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The caterpill ar that learned to share!

There once was a caterpillar that was really hungry!

He's so hungry he eats all the leaves. He see's his friend in the distance!

His friend said he was sick. He had eaten all the leaves and made him sick!

He doesn't care and starts to take a walk. He meets a girl. They become friends.

They sit down and start to talk. She is sad about what was told to her. She thought that he was being selfish and

She understood and started making trees for him. He went to his friend to say sorry.

The capterpillar went to his friend and said sorry. Even though his friend was still mad at him, he forgave him. They were thrilled to be friends

In the end they all shared leaves! The two caterpillars became friends again, and the girl was always there for them!

the Caterpillar that Learned to Share  

A caterpillar that shares his leaves with everyone in the end!

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