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FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE... Looking for advice on how to boost your fitness with the ten best superfoods as well as what to eat and what not to eat. We shall also show you what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy when exercising at the same time.

The Current and latest health, fitness trends, news, updates and more including whats new and old in the fitness industry world as well as how to exercise, workout the right way.

New and intense chest, back and arms workout to tone and muscle up your body as well as help you to stay fit and active from your workouts. This will include high intensity and general overall body and core workouts.


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Welcome to the first edition of Teen’s Health. When we spend so much time fantasizing about fitness myths and blunders, we doesn’t know what to believe or what to follow. Having always wandered what is right or what is wrong when exercising going to the gym or dieting, it was a matter of time before I started to question the purpose of all this. After all, it is ok to have a nice bite to eat out at a posh, local restaurant, regardless of what you order, as long as it is not too much or doesn’t become a habit. What’s wrong with that? We will show you how to eat what you wish and still stay fit. If that’s not cool enough then we have got more beneficial stuff including fitness news, workouts, giveaways and so on. If that’s still not enough for you then we still have expert advice on nutrition, food and diet which are the main keys to achieving the desirable body and health you need. So step back, relax and prepare to have these uncertainties, confusions and mysteries cleared up and sorted out for once and for all.

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Working Out, Motivation and Staying motivating while at the gym, when it comes to health and fitness can be hard. One will usually find a reason, excuse not to go to the gym or exercise on a regular basis. Hold on, dont worry about it as Jack Trainer is going to take you through how to workout, stay motivated at the gym and throughout your fitness journey. Planning is very important when wanting to reach your fitness goals. As the saying goes if you plan to fail you fail to plan. Before starting any gym routine, workout or fitness regime plan out the exercises, how many sets, repetitions you aim to do for your workouts on a regular basis and keep a record of it so that you can stay on track as well as knowing what to do and what can be done to keep making progress consistently. For example make a note list


of what exercises to do for your chest abs workout for each week, month and so on so that you can keep control of what you are doing as well as being able to keep a time cap on it.

The same applies to food. Set yourself food targets such as aiming to eat more foods rich in protein, fibre, good fats and more so that you can monitor and stay motivated to eating more healthily while exercising, working out at the gym which can be beneficial in itself. Another important aspect when it comes to achieving your goals is willpower. One should always have their targets, aims in mind throughout to keep you determined and motivated to keep being consistent with your plans so that they are achieved and built upon. Motivation will always be a key driving factor which will help you in achieveing your fitness goals in the future.



MUSIC Another way of staying motivated is through listening to Music. Music can actually help you to stay focused whilst and during our workout as it can be effective in a motivational way making you more determined to exercise with better intensity and form. One suggestion is creating a music playlist with all the songs you like which you can listen to while at the gym.

Gym BUDDY Another way is to find a gym buddy, which is someone who has a similar training routine to yours who you can train, workout with at the gym on a regular basis. The benefit of this is that it can give you more of a reason to go and exercise at your gym.

LOCATION, CONVENIENCE The location of your gym or where you usually exercise can determine and be a driving factor as to whether or not you will want to go to the gym. the closer the gym the more convenient it will be for you.

Changing your ROUTINE & SCHEDULE Adjusting your weekly exercise schedule by changing your workout, attempting or trying new exercises so that the body can be challenged by getting used to new exercises and routines. This challenge for the body will benefit in the way that it will give your muscles a rejuvenation.


Nutrition, DIET & Eating


When it comes to food there are certain things that one must know so that they can lose weight, stay healthy keep fit all at the same time. Josh Hawkins looks at the dos and dont’s of healthy eating.

Try to make sure that you are eating the right kind of foods first before going and setting out a diet plan. This includes making sure that protein; which help with the repair and growth and cells and muscle in the body, fats, carbohydrates which provide us with energy and fibre which is essential for the maintenance of a functional digestive system and the rest of the good ones out there. For breakfast for example, check that the cereal meal that you are going to eat is wholemeal, wholegrain as this is the best type of carbohydrate for helping with weight loss and improving the health of your body. The reason being for this is that wholegrain and wholemeal foods are slow digesting carbohydrates which is a beneficial for the body as it takes longer to digest as well as containing more protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre in comparison to foods like white bread which contain normal grain. Sources of wholegrain, wholemeal are: brown bread, oatmeal, brown rice, Kasha, quinoa, wild rice and more. Protein wise you should aim to consume at most one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight in order to be certain that you are eating enough protein in your diet. The main sources of protein that you should be eating include: chicken, beef, lamb and fish instead of consuming processed meats. This is because when it comes to muscle consuming enough protein is the key as it will aid with muscle recovery after exercising, working out at the gym which will help you in the long term.

What not to EAT The most obvious foods to avoid are those high in calories, sugars and bad fats. The reason being this is that increase in sugar levels from eating foods high in sugar content can lead in your glucose which can result in an increase in weight. Common examples of what not to eat include: chocolate bars, cereal bars, ice cream, alcohol, flavoured cereals, cakes, fast food, puddings, and candy and so on, you get the point. Bottom line is that if you actually are serious about wanting to lose weight then you have to cut these foods from your diet. It may be hard to be tempting to snack but you must avoid this completely if you truly want to have a healthy, fit body. In terms of bad fats I am referring to saturated fats which can be found in: processed meats, butter, rendered animal fats, dark chocolate, certain fish oils, cheese and more. These can be very harmful if a high level of them is consumed as they can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and other organ related illnesses.

You should aim to consume at most one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight Bear in mind that there needs to be balance between trying to eat healthily. While having your protein check that you are also eating your five a day as well as to provide the body with other critical nutrients needed for a healthy mind and body. As long as you are eating the right nutrients there is no need to picky and fussy about the details. Drinking a lot of water can have its own benefits on its own. Firstly, it helps with the balance of fluids, liquids in the body as well as the absorption of them which can help with the rate of your metabolism which means more calories burned! It does this by removing excess fat left in the body and clearing it up as well as reducing hunger by filling you up. The more water that you drink the better it is for your body and the more it will help in aiding your weight loss goals.



Doughnuts, Snacks

Avoid having any sort of sugary, savoury snacks in general. If you are going to eat some make sure they are not flavoured and low in salt and sugar so that it doesnt affect your sugar levels. Otherwise, you will gain weight which is the last thing you need when wanting to acheive your fitness goals.

* Chocolate Milk Chocolate and chocolate in general can be good and bad for you. It is beneficial due to the fact that it lowers cholesterol as well as containing flavanoids which can lower the risk of heart problems. On the downside the main disadvantages of chocolate is that is high in sugar, fat and calories. The high sugar content can lead to an increase in glucose sugar level’s which can lead to an increase in the amount of fat stored in the body.

* BREAKFAST Keep it simple by eating slow digesting carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown bread as well as having hot drinks, beverages without the addition of any cream, dairy products whatsoever if possible. Slow digesting carbohydrates are low in calories as well as fat which can help you to lose weight if done on a regular basis. If possible try to have a good breakfast so that you eat less throughout the remainder of the day which will help you to lose weight if done on a regular and consistent basis.


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Teen's Health Magazine SHAHAB RAMI A2 PRINT 2014  

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Teen's Health Magazine SHAHAB RAMI A2 PRINT 2014  

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