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One day there was a stuffed animal bear named Teddy. He was walking down to the village.

When Teddy was on his way to the village he saw a bee hive.

Teddy was very hungry that day so he jumped up and grabbed it.

So he walked back home to make his honey.

“Yum” said Teddy with joy. “This is good honey and I will never share this honey.

So Teddy's friends came and they wanted some but he said “NO”.

Teddy felt really bad about what he did so he ran back to his friends.

So Teddy said sorry to all his friends and shared his honey that night.

Teddy and his friends were happy and excited that they were friends again.

The Teddy Bear that learned to share  

Teddy was on his way to the village when he discovered something amazing and yummy and didn't share

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