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You be my friend. Why? Humph. No! Because you're bossy and rude.

Once there was a bossy poodle who did not share.


You are my friend.


Bye. Because the poodle was bossy she had No friends.


You be my friend.

When ever she told someone to be her friend they always said�no because your bossy & don't share.�

Mom I'm home.


The poodle finally stopped trying to make friends and went home.


Think. what did I do that I should not have. Yes.


yes maybe

Do you know why no one wants to be my friend?

Maybe because your mean and bossy

She started crying then she figured out what she could do different.

The poodle thought and got an image in her head and realized what s

No you are not a loud to.

Why is she asking to play to.

Can I play with you? Yipe!

Why is she not sharing.

That's it.

I'm going to say sorry to Mia for what I did.

Mia can you forgive me and be my friend please?



Thank you,.

That's the story about the dog that didn't share and was bossy but learned and changed. The end

the dog that was bossy and didn't share  

a dog that could not make freinds because she didn't share and was bossy.