Contact: Dennis Morgan Booth #: 1019 192 Ohio River Blvd, Suite 100 Ambridge, PA 15003-1214 P: 724-266-7580 F: 724-266-7583 Email: Website:

InTomes Technical Services Inc. Contact: Joell Runge Booth #: 511 23 Mechanic St, Springville, NY 14141 P: 716-592-7425 F: 716-592-4216 Email: Website:

I.C.E. provides packaging, transportation, logistical support and waste management services for both commercial and government clients. We utilize a multi-modal approach utilizing rail, truck and marine conveyances. ICE specializes in handling low level radioactive waste, RCRA hazardous waste, TSCA and non-hazardous waste. Our Site Services Group provides on-site services including completion of waste profiles, design & fabrication of custom steel structures and packages.

InTomes Technical Services Inc. (InTomes) is a woman owned, SBA small business providing engineering, drafting and project management services in the decontamination & decommissioning markets. We operate under an NQA-1 Compliant QA Program and provide staff augmentation to our clients with personnel proven in their areas of expertise.

ICx Radiation Contact: Jeff Perkins Booth #: 718 100 Midland Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-253-3969 F: 865-220-7181 Email: Website:

Inventure Laboratories, Inc. Contact: Mitch Brooks Booth #: 107 PO Box 30457, Knoxville, TN 37930 P: 865-531-8258 F: 865-531-9273 Email: Website:

ICx Radiation is a developer, manufacturer and global provider of hand-held and fixed-position nuclear detection and radionuclide identification instruments and systems. ICx Radiation is known worldwide for leading the development of technology in the nuclear field resulting in cutting edge solutions covering a wide range of applications and techniques.

Cleaning up hazardous and nuclear materials is simple, safe and effective with Inventure Laboratories’ patented SafeVac system. SafeVac utilizes a unique three-step collection method which has an efficiency rating of 99.999% on particles down to 0.12 micron.

IMPACT Services, Inc. Contact: Greg Broda Booth #: 114 103 Palladium Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-270-6565 F: 865-270-6528 Email: Website: IMPACT Services, Inc. is a full service waste processing company offering it's clients a broad range of capabilities including waste packaging/characterization, thermal treatment, sort


MACTEC Contact: Kristi Shober Booth #: 315 1105 Lakewood Pkwy, Ste 300 Alpharetta, GA 30009 P: 770-360-0600 F: 770-360-0631 Email: Website:

ISO-PACIFIC Nuclear Assay Systems, Inc Contact: Sheri Michaelis Booth #: 221 2770 Einstein Ave, Suite 101 Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-375-0100 F: 509-375-0101 Email: Website:

A full-service environmental, engineering and construction firm, MACTEC routinely plans and executes comprehensive, innovative solutions for environmental compliance, management and remediation projects. MACTEC’s experience with radiological and chemical contaminants in air, land, water and structures spans more than six decades and thousands of satisfied government and commercial clients. MACTEC’s progressive radiological engineering and compliance methods, combined with advanced technologies and NRC Radioactive Materials License, provides unique benefits and streamlined efficiency to clients we serve.

ISO-PACIFIC is a green environmental remediation firm specializing in the physical separation of radiologically contaminated soil fractions from otherwise clean soil. Known as soil sorting, our volume reduction service can result in huge savings in the deposition and disposal of radioactive soil waste stocks. Joseph Oat Corporation Contact: Crystal Harrington 2500 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08104 P: 856-541-2900 Email: Website:

Booth #: 931

Major Tool and Machine, Inc. Contact: Mike Kramer Booth #: 725 1458 E. 19th St, Indianapolis, IN 46077 P: 317-917-2626 F: 317-634-9420 Email: Website:

KoneCranes Nuclear Equipment & Services LLC Contact: David G. Schaeffer Booth #: 609 126 Powerline Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512 P: 610-368-8389 F: 610-689-4810 Email: Website:

Major Tool and Machine provides the nuclear marketplace with best value, turnkey, engineering, fabrication and machining services. Our extraordinary capability, capacity and experience are driven by our commitment to quality assurance. This is evidenced through our ASME N, NPT, N3, NS, U and U2 certifications. In addition, our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program is audited to the requirements of NQA-1 and complies with 10CFR21, 10CFR50 part B, 10CFR71 subpart H, 10 CFR72 subpart G and 10CFR830.

Konecranes Nuclear is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and service provider of all nuclear lifting equipment, including key safety related equipment such as single failure proof cranes, fuel handling equipment, cask transporters and remotely operated equipment. With over 500 worldwide locations we have the resources to support new nuclear construction and modifications to existing nuclear facilities worldwide. Longenecker & Associates, Inc. Contact: John R. Longenecker Booth #: 708 5052 Pensier St, Las Vegas, NV 89135 P: 702-493-5363 F: 702-543-2382 Email: Website:

Mandall BarrierWorks/ArmorWorks Contact: Bill Fore Booth #: 146 305 N. 54th St, Chandler, AZ 85226 P: 480-598-5700 x1040 F: 480-598-5731 Email: Website: and

Longenecker & Associates, Inc. specializes in addressing management, engineering, energy, environmental and regulatory issues. L&A has a proven record of helping our clients find and resolve problems before they become significant and costly. Our expertise includes quality assurance support; project management, regulatory compliance; independent assessments; business development and strategic planning.

Mandall BarrierWorks, LLC designs and manufactures advanced barrier high security door systems, incorporating magnetic, multi-pin mechanical locks, blast-resistant materials and other high-tech features to protect high-value assets. We also design and build portable defensive fighting positions, blast resistant security screens and bullet-proof external lighting fixtures.


Since 1994, MHF Services has been the nuclear industry's leading provider of technical services, packaging, transloading, transportation and disposition services. We've pioneered direct rail and intermodal transportation to safely and economically ship radioactive materials, sensitive cargo, waste and by-products. MHF is currently supporting several nuclear power plant decommissioning projects across the US.

Marshallton Research Laboratories, Inc. Contact: Dr. A.M. Foster Booth #: 924 PO Box 930, King, NC 27021 P: 336-983-2131 F: 336-983-0096 Email: Website: Marshallton produces specialty chemicals for treatment and recycling in the nuclear energy industry. These include cesium extractants BOBCalixC6, MaxCalix, Cs-7SB Modifier and actinide extractant CMPO. For minor actinides we offer ammonium bis-(o-trifluoromethyl) dithiophosphinate. Also available: analytical reagents for Pu, Am, Be. Custom synthesis, custom formulation: grams to 100's of kilograms.

Mid Columbia Engineering Inc. Contact: Dan Schwartze Booth #: 623 2155 Robertson Dr, Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-943-6706 F: 509-943-0707 Email: Website: Mid Columbia Engineering, Inc. (MCE) offers engineering, manufacturing and technical services to the nuclear, energy, environmental, defense and commercial industries. MCE provides technical services ranging from engineering and manufacture of precision hardware to specialty staffing support. MCE delivers complete in-house design-and-build engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly, testing and project management for commercial and NQA-1 projects.

Mega-Tech Services, LLC Contact: Deanna Bowen Booth #: 1013 11118 Manor View Dr, Mechanicsville, VA 23116 P: 804-789-1577 F: 804-789-1578 Email: Website: Mega-Tech Services, LLC provides a complete line of high pressure hydraulic tools including Guillotine Cutters, Scissor Cutters, Crushers, Crimpers, Pipe Punches, Sampling, Spreaders and Grapplers. We offer extensive expertise in specialty or custom tooling applications for nuclear maintenance and decommissioning projects. Mega-Tech Services, LLC is a woman-owned small business providing services to the nuclear industry in both domestic and International markets for over 20 years.

Mirion Technologies (MGPI), Inc Contact: Audrey Summers Booth #: 327 5000 Highlands Parkway, Suite 150 Smyrna, GA 30082 P: 770-432-2744 F: 770-432-9179 Email: Website:

Metal Solutions Design & Fabrication, LLC Contact: David Berger Booth #: 1033 215 Main St, Dayton, KY 41074 P: 859-282-5000 F:859-282-5003 Email: Website:

Mirion Technologies (MGPI), Inc. provides a full range of instrumentation and engineering services for health physics applications and radiation monitoring systems for all nuclear facilities and civil defense markets. We are #1 in North America in electronic closimetry. We are more than just a leader in technology, we are also recognized for our outstanding customer support.

Metal Solutions is a full service fabrication company specializing in the design, testing and manufacturing of IP-1, IP-2, IP-3 and 7A type A containers. Our staff is familiar with the specific needs of 49 CFR and NNSS WAC. We operate under a NQA-1 QA program and certify our welders to AWS D1.1 & D1.3.

Mobile Characterization Services, LLC Contact: Eric Pennala Booth #: 1031 4110 Ellison St. NE, Suite B Albuquerque, NM 87109 P: 505-321-0579 F: 505-345-3810 Email: Website:

MHF Services – Bronze Sponsor Contact: Scott Dempsey Booth #: 900 4500 Brooktree Rd, Suite 200 Wexford, PA 15090 P: 724-772-9800 F: 866-772-5282 Email: Website:

MCS is a joint venture partnership of Canberra Industries, Pajarito Scientific Corporation and V.J. Technologies specializing in mobile characterization of TRU and LL Waste using real-time radiography and non-destructive assay technologies. MCS is currently certified at multiple sites throughout the complex and has characterized over 45,000 containers for shipment to WIPP.



Navarro is a premier contractor for the DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration providing environmental, renewable energy and energy efficiency, nuclear, information technology and quality and safety services. Navarro, a womanowned small disadvantaged business, has over 400 employees working in fourteen offices and twentythree project locations nationwide.

MRI Enterprises, LLC Contact: Xavier J. Saenz or Jon C. Edwards Booth #: 602 6500 Boeing Dr, Suite T-3, El Paso, TX 79925 P: 915-779-6540 F: 915-779-0108 Email: Website: The MRI company develops and provides, unique cutting edge products that improve worker safety and environmental sustainability. We serve a broad range of markets including both government and private organizations. Government organizations include US DOE, US DOD, NASA and CDC. Private industries include pharmaceutical manufacturing, research laboratories, thin - film solar cell manufacturing and cancer centers. We qualify as both a Service - Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and as a Minority - Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).

Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC Contact: J.B. Henderson Booth #: 433 PO Box 4469, Estes Park, CO 80517 P: 970-577-0840 F: 970-577-1224 Email: Website: Netzsch Instruments is the leading manufacturer of thermophysical properties/thermal analysis instrumentation for the measurement of properties such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, transition energetics, thermal expansion, mass change, solidus/liquidus temperatures and evolved gases. Our instruments can be operated in cold, fume hood, glovebox and hot cell environments.

NAC International Contact: Juan Subiry or Whitney West Booth #: 432 3930 E. Jones Bdge Rd, Ste 200 Norcross, GA 30092 P: 770-447-1144 F: 678-328-1501 Email: or Website: NAC International (NAC) is an industry-leading provider of engineering and nuclear fuel management solutions for nuclear facility operators, fuel cycle companies and government agencies. The company offers a proven process for the design, licensing and deployment of innovative technologies to store, transport and manage nuclear materials, including high level waste and spent fuel. Our professional staff possesses unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience, necessary for today’s demanding requirements for nuclear fuel cycle projects and performance. NAC serves more than 200 customers and supports a host of diverse projects.

Newport News Nuclear News, Inc. – Bronze Sponsor Contact: Shelli Bond Booth #: 537 4101 Washington Ave, Newport News, VA 23607 P: 757-688-9127 F: 757-380-2671 Email:

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Contact: Jim Walther Booth #: 833 601 Eubank Blvd, SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 P: 505-245-2137 x104 F: 505-242-4537 Email: Website:

NNN’s mission is to be a trusted provider of quality services by using the recognized expert resources of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding. We will gain and maintain a reputation in the industry of being a reliable, sought-after partner for companies bidding on opportunities in the DOE market.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is our nation’s Congressionally designated center for public education and for historic preservation of material related to all aspects of the nuclear world. Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. Contact: Mary Rhea Booth #: 419 669 Emory Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-220-9650 F: 865-220-9651 Email: Website:


Nuclear News Contact: Jeff Mosses Booth #: 929 555 N. Kensington Ave, La Grange Park, IL 60526 P: 708-579-8225 F: 708-352-6464 Email: Website: Since 1959, Nuclear News magazine has been an integral part of the advertising plans of more than 1000 companies who promote their products and services to the nuclear field. Published by the American Nuclear Society, monthly news reports cover worldwide commercial nuclear power plant operations, maintenance, security, waste management, fuel and industry.

North Wind, Inc. – Silver Sponsor Contact: John Bukowski Booth #: 632 1176 Big Creek Rd, Kellogg, ID 83837 P: 208-783-1069 Email: Website: North Wind is a leading small business with core services in waste management, remediation, engineering, construction and D&D. Our diverse capabilities allow us to self-perform nearly all aspects of any given work scope, providing customers with significant cost savings. North Wind supports a broad customer base from twenty offices nationwide.

Nuclear Plant Journal Contact: Anu Agnihotri Booth #: 733 1400 Opus Place, Suite 904 Downers Grove, IL 60515 P: 630-858-6161 F: 630-858-8787 Email: Website:

Nuclear Engineering International Contact: Scott Galvin Booth #: 1028 Progressive House, 2 Maidstone Rd Sidcup, Kent DA14 5HZ United Kingdom P: 44-0-20-8269-7820 F: 44-0-20-8269-7880 Email: Website:

Nuclear Plant Journal, a US publication, provides technical information exchange among managers and engineers in the industry worldwide. Circulation: 12,000, 44 countries, BPA Audited. Published sixtimes per year. Annual Products & Services Directory published in January. Nuclear Street - Nuclear Power Portal Contact: Cam Abernethy Booth #: 934 463 Dinwiddie Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980 P: 866-966-9640 x2 F: 803-753-0067 Email: Website:

Nuclear Engineering International has been published for more than 55 years. NEI holds a unique position within the industry providing independent technical and business analysis for the nuclear power industry. With a circulation of over 2,500 and a total readership in excess of 10,000, Nuclear Engineering International offers its advertisers unrivalled access to the worldwide nuclear marketplace. A digital version of NEI is now delivered to an additional 12,000 readers providing an unprecedented audience who are able to interact directly with your advertising through live links. Nuclear Filter Technology Contact: Crystal Dunkle 741 Corporate Circle, Suite R Golden, CO 80401 P: 303-987-2020 x255 Email:

Nuclear Street ( is the premier destination for nuclear professionals in the global nuclear power industry. Nuclear Street offers industry news, job listings, buyers guide, columns, book reviews, plant maps, photos, research assets, forums, videos, perspectives, databases, documents, search tools and more.

Booth #: 142

NUCON International, Inc. Contact: Robert Sommer Booth #: 710 PO Box 29151, 7000 Huntley Rd Columbus, OH 43229 P: 614-846-5710 F: 614-431-0858 Email: Website: NUCON specializes in high efficiency filtration process equipment. Activated carbon and specialty adsorbents for the control of radioiodine, mercury, sulfur, noble and acid gases. Testing of HVAC and filtration systems. Manufacture instruments for testing HVAC systems. Engineering, design, fabrication and testing of systems using adsorption technology including gaseous radwaste control.


analysis, PCB Congeners, drinking water analysis, NPDES wastewater analysis, low-level Mercury analysis, radiochemistry analysis and more. Pace Analytical operates a nationwide network of laboratories, service centers and satellite operations — providing project support for thousands of industry, consulting, engineering, manufacturing and government professionals. Contact: Michael Rennhack Booth #: 505 5379 Meadow Lane, Coloma, MI 49038 P: 269-238-0203 F: 865-238-0006 Email: Website: NukeWorker delivers more nuclear job seekers than any other career site, with the only database of nuclear resumes. NukeWorker ranks #1 in search engines for 'nuclear jobs' and is the most visited nuclear site on the Internet, with more than 6.5 million page views each month.

PacTec, Inc. Contact: Jason Durham Booth #: 720 PO Box 8069, 12365 Haynes St Clinton, LA 70722 P: 800-272-2832 F: 225-683-8711 Email: Website:

Off-Site Recovery Project at LANL Contact: Kathleen Trujillo Booth #: 536 PO Box 1663, MS E521, Los Alamos, NM 87545 P: 505-667-6394 F: 505-665-1235 Email: Website:

PacTec™ is the industry leader in engineering and manufacturing of packaging for the hazardous, nuclear and radioactive waste transportation industry. Our commitment to industry needs keeps us on the forefront of product development consistently earning us patents and resulting in continuously improved products for our deserving customers.

The Off-Site Source Recovery Project (OSRP) is part of the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Office of Global Threat Reduction (NA-21) and is managed at Los Alamos National Laboratory through the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division. OSRP has an NNSA sponsored mission to remove excess, unwanted, abandoned, or orphan radioactive sealed sources from the environment that pose a potential risk to health, safety and national security.

Pajarito Scientific Corporation Contact: Al Cobb Booth #: 538 2532 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, NM 82507 P: 505-424-6660 x103 F: 505-424-1109 Email: Website:

ORTEC Contact: Susie Brockman Booth #: 617 801 S. Illinois Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 P: 865-483-2124 F: 865-425-1380 Email: Website:

Pajarito Scientific Corporation (PSC), is an AmericanOwned Small business providing domestic safeguards, commercial and government nuclear remediation, re-processing, criticality safety systems. PSC's range of instruments, plant-integrated systems and measurement services provides safe & costeffective solutions for nuclear materials assay, characterization and operations needs. PSC now provides security cleared personnel through Pajarito Scientific Security Corporation.

ORTEC manufactures a wide range of radiation measurement instruments and systems for use in waste management operations associated with plant operation, decommissioning and waste disposal. Visit the ORTEC booth to learn about these and the new AURAS 3000 free release waste assay box counter for handling bulk quantities of decommissioning waste. Pace Analytical Services, Inc. Contact: Rich Hixson Booth #: 832 1638 Roseytown Rd, Suite 2, 3 & 4 Greensburg, PA 15650 P: 724-850-5600 F: 724-850-5601 Email: Website: Pace Analytical Services, Inc. is a privately held, fullservice sampling and analytical testing firm, providing analytical environmental testing and field sampling services, method development and validation and onsite laboratory operations and management services. Pace also provides specialty analytical testing services including air toxics, soil vapor intrusion, bioassay, biota analysis, dioxin/furan


Pentek, Inc. Contact: Linda A. Lukart Booth #: 401 1026 Fourth Ave, Coraopolis, PA 15108 P: 412-262-0725 F: 412-262-0731 Email: Website: PaR Systems, Inc. – Gold Sponsor Contact: Karen Knoblock Booth #: 732 707 County Road E, West, Shoreview, MN 551267007 P: 651-484-7261 F: 651-483-2689 Email: Website:

WM2011 marks Pentek’s 30th year of service to the nuclear D&D industry. From early roots established during Three Mile Island Unit 2 accident recovery activities, Pentek is now a global supplier of engineering services and specialized equipment to support facility remediation and waste management, including decontamination of structural steel, concrete, wood and synthetic materials. VAC-PAC ®, MOOSE® and WallWalker® are Pentek’s flagship products.

Since 1961, PaR Systems has provided advanced engineered equipment, systems and services, specializing in remote handling and manipulator systems for process cell and decommissioning applications in the nuclear industry. PaR provides systems for size reduction and hazardous material handling environments, including telerobotic manipulators, powered manipulators, robotic systems and transporters and in-cell cranes.

Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting Contact: Ray Morgan Booth #: 539 1800 Riverview Dr, Northfield, MN 55057 P: 507-301-0704 F: 507-301-0705 Email: Website: www.

Paragon D&E Contact: Bob Starck Booth #: 132 5225 33rd St, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 P: 616-949-2220 F: 616-949-2536 Email: Website:

Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting is an asset based transportation company headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota, USA whose singular focus is on handling extreme dimension and or weight resulting in super heavy long distance highway moves and or moves that require specific finite management and oversight. We own over 4,000 custom engineered configurations of modular dual lane loading hydraulic transporters manufactured by Goldhofer, Trail King, Aspen and Talbert that are designed for long distance highway loads (the largest fleet of this equipment in North America). We have significant experience in moving cargo in nuclear and conventional power, aerospace, defense, petroleum refining and oil and gas, alternative fuels and other industries that require extensive engineering, project management and unique equipment to support their most difficult long-distance highway moves.

Paragon D&E specializes in taking product development from concept to design to production. Paragon is NQA-1 approved and is skilled in working with certification of materials. Paragon handles all phases from specialized machining, rapid prototyping to testing and production with expertise in large parts. Paragon also produces very detailed, as well as extremely large composite tooling and parts. Parsons Contact: Mary Elsayeh Buxton Booth #: 514 100 W. Walnut St, Pasadena, CA 91124 P: 626-440-3738 F: 626-440-2110 Email: Website:

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. Contact: Wendy Witsoe Booth #: 309 575 Oak Ridge Tpke, Suite 200 Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-813-1329 F: 865-813-1301 Email: Website:

Founded in 1944, Parsons, an engineering and construction firm with revenues of $2.9 billion in 2009, is 100% owned by the Employee Stock Ownership Trust. We conquer the toughest logistical challenges and deliver landmark design-build projects to private industrial customers worldwide as well as federal, regional and local government agencies. Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets such as communications, education, energy, environmental, facilities, federal government, healthcare, infrastructure, life sciences, transportation, vehicle inspection and water/wastewater.

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. is a professional waste management company specializing in the management of hazardous, lowlevel radioactive and mixed wastes both on client sites and at our treatment facilities. We offer the most comprehensive waste management services in the US.



Petersen, Inc. Contact: Rob Despain Booth #: 215 1527 N. 2000 W, Ogden, UT 84404 P: 801-732-2027 F: 801-732-2098 Email: Website:

Premier Technology, Inc. Contact: Lyle Freeman Booth #: 325 1858 W. Bridge St, Blackfoot, ID 83221 P: 208-785-2274 F: 208-782-9001 Email: Website:

Petersen, Inc. is an employee owned business currently providing the DOE industry with the Standard Waste Box, Ten-Drum Over Pack, IP1, IP2's and other NQA-1 quality transportation and storage containers. We are the fabricator of the Bechtel HLW and LAW Melters at the River Protection Project in Hanford, Washington.

Premier is a progressive manufacturing company focused on the integration of technology and science with professional craftsmanship. We perform construction management, custom engineering, design, fabrication, testing and installation for the nuclear, US DOD, US DOE, aeronautical, food and chemical processing industries. We are known for our ability to supply the highest quality turnkey engineering, custom fabrication, system integration and field installation solutions to those industries. Examples of custom fabricated items are: vessels, heat exchangers, exhausters, gloveboxes, hot cells, stairs, railing, platforms, conveyors, conveyance systems, structural steel items, skid technology, etc.

PIERCAN, Inc Contact: Lynn Aurelius Booth #: 602 180 Bosstick Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069 P: 928-277-7080 F: 928-717-1842 Email: Website:

Project Services Group, LLC (PSG) Contact: Lauren Amos Booth #: 504 780 Buford Hwy, Suite 202A, Suwanee, GA 30024 P: 866-214-2519 F: 866-736-3475 Email: Website:

PIERCAN, Inc. is "Your Worldwide Technical Source for Glovebox Gloves." PIERCAN is the world leader in the development and production of glove breach mitigation solutions for high security containment. PIERCAN is committed to supplying the highest quality and competitively priced drybox/isolator gloves worldwide.

PSG, an 8(a) SDB, provides traditional consulting and staff augmentation services, from quick turn-around tasks to long-term projects. Our services include construction management, program and project management, cost engineering/estimating, planning/ scheduling, as well as highly specialized services such as D&D, engineering, outage management, customized maintenance services and business process.

Plant Decommissioning Contact: Steve Larson Booth #: 706 266 Park Ave, Lake Villa, IL 60046 P: 847-265-8800 F: 847-265-6556 Email: Website: designs and manufactures cutting equipment for removal and size reduction of large irradiated components. Our engineering and manufacturing groups have extensive nuclear portfolios. Located near Zion Nuclear Station, our facility provides turnkey engineering, manufacturing, testing and mock-up training for our equipment. Porvair Filtration Group Ltd. - Microfiltrex Division Contact: Chris Chadwick Booth #: 534 1 Concorde Close, Segensworth Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5RT United Kingdom P: 44-0-1489-864330 F: 44-0-1489-864399 Email: Website: Microfiltrex is the complete solution provider for filtration in the nuclear industry. Including power generation, fuel conversion off-gas clean-up, reactor containment venUSRV protection, waste packaging and a WIPP compliant filter breather, highly active liquid, remotely handled filter systems and spent fuel drying, we have supplied tried and trusted solutions.


Quality Inspection Services, Inc. Contact: Martin Derby Booth #: 501 37 Franklin St, Suite 400, Buffalo, NY 14202 P: 716-853-2611 F: 716-853-2619 Email: Website:,

RJR Engineering, P.C. Contact: Ted Towsley Booth #: 511 23 Mechanic St, Springville, NY 14141 P: 716-592-3980 F: 716-592-4216 Email: Website:

Quality Inspection Services, Inc. (QISI and an Applus RTD Company) utilizes ASME NQA-l quality assurance program. QISI has been audited and accepted throughout the nuclear industry to provide Nondestructive Examinations, Civil Material Testing and Geotechnical Environmental Investigations. QISI's Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services include Vendor Surveillances, Receipt Inspection, Auditing and Programmatic Development.

RJR Engineering, P.C. provides mechanical, structural, electrical, civil/environmental, chemical and fire protection engineering as well as remote tooling design, pressure vessel design, finite element analysis, hoisting and rigging, project management and scheduling. RJR specializes in nuclear decontamination/decommissioning and operates under a fully implemented ASME NQA-1 2008 program.

Radwaste Solutions Contact: Jeff Mosses Booth #: 927 555 N. Kensington Ave, La Grange Park, IL 60526 P: 708-579-8225 F: 708-352-6464 Email: Website:

RMD Instruments Corporation Contact: Peter Waer Booth #: 165 44 Hunt St, Watertown, MA 02472 P: 617-668-6900 F: 617-928-9980 Email: Website:

Radwaste Solutions is a specialty magazine for waste management professionals. Articles discuss practical approaches and solutions to everyday problems and issues in all fields of radioactive waste management and environmental restoration. Included is coverage of the generation, handling, removal, treatment, cleanup and disposal of radioactive (including mixed) waste. A complimentary January-April “double-issue” was included in your WM2011 registration packet!

RMD Instruments Corp. (and related company RMD, Inc.) performs research in and designs, manufactures, sells and services instruments that incorporate nuclear techniques. RMD RadCam system makes visual images of gamma-emitting isotopes. RMD RadCam is spectroscopic. Locate, identify and monitor unknown sources of gamma radiation. Robatel Technologies LLC Contact: Teo Grochowski Booth #: 611 PO Box 12007, Roanoke, VA 24022 P: 540-989-2878 Email: Website:

Reef Industries, Inc. Contact: Tom Scarborough Booth #: 422 9209 Almeda Genoa Rd, Houston, TX 77075 P: 713-507-4270 F: 713-507-4271 Email: Website:

Robatel Technologies is a design engineering and specialty fabrication small business. As part of the Robatel Group, we have access to 60 years of nuclear industry experience. We specialize in waste process/treatment systems; modular hot cells; gloveboxes; and radioactive material transport and/or storage casks.

Griffolyn® flexible laminates are excellent for storing or protecting equipment or isolating and containing contaminated materials. These durable covers and containers are engineered to be highly resistant to tears and punctures and offer an exceptional outdoor service life. All Griffolyn® products are designed and fabricated to your specific requirements.

Rolls-Royce Contact: Debbie Hampton Booth #: 122 994-A Explorer Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35806 P: 423-756-9730 F: 256-922-1540 Email: Website: www.rolls-royce/nuclear

Remotec/Northrop Grumman Contact: Wes Comer Booth# :738 353 JD Yarnell Parkway, Clinton, TN 37716 P: 865-269-1139 Email:

Rolls-Royce provides the highest quality nuclear support services spanning the reactor lifecycle. Our focus is on providing customers with integrated longterm support services covering safety, licensing and environmental activities; component design, manufacture and supply; in-service support, plant life extension and ageing management.


Business as usual is now business that’s better than ever.

NQA-1/10CFR50 Appendix B/ASME Section III and VIII ODIM Numet’s wealth of experience in the nuclear energy and hazardous waste management industries is now a part of the Rolls-Royce family. Our expertise in all facets of new build, inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, waste handling, process equipment and remote handling systems will grow in partnership with a company that has a proven

50-year nuclear track record. With our important ASME N-stamp accredited facility, we can now gain even greater expertise in the core areas of component manufacturing and in-service support. For us and our customers, business as usual is now business that’s better than ever. Trusted to deliver excellence

R.W. Wiesener, Inc. Contact: Bob Wiesener Booth #: 507 112-D Charter St, Albemarle, NC 28001 P: 704-982-9242 Email: Website:

S.A. Technology Contact: Chance Phillips Booth #: 502 3985 S. Lincoln Ave, Loveland, CO 80537 P: 970-663-1431 F: 970-663-5898 Email: Website:

Tru-Motion Products (a division of R.W. Wiesener Inc) is the leading manufacturer of Telemanipulators for PET hot cells. Specifically designed for compact enclosures, our mechanical Telemanipulators are economical, very easy to operate and nearly maintenance free. We can size the arm segments to provide the required handling coverage inside your custom enclosure. Our Telemanipulators are also available through all leading hot cell manufacturers. An optional load hook is available and has a rated handling capacity of 18 pounds. Custom booting is also available for class 100 enclosures. Ask us about our superior warranty and customer service!

S.A.Technology is a precision engineering company that specializes in advanced robotics and technology services. Since S.A.Technology was founded in 1992, we have served the nuclear, defense, aerospace, energy and environment markets. With our advanced robotics and technology services, we make work easier, safer and more cost-effective.

Safety & Ecology Corporation – Bronze Sponsor Contact: Donald Goebel Booth #: 205 SEC Business Centery 2800 Solway Rd, Knoxville, TN 37931 P: 800-905-0501 F: 865-539-9868 Email: Website: SEC provides a wide range of environmental services worldwide including rad/haz remediation; facility D&D; RADCON; and emergency response. We specialize in the removal and remediation of hazardous materials for DOE, DoD, other federal agencies and also the private industry. SEC also has one of the largest rad/IH instrumentation labs in country.

SA Mays, LLC Contact: Sarah Alkire Mays Booth #: 1025 22 E Gay St, Suite 301, Columbus, OH 43215 P: 614-225-8877 F: 614-225-8878 Email: Website:

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC – Gold Sponsor Contact: Dawn Haygood Booth #: 819 Savannah River Site, Bldg 730-1B, Rm 3135 Aiken, SC 29808 P: 803-952-7395 F: 803-952-9329 Email: Website:

SA Mays, LLC is a small, woman-owned, Ohio company specializing in providing Project Management and Waste Management support to environmental projects. We bring seasoned management, scientists, field personnel and an array of technologies to assist our clients in meeting their milestones with a focus on integrity, innovation and resolve.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (SRNS) is the management and operating contractor at the US DOE's Savannah River Site. A Fluor-Daniel Partnership comprised of Fluor, Northrop Grumman and Honeywell, SRNS serves the nation through safe, secure, cost-effective management of our nuclear weapons stockpile, nuclear materials and the environment.


Savannah River Nuclear Solutions A Fluor Daniel partnership with Northrop Grumman and Honeywell

Nuclear materials. Powerful assets. But as the use of nuclear materials increases, so does the challenge of managing the resulting waste. Savannah River Nuclear Solutions pairs the vast experience of our workforce with the proven facilities of the Savannah River Site to provide the nation with innovative technologies and tangible results in the ďŹ eld of waste management.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. Committed to waste management progress. Committed to the future.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Contact: Charlotte O'Neil Booth #: 223 PO Box 2501, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 P: 865-481-4724 F: 865-483-1198 Email: charlotte.c.o' Website:

SM&A Contact: Cheryl Eisenhauer Booth #: 333 4695 MacArthur Ct, 8th Floor Newport Beach, CA 92660 P: 949-975-1550 F: 949-975-1624 Email: Website:

SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure and health. For more information, visit SAIC: From Science to Solutions®.

SM&A is a leading management consulting firm providing leadership and mentoring solutions to position clients to PURSUE the right business opportunities, WIN new business and PERFORM complex projects and programs. Proven processes, people and tools deliver significant growth across markets, products and services. SM&A has the depth and domain experience to provide complete program lifecycle consulting solutions in diverse markets, from aerospace and defense contractors, through major systems integrators, to healthcare and financial/audit service providers. Experienced SM&A consultants tailor solutions to help clients succeed, making SM&A the partner companies turn to when they must PURSUE, WIN and PERFORM. S.M. Stoller Corporation, The Contact: Mark Fertitta Booth #: 515 105 Technology Dr, Suite 190 Broomfield, CO 80021 P: 303-546-4331 F: 303-443-1408 Email: Website:

Shaw Group, The – Silver Sponsor Contact: Sara Pitz Booth #: 614 7604 Technology Way, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80237 P: 720-235-2546 F: 720-554-8295 Email: Website:

The S.M. Stoller Corporation was established in 1959 to provide nuclear engineering consulting services. Today, Stoller is a company of nearly 1,000 employees providing services including site characterization, design, remediation, facility management, water and air sampling, information management, waste management, D&D, analytical quality assurance and control and risk assessment.

Shaw performs engineering, design, construction, program management and maintenance services for multiple industries, including nuclear. As a major service provider to the federal government, Shaw assists with the development of effective solutions for the safe handling, treatment, transportation and disposal of radioactive and mixed wastes. And through advanced nuclear technology, we provide engineering and construction services for nuclear projects worldwide. Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc. Contact: Steven Garner Booth #: 113 3229 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, SC 29169 P: 803-796-2727 F: 803-939-1083 Email: Website:

Spectra Tech, Inc. – Bronze Sponsor Contact: Sharon Bogaty Booth #: 506 132 Jefferson Ct, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-813-2158 F: 865-335-9833 Email: Website:

Siempelkamp Nuclear Technology, Inc.’s core business comprises Project Management, Engineering and Planning, Components and Systems Solutions for equipment and retro-fitting as well as Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D), Modernization/Modification of Components and Systems of Nuclear Facilities, Stud Tensioning Devices, Containers, Recycling, Manufacture, Calculations and Analyses as well as service.

Spectra Tech, Inc. is an engineering, environmental and nuclear services company that focuses on providing high quality and cost-effective technical solutions for our Federal Government and commercial clients worldwide. We are located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (main office), Colorado Springs, Colorado and Huntsville, Alabama.


ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE WASTE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS From characterization and remediation to storage, transport, and disposal, Shaw assists commercial and federal clients with solutions for cost-effective, environmentally responsible radioactive and mixed-waste management.



Strategic Packaging Systems, LLC (SPS), is a fullservice manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials, packaging systems and railcar liner systems. With over 80 years of combined craft knowledge and experience, we pioneered the first “soft-sided” packaging and railcar liner products used in radioactive waste industry back in the 90’s. Located in Madisonville, TN our 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility employs skilled local labor and offers state of the art sewing, heat sealing and binding equipment.

Sperian Protection Clothing/Honeywell Contact: Gary Zimmermann Booth #: 932 4200 St. Laurent, 6th Fl, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2R2 Canada P: 514-236-5036 Email: Website: SSM Industries, Inc./NewYork Blower Contact: Mark Saucier Booth #: 535 3401 Grand Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15225 P: 412-777-5101 F: 412-771-5382 Email: Website:

Studsvik, Inc. Contact: Rosita Colson Booth #: 130 5605 Glenridge Dr, Suite 705, Atlanta, GA 30342 P: 404-381-8593 Email: Website:

SSM (formerly Schneider Sheet Metal) is the largest Safety Related HVAC designer/fabricator/supplier/ installer in the US. We have over 40 years experience providing our DOE and nuclear industry customers with qualified, custom products specific to their air handling needs and in accordance with ASME AG-1 & NQA-1.

Founded in 1947, Studsvik is a leading supplier of specialty services to the international nuclear industry and has a proven history of innovation, efficiency and safety. With a corporate commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, the company provides technologically advanced services in four main areas: waste treatment, decommissioning, engineering and operating efficiency.

STÄUBLI Corporation Contact: Chris Eason Booth #: 601 201 Parkway W, Duncan, SC 29651 P: 864-486-5472 F: 864-486-5495 Email: Website:

Sullivan International Group, Inc. Contact: Kevin Hayford Booth #: 439 2750 Womble Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 P: 619-260-1432 Email:

STÄUBLI offers the most advanced range of fluid and electrical REMOTE quick couplings available. Designed for rapid remote operator connection, our standard range can be engineered to your unique requirements. Keyed locking eliminates cross connection and prevents accidental disconnection.

synrocANSTO® Contact: Athena Tzigeras Booth #: 324 Locked Bag 2001 Kirrawee, DC NSW 2232 Australia P: 61-2-9717-7748 F: 61-2 9717 9225 Email: Website:

Strata - G, LLC Contact: Jenny Freeman or Dan Hurst Booth #: 121 2027 Castaic Lane, Knoxville, TN 37932 P: 865-934-3400 F: 865-934-3439 Email: or Website:

synrocANSTO®’s vision is to make a safer environment for future generations by providing solutions for the treatment of radioactive wastes.” synrocANSTO®’s tailored waste form designs and associated process technologies: maximize waste loadings, enhance chemical durability and increase processing flexibility–offering cleanup cost and schedule savings worth billions of dollars.

Strata-G is a Veteran-owned Small Business that provides technical services in the areas of energy, environment and sustainability. Specifically, our services include Business and Information Management, Science, Engineering, Waste Management and Transportation, Technology Deployment. With 100 scientists and engineers on staff, we work at project sites throughout the country. Strategic Packaging Systems, LLC Contact: Tim Blythe Booth #: 825 276 Warren St, PO Box 295, Madisonville, TN 37354 P: 423-545-9505 F: 423-545-9525 Email: Website:


TC Program Solutions, LLC Contact: Steve Crowe Booth #: 822 130 Mitchell Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-548-4233 F: 865-241-4601 Email: Website:

Tetra Tech – Bronze Sponsor Contact: Margie Vasquez Booth #: 622 3475 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 P: 626-470-2330 F: 626-470-2130 Email: or Website:

TC Program Solutions (TCPS), LLC is a veteranowned small business with offices in Oak Ridge, TN. TCPS is a provider of specialty engineering services to customers in government and commercial regulated industries.. TCPS serves a specific niche within the marketplace; to provide professional services within the following disciplines: Start up Support, Operational Readiness Review, CONOPS, Assessments, QA Support, Nuclear Safety & Criticality Safety, Licensing and Nuclear Technical Support.

Tetra Tech has provided planning, design, construction and operations support to DOE/NNSA for more than 30 years. We share DOE’s unwavering commitment to the safety and protection of our workers, our nation and the environment. Tetra Tech’s work includes successful ISM on high-risk projects for technically complex programs and facilities at virtually every major site in the DOE/NNSA complex. Our diverse cross-program experience allows us to achieve efficiencies and synergy in our processes, which benefit our DOE/NNSA clients through safe, innovative and costeffective solutions to the Department’s most imposing challenges.

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. Contact: Jessica Sanders Booth #: 633 300 Sparkman Dr, Huntsville, AL 35805 P: 256-726-1385 F: 256-726-2606 Email: Website:

THOR Treatment Technologies Contact: Edgardo Berrios Booth #: 1030 723 The Parkway, Richland, WA 99352 P: 509-392-9670 F: 509-943-6991 Email: Website:

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing innovative and proven systems engineering, advanced technology application, software development and manufacturing solutions to DOE, commercial nuclear, environmental and military requirements. Our strengths in both engineering and manufacturing distinguish us from our competitors.

THOR Treatment Technologies offers a patented, non-incineration, steam reforming process to convert a variety of problematic radioactive hazardous wastes to a form that can be disposed of safely and costeffectively.

TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. Contact: Steven LaZar Booth #: 500 PO Box 1716, Elizabeth, CO 80107 P: 303-646-1280 F: 303-646-1281 Email: Website:

Tidewater, Inc. Contact: Mike Davidson, CHP, CHMM Booth #: 723 7161 Columbia Gateway Dr, Suite C Columbia, MD 21046 P: 410-997-4458 F: 410-997-8713 Email: Website:

TestAmerica is the leading environmental testing firm in the United States, including 36 laboratories and 33 service centers. TestAmerica provides innovative technical expertise and comprehensive analytical testing services. TestAmerica currently employs nearly 2,800 professionals dedicated to exceptional service and solutions for our clients’ environmental testing needs.

Tidewater supports fuel cycle and allied radioactive materials customers - including nuclear energy, defense, environmental remediation and waste disposition. Tidewater's environmental technology capabilities complement its technical radiological expertise - including reciprocal radioactive materials licensing for decommissioning activities nationwide. Tidewater is an SBA-certified 8(a) company employing over 120 professionals, based in Columbia, Maryland.


air, or water; and disposal of the commodity. Traffic management services including expediting services to ensure a smooth flow of product/equipment.

TLI Freight Services, LLC Contact: Warren Baugh Booth #: Semi D 8161 Maple Lawn Blvd Suite 450, Fulton, MD 20759 P: 301-421-4324 Email: Website:

TW Metals - Nuclear Material Solutions Contact: Franz Schmidt Booth #: 930 880 Brickworks Dr, Leetsdale, PA 15056 P: 724-251-4700 F: 724-251-4701 Email: Website:

TLI Freight Services, the domestic trucking arm of Transport Logistics International, offers integrated transportation solutions for the nuclear fuel cycle. With highly skilled and specially-trained drivers, TLI Freight Services is an integral component in TLI’s world-wide transportation network, supported by majority shareholders Nuclear Cargo + Services and the Daher Group.

TW Metals – Nuclear Materials Solutions is the ASME Certified source for all classes, forms and grades of fabrication material – plate, bar, forgings, tubing, fittings, consumables and fasteners including Special Chemistry Products. Serving the domestic and international commercial markets, utility, research, DOE and DOD. QA programs in accordance with; 10CFR21,10CFR50 b, 10CFR71 h, 10CFR72 g, NQA-1, NCA 3800 and ASME Sect. III.

Toxco Materials Management Center Contact: Rick Low Booth #: 637 109 Flint Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-482-5532 F: 865-482-5605 Email: Website:

UltraTech International, Inc. Contact: Matt Shaw Booth #: 523 11542 Davis Creek Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32256 P: 904-292-1611 F: 904-292-1325 Email: Website:

Toxco is a premier recycling, reuse and disposal facility for radiologically contaminated materials. Toxco’s recycling concept for materials and equipment previously used in a radioactive environment is to identify and separate contaminated materials from non-contaminated materials. Our focus is on the reuse of non-contaminated and contaminated materials.

UltraTech provides innovative product and technology solutions ranging from vents and filters, packaging, storage, absorbents, bag-out bags, Type A packaging, containers, secondary containment and customized products to meet specific site needs. Recent developments to be highlighted will include macroencapsulation technology and a new line of gas sampling filter vents.

Tri-State Motor Transit Company Contact: Charlie Pittman Booth #: 156 8141 East 7th St, PO Box 113, Joplin, MO 64802 P: 800-234-8768 F: 417-621-2022 Email: Website:

Underwater Construction Corporation Contact: Philip McDermott Booth #: 518 110 Plains Rd, Essex, CT O6246 P: 800-USA-DIVE F: 860-767-0612 Email: Website:

Tri-State Motor Tansit has long been a leader in the transportation industry. The company's strategy is to offer high quality, specialized transportation services in specific market niches. TSMT specializes in transporting cargo that requires careful handling. Exceptional performance in safety and customer service continues to be a hallmark of the company.

Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) is the leading provider of underwater services to commercial and government facilities. For over 40 years, UCC has delivered unparalleled support to the nuclear power generation industry. With our global response capabilities, our 200+ member dive team delivers a myriad of underwater services to a diverse nuclear customer base.

Turnkey Transportation Contact: Todd Bates Booth #: 508 663 Emory Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 P: 865-425-0671 F: 865-425-0673 Email: Website: We are transportation and waste management specialists for shipping campaigns that require staff augmentation or “turnkey” transportation services to handle the disposition of hazardous, low level and mixed waste material shipments. Characterization activities; waste profiling; determination of hazard class; identification of packaging requirements; field operations; transportation services via highway, rail,


Website: The Office of Environmental Management’s mission is to complete the cleanup of radioactive wastes, spent nuclear fuel, excess plutonium and uranium and contaminated soil and groundwater created from the legacy of nuclear weapons production and government-sponsored nuclear energy research in the US during the Cold War in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

UniTech Services Group, Inc. Contact: Gregg Johnstone Booth #: 604 295 Parker St, PO Box 51957, Springfield, MA O1151 P: 413-543-6911 F: 413-543-6989 Email: Website: UniTech Services Group, Inc. is the world's largest supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories. Our nuclear licensed decontamination facilities throughout the US and Europe provide the following services: radiological laundering of protective clothing, decontamination and testing of respirators and the decontamination of tools & equipment (scaffolding, hand tools, portable HEPA vacuums, etc.). Our products and services are designed to provide our customers cost-effective protection of their workers with minimal generation of radioactive waste.

US DOE Office of Legacy Management Contact: Tony Carter Booth #: 716 1000 Independence Ave, SW Washington, DC 20585 P: 202-586-3323 F: 202-586-8403 Email: Website: The US DOE Office of Legacy Management (LM) was established in 2003 to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to the legacy of the Cold War. LM is responsible for long-term surveillance and maintenance of environmental remedies, promotion of beneficial reuse and management of records and information for former weapons production sites across the nation.

URS – Gold Sponsor Contact: Bill Whiting Booth #: 1001 106 Newberry Street, Aiken, SC 29801 P: 803-502-9963 F: 803-502-5702 Email: Website:

US DOE NV Site Office Environmental Management Contact: Dona Merritt Booth #: 220 PO Box 98952, MS 505 AMEM, Las Vegas, NV 89193 P: 702-295-3082 F: 702-295-5300 Email: Website:

URS Corporation is a fully integrated engineering, construction and technical services organization with the capabilities to support the project life cycle -from inception through start-up and operation to closure. URS has approximately 43,000 employees in a network of offices across the US and in more than 30 countries.

The US DOE, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office Environmental Management Program is responsible for addressing contamination from historic nuclear testing in Nevada, disposing low-level and mixed low-level radioactive waste from approved generators and conducting environmental protection and compliance activities at the Nevada National Security Site.

URS Engineered Products Division Contact: Ryan Williamson Booth #: 835 5301 Sierra Vista Dr, Carlsbad, NM 88220 P: 575-234-5740 F: 575-885-7622 Email: Website:

US DOE Office of Technology & Development Contact: Kurt Gerdes Booth #: 111 1000 Independence Ave, SW Washington, DC 20585 P: 301-903-7289 F: 301-903-8244 Email: Website:

URS Engineered Products Division (EPD) is one of the best equipped facilities for fabrication and machining in the Southwest. EPD has a unique combination of highly skilled staff, an extensive nuclear quality assurance program and the capability to handle a wide variety of cutting, forming, finishing and testing operations.

The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Management (EM) is responsible for cleaning up the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons research and production from the Cold War. The DOE-EM Office of Technology Innovation and Development transforms science and innovation into practical solutions to fulfill the EM mission.

US DOE Office of Environmental Management Contact: Kay Rash Booth #: 636 1000 Independence Ave, SW Washington, DC 20585 P: 202-586-5420 F: 202-586-2974 Email:


Know the market. At URS, we are at the forefront of managing critical, high-hazard projects. We are a market leader, bringing global expertise in operations, decommissioning and environmental restoration.


VJ Technologies, Inc. Contact: Steve Halliwell Booth #: 1035 P: 631-589-8800 F: 631-589-8992 Email: Website:

US Ecology Contact: Chad Hyslop Booth #: 700 300 East Mallard Dr, Suite 300, Boise, ID 83706 P: 208-331-8400 F: 208-331-7900 Email: Website: US Ecology is the nation’s most comprehensive supplier of cost-effective treatment and disposal services for low-level radioactive wastes, hazardous and PCB wastes and naturally occurring, accelerator produced and exempt radioactive materials. US Ecology has provided radioactive waste services since 1952 and hazardous waste services since 1968.

VJ Technologies is a world leader in nuclear waste inspection systems and services utilizing advanced xray imaging technologies. Since 1987, we have supplied, installed and maintained state-of-the-art radioscopy systems for government & industry. In addition, our fleet of trailer-based real-time radiography systems enable us to provide turnkey mobile waste inspection solutions wherever needed.

Visionary Solutions, LLC Contact: Carla Riles, Booth #: Semi B 111 Union Valley Rd, Suite B, Oakridge, TN 37830 P: 865-482-8670 Email: Website:

Wagstaff Applied Technologies Contact: Mike Niccolls Booth #: 403 3910 N. Flora Rd, Spokane, WA 99216 P: 509-927-3321 F: 509-924-0241 Email: Website:

Visionary Solutions, LLC (VS) is an 8 (a), Small Disadvantaged Business specializing in logistics, transportation, emergency preparedness and response training and technical services for Federal and commercial clients in the nuclear industry. Our primary focus is to provide safe, accurate and compliant solutions to complex technical issues relative to the packaging, transport and disposition of legacy waste, difficult nuclear materials and sensitive technology and equipment.

Wagstaff AT provides the nuclear industry with mechanical/electrical engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly and test services. It also provides automated control systems, robotics, custom single-acting hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units. Projects include conveyor systems, rolling carriages, rails, cask/container lidding machines, fresh fuel containers, container lids and CO2 blast systems. Waste Control Specialists LLC Contact: Dan Burns Booth #: 1007 Three Lincoln Centre, Suite 1700, 5430 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75240 P: 214-662-5422 Email: Website:

Vista Engineering Technologies, LLC Contact: Kaylea Johnson Booth #: 711 1355 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 99352 P: 509-737-1377 F: 509-737-1383 Email: Website:

Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS) owns and operates a treatment, storage and disposal facility located on a 1,338 acre site in Andrews County, Texas. WCS is currently authorized to treat and store a broad range of hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste including all classes of LLRW, MLLW TRU and GTCC; and disposal of LDR compliant toxic, hazardous and NORM waste. In January 2009, WCS received a final license to dispose of Class A, B and C LLW disposal for Texas Compact and Class A, B and C LLW/MLLW disposal for DOE.

Vista Engineering is a small business providing engineering and technology development services. Professional Engineering services include mechanical, electrical, civil, nuclear and environmental engineering with specialized expertise in HVA, corrosion and leak detection. Vista Engineering is also a leader in geotechnical services such as ground water monitoring and engineering design and analysis for FEA and CFD. Vivid Learning Systems Contact: James Moss Booth #: 834 5728 Bedford St, Pasco, WA 99301 P: 509-545-1800 F: 509-542-8869 Email: Website: Vivid Learning Systems. Our purpose is simple: to improve people’s lives through innovation in human performance and strategic communications. Stop by our booth and we’ll show you how.


Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) Contact: Steve Moore Booth #: 126 1862 Shyville Rd, Suite 212, Piketon, OH 45661 P: 740-289-9761 F: 740-289-9759 Email: Website:

Weston Solutions, Inc. Contact: Deonna Hernandez Booth #: 424 3840 Commons Ave, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 P: 505-837-6536 F: 505-837-6595 Email: Website:

Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) is an SBA-Certified 8(a) small disadvantaged business headquartered in Piketon, OH with 300 employees based in eight project offices throughout the US and an annual revenue of $80 million in 2010. WAI provides waste management, environmental services, decontamination and decommissioning and facility operations and maintenance to facilities throughout the DOE Complex.

Weston Solutions (WESTON) delivers environmental engineering solutions to industry and government worldwide-site remediation, redevelopment, management and compliance. With focus on TRU Waste, Low Level and Mixed Waste Operations, compliance and high hazard remediation. WESTON and its affiliates implement hazardous and radiological waste operations throughout the US WorleyParson Polestar Contact: Jodi Mix Booth #: 828 601 Williams Blvd, Suite 4A, Richland, WA 99354 P: 509-946-8279 F: 509-946-8889 Email: Website:

Wells Fargo Contact: Glynis Priester Booth #: 134 43564 Jackson Hole Circle, Leesburg, VA 20176 P: 703-932-8332 Email:

WorleyParsons Polestar has provided remediation engineering, nuclear decommissioning, emergency preparedness, nuclear safety and facility operations and management at numerous government energy facilities. We are a recognized leader within the US DOE Complex in planning and execution of significant deactivation and decommissioning projects on schedule and within budget.

Westerman Nuclear Contact: William Moore Booth #: 435 245 North Broad St, Bremen, OH 43107 P: 740-569-4143 x262 F: 740-569-4111 Email: Website: Westerman Quality, integrity and competitive pricing have made Westerman a longtime leader in the production of tanks and pressure vessels. Capabilities for commercial nuclear power plants components, environmental tanks and casks. Westerman is currently the world’s largest producer of enriched uranium hexafluoride (uf6) storage and transportation cylinders. All UF6 cylinders comply with the NRC REG 10CFR71, Subpart H and ANSI N14.1.

Wright Industries Inc., A Doerfer Company Contact: Nicole Guidry Booth #: 926 1520 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210 P: 615-361-4111 x3630 Email: Website: Wright Industries, a Doerfer Company, is a leading NQA-1 nuclear engineering and special equipment supplier. Wright designs and/or builds-to-print, complex systems including heat exchangers, gloveboxes, pressure vessels, process skids, automation subassemblies, precision fabrications, autoclaves, etc. used in reclamation and remediation efforts. Wheelift (A Doerfer Companies Technology) manufactures self-loading, self-propelled, alldirectional-travel transporters which allow much denser storage in an ISFSI.

Westinghouse Electric Company Contact: Claudia Scott Booth #: 618 1000 Westinghouse Dr, Suite 352 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 P: 412-374-6503 F: 412-374-3777 Email: Website: Westinghouse Electric Company offers a wide range of nuclear plant products and services to utilities throughout the world, including fuel, spent fuel management, service and maintenance, instrumentation and control and advanced nuclear plant designs. Nearly 50 percent of the nuclear power plants in operation worldwide and nearly 60 percent in the United States, are based on Westinghouse technology.

Zeosorb LLC Contact: Al Letcher Booth #: 827 PO Box 19010, Jean, NV 89019 P: 661-824-4337 F: 661-824-4337 Email: Website: Providing natural zeolites for radioactive waste absorption.



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WM2012 Conference Planning Planning for the next conference for February 26 – March 1, 2012 is well underway. If you would like to participate as a presenter, or would like to volunteer with WMS, here are some milestones for your planning: June 15, 2011

Call for Abstracts Issued

WM2012 will solicit abstracts describing research, development and operational experience over the complete spectrum of nuclear waste activities. Proposed topics are categorized into general tracks that are reviewed by the WMS Program Advisory Committee Members and will be posted on and mailed in early June. August 19, 2011

Abstracts for WM2012 Due

Sept. 18 - 20, 2011

PAC Abstract Review Meeting

PAC Members gather in Phoenix to review submitted abstracts and create the preliminary program for the WM2012 Conference. Once finalized, authors are notified and draft papers are written. November 1, 2011

Registration Opens

Registration for the conference is open online at in early November. November 10, 2011

Draft Papers Due

Draft papers are submitted and reviewed in November by members of the PAC in their area of expertise. Authors are given several weeks for any requested updates or revisions and submit their final paper in January. The final program is updated and ready to be printed. Feb. 26 – March 1, 2012

WM2012 Conference

For more information on the WM Symposia and the WM2012 Conference, please visit: PAC Volunteers If you are interested in learning more about the Program Advisory Committee, please contact Gary Benda at for more information. WM2013 & WM2014 Conferences The WM2013 Conference will be held February 24 – 28, 2013 and the WM2014 Conference will be held March 2 – 6, 2014 at the Phoenix Convention Center, West Building.


10114 XCD WM Symposium 2011 • February 2011 • Trim: 8.375˝ x 10.875˝ • Spine: 0.3125˝

Roy G. Post Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament 2011

Held at the Raven Golf Club at South Mountain in Phoenix on February 26th; The Roy G. Post Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament provides funding for scholarships for students in careers focusing on the advancement of safe management of nuclear materials. Please join us for the 2010 – 2011 Roy G. Post Scholarship presentation on Tuesday, March 1st at the Honors & Awards Luncheon. Thank you to our 2011 Post Foundation Golf Sponsors for their Support!

Tournament Host

Silver Sponsors

The Roy G. Post Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by his students, peers and protégés to provide scholarships to students to develop careers in the safe management of nuclear materials and to participate in the annual WM Symposium. Dr. Post was the founding chief executive of WM Symposia, the sponsor of the annual international Waste Management conference. For more information on the Roy G. Post Foundation, please visit:

WM2011 Final Program  

View the Waste Management Symposia 2011 Final Program

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