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Carl the Selfish Dino!

By: Ashley Hight

There once was a dinosaur Named Carl.

Carl had some cheese, and his best friend Buggy wanted him to share, you see, yesterday Buggy Shared his crackers with Carl. But Carl just said “No!�

“Please?” Buggy asked.

“No!” Yelled Carl.

Carl just ate his cheese, not Worrying about Buggy.

But Buggy was sad. Carl promised him cheese!

Carl realized what he had done. “Buggy!” He yelled. “I'm so sorry, buggy!” Buggy tried to ignore him. “I will share my cheese!” Said Carl. “I promised!” “Huh?” Buggy said, turning to Carl. “You will, Carl?” “Yes!” Carl shouted back to Buggy. Buggy flew over and hugged Carl. “I'm sorry.” Said Carl. “I forgive you.” Said Buggy.

So the two share the cheese by splitting It into two pieces

The End!

Carl the Selfish Dino  

its about a dinosour that wants to share his cheese with a fly.

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