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By Emily Northway

The Garden's Secret

One day Lilliah decided to make a garden.

Her garden grew little by little each day.

Lilliah watered her garden everyday and took care of it the best she could.

Why isn't my garden growing?!

Lilliah gave up on her garden and it died.

One day a wise old woman came to Lilliah's house and saw the dying garden. The woman told Lilliah that it takes time for the plants to grow. Lilliah listened to the woman and started a new garden.

Lilliah learned her lesson that is takes time to grow a garden and to never give up.

Lilliah's garden is growing healthy and strong. Next time she will never give up she will also be patient while it grows.

The End

the garden's secret  
the garden's secret  

a children's book created in mr.deyo's art unleashed.