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One day at school Sally's teacher was giving an assignment for growing a big garden.

Sally dreamed her garden being the biggest in the whole wide world!

So when Sally got home she started to start her garden. She put little sticks in to label the vegetables and fruit.

The next morning Sally jumped out of bed and ran outside. She was very mad, her plants had not grown! Maybe they need more time she thought.

Sally was patient with her garden, and after two weeks some little sprouts came up in her garden. Sally was VERY happy.

After one month Sally's Garden was HUGE! Tomorrow, she thought, I will harvest my garden.

But, that night something terrible happened...

All the animals came and ate her garden!!!

Sally was very mad, but she got up and started over. She was sure to put fences around her garden.

Over time, Sally's plants GREW and GREW AND GREW!