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Wilmington Montessori School Today’s Learners; Tomorrow’s Leaders.

ANNUAL REPORT | September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016

Cover Image: Bubble wrap and fabric art by the students of Room 15. Editor: Noel Dietrich Contributing Writer: Becky Loomis Graphic Design: Holly Feldheim Photo Credits: Joe del Tufo, Noel Dietrich, Heather Siple, Alexis Szkotak, Erin Winner



ilmington Montessori School is a collaborative learning community rooted in Montessori principles, inspiring the joyful discovery of self and a passion for learning and independent thinking. We empower children to be knowledgeable and responsible contributors to the global community.


Lisa A. Lalama & Anna Quisel

Dear WMS Families and Friends,


hile it was the final year of our 2013-16 Strategic Plan and the Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign, the 2015-16 school year was not just a year of endings; it was also one of new beginnings and connections that will lead us into the future. One of the goals of our Strategic Plan was to enhance our connection with alumni and former WMS students. As part of our work toward this goal, we began the 2015-16 school year with the first Wilmington Montessori School Homecoming. This event, planned and hosted by several alumni families, was a huge success. Though it was a rainy day, spirits were bright as friendships were renewed among the alumni, students, families and staff who gathered at WMS to reconnect. Over the summer, we also published an alumni newsletter featuring an article about our 2016 graduation speaker, Alexandra Looney (WMS ’04), along with other alumni news. We will continue to share alumni news through this report and a summer newsletter, as well as in the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” column in the Wednesday Weekly. Our alumni reflect the wonder of WMS, and we are proud to share their accomplishments. The Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign concluded in August, exceeding our goal of $3.5 million. So many people came together to make this campaign a success, and we could not be more grateful. While the campaign has ended, the educational initiatives that began through its funds continue to thrive. Arts Integration Through your support of the Fund for the Future, including a classroom campaign led by parent volunteers, we met the match offered by the Longwood Foundation and are well on our way to integrating the arts at WMS. Adhering to Maria Montessori’s commitment to providing an environment in which children are able to explore and learn through handson materials and direct experiences, we have taken steps toward developing our teachers’ knowledge of what it means to integrate the arts into the daily life of the classroom and

make connections among subject areas. Teachers have participated in professional development both in-house and at the Kennedy Center. They have learned more about what it means to provide creative experiences for all students and have been truly inspired. Our teachers have begun to share ideas with each other and have allowed more ways for learning to be accessible for all learners. We have also sponsored artists-in-residence who have shared musical performances and taught children how to make their own paper, create pop-up books, and use trash and recyclable materials to construct musical instruments. In addition, we have made several facility enhancements to support the arts at WMS. You will notice these improvements most in the gym, which doubles as our performing space. The gym looks great with a new floor, fresh paint and new stage curtain. What you may not notice at first glance is the projector and screen, new sound system and lighting. These improvements allow the children to be seen and heard much more clearly during our musical performances. Technology & STEAM Thanks to funds raised by the Comprehensive Campaign, our technology and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) programs continue to grow as students gain more experience using technology as a tool to support their learning. All students, from toddlers through sixth grade, have the opportunity to explore coding during their time in the Maker Studios. Through professional development, our teachers have learned more about incorporating technology into their daily practice. In addition, we have moved technology more fully into our Learning Commons, formerly known as the library. We now have a green screen studio where students can create their own movies, and a database available for self-checkout of all materials. Along with checking out library books, families can borrow Maker Kits, allowing students to explore STEAM concepts at home. Our goal of fully integrating technology into the WMS student experience is closer than ever. annual report 2015-16


A Commitment to the Environment Last year, WMS was recognized as a 2016 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School. This honor was achieved through the hard work of our families, staff and students for whom recycling, composting, energy conservation, and gardening are all integral to daily life at WMS. Our participation in the Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) led to this award, which was celebrated by the WMS community and visiting dignitaries and was finalized at the national ceremony in Washington, D.C. in July. We are proud of the green choices we have made during our recent renovations, which are in keeping with the school’s ethos of conservation and stewardship of our planet. A Warm Welcome Finally, as the 2015-16 school year came to a close, we said goodbye to our old lobby design and carpeting as we renovated this important area of the school. The new lobby design, which opens up to our Learning Commons, reflects the welcoming spirit of Wilmington Montessori School. There is more space to gather and more openness for conversation and greeting. The warmth of the community is truly reflected in the space. Thank you for all you have done to help make this such a remarkable year for WMS. If you are not currently bringing a student to school each day, we hope that you will find the time to visit us and see the changes you have helped to make possible. Lisa A. Lalama Head of School Anna Quisel Chair, WMS Board of Directors


Anna Quisel, Chair Meredith Amado** Israel Floyd Lisa Hastings-Sheppard* Melissa Hayman Ann Hriciga* Paul Sakaguchi Daniel G. Sanders** Stephanie Simms* Liz Sloan** Susie Ventresca Zehra Wamiq


Guliana de Grazia Audrey Doberstein Marie M. Dugan Harry G. Haskell, Jr. Jackie Ivy Nancy Karibjanian Jane Maroney Deborah Murray-Shepherd Michèle LeFever Quinn William Ryan Patrick Stoner Susan Thomas Cathy Weaver * Term began in 2016 **Term ended in 2016




ukas MacKinney is a high school senior at Cab Calloway, a musician and an Eagle Scout, with a few college acceptances already on the table. When WMS teachers Shelley Robyn and Joanna Breger, and former 9-12 teacher and current Head of School Lisa Lalama, were asked what they remember about having Lukas as a student, they were all quick to mention his kindness. “He had a really big heart,” Shelley said. “A huge heart,” Lisa added. “He was kind and generous — kind to others that others may not be kind to. That stood out.” Self-assured and thoughtful, Lukas related to others naturally and helped his peers when they were struggling. When Lukas recalls his Montessori years, it is with the sort of admiration an athlete might have for a demanding yet supportive coach. His time at WMS nurtured a love of learning, giving him the foundation he needed to adapt to new systems quickly. He recalled a group problem-solving exercise in math during which the teacher used a classic Montessori approach to lead students toward a solution rather than providing an answer for them to memorize and likely forget. “She “Montessori education didn’t correct me or tell me I was gives you a set of skills.” wrong; she let us as the group figure it out and prove it to each other,” Lukas said. “I haven’t really learned — or better, discovered — math, or any subject, like that since.” Instead of teaching endless facts, “Montessori education gives you a set of skills,” Lukas explained. When it was time to select a service project as he worked toward his Eagle Scout rank, Lukas approached WMS with the idea of using his project to help his alma mater. The administration quickly found that his talent for digital media intersected with the school’s need for a promotional video. Because making a video is not a traditional project, Lukas had to make the case to his troop committee that promoting education was a worthy cause. The sincerity and skill

Featured Alumnus: Lukas MacKinney with which he completed the project, and likely also the diplomacy with which he made his case for it, added up to success. When he came back to shoot the video, Lukas was an alumnus artist-in-residence. He brought his knowledge of both the technical and artistic aspects of videography to the classroom, where 9-12 students had recently begun to use their iPads to make short movies of their own. “Hearing the opinions and feelings of current students only reminded me of the unbounded curiosity I felt as a student at Montessori,” Lukas said. His video will be shown to prospective parents as a way of introducing them to WMS. In college, Lukas plans to study digital media or computer science. He plays the piano and the guitar and composes music, and now that he has completed his college applications, he will spend his free time inventing an instrument all his own. His goal is to use his proficiency at coding to make playing an instrument accessible to anyone. Lukas attended WMS from preschool through fifth grade. Here he began piano lessons, completed the bead chains and joined Cub Scout Troop 1313. It is easy to imagine it was here that the seeds were planted for so many of his talents and accomplishments. Lukas describes his strength as a potential liaison between the worlds of computer science and non-computer science types. As a creative and outgoing person, he knows also having technical savvy is rare, and he imagines that uncommon combination will be his niche, wherever his future takes him.

Watch Lukas MacKinney’s WMS video: annual report 2015-16



2015-16 School Year

In the spring of 2016, The Area 302s, a band composed of Tatnall students including Bobby Jeffers (WMS ’11), was nominated for “Best New Band” in WSTW’s Hometown Heroes Homey Awards. Bobby was the only highschool musician nominated as “best drummer.” As a junior at Mount Pleasant High School, Matthew Kalin ( WMS ’11) earned a perfect score on both the math and reading sections of the SAT. He and his teammates came in fourth at the Delaware State Invitational Math League Competition. Former WMS student Jamie O’Neill was part of two teams from the Mount Pleasant High School computer science class chosen by Penn State to advance to the final round of the College of Information Sciences and Technology App Design Challenge held in April 2016.

Vincent Smeal (WMS ’10) decided to attend Drexel University to study finance and physics. He was an 85th Anniversary Scholar at Tatnall in his senior year, where his physics project involved studying muons in near space with a high-altitude balloon. In April 2016, two WMS alumnae had strong showings for the Girls All State Swim Team. Former WMS student Lilly Quinn, then a junior at Archmere Academy, was fifth in the 100-meter Backstroke and seventh in the 100-meter Butterfly. Demetria Ruhl (WMS ’10), then a senior at Wilmington Friends School, garnered an Honorable Mention. Demetria signed on to swim at Dickinson College.

We love to hear from our alumni! Please send your news to

Join us! WMS is looking for local alumni and parents to join the Alumni Committee. If you are passionate about WMS and reconnecting with past students, please email 4




ilmington Montessori School’s 2015-16 fiscal year was a strong one. The school’s investments grew by 17% and debt was reduced by 9%. The Board and administration continued to work diligently to control operating expenses to better match revenues. WMS spent $290,000 on strategic plan initiatives. These initiatives improve our campus and will enrich the educational landscape of the school. We completed the Marie Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign in 2016, raising more than $4.3 million. As we closed out the campaign, we understood fundraising for the year would likely be lower than 2014-15, but the fiscal year was robust nonetheless. We raised $340,000, confirming the confidence our donors continue to place in WMS and their support for independent Montessori education in Delaware.

EXPENSES: $3,963,034

SOURCES OF FUNDRAISING REVENUE Community Gifts Foundation $12,770Annual FundAuction


3.72% 9.78%




$80,203 foundations


instructional Instructional facilities Administrative administrative Facilities financial aid Financial Program advancement 51.23% Advancement summer program Summer Program benefits Benefits debt service Debt Servicing

15.6% 15.6% 8.7% 6.9% 6% 3.5% 1.9%

0•Total revenue was 16down $1,440,000 32(29%) year- 48


annual fund


over-year due to the completion of the Comprehensive Campaign, though total expenses were also down $45,000 (1.2%).

community gifts auction other


Tuition andand Fees tuition fees

•Total fundraising revenue for the year was $340,000 compared to $1,720,000 in the prior year.


contributions Contributions

•WMS awarded $343,000 in financial aid versus $295,000 in 2015.


summer program ummer Program


investment income Invest. Income

•The fair market value of the school’s investments was $3.67 million compared to $3.14 million in the prior year.


income Misc.misc. Income











•Total debt outstanding declined by $114,000 to $1,205,000 as of August 2016. annual report 2015-16




Wilmington Montessori School would like to thank the following donors for their support of the 2015-16 Annual Fund (as of August 31, 2016). Contributions to the Annual Fund support ongoing professional development, technology and arts enhancements, financial aid and many other operating expenses that are not covered by the cost of tuition. Thank you to our 2015-16 Annual Fund Co-Chairs Sharon Miller and Mayura Simon for their leadership and commitment to Wilmington Montessori School. World Globe Friend ($5,000 and above) Anonymous The Nichols Family William P. Roberts, III The Quisel Snyder Family Golden Bead Friend ($2,500 to $4,999) The Maurice Amado Foundation Caroline and Matt Lintner The Scott Family Pink Tower Friend ($1,000 to $2,499) Ann Hriciga and Mike Coughlin Israel and Patricia Floyd The Hayman Family Lisa Lalama The Honorable Jane P. Maroney Christine and Garrett Moritz Athena and David Ruhl The Simon Family Elizabeth W. Snyder The Sultan Family Geometric Solid Friend ($500 to $999) Jeff Barnes and Felise Luchansky AnneMarie Brescia, MD and Daniel Brennan Kevin and Brenda Cole Laura and Ben Huggett The Nemecz Karibjanian Family John and Jonathan O’Brien Michael W. O’Donnell


Susie Ventresca and Dave Ropars Paul Sakaguchi Dan and Lori Sanders Kerry and Ehyal Shweiki Robert and Kathleen Siegfried Cathy Simon-Cord Trinomial Cube Friend ($250 to $499) Michael and Becky Allen Anonymous Joan and Rob Beatson The Czeschin Family Elva and Anton Delport The Giles Family Mr. and Mrs. Francis Julian The Kahn Family The Kalin Family Nora and Jim Lober The Lucarelli and Ebling Family Mary Maloney Huss and Benjamin Goldstein Chris and Louise McArdle Zollie McClary XXIV Nancy and Rick Oddo The Xu Family Brown Stairs Friend ($100 to $249) Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Keith Boyd Peter and Patti Brennan Debbie and Chuck Brown Henry I. Brown III Jim and Mary Jo Chandler J.C.* and Maggie Chevrier C. Curtis and Bonnie Clements Lynda Coan Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Conaty Chuck Connor Dick and Sue Coyle Noel Sarah Dietrich Jim and Thelma Dooley Rosemary Feehan Joan Fitzgerald The Frank Family Ruth Govatos Carl and Patti Grasso

Becca and Rick Gulino Betsy and Larry Haas The Honaker Family The Junk Family Rosemary Killian Michael and Kerry Kirifides Dr. and Mrs. Lazarus M. Kirifides The Laster Family Cindy Lober Tony Kinney and Alison Mack Angelica and Martin Family Gail Morrison Mark Murray John, Lori, Cru and Cadi Oberly The Orsic Family Michèle LeFever Quinn Olivia D. Roane Molly M. Ruppert The Saarloos-Latina Family The Sasson Family John and Lorraine Seiberlich Beth and Don Stookey The Strange Celestian Family Gail and Gene Tolpin Barbara L. Trotto Sarah Williams The Zankowsky Family Friends of WMS (Up to $99) The Amin Family Renée and Charlie Anderson Anonymous (2) The Auffret Family Chris and Edith Ball Letisha and Elijah Barnett Basil and Sandra Battaglia Joanna and Chris Breger Kaitlyn Briggs The Brown Family Rhonda L. Budzyn Patricia L. Callaway Debra Carri Ashley and Sydney Cole Matthias and Theresa Conaty The Connelly Family Joe del Tufo and Keri Will-del Tufo The DePonte Family Robert and Nancy Dietrich Marcy Dudley The Falkenburg Family The Farabaugh Family The Faralli Walsh Family The Faulkner Family Dr. Taryn Fletcher and Mr. Johnathan Fletcher Kirstie Forrest The Frank Family Missy Grafe The Harris Family Raymond and Zakiya Hatch The Hutchful Family Samantha Jordan Evan Juers Mitchell Juers Shelby Kaufman Kristen Keffer Nanci Kehnast

The Kirkpatrick Family Naomi Klein The Kniaz Family Elizabeth Kocher Damien Kutny and Tina Bazen Drs. James and Madlon Laster Beverly Lewis-Carpenter Mary and Matthew Lo Benjamin Loder Ivan and Nell Loder Margo Long Anita Louie Jesse Marvain Mike and Wendy Massey Andrew and Kelly Mayo Cassidy McDaniel Kathy and Bernard McFadden The Miller Family Laurie Muhlbauer Yvonne Nass Mary Kate Newell, Ph.D. Alyssa Novello Karen Oberly Maja Orsic David Paul and Kathy Klein Emmy Pittarelli The Politis Family Tina Randolph Jacob Renz Shelley Robyn Heather and Greg Russell Samantha Russell Amy Sacia Daniel and Donna Sanders Jim and Loretta Schneider Paula A. Sharpe The Sotiropoulos Family Grandma Trish Stowens Susan Strauss The Strouds Pat Sumner Christine Tate Yvonne Tetreault Bennett and Rhea Thomas Sandy Dedinas Thomas Elizabeth Varley Gregory Walker Arlene Wason Erin Facciolo Wehler Holly and Jonathan Whitney Cass Winner Erin Winner Carol Wiswall WMS Staff In Honor Gifts Naomi Berrick Barbara and Howard Berrick The Teachers of Charlotte and Teddy Davey Julia Dorsey and David Loomis

annual report 2015-16


The Canon

Marie M. Dugan Joe and Wendy Barba Susan and Brian Greenberg Robert and Mary Anne Grenfell Nancy Hasted June Kleban Henry and Alisa Weiner The Dulin Family Anonymous Juliette Fox Don and Jane Cruce Miss Betsy Haas LTC Edwin V. Harrington, Jr. USAF retired and Mrs. Elaine R. Harrington Lucas Hwang Cindy Bo Marissa Lane’s Graduation 2016 Sharon E. Miller Jonathan Tate Robert and M.C. Byrd Zion, Noah and Jonah Thomas William and Robinette Thomas Claire and Brock Vinton The Vinton Family Aaron J.B. Washington Adville and Gwendolyn Bell James Welch Kristin Facciolo and Conor Welch August Yanakos Mark and Kim Glevicky All of the Students Joyce and Don Hutchison In Memory Gifts Mark Bomgardner Marybeth Auld Kathryn G. Lloyd and Kerwin Dobbs Peter Eskin Trish Harkins Susan Pierce and James Matlack




Dolores Morra The Garvin Family Janet Tahal-Hewitt Marjory Stone James Orman Elsie Vincent Chris McKenney and Martha Boston Corporations, Foundations and Government Amazon Claymont Community Center DBA Community Recycling Delaware African Violet Society General Mills Box Tops for Education Goodshop Little Nest Portraits Target Tea Collection Matching Gifts AZPAC - Match Program Boeing Capital One GE Matching Gift Microsoft Matching Gifts Wells Fargo Sixth-Grade Class Gift The WMS Class of 2016 gave their school a gift of videography equipment for iPads, including tripods, microphones, lenses and keyboards. Among the first WMS students to use iPads in the classroom on a daily basis, the members of the class of 2016 were innovative in their use of technology, and their generous gift will inspire creativity among their younger peers. Thank you, Class of 2016! WMS Class of 2016 Stephanie Anderson Aniyah Barnett Charlotte Davey Marina Gannon Kathryn Farabaugh Marissa Lane Maggie Lober Finola Mimnaugh Analisa Nichols Daniel Ropars Ava Walsh Aaron Washington We deeply regret any errors or omissions. Please notify Lori Oberly, Development Assistant, of any corrections at 302-475-0555 or


The Canon


Auction Chair Stephanie Simms and a dedicated committee of parents and staff staged a festive “Night at the Museum” in a transformed WMS gymnasium. While parents and friends of the school enjoyed some competitive bidding and grooved to live music from Vanessa Collier, the event raised more than $33,000 toward the school’s operating budget. WMS appreciates the support of the many volunteers who made this night a success, the generosity of our donors, and the talent and effort of the student artists who created so many exceptional class gifts. We warmly thank all contributors to the auction listed below: Action Hardware American Karate Studios Andean Hands Anonymous Anytime Fitness The Arden Theatre Company The Back Burner Restaurant Joan Beatson Artist Jerry Becker Belak Flowers Belfint, Lyons & Shuman Bella Coast Bellefonte Café Big Sky Bread Company Blue Mountain Ski Resort Bob’s Discount Furniture Martha Boston Brandywine YMCA Brandywine Brewing Company Building Systems & Services, Inc. Café Riviera Camp Montessori The Candlelight Theatre Carl M. Freeman Golf Facilities Chaddsford Winery Cheesecake Factory The Cleaning Girl, Inc. The Conces Family Chuck Connor Currie Hair, Skin & Nails Delaware Art Museum Delaware Children’s Museum Delaware Chamber Music Delaware College of Art and Design Delaware Symphony Delaware Theatre Company

Dental Associates of Delaware Brandywine Office Noel Sarah Dietrich Double ‘D’ Gymnastics Kids Quest/Rock Quest Einstein Bagel Elk Mountain Ski Resort, Inc. Pat Ferraro First State Ballet Theatre The Friendly Gift Shop Fusions Taster’s Choice Girl Scout Troop 5 Goat Restaurant The Grenfell Family Hagley Museum and Library Handcrafted Portraits Hansel and Gretel Harry’s Seafood Grill Health One PA Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Bryce Johnson Kennett Design with a Splash of Wine Kramer Portraits Lisa A. Lalama The Laster Family Jarité Latina and Kees Saarloos Learning Express Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Little Nest Portraits Nora Lober Lodes Chiropractic Longwood Gardens Margo Long Chef Ryan Marchetta The Melting Pot Mid Atlantic Grand Prix Tim Moore Mosquito Mob Mt. Cuba Center Music School of Delaware Name Bubbles, LLC National Constitution Center New York Giants Football O.K. Video, LLC Oasis Family Fun Center Jeanne Orr Panera Bread Parent Education Consulting Services Party Delaware Penn Cinema Riverfront Petworth Citizen & Reading Room Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia Eagles Football

Philadelphia Flyers Pineapple Catering Pinot’s Palette Portrait Innovations PSUTixMan Pure Yoga Studios Michèle LeFever Quinn The Quisel Snyder Family Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 10 Room 11 Room 13 Room 15 Room 16 Room 19 Room 20 Paul Sakaguchi Sanctuary Spa Santa Fe Mexican Grill David and Lisa Sheppard The Silvers Family Cathy Simon-Cord and Tim Moore SIW Vegetables Soccer Shots Spirit Glass Stratosphere Trampoline Park Zehra Wamiq and Wamiq Sultan Sweeney’s Bakery Sweet Water Education Events Training Nurse Yvonne Total Wine & More Tutto Fresco Ulysses American Gastropub Upshur Street Books Veritas Wine and Craft Beer Store Washington Street Ale House Whole Foods Wilmington Blue Rocks WMS Preschool Extended Care WMS Administrative Team WMS 2016 Auction Committee WMS Board of Directors WMS Elementary After-Care WMS Maintenance Team We deeply regret any errors or omissions. Please notify Lori Oberly, Development Assistant, of any corrections at 302-475-0555 or

annual report 2015-16


THE MARIE M. DUGAN FUND FOR THE FUTURE Comprehensive Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs Marie M. Dugan Judith McCartin Scheide


Campaign Co-Chairs Meredith Amado Anna Quisel

n 2013, as part of its three-year Strategic Plan, Wilmington Montessori School’s Board of Directors launched the Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign, named in honor of longtime head of school Marie Dugan. Wrapping up at the conclusion of the 2016 fiscal year with huge success, and ultimately exceeding its goal of $3.5 million, the campaign will ensure that the school’s core values can be financially sustained. We thank Co-Chairs Meredith Amado and Anna Quisel for their tireless efforts in making the campaign a success. The Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future provided for: • Improvements in salaries, benefits and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. • Enhancements in technology, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and Arts Integration programs. • Building and campus repairs and upgrades. • Strengthening our balance sheet and working capital by growing our cash reserve. The Board of Directors of Wilmington Montessori School gratefully acknowledges the following donors to the Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign: Leadership ($1,000,000 and above) Anonymous

The Simon Family Zehra Wamiq and Wamiq Sultan

Benefactors ($100,000 to $999,999) The Maurice Amado Foundation Crystal Trust Caroline and Matt Lintner Longwood Foundation William P. Roberts, III Henry and Joan Rust Judith McCartin Scheide and William Scheide* Elizabeth Snyder The Welfare Foundation

Supporters ($5,000 to $9,999) Marie M. Dugan The Honorable Jane P. Maroney Order Sons of Italy – St. Gabriel’s Lodge William Ryan

Patrons ($25,000 to $99,999) Crestlea Foundation Ann Hriciga and Michael Coughlin The Laffey-McHugh Foundation The Quisel Snyder Family Sponsors ($10,000 to $24,999) The Davey Family Travis and Becky Laster Christine and Garrett Moritz The Politis Family Athena and David Ruhl Patricia M. Scott


Donors ($1,000 to $4,999) Anonymous Joan and Rob Beatson Calissa, Allan and Laurel Brown E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Drs. Robin Karol-Eng and Jerald Eng Israel and Patricia Floyd Andrea Harding Harry G. Haskell, Jr. The Hayman Family Horatio and Suzanne Jones Lisa A. Lalama The Matalonis Family The Nemecz Karibjanian Family Elizabeth Nolan Daniel and Don Potter and Abigail Quandt Michèle LeFever Quinn and Joseph Quinn Paul Y. Sakaguchi

Dan and Lori Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Drew Sloan Susan Ventresca and David Ropars Barry M. Willoughby Friends ($250 to $999) Anonymous Bentley Systems, Inc. The Celestian Strange Family Kevin and Brenda Cole Arlene Dunn Roxanne Higgins Elliott Jim and Helen Fath The Garvin Family Becca and Rick Gulino George and Thelma Haldeman The Honaker Family Francis and Mary Julian Sue Kenney and Zeke Allinson Kathy McDaniel Donna H. Melton/Just in Time! Communications Nick and Sue Sotiropoulos Target - #ThanksABillion Campaign Contributors (Up to $249) Anonymous (2) Ralph Amado and Anne Rodig Renèe Anderson Marybeth Auld Frank and Lori Beardell Betty C. Bender Priya Bhatia and James Wake Martha Boston and Christopher McKenney Joanna Breger Daniel J. Brennan and AnneMarie Brescia Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brennan Henry I. Brown The Brown Family Rosanne and Michael Cabelli Patricia L. Callaway Paul and Margaret Cash Maggie and J.C.* Chevrier C. Curtis and Bonnie Clements Lynda Coan Ashley and Sydney Cole Hilde Colton Theresa and Matt Conaty Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Patrick Conaty The Connelly Family Chuck Connor Richard and Susan Coyle

David Cutler Diane M. Dambach My Dang Giuliana de Grazia Joe and Keri del Tufo The DePonte Family Noel Sarah Dietrich Jennifer Eng-Kulwy Sharon Entzminger TJ & Christi Fath David and Ashley Faulkner Ms. Rosemary Feehan Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan & Taryn Fletcher John Ferguson Kirstie Forrest Ruth Govatos The Haas Family Jill Hallissey Trish Harkins The Harris Family Tiffany and Martin Harrison Nancy L. Hasted Cindy Hausel Janet Hewitt Mary and Henry Hirschbiel Kay and Christopher Holbrook Evan Juers Mitchell Juers Nanci Kehnast Wayne Kingston Dr. Lazarus and Helen Kirifides Elizabeth Kocher Amanda and Rick Lewis Beverly Lewis Benjamin Loder Gaynell Loder The Long Family Linda Lorentz The Lucarelli and Ebling Family Carolyn Malatesta Paul Malatesta Dante and Bernadine Marini Kathy and Bernard McFadden Gail T. Morrison Constance E. Mucha Laurie Muhlbauer Robert Muhlbauer Bill and Nancy Murphy Olga Nielsen Alyssa Novello Karen Oberly

annual report 2015-16



Lori, John, Cru and Cadi Oberly Nancy and Rick Oddo Laura and Darko Orsic Mark and Nancy Paquette Sharon L. Parker David Paul and Kathy Klein Sue and Emmy Pittarelli Heide and Ed Preisendanz Kent Quisel Tina Randolph Elaine and Michael Reilly Christine Rispoli Kim Robinson Shelley Robyn Heather and Greg Russell Amy Sacia Donna Sanders Edwin and Jean Schmidt Jim and Loretta Schneider Paula Sharpe Robert Siman Cathy Simon-Cord Maria Staman Susan Strauss Pat Sumner Christine Tate Yvonne Tetreault Bennett and Rhea Thomas William H. Thomas, Sr. Gail and Eugene Tolpin Robert and Lois Torgerson Barb Trotto The Vinton Family Heather Wadler Gregory Walker Leah Walker The Walsh Faralli Family Ken and Arlene Wason Steve and Patricia Widdoss Sarah Williams Cass Winner Erin Winner Carol Wiswall WMS Staff The Wolynetz Family Estelle Yelnosky Mike Zatwarnytsky In Honor of the Bindloss Boys – Jon, Ian and Bryan Arlene Dunn In Honor of Hilde Colton Sophia Smith and Adeyemi Adebowale In Honor of Marie M. Dugan Marlene and Cyril Milunsky Milunsky Family Dentistry with thanks and fond memories In Honor of Cynthia and Joseph Facciolo Brandon and Erin Wehler In Honor of Aaron Washington Adville and Gwendolyn Bell


In Honor of the Caring, Supportive Faculty and Staff Who Touched Our Lives Darla F. Wilson In Memory of Anthony Lalama Susan and David Stratton In Memory of Lillian Sharpley Ginger and Cider Wehler In Memory of Mr. Andrew Timmons Max Timmons In Memory of Bill Bindloss, Jean Lush, Brian Parker and Eric Zumsteg Marie M. Dugan In Memory of Helen Winslow Jonathan D. Jaffe In Memory of Harry Louie Shew Him Louie Anita Louie Matching Gifts Boeing Capital One GE Foundation FMC Corporation Merck Foundation Microsoft W.L. Gore The Secret Garden – Gifts for the Toddler Playground Anonymous Bruce and Noelle Archambeau Greg and Ellen Ellis Norman and Terri Franke LaKeetra and Lamont Josey Mark and Margo Long Ryan Mawhinney and Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney Christopher and Louise McArdle Paula Sharpe Bret Snyder and Anna Quisel Phanna Hem and Tu Thai Barb Trotto WMS Families Sarah Williams

FOUNDATION GIFTS A gift from the Longwood Foundation, along with matching donations from Wilmington Montessori School community and an anonymous donor, got Wilmington Montessori School’s Arts Integration Initiative off to a dramatic start. WMS was able to make major facilities improvements of light and sound, install a green screen video room in the new Learning Commons, and make major renovations to the gymnasium and performance space including a new gym floor and a new curtain for the stage. Crucial, if less visible, contributions came in the form of funding for professional development for the staff and bringing artists-in-residence to the school on a regular basis. A gift from The Laffey-McHugh Foundation paved the way for improvements to our technology program. iPads and charging stations were purchased for classroom use. A grant from The Welfare Foundation provided fresh new carpeting and painting throughout the school. Funds also went toward the lobby renovation and Learning Commons improvements, creating a welcoming community space for all to enjoy. Two separate grants from The Crystal Trust enabled the school to make facilities improvements including a fire panel and roof-top heating and cooling unit. It also funded the purchase of additional technology, helping to begin a 1:1 iPad program at the Upper Elementary level. Crystal funds also contributed to the lobby renovation. Future projects for which their grant has been earmarked include safety improvements such as parking lot lighting.

ENDOWMENT GIFTS With a very generous gift, William P. Roberts, III, began an endowment which will provide many more students with financial aid. Wilmington Montessori School has a strong history of economic diversity among the student body, and Mr. Roberts’ support will ensure that the tradition will continue well into the future.

annual report 2015-16



ARTS INTEGRATION CAMPAIGN The generosity of our community of donors to the Marie M. Dugan Fund for the Future Comprehensive Campaign has enriched the school immeasurably in three years. If you have watched a toddler explore the new natural playground or attended an interactive percussion session with Tony Vacca, you have experienced some of these positive changes. The heart of arts integration, however, is in every classroom, everyday. It is in an approach to teaching that engages students in a creative process, whether they are learning math or a foreign language or attempting to solve any problem. By funding professional development workshops in arts integration for WMS teachers, the campaign has already begun to confer the benefits of the symbiotic relationship between academics and the arts. When students are able to demonstrate understanding through an artform, they are energized, they are connected to one another and to the materials, and they carry their love of learning beyond the classroom and beyond graduation. ARTS INTEGRATION CLASSROOM CAMPAIGN (SPRING 2016) Joseph Abele and Sara Weymouth Elijah and Kelly Adams Michael and Becky Allen Anonymous (8) Marybeth Auld and Andrew Moore Letisha and Elijah Barnett Brian and Amanda Biggs Melissa and John Bilek The Bomba Family AnneMarie Brescia and Daniel Brennan Brian and Jeana Burslem Patricia L. Callaway Debra Carri Bonnie J. Clements Matthias and Theresa Conaty The Connelly Family The Czeschin Family The Dakin Family Elva and Anton Delport The DePonte Family The Doyle Family Matthew Ebling The Ehrlich Family Brian and Sharie Eng Jay and Mary Falkenburg The Farabaugh Family The Walsh Faralli Family TJ and Christi Fath David and Ashley Faulkner Andrew and Kelly Fox The Fox Family The Frank Family Paul and Julie Gatti The Giles Family The Giuliani Family Missy Grafe The Haas Family Harris Family The Harris Family The Hayman Family



The Honaker Family Albert and Akua Hutchful Drs. Bryce Johnson and Lisa Carroll Drew and Samantha Jordan The Junk Family The Kahn Family Kevin and Theresa Kain The Kanienberg Family Michael and Kerry Kirifides The Kniaz Family

Damien Kutny and Tina Bazen The Latina Saarloos Family The Lavelle Family Nora and Jim Lober The Lucarelli and Ebling Family Rob Magaw and Jodi Bettler Tracey Manerchia Lisa and Joe Martin Andrew and Kelly Mayo Zollie McClary XXIV Cassidy McDaniel The Miller Family Christine and Garrett Moritz Laurie Muhlbauer & Robert Muhlbauer John, Lori, Cru and Cadi Oberly John and Jonathan O’Brien Aaron and Jaime Pogue The Ranji Family Jacob Renz Thomas and Erica Richardson Othon Roitman and Glaucia Klein The Rollo Family The Ropars Family Heather and Greg Russell James and Olga Russial Daniel and Donna Sanders Lydia Scheuer The Sheppard Family Kerry and Ehyal Shweiki Cathy Simon-Cord The Stowens Family The Strouds Laird and Jessica Townsend The Vermeer Family Rod Wallace Conor Welch and Kristen Facciolo Jonathan, Holly, Alicia and Sydney Whitney The York Family In Honor of Jane and Gordon Gupta Anonymous In Honor of Campbell Ebling Mary Alice Martelli In Honor of Oliver and Ella McArdle Christopher and Louise McArdle In Honor of Dan Sanders Anonymous In Honor of All of the Wonderful Teachers Sharon E. Miller In Memory of Mark Bomgardner Trish Harkins * deceased We deeply regret any errors or omissions. Please notify Lori Oberly, Development Assistant, of any corrections at 302-475-0555 or

annual report 2015-16







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Today’s Learners; Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Wilmington Montessori School Annual Report - 2015-16  
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