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Greetings Champions.


he first half of the year is officially behind us. For most people, particularly those that went into 2019 with great hopes and expectations with goals and visions for themselves and their lives ? it is now a wonderful time to not only reflect on the time that has passed but also on where to from here. So really, where to from here? For us at the presidential office and the organization at large, it is ensuring that we continue to bring the greatest opportunities of change and an overall better tomorrow for us all.

down to the career workshops that are held on a monthly basis in local townships. It is also in light of this, that we are so happy to announce that our formerly quarterly magazine, will now be a monthly issue of mirroring what we have done and what we are looking forward to sharing with you.

It has been an enthralling time of growth and turning points. Where to from here, with the help of not only all meriters around the world but each individual in every corner of the world, can only be a destination The organization has grown so handsomely, we are where there’s a greater shared interest in not the connow far more capable to execute our goals and plans versations but the implementation of all the SDG with greater focus and intention. We are also looking goals, where the youth is given a true authentic voice forward to the incredible projects that have unfolded with great representation, and truly impacting beyond under the guidance of our Co-Founder and President any and every border. Onwards and upwards. who has represented using various national as well as international settings; from our Global Ambassador being a panellist at the Shared Goals Different Paths 2019 event with UNASA UP (in partnership with theEmbassy of theKingdom of the Netherlands), right

“ It has been an enthralling time of growth and turning points.

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WMRSA July 2019  

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WMRSA July 2019  

WMRSA online publication

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