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One sunny day, In the deep blue sea there lived a mama fishy... She was about to lay her eggs when....She found a baby jellyfish ALL alone. So her being VERY kind she took the little jellyfish in to live with her and her new little fish baby's

Abby, was very sad,and her heart was broken. :( She was different being different , her brothers and sisters all......

Abby had few friends but the friends she had where every loyal to her. One of her friends was a girl named kalyn ,then where was a guy name Robby-bobby, they both where nice and kind. Abby told her friends about her problem. Kayln said “you need to stand up for whats right! Show them your who you are inside , let your light shine! “ saying that ABBy walked over to her brothers and sisters and said....

Abby talked to her brothers and sisters about how she fleet about Them and how hurt she was . Fro m that Her brothers and sisters saw her new light!

Abby was accepted by her brothers And sisters. She learned that its Good to be different:) Abby's heart was Fixed, and with that her colors shined In the deep blue sea. From that day on Abby was never lonely again.

the jellyfish that could  

a children's book created in mr.deyo's art unleashed.