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Sheldon's Story By: Kendall Wisniewski Sheldon's Story

One day, as Sheldon the Spider was taking a walk through the park, he came came upon a couple of spiders Huddled together and whispering. “I wonder if I can talk with them too!� Sheldon thought.

Sheldon Was Curious. He wanted to know what the spiders were talking about. He decided to talk to the main spider who was pink.

Hello!” Sheldon walked up to the spider. “Can I help you?” the spider asked. “I was wondering what you were talking about.” Sheldon was a very curious spider. “To listen to our conversations, you must be a part of our group.” The spider replied. “How can I get in the group?” Sheldon asked.

“To be in the club, you must be able to complete these tasks.” The spider said. “What do I need to do?” Sheldon was confused. “ You must be able to juggle, tap dance, and sing while drinking a glass of water.” The spider was very serious. “Can you do that?” “ No,” Sheldon replied, “ But, I will learn.”

Sheldon went back to his house in a hole to practice. He had no idea how he was going to learn to do all of this. He had never juggled, or tap danced, and didn't even think that singing while drinking a glass was possible!

In the middle of Sheldon's practicing, There was a knock on the door. “Come in!� yelled Sheldon. He didn't want to stop practicing. He was finally getting it!

It was Sheldon's best friend, Steve!. “What's going on, Sheldon? Why are you juggling?” Steve asked. “It's a bit of A long story.” Sheldon Replied. He explained all about the spider and the club. “Sheldon, If that spider wanted you to change, you shouldn't be her friend! She doesn't really want to be your friend.” Steve told sheldon

“You're right, Steve. Now, let's go get some Ice cream!” Sheldon said

And they did

Sheldon's Story  

Sheldon the Spider wants to be a part of a secret club which requires him to change.

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