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Jay Benson was thrilled to feel the power and soak in the spray during a visit to Victoria Falls with brothers from Anglo-Africa.

HAT GREAT NEWS—JESUS! He’s ALIVE! The HOPE-giver for all mankind! And He is at work in our world, saving sinners, rescuing the wandering, inviting souls into the kingdom of God. Much of His work is accomplished day after day through the printed Word of God. That’s why Harold Mack, WMP’s Director of Global Distribution, and I were deeply grateful for the awesome opportunity to travel to Zambia in late February to meet many of the special people with whom we network in distributing the Word of God printed at World Missionary Press. Forty hours in the air—traveling 19,164 miles, sometimes 7 miles high—took Harold and me from South Bend, Indiana, to Johannesburg, South Africa, to Livingstone, Zambia, and back home again in early March. What a unique and special opportunity it was to visit, plan, and pray with Every Home for Christ national directors from 20 Anglo-Africa nations! WMP is providing large quantities of Scripture booklets for most of those nations as God enables financially. (And what an extra blessing it was that EHC paid our airfare and lodging expenses!) Shipments to EHC national directors in Ethiopia, Uganda, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda are on their way. Shipments for Tanzania, Liberia, Malawi, and Kenya are currently being produced and need significant additional funding. A total of 9,857,445 Scripture booklets in these shipments will provide valu-

able tools for reaching every home in these nations with the gospel. Again and again these key African leaders assured us of their deep gratitude. Sydney Thomas, EHC’s director for Liberia, works with more than 400 churches, supplying Scripture booklets for their outreaches. Last year he supplied WMP Scripture booklets for Franklin Graham’s open-air crusade in Liberia. A 40-ft. container from WMP is expected to arrive soon. Fermo Ogilla, EHC’s director for the new nation of South Sudan, told of a young man who, intimidated by the size of a Bible, had not read it. When he received a WMP Scripture booklet, he said, “I think I can be able to read this one; . . . it’s just a few [48] pages.” Reading it motivated him to read his Bible for the first time in his life; he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Fermo said, “[The booklets] have proven to be a very powerful tool for the gospel of Jesus Christ.” [WMP desires to produce materials for EHC in Sudan as soon as possible. We will need many rolls of paper to produce Scripture booklets for this 40-foot container. You can help! One roll for the inside pages of 85,000 Scripture booklets costs $1,080.] A pastor and his beloved wife of five years started growing apart in their relationship. They were reading

Again and again these key African leaders assured us of their deep gratitude.

CONTINUED > << Edoh Fiozandji, Togo; Sydney Thomas, Liberia; and Nicholas Mulea, Kenya, are EHC regional and national directors who also serve as WMP national coordinators.

and doing their own things. Then the pastor received EHC training along with A Bible Study on Matthew and A Bible Study on John from World Missionary Press. The pastor invited his wife to read the materials with him and fill in the blanks. As they did so and talked about what they were studying, their relationship was re-connected. Today they are excited about the materials and are doing Bible studies from one family to another, helping couples.

A woman in Ghana, reported Karl Menyah, kept asking for Satan versus CHRIST Scripture booklets. She says the material challenges anyone who has not given his life to Jesus because the moment he reads this booklet, he finds that Jesus Christ is the only way. Some say, “Well, Satan is very strong.” But when reading the booklet, they realize that after all, Satan is no match for Jesus Christ. There is power in the Word of God to change lives. Karl went on, “A Bible Study on Romans is very, very good. Pastors come [for supplies] because they want their members to go through a systematic study of Romans. And A Bible Study on Revelation! Everybody sees that the end time is at hand, and this study booklet exposes many truths in regard to the second coming of Christ.”

Fermo Ogilla, South Sudan, with Harold Mack, Director of Global Distribution. A 40-foot container shipment of 4,215 boxes of Scripture booklets, Bible studies, salvation coloring books, and New Testaments (21 tons of literature) will be produced for Sudan.

A full-time 16-year missionary in Madagascar, Dries du Plessis uses Scripture booklets for home-to-home distribution, in crusades, and for a powerful children’s ministry to schools “where WMP booklets are a vital part of our ministry.” Dries told us, “I don’t think we would’ve been able to do what we are doing without your booklets. We are really blessed to have them.” [Your involvement with World Missionary Press is making a significant impact across Africa. Every gift— whether small or large—helps to fulfill the Great Commission.]

Boxes of Scripture booklets being unloaded in Madagascar for use by Dries du Plessis and his co-workers.

Harold videotaping a testimony from Josias Mohanoe of Lesotho. A free DVD of brief inspiring testimonies from the 20 Anglo-Africa directors we met in Livingstone is available now. Check response form.

From the “Mountain Kingdom” of Lesotho, Josias Mohanoe told us, “I was so excited one morning when I received my truck loaded with such a big, huge amount of literature from World Missionary Press. I brought my leaders together and trained them how to distribute the booklets. What we like is that it is written with our own language, Sotho. “One chief gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ because of The Way to God and Help From Above. . . . We are very busy praying for you brothers and sisters at World Missionary Press, to produce more and more literature.” The need for God’s Word is great, and it is on-going. A long-term user of WMP Scripture booklets, Joseph Gule—EHC’s national director for Swaziland—told us, “I was saved in 1991. It was during Since his salvation in 1991, >> Joseph Gule from Swaziland found Help From Above valuable both personally and in his growing ministry.

“Most of my friends who were saved at that time were really using that booklet to help one another.” high school, and the first tool I had in my hand was the Help From Above booklet, which was so helpful to me. I didn’t have a Bible, and it was my Bible. Through it I was able to understand all the topics pertaining to salvation and the love of God. Most of my friends who were saved at that time were really using that booklet to help one another. “After school I joined Campus Crusade and showed the Jesus film. I remembered that Help From Above was so helpful, so I requested and received a box to give to those who were being saved. Then in 2005 I joined Every Home for Christ. I met Jay and Harold in South Africa in 2008. I ordered a container and they shipped it to us in 2009. Thank you for partnering with us to share the gospel with the people of our country.” Diane Studer—founder and executive director of Soles for Jesus, which also networks with EHC—shared how God called her to establish a ministry to provide thousands of pairs of shoes for those in Africa needing them.

as an expression of God’s love. Some village workers observed, “We have never seen American women kneel down to serve.” Diane told us, “Your [booklets] are being spread all over. Many people are responding to the gospel. One girl, when we were finished praying the sinner’s prayer, had tears in her eyes. She was 12 years old with HIV, and she said, ‘I feel for the first time that I have hope.’ ”

Harold with EHC’s Aynalem H., Ethiopia, who has just received a shipment of 4,205 boxes of Amharic, Arabic, English, Hebrew, Oromiffa, Simplified Chinese, Soomaali, and Tigrinya Scripture booklets—for use in Ethiopia and surrounding nations.

We praise God for the privilege of networking with Every Home for Christ because of their prayer-backed, systematic distribution of God’s Word. In 2011 they reached 5,833,000 homes in the nations where they currently work. Isn’t that amazing! And they started 17,214 Christ Groups (gatherings of new believers where no churches exist)—a 46-percent increase over the previous year. Talk about church planting! We are EXCITED about what God is doing via World Missionary Press through friends such as you. You are helping to lead eternal souls into the kingdom of God through your prayers and giving. Thank you! Your friend in Christ,

Jay E. Benson, President Stephanie Strang and Diane Studer of Soles for Jesus shared their God-given vision: to provide thousands of pairs of shoes for those without, while sharing the love of Jesus.

Her heart is to meet a simple need (shoes) and then to show the people about a God who loves them, including through WMP Scripture booklets. She and her team often kneel down and wash the feet of the people

P.S. Much work for building the kingdom of God yet needs to be done in these tumultuous times. Your investment now toward Africa containers will impact the eternity of many thousands of precious people for whom Christ died. Every dollar provides for printing and shipping 25 Scripture booklets (48 pages) or 5 to 7 Bible study booklets (80-112 pages).

orld Missionary Press would be happy to send you an inspiring DVD containing testimonies from many of the 20 EHC Anglo-Africa national directors who met with Jay and Harold in Zambia, plus highlights from their report on the trip to the staff in chapel. You can request this free “Report from Anglo-Africa” DVD on the enclosed response card, or by emailing us at, or by calling 1-574-831-2111.


For a glimpse into World Missionary Pressʼ production process in action for some of these Anglo-Africa shipments, please browse to a short video clip at or use your smart phone to read the QR Code on the right: Please pray for the production and funding of these large container shipments to Anglo-Africa countries. Pray for the safe arrival of each shipment. Pray for the fruitful distribution of Scripture booklets and Bible study booklets in countries which have already received shipments as well as those who will receive them in the future. Pray for these Every Home for Christ leaders and their families and ministries. Pray that God will provide the wisdom, courage, and resources they need for their various responsibilities.

He Is Risen! salvation coloring books were used by Robert and Jody Hayton on Palm Sunday to teach of the resurrection in Chisikili Village, Zambia.

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