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TOP 40 SUMMER HOILDAY DESTINATIONS Hoilday hotspots: where to go in 2014 >>> page 05


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Holiday hotspots: Where to go in 2014


Cape Town, South Africa Uzès, France Austin, Texas, US Kolkata, India Venice, Italy

Top 4 0 Su m m er H o i l day D e st i n atio ns

Many people tend to wish for traveling, for it to become a major part of their lives, to seek and to find new experiences the entire world around. The strange part however, is that most of the time the desire to travel involves leaving the country, but if you ask me that’s not necessary. Here are a few steps to finding the ultimate travel adventure, right where you are. The desire to travel is usually nurtured by curiosity, or even more commonly these days, to have as much fun as the people you see online are having. Most people have not seen all of the country they live in, and little do they know their greatest adventure could take place right there. There might be a part of your city that makes you cringe by the thought of it, because it’s “not you”. That’s where you start. That’s exactly where you are going to find your great adventure. Traveling is all about leaving your comfort zone. You can leave the country and go


somewhere you’ve never been before, but that is not what sticks to your brain for the rest of your life. What sticks will be the things that went wrong during your journey, what surprised you, what amazed you, what made your legs shake but turned out ok after all. It’s about putting you on the spot, and growing from the experience. Pack a bag, pick up your friends and drive until you find yourself somewhere you never would have gone before. Look around yourself and smile. Eat something that sounds weird, wear an outfit that you never would have worn around home, take pictures with silly faces, talk to people who are nothing like yourself. Learn what their days are filled with, what they like and what they hate. Make someone else’s experiences a part of yourself. That is where your great adventure is hidden. That is what traveling is all about.

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Summer 2014

Contents Typical London

Editor and Chief Toyyib Keshinro London, the capital of England and of the United Kingdom is a large global city that leads the way in entertainment, art and fashion. There are plenty of things to do in London and there is something for everyone. Whether you love historical splendour or modern architecture, busy streets or tranquil, London has it all!


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With spring approaching, what better way to welcome it than by strolling through London’s gardens? London has several beautiful gardens and the flowers in bloom will delight you this month! One of the things to do in London this weekend would be to visit the 250 years old Royal Botanical Gardens that house over 30,000 plant species of plants. The gardens are also a World Heritage site. The Kensington Palace Gardens have varied landscapes that everyone will love. Other gardens that are worth seeing include Hampton Court Palace Gardens, Eltham Palace and Syon House and Gardens.



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Ch o ose f rom The Lion King, T he Co mmitm e n ts, a nd Le s M is erables, We Wil l Roc k Yo u o r Th e P hant om of t he Opera. G oing t o s e e ba lle t per form ances s uch as the E i f m a n Ba lle t, Cop pelia, and T he Pr in c e o f t he Pa goda s t op s t he t hings t o d o in Lo n do n li st.

tlight: o p S e b u T u Yo on s p m o h T e n Jasmi Jasmine Thompson may be small, but man is she mighty. From Hailing Central London, Jasmine’s acoustic rendition of John Mayer’s ‘Good love is on the way’ made #32 on the UK Singles Chart. But that isn’t all, folks. She’s racked up more than 43 MILLION combined views on her YouTube page, on both classic covers and outstanding originals. And she’s only 17.

Pepsi Max ‘unbelievable’ bus shelter Experiential brand advertising at its best; brilliant in fact. As part of their ‘unbelievable stories’ campaign, Pepsi Max is giving London commuters an entertaining experience in what would otherwise be a mundane and tedious part of their day. Taking over a bus shelter in New Oxford Street, Pepsi Max cleverly combined DOOH (digital out of home) advertising with cutting-edge augmented reality technology to revolutionise how we see city streets. Passengers get to experience an alien invasion, crashing meteorites and a Bengal tiger running through the busy London Street Part of the UK tailored strategy underpinning the Pepsi Max global strategy “Live for now” targeting young males; the London iteration is, we hope, just the beginning. Underpinning the ‘Unbelievable’ campaign is the “discovery” that a sugar free drink, with maximum cola taste, is ‘unbelievably’ good. Launched in 2014, the campaign currently boasts over one million likes on Facebook, 39 thousand YouTube subscribers and 30 million views of the various videos available on its channel as at March 31st, 2014. Ongoing interest is generated and maintained through YouTube, which operates as the primary media source, with a new ‘Unbelievable’ video being loaded into the Pepsi Max YouTube channel every week. As world leaders, Pepsi Max, know their stuff. They also know how to optimize audience specific engagement. As such, this campaign provides a great model for leveraging new media and platforms to express a campaign effectively and reach your target. In this case young men who use digital devices to view content they want to see, at a time that suits them.



A Visit to The Arsenal Arsenal is beautiful. Arsenal is home to us all. I felt nothing but at home upon arriving in North London on match day. To get to the stadium, I took the Piccadilly line and arrived at Finsbury Park station. The closer the tube got to the stop, the more Gooners began flooding in. Even though I’m in London alone, I felt far from alone. The walk from the station to the stadium is relatively quiet. Compared to us Spaniards that chant and yell and laugh our way to the stadium, the British prefer to silently discuss the match on the walk there. You didn’t need directions to get to the Emirates. Following the mass of red and white did it for me! Though I didn’t have tickets to the match, I hung around the stadium for a while. Visiting the Armoury was incredible. The workers (not just at the Armoury) are friendly and passionate about the club. Which basically means that all of us should qualify for a job there! Walking around the stadium was amazing because I felt a part of the team. I also got to accidentally meet some fantastic people. The first was a guy from London, who joined me as I sat in front of the Tony Adams statue. He first asked me for the score and I let him know that it was 1 nil to the Arsenal by an Ozil goal. He then asked if I had a ticket and I said I didn’t and he too said he didn’t. We sat around in front of the Adams statue for a while, listening to the crowd inside the stadium chant and cheer and roar. When half time hit, I decided it was time for me to leave for central London where I had a commitment. We then parted ways with a hug and a knowing smirk that though we might never see each other again, there was the chance that we would be in the same place at some point in our lives, supporting our club. Then, as I walked back to Finsbury Park station, I had to stop and wait for the crosswalk where there was a youngster standing next to me, looking slightly befuzzled.

I didn’t say anything however, until he looked over and saw my scarf. “Arsenal, aye?” he commented shyly. I looked over and smiled kindly, knowing by his Scottish accent that he wasn’t from around here. He ended up asking me for help as to how to get to central London and I told him I was heading very near to where he needed to be and we both went there together. On the tube to central London, a father entered the car with his daughter and upon seeing my scarf, commented, “They’re one nil up!” I laughed and nodded and we started talking about the match. Later, as I walked around Oxford and Regent, people kept smirking at me and calling me out and asking me for the score. The best one of all happened when I was heading back to my residence for the day. On the light blue line, there was a guy with an Arsenal scarf. He immediately smiled and winked at me in acknowledgement of mine and we started talking about the game. He was a little tipsy (as were his two friends, probably from post-match celebrations) and when his stop came, he got off with one of his friends. One stayed behind and they kept yelling at him to join them for a “bevvy” (at this point the whole car is laughing as Tom says no again and again). The two lads began making sad faces and so on when the doors closed and the tube drove away. Then, as I walked to my residence a young man politely asked in the most British way possible, “What was the Arsenal score love?” There were multiple incidents such as this and I think wearing an Arsenal scarf around London is the best decision I’ve made. So, Gooners, the point is - you’ll never be alone in London. The people are fun, they’re welcoming, and though a few might be a little stern, there’s always the bit that makes up for that. Being part of the Arsenal family means that there are no strangers in North London. We all have a love in common. A love that makes us a family.

Blog by Ian Green From Arsenal Fans TV

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