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By:Heather Heiges

Hi my name is Lauren,This is my school. Red brick elementary. When this picture was taken I was currently being assigned the art project that seemed to be the hardest in the world “The next art project we will be doing is called a paper mache marionette puppet,” my art teacher Mr. Watson announced!

“Yayyy” everyone in my 3rd grade class yelled. It seemed like I was the only kid that was actually concerned about this project.

I was concerned because i'm very bad at art class and he said when are done with the projects we will pair up with a partner and and we will put on a play using our puppets. Sounds fun doesn't it. Not for me!!

After I started my puppet this is what it looked like in my opinion it was so bad I could barely look at it thinking how I'm the worst artist in the world. I looked over at my best friend Maddies puppet and she had the best in the class. I wanted that puppet but I knew I I couldn't have it.

As I was feeling down about my puppet maddie came over to my desk to cheer me up. “Lauren why do you look so sad?” “because my puppet is very ugly, see isn't it.” “its not bad at all, its way better than mine”

mine, all you need help with is painting which I can help you with”

help you with” she said in a helpful voice,” “okay,” I mumbled “ but you do have to admit yours is really good.”

When I finished my puppet my art teacher Mr.Watson came over to my desk when I was finished and said “Lauren this puppet is my favorite out of the class, may I borrow it to take it to the art fair on Saturday?” “ yes I would love that Mr. Watson!” I said excitedly” where is the art fair so me and mom can see my puppet!!!” “ it is at the east central park on lino lane.” “ok that sounds fun, are there any awards given out?” “Yes only 25 are picked from the school and you are one of them!!” “Thanks”

“Mom there it is, its my puppet!” “wow lauren that is a really good puppet,know wonder he picked yours!” “ thanks moms, at first I thought it was really bad but then maddie told me she loved it!” “ it is truly wonderful,” “ ohh mom they are announcing the winners,lets go see who won!”

Lino lane,Saturday...

And the winner is... Lauren Wiley with her paper mache puppet!!” “ oh my gosh mom I won I really did win!!”

The biggest thing that I learned is that you should never give up!

art fair  
art fair  

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